The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, December 19, 1889, Image 2

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BISinONS riTTKHtOM, rafclUhara.
Peru Is to have a bank at an early
The farmers' alliance will open up a
general store at Dwight.
W. B. Eose has been appoiuted as
sistant state librarian.
North Platte's first throe story brick
building is Bearing completion.
The roller skating rink is being re
vived in some parts of the state,
The Dally Press at Hastings lias sus
pended after running sixteen days. '
The new town of Marsland is greatly
In need of a first-elass lumber yard.
The Kansas City and Beatrice road
Is now open and trains ia operation.
The Baptists at Long Pine have
commenced the erection of a church.
Wahoo society is revelling in a scan
da! involving a prominent business man.
The people of De Witt are making
a move to provide nrot.M
Carl Mueller, a saloonkeeper at
Grand Island, has skipped by the light of
the moon, leaving debts amounting to
8,00o. His saloon was elided by the
Diphtheria is raging in Iowa, and is
prevalent in Lincoln and othr cities in
Nebraska. It is an epidemic that is
easily carried from town to town, and
spreads quickly.
Sirs. S. L. Dunham of Weeping
Water turned over the ooff e pot at
Thanksgiving dinner and to badly
scalded her arm that she has been unable
to use it since.
.Some of the Tekamah business men
are confidently contemplating organizing
a grain buying association and Having
It is both
ine editorial association of Custer
county will meet December 27 at Lrokcn
liev. A. u. r.wing presented a 500
pound bell to the Presbyterian church at
xov. Ibaycr, with a a party, lias
gone to Mexico, to be absent until after
the holidays.
The Grand Island street railway
company has commenced au extension
of their lines.
Johnson and Upton, of Goehner, re
cently received 4,000 two-year-old sheep
from Wyoming.
Abo llirsch, a Chicago traveling
man, was thrown from a buggy at Hast
ings and seriously injured.
A number of cattle running in stalk
fields are routined as having died in the
vicinity of Howard recently.
The members of the Nebraska City
turnvcrcln are making preparations for a
grand Christmai celebration.
Tate Lsrenscu, of Glenco, tried to
ride a bucking broncho, but dismounted
suddenly, receiving a badly broken log.
A proposition to vote bon is for the
erection of an electric light plant Is to
Do Sutmittod to the voters of Kails City,
I ho Adams County Agricultural so
ciety wl hold a winter corn exhibit
January 3 at the court house, ju nast
James McHenry, jr., of Dakota City
was drugged and robbed of a diamond
ring and stud, worth about S350, at Ho
mo Jfeatrfee Lloctric Manufactur
ing company nas hied articles of incor
poration in the office of the secretary of
The state dairyman's association will
meet in Fail City the 17th of this month.
An interesting programme has been prepared.
An unknown disease, entirely differ
ent from choiera, has carried off all the
hogs of Goorgo Lawrence, living near
uastings will do a great deal of
building the coming year. Plans are
being prepared for a number of line
"miuB mu iasi nseai year s,ri3s pen
sions nave baen granted Nebraskans.
Of this number Douglajs county people
received 440.
North Platte's city council fg en
wa.iumg k uev.88 ways and means
whereby an indebtedness of about 58,000
may be paid.
John Jose of Palmyra was dumped
from his wagon Into an elevator chute
wnu nig icat or corn, but was not seri
ously injured.
H. C Wahlcn was arrested at Heat
rice and bound over to appear at the
next term of the district court for selling
diseased nogs.
L. G. Todd went to sleep in a Platts-
mooth ho el with the gas turned partiy
on, nut tne fact was discovered In time
to prevent a funeral.
The first car load of eggs ever ship
ped from Wakefield to New York went
out recently. The value of the consign
ment is placed at 82,000.
Beatrice is faring very well In a politi
cal way. Eight republicans there have
secured appointments to office since the
change of administration.
A bill has been Introduced in the
United States senate by Senator Man
derton piovlding for the survey and sale
of Islands In the Platte river.
Hastings confidently expects a gov
ernment building as a result of the pres
ent session of congress The late Con
gressman Laird paved the way.
Having got its million dollar boet
sugar Manufactory, Grand Island ex
pect bow in time to become the greatest
manufacturing city In the slate.
The fifth annual convention of the
Ncbratka Dairymen's association will be
held in Falls City this week. An inter
esting programme has been prepared.'
Lewis and C. M. Moffitt, of Seward,
have received Information that they are
among the heirs to the great Moflit es
tate In England, valued at $46,000,000.
The people 0f Wayne recently do-
BMM car of grain and goods to the
Dakota tafferers, sending a competent
paraa afowg to Ma that a proper dtatrl
MtfcM waa made of the stuff. The car
with sfceJIad corn, t.soo
r aid two dray loadt of
I gntfarlea. Another ear
tea WIS to tact oat la tM Bear future.
the extreme limit for grain.
strongly talked and urged.
Financial troubles and disappointed
love caused Alex ishareham, a young
farmer living near Grand island, to at
tempt suicide by morphine. The doc
tors came n time, to save him.
Tjfi Odd Fellows' and Knights of
Pythias" buildings at Hebron, both three
story structures, aro ornaments to the
town. They are now enclosed, ready
for the finishing work inside.
-The Beatrice Electric Manufactur
ing company lias filed articles of Incor
poration. The capital stock is ?10.000,
and the company will manufacture all
kinds of electrical appliances.
Two dan-fitters of Michael Fceny,
livicg at Howells, recently husked an 1
cribbed 100 bu.-hels of corn in eight
hours. They challenge any other two
fair damsels to beat this record.
Hurbert Dykman, a seveuteen-yeiir-old
boy living near Central City, was
taken to the insane asylum Wednesday.
He is Uolcntly insane, tint result -f a
fever from which he lately- recovered.
L. M. Marsh- of Spaulding has sol i
the patent which hn recently obtained
on au nnjtuiar oil Draee to an o tstcru j
firm fur SI 3,0 .0. This brace will enable
im cha'nics to bore a hole at any anglo
While T. li. Selemire and wife, of
riattsmouth, went do wn town for a few
minutes, burglars went through their
Louse. They entered by breaking a pane
of glass and stole, one suit of clothes, an
over -oat, a revolver and omo jewelry.
The damage suit against the Ilur-
1:. I,.. 1) .. r .i . i .it. . .
iiiiKo'n ) i, annuo lor uio Killing of lu-r
husband in the wreck m ar liaveloik a
few inftuihs ago, came to an end at
Omaha the other dav. The jurv return-
;d a sealed verdict lu thirty minutes for
SO, 000.
The I'laUo river bridge, at Fremont
was considered safe, until a portion
gave way and laud d a farnior named
Scott, together with his team and a
load of corn, inw the stream. The far
mer and his team were rescued but the
corn was a total loss,
Lafe O'Neil, of Plat! smooth, who
recently disfranchised him , elf by re
moving his place of residence just over
the ward boundary, will try to hold his
seat in the city council by having the
block on which he lives surveyed and
joined to the old ward.
A Washington dispatch says the
people of Holt county are exceedingly
anxious to get a br.d?e across the Nio
brara to the Ponca reservation, and Sen
ator Manderson is doing what he ran
towards securing the approval of the pro
ject by the government officials.
As a freight train was pulling out of
Wood Elver the other morning a young
man named Joseph Trust attempted to
steal a ride on the break beam, and In
some way slipped off, the cars passing
over his body, inflicting injuries which
caused his death a few hours after.
Says a Norfolk dlrpatch: Francis
15. Murphy, a member of tho county
boaid of 8up?rvisors, started to go homo
from Maduon soon after dark last week
and fell frcrn his w-agun when about
thres miles out and broke his neck. lie
was alive wh.n found, but snecciiloM.
A Lincoln dispatch says that Attor
ney General Loose's opinion on "branch
banks" is provoking serious discussion,
especially among sa Ings banks and banks
dependent for life upan so-called parent
institutions, and the state banking de
partment is therefore in anything but
tranquil water.
Some weeks ago Frank L. Hicken-
botbam of Friend was treatrd to a chari
vari by a party of enthusiastic acquaint
ances who, ho a.leges, put him Into a
water tank in order to compel him to
cash up. Ho has just commenced action
In the district court against tho parties
for $5,003 damages.' -
Peter Goes, of Omaha, has brought
suit for 850,000 damages against tho
Hank of Commerce, arising from tho re
fusal of the bank to honor Mr. Goos'
check for $S04.90 given to City Treasur
er Bush in payment of taxes. Mr. Goos
claims to have had $3,300 in the bank at
the time his check was dishonored.
There w as a rumor abroad last eve
ning, says the Lincoln Journal, to the
effect that Judge Maxwell of the su
preme court had placed his resignation
in tho hands of Governor Thayer in or
der to accept tho position of solicitor for
an Omaha street railway company and
some other corporation which had been
tendered him. Investigation, however,
developed the fact that such was not the
A Chicago paper asserts that the new
freight rates adopted for Nebraska are
practical surrender by ill Nebraska
roads to Lincoln and the political
supremacy In Nebraska of that city. It
puts on an absolute equality In rates,
both east and westbound, and settles In
short order the question which tho gen
eral managers bare ipeat so much time
rum tine cusrLivr.
Lrg tiifudaure ai ilia Fuurral Ob
aaqtil.a u K.r Orlraas K.ll-luua
Mrrvl-r4'n4lirlr4 by IllaWop lialla
Sar, 4 1 1 ms1 by Fits 4aalatauta
A Hrrurd of Prrrr4 luga In IbV ftca
ala and Haau wf MVprearutallvr.
Funrral of JrOVraon Itavla.
Nkw Oiii.kaxs, La., Dec. 12.-1SV
universal request Jefferson Davis was
given a funeral in full accord with h
rank as a military officer, in addition to
which numerous civic and other organi
zations combined to render the cortege
to-day in all respects tho most Imposing
not only with reference to numbers but
in t lie pomp and circumstance of iis
elaborate ceremonial. There nartici-
pat'-d in the obsequies of the father of
the confederacy, besides the eterans of
the lost cause, who have om-e again been
called upon to close up their decimated
ranks, many gallant soldiers whose un
flinching valor displayed on numerous
hotly contested fields resulted in glory
and victory to the stars and stripes.
Eleven thirty was the hour at which
the funeral ceremonies were to be com
menced, but long previous to that time
tho great Square immediately front
ing the city hall became an iinwichlly
mass of eager humanity. According to
programme the square proper was to be
reserved exclusiv ely for t () military. In
the enforcement of this Injunction) how
ever, the large, but by no means ade
quate, police force on duly experienced
iuiiutneralileob-trcles.aud It was with the
greatese difficulty that the swaying mul-
uiuoowas Kept tieyond the prescribed
environments. Every available place
from which either an unobstructed or
partial view could be had of tho norllco
of the municipal biiildinir was crowded
almost to suffocation. During nil this
flmu the air was laden with funeral
j oirges, i ne, solemn requiem of bells was
iieani on every hand ami loud and deep
were the sounds of the minnto puns that
at Intervals thundered forty deep
mouthed tribute to the dead.
'The body, notwithstanding tho very
warm and exceptionally oppressive
weather of the past week, was remarka
bly well preserved. At 12:20 the casket
was conveyed from the memorial room
to an improvised catafalque, in the cen
ter of the front ponico, whose massive
pillars were entwined with a profusion
of crepe. Over the casket was thrown
the soft folds of a silver flag of the lost
cause, and there glittered the sabrn with
which the dead soldier had carved fame
and honor for hlm-elf and glory and vic
tory for his country on the fields of Cha-pultep.-
and Monterey. Immediately
surrounding the coffin were the clergy
and armed sentries, they being the only
persons admitted to a place on the porti
co during the service.
The relatives of the deceased were as
signed to seats in the mavor s parlor,
from the windows of which they wen
enaoieu io witness ttie ceremonies.
During the obsequies in the city hall
minute guns were fired and bells tolled
j ne services were conducted by Jii-hop
Gallegher of tho Episcopal church, as
sisted by five officiating clergymen of
various denominations.
Bishop Gallegher in his address said in
part: "I am not here to stir bv a breath
the embers of the settline strife, nor trt
speak- one word unworthy of him and the
nour. fearless and unselfish.
this man could not well escape tho long-
uiu counn i u wnicn tie was committed
(.really and strangely misconceived he
bore injustice with the calmness befitting
ins jimcc. jiesunereu maiiv and er ev
ous wrongs. Suffered most for the sake
of others, and those others will remem-
uer mm ana nis unflinching fidelity with
deepening gratitude while, the Potomac
sccks mo Chesapeake or the Mississippi
sweeps uy jsrierlield on its way to the
-Mexican sea.
At the conclusion of the religious ser
vices tho casket was borne by a detach
ment oi soldiers to a handsomely decora-
wu caisson, which Had been prepared
especially for its reception and on which
it was to ue borno to the cemetery. The
caisson was drawn by six black horses,
mo aun asi, ana cacu animal was lead
oy a soldier in uniform. The battal
lions wheeled into line and tho proces
sion proceeded to the cemetery. As the
cortege traversed the streets from the
turrets of every church a knell was
When the nroercss of the nroenscton
finally brought the military to the mon
ument and the soldiers were drawn up
uiuuiiu in a circle tne caisson stopped
at the foot and a detail of honor from
Battery li bore the casket up Ice as
cent to the foot of Jackson monument,
beneath which is the tomb In
which it was to bo placed. The vet
eran associations, choristers, clergymen,
pall bearers, etc., had already taken po
sition and the family and intimate
friends of the bereaved followed. Bish
op Thompson opened the ceremonies by
reading the first portion of the Episcopal
burial service. Then Private Sapping
ton of Company U, Nineteenth United
States infantry, rounded tho "taps" ou
his bugle and Bishop Gallagher read the
second portion of tho ritual consigning
the body to the grave. An anthem was
sung by the choristers, Bishop Thomp
son recited the Lord's prayer, then the
hymn "Iiork of Ages" was rendered and
the religious rites were over. Bishop
Gallagher gave the signs for the closing,
the casket was raised from the bier and
the soldiers bearing It, marched around
to tho doorway at the back of tho monu
ment. Tho casket was placed In the
middle cf the vault, the slab screwed
tight and the deal had fonnd a tempo
rary place in the tomb of the Army of
Northern Virginia. An artillery saluto
was fired and the funeral was over.
WKr;IIKIOM41. I'IMM KI'.ltlNuc.
In the senate on the, 9th bills were In
troduced and referred: For the admis
sion of Idaho and Wyoming into the
union; to provide a temporary govern
ment for tho territory of Oklahoma; to
restrict the sale and use of opium in tho
District of Columbia and in the terri
tories; to create the office of surveyor
general of North Dakota. Manderson
offered a preamble and resolution (which
was agreed to) Instructing the committee
on agriculture to report on the subject
varions states In favor of a national Sun
day rest law, and oue from Iowa aealnst
the paasage of such a law or of the Blair
education bill. In the house the follow
ing committees were announced: Ap
propriations Messrs. Cannon, Butter
worth, McComas. Henderson of Iowa,
Peters, Coegsweil, Belden, Morrow,
Brewer of Michigan, Kandall, Forney,
Say res, Brcrkeuridge of Kentucky and
Doikerv. Manufactures Messrs. Kel
ley, E. B. Taylor of Ohio, Arnold, Morse,
Sanford, Wilson of West Virginia, lly
ii urn, Williams of Illinois, Grime and
Fowler. Elections Uowell, Hauk Coop
er, Haugen, Sherman, Dalzcl). liergen
Greeuhagle, Comst.K-k, Crisp, O'Ferrall,
Out hwaite, Marsh, .Moore of Texas and
Wiko of Illinois. Ways and Means-
Messrs. McKiuley, Burrows, Paynter,
Bingham, Mckenua, I'uyson, La Follette.
Gear, Carlisle. Mills, McMillen, Brecken
ridge of Arkansas and Flower. Mileage
Messrs. Lind, To wu send of Pennsyl
vania. Wallace of Massachusetts Cluiiie
and lYimiugtoii. A joint resolution was
passed appropriating Si'is,(;oJ for the
printing of 4, ooo copies of tho agricul
tural report of Iss'J.
The finance committee in the senat on
the 10th rejMirted bi-ck adversely the bill
to provide for the organization of na
tional banks with less capital than S.'iO,
000, and it was indefinitely postponed.
Among bills introduced were: To amend
the laws relative to elective, franchise
and providing, under certain contingen
ties, for the conduct of elections by fed
eral officers on the petition of a certain
per rentage of voters that they believe
the election will be unfair if held by stale
officers; making it the duty of the treas
ury and interior departments to adjust
and settle claims of slates against tho
Tinted Slates for all lands disposed of
by the I.'nited States that were Included
in any grant of swamp or overflowed
lands to such state; for the selection from
the national guard and military schools
of civilians to be appointed as second
lieutenants lu the regular armv: for the
erection of public buildings at Seattle,
Taeonia and Spokane Falls. Washington,
each to cost not exceeding 8300,000; pro
viding for tho celebration of tho 4Xlth
anniversary of the discovery of America,
by holding an international exposition in
the city of 'cw York. It was read a
first and second time.
In the senate on theflth a bill was
Introduced for a joint resolution author
izing the president to begin negotiations
with the government of Spain for the
establishment of a republic on the Is
land of Cuba. Mr. Vest introduced a
bill regulating the printing of certain
public documents and largely reducing
the num'x r of copies to be printed. He
made a statement as to the Immense 1
mass of books and documents rotting
away In the attic and basement of the
cupitol. Hoar remarked that those
books and documents ouclil to be dis
tributed among the libraries all over the
country. In the house Cunimings of
New York, from the centennial ceremo
nial committee, reported the order of ar
rangement and It was adopted, (in mo
tion of Buyne a resolution was adopted
directing the clerk to infoim the senate
that the house was in H-slon and ready
to proceed with the
ruoM ion a ai suite
Tli Hciiubl.ratt fcraatortait 4 urm
Adopt tl- Kptr( of Plail 4 dim Mill
ie I Bon KewrgMMlzallun of lb ( oi-MlUera-lftealla
f a irnii AhuH
11 oh 11 Ilr 4 (' u vaiga(attBa
Urfore Mvaaior 'ri t uiuaulii.
Intra altd irbraaka AH-rraamH.
Wasin.NuTOY, D- 12. The congres
sional directory Jul issued has the fol
lowing to say about tho new ineiiit rs
from Iowa and NebrAska:
Joseph Henry Sweney of Osage, la.,
was born in Warren county, Pennsylva
nia, Octolwr 2, lstr., was cdin aUxl in the
public schools of Pcmisj hania and Iowa,
by private study, and In the Iowa state
university. Ho Is a lawyer by profes
sion, was sergeant of company K, Twenty-seventh
regiment Iowa infantry, lu
which he served thru; years; was colonel
of the Sixth regiment National guard of
Iowa for four years, and I rii-a Ib r and
inspector general of the Maw, resigning
after his election to congress. In isit j
he was elected state senator, and re
elected lu 187. In lssi) he was by the
unanimous votes of the republican and
democratic senators elected president
pro teniporo and presided oyer the Joint
convention at the inaugural ion of liov
emor l.arrabeenud Lieutenant iovertior
Hull, lu the Twenty-first ami Twenty
second general assemblies he served
chairman of the senate rallw av eominit-
aml during his entire service in ibe
the request of the HK-akcr the, members
then retired' t i the seats assigned to
them. Upon the conclusion of the cen
tennial ceremonies the house was called
to order hut Immediately adjourned.
Bills were Introduced In tho senate on
the 12th: For the emigration of persons
of color from the southern states. For
an International exposition at the na
tional capital in 1892. For the free coin
age of gold and silver and tho Issue of
coin certificates. Mr. Gibbon offered a
resolution (which was referred to the
committee on foreign relations) instruct
ing tho committee to inquire into tho
expediency and practicability of en,,ir.
lug or setting apart territory for the oc
cupation by the negro or colored citizens
of the United States, and also to lncnlre,
how far and In what manner the govern
ment of the United Statescan and ought
njuiiauiy i am tne jreemen of the Unl
ieu cuues ana their families and de
scendants to emigrate thereto and settle
ue,e..ii anu w estaiilisn a system of com
nion school education. In the house the
report of the Silettt committee was pre
sented. The report gives a detailed
statement of the assets and liabilities of
um iwigcam-airarms December 5. The
,,ul is staieu to be $70,708. It
oiau-a mai, me committee has not yet
made sufficient investigation of the, mat
ter of discounts and notes.- Many notes
the committee hi 1 cv.'s, were forced to
cover the defalcation already existing
It also says that the committee cannot
too severely condemn the manner in
which the icrgeant-at-ai-ms conducted
the affairs of his office.
Mr. Pay son of Illinois ImrneHi.f,.!,,
upon tho conclusion of the reading of
the report offered a resolution authoriz
ing the committee not enly to examine
the accounts but to take char ni n,
awets of tie office until further orders
from the house, to receive any proposal
from Leedom for maklnir urnod
ciency and also to make a full report as
CU.-.1 ui any aenclency. Mr
Brewer of North Carolina Introduced a
bill for the repeal of tho tax on tobacco
in all its forms. Referred.
That Kn.a Hiia-ar Mvlnril.
Kassas City, Mo., Eej. 14 The
great sugar swindle, p'anned ty thc su
gar company, has entirely collapsed, and
v.... vownsuips wnicn voted the bonds to
foBter the industry will loi rmt !,(,.
Ail the, bonds, SJ.OOO in amount, voted
In Meade county, have been canceled
and tho scrip issued by the various town!
ships In Clarke county have boon de
stroyed except 15,00J voted by one
township, owing to t10 publicity given
to tho swindle. The sugar company
scheme was a gigantic one, and if it had
been successfully executed, a million dol
lars would not have conered tho loss sll9.
ta ned by the counties and township,
Will Til t m ,i.t. U,H
O- --h-.mvp, nitiu ue.UII act VP. V HI. u,l.
senate was a member of the Judiciary
and military committees. He was elected
to the Fifty. first conurexs as a republican
by lS.sWJ voles against ,0.i0 for Hon. L.
S. Ileque. democrat.
John F. Lacy of o-kuloosa, la., was
born In New Martinsville, W. Va., May
30, IhjI, Ileinoved to Iowa lu Is."..",.
When tho war broke out he enlisted at
the age of t'O In company 11. Third Iowa
Infantry volunteers. He ;m captured
at the buttle of Blue Mills, Mo., sod
taken to Lexington. vJiere lie was -roled
with (letieral Mulligan's command
and discharged. November, ii;i. Here-
enlisted in ronipiHiv D. Thirtv-thlnl
Iowa Infantry, and was promoted to first,
lieutenant of Company (' In 1h;s and
si eved as major on the sf:ift of Maior
eneral F. Steele until the end of tho
war. He was elected a mcmlicr of the
general assemblj in J.,wa In isr,;i. Ho
w as elected to the Fifty-lirst coreres as
a republican, rceo.ving IS.ooj votes
against IT. 1 si forlleneral Weaver, dem
ocratic aid union labor candidate.
James P. Flyck of Bedford, la., was
born in Bakertowu. Allegheny county,
Pa.. August !H, IM,'., removed to Wa
nello county, Iowa, in ItK and t Tav-
lor county in is.'iT. where lie has since
resided. He is a l.twyi r by profession,
m a member of the Seventeenth gen
eral assembly of Iowa, was district at
torney of the Third judicial district for
six years, was elected over Hon. A. It.
Anderson to the Flfiy-lir-t congress as a
republican, receiving P.1,207 votes against
11.21 2.
Joseph Jt. Keeil, of Council Bluffs, Jn.,
was born lu Ashland county, Ohio,
March. Isr.. He Is a lawyer bv profes
sion. He settled hi Iowa In 18S7, He
served honorably during the war. He
was a member of the Iowa
In lsw-os and was Judgn of the supreme
court of the state from .January, Ihsj, t
March, iss.f, and was elected to the
Hfty-lirst congress as a republican, re
ceiving 20,3i-5 votes against il,r,se democratic.
l1ereA nplk rui.,..
j-i-uau.iiR, census, C1V11 aHTVlca
Allen, Washington pkii.
claims, woman suffrage, IsMfiaa dJ
lions. 1
Pettlgrew, South Dakota Indl
"t "ran, raiiroaaa,
nient of Mississippi river. '
CftftAV Vtrth 1 i., - n
ganlzation and conduct of tho eil
departments, transportation roJ
i ommiui immigration.
To provide these places, tw,
committee had In the first place
.", N-vi-rai commute, some
old senator nuliinul ,. -,4
- - .. . v., auU lue m,
sii.jj 01 some committees were inc
none of the important committee,
The democratic, committee wi
in caucus shortly to arrange the
o eii.-Nuuiinun me commit!
,url l"u reported 10 Urn Sftnate
adjournment for the holiday roceJ
i AwusHTUi, wee. 10. The Inr
Hon or the dressed bcf business
sumed yesterday by Senator Vest'
ial committee. Wm. II. Ileover t
cr In Washington, said U Cam,
turn last spring that it would not
f,.i- klm , 1,1,1
... ...... , u.u uu Kue.rninont cor
Llilcago beef men would not sell J
any meat anu would drive him out
uiui .ui. ii uncus, nowover, did b
wcurcu some small contracts, whe
lliA tltreitla A,,I,.J I. g
,,,,i,,u, M Uj vvrron wi
rieu into effect. Nona of the m,
),,. f -l.l....,.,. r. ,. , . . n
.... .. mm uKo onus armour A Co.
fc Co., and Nelson Morris woii
w!lnea Ilir.l.1 t.r.m n n .. .
.. ........ , allJ , nig.efl(j
ineu 10 purchase or him. They
him two or three times the regular
aim nicy nave never since sold li
meals. George M. Omhoiiiwir.
Washington salesman forKchon !j
lesuneu mat ne had received Insiru
to sell to Hoover at prices two or
iirnes awiyo tne markol rales,
what reason?" was asked. 0
was given," was tho renlr. Wlim.
he furnished meat to tho Hampton
uio-, 01 irgnun, anu to varionj I
nous 111 mis city at rogular Inte
ne Uid not know who had contrac
neen told his employer had one. In
never seen It. John N, Hoover, bn
01 n. ii. iioover, eonlinmd tho
ment of the latter as to tlm ref,
I he representatives of Chicago doa!
m-u mm (witness) meat bocaase h,
iKinght for his brother. This b
was lifted while tho committee w
tho west pursuing Its Investigation
1'. llolllver. of Vnri. fv,wl,.
was born In Klngwood, Preston couney'
Va now West Virginia, on February ,
Ms II,. graduated in ls.75 from tho
i-i. irginia university. u,i Is a lav -yer
by profession and was elected to the
Fifty-first congress as a republican, re
ceiving 20,804 votes against 13,4'jO demo
cratic. William J. Council, of Omaha, was
born in Cowanswillc, Can., in lstO. Jn
1HC2 ho h.c:ite.d in Omaha and was ad
mitted to the bar In IMS'.!, lie has been
actively engaged In his i rtesslon since
He was district attorney for tho Third
judicial district fer two terms, and was
city attorney of Omaha from lss.'t ui
1SS7. Ho was circled to the, Fifty-first
congress On the republican ticket,
Gilbert T. Laws of McCook was born
iiearOlney, IILt. In 1S1 and removed to
Wisconsin In 1845. I0 roodved a col
egiato education, working in the lumW
""""" uunngine summer to procure
the money to finish his studies. He
V..00, -m imU wl,cn h enI''")
n the I - nil W isconsin volunteers, served
ha tic of illlamsburg. Ho rel.urn.!d to
l-rr.",i; n l0CaM in Richland county,
served three terms as clerk of tho county
court and then went into manufacturing.
Ho was mayor of PJchland Centor, and
was appointed pistmaster, which place
after loctatlntr n Xehru u
editor of a staunch rRiinbite.n
was appointed reirlKiT ,.f .u. i.'-.7 . "
UI elected secretary of state In 18SD
ho ding that )laco t Mt e.xC '
i-uiy-ursi congress to fill the vaeancv
occasioned by tho death of Hons
A frarlnl Tbrairr I'anle a
.ioii.vstovv.v, Pa,, Hoc. II. I)
the jierformanee of Uncle Toin'sCa!
the ojicra house hero Jaitl night ti
of fire was raised, resultinc !n a U -.
j rush for life down tho narrow t
Twelve persens wero InsUntly cr
ucam uuu many wore aunomi
It was found nnressary to turn as:
of water ou the crowd tho l:r
giuo before the dead and wonndod
be taken out.
When the crowd was driven aa
following were found dead upon
Miss Clara Burns, Mrs. iNcster, f
Horner, Charles Plant, John Our,
Lister. John Miller, A. Weiss, John
man, Kichard WorthlngUm, LaacTl
and an unknown woman. Amen;
seriously Injured were: Charles Vm
Allwrt Owens and a man named Y
There arc alHiut fifty aoriously Inj;.
out tlielr names can not ho ascort..
lo-nlght. Tho alarm was false, anil t
are many threats against the unkr.
man who started It.
Thn most seriously Injurcil are Cli
auglm, John Welmi!r, Albert 0
Mrs. Piatt and Kichard Worlhin.-
Probably twenty morn suslaiued sp.
aud bruises, but It is not thought ar
thorn are dangerously hurt.
The screams of tho panic stricken
pie were terrible and it was shoi-kii.
see small children knocked down by
men and trampled upon. This tin
has always been noted a a death '
and was condemned twelve years:
but thn other ono was washed vi
the flood and this has been used sine
Tho manager tried to quiet tho en
but It was useless. Ono m;:n jun
from tho third story window ami
seriously hurt.
Louis Witkowskl, mayor of SU:
Florida, was shot dead by A. II. Ha:
er, a lawyer, at tho hater's oflic
Gaenesutllo, Fla. Witkowski's body
found In a sitting posture In cU
There were no witnesses to Urn a!l
The police wero notified. It Is thoJ
the men quarreled about a woman.
Edwin Fletcher, a prominent y"
citizen of Murfroesborj, Tenn.,
and killed by Frank It. Kclph, a H
attorney. Fletcher and a tonpa:
called on Selph to demand a rolrac:
of a nowf piper article.
OuoteliaiM ram firm rk, flea);04
mud Klmrtrhrra
Wht Wo. S .
Corn No. a lulled
0u Per ba ........
Ilarljr , ,, ,,.,, ,,,,
IhiiUir f-HMimnry,,,, ...... .......
iiuiuir nairy.
7 ft
SU to
21 (
n a
in, -.r,, , mrnn.
Wasiiwotox, Iec ll.-The
can senatorial caucus adopted the report
Of Plait's commlli.m , .i
mvui uiit reorgan -
nation of tho committee. Ti...
committees are as follows:
liepubllcan Membersiiln. T..,mi
(standing) -Chandler, Hale, E a
fcqnire, Pttlg,nw.
Quadro Ccnlennlul fvir.i..,i ... .. .
Discovery of America i. ...i ...
cock Shermnn, (.ai;i(fron
"-). eaiwell, Stanford YVii,. ... i.
I,i ' """"'I 4MWU. I ('I
Jnd an Depredations (simclal)-lw dy whit-lw bn.lwl '
Chandler, Allen, Mucuy, cornPl.r bu ,
I 'i-i-,r HU9I1I1I , ,
4'fZ:rrs - ..:::::::;:::-:::::r:.v.:
B.?.'r.di''r ''"'""Tratlon (cha.rmanl. ' vltS'iX:
depredaUo,,,: """""'C llmt aii
-Kiiih. SI
1,'hirkeiM Ureued, par t w
Turk"-yDraMsl, iet ..... 1
lmoim Choline, jn.-r box..., W
Oranciif-I'ar box J 03 6$
Onlona-IVr tiq.... W
II'-, 8(0 a
Wool-Fin., im lb... W ft
lluckwbaat Flour UI
ApplM-:holie. per bid irVfl ftj
llnr-l'er ton r. f0 ft 8
llon.v .. I.V 69
llnca Mliril iMeklnff S fO A '
ii,,..ii,, . ,..,.,,,1.,. ma (-S3
UKevi t'liolcfl tisT'. 3 0)
m:w vonii.
W'htNo. t Ki M
Porn-No. ,. t &
OiU-illlBil wn.leril W
I'orlt II fm
LrJ .'.,' SiO W
of the production of sunr from ht in
i. ..i.i. . . the United Mutes and what hUlatin
utaMr. i Z On Jul " '! a" od IrabFe to pro:
aaafari of Ute oatafea roads araa with ssote and accelerate the Industry In this
jcwaatrr. PetlUoas were presented froai
Kfnhtno IIa. ii . .
-vm utuii, JIILM1C1I. I'Mllf. fl.i .
Johnsnn counties, and had succo.Icu In
arousing such enthusiasm over the new
iidiistrythat they came to regard It
tlieii- salvation from possible ruin cau'ed
cr crops than so ghum. The fecreta-V 1
of the state board of arieiiltarTVuU
Led erecUon ItSJP !, I.d-Pa, , -
of western Kansas for Vhl h a . Cd, Z ''K , il.
aggregating over ai oon nm. . T.'"' f.'llonai accommodai t..n. L. Il l I -Miia.i Mckiiur
w. ..i.-j 1 1 - mj nave uorarv. " ;
vwu aaacju. '
Ee. 3. R. Kendrlck waa found dri
In bad by the aide of his wife. Kendr , k
waa at oaa time president of Vasaw aoi
leffe and was widely known. '""ro-
Moodv. Ron 1 1, t.i ... I
d tldn.Veh.i.. ''""'-ndlan dnpre- ,
ya raaoari
Cattla-Rioakan and ftwdura
Whaat VI ai
Cora "Io. ,,,,,, W
i..U-!o. I , 17
CaUla-Hiooltan aad Viun
Uoft-Muwd W
. 7" I
, 13 I
. 9
.IB 91
a (l et
. 3 w M
, tfH'S
Urn IA
Its O'l
I m mil
M y & nj . -J9, ,Lf . JLsj. Z L . , ,K. .
St i , i I . ' .
Jav l" ' i 1 V ..',.