The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, October 03, 1889, Image 5

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ty I ftiii 1tibM.11
: fxmtMoi no warmth
ill its-
Location of all Pain,
r . hniiv ' -
""7 th efficacy than all
'"Liit m;htpreent, and
isacm of kind of
Cfnius and Sore Throat,
fam liiiler Uken at the
..o,.dc r ill niOT ao al-
0., -
; tlut-tor of bent, adds lo the
marijilli of clothinrr lliade from them,
in hot we-nther we :.r cotton or
, linen" Kii hx in all..,. ... i. ..
..e is a prejudices in favor of IL-ht
. colored c lotl.iiiK for s.mmr wear, but
I it is hardly l.wl on scientific "rounds,
j Jark c oth it lie best radiator, allowing
Hie IkmIIIV Ileal in umiM ......ill..
U -in? cure,
and save much
, has combined in it all
i: .... t ttu f:inii!ff
LS-iClt i.i -i- j
, !1 i'iiiii-Killcr at
j $!. W a bottle.
Taaaer tm awi.,n
:St. Lons, Ma, September 27. -Tie I Ololliin
"M " ,rm" CaU-.II, O.. ; nt m it is niore or le 1NM ron-
u.,.cu giTinj a copy of a let- , ,T ''r"""u tb ilof
ter uti.1 toltae been receded by Private )" ulli. Woolen fl ries coy-
Uslzell from Commissioner Tanner ,.. i 7" ' r 'inmiuty o air eimiujrW
dtr date of HcidemWr 19. In it Tanner
ys be ia taking no irt in tLe duties of
iiu office, but holding Limstlf on leave
until his successor qualifies. He refers
to the orders ha insued wbilfl ai..,-
which be still thinks were good ones!
namely that 33.000 men on the pension
roll at less limn 84 a montli should ail
unless they bad bad medical
tiou within a year, be ordered for ! hite clothing absorbs loss of the heat t
ination before their borne board with ! radiated rtireetU frn, n, pi ...... i
Tiew 10 puiiinK them nt leiut 4 bi-ber; ,ore. dres, hcieiitilifally in summer ' k"' . rorP,,3rro ur her doth
and second, that in the settlement of 1 should wear d;.rk cl,,il,.i,- i i,I : Vi-?.-- 1 ""'ers liai hanswelled it so.
a lailM 1 . .t i ' , : "" v reura c a. However, lie
to tuo nin s rays, l'mcltcnllv. the mat
ter of n.ejira nee is the oidv'ono to be
ci.iimdeied, us lhe warmth t coolness
of clothing is not umi-ii,.l,lt. .n'..,.t...i
oiui-m nnut r me. lusu uclioiis of .No- "J " Color.-rt)lllitrfcclelice Sews,
we or iuzey
ii.,i Bui,,nin W. Richardson, who a
tie more than twenty years aSo intro-
i, Ti e'i r ,ry "ii of produc
ing local siitheJiis, now mnkes a norel
Kntion. viz , to use a jet of highly
.miiresstd air as a cautery. He points
out its luWautajres orer the eanterv,
H'-ated ue or kul(J iu tliat jt ig legg
aiiinnin and for the moment painless,
s cohUs an iuistheiic. He mentions
clilorme as a sniul.le jras for the inr
xRe, bnt prefers carbonic anhydride as
niOKt nianaseahle. cheai.. almost inndor-
om not miBhoU-sfjine, and not inflam-
r that it can be used with artili
cial light New York Telccram.
"Fwb'.jr ,!, lag!,etli in the
pension claims, proof of a pmate, if a
j mail iu good standing, Rhall amount to
i as much as that of an ofiieer. 1 he act
i jug coiniiiissioner says Tanner, accord-
iu" to tLe lm-al p-ipcr. reokeil bi.ththew
the instructions of No- i by its color. Popular i1-
Tminiif llfiW HHn.i.1.;... !
of thiH nud wonders Low "they are going
to timkff tins Ihjv believe theio is no
flmiio of policy
He iilso coinolai.n !
.of Actiiiir CoiuuiisMoiK f SniiiL ifuiii" !
an order Ktoppin all re-rnl:n. '1 an-i
: ncr adds lie did not resign until the
president mid hecrvtnry Noble both siii-l
tf bini th'i n pji t of the iiiTchtiatins '
! counnitteo coiitnined no word Licit !
could impeach the LoneMy of bin nciiou j
in the blighted decree. '1 lien be lmd t i
j consider whethi r iio as man enough to
decline to continue in a ponilioii where
i be kn''W bis olliciul superiors did not
dCMie btui.
"J Lave not the s-liLU'fit doubt." adds
, lie, "that I would Lave been removed
j Lad I nut re-ij-'iicd."
I Tanner M.eaks in a r'euerid wni rtf htn
belief that Hecietary Noble deteriniued
on bis removal, eta., nud says nil tiny
can charge hint with is too milch liber
ality nnd too much aiieed iu grantiii
pensions. Of the future 'f anner wiys
nothing yet He closes ith an appeal
to Jlalzi ll not to f;ive him causo to fi
tt 1 1 Lis fieedoui iiiwritint; tin's letter,
by liiukin any portion of it public
l.iltiltm ol lbe!Hiae.
Tlie lion is eab'U by gnme Afrionn
races and tie l,i. tamus by others.
1 ho Zuluf find eai ii..n s i niiieh to their
111. in;,' that, ar-cordiim to the late I'.ishop
('olciliso, they apply to food peopled by
lar-e colonies of iarvm the expressive
woid "uboii.i," i-i-iiifyiii'.' in tln-ir un
couth jargon 'V'riat luippiness." Da
vid Livinir-toiie, that keen and accurate
observer, reminds n, that the iihorimd
AnstrubuuK and Hottentot- prefer the
iiit".tim-s of animals. "It is curious,"
be says, "that this is the
""l " los lieail, Imt haruiR twenty-
.......... mi ui insma pocket, invests in a
bottWwjI Salvation Oil.
A plain (old riLj was loumi by a Wash
ington, K. c., inaa imbedded in a large
block of ice.
The crockery trust is broken,
njjahibt the servant jirl trtnt.
It ran up
There are a It aether ahcut 17,000 Arabs
in the United Ktatca.
(olunibns discovered America and Edi
son invented the ulmnograpu, but it re
maini d t,,r I )r. Hull to invent the remedy
o! the aje, "Ike Cou-li Syrup," the kingly
A Naer IS part Mrs
irom the ordinary business) methods is
made by the wanulnelarecs of Lr. Pttree e
Colden Medicsd Llistiowry, ia (usraoteeinc
this world-fumed remedy to cars all dis
eases arising from the derangement of the
lirer or stomach, as indigestion, or dys
pepsia, billiousness or hver complaint,"
or from impure blood, as boils, blotches.
pimples, eruptions, scalp disease, satt
i lieum, scrofulous sores and swellings and
kiadred ailments. Money paid for "l)is
f'jrerv" promptly returned if, on fair trial,
it don't eure
Don't hawk, hawk, blow, spit, and dis
gust everybody with youroffensive breath,
but use Dr. Sage's Catarrh liemedy and
end it.
Ao Edmore, Mich., lady, 55 years of age,
was six weeks making a quilt containing
lb, COG pieces.
"The race is not to bira who doth the
swiftest run.
Nor the battle to the man who shoots with
the longest gun."
"Alie the Bainee" a longest gun does
count, and "the tallest pole gels the per
siuur.on." If you are not eatisrk-d with
your equipment for the race lor unaucal
Hiircess, or position in the halt! of life,
take our advice and write to li. F. John
son A: i'o., Kichmond, V., and our word
for it they will e'aow you how to Ret a
fresh start, with the best pmssille chance
of winning some of the big prizes.
THE CKtRLES a. V0GELEK CO.. Bsltlieere. U4.
How to a, Fluuurl Sliirls.
k, vfe have had a pood deal of com
plaints Irom euftonierhHliout the slirink-
nnimalb alnavs be-in with, and it is tlie ' "'-." tl"',r irlB. All miilerials will
first choice of our men." On this point i '""'!' s"11"". w 'euorally allow half nn
I limy remind (he civilized leader that' '"''! !r ''"'', nd if it 18 properly
MicajabOwena, 100 ypars old, living near
Rochciie. tla.. wyllted to town recently, a
distance ol hve miles.
mo noon cock ami tlie red uiullel or wa i
Hoodcoel; ni-e eiit.-n nnd iclished
without uiideroiu tlie eleausim.' pro-
cesses u'Licli most uniniah use.l for food i
unions us .'cnerally espeiienee to lit !
them for the table, so that our aversion
to the entrails of animals is not abso
lute, but only one of debtee.- C'onihill
washed there is no reason why it should
hkrink perceptible after that. The
proper way is to souse the sriirment in
hot soapnuter, never rulihingit, and put
it repenteilly tlu'out;h a wringer. The
garment shuithl never be, wruns with
the bands and never put in cold witter.
A Clothier in The, Ar-us.
wet rrn ho spr"" f"
lusbthc trm. lit twn "
f ,. 1 . 1... . (u.r u. IP I HB
-xitf cm" mi .
"mAt ViA f" t"w M '""
...whehu)s VMrlhrtmthf A
mi, or bli.w, li w d and
I Oft .' Il ' '" SMI lea
If tiM wmt a cet lr hifil
ti .niki-r, ret the 'run utsi.a
i firm! Sinker." l
ptnsd iriiw wain- ...... r.
Cm .tun van ran fclr the " 1 1 h
L" iihwrr(l mitwioi ciira cm. 1 ar
kijiriiai aulii If"-
XwER, Boston, Mas.
li ' TV
i ir otrr
M1T1 71
A splendid
Story for
BOYS and
i Tim 111 Kwn.ns I'slliire.
ri(!j,Aiii'.iipiiu, Fa,, Kept. 2'.). Tlie
j failure of llus Farmers' loan and Irust of
Kansas will be severely felt in this city,
j I'ully gUlD.OOi) of riiiludelpliiii people's
. fuioCt-y wns invested -in tho concern,
! The company is resfioimible for the
I principal uud inteiust on over i'JOO.oim
I in moitaes held in nnd around l'hila
Ulelihia. 'i'ho coliipitliy flspendetl bo
i Sansi) it was uiHible to meet the irtiaran
' teed interest on Kansas laud moita'e?,
! It is thou-ht its liabilities will wipe out
i its capital of !r.rno,W0. The American
, Wool Hepoiter of lti.stoii says that the
i eastern directum of the company have
j concluded that it is impossible to plaeo
i the concern on n secure fluancial basis.
S J. G. Lixhtfoot, jr.. iicut of tho com
j puny here, declares thut tho caiital
) stock of the company i olilv impaired
I to the extent of 8''l,000. Ho further
i mile that bo far ns bo fnu learu tho
company him not failed, as the interest
I due to l'hihtdelpliia inoi t'nes had been
! paid iu to last month and bo was cx-
peeiiu!; remittances to meet the obliga
tions fulling line.
Tlx iry l of
hero who worked
brd to earn hut
inMrung with BiJlny
ad trlumi h.
and hww attc!fiU'y t.e
irt it ihiw titr
oiirisitifta errrrame
jtovcrtv. A by tn
Coaid think how t
earn amney ia vS!
V rfcfM act nohly, even at a 1 w
twt, A pure nory le-HI f ree to
rsi V &t yMtt- oniy s s-eeat stamp
Cirit I'eei-HitiKO Co ,
Trrnl I hem l, la,
It is tho wisest linn:
n woman tiavi liic nl
the nii'it she ti.i i't s as
display Hie pioeiice ,
in her tuimi dir.-clly
by them iu any way.
be at 'reat pains to
' in the world fur
,ni' to remind all
ntii'iarii, and to
if th: I (Miivielioii
he in approached
A Kill usually
avoid ilisliirliinir
erful Flesh Producer
J have gamed ono pound
uv its no,
s tmulwioa is not a bo-
ftmedy. It contains tha
uiig prorertiea of the
wbosphitcs and pure Nor-
wkI Liver OiL tho ro-
of both beincr larcrelr
& It Ls nsftil Viv Phv.
& over the world.
ITiBi e m a v
fry ait DruggUU.
"4B0WHT,. nVinm!.. w v
dean Balm
f llfl writ nnntrll.l
fzy"r x. r l
St"rr.- r t Zti A
I iSSri. .MrSutMi, MmM 14
s!ls7!!r.4,a" M retsrw
(LWics, aiiees a,fMI,lfc
1 wfi riha nS fallv mm
done His ti as the onlf
eeelBn lor tbe certain cars
if Ibli dleesee.
O U lStlHAltAK V D ,
AstMerasm, N. V.
We have sold Hi O tor
menr rears, an It has
Sfcgt-js1vfs tbe beet ol satls-
lSM b.'b!dtcheoo.
f 1 miea. III.
!. . aold by Drustnts.
jaMteiuiauMWMta u erohsbir mm
!Jo Thompoon 1 1
J," V'"'"' aref fSfMeisa" f
iSlZj. eeaelsstsie nesrlr resliirT,
"'Jjre.siwe Tkwfw ' Kr
JJWs wrasser mt .Cii bottle
mu!S ''st.r. be. fsus Tsoypos.
TKL tastw: sle a aou ef b
J-ne. A ret III etSrr TMses
ZV" e wMstoe fross si! Drascwu-
MN.MNtfte0N Twor.w.Y.
Slier the I lilotl I'Mrlllc.
Devvkii. Col., Kept. SO.-The dircct
orstif the I'vio (irandu Junction railway j
?omi!tny mtt in Ne.v York this week.!
At present there is considerable discus- I
moll ninons railroad men as to what line i
e.nst of Denver will form the throii'h j
eomiectiou vvitli the new standard ;rau:e j
line. It seems to lie between the Hock j
Island ami llnrliuub.ii, with t he chances
favorable to the lb'k Island. It is as
serted that slmrilv niter the new line is
completed solid vestiiiilled train will
be run between Chicago and Ojrdeii via
the new route, cairyiu- thrott-ii sleep
ers for Sun 1 ran etsco. The ipiestiou
tinder discussion now is what line, will
britis tins train from Chicago? An the
r.uiiiiit.m is busy lookin u a Huh to
lini west, it is thouuht that they are not
in the deal, but whichever imo makes
the connect mti it will be a bit; thins fcr
Colorado and will turn n htrKC ier cent
i of travel that now passes tliroiiKli Chey-
CllllO tliriHIBU I'euver uu i'"u n. i
west over the sccuie route. The new
route can make as i;ood lime as tho
Union Pacific and oilers tho special m
ijiicemetit of the finest moiiutaiu scen
ery iu the world.
Hurt Ina Their Head.
Qvr.unr, Hoptember 24. -Tho fnnoral
of I lie victims of the recent terrible land
klide took place ycKturday. SLip labor
ers, about 700 strong Leaded by Presi
dent Mahouey, led tho procession. Then
followed the police, bcuriui,' flowers pre
sented by the city council. Then camo
fifteen hew-Ben, eon tinning toe uouies o
tvveuly-one of tin) victims. The fnnernl
service took plm-o nt ht. Piilrieka
p.hurch. l'athcr Hn.yden. assisted by
father Welsh, celebrated divine service.
After service tiie procession proceeded
lo Woodlield cemetery, where the tvven-Iv-ono
bodies were deposited in vaults
prior to final interment. rome200 men
ttro actively working nt the debris and
some more corpses are expected to he
found shortly. Tho anxiety nn. nn
ervsiness in wbicli the lnhabilanU of tin
cty wf.-opluiii!ed by tho catiropl.e
hasnotyet subsided, nor will it nnl.l
nil traces of the" wreckage lmve disnp
pcared and the overhiuigiug vails aro
made secure.
A Volrenle Krtiptloii.
City op Meiico, Mex., Bept. 20.
The American railroad contractor, now
In this city from Colima, tell of re
coil t eruptions- of ft volcano at Coli
ma, whose crater i 12,000 feet above
the sea level. It ia very active, tlirow
...... .... i.,irmittent v a column of
,moke and red hot nslies several times
a dav V few duv before the earth
quake lout month the volcano vomited
forth ''luck ""r11'"1 '"'"r
Uer the country for miles around.
It is not known whether any lava is
beinir thrown out, as the litre amount
of red-hot ashes surroundin the vol
cano make investigation impossible.
the illusion when he finds himself taken
for a ('etitleman. A entli-man would
break his neck lather than peril your
evident good opinion of him. Men
havo a beautiful regard for womankind
ill the abstract. They luay be ipiite
cafinble of almsiitjr the particular woman
dependent upon tliein, hut they all of
them lire just full up of courtesy nnd
kindness for the women they meet on
llio streets iu ens and depots. Also
they are likely lo treat with every con
sideration the damsels whom chance of
travel throws upon them lur ptutctrtiou.
Ladies' Homo Journal.
Kleevi'lf A ruin.
There is considerable opposition in;
Franco to the revival of the custom of j
wearing short sleeves in the daytime.
When women's arms were uncovered ill j
our hers' days they were red,
ns a rule, and were badly chapped in
cold weather. Women's anus have im-!
proved much in the hist two or three i
p-lifintioliH, for the reason Hint they
have not been exposed to the wind and
weather, which has made the skill white
and more delicate, and also because of
the introduction of tennis, rowimr and
various at hit-lie amusements that develop
Hie muscles nnd make them much
rounder and more perfect in outline
than the arms of our unindmothets.
New York Telegram.
I'l.liiiliiu Out ! I.ioii".
An undi t--radiiale of Oxford univers
ity was lakiitii a detachment of strangers
around to see the si-hla, and, when ho
had exhausted his chapels and the clois
tered shades, he brought them to tho
(pindrani:b- of his own college.
"There is only one thins left for yon
to see," he said, "look there: that is tho
window of my college tutor."
As the yoimy; man spoke he picked
up a nobble from the path and sent it
crashing ihrough the pane of frhtss. An
elderly KOlitlemiili, in cap mnl 0wu,
put hi's licatl out and shook his fist.
"1 thought that would biius him
out," exclaimed the nnderjzraduat.c, in
Irinmph, "thai, ladies and ceiitlenien,
is my tutor himself. " -Pick-Mo-Up
Tliiisi' wlm use Duhbius' Electric Soup
eacu wi-eK, lanu tbeir naiae is legion) save
their dhttliLs and stmi;!tli, and let the
soap do the work. Did you every try it?
II not. tlo so next Monday sure. Ask your
grocer lor jt .
mtissits. U.1JI A t o.,
Proprietors of the Willow Springs Distill-
inn 's'o., ive nn interesliny ai count of the
charai It-r of spirits and ait'oliol, as to their
relative viilun in articles of food Bnd drink,
clniuiing that only the pure spirits, which
are nnole ahsohiUly neutral, should he
tisd for dnnkiin: and ineiiu'inal purposes,
! while llio use of crude ahohol, although
rect ilii'tl and deodorized, Rlionld be limited
1 to nierlinri:cn! purnoKcB. Tlieir celehrated
East bnlia llitiiTS ar distilled strictly
with the fluont m it l its from a choice selec
tion ol lierlH and roots. As a tonic (hey
are fur superior to the average patent
medicine, made mostly from alcohol and
imitation extracts, while as a boverme,
they conta u none ol the lusil oil, so Ire
qiientin liqiuirs
AJiiniata county, Pa., woman publicly
Hogs her hnuhaud every time he comes
home drunk.
PAUslwAuc. 16, 1887. l-'MVtBi""' "2J
oa'lvakic body belt
laarutwd lo cure the J1
? It.uis ititeues. nimelj': All
:RheumUC CompleiaU,
Lumbago, Oeoerst an
Senous Deliihty, Co
J'tiTencss, Ki4nfTDieaK
Nervousness, TremMtng,
Bexuil Eihiustion-w t
irr of Body. .Duessel
TeTetis " TootB, . mtf-
"X- rleLife. .'"'tM"?!'Z'?.
! CTrAe BE.mrii'rto.lwj
0 V,ta ""fi"i""J 5 HO.
aOO it OrtH munun J
n tr'Tr ni ST VAWTfl TFTISI
Owen's Electric Belt Attathmpnt. V
,,,rn uti ana cum" n. .
B,E.le miA or ,ou. Thills tlioou.r
.l.roio im, ttiid belt ever loiwlc. It
with Dft
frcut en
'(frA- wltl CUR.I
B.,..l. fro 0 '.,-);. ,2?! S"iii
8r.teeu,.t,smii,ivi.i . . ' . ' , which will ha
tlit M Iirr Hhi K ItllfMUiivi -.t.-M'"";- ""-
PoMiivclycm-ed liy
llirse I.lltle 1'ills.
Thev sliio relieve D,?-
trem. from DyKpe).ta,ln
riigestiou and TcioHearti
li-atina. A peiTact rein
eily forlilr.L.tnf.sH.Nsusea1
DrowsincF.s, Had Tastf
in tue Month, Coatfl
Tongue. Pain iu tbe Side.
Toltl'ID LIVEll. Tbe;
regulate tbe Bowels
Purely Vegetable.
Price. Z& Cents.
the Louis-
hen (he wheel
that 15.100 had
their sliaro was
486 40.
Th" l'h l-ummloel""'''
n..,m Tib. Sent 2.1), Tlio
election commissioner havo practically
eonipleted their labors, and the report
. now in the ..-ml. of tbe Vpewriters
riie final meetiiiR ,l,e ,,ot,,,1t":
monow. Oovernor Saunders aanl tlmt
UoTflrnorBobinsou'aauliconHui ttec . re
,rt was .nhstauti.liy what the com
ttission has njireed uintli. A Oovernor
lobinion iu h.lerview. ha. '
somewhat radical viewe of tlie iorni
IHTtled it ia believed the report il
!.rgily. reflection of theao idea..
lark Aliilcrmin'e Iiitck.
Omaha O'eli-1 Hce. Aiietm IS.
There Is luck in odd numbers!" said
Itory O'Moore, and Rory might havo
ndded that occassiormlly an even number
strikes it rich. Chirk & Anderson, propri
etors of the Monitor restaurant, 004
Renin Thirteenth street, think so at least;
r,.r lliev held one-fourth of a ticket,
15,1 00, in the July tlrnwine o!
iana Mate lottery, nun
stopped it was louml
drawn STjO.OUU, hence
si a.r.oo. . , .
"It hiiiieucd In thin way,' said Mr. An
derson to ft reporler, -Chirk and I were
notverv well fixed and 1 remarked ono
eveniiuj'lettis invest $5 in the Louisiana
State Lotery. 1 was in favor of buying
(ivo twentieths, hut he said: 'No, lnt us buy
a fourth, nnd if we win we will get some
thiiiR.' So we purchased. I looked anx
iously tor the list and when it en me and 1
loitnd that il liuu won i w on...... j ...-
Itlyned. We collected llio money through
the Pacific express, and it came to hand ns
prt.mi.tly as If it had been ono of Jay
(iould's checks we wore getting cashed
v.. . bp. mit cnine to Knrope; wa wilt
..'.. ii., t., .mt a li llio more money in
P l,inis ami see i! wo ran not increase
"" .. -1 I ..u-,
lltcv hi" iaDU
Huv Union 8oar and make ft guess.
your grocer about it to-day.
Iry "ooils are worshiped in this world
mare than the Lord iz.
Colonist Sleepers.
The Union Pacific Ry., also known as
the Overland Route, has lately added to
jls service a number of new cars winch
by the ny are built by the world famous
Pullman company entitle I Colonist
sleepers, and which for convenience and
rimiforf.nri' but little lieliinti the handsome.
I'lillii.iu l'aliMQ curs. The c.irs are de
sisaed lor the use ami comfort of Hie colo
nist, who with his family blend moving
west to grow up with the country.
Tho only iliii-ieiice between these curs
and the regular lirst-class n..imnn is
that the Colonist Hlecper is not uphol
stered. There are fourteen sections in
each car. and separate, toilet rooms for la
dies and gentlemen. menus ot
sliding head hoards and heavy damask
curtains, ns much privacy is i ecu rod as it
in the regular (irst-clnss sleeper. Plenty of
fresh, clean towels slid a. good supply of
..i.i n be found. A unuormeo
porter accompanies each car to look alter
tho comfort and attend to the wants of
the ,aseengirs, and no smoking is allowed.
It certtiiily seems that, for cheap and com-
li,,,- iiuninn nccnnimotlutioiiB. while
traveling, these curs cannot be excelled.
A pure white tarantula was caught in
Los Vegas, A. T., recently.
Via ItlUaottrl, Kli. Texas Itnll
wi. Mild fateoiie Pullinaii llnr.t (r llly netvv
tltv and tlio l'rlnclul
The Missouri, Kansas & Texas railway
via the Kansas City it Pacific division and
Psrsons, is absolutely the short line to
Texas and Mexico. Evening train Irom
Kansas City has Pullman Palace Buftett
Weeping ("a.s to Parsons, Henison, f ort
Worth, Waco, Tnylor, Austin nnd ban
Antonio without change. Connects nt
Parsons with Pullman liufTett Kleeping
far for Sherman, Dallas, Corsica na,
Houston nnd C.alveston; connects at 1'ort
Worth with f loepor tor Pacific coast
noii, Is. and at San Antonio with sleeping
r.ip onints
ot Mexico. Morning train from Kansas
Ciiv runs solid to Parsons nnd t olfey villi:
Small Pill. Small Dose. Small Price.
Hcad'iniirten for Kami Instruments, lrum 0n'T" ut"
fitf Afftiniediis, Vii-lins. HiiitjoB, i.mi(l(Hiis, Guttaiu,
Y.ihv Jlnimimi H. ISIlitiKf f"i i:v-''y iiistvunie-nt marie.
Full stock ot Shwt Mimic, Muaia llu.k, liand nd t)r-cht-Mi
a Millie Band VvUoh, Iiitrm-tiun liookn for ail
I natrium m. Anvn'; wmtintr in an ordi-r will rftlvc
a (py nf M'lMii' KKKK. Write tu us tur prit-ea tuid tat-
BUtinir wlmt kind of f"'i waniuu.
111AX Jll!sVi:iiA: MKO.,
Omaliu, Nla
3;i and SW8 NoriU Broadway, St. i,oui3, am
Retailed at Wholesale Prices!
Write for cntnlop-iie and prices, lor wo caa
save you Iron. ao.OO to IfliO.OO.
13 nUl ftP I siio 118 n,,n:e ' 'r'enas who expect
WU I ' Utl 1 To pun lmi-eapianoororKonsoon.
ami il ne sell to them wit litn oi.e.vear. wo will
pay you $11) on eocb piouo and 4iu on ea. U or.
ESl'-thi. r for Q00I) F0R 5o CENTS.
Till" tartl end Oil cents In stamps, will pay
for 11) pieces ot ehotcevoeal or instri.niental sheet
niusif. same as le usually sold for i to Sle of
vour own (.election, iroai uui io ......-
5) ipi. Hlal..!tn liatld lre. .
It. Hli liTT. Jei l., " t
Tbol.arKOst anil Heit Krptlpped School In thi
West, TlmroiiBll l'raclleal Department.
Send for College Journal.
I'anteii to hnmllv our xtra lim-
. " guii't wiiilri mn imiki' a poi
ut rKk. Particulars tree to nlrlit
-.rtl.a In' espn' olilv. N nni' yimr ntiiiifft
liffim .vil.Jo-.s 'KXCH.splK ENGRAVING It..,
yne s. t'lark Btnvt, i. iitraK", IU,
,ei. Kmiimhs
illlca !
; in. x ft in. 70 panes.
1 llnniiusletl Ci.'er,
on ilium aimii euclos lie ono
SENT FREE ao.) Kiamn ti ad.lremlas,
THEO. HOLLAND, P. 0. Box 120, Phila., Pa.
A MOV'l H antl more ib eiiihi j
f ,e "rTa and Vet circular aai 0-
tul apeeltjiena ol veniii n i a. r.. ..
1 KTi lV KJ.Ij (X'.
Charles w'n.MftaF
, da,, samplo worm '..i-' r .
. " ..A.r i,rp,' leei. vv rue is irvv
Pster Safety Rein Holder co.-hion
"Byathoroaeli tnowiedse ot the natural laws
whicHgutrernihe operallons of dureatlon '1 nu
trition, and by a careful application ol : tbe nne
properties of well-selected Cocoa. Mr. Bl p P ' as
provided our breskfa.t tables "irtl dehleJ;
tlaToured beverage which niay pave us inyti,
noctora' bills. Il, by the J"''oioo um of el
articlea of diet that a may be Sralual-
dency to Slsease. Hi.i.dredaof aabtle !
tloatfnaaronntlus ready to attack wbe revcr there
s a weak point, we may er " ";"''ifr ' ,, " hi, nd
bv keeui.iK onrsolvea well lortined.with pore biooa
and a properly nourished frame.
&jfa'ie simply with boilinz water or milk. 8ol4
only in hall-pound tins, by Grocers, labelled thus.
JAMES EPPS & CO., Komoeopamic i,nemii,
London, England.
' i is I
Jt wi - I
m m
Big Package of Photos ;
Alto full writtpu dcaoriptiooHtinclod
lng rfsidencett) of rcspentable IkdlM
who want Ut corrR'wnd for fun r
natrinionr, (cntin plain Bcald out!.
pe ftironiy 10 et.-Many of our lady
BiftubiTS are btantiftil and wealthj.
Oivo full dccriiuion of jourwlfaad
clear ifi'ia or the liidiei 'witii whom
jdo wih rn afirrrspond. ldreM,
h,. return mall full descriptive.
Anv lady o( ordinary Intelll
iretice can easily and quickly
learn to cut and make any rr
liunt in anv stvle to any meas
ure lor lady or child. Address
Habit. The only eerlaist
aad easy cure. Or. J. 1
Stephens, Lebasoa. Osde.
,,., arucnV " HI enre Blooa rontm wiiere
MAGIC HEMtUI mercury fall.. Own. and tor
tale on y by Cook Kemedy Co., Omaha, leb. Writs.
,.,ip 0,1 ns. As a mnrcer ui
will help u8 out Hinuiiiiltly.
I'reur lrl of Nm Orleii.
On n first visit to Now Orleans ono ifj
impressed by tho peculiar nppenraneft of
tho women. Ono can sen in JNow
Orleans moro delicious lpokm? yoiintr
t-irls and moro prcmnt lively old looking
women Hum in miy city in it Iio country
The uirln, "P to tlio ftno of 18 or 20. mo
lovely 'J'liev lmvo "i"1' complexions,
lui-llt eyes,'tlio mingled lancuor nnd
vivneitv that render tho southern girl so
fascinating Thou, too, iu wimnior time
most of them wenr whito dn-SROS Willi! or open work sleeves nnd yoke,
Ihrou'-li ivhicli a creamy, satiny skin
(..liulsvill, anivftliim ':t,'',cl;v""('1s"'
Thero is Imt one word Hint fully do
sorilies thorn to the mnsculino mi ml.
'I'hev are delieious. lookmpt, Hut they
fade very qnifklr. nnd this accounts for
the number of old looking women of 25
veins or the vouliouts o Uie
stroels or in their cairianes.- Clncugo
n . i ...i.. pnliroutl station handles
railroad eta
1,000 trains dally.
lfytlro)l.oln.tlte)!lssortol dog d.ce.
t I- Letter a man should nbusedthn
forgo! teu. ,
the llepuhlic
d O
connects at Parsons with solid train car
rvins Pulletl SleepcrforDenison.Pt. orth,
Wsco Ttivornrid Austin; also carry i ns
Pullmau Jiulfett Sleeper for Sherman, Dili
, Corsicana nntl (ialveston via Demson.
Si-e that your tickets read via. l'arsons and
the Missouri Kansas .t 'I cxhs railway.
For tickets and further information apply
nearest, ticket (iRent or correspond with
J L Dangherty, Tntveliiu! Passenger
Agent, 402 Court street, Pes Moines, Ia.
Face nil thiiisT'. Even adversity is po
lite tew a man's lace -
When liaoy nil ijck, wo jare her Castorl.
When slie was a Child, site cried tor Castoris,
When sho bocamo Slte. cho clung to Castorta,
When cho had Children, she gave tnera Castoris,
rla 1 nr...-D,iUn Hr n. KLOllV. PI
, " ' " -e-w ' "
r AH
Mi d ennsiileolllante. certain anil l'""'l;nt,ro,h,
Juiinlt'rai.loli llonrJ, Poriland, Orenoii.
riceuture it like ft horuet-geiiorally ends
with ttting.f
Fnllre rreertom from Isjuriom drv.n makol "Tanlll'a
Punch" Uijtarainwittiii
Thehansom cab, "the London iioiulola,"
is comparatively ti moilurn creation.
F .1 CHUNKY fc CO., Toledo. 0, Props.
of Htili 's Cats i i'h Cue, offer 100 reward
tin "hi V " nee ol crslnrrli that tail Hot be
Zl f.v wiklnc 11"" t""1' ' U,B-SJte-Uinouiul"
iree. 8old l.y Drtijfrls.Toc.
i vi spy y
i -v. x w - v
the House
cleanliness and satisfaction, reign
where James Fyle s Fearline is
used. House cleaning and
laundry work is not dreaded.
The china, glassware and win
dows are bright and not cloud
ed servant, mistress and the
woman who does her own
work all are better satisfied,
nnd this is why Pearline
produces perfect cleanliness
with less labor than anything
known it has all the good
' ,.ii:r;c nf mire soao more
I I 1 1 -Ll 1 1. V e-p- s
besides-has no bad qualities-is Harmless and Economi
cal Try this great labor-saver. Beware of imitation
prize schemes and peddlers. Pearline is never peddled,
but sells on its merits by all grocers.
3 jr
- ' '. ' ', ' ' '.,- s
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