The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, October 03, 1889, Image 6

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The Sioux County Journal.
Published every Thursday.
Subscription Price, 2.00
L.J. ilnw, - Editor.
Kntered t the Harrison post office a sec
ond claw mutter.
Thtksdat, Octomb 3, 1889.
Repiblirai State Convention.
The republican electors of the at tte of Ne
braska are requests to send deieg ites from
the aereral eountiesto meet la convent'oo
at the opera house in the city of Hastings,
on Toeaday, October P. IPS?. t 8 o'clock p. in,
for the purpose of placing In nominaton
candidates for one associate Justice of the
supreme court, and two member of the
hoard of regents of the st ite university, and
to transact such other business as may be
presented to the convention.
The several counties are entitled to repre
sentation as follows, being based upon the
vote cast for lion. Geo. H. Hastings presi
dential elector, in 1, giving one delcg teat-large
for each county, and one for each
ISO votes or major fr ict'oa thereof. This
piper gives only those counties in north Nt
braska from Madison west.
Antelope - - 10 1 Key Paha - - 5
Box Futta - til Knox ... 8
Brown - M rlerca - - - 4
Cherry - 6 ! Mieridan 8
Dawes - I Sioux - 3
I?o!t . - - 1
It is recommended th:it no proxies be al
lowed to the convent'on except such as are
The constitutional convention of Wy
oming adjiuroed on last Monday having
performed all the work for which it was
called. The prospect are that it will
not le long until the territory will be
admitted to statehood.
The Srr fleet I Bthntry.
On his return from North Platte I ep
uty Labor Commissioner Jenkins stopped
at Grand 'sland to asc-ertain what pro
gress had been made in the investiga
tions of sugar l?et industry Uiat are be
inj; carried on bv H. N. Oxnard and
Tlie indications are that in the fon- hrother. Mr. Jenkins was informed that
pressional contest In t!ie second district , advantages of Nebraska as a supir
Laws has attained the highest point pos- j pr(Kjut.ins state were unexcelled and the
sihle, and is now losing strength. The j qUW,tion whether beet sugar could I
outcome is very unceitain, but the J rM.lured profitably in the state was set-
proiects of Senator Xorval are good. f -r-le investigating that h:ve been
, , i-T i t , , made indicate Unit the Kaccharine niat-
Tle W. C. T. U. advert;sed for bids . .
. , , . . . ter in the beets amounts to 15 per cent
for the location of a state temper-
ance temple. The structure will be four "
stories high and is to cost somewhere School Report.
from f C0.000 to f75,000. The bids were Wkx.1 report for district Xo 7, (White
onened at Norfolk on Tuesday, Oct River; for the month ending Kept. 11.
i jijjg WJ. Number of pupils enrolled, 1":
! number of days all pupils attended, 20";
The firm of Cx.lwon, l'arnsh & Lo. average attendance, 11; number of vis-
Chicago, recently askwl tliat a receiver i(ors2. The following pupils were net
1 appointed as there appeared to 1 a a,ist,nt during the month: Cora Hemp.
clerical error in their Irfxiks of ? i,0W. Willie MjIer am Fannie Me'ntosh.
:t has len found that tlieir book- keeper, Martha CaDV, Teacher.
insttad of having made an error had ta
ken that' sum of money nnd skipped.
Some time ago the store of the firm, to-
.....l.,... ',l ! itc ,l.- u :i lltrovwl bv
lire and the memliers of the firm now be- B""" ""
Itoggy Items.
There was a hop on east Boggy and a
held by persons residing in the counties lieve that the emliezzler also set the (ire
from which proxies are given jn order to cover up evidences of his dis-
WALT M. SEELT, L. V. KICHARI , hoctsly contained in the books.
Mr. Cassett ban gone to Newcastle to
J. Bowser has been to Crawford on
special business.
All business entrost-d to his will re pro npt u ' "1" v
Olfice with JO.MS3
Special attention given to
Office at the
old stand with K..-idy &. Pollard.
Dress Maker.
8;it:sf ict:n gu raiitwd.
Contractor aud P.ullder.
Vstinu-tes on bll kinds of carpenter work
Cheerfully g.veu. ntlf ji t.on guaraiiteeH.
rians furnished t reasonable rites,
Captain Kellogg, of the Oss pee, de- James Arnsb'irger and A. tuinas iue
C. W. McCune has from the j , i'n-il to cotmiin nd the vessel on the gone after a taw mill south-east of
oditM-ial work of the Crawford Tim s, ri , Hnvti with Minister Fred 1 ouir-khatlron 15 miles. It will be set on
and has eone east. hiss as a nassenirer. It has l)een sug- west uoggj-.
wstwl asatrood idan for the secretary Loutzt-nhiser has cut and shocked all
, n r , - ,
A Terrible railroad wreck occurred on (,f the navv to issue an order compelling of his corn.
the New York Central last Thursday Kelloire to to to Havli as Mr. I ouglass' Story has fenced his claim and a
nizht causing the loss of twenty-five hodv servant. It is cerUin that he grangers are cut olf from the timber.
lives. could learn a goenl deal by associating There is some business for the road com-
with oii''!ass. The minister to Hayti missioners. The old highway is shut u
The district court docket of I ouglas -ii . jjen to his fill 1 of labor in a and no way left to travel except by
county contains 1,911 civil cases and at nmnntr U'fitting his station, and Kel- opening gates. Togoarouud is impos-
leaet fifty crimi'ial casts. There is some r),r,T rrt.eive the censure be so sibte. War is declared.
law rr.u tice for th attorneys of Omaha. ;. i,i A.rVi W,
Watch and Clock Repairing.
Will b! In HarriHon every altcrnaUi Mon
d; va.m.. U ginii.g-ept '. th. 1WW, and will
givtM. 't ueut oa to ia the alK.'e
line with headquarters -t
noil fi?nriF NOTK'EI
n nri . bvlilt fli!l P'0" n01'' Jn
,i , .f nTwIll r- v COI.T of the
tbi.p Prwllir j it-it
ilorre"Uif riif eirors exl-t
aiue to tui oOice st wiu-e.
report the
l.1dtfflst(1ndroj..Veb.. J
sepl. i. I-
f ourth ' Marri-iu. ( . ,H. ' :
fib r M tr"T o-'llarrlwii
who nde!". filing So. I fr the nw,
see 14 tp.i: rMw-, tonrove
Gardser a tHTinttn, (
who mad 1 s fliiuf ,o irr
twx,ipxa,rM. ne llnl
!lnnn to urot hlsconiiJ
upon auu t'u.iiTai 'on G( ,
t rsuk almoin, f rsnk Itm.
per, 1 ronaitd Lout, all of
,s.-i H. Moutgon
CO.NJl-lOATKO NtjTtce fnrl
Land OOice at ( Ij.iilro.iJ
Agu-t Jl, 1-4
Kot'.re la here.jr (;n tut
named seiiier u a o:ei not,i
t on to uiae nui :iKrf u
cl titn, and that itil pt.Mjf
1 ore C. C. HiiieMjii. clerk
coni t, tl Harrison, .Seb., on 4 s
Wlnfred T. !(iore, of H: r
IZw'rU and ruitiv, whomsde U.S. No. f.M for f,
n.sco't . hi on. i flirt M. lrrier. tp . r lie n.n.e. the Inh
.,'.. '( ixvi i tl rle4l. lubt. e.toprovehis coi.tinuou, ,
,Jh'i t oil., i. Ass i i H '"V . i,d eullivt on of suld Uml
all of ii-rri' br u-H o,tp.n. Lllx-rt U. Carrier
I. r.tav ..' eiMh.of Ts ll'on.
homde l. . Sling Vo. K1 for the
k-c tf, nr'i bi" S, n ! nw Vi sec a.,,
ituesws to prove
h'a CO it.i.uous re.Mluc Ua an.l cu,l:v.
t .rnof, id l..nd. vrr . ohn r. Mliu.r. Isi
Sm" Kich-t-1". . ..rl rcyei lierm, lories t.
m bilt, .1. ol -"';'V0,,. Hcgter.
C. d clii a' it .v l"f F r Pnli'l a'i n.
Land ( ttlce at chadron. Neb., (
rept. . I-. (
Kot'ee is hereby given th .1 tn 1 following ol h late.,
t 0.1 torn ken 1.. I piW support ol 111.
cl .i.n, and lb t .4.1 pns.f will I m ,. b
fre h.s.l.JoiM-s.....c.-rk of the di.trict
court, at Harrison, ib..on .Nov. i.'i, IssV, vis:
John llini.'f Montrose.
whoniKdcl). H. .No. 2llforlhcsw)- sec 1,
' lU nun'.es the follow ing witnesses to prove
bis continuous iM.i.l'iuce Usm and cultiva
t,on of s,,lil I ind, viz : Heter Henry, John
-trlii r.ol Montrose, b.; ('arlton knott,
rreUerick Knott, ol ilodsrc. Nebrjoka. also:
Vil!il:n (ii.liile, (d Harris .n,
who mada I. s. No. 1411 for tha ae'i so 30, tp
lie mimes the following witnesses to prove
bl continuous resioence """in biiu
tion of s.ild linn, via: " r" .........
Andrew Dahliuati, Auifiist U. Mohr, t b.irles
(xiu:nhjupl, all 01 n,.rrison, i-ki..
jjSJ W. II. MiXAXS, uegiawr.
W. W. ilall, all of lijrrisou, :
llernard Hans, of .Montr
who made 1) ft tiling No. t3'. f.,1
IV. tp.. r. lie 11 hups the I
ui'. to piove hin (siiitaiuoul
iu auu ruiliVHt.ou ol tid l.nd
.okholt, J .o.b M hh t-i )n 1 r.-H
tepiieu rertvs, an 01 Muntnt
I barles 1 .11 k. of Harris
who msde H K No. Its. 4 for thel
. 11 s ue qr sec a, tp S3, r .
lolloping witness's lo piove 1
rHlim-e uikjii and cuiliVHt:..
.a: John nen.ian, hamu.-l
en A. 1.1 u 11.0 . Ukrh. uohn 1.. ij
rlao.i. ebraka. M. .oT0O'
Harvev Smith was convicted of mur- The lir t action uniier tne new man- iien items,
dcrin the tecor.d dtgrce, in Wheeler ing law was commenced in tlie supreme s, hool has commenced in district No.
county last week, and received a sen- court a few days ago by Attorney Oen- ig wjth Mjsg lhMe Rji.mson as teacher.
tence of tweuty years in the penittnti- Ural Us-se ask. ng mat a receiver oe up- j0iin yhay lias been running a hack at
1 miinii.i on i ho k ihir vi nunirn. 1 ' r- t .
ary. P"1"" e.-. -- ti)e encampment.
-- kins county, me supreme court, p,.te Shuff is repairing our achoo
rri . ! . .. .(. nF Ikn r-rn. i A t.,.. l , 11 1 m. 1 110 nt r .'! T inn 1111(11.
liie iruiiiiiiLiuiii3t 1. 1 urc o..v. v.... I., uc. 1 it. v... ..j j....... house.
gressional district have called a conven- the proprietor of the tmnk was notniea jr. jj. (jreen has commenced to . ban
Wagon and Carriage Makers.
Uepilrlng done on short notice.
(iood work mid reison tble chirges.
hhop soatiiof livery bru.
It KB.
Contractor and Buildrr.
Plans drawn and specitlcatlons uiado on
Estimates carefully made.
tion to be held at Hastings on the 11th to show cause by 0 tober 3, why a re-
ins-t, to place in nomination a candidate cei ver should not take charge of the bus-
for congress. incss. The auditor, treasurer and attor
ney general concurred in the opinion
wood to Ft. Robinson.
V. II. Johnson is living on the Me-
onald farm.
S. W. Kemp is stacking his millet.
John Fry is building a house and get-
Plasterer and Krlrk Layer.
All kind- of plain nnd ornament il plusler
Ing done to order. I'nderst mils cistern cu
iirt iilinR. ibel..ying of brick Huns a sped
ulty. W ill Kive absolute sjtisf.ict.ou or no
p..y required.
A detail of fifty thousand troops was that the interests of the depositors were
made to occupy the line of railroad 1 e- being jeopardized by the cond.tion of the tjno. readv tQ mQVe on his t.jajm
tween Berlin and St. Pet.-rsburg over Kauk.
't cannot
which the Jzar was to pass.
be a very pleasant l.fe that august per
sonage is l.ving.
Montana's output of gold, silver and
copper in 1888 amounted to 140,000,000.
This puts her at the head of the list of
mining states and territories on the con
tinent Butte is now the greatest min
ing camp in the world.
Tlie report of the Utah commission
has 1 ten handed into Secretary Noble
and indicates tliat polygamy is slowlj
but surely leing wiped out. L uring the
year end ng Sept. 1, 1989, ' there were
357 convictions for violation of the mar
riage laws, but those convicted consider
themselves as myrters and are so looked
unon bv their associates, and il is
The Sunday school still continues to
flourish in district No. 1.
J. W. Frazier lias built a new house
on his claim.
Banker Hall has fenced in the lake
ranch claim.
Al Reed is staying at S. W. Kemp's.
A. E. Gates is still haying.
Everybody has cut their corn and are
talking about husking their pumpkins.
I. Jewet's saw mill has been moved to
Gov. Thayer has' issued a proclama
tion calling for tlie election of a success
or to Judge (!roif in the third jud.cial
district it is not l.ktiy that an appoint
ment will be made for the short time be
tween now and the election.
ihmnrl.t tt 1 nn flispraf.e to be sent to
.ho .n;h,nim Wilh tlu. nrr.ner work " ""!' "
u.c ,-U.v...w.. j I..UI 1... .
j,l doe Lecaer i wearirii; an cikoi- l'
rtn t .a r,nft -.f ilia f-nm n I issif ill nnd en- 1 u f5 r. .
I . r , , ..-in t . smile these days over the arrival of a
eourairement from congress it will not be .....
lonir unt.1 the sin of pol vgamy will be cran nl;w B'" Bl "1B ""
blotted from the records of the growth
and development of the United States.
t ( ni'll'!ab d Notice tr Pill ll'allon.
Ijind ( fllce ut h idron. Neb., i :, IS. t
Kot!ce is hereby given th .1 the following
,1 u-ttii-r li .s niwl notice ol ma inten
ion to ui.ike n.ial prool in iio "i "is
l.,iui. and th l sji'l piooi win oe imu -
n.ili,L i . J.miesoii. clerk of the dilncl
court, al Harrison, .Nebraska, on .NOV.14, 1"V,
MAKY STAIIL. of Fiouare,
ho made Ii. H. Ming No. IMS for the gwj(
c. 1 1, tn. 33. r. w wi .t.
Hie names the following witnesses to prove
hi r continuous rciienic uin anu euiuva
tion of s.ild land, vii: ( Ureuce K. Iiolilng
worth, Jnnies M. lMniels. V alentine Wolil
ln-t.:r. Kdwsrd llollinKtaorlli, all of Bodarc,
Nebr.i-skii, also
KKKl'KliU'K M. I'iiOl.rNint. of Crawford,
who made II. K. Filing No. 1 V, for the eX
u.w mw 3 iiixl a w Is sec 1. tp 3i r e3 w.
tin u. ones the loilowing witne-sn to prove
Mm cot tainous ri-snleiice lllMln and i:.llliv
.on of. s .Id I ,ml. v.j, : jolui ,.ta m iiobiueti.
John i-i lee, i.eoige I. row ii, t.rovo.
all of I rawlord, .M'br..sK.t, also:
a.dlll.KS.Ol.IM.Hi. nf Harrison.
who made II. K o. KUfi for the eX nej si.e
wtt nw s sec . tp ri w.
He ii-iuic tlie lonowing a n.ifsi.fl n j.iu. e
Is continuous residence iiii and cultiva
tion of s.ild Und. u: t.iurse w, Hester,
1'i.vson llici low. Homer A I rnldy, "lllisiu
U. Mnltll, all OI llurrissin, .'i-i)ra i.
8-0 1 . it. in cl as r, ungisier.
Dlacksmilli, Cnrrlage and WagotiShop,
Horse Shoeing a Speciarty.
Satisfaction guiranteed in every partleti
lur. shop on Mulii street,
There is nothing certain about what a
Dun's review of trade .indicates a railroad company is going to do until
steady increase of business all over the they do it, but the indications are that
countrj". Manufacturers are showing it will not be long until the line of the
more life as a greater demand for their Elkhorn passing through here will be GEORGE WALKER,
goods becomes apparent and a season of extended. The company controling do
Kwneral prosperity is predicted. not, as a rule, stop their lines at points
where no outlets can be obtained and Will practice before all courts ana tne i,
efore all courts
8. Land ilUce. business entrusted to my
will receiv
William Walter Phelps presented his that is the condition this line is in at ,.are Wjn receive pro.npt attention
credent als as minister to Germany lafct present. Another incentive to build lur-
week. The reception he received was a ther is the rap.d development of the oil
hitrh compliment td the United States regions. A large amount of drilling,
and indicative of the good feeling be- easing and piping material passes up the
tween this eovernment and Emperor road every few days, and a great deal ot
William. money is being expended. Lhe omouls -rxx J V of PT1 QPT1
of the road are making frequent trips up v w ku-uw-,
The conference of American nations at this way, more frequent than they
Washington this month promises to be a would unless some important move is
grand success. An arrangment has been contemplated. It is to be hoped that
made to give the delegates a railroad the work of extension will soon begin
trip of over five thousand miles. The and that it will be puslied with vigor,
train will require a crew of thirty-six for it will give the people of this place
men, and as it stands ready to receive better train service and assist to create a
the party will represent a cost of $150,- market close at home for the produ. t
000. of the soil of Sioux county.
A well selected stock always on
hand at lowest prices.
A specialty.
2?" Satisfaction guaranteed.
Keeps a nice line of millinery which
she sells at prices tliat defy competition,
And fair prices. Second street
Harrison, - - Nebraska.
t'fanoll 'a'"l Notice V'r Publl'a'lon.
Land tfllce st I brdron, Nebraska,
.'eptcmbcr II, Isrtl.
Notice is hereby given th'it the following
iiHined hi ttler Ii .s lliisl notice of his Intun
t!i,u to mkc Anal ptiHif In supKrl ol ins
cliilm. and thiil s.tld piooi will jje madn ls
fore ( h i". . Jameson, lerk of the 1 lstrlcl
i ouit, i.t Harrison, Nebraska, on November
7, lS', vir.:
John A. rrutt ol Jlontrose, beo..
who n.-'de II K Kr. Isl,', for the ne W sec. 10
tn 34 r !. w I'e nii'lins the follow Ing I Incss
es tn piove his co iUmnim residence upon
slid i u tv,. i on oi, ..ii i.iiui, v.r. : urn w
Hory. llliiini II. tiimieriniiii. I ih ,er
cli. r o;o,i!ori 1(. urn y nil in uoiurie.1;, jisii
And Pettis A. 1- 1 oth. who m ule 1. . fll
Ing M. Kb, to the 1 1 oe ile-crlls-d trsct, I
cll.-d to none ir Hi the stone lime and pl-.ce,
and snow c ni.e wnv me sisive nrooi enouiu
not tie allowed and bis tiling canci-ieu. Also
Klbert M. Carrier of llnrrison.Neb.
who nmile 11. H. tiling No MiO for the eS sw
w nnd wu,rv s,-e. 13 to 31 r rs. w
He names the following witncsM- to prove
liU continuous residence iiikiii and cuiiivs
t on of. said land, vlr.: XMntoril T. Moore
Arthur W . Kmerv, Ida nni L. t.alpln, War
reii V. Hall ll of Harrison, Neb., Also
Kriedrich Todtenbuupt of llarrwm, Neb.,
w ho made Ii. S. No. tisn for the lie ne i
m'c 4 and n H nw '4 wc a lp 3s t isi w.
lie nsmes the follow Ing witticsses to prov
lila continuous residence uisin and cu.l va.
ton of, ssld bind, vln; William I,. I'nrish
Isldor liichsK'ln, Wi)ln-!ni orcin'b, l lias. K
Miilt, ail of Ilurrisoii, Neb.
H-l M. MoNToomiiRV, Register,
Wholesale and Retail
Wells! Wells!
The, undersigned have a fine, now drill
and are prepared to put down wells on
and at living rates.
It will pay you
If You Want a Well
to call on or address;,
Amos & Armstrong Bros.
The Droscects are excellent for a irrand ine repuoiican mass convenuon on
kick heinc made bv the Emrlish ceotde Tuesday as composed of men of
against the manner in which the flnan- intelligence ana .nuigmy wno mu lor
cesof the country are conducted. It is " o' J1 u,eir am"ung, me oest,
quite probable that a change will be interests oi Bioux county at nearc. iv
made before many years in regard to the noi a oouy oi men eager w aecur.
matter. The people of England are be- on". "ut 01 w" "av
comimr tired of sunnortine a horde of "ie auairs oi tne county in
sucn a manner as win rena w aitrdci
people to come and locate and build up
.i , i i A,. : l , nA
Th- mha tnKI in tk. Mn.k nt.n. e couniry as ihmi oeeii ... om
. . .. ......... er settled of the state. ine
ill various locaiiues. juia quenuon i i
will l.ov K n,.t r aoftUd hv nn, piauor.ll oi iiriiicipi
i.i.;- . , la, it i. Perfect harmony with the principles laid
-rtaily problem worthy of the best dw" by th PlaW"rm of lh,s -PWiJ A CORN STOVES. BAREE ) W.RE
ffort of the greatest statesmen of the """'' uu " ' -
aristocraU in idleness and luxury.
A large and well selected stock
B. E. Bhewster,
0. F.I
General Banking Bu!
C. H. Andrews &
-Ialers in-
Tor th rtniily, School, er frorcsslonal tibrirj.
iumsv as.
notk k run rrnurATios.
Land Cftlce at ( h"dron, Nebraska,
AllKUst 31, IHsH.
Notice is herebv Kiven th it the followln
nsnied h is filed notice of bis Inten
twin to initke n rial piiKif in stimsji't of bl
clsini, and Hi it ssid prisif will lsi iniide be
fore M. I'. Kinkiild, jiidue of the district
court, or in his absence ''. '". J unewi, cleric
of the district court, at Harrison, Neb., on
t.cioner iy, is3..i, viz:
Solomon K. Hory, of i.rammercy, Neb.,
who niHde II F. entry Vo. 11" for the e X ne V
e m ne fjr see s, anq i r nw rjr )c v tp M
W. I'e iisniea tbn folloa lnir a Uneaten to
prove Ills (witiiinoiis residence noon and
cultivation of said land, viz: John II. Warn,
joun ( . I . ItiiKlHinl, (.eorije W. robh, John
., a in i.rsininercv, M-t).
(!- 1 M. MoKToOMKiiy, Ib-Klster.
ljtnd Cftlce st ( hsdron, Nebraska. )
AiutU't, .11, law. (
Notice Is hereby Rived tint tlie following
niuiiiHl wttler h.i Hied notice of his Infn
lioti to n:m proof in support of Ills
cl tlin, and lliutssld pro d will la- made be
fore ( . c. Jntneson, clerk of the district
court, ut Harrlsou, Neb., on Cclolsir 'tl, iiMSi.
Kdward rtemsbtirir. of Harrison, Neb.,
who niHde II F, Vo. S7 for the s X w nr a X
se qr, ee i7, tpS , r SA. den ones the follow
ln witnesses Ui prove hi coutlniio n res.
(tenen upon .-nd cilit'v t nn of .l,l i.n.l !
. i . o imc, o.epn tv.Hariinl, bols-rt ,.
l arrisb, llnvndore 'I nmbur, all of Harrison,
m. aioniijoiiiory, lleglsur
lnd f.ltlen at ( h -dro-i, Nebraska, i
Alllrll .f S' Iwd
Notice Is hereto given th t th followbiB
named, ,t,er h 11 led notice of bis liilen
t o-i to in. ke Dm I pirs.f In snppoii of his
! .Iin, and Ih .t s id puaif will m in .In be-
.'. ,-. ci,"rk "' lhe li-t-1it
i., . v n,iirion, ,veu., 0:1 1 ctoucr S4, IM,
The almost daily reports of mur-
conies out hoblly for a free ballot and a
" I . . . ' .u.. - ...... t.A In lk.n.
sUm ,asi Utwi ilio -hitH u,) liar wiuui, ins 1 x aa.n"
bUcksu certainly calling for adjust. U-y the laws of the nation and st-ite, Lt ppice. to Buit Uh, tin,,.. . Agenta for
pnti - w iriiK.ijica ii iaiiivu uw vskmuw vmv
result in great good to the interests of
Judm Hopewell, of the 8rd district, the republican party and to all the resi-
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