The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, November 14, 1889, Image 5

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    mBMINC WORLD. ' licoM, 1. .
- i Lnriwn Ln ... . 1 , I u s ninn sa i ... i
i i- wv. urrr i a a i
Ereij Dty Interest to
VmI OrwUf by Xu af
BMt iMiltt Tk. Fotaw lot
rt Wtl Gnm
trouble," ay a wool
iperly nuuinjje their flock.
Uke care la wie treatment
tiey will find it profitable
Sbefp will live on very rouj;h
etdure grout deal of ex-
gi certainly they got aoout
& stii n a ol both at the hand
jpuinon farmer. Upon the
s4 no Bnimal will respond
t to kind treatment tinJ good
,bwp- ut neglect s;eni8
ml drawback to the farmer
Cjfrowcr, and because sheep
r . i i. ,
f return unuur Burn irt'air
ire unworthy. Tlie nvcrnffn
Uwool does not welt'ti over
and the average- sheep
C yield more than fifty
U mutton, and that of an
Cpility. What if by impro ve
Wfleet"" should be rained to
pteo eight pounds and tin;
4 mutton to noventy-tive
The difference in dollars and
i the farmer's iocket would
kjn look with notno dojrroo of
jjoo bit flocks, besides the
of knowing that he had dono
. , - r .
aj ia Hie way ui rurehSion.
pjatnt is the one thing nocotv
I our flock. Not that every
nhould have all thoroughbreds,
aid not bo profitable at all, but
B'Jio flock by the. neleelion of
icummon ewo and the purchase
Kfhbred bucks. A few extra
!ced In a good buck will bo
Mfreatfy multiplied in the en-
alue of the lambs. o mnn
pi to disregard tho value of the
Soman can afford to disregard
if of the buck he uhvs. My cx-
wi'ib iheep has taught nie that
h profitable. Whoro farmers
fcir flocks according to their
led facilities for caring for them
Ls't fail to reap reasonable ro-
Tb I'otato Hot.
fuwlion of the potato rot has
out afreth this fall, and tho
t! many that in u season liko
p just past sLablo manure will
rot in potatoes seem to bo fairly
But I do not consider manure
ly cna for tho rot, although it
kU conditions favorable for its
wment, navs a Practical Farmer
A. literal application of rna-
fclloirei by a very wet seaon,
P the fines or tubera to an un-
il rapid growth, and whenever
kdition occurs the rot is liable
in. There is (something lacking
potato; the starch does not form
ai tho potato grows. Tho
m the (lijUMLMS. nnnn tlm nntnl.n u
W the titarch cells, and cause
Option of thn nlhumnn And
P'-'as olemcnliL thin trivlntr rise
(intolerable odor of the decayed
ui tubers. Tho disease is the
faastrous upon low, ret, boggy
Wr9lnwt unll u. ,...,
yM)n 90 per cent of tho crop Is
ftcusa by the rot. 1 ho rot in a
known as Peronospora infes-
Jiuch grows within the plant.
ft colls with white threads,
Feeding for Macon.
Iu eomething else to bo aimed
weeding and foeding hogs be
te amount of lard thoy will
tne host market at presont ia
Mfor good bacon hogs. Buy-
jKHrtand that a hog fod nothln g
F. whilo he raav be hoavv. ia
oft and spongy. A hardy con-
fa u what tho successful breeder
try to attiin. Pick out the best
P? slock, neat, plump nnd well
twt avoid the coarso, lubberly
Vary the food from corn to the
trogunous foods, as ryo, oats,
tort, middling, oil moal, grass
wer, with an ample eupply of
fiiiUlors and worm destrovnrs.
Nd tnako a dlMtlnction botweon
I&od fattening. Corn furnishes
Re health-sustaining, flesh-pro-
,0W; It is made up so largely
Wlm muUpl.l tl... .. to .it.
(only product After the pigs
F Crown, and have good, strong
Md consliUitions, they may bo
fwn with proat Hut even then
Fuld be taken or overfeeding In
Pion will injure their health.
foiera is often a proof of bad
and always takes tho most
constitutions weakened by con-
N diet
fwen who havo mudo obsorva-
' of tho broods have lost vigor
'continued feeding of corn as
"ivefood. Corn is deficient in
Wtlor, especially of lime, and
' corn leads to degeneracy.
varied d lot can tho vigor bo
Injudicious foeding leads
tad loss.N. K. Farmer.
xjuvoa ay covering 01
' flMtMnl JlApnKtlnna of froez-
wlof. A wot, moist winter
for ksepicg cabbage till
free from
beads, root
tnan a cold, d
M , , nam m
. n s0"e Place where it U alw.
atr. turn the cabbage
P and heaJi r. ".1
"de up so u to leave only the stubs
of the root sticking out above the
ndt Cabbage thus kept will freeze,
but will not be injured if undisturbed
until ready to
If the butU-r U thoroughly worked
remove all the whii n.,i,. .
, uu&rg u
caserne, it will need much less salt. It
U the impurities of butter, and espec
ially its exposure to air. that cause its
quick decay. The public taste of late
years requires much less salt in butU-r
than it used to do, and to make little
bait effectual necessitates all the greater
care from the butUr-maker. Over
Halting is, therefore, presumptive evi
dence that salt has been added to
cover defects arising from ignorance,
laziness and general want of cleanli
ness. ow l or All l-urpotm.
We never took much stock in the
cry for a cow that shall lie equally
good for all purposes. That means a
dull medicocrity, without particular
excellence in anything. The Devon
breed perhaps fulfils this condition
as well as any other, and the fact that
it has never become very popular any
where is proof of our position. The
competition in farming is now :so close
that only the very best breeds fur
particular purposes can be afforded.
Tho farmer is driven to spoci altics as
the condition of success.
Swrrt l'utnliiri ami hli kena.
1. . ... . .
it is detrimental to iced sweet
potatoes to laying hens, as they are
rich in carbonaceous elements, and
uencient in oilier respects. ( ouseiiuent-
ly, if sweet potatoes are fed to hens
tlio hens become very fat, and cease to
lay. For young chicks, or for stock
intended to bo sent to inarket, there is
no food known that will fatten them so
qmcKiy. 11 is too expensive to uso
sweet potatoes for poultry, but tho
very small ones, which aro unsalable,
may be cooked for market poultry with
The Cattle I'rolileffl.
Ceo. H. Loving says it isn't so much
the "dim distant future" as tho "trou-
Diesome present, winch now worries
the minds of cattlemen. Most of them
have faith in the future, but they do
not know what to do to insure tho
realization of that faith. We cannot
bo mora specific than to advise them to
go "long" on quality, "short" on quan
tily, and bring Into requisition all of
the plain, common cow senso they can
R 1
Varnish remain. . 1 trl..4 matrlHT
to remain briht. tC ul,conUnu 4??,l6U American girls occasion-
1 T . g t Th8 micUs sh0 J aommit ,uicid trough disappoiut
be warm when lh vi.i, 1 . ooent t nt .n; .p. j. CTl !:T.
- is appiiea. , uirriBu; out it will
Caviare is made of the rw f .u. n.rPr'! them to learn that the Chinese
Bturgeon, salmon, cod and 1 L.. " -V '"Te sncU dread of 4lie
fish it i "ua coa and other large matrimomal chain that they frequently
fish. It is a Hussian delieacy which is death to marria.. fXe
imported in kegs. It U often served pl!l4?il1 Confucius, "women are the
f pread on sliees of toast. "O" nifhcult to manase. If you are
" is worth while to nat n.,t WTV., em b,co,m? for-
mnnili. t , ' nrjr", "v. KeeP iiiein ai ft uiKtaoce
r-.yv, me oacn of every lUK oeeome discontented." So
iue noi already so protected ii . "'sauinties of married women
as it effectually prevents dust from t'a,rT ?ir'B Prefer going into Budd
reaching the pictures. It . u J1 t"l"t'
done nowada-9bv firat.iaJo t.
Smoke marks from kerosene 1.
may be removed from the ceiling by
au.i.g un strong soda water, and
tho yellow stains from leaks with a
strong solution of white vitriol at least,
as an old caleiminer and painter tells
Jt is comparatively easy to extermin
ate black ants. The little red ants are,
however, very hard to get rid of. A
little powdered hellebore sprinkbid
around at night will as a rulo quickly
exterminate them. Care must betaken
in using the hellebore, and in brushing
t IMAn .t 1 I f . .
-"-u ui nuoiu mey can know nothing
unt from the interested reports of the
go Utweens.
i Archdeacon Gray, in his work 011
Uui,a, states that in 1878 eight young
girls residing near Canton, "nlio had
been nfiiauced, drowned themselves in
order to avoid marriage. They clothed
themselves in their best attire, and at 11
I p clock, in the darkness of the uisrht,
having bound themselves together, they
threw themselves into a tributary
dream of the Canton river." Young
ijauies Journal.
loweer Was Mead.
A common looking dog lying dead in
a gutter stems a repulsive object, l'nst
Rtiell fl til. nnr...L. 1.. : -
11 away in tho morning, as it is poison- : day, wuon a little boy, thinly clad nnd
ous. rowucred sulnhur w 1 frenimntli, ; "ouuung on a crutch, en e, . "Hprs
i 1. ... . . '. : .
A New KIM ft laHtun
hutwn put in operation bythemsonfc
ture of Dr. Fierce's medicines. His "Golden
Medical Discovery" ind "Fsvorite Prescrip
tion" are sold by druggists under the manu
facturers' positive guarantee. Either benefit
or a complete cure Us thus attained, or money
paid for these medicines is returned. The
eertificate of guarantee given In connection
witn sale 01 tneee medicines 16 equivalent im
policy of insurance. The "Golden Medical
DiBCovrrv" cures all humors and blood taints.
from whatever cause arising, skin and scalp
disease, scrofulous sores and swelliDgs. The
"iavonte rrescnotion" cures all mose ue-
ransrements aud weaknesses peculiar to
Don't hawk, ban k, and blow, blow, di6
gustii everybody, but use Dr. 8age's Ca
tarrh Itemedy
Joe Jefferson, the artist, encroaches on the
time of Jefferson, the actor.
For TJcuralcia.
answer the purpose.
In buying meat for soup, choose a
shank of mutton, shin of beef m-
knuckle of veal. Have tho butcher
crack the bones in every part Tho
bones are as valuable as tho meat itself,
owing to the gelatine in them, which
imparts a peculiar richness.
Asctiikh Pi iipinc, Sai.te One cup
of sugar, 0110 tablcspoonful of flour,
one tablcspoonful of butter, rubbed
together, then add a pint of boiling
water and flavor with nutmeg or cinna
mon or lemon or vanilla.
A Kirn Pi liniNc; Ono and a half
cups of sugar, two cups of Hour, four
eggs, two tcaspoonfuls baking powder;
mix and add ono third cup of hot
uter. llako in a quick oven. To bo
eaten cold with whipped cream.
Applk IUrtKit Plimmnu Pure and
core six ripe npplcs, placo in a dish;
make a batter of one pint of sweet
milk, two cg;:s, four tablespoonfuls of
flour, a little salt, pour over the ap
ples, bake half an hour. To be eaten
with sauce or sweetened cream.
Too lurli t-ontldenre.
Hulls are dangerous animsls, and a
majority of the injuries received occur
from placing too much confidence in
gentle bulls, which suddenly and uncx
fiectly attack tho attendant. A bull
will usually prove obedient when
young, but It is seldom that u fully
matured bull is safe. No bull should
bo kept on a farm that has not been
"ringed" in the nose, and it should bo
made to work if training It Is possible.
Farm ote.
A Holstein heifer was exhibited at
the liangor (Mo.) Fair that yielded
about fifteen quarts of milk daily.
Considering that she was only 2 years
old the yield was extraordinary.
Hubbard squashes uro the best winter
keepers and should bo stored away be
fore frost Tho squash can be had all
winter if carefully stored.
Bran is considered one of the best
' foods for ail classes of stock, und it is
rich in phosphates. It Is a very im
perfect food, however, when fed in
placo of grain entirely, but when given
in connection with hay and ground
grain It largely adds to tho vulue of
the whole.
The hog will thrive bolter if kept
clean and given plenty of water. Slop
food docs not afford a sufficient supply
of water. Milk will not answer as wa
ter. The water trough should be kept
filled with clean water at all times.
In regard to cutting off tho seed ends
of potatoes nnd throwing them away,
J. M. Smith says : Last spring I saved
a bushel of the seed ends and planted
thorn by themselves right in the mid
dle of tho piece of two or three acres
that I was planting; nnd I found, when
wo canio to dig them, that tho yield
was just about tho samo and tho pota
toes nbout tho samo sizo. Hut tiioso
coining from the seed ends were nearly
a weok curlier than tho others,
Twenty pounds of liny and twelve
quart) oi 'oa U given daily is the esti
mated quantity of food for a borso,
but this must bo regulated by tho sizo
of tho animal, the labor performed and
tho season of tho year.
The Dorset shoep are vory prolific.
Thoy were shown at sovenil full fairs
laxt yonr, the ewes having lambs at
their foot, and nearly all had twins.
They also produce lamb in tho spring.
IllnU to HiHiavkeaprra.
A neat device for tho setting of
tables for small parties is to havo tho
table round, with a low basket of
flowers in the centre, and decorations
of smilo reaching out to the edge in
each direction, like spokes of a wheel.
Each guest has tho spuco between tho
outer ends of two of tho spokes.
For chappod lips, dissolve beeswax
in a small quantity of weot oil by
hoating carefully. Apply the salve
two or throe tiroes a day, and wold
wetllnf the Up as much as possible.
To keep hiffhly pollshod braas free
fMm tmrnishlnir cover it with a thin
ooftt of varnlah made of ihellao dl ',
The Uaow-Birl.
Winter is coming, Winter is comlns;
liirds know it, skies know it, hearts know
Bleep apain, snow apaia, drifted so deep
Over each brave Spring poet.
Sing the old year with his beard of gray
Ho loonetli at you so sadly;
Is it, a masque that the robes of May
Fit bis (taunt iimbs so badly 1
"Love again, sing again, nest again, yeung
Hark! 'tis a Lear gone crazy
Autumn will sootho lii m with wino and
with touch,
And golden rod give for daisy.
Winter is coming, Winter is coming;
liirds know it, skies know it,' hearts
know it
Wing-weary snow-bird, fly o"er tho sea
And break tho news to the poet.
Grace Duffle Koo.
Bowser! nnd I hen. t.ikincr in tlio eitim.
hon. dropped his crutch, and, kneeling
by tbe dead dog. cried as if his heart
was broken: "Oh, Bowser, is you
dead, nuil can't go home with me?" It
took but a moment to change the ex
pression on faces from one of contempt
to that of pily nnd sympathy. The
boy was but a poor waif, but he kneeled
by the side of his best loved earthly
friend, now dead. Merchants and well
dressed Indies stopped with kind words
for the little mourner. One gentle
man, appreciating the Krief of the boy.
called mi expressman and told him to
lake the dead pet to some place where
lie could be buried as the boy might di-
reer, ami call upon linn or his pay.
I J be Imrvni'' of a do is not much, but
the binding up the wound in the heart
of tliut poor boy on liis crufcli was an
set worthy of permanent record. Phil
adelphia Inquirer.
lIre. l.ivermirc' Klory.
At tlio celebration at Hartford in
how of Mrs. Stowe, Ihe following
eiiaiacteiistic story was related by Mis
Mary A. Livernioie: "My husband,"
sue said, was pastor of a small country
pnrisu beloie the war. We hadii t nny
more money than wo could use. I had
heard of n paper that was published in
nnslunglou culled tho national L,ra
Ihe subscription price was t'i OO, and
we hadn't the money for it. My bus-
band went away for t hree weeks. lnle
lie was gone I made him a pair of punta
loons. I bad never made a pair, nnd I
had never made a button hole. When
my husband came home I told him that
they had come and cost $2.00, aud that
I had paid for them. He put them on
! and pronounced them excellent, aud it
wasn t till lie had worn them a week
and they had been in the pulpit that I
told him the secret. That's bow I got
the Nutiumil Imii. 1 don t know whether
I ought to have taken this audience
into my confidence or not. I've never
told this story to any one before, and I
don t waut uuy of you to repeat it.
Oregon, tlie PnmdWe ol Farmers.
Mild, roualilf climate. rrrtnlQ fcntl nlHindftot cron'-
Hett fiulu eraln. eraaa and alor.k conturv In Uiu
world. Full Ui furiui lun free. Acklresa tlie Orrgoil
numeration lioam, I'orlland. Oregon.
is really what The Youth's Compasioh is.
Jt publishes each year as mucn matter as me
four dollar monthlies, and is Illustrated by
the 6ame artists. It is an educator in every
home, and always an entertaining and whole
some companion. It has an unique place in
American family life. If you do not know it,
you will be surprised to see bow much can be
given for the small sum of 1.75
a year. The price sent now
will eutitle you to the paper to Jauuary, 1S91.
Address, The Youth's Comi'AXiox, Boston,
The treasury department will refuse to
reconsider the ruling on lead ores.
15,000 for a Wife.
One of the greatest stories (founded on
fact) ever puhlii-hed, commences in the Dc-
fiuber (A-mas) number ol UODKY'8 t.ADi'8
Hook, publii-bed at Philadelphia. Every
woman, married or single, should read it.
Heady November 15th. All Newsdealers.
Miss Nellie Farren thinks that for a women
to smoke "is simply beastly."
It is a pleasure and satisfaction to many to
learn that Allen's Lung Balsam, that stan
dard family medicine for coughs, croup ana
all lung diseases, can now be procurea at joc,
50c, and Jl a bottle at any drug store.
The man nn successful in getting political
office never thinks of fanning.
A pocket clifar ta.- liue to hinokerg of "Tansit'a
Puucli jc. Cigar.
The historian. Bancroft, is an expert in
rose culture.
Martin Kenned inherited from his grand
father, an oiiicer of the East India Company
at Calcutta, the valuable recipe for Kenne
dy's East India Hitters, which arc now made
extensively uy ucr iv M5.
Price Sorts., 50c ts., and (1 per Bottle.
Thoie Oood Old Days.
Old river captain (shaking his head
dejectedly and shifting hissquid to the
other cheek) "Steamboiitin' ain't
what it used to be. If that biler ex
plosion on tho MLssissip' tho other day
had happened twenty-five year ago it
would havo killed more' 11 -'00 people
at tho least calkilation !" Chicago
An Unholy Alliance.
Once in a while tho parson should
look over tho notice of tho service be
fore he sends it to the papers. Last
Sunday morning, in a city paper, ono
of tho "Religious Notices" read: "Sub
ject for morning and evening: "The
Wood; My God; Candy kitchen and
Fruit Garden Tuesday evening.'"
It was headed "Religious Notices," so
we suppose it was religious; but if it
hadn't been labeled we should have
thought it
looked a little profane.
No One Disputes It
There are forty ways in which I can
steal, rob, embezzle and murder, and
yet keep clear of tlio law," says a New
York lawyer. No one disputes that
assertion. Indeed, all will bo sur
prised that he has not found a hun
dred ways.
They Can't Bee It
One of tlio American ideas which
the Germans refuse to accept is the
roller process in making fl"p- 'iho
old-time mill stone is good enough for
them and they opposo any change, be
cause tho millers would have tho mill
stones left on thoir hand.
An Ancient Bell.
In tho steeple of the Congregational
Church at liinglimn, Somorost county,
Mo., thcro hangs an ancient bell that
bus been swinging in various bolfries
100 years or moro.
On its surfiico is
kiivnro. Iloston." anu it is
supposed to have boon mudo by Paul
Revoro, who, after tho pence of 1783,
established a foundry in Iloston. whore
ho cast tho first cannon and bells man
ufactured in Massachusetts. Tho old
boll has n good tono and sooms likoly
to last another century.
A lUtaral Kistsk.
Gcrm in (just arrived In Now York):
"Say, mine frent. vill you toll mo vare
dot limburger checso factory vaP"
Pollco ofFccr. "That an't no cheese
factory what yer moll-that'i the
treeU."-Munfcy's Weekly.
balewar la the Harden of I lie
Colorado, Willi View of l'lke' I'eiik
In Ihe Middle Maimer.
A vcrv costlv aud elegant steel plate en
graving has just been executed In the highest
style ol the art, comes ol which rom a tinmen
siuiulv. are now midv for delivery, and will
be sent to any part of the world on receipt of
25 cents each. In stamps or coin. The noble
craudeur of the "Entrance" to the "Garden
ol the Cods" is the favorite theme of poet anil
p3lnter. The outer parapets are of pure
white, twhile tlie Interior eonimiiR sjirui"
lioldlv from the nlaln to a height of ;!o0 feet
the whole sutreestini; the ruins of a vast tem
ple. These towering walls form a majestic
framework for the snow capped suinmit of
l'ike's Peak which reveals itself among the
clutids la the far distance. To secure an
early copy of this admirable work of art, ad
dress John Sebastian (len. Tk't&Pass.
Aeent, Chicago, Kock Island & Pacific
liv., enclosing the price, 25 cents.
In an oysUr campaign of course the enemy
Is shelled.
Itiillv Eiruraloim S0111I1 via. the V-
bMHli Line
Commcncine Nov. 1, and continuing daily
until A urll :10. The Wabash will sell round
trip tickets to all the winter resorts of the
south, (food rctiiriilns until ,luue 1, 1890.
Klrsant Reclining Chair and Pullman Ilulfett
Sleeping cars are run through from St. Louis,
Toledo aud Uctroit, mnKliiK me quiciieai aim
favorite route cust or south. Passengers
ticketed to and from all points in huropr via.
all lines, at lowest rates. For rates, tickets,
timetables and full Information, call on or
write d. N. CLAYTON,
N. W. V. & T. Ageiit, 1502. Faruam Street,
Omaha, Neb.
: Additions to the list of dishonest men arc
made every racing season.
The policeman is made tired by using
club. He prefers a pistol.
Lilekr Cheney.
Fort Smith (Aik l Timet, Oft. 19.
Mr. D. II. Cheney, the popular vender of
fresh meats and vegetables, is holding a very
quiet reception to-day. He drew J15,000 in
the Louisiana State Lottcrry yesterday and a
Times reporter called on hi in to Investigate
nnd found It straight goods. The Western
Union vouches for (13,558 ns the number win
ning the capital prize X),000, hence Mr.
Cheney's share w ill be $15,000.
lale ('mrvrlablei
vAH Smith Mrk.l Time. Oct. t2.
( In order to finish up the question of Mr.
Cheney's good luck, we dropped in at his I
place of business, 409 Garrison avenue, ttaii
mornlnr. "Yes," said Mr. Cheney gently,
"The suspense Is over aud the money is
inine," pulling out his hank book and exhibit
ing the credit. I have drawn 115,000 In the
i Aiiltlam State Lottf rv on ft ticket that cost
me lust one dollar nnd I have the money in
Ithc Merchants' Bank.
A 'nleinilbte Fraud.
Three burglars worked all night on a
.r ;,. nn ..nice and when tlie V linnllV
cot it open they found six postal cards
n.a ,,uiiiir ktuimis to reward
mm mtw ., p.-- . - . ,
t.... TI... only reiiee tlio V could
'take was to stick the stamps on the
wall aud write on one of tlie cards: A
jfellor who keeps a big ' without any-
filing in ii la """
A. M. Priest, druKi", oueioyTine, iu..
. .. ii.ii'. r.terrh Care elTM the beat or
Cstlifactlon. Csu get pietT of teUlmonUU,
as it cures every one who Ukvet It." rr
11 It, 75c.
? T-f unti. ltnva a,
acute or leading to
ia asiTXixi cunii pon ir. I
This prenaratlon contains the etlmula-
ting properties of the Hypophntphitet
and fine IVorirffflnn Cod hirer Oil. Used
by physicians all the world over. It Is at
palatable as milk. Three tlmoa as efflca- I
m ... ,.intn coil Liver Oil. A perfect I
Emulsion, bolter than all others made. For j
all forms of Hauling ltueatu, xsroncn uti,
Scrofula, d as a Flesh Producer I
there Is nothing like SCOTT S EMULSION.
It Is sold by all Druggists. Let no one by
protuse explanation or Impudent entreaty
Induce you to accept. ouw'.'
'Cutti! Huw av4l an Hour Ago t '
At Decggists sd Dealers.
iwnui iiw
1 1 ( iwrn
1 1 ivcn
nr IJinr run. I
Tbev also relieTe Km
trese from Oynuepeia .lo-l
Eatlne. A werrertr
kAv tor IMzJuesB.Naii
urowgiueaa, naa xmt
In the Mouth. Oaatxa
Tongue.Pain in the 8ideJ
remilt the BowelaJ
Purely Vcwuble.
Price Zft OatK
Small Pill: Small doss. Small Price,
You -work in all weather You want an aBi
weather" coat. In fact, the best waterproof coat
in the world. No frail rubber affair that war.
rip before the week is out. Rubber coata wtart
and last but a short time. Four teamsters oat oa
five wear the " Kish lirand" waterproof clothing-.
They are the only teamsters' waterproof coats that
are light, strong, durable, and cheap. They coar
very little, and last a long time. They never get
sticky or peel off. The buttons are wire-fastened,
and never come off. They are absolutely water
proof and wind-proof. Until you own one you will
never know the comfort of a rainy day. Beware l
worthless imitations, every garment stamped wiuVi
the "Fish Brand" Trade Mark. Don't accept
any inferior coat when you can have the "
Brand Slicker " delivered without extra coat. Par
ticulars and illustrated catalogue free.
A. J. TOWER, - Boston, Mim;
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les of wetl-nelected Cocoa. Mr. Kppi haas
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wJilcn govern the operations of digestion nd i
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dftvoured beverage which my save us many bvT
doctors' billn. Ii by the judicious use
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)y built up until strona enouitb t resist etery i
dency to disease. Ilundredsof subtle maiaaitrsa
flnallna rnnml in ronilv In attack WQereVertlM
is a weak point. We may escape many a fatal
bv keeoins ourselves well fortified with pureMwi
and a properly nouriabed frame' ' Civil 1
Made simply with bolltnif water or milk. 8c
only in half-pound tins, by Grocers, labelled tbms:
JAMES EPPS & CO., HomOMJpathiC Chtmis
London, England.
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of this dinease.
G. H . IMG RAH All, Iff.
Amsterdam. K. T-
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Chfcaco. Iff.
1.00. Bold by DrocKtats.
Hcadqna.rters for Band InntnimenUt, Drum OorptOvsV
fitB Accordeons, Violinr, Banjos, MundoUns, tiuitaaa.
Zithers Hannonicafi, Strings for every instrument madav
Full stock of Sheet Music, ilunio Books, liand ami Or
chestra Music Band Folios, Instruction Books foraH
Instruments. Anyone Bending in an order will receiva
a copy of Music KHEK. Write to ua for prices and cat
aloitues, stating what kind of gowla wanted.
M AX .llliVUIloY BKO
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In. x A In. 70 pa pen.
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SENT rntC (2c. ) si amp. by addresivtoe,
THEO. HOLLAND, P. 0. Box 120, Phita.r
KnghVB Enali$h) Steel mCv
Pennyroyal Pills for iireKTa
lar monthly perlods.are nmfm.
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P. KN1UUT, Urugijist, itwObiate St., CU.eagow
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ANT'S COLLEGK, 431 Huln St., Buffalo, It. V,
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Informationpetitwnled: A wondew a
DR. J. H. DYE, BufTalo, N. T.
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I American School ol Te
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edy Co.. omalia, iNeb. Write.
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aiz25c per boine. .VURE of tn0
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or lilKhP.t commlslon snd oaiiAis'
ZltULtH A CO., 116 Adams St .Chicago, 111.
caiCASo sraciio coMraNr,
mmm relief for '
IHIBHHHflaHHHHRlH'l Cliartetitowu, Mtv
nssblt, Tha only imrtmtm
aad aasy cure. Dr. J. !
etapbsos, LLaaoa, Oaiav
W, N. U., Omaha,
4J1 4G.
to use. Cheapest. Relief is immediate. A
certain. For Cold in the Head it has no equal.
It is an Ointment, of wliieh a small particle is applied
to the nostrils. Price, 50r. Sold by dniRcisU or sent
by mail. Address, E. T. Hazeltine, Warren, Pa.
cure is I I
i ' V2F- Delicious Biscuit
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( -yi7 - X00 RND
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