The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, December 19, 1889, Image 5

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lA, preacher aad the saga
,,,s.on ,,
hua atHioni it nw.
fTthe mtre have rolled ana
iuyed the dreams of old
Upf tiase to-day
'.the Age of
Tpt lovtra sign; t
Jwle a lul-ity
J, a witching rye.
lhwlk no Ion iter lei
LVr the laahiona bold)
-jeaiat, litit IhioU, a criinoletti
f, Age of Oold.
(-yjerer nulla a nay,
Carper '"" a Sf":
JJb, a ever known to flag-,
1 a ever dull;
land nay claim the bar
uBunwr wr of old
are all dead to-duy
file- Ag of Oold.
yam prl. no college lad,
-pen a Newton brow;
LuM not writ a ljniad
Lgre no duuena now:
families, bore, have vaniahed all:
Lr' le t to ai-olil;
Laonkl been me of Juvenal
, inoriMI?
ipvvi . n
f Titnnle fine
"u an, and I gat down V
a memoranda Jf
or I had resolved not to l.uv rnv
tl'inpu at the littlp Hhorm in i.
J-up Hollo., but SZuVS
Pmai ,ourney t(, UmJ
that buMuos. Ah. the delist of
..-r. in mia .,t
' no longer
A RU .1 "Hll...
nV!1 th girl v.ho-o
"HcHo" to vou?
Mm. doe n't and K0 matter how pers;---,u
i.r with f, fam liurv
.V'' w,,rry it' the thought
v,t '"'rl!al's S'in wore duh clone 1
Voice has o:i th.,,. i,,,i..
il.l..l. 11 . aUKUIIIC
""11 ncioea
ntHk'A vmiK i...,.....:
;n. Wit I t hf i.rl.lll. " .........
- ... . ,,,. UJ luinl ()f ,t A , o , , . 1(. pl)0nic p,,.,. iaye
-mu.-.i, was n not ... .
AM Hatty Hyde
on old in u id
or at lent not
a yoiin one
nnd I intent to
remain ho. I'.ut
lcnnif! vcryiienr
;,i.tlin married
I Spring, end 1 11 toll you Low it
Urn 35, rind not alwoluU-ly ugly,
IL.. wlian T Innb in t )wi rrbihiu T
udected there a good fresh roin-
eparkling eycHand an
dunce of brown hair. I might
munied two or thrrx timew,
I wami't really in lore. I dure
joo don't believe thin, but lean
the letter ol declaration up in
writing-dink now old Squire
Bex. Mr. I'oproflthornc nnd
Ckhtonl. 8o tbi-rt?!
it when (Harcnco Knyrnond, bar-
cam down to npend 'Jio vnea-
with Ii'ih aunt, Mrs. Hiehtord
eee, the dfjetor married, after all,
ciSt much moro wuitabie in
larot of mature yourn than I
Vidhnve Iwen, and I didn't care,
I-I mUMt confess to alittlo wom-
Ij flatter around tho heart for be
tall and handsome and, in
just the liero of romanee that
kiiialwflTH dreamed about.
"Huttr,"iud Mrn. llichford wo
qmtc confidential friends, yon
and cl1fd ono another Hatty
d Pnniela, and borrowed ea ii
bookM, nnd all that Hort of
ng-"Uattv, 1 think Clarence ralh-
iaociw you."
wyou? ' kaiiI I, keling tho tell-
blMlien come into niv face, ami
heart begin to thump beneath
pretty lace t ucker of Valeiieiennes
pink ribbon that I hud taken to
nne every da v.
1 am certain of it." Ha id Mrs.
pford, "and how nice it will bo to
ire yon for a cousin!"
iTlmt evening Clarence asked me if
Jtonld marry him, and of course I
It was very nice to bo engaged,
f cave me n lovely cumeo ring,
icer nnd more antique than any
kmoBd could have In-cn it bad
his mother's ring, he said nd
npeated the most delicious poetry,
Kmed that itexpressel tlio very
tiinenU of his heart. And we had
uderings in the cool, fern-.-ented
oda. nnd moonlight tulks on the
Wndah, nnd I begun to wonder
wber I should I married in white
tin or a dove-colored drew.
One evening, just after CI 'irence bal
wnedtohis unavoidable engage
"tintown, Uncle Nathan came
Uncle Nathan was one of thw
fple, of whom we are apt to nsk,
mmon with niosquitos nnd flies:
AuV amen !... ..,11"
v "-' v i. ,ii-j vvt7l V'lTllwili
n'aa a venerable old gentleman
a long, silver hair that loll over
w'lar of his bottle-green coat,
I doth gaiters that irresisiibly
inded one of n black pussy cat,
took snuffand tolked through
"Harriet." said Uncle Nathan, "is
"1 whut true, Uncle Nathan?"
"us lol-de-rol about your oe-
ngneed to a man ten years
"aw than Tourself. Harriet!
I thought you had better
Ht'i only five yen rs, Uncle Nathan"
? I. pouting.' "And I suppose I
; engaged without sending to
Wlstioua lnr n tvpmit."
Harriet, thin is not a subject to
?lppnnt about ' said Uncle Na-
"von innvilrunililt)(in it. tliat
young man is a mere foi tnnu
W. You have proptyty, Harrii t,
"whnsiound it out."
nJnclel" l cried, starting up, I
listen tamelv to sm h pT
"n the character of ono who
X'oenr. my dear, don't getex
" aid the intolerable old gentle
.tapointr upon the lid of his J1'
Nuff box. "You are not a child,
Jrtet, n sentimental school
1 Let's talk the matter calmly
'Wloe to discuss It, sir," wn"
fdtCTBlfled reply. "My mind i
np,and noatnount of meddling
iiaie will mr induce mo to ai
V MvDsHsa Nathan went way,
Cl,.w.n,.. -"'".v mat
""esnouia have all that
tommnjir7 I didn't care for
i J sell so much, but I was determined
not to disgrace (lureuee.
wn ine .rud'ant Pm' day,
" hen the sky was as blueas the bluest
ribbon, and the very leave, hung
mot on ess , the yellow atmosphere
hke at e slaps at anchor in a sea of
gold, I took the early train from But
tercup Holl,,w Wjtll tt purse )u of
money buttoned into an underpocket
ofmy polonaise, lor I had read all
""7UI uorna stories uhout pick
pockets, and didn't mean to part
with any of my crisp bank notes ex
cept lor value received. I felt a little
flut tered at first, and scarcely ven
tured to look round me.forit seemed
as if every body must know that I
was going to buy my wedding outfit.
Ii I attempt to tell vou nnythin"
about the adventures of that day,
know I shan't succeed. Women
could perlmpsunderstand how I felt
in the fairyland ol thone great circles
of fashion tlmtexist onlv iu London.
1 bought the wedding dress, widte
reps silk and a veil of tulle, suspended
from a garland of orange-blossoms,
nnd 1 selected a blue silk, nixl a
peach-colored Bilk, and a maroon
silk, nnd dear me! what is the use
of cataloguing them all? Othergirls
have been bridea-elect before, and
they'll know just how it nil was.
And ns for those that haven't, just
let 'em wait unt il their turn comes.
And then, as thesun began to decline
on its westering way, 1 felt excessive
ly and unroinimtically hungry.
"Is there a nice ladies' restaurant
near here?" I asked.
And one ol the shopmen went with
nin to the door to point out a glit
tering establishment, with its win
dows full of delicacies. J entered and
sat down, feeling very much as if I
were an impostor, and ordered mock
turtle soup, venturing meekly to
look around a little alter the waiter
had skimmered away. Dickens says
that waiters never walk, and Dick
ens is always right. And then for
the first time, 1 noticed a superbly
dressed young lady one or two ta
bles beyond, in a r. lovely hat, wit ha
long lilac willow plume and hair like
a shower ol gold.
"Oh, how pretty she is!" thought!.
''How proud her lover must be of
And I leaned the least bit in the
world forward to see the young man
in question.
(iood Heavens! it was my Clarence!
And as I sat staring completely
concealed from his ken by the golden
hair and the lilac willow plume, 1
could hear light, peculiar laugh.
"You wouldn't have me yourself,
Kate?" said he. "You have only
yourself to blame for it."
"That's no reason you need throw
voursell away," pouted the lady.
" "She's a desperate old maid," said
Clarence. "Old as the hills, nnd twice
ns ant iquated. Hut she's got money.
A man in my position has got to
i,.l- nut, for money, vou know,
Kate. Would you like to see her
photogi aph?"
And then the two heads were close
together for an instant, and the,
voung lady's rippling laugh mingled
'with Chtrnnre's mellow tones.
"The idea of carrying such a thing
ns that next to your heurt!" said
hi If
"It docs seem rather outrageous,
don't it?" said ho "Hut when we ro
once married all that sort of thing
will be over. I'll see that she finds
1 f vol "
""Yes1 when!" thought I, now thor
oughly disenchanted. Ami i got up
ml hurried out of the restaurant
early stumbling in my haste over
the waiter, bearing on a silver truy
mv mock-turtle soup.
I-l've changed my mind!" mid
I flinirin" a coin toward hiin-to tins
Jay fd n't know whether it was ft
SiMing or a sovereign. "Never mind
''Ttookthe next train to Buttercup
Hollow and wrote a scathing note
n Clarence the same evening. Uo
tou wnnt toknow what was in it?
If eouise like nil women's letters,
Kt paJtofit was in the post.
SC"(Jur engagement is at an end. II.
n-(ip gThe next timeyou examine
ho wns to on
nnd conhle n't
1 shun
I..,.J .1.. ... IMII-
"...u uie. --ariio.- U his got logo, il
basal;e;Uyponn fr. m oi e end of tin
wire, hut it will p.ohubly be a h,ng time
dip;,eur;u? from the other, the sub
scriber's end You Ciii "hello'' your
self h'.arse at Central without provoking
any greater variety of reply than:
"Number, please."
"Well, dou"t keep ringing In my ear,"
Oh, dear; can t you wa:t a minute
till I et a chance to answer?"
lint never hello." And you can sit in
he central oHice by the hour without
hearing the banished word, u-iIcfs vou
lut your ear to a t lephone with a sub
scnterat the olh"r end of the wire.
Thenaam for lhe change? Nobody
CliIIMalnu. cuts or wound, can he cured
In (.hurt lime liv the use i.f sivii,, mi
All druirgiHts t-eH'it at 25 cents a bottle.
Monea Ttint Hill Travel.
Many have doubtlessly heard of the
famous travelling stones of Australia.
Similar curiosities have recently been
found in Nevada, which are. described as
almost perfectly round, tho majority of
them as large as a walnut and of an
Irony nature. When distributed about
upon the floor, table or other level sur
face, within two or three feet of each
ether, they immediately begin travelling
toward a common center, and there lie
huddled up in a bunch like a lot of eggs
in a nest. They are found in a r g.on
that is comparatively level, and is noth
ing hut bare rock-. Scattered over this
barren region are little basins from a few
feel to a rod or two iu diam -tcr, and it is
in the bottom of Iho-e that the rolling
stones are. found. They are from the
size of a pea to si or seven indies in di
ameter. The cause of these stones roll
ing together is. doubtless, to he. found in
lhe material of wliieli they are com
posed, which appears to be loadstone or
magnetic iron ore.
Morse's School Shoks, made in
our large shoe factory at Omaha, Ne
braska. Ask your dealer for them,
lief use to take any others. If not kept
In your town, write us asking where to
get them. They wear longer and
lit better than any other shoes. Shoes
have always been made too narrow.
We make them wide. A reward of
Fifty Dollars (u gold paid for-every pair
of our own make of shoes that contain
a particle of shoddy, or anything but
solid leather. We make one bundle 1
and fifty' styles of Women's Misses' and
Children's Sewed and Standard Screw,
Grain, Glove, Kid and Jlougola. K'e
gant styles, wide and good fitting.
We also carry one hundred and lifty
styles of Men's Goods, Rubbers, &c.
W. V. MOUSE & CO.,
Shoe MannfaiK trers, Omaha, Nebraska.
A air f ratarrfc ,
ic Oar heart, an well as of all hroncbial. throat
and lung diseases, if taken in time, i e.Teeted
bv using Dr. Pierce's (ioldeu Medical Discov
ery, or money paid for it will be promptly
A more pleasant physic
You never will find
Than Pierce's small "Pellet,"
The Purgative kiDd.
Speech is silver and sliver Is likely to mean
speech in Congress this session.
For Bboschiai Asthmatic and Pil
monaky 1'ompi.aixts, "Brown's Bronchial
Troches" have remarkable curative proper-
tics. told only in lioxes.
Time in monev, hut a good deal of it Is
about as valuable as Confederate currency.
Only an idiot can go tlmuu
making any mistake.
h life w ithout
A pmpliet., lliev say, is no good in his own
country; hut there' Is an exception to this
proverb. Dr. Hull lias been of inlinlte good
to his countrymen, mid his Cough Syrup has
become a nationul halm.
Ollllleiir lOxercU'.
)r. .lohn '1'. Kngle, of the bureau of
vilal slntislicK, believes in resting iu the
Oi en air. lie said:
l or Homo i ergons 1 lie most beneficial
kind of rest thai they can Like would lie
yachting. Others find rest in driving.
l!et, lii.e recreation should be tsdtci) ia
n manner that is most congenial lo the
one who wants rest.. You will find a
grent ninny persons who ale very fond
of the wuler, and ns soon n.s their tlnv's
woik i over I hey make a i ush furlho
boat. Some are fond of horseback
ruling, ami ns swill n.s their downtown
liuiicH for lhe day are ended they will
liinke for their stable just, ns fast as pos
sible, get, their liores and ride through
tho park. Others find rest, iu swinging
in hammocks and leaning n book.
Some find rest iu walking. Jn fact,
anything that changes the scene or
changes the llioughls, so tlint, he can
put. them entirely awnv from him nt in
tervals during lhe day and give his
mind and bruin a rest, and a chance to
pain strength, he will derive a great
deal of benefit from so doitig, New
York Mail and Express.
An Insurance I l rk' ;,.id Fortune.
Hartfunl (Ci.nn.j Tlnw, Nuvmbr IS.
It isn't ottcn that a young clerk still iu his
teens bus $15,000 placed In his hands to do
with os he pleased, and to use as his fancy
may dictate; yet this was a little event that
occurred last week to Roc Grant, a young man
who lives on Vine street with his parents and
who Is employed In the offices of the Hartford
Life and Annuity Insurance Company, iu
this city. Youug tirant held one-twentieth
of ticket i;:l,Sfi!l. which drew the first capital
prize of t)O,0O0 in the drawing of The
Louisiana State Lottery Companyon the 15th
of October. The lucky young man was ques
tioned bv a newspaper man and he emphati
cally denied having won the 15,000, but ex
pressed himself as being willing to receive
sueli a sum. Since the interview the news
paper man has learned that tjiant, did receive
the money; that it was paid to him by the
manager of the Adams Express Company In
this city, and that two supernumerary police
men guarded the house the night the money
was kept therein. All this was done without
the knowledge of limit's parents, hut, when
they too, found out how fortunate the foii
had 'been, immediate efforts were made to
suppress its publication.
Tli I'lenrli .mii' Plirae.
French women seem to cling lo gnnts
da hnede, ami a woinlerliu novciiv mis
been brniight. out, viz., n purse inserted hand. A semicircu
lar incision is nnil in the palm, to
which is linn allached a metal rim;
this opens, allowing u white kid lining
formin" a complete white jmrse. A
belter purse could hanlly bo inveiited
Tlns is ccrtaiiilv turning lo a clever ac
count a KoimMvhut Tiilgar plan of carry'
jug money in a glove. '1 hese particu
lar gloves are motisquetnlres, eight imt
tou length, but fastened with a couple
of butlous at, the wrist '1 hey are iu demand. The leather cases
for watches, hitherto attached to brnee
leta. re !v adapted to hang at be
.ido. ns chalelaiiics, not so safe ns the
wrist., but nicer looking. If yon are so
minded, you may carry your money or
vonr watch in the ll of jour stick or
umbrella; indeed, ornaments are now
turned to n useful aeeoiint, and usetitl
,tiele converted iuto ornaments.
Cassell's iMngiizine.
T!,o"'i'ovelistH. reporters and others
W, write Indian speeches, l-egnining
Hh the words, "1 iim i"" ' "v
1H Vfl UlHIIlM Wri"l"
l!u Pllrrttli jr.
In a llritish association paper Lord
Raleigh stated that the first camera was
a piu-holu camera, and that ft was
shown in 1880 that a simple aperture is
as effective as the best possible lens in
forming an image, provided only that
the focal length be suflicieutly great. In
some recent experiments the fo::al
length was about'iiine feet and the aper
ture one-sixteenth of an inch, and pho
tographs taken on gelatine plates of a
weather-cock, seen against the sky,
showed an amount of detail not mate
rially le-s than that seen by direct vis
ion. It cannot, be claimed, however,
that photography without a lens is
likely to be of more than scient.liic in
terest, as in most cases the use of lcns
is a 'vast Improvement.
Washing powders are strong alkalies, and
ruin clothes. The purest soap obtainable is
thi' best and cheapest. Dobbins' Electric
Soap has been acknowledged for 2i years to
be the purest of all. Try it right away.
ICiif llornea and Stenlilbtiat.
I do not know which is tho most haz
ardous piece of property lo own, a race
horse or a steamboat. Your horse may i
rim a mile a minute, as they say the
old Irish horses did iu the days when
lliey timed them by sun dials and Mini
glasses ia one day. The next day ho
runs through himself nnd is only fit, for
soap grease. So with a boat. She may
just come oft" tho docks better than the
day she was launched, good to all ap
pearance for thirty years' service. She.
runs ngai list, a snag and sinks. Before
you can raise her tho river gets on a
boom, sad there you are with a boat
not, worth ns much as a pile of cord
wood. The niun with his money in
vested in steamboats or horses is a
prince one day and a pauper the next.
Interview iu St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
Ore!ii. lite I'ni-iullv nl Piu-uiei-M.
XI llrt. riniBliUi ciliimli.. r en aln Kiel nlininhuit :min.
he.f linii. Kriilit. (jni.s nnd buicK Cdiiiitrv In He;
wurlil. .ml I ii (i.i-o.Ht I in frn. the Opigou
JiellilKl'atioa lluiinl. I'i'll land. Oit'icm.
W. H. Worth ington, editor of the "Patrons
of Husbandry," published at lolumbus,
Mass., writes under date of Feb. 3, lsss:
Your irreat remedy. Allen l.uug Balsam,
I have used in my family for fifteen vears for
coughs aud colds, and know it to be the best."
25c., 50c., and 1.00a bottle.
San Francisco has 400,000 people and 120
A rare opportunity to make toOO before
Christmas. Address with ref. tiast, St. l.ouis.
111 Sv
Relieve and curea
Sciatica, Lunbago.
Toothache, Sprain,
of our razors come from
Smoke Ui be! "TansiU'ii Puni-li' Cigar.
It is the He abilities asset were that make
the successful assignor.
use All on' C.
Its Soothincj Healing
and restorative ViKTuBf
places it tit the head Of.
AT Druggists and Dhalkm.
rooUlvriyrurrtf km
write unw nia. I
Ttir alo relieve Kal
trvwt t roio Dyspepsia 4n-l
digestion and TooHeartn
Eating. A pert set rssa-t
(e-cly torlllz-iiieas.Naasaal
Lirowsioess, oma Tmm
in tbe Mouth, Cosss
Tongtie.Psin in tbe
reinilate the Bowel
Purely Vegetable.
rrlee Za vemvn
Small Pill. Small Dose. Small Price,
Thermoffliter below Freezfcx
The bustle has a
Hip, hip, hurrah I
. last entirely disappeared.
A man's debts will overtake him no matter
how far they run behind.
The forestry congress devotes more of its
time to barks than bites,
''lie Ladles lellglllod.
The pleasant effect and the perfect
safety with which ladies may use the
liquid fruit laxative, Syrup of Figs, un
der all conditions make ft their favorite
remedy. It is pieasing to the eye and
to tho taste, gentle, yet effectual in act
ing on the kidneys, liver and bowels.
Act on the liver and bile: clear the complexion ,
,ro biliousness, sicU hoa.lHChe, cosuveness,
mslaria and all liver and stomach disorders,
"we are now nmkins small size Bile Beans,
specially adapted for children , nnd wouieu
very small and easy to take. Prico of either
5'a nniud bImPHOTO'GRAVURE of the
bovc i ic u, i"i!ig at T-IT-T0," mailed on
receipt " f 4o stamp. Address tho maueraof the
rccci' . ii......i,."li n lieiins.
cat A ..-. Mo.
J. F. SnftlTH & CO., St.
The poet is born, not made,
born ami maid, too.
The poetess Is
The Fremont, Elkhorn & Missouri Valley
Railroad (The Northwestern Line) extends
to its patrons and friends a "Merry Christ
mas" and "Happy New Year," and for the
purpose of enabling them to visit their kin
folks during the holidays, will sell excursion
tickets December 34th. i'iith, 150th andjanu
lst, good returning until January 3rd, at one
fare for the round trip, between all stations
within a two hundred miles limit. Any
Agent of the F., E. & M. V. 11. K. will give
full information as to the sale of tickets,
limits, &e.
The pitcher who goes too often to the box
Is bound to be knocked out.
if flVcri'd wllh Sore five, use lr. Isaso Tliomp
sen' lijo aler. Di'iiliKifta sell Ic
New navy guns fire fifty shots per minute.
lilUlren Ktiirvlnir lo Ilenih
On account of their Inability to digest fowl,
will find a most marvellous food and remedy
In Scott's Emulsion. Very palatable and
easily digested. Dr. S. W. Cohen, of Waco,
Tex., siivs: "I have used your emulsion in
infantile wasting. It not only restores
wasted tissues, but gives strength and In
creases the appetite."
1 . t rw
diminishes Mother
Ely's Cream
Gold in
Applv Balm Into each nostril
KLY UliOS., M Warren St. N. Y,
f flTOt DATS.fl
Vssraatsad ul IsV
Mm smss Bwtstttrs,
E3 Mr J onlj hy U
VUtui Cktaieil Ci. H
I preserlbs and fnllTea
1or Blf ii u the only
speci lie fur t he uerui n cure
t this dlseasf..
Amsterdam, N. Y.
W have sold Bie C3 tor
Riven toe best ol nui-
llhlcairo. 111.
SI. 00. Bold by BruEKlats.
ana a tierce i,.o.iu w. a.cei wniui &uiku ui
face like a thousand needles. Wind forty m:lt a
hour. . You say a man couldn't stand such ex
posure ? No, he couldn't, without just the proper
clothing. And there's only one outfit that am
keep a man both warm and drv at such a time, sad,
that is the " Fish Brand Slicker." They are
guaranteed ftorm-proof, waterproof, ar.d wtnd
proof. Inside one ol them, you are as much out of
lhe weather as if indoors. They are light, but
warm. Being reinforced throughout, they never
rip: and the buttons are wire-Listened. No rail
road man who has once tried one would be without
it for ten times its cost. Beware of worthless im
itations, every garment stamped with ' Fish Uraud'
Trade Mark. Don't accept any inferior coat when
you can have the " Fiih Brand Sucker " delivered
without extra cost. Particulars and illustrated cat
alogue free.
A. J. TOWER. - Boston, Mass.
. IT W use ao.
tub I H Bnl HKH ffm Vw " "I.7T
atnf-av h n b n ia n m ywi wis wm
bKtA W 1 swlHiaiHS
. . n . . . . n in r- sun rill
lUDUunn rlLLk HI11
famoii for Rueceertintr where
othcrB have failed.
lrUl dropftfiOto OO times
Htadtiuanvi" fr Band Instram n'u, Pinrn
Outlit, AworJeons. Violins, Hatijw, MsUadultaat,
(iultai-s, Zither. Harmonii'Ot. Striinr.- for eve.-y iimtr
menl made. Full rtwk of Hheot Music, Munio ltoiv
Band ami Otx-hesta Muftic, Band Folios, liwtroetiiaw.
Bouki. for all Instrument. Anyone iwnoinff in as
order will receive a copy of Music FREK. Writ tn
for prices and catalogues, stating what kind of goo
4irI.ii. N-sVv
nniB eicATce 70 ! tt" "..less tbmt
Vkliu van i ww swvf nsnui rs
.This New ULUB Skate.
Sa Am
i hi
J I AM. )KIlTEfl
m m.
Columbus, (ia.
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Expuesses his Uhatiiude. Albert A.
Larson, of Kirkman, Ia., in expressing his
gratitude to the proprietors of Allen's Lung
Jialsam, writes: "I firmly believe my wife
would have died of consumption, If not for
the timelv use of your Balsam." Buy the
tl.00 bottle for Lung Diseases.
Beat tl.fJO Family VVetmiy Newspupui' published. The
only one circtilaUnp; in every (state and territory of the
Union. 1.10.000 tuilwrlbers. K very body invited to
tjend for a i et-imen ropy. At the ttair.e time fend the
addit'ss of a dozen or more of your friend. The Blade
if so popular and well known, that It is the easiest of
all papers to raie a elub for. We will pay anybody
10,W to raise ua a ehib. First write for particulars.
THK ltl..4lK. Toledo.
lted Cross Diamond Brand.
Th. enlr rellsMe pill tor sste. ftafo ni
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Chlea ester Chcsslcsi Co., Madlsea B., i'kllada, fa.
Fashion Item
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-l'rluce Uatzfeldl always
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I .BY I'KISON (241116 in.)
When Baby was ctck, sre gaye her Cantoris,
When she waa a Child, Clio cried forCastorla,
When she becamo tilss, Clio clung to Castoria,
When Ghs had Children, she gave tttetn Castoria,
Kansas has a
American birds.
collection of 1,823 North
I. J1 V.'f .".i 's'atlVfaWVs.Rnil ten cts. extra for a
a hlKhljr Interesthn 70-pajre Illustrated story of l.lbby
Address Li nay emsoN Wau Mlskiti,CIiIcki), III.
mild climate, t-nrttstyof crops. Mp nf r Iron tart
free. Tlioa. Esa,lADd Com.,l.ltCl Koc:l.,ArU
should and may know bow child bearing
can be effected without Tain or Iantrer.
Information Mntneitled: AWoKMitrut
DR. l. H. DYE. Duffalo. N. Y.
-fh nj STUDY. Book-kMpinir.I'enmaiiAhip,
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Bur ANT'6 COLhWM. 4Jl Main St., Buffalo. X. V.
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Hewarn of Olntmenla for Catarrh
that Contain Mercury,
as mercury will surely destroy the t3nseet
amell and completely derange the whole system
when enttriin: it throuuL the mucous t.rfaeea.
u.,,.1. .rtii-ies liould never be used except on
prescriptions from reputable physicians, as tho
uamie'c they will do is ten fold totheijood you
can possibly derive from them. Hall's Latarrn
Cure, manufactured by K. J. Cheney & Co.,
To'cdn O., contains no mercury, and is taken
Internally, and acts directly upon the blood
anil mucous surfaces of the system. In buying
Hall's Catarrh Cure be sure you Rrt iht genu
lar. It In taken Intemsllyaud made In Toledo,
Ohio, by K. J. Cheney Co.
tajrtwld by Drusillsts, prlco 75c per bottle,
Americans must learn how to conduct elec
tions without Qunyllng.
nsUL TheenljewrtttJa
asd essr curs. Llr. J. L.
atepbsos. Lebaaea, Okie.
I HTKD-l OtM V fiF'M'rs-Commls.
alon 60 iM-reeiit.. R, K.Hmith, Frakkport, Kv.
PCIITOwanted. Kunioutt MiM.Min Hicatn Wanimr
AUtnidon trial. John WOUTU, St. UuIb, Mu.
or scissors
with tmtomntte lever tasteninns. cunt Mel runaersi
no key or wrench; no bolts or nuts to lose: H to 12
Inches; only rile, Rent any part of U. S. for
SI 10 Bnortlnff Goods sno Skate cntnlome KKltJsV
JFVNF.Y UItAllA.1I til X CW,
SI Slule Ntrcel, t'lilt-ag-o.
An entlretjr new Inventloa;
filling a long felt want la
every household.
Agents wanted to whom
exclusive territory will bs
iriven. Don't miss this oiv
Knife and Scissort either, or 60c for both.wita,
Sharpeners Are llserl. terms to agents, address.
FOR MEN ONLY. Otct 30.000 casen -uoceaa-fully
treated in tho lead in k Paris bspi.als.
Used in daily practice by all trench phvBiciana,
Mednls and Diploma of Honor, l'ltris KxdoIlmhisV
Acts with maclcnl rnpidtty in new cites, fares
absolutely those chronic cuses which other rti
tlievomy relieve.
Full paekatreremedleB sent f.O.I.. express pr-
Kaid, ti.'X). UnndoniG puinphlei free.
i.QTa FnrnierAfeury, Jth Kt.N.t
To represent whol -xule hotirei ol the lrf Hat.
Salary. 1,00 to I.5 fO. We have a so call for
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wlnry of lofSOO for the tlrat yoar. iio4 .
positions waitinit. Write, enclntinn Plant to
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nflyou mow you can bsautiftily dv
UU co rate your walls and ceiling and d -the
work yourself, and very cheaply? AaH m? -paint
dealer, or write for design and Instruction. Nav
statupB required. Aiubobtne Co.. Grand Hapten Me
If yon want yoar
delay, put yomw
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cif JOSEPH 11.
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NTfcil, All)
F a aj Q I f aj JOHN W.ltlORRTH,,
I H n O I J HI U iiBlilnglon, B.C.
'Successfully Prosecutes Claim..
Late Principal Examlnor D. S. Pension Borne Sh
3 yrs iu lost war, 16 adjudicating claims, attjr sasaa. -
W, N. V.. Omnha.
Ijeud for circular.
40.") 5f.
Boat Cough Medicine. Recommendod by Physio
ires whore all else fails. Pleasant and agroeable t
ste. Children take it without objection. By ilnifr
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