The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, December 05, 1889, Image 5

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Of tllf
:' Am.
tile Htu
ill rpimir
I won n
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f Divin
e wime
Oppaiseaiia Nat I be Forget-
C, seeralary Noble Kara H Ills
Gaal Caa.eeri.laa; rmtlm
Q,re-Tba "" r(Mrrr
C, paring Year.
aeaa.raalBtiellM bellied.
jyiisifcTox, !. 3. Now tliat the
rshlp fight la over the luti-ri-st
amount of ,.-u rxDRj0D!
in Mnrrrw fr Ul(. of
3 auiiiuiiL ihu r..M
t,-... ; 1 i-nsions aurinz
of It'i 4ki -1 .- ' ' an '"'reuse
t ..r-vious year. Th. tou " .ount
,iji,w..44. At ihfl ,-L ,;t ,x...
? YT" ,of ,Hnsion "
Thfl wholfi number of claims prevntfd
luring- tlie year was su o,
iva rourJ
hop ol.'
of Dopm
ton I
' the dil
)r. Corri
itrv vuirl
i;.s. iii!
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us uIn,
I of the
of x
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tew rhurj
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lioin Ik1
Cjiiy turn to the disposition that
Cgoed will make of tbo important
Lmuishiu at ul disposal, in other
Cj bow be will reward those who
Lworked for him early ami late. He
tr greatly assiKied in this mailer by
yi Uiat the ballotlnif was oiM-n. lie
.riactly who voted fi r him on the
ballot. He knows who stood by
jpun the first and who the gi iille
it who climbed on his wanon when
Lit that his wan the winning I-a in.
f&iT bis late npimnenta will roino
Ifsr the first consideration. Mr. Me-
W r, as already Ktati-d In these dis-
Wiiemust be tendered the i huirman
Lfot Iho committee on ways and
tw. There Itc a Reneral belief that
. JliKiiiley, rocofriiiziiiK already what
Lnneraiilo rutluT helley has dime,
Irliims to have done lor him, will pri:
V lbt the chairmanship of the com-'
Lll to tendered to Mr. Kelley ln
Ul of to himself, At the same time it
Li bo said that Mr. McKinlcy very
Womaticully worked himself clear of
CjplislKO In that direction by Kayinj?
W as the cummitteeslilp had not yet
Lo offered to him he could not say that
L would decline in favor of Mr. Kelley.
Jlr. Cannon, or course, gets the appro-
ritinns i liuirmaiislilp.
As for Cokiwil. Henderson, of Iowa, he
ill likely remain ou the appropriations
Shaker Boed was asked Unlay by your
Lrrepoudent if he had any idea wheu
is committei would be announced.
It In Impossible to tell," he answered in
flow, dcllberato way. "I should
tok not for two weeks, and perhaps
kit. Mr. Carlisle took until the 1st
IJiniiary, and I shall be doing well If
un able to make up the list in two
inks. Ho far I have not m en able to
m the matter one moment's conslder-
Then you do not look for much husi-
len to tie done until after the recess."
"Hardly.' If tho committees are ap-
ir.inled In two ' weeks from now there
II he' only a few days left before the
I'nal Uinsimas recess is laKen.
"Are you likely to apisilnt the enm
itlee on ruhfJ In advance of the other
Mm luces, so that the rules can lm
fjdllied before an attempt Is made to
lo business'"
lain not prepared to say what, mny
Vdone, but It would not lm surprising
(the. committee on rules slioukl lie ap
ilntiil In tho course of a few days, su
that the rules could be revised while the
lioiiw Is waiting for other business."
an you express any opinion on the.
able course of legislation this win-
Tne Old Man Thought . but Was
Soon Quieted of His Fears.
Old man Bill BUr?g had for wma
time been a widower for the becond
time, says the Tallahassee Floridiao.
He grew tired of single cussedness
ami ne 18 so u? v imn nf
,, .;.; W.'re forori-'ial fusion, and 103.
UJO fur
i f . a fusion, inc num
ber of claims for original -nsion allowed
J?8 n?'' 0 numU'f rejected was HI,.
H J he number of claims for inrreasr
allowed was 123,001; the number rejected
was 06,079. J
The commissioner makes w-vcral
reiommendalions as to amendments ol
the law and additional legislation.
The signal office weather crop bulletin
for the last month reiKirtsmnmruin ii.u.,
usual In the New Kngland, Middle and
.-oiuii .iiiaiiiic states and in the Ohk
Valley, the greatest evees lu.lmr i
tern New York, eastern Pennsylvania.
Maryland and Delaware. In Minnesota,
the Dakotas, Iowa and Nebraska and llr
extreme northwest there has been aliout
I he average. Snow was reported on
the ground at the end of the, month
In extreme northwestern Pennsyl
vania, and northern Ohio, Minne
sota, eastern Iowa and Wisconsin. Thr
most prominent meteorological feat
f the month was the sUjrm which
moved from Texas northward to the
lakes, and thence to the maritime prov
inces, between the jiith and the ".Hh.
l lie colli wave following In
mis Mill-in causca irilsL ami tree? nu
weather as far south as northern Florida
minimum temperature of :io dcim-of
being reported from Jacksonville and
Mobile, and light frosl from New Or
f a err
mt a m
, comp'
I liollnrs.
lid milk''
ulsion sj
loes. '
roil dolli
to trivet
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lor the
lto liq"
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lid res.
t Jersev
o tlioti
j it Burpf
lo the
It corn"
wo littl
ie Find
ox. lOjf
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and wrf.
ey cnmH
lendid I
I pony.'
A Huii(llttc Kx-cIIh.
Oi KM ii, Out. Nov. 30. W. II. liar
ey, who, In March last, murdered lib
wife and two daughters, was hanged here
yesterday. The execution was the worst
piece of bungling ever witnessed. Tin
weight which lifted the body was not
heavy enough, and the scalTold was nul
high enough to give suflicient rebouni,
to break tho condemned man's neck
His struggles and contortions as h(
slowly strangled to death were frightful.
was fa-
game ol
V would not lie iMilitic for me to do
I'i, and in addition to that. I am not utile
:j answer tho question. This somewhat
tinneccssary contest, and Mr. Keed
miled at the recollection of the fight,"
as taken up all our time, and f.ere lias
wn no opportunity for consultation.
Ifl'hc views of various members will have
fo be ascertained and conflicting opinions
reconciled. Measures for which there
rflM to be a nubile demand will be
ty"hed, while others may be dropped
With our small majority there will have
lobe harmony and conciliation If we are
wircompllah anything."
Mr. Keed has received numerous tele-
Vnms of eongratnlatioii from all parts of
m country, and "the original Keed
ttui ' wan at the Shoreman to-day in full
lurce. He baa already received an appll
iiion for a place. A lady railed on him
ml wanted to be placed in charge of the
tics' reception room on the house side
Mt. Keed told her that tho office was not
it hi gift.
The. rsllmatoH for pensions made for
m fiscal year beginning July 1, 1880,
) Kecrotary JNohlo In his annual re.
Mt, wero not only Inadequate but must
uve been known to be so when recom
waded to congress. Tho estimate for
lbs previous year was Swo.OOO.OOO. Hut
More this estimate for tho present year
M completed It was apparent that a do
Silency would be Incurred, as It was In
curred for the previous year, to the
(mount of at least, fS.OOO.OUO, and that
tail added to the original eighty millions
would not be enough to meet tho obliga
tion!! accruing before the end of even
tliat fiscal year.
It was known also that tho pension list
(k Increasing, and if tho payments of
1888-89 could not be met with $80,000,000,
but a deficiency bill had to bo passed for
H,000,00t more, it must have been anti
cipated that the former commissioner's
Mioeessor would be run Into a deficiency.
Vet tbo estimate for pensions was con
lined to $80,000,000 for 1880-90. Tho re
"lt, If the cause wero not so easily do
tted, might produce an unfair compart
on between the previous administration
lion and tho present as to the amount
'ipendnd In this branch of tho service.
do not hesitate, however, to assume tbo
responsibility, as I have dono In the esti
mates for the next fiscal year, of recom
mending an Increase In tho appropria
tion for pensions, so that a liberal and
fetal payment may be made to all the
'nerving pensioners of the republic.
The sum will reach 97,210,3r.3.
The ropnrtof the commissioner for tho
lt fiscal year shows that there wero on
'lie roll on June 30, 1889, 489, 725 pen
sioners, classified as follows: 3.11,484
rmy Invalids, 97,590 army widows,
Inor children and deendont relatives;
.M7nary Invalids, 2,206 navy widows,
Inor cmidreo and dependent relatives;
3 survivors of tho war of 1813; 9,904
Mows of those who served In that war;
17.0A& mninin nf the war with Mexico,
d 6,206 widows of those who served In i
wt war. The names or bi.wsi pcnsi.Mi
w wera added to the roll and the names
1.7M pensioners dropped from tho Mil
we restored, making an aggregate o.
M,75 pensioners added to tho roll dur
lg the year. The names of lo,500 pen
sioners war dropped for various causes,
fewlngthe not Increase for tho yesr
W.I66. . ,
The average nnr.nal vsluo of.eschpcn
n at the eloso of the year was l3t.l8,
Increase for the year of $3 78 In tho
Tiilm Schilling, of Carroll, la
tuny injured in a row over a
A young man named Yeoman was fa
tally Injured at Independence, la., bj
being run over by a heavily loaded
The sale of the Vaudusen system ol
elevators, lo the English syndicate, rep
resented by Levy Meyer, was completed
at Minneapolis.
The procession attending Archblshor.
Walsh to the cathedral In Toronto, was
attacked by a mob who threw slimes, one
of which entered the carnage or the pre
late and struck him on the arm.
The News Letter of Itelfust, Ireland,
has published an apology fur libelling
Thomas Ncxton, the I'arnellite leader,
anil has paid him l'.ViO.
The appellate court of Illinois has de
cided that the mayors of cities have
perfect right to forbid obnoxious pa
rades by Salvation army people.
Alice Jackman, the abducted heiress
of St. Louis, has been located at Qulncy,
III., where she was taken by tho Splnks,
relatives of her guardian, Dr. Taylor.
District Master Workman Ross of the
Knights of Labor who has returned tc
Philadelphia from the Atlanta conven
tion says it Is proposed by the Knights
of Labor. Farmers' alliance and Ameri
can federation to unite In a memorial to
congress requesting tho passage of a bill
restricting Immigration in the interest
of the eight hour law.
Frank Harrison, for over twenty year!
an employe of the postoflice at Phila
delphia, Pa., was convicted of stealing
letters containing checks.
The Afro-American league's conven
tion, called to meet at Nashville Januarj
15 next, will meet Instead at Chicago, the
date remaining the same.
The prlvato bank of Kmll Susskind,
New York city, has been closed with
$50,000 liabilities, duo to Germans, Nor
wegians and Danes.
The people of Fairland, Ind., have or
dered all saloon keepers to close their
places by December 1. and have bound
themselves never to allow another saloon
In the place.
Tho report o- Commodore Walker,
chief of tho bureau of navigation, recom
mends among other things that no man
without previous naval service, above
ti, n nf i.liirtv-five vears be hereafter
enlisted; that the enlistment of aliens for
vie bo discouraged with a
view to Its final discontinuance.
Samuel Kerscliofer, for several year
the head book-keeper for the Great
Western typo foundry, of Chicago, waf
lalled on a charge of embezzlement. It
Is said that Kerschofer's peculations will
reach several thousand dollars. lhc
Great Western has houses In St- Louis,
Denver and Omaha.
Advices from Honolulu by steamer
Australia state that tho United States
steamer Iroquois left there November 20
for Samoa, to relieve the Adams, which
will proceed to Honolulu. Iho United
States steamer Alert was about ready to
sail for Kan Francisco. Tho Mohican
and Nlpslc still remain at Honolulu.
rfl, iwolflnn t lias nnnolnted tho fol-
the Tails,'
nassee girls would have him. The old ,
man grew desperaU-, and advertised in '
a matrimonial paper of Chicago for a !
wife. Ere long he received a dainty
missive through the maiL It contain
ed the photo of a witching, black-eyed
maid who wanted a home and did "not
require youth and beauty in a hus
band. It did not take them long to fix up
matters, and now she is queen at the
old man's country residence. Bill was
delighted with bis third draw in the
matrimonial lottery. She is domestic
and quite handy about the house,
comely of person, and of a naturally
nappy disjiosition, but what worries
Bill is that she will not breathe a word
oi wno or what she was before be
coming Mrs. Buggs. The old man is
somewhat superstitious, is a firm be
liever in witches, ghosts, spirit rap
pings, etc., and his wife's silence as to
herself tore him all up in mind.
The other night Bill awoke with a
start A shadowy form was flitting
around his couch, and in its outstretch
ed hand was some vessel in which burn
ed a ghostly blue flame. By the light of
the bluo and mystic lire Bill saw that
the shadowy form was that of his new
wife. Sho was repotting in a soft,
solemn Umn u-ni-flj 1tiut. Rill
un i roar. 01 1 understand. His heart thumped loud
ly against his ribs. Ho folt as if ha
were shrinking smaller nnd smaller.
His eyes rolled and he tried todraw in
his head as would a gopher. Was his
new wife a witch of which he had
read so much? Was she working
some unearthly charm about him?
What was lie to uo? Tho mystic
fire came nearer his face. Now it was
immediately over his head. He
thought he saw a long blue tongue of
llamo leap dowuward as if to consume
his pent-up breath. He gave vent to
a fearful yell, straightened out with
such force that the footboard of tho
bed was shivered into pieces, and leap
ed out and into a corner, where he
shivered and moaned.
"What's the matter, you old fool?"
screamed Mrs. Buggs, almost as
frightened as he.
"Uh, ploaso don t witchcraft me.
moaned Bill; 'Til do anything! I'll
uive you a deed to the farm. I'll buy
you a new bombazine dress. Oh, 111
do anything if you'll only put out that
infernal ghost lire and let mo alone!
"Shut up, you old, crack-head ea
idiot! Come right hero and nail this
bedstead together again." snapped
Mrs. liucrgs. "If you had tho sense
of a dead frog you would havo known
that I was only burning camphor to
get rid of these blamed mosquitoes.
Witchcraft, indeed! What, do you sup.
pose' I know of such things?''
"(Jo oo oo r pulled lull. 1
vasn't seared. You spilled some of
the fire down my neck; that's all that
was tho matter with me."
An ingenious English school boy, who
wanted an answer to an aritlinmllcal
problem, dropped into a grocer's store
on his way to school and said he wanted
certain commodities at eertaiu prices.
After exhausting his list, he said: "Now.
if I give you a half sovereign. hat
chinge shall I get back?" The grocer
una mm, whereupon be tnaiiKeu me
shopman and turned to go. . "Wait for I
the things," called the grocer; and his
disgust can be imagined when the urchin
told him he was late for school, and, as
he hadn't learned his arithmatic lesson,
he had adopted that method of getting
the problem worked forhiui. Exchange.
kn not flow to under-UDd th.t, iu order to
warrant their ui.nufwturw- in gunranu-eing
them to iH-neOt or cure, medicine musi p-
.i. u-.iin.rv merit n curative
proiK-rtK-s. Dr. Vicrce s Golden Medn-al Iiis-rovi-rr
is the oolv blood medicine eold
through drusrjrirts, under i positive guaran
tee tlou It ill beiH-Ht or cure or money p...!
f.a-it will he returned. In all blood. kin
uoi scalp diseases, and for all -rofulouB affec
tions, it is a fpecinc
Farmers ill find that Salvation Oil
urr remedy for trusted feet. All Uru
keep it, t is -i5c a bottle.
lleury George is of the opinion that Cleve
land ni'll be run for president again iu ISWj.
The Queen, it is thought, will not open
parliament in person.
Ho you value t lie health and comfort of
your children; Then guard against croup by
laking hold of that cough or told at the start,
and relive the inflammation with Dr. Bull's
Cousrh isvrup. If they have the whooping
coufh. do what vou eaii to relieve their palu
by giving them llr. Bull's Cough Syrup. All
children love it.
4'omlurt (or iho Pallrnl.
"Are you feeling better this morning.
Fnile Henry?'' Yes, Angie, dear."
"You'll soon be well now, won't you.
Uncle Henry?"' "I don't know, dear; I
may never get up again; Uncle Henry is
a very sick man." Oh, yes, I know; but
you'll soon get well. 1 heard the doc
tors tell pa tills morning that all the doc
tors iu America couldn't kill as mean a
man as you." (Uncle Henry rallies and
is well enough the next time, the doctor
calls to get his head under the sofa and
maul him till the police break into the
room. The diagnosis was correct. Btir-
dette in Brooklyn Eagle.
Millions of Women use Dobbins' Electric
Soup daily, and say it is the best and cheap
est, ji tiu-v are right, you ought to use it.
If wrong, one trial only will show you. Buy
nar oi your grocer ana try it next Mouuay.
France has sent two war vessels to Brazil-
lull waters.
500 reward offered by we propneon. y.
Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy for an incurable
The old fashioned ring of three turquoises
If again coming into favor.
A rare opportunity to make 5O0 before
Christmas. Address w ith ref. Gast, St. lxiuis.
Lord Roseherry counsels the liberals to dis
solve the House of Lords
John Worth, of St. Louis, want yon to write
him for particulars free. AgenU are coining
money selling the Missouri Steam Washer.
Sent on trial. Gives satisfaction everywhere.
Territory exclusive.
ft,m,etlitnir attractive in the way of a cig
arette holder A pretty girl's mouth.
CoNst-MPTiox. For the cure of thisdisease
i,.. i,een nn medicine vet discovered
that can show more evidence of real merit
han Allen's Lung Balsam, k'., joc, ami
$1 a bott le.
A Michigan woman forced her daughter to
swallow poison at lhc point ol me pisioi.
A Kentucky youth has confessed to killing
his cousin for hfty cents.
A jury in Louisiana convicted two regula
tors oi muruer.
Whether on pleasure bent or business,
should take on every trip a bottle of
Syrup of F'igs. ns it acts most plensaully
nnd effectually on the kidneys, liver nnd
bowels, preventing fevers, headaches
nnd other forms of sickness. For sale
iu 50c nnd $1.00 bottles by all leading
When flaby was sick, we gave her Castor!,
When she was a Child, io cried forCastorla,
When she became Miss, clie clung to Castorla,
When :h had Children, ahe jae them Castorla,
' LOnMuycva-
M Ha'rws Co ,ffitr,pSC.g
roliielr-arrd bjt
trr uicir rim.
Thev also relieve !.
tran from Dyapemia.Io
digestion aw! TnoHeaftrl
Eating. periBci i
ledv (or lHa-inaM.Kai
Urowsineaa. u ia"r
In the Mouth. Coaleat
Tongiie.Pain in the BktoJ
TOKC1U IJVfcii. iaJl
reznlato the BowotaJ
Purely Vcentable.
frier tcni.
Small Pill: Small Dots. Small Price.
Annllif-r L.eiigevil)' Table.
From statistics gathered by a prom i
neut llle Insurance company it appears
the occupation most, conducive to Ion
gevlty Is tliat of merchants. Next to
these in expectation of life come farm
ers; then follow in succession doctors,
lawyers, clergymen, shop keepers and
hotel keepers. It. may be mentioned that
among hotel and saloon keepers, brewers
and wholesale liquor dealers the deaths
from consumption, heart disease and
zymotic diseases are comparatively few,
while the rate for nervous diseases and
diseases of the liver Is extremely high.
'Brokers follow hotel keepers as regards
average, length of life, and then mechan
ics. Herald of Health.
A revolt of prisoners at Tunis was attended
by quite a loss of life.
If fBI:td wllli Snr Kvi. ue Dr. S:ixz Tlioma
n' hi l W aler. Druggist sell it. '-Tii.
Emperor William refuses to consent to the
betrothal of his ei6ter to the Czarwitch.
No other Liniment made to reieuble
Bt. Jacobs Oil is
AT Decogists and Dkai.eks.
THE CHARLES 1.V0GELER CO.. Baltimore,, Md.
.nip at the Smith.
A kind friend tells us, says tho
Washington Post, thut a recent para
graph in this column relating to the
Harlan county feud in Kentucky re
called to his mind a story which is
now so old as to be new again. A
stranger had gone into one of the
southern states to havo a little sporl
with his gun, but after hunting nearly
all day was well-nigh disgusted at
having found nothing to shoot at
Ho was about to give up, when he
chanced to meet a native, with whom
ho fell into conversation.
"I thought this was a gre it country
for game,' said the stranger.
"Waal, so it war a bit ugo. Ther
war a right smart o' game roun' hyar
nfo' the boys got to guunin' fur it, but
I reckon it's mostly killed oil now."
"I should say it had been. Why,
I've been tramping through these
woods since early this morning and I
haven't soen a blessed thing to Hhoot
Tho native, whose heart was full of
that beautiful hospitality for which
the south was so famous in anto
bellum times, stopped and bWioJ in
deep meditation for some seconds.
"Dogged ef I don't hate to see you
go way disappointed, stranger,
Oregon, the PamdlMe ol FHI'llier..
M lid. eiiimhle cllmnle. oertnni an-t KluiiKlnnr. :rr..
I'ect- friill, Krain, grass anil .lock country in lli
woriU. luill Information tn-fi. Ailtli-ft.i Hie Ori'Kon
limn titration nonnl. ror!l:in!, Oregon.
Watermelon seeds were found in an Kgyp
tiun tomb that was3,000 years old.
for Pavrtor. Parent. Teacher. Child, Wnmmm.
3000 more Words nnd n early
2000 more Engravings tbnv
any other American Dlctionary-
lt la nn invaluable companion in erery 8duwC
and at oery Fireaide.
Sold by all Booksellers. Illustrated PampliWt
with specimen pages, etc., sent free.
G. k C. HERRI All It CO., Pab'rB.Sprinsfield.Maa
ood idea.
An idea struck him-
His face lighted up.
'What time is it stranger
"(uartor past 4."1
"Waul, now," said tho native with
spirit, "ycu go over and stand behind
the big tree at tho fork of tho road
just beyond tho knoll. Seholl '11 bo
out in just, niicen iiuiiulos nn
get a right good shot at the damned
An Afrlcii Dellrarf.
Cannibalism still thrives betvti
Stanley Kails and Stanloy Pool, among j
tho Hangalas, a muscular raco oi peo
ple, who prefer an enemy on toast to
nuv other health food they know of.
All these people when plundered by
neighboring tribes glndly join the
Arabs In their expeditions against
those marauders in order to gather In
cnomids enough for a mess. A victory
Is always followed by a general gorge
which even drives the Arab out of
enmp to whore ho cannot smell the
(Klor of cooking. This odor, instead
of being at all pleasant or palatable,
i- ihr like tho sickening smell that
la - ,
1'lie I'romptneaa Willi Wlilrli nr. Ilnr-
rl, Rerelved Ills Money from Ilie
Louisiana Male Lottery.
Napa (Cal.) Kepoiter, Nov. 13.
The fact of the winning of the ll'iOOu by
our fellow townsmen, Henry Harris, in the
last drawing of the Louisiana State Lottery,
Is not new to our people, but meeting the ex
sheriff yesterday, w e asked him if he hail yet
received his check. Sir. Harris replied
'That the money had promptly come, and
that everything connected with It had been
most satisfactorily done. I like," sld he,
"the way the Louisiana State Lottery Com
pany do business. The fortunate holder of
ihe w iniiiiiE; number sends his ticket to the
home office and as soon as the mall can re
turn a cheek is received for the full amount.
There is no quibbling, no discounting, no
dc.lavs. Everything is done promptly and
snua'rclv. As'to what to do with the money,
1 haven't yet exactly settled. I guess I will
Invest the money in real estate, in the best
county in California Napa and enjoy the
fruits of my good lortune.
Money makes the man, but the man has to
make the money first.
Have Yon Seen Ldbby Prison?
A most bcautlfulhandsomelycolored picture
mailed to advertise the pi lson at ( ,'hlcazo. Sec
the advertisement of Llbby Prison War Museum
n this paper
Woman was made after man, but nmii has
been after woman ever since.
Faithfulness is necessary in all kinds of
work. Especially is jt necessary, in treating
a cold, to procure the best remedy, which is
Allen's Lung Balsam, and take it faithfully
according to directions, and it will cure a
cold every lime and prevent fatal results.
Sol.l by all druggists, 25c, 50c., and $1 per
Turkey will not be admitted to the triple
lilldrrn Kfarvlnir Iu Heath
On account of their inability to digest food,
will find a most marvellous food and remedy
in Scott's Emulsion. Very palatable and
easily digested. Dr. S. W. Cohen, of Waco,
Tex., savs: i nave nseu join iin
Infantile wasting. It not only restores
wasted IIbsucr, but gives strength and in
creases the appetite."
Apartirlt is ijipliod into each noRtril aiid'ln asfiwa,
ble. Price iw rentn at DnifOFisIs; by mail, retriUrei.
60 cents. Kl.Y BROTHKKS, 5 Warren St, New York-
" Br a thorongh knowledge of the nalnral lawav
wlilc.i Kovern the operations of digestion and m
trltion. and bj a careful application of the a i
properties of well-selected Oocna, Mr. KMP
provided our breakfast tables with a delicately
flavoured beverage which may save us many aeavr
doctors' bills. It is by the Judicious o.e ot nam
articles of diet that a constitution roar bo eraoaai
ly built up until strong enough t resisS-every iwa
dency to disease. Hundredsof subtle maladiesam
tloslfna around us ready lo attack wherever iBem
Is a weak point. We may escape many a fatal saais
by keepinu ourselves well lortlfled with pnre blows
and a properly nourished frame. ' Civil wwr
Made simply with boiling water or milk. BoJ.
only in half-pound tins, by Grocers, labelled tans:
JAMES EPPS&CO.. Hommopathic Chemists,.
London, England.
famoui (or trace eedinor where
other have failed.
Drill 4rpa 0 10 U
v XT" Write
IJ3f.VV,rF ,ty Tctrn .0
. nui4uwwai4
if tor
ItH N.
This New tLUB Skate
r y l
with automatic lever fastenings, cast steel runnasw-
no key or wrench; no bolts or nuts to lose; ft to Bt
Inches; only 70. Sent any part of U.S. rRKKfm
1110 Sporting Goods and Skate catalogue KRKK.-
51 Mlale all reel, bleac
Giles Bros. & Co., Jewfite.
nBTfftlllie Send for our perfected metlswi
Ur I IblJMa of Self-flttlng Sipectaclea.
CTlTlflMFRC Try our Sl. Boa- or ir
S I A I lUNCnaiionery. Illustrated CataliwueM
the trade. lill.KS BUGS i, CO., 101 slate St., Oliteagv
lowlnif United State consuls: Hiram J. 1 comog from an over-heauod hath-room
iZSZp of IlHnoU, to IlroHlan, Germany. r,.lbly the g
' i . . ,1 : .
who is not up colore uio ifranu ji..jr
with a weak case Bill Nye.
....... , . ft ..V
..i it. William c. usruiiri v.
.. llollnlara. (lardlHT lias
for'ricveral years connected with tho Kvo
ning Wisconsin of Milwaukee.
In addition to the nlno men arrested
In the Chickasaw nation for robbing the
Hanta Fo train at Jkrcsyn, two women,
.: f imn. nf the men. havo been ar-
;osted. At their homes In Ardmoro two
Lens car wero found. Tho women
Albert Houlton of Australia thinks It will
soon be the United tita'uis of Australia.
Tho 8mAi-' Delight 'TantlU's I'unch."
The Chippewa Indians want the squatters
ousted from their lanus.
mtnm fnUniier and Weather Forecasts for
1890 by Rev. lrl K. Hicks, mailed 1anv address
on receipt of a two-cent stamp. -1 UK n. J. 11.
McLean Meo. Co., 8t. Louis, Mo.
Russia Is still massing troops on her west
ern frontier.
A man who hai practiced medicine for -V
whatneiavs: , ; ,. ,
Messrs. lMn'y""V - ; I lelne
...... i .. Un tnmnloTinn
vBavrv sac
groat in,-"& , ,8 aj,,,.
IlanfTBome illus
ly half a bun
son's Hen nation
t h country's in 1
The 4'hrl.
mn with artl
breeding, etc.,
ufnhorHe papr
Nuttfinal Stock
years paper wns
even better. Hn-
ratinn of nar
Ired of the sea
il guilt n ami
nmts siren in
in m. Hofif
cleK on their
Urandest is u e
fiTer published,
man said last
worthtlUit worth
year's will be
Posit! rely Cured with VcgeUble Reroetl.
Hart cured many thousand eases. Care pattecrt
grononnced hopeless by the best physicians, from
rstdose symptoms rapidly disappear, and In tMf
days at least two-thirds of all symptoms are reoo
e4. Send for free book or testimonials of mtracnlow
nues. Ten days treatment furnished free by niK.
If yon order trial, send 10 cents in stamps to par
postage. DK. 11. U. UKBICN 4 8QM8. Atlanta. 4v
llradqnartei-s for Band instrument. Drum 0r
fits AccorUeon. Violins, Banjos, MandolUut. Oultxra,.
.libers Harmonicas. Striiiffft for every Instrument ma.-
ull stock of Sheet Music, Utisid Books, Band ami Ur
cltestra llusle Band Kollos, lnstmeUon Books for
Instruments. Anyone sending In an order will reew'
a copy of Music FKKK. Write to as for prices and ea
aloKues, stating what kind of goods wanteds
HI AX HIKWKH-fc IlKff.f ,
OihhIiu. Nrb-
ThS Horaema". 8 Dearborn t..Cklc.
..w -
Red Cross Dlamqnd Braad.
Tk IT tltl IH r "'''""
(M.l far sstar. sl "KSe'?'
years, ouSht to know salt from ''PrjJr'
what he savs : Toledo, J". . m
a nai ; .,.. . r.entlcmen :-
t in tr..n anil would sav that In all my
irartlce and eiiierlenec have never seen a prep
SXMl I Uld prescribe
lakt lls.e K.ow It eonlldence of success as i can ..... - V.
. , a rich old man In Cure, "J Jy- . wond
HooTkcn ntHdo a pub.ic offer ol r 91.000
U, anyone who would kill a burglar 1-
while operatinthBvriWe.anu . lton,. y0Ur.iru.y, "f-
"""" " rt T La wnmrn i KitlrA lnlrt mo uiu iii'm
thoox.roscarwrr.. - - "unr- ' - . . hlm out Bur-
& arr;.io 'vcTai otiors who JZTn sensitive on OSS Uts, .
arc still ""'K0- ooruim mar.
on.. ,ur.s.-. -gjf -aiBBummitBt
tVe will rive $100 for sny case of Ct srrh that
"". B w li. ti'. .turrh Cure.
ran not do cureu ... ;'Vj:.',"i Vn
Tsken Internally, CHKNfcY
LsMlea.' "7
Priiw.Hi t:tiTniil
Charlesuii' ii. Mass
as a MIA BrUCnV III cure lllooJ rolson wlicre
MA6IC REIfltDT mercury lain. Owned and tor
sTui "a'Tur CooKJt!...dirCo.. omalia, Write.
. .rarMwaTited. Kamrnis MIMniirl Steam Washer
IBEIITSun Wal. JuHN WollaJMo.
S .cmslari
fx to s nsrs.u
f yvasrsaawd bm mJ
fl , I mum iSttUtara.
III vrt Mir br ia
I 'jruiOasaiailOl.
a v . . ..
I prescribe and fully en
dorse Big II as the ooljr
specific forttaecertaincara.
of this disease.
(J.ll.lMillAHAM.JI. O .
Amsterdam, N. Y-
We have snld Blf Q tar
many years, and It naa
given the best of aallav
D.R. DY0HK4 0O:.
Chicago. HI '.
S1.00. Bold by IMrassiata.
rtprtlent wiisawiufea oftDeaii-lHiai
Salarr. SI." to SI.SM. We have also calls fer
Ineiperlenced men who would De sstlsneo wlia
salary oi aaww mi awww i .
sit ons wsltlna. write, encnsina wmp, w.
positions waning, write, wmi'.ms rlm
Travatera' Eaaalay aaes.1 Bareaa
I Ton't fall to visit the
a hlrhlT Intereatlna 70-1
Rend ten cents and rav
Icelve a handaoarefr
colored picture of l Jav-
BY PBIBON nuaiaa
and lntM.annNrs
hWhlT Intereatlne- 70-esie Illustrated sterr ef Hat -
Addreas L-.bby I'kison Was Mi:sl,a,Chlcao, lav .
If you want yosar
penslon wltitMsk
delay, put year In the Dana.
NTKK, Ally.. Waakw-
Ingtaa, C
W, N. U.. Omaha.
fftMd lams
iw, w i
mild climate, arletyof crops. Maps and e
tree. Taw. Baaa,Laaa UHU.,adiu i
1 f IHa VcanbeelTertedwItlviu tPsin or
fl I Saw
XascoTKaT I
should and may know bow cal
TnfBrniatlnnsentsealed. A Wow
OR. J. H. DTI, Buffalo, N. -
Best Coutth Medlcino. Rocomraonded bjr Physicians.
Cures where all else fails. Pleasant and agreeable to the
taaui. Children take it without objection. By drumTists.