The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, October 03, 1889, Image 1

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    The Sioux County Journal,
" J
ttm 4
NO. 3
, v
,4Psttero, - Proprietor.
Tin Tsble.
j g, A XL V. By., Passenger.
, i..,.o Harrison at 1Q-A5 A. M.
C4 leave Harrison at 2.51 P. M.
IWt forget iliat The Jot-USA!, is
prepared to do all kinds of job printing
in a neat anil tasty manner, on short
Straveo A small bay horse, brand
eJ, half-circle 10 on left shoulder, and
mark of liaving Wn cut with wire on
fore legs. A suitable reward will lie
paid for return of same to me at Harri
son. E. L Calms.
An addition is being built on the
rear of the Andrew's Mock to be used as
I'COCEEDIMiS OF STRAIGHT BE-Jous precincts. Carried.
ITUL1CAN CONVENTION. ' j On motion tlie precincts not having
Minutes of republican mass convention j representation on the county central
held in the court house in Harrison, Ne-! committee lie filled by the commitee se
braska, Octoln-r 1st, lSHy. fleeted. Seconded and carried.
Meeting called to onler by Mr. E. J. i 'or tlle purpose of securing a fair and
Wilcox of Wuriionnet prw-iro t, ' Iciest election a sum amounting to sev-
On motion Mr. E. J. Wilcox was elect- ; ral hundred dollar's was pledged for the
ed temoorarv chairman and Si. H. Junes I purpose of prosecuting any attempt at
temporary secretary, i fraud or intimidation.
.. .. . I , , . 1 1 T . O
a ware nxmi lj ir h: n iiv nosst ac
Down at Last!
The Celebrated
It was moved and seconded that the '
Thompson. By the preparation being
made by the business men of Harrison
the indications lire that they expect a
good fall trade,
It is a pleasing fact to note tlutt al
most every one who comes to Sioux
I n fl new residence of S. L.
ljii progressing rapidly and the
ure is wiring completion.
-All persons knowing themselves! in-
L.j(tl, firm of Warn & tfrooks i
pw w
Ijileue call and settle at once.
-Aduwe will occur at Andrews' hall
ifrnlay evening. Oct. 4 th. Every
invited to come km! nave a goou
good. native lumber for sale
livery stable.
j, brown Mid white bread, cakes,
,v,kie at the restaurant.
Li,, Foreman Wright has ment-
Ct s w In ,M3ar rttHi,,'"n( '
fLt fail to cull on Tim JOTRSAL
f . . . . . .:.! I. ...
Lnnl a UK'S jolt OI pnr.uiiK u'me. -
3Ul J . .i , , I county seeking a locution becomes satis
fy-! foriret to attend the dance at: , , , ,
iXtiorhei, tied with the outlook and secures land
Us hall on rnday evening, Oct 4., ...u.j. , Tl.
who come and go away dissatisfied are
very few in numlier.
An eirort is being made to have a
spied contest lietweeii horse owned in
the county. Quite a number of pretty j egate
I good hU'prs are owned by resident ol
Sioux county and a good deal of sort
would, no doubt, result should the do-
Vented to com. am. . uM of the conte4 Imirranged.
W . . . I. K. Mun.l.v has sold his farm r.
few miles north of town to Mrs. S. C B.
E. J. Wilcox, Chairman,
S. II Junks, Secretary.
On motion the secretary read the call
published in the Snnx County Journal'
setting forth the objects of the meeting, j
It was moved bv L. J. Simmons that i
the order or business before the conven- , .... . . ... . , ,
., , , ,. , , r:r. I' islier went to Wyoming on busi
tion lie m airordmice with the published) ... , .
,, . , ' ness on Wednesdav.
call. Seconded and carried. ,
, ,. ., .i.,.' 8. Barker left on Tuesday for a busl
ine selection n ' ui jiu toe
Z. (i. Duel is in Harrison to-day.
Isaac Kendall was in Harrison the
first, of the week.
R. Smith hn almost completely
Ltd bii lots with sla-ds and htor.ige
Ui io luch to keep goous. uusiness
Lt must 1 good.
-ill win have aiienoeu uaura i
. , ti 1....
IfcTtlS Hail SI'O" v,1Mi .....
I , I .... t ill U. iii t Is: on h.lllii
Ireiaj tveiiing, OctoU-r 4tli.
.TtKLiuhes' aid siK iety met vesler-
LttUtt home of Mrs. E. . Sattrlw.
Vu-it Wednesday the society will
Wot at the residence of Mrs. L. J-
-Wyi Pollard are plans
u office, lb building will be ol
Wand Will be furnished with a lire-
Li vault in which to keep a set ol a
Wt Iwuks.
-llie frame for the new residence ol
.J.&aimonsisup and being rapidl)
k!oL The contra tor, W. fc. I oi-
VuiMids to have it ready for occu-
W-j' by Sovemljer 1st.
Wt do not believe that any locality
jnciijovmgttny finer iall weather than is
jmaaiqs in b.oux county now-a-Uays.
Nebraska las as much sunshiny w tathui
amy Mate in the union.
W an informed ttiut T. O. W illiams
kt pu(tb)fcd ihu residence iirojierty oc
tamlbvJ. W. Hunter, Mr. lluntei
fetotl)' sold it to J. F. l'fost and he, u
ton, lias bunramtd it to Mr. illiams.
-'in Joi ks'ai. force en loved a, lint
BuJof ducks for dinner on luesday loi
fcli they are under obligitioiis to Mrs.
fai. Walker. IX there is any one who
enjoy good things to eat it l !'
-Amos & Armstrong Bros, have re
i their new drill and are out in Wy-
S nutting down well. They have
i4dhI In flik' dot, 'Ait- drill which tfol
Wned in Ui" well at U. Guthrie's and
fltt they w-iu have two of them.
E. Blunt attended the I awes
county fair und had his horse in some ol
W races. As the animal has been in
training but a few weeks ha did not ex-
ifeetto make a record, but Mr. Blunt is
ell aatislied with the result of his trip.
A couple ol men w ho wera here a
k weeks ago looking at the country
kte sent .word that they will bo liorv
iut the first of next week, lia-v
wmefrom Knox .county, HI., and will
mg several carloads of sto:k and goods tt;ntion
fith Uiem.
turintr Hie nasi wra-k a (hresbinc
fai'tiiiie has been running in the vicinity,!
9" Harrison. Judging from the ai
91 tireakintr winch lias l;n done .neai
on during tlie past senson there will
k a good deal of work for a threshing
paciime next year.
-'On last Hllmbiv (wvnrrwl thfi lliirtV-
ioth birtlKluy of Jotm F. 8chuU aud a
JBiber or his friends assembled at his
'to to aiHiKL' him in celebrating tin:
ent. The day was jisswl very pleasant
'j Wld tho imi tv dism THed wishing Mr.
Jkiiula many ivturns of tiiu anniversary
w birth.
Basset t, HeeXs tsto go to Newcas
tle to work at Ins trade. The pron;rt v
cannot but become valuable for on it is
lis-ated one of tlie. finest water powers
-sm m f.iuml in the state of Ne- I
II 11. KusMlcame iiji from White
Itiver precinct on Wednesday and think
ing the printer might I hungry he
brought a couple of turnips along. The
larger one measured lit) inches in circiiiii-
lereiice and weighs 11 J pounds. This
iks not look as if people need lie afraid
if starving in Sioux county. Tlie seed
from which the turnip was grown was
put in the ground on June 15th. Mr.
Kusse) promises, that when he gainers
his turnips he will bring us some big
ones, but he did not have time to seieci
large ones before train time yesterday.
I'rUe Contest.
Th second Lernorest prize medal con-
!... under the auspices of the Womans
hristiai) Temwrence Union, -win oe
jriven at the M. E. Church on the -even
ing of Oct. 11, at 7:u siiarp, io
all are invited. Admission lrie.
MiiJr. - - Bringing In The hunaves.
lU-clt-itlon, Tl Itaisoii VV liy. -
Mr. Al. Murstelle.r.
. . Never Ceasn The tonfllel.
iteclUtion, - - - " MIMHyT.l.
Made - - Onward t hrlstlun KoKllres.
'ueeiUtion.Tho Merits of High Mcenso.
Mr. Kd. Weir.
m.nli. Miss Kllen Satterlee.
Ili-clUU-m, Two rirem - W-
MusUi,Sl. - ' - i-"-J
KeeiLtUm. Who Is to Blame, Mr. Will Jam
Mmic, ------
Recitation, Tne Cry of To-day - '
Mr. Sllngerlaiul,
Mu-iio. ----- Psrtlng Hymn.
Judges. Mrs. 'larissa Oriswold, Mr. S
W. Cox and Mr. S. H. Jones.
county ollices lieing first in order the
following resolution was offered by S.
R. Story, of Anteloie ;recinct:
U7rw. on the day of August,
lSft. the oeoitle of Sioux count v in lel-
ate convcnliou, a jo ini-led in rive
Points precim t. Sioux county, placed in
iiominiiticu a full county ticket com
posed of f lie following persons to-wit :
Conrad Liudemnn, for county clerk,
Martin (lav-hart, for counly treasurer,
S Tinrlier. for count v J ud ire.
Thomas Keidy, for stierili'
Alanson Hiiuthworth, for
eilt of public instrustiun,
AlU-rt It l ew, lor surveyor,
i harles drove, for commissionei
'ml district,
John A. Green, commissioner
;lrd district, .T Siinfer. for coroner.
in.o-vi. the principles enunciated at
said peoples convention are true republi
can principles, and Deiieviog it unwise lo
place another ticket in the Held, there
fore lie it
Rt-HKhtd, that we, as republicans in
mass convention assembled, do hereby
eiidol'se Hie said nominees m m. ,
eonveiition and pledge ourselves to do all "1 'iaf-rs
in our power to secure the election ol jj Wiza
ne. trip to Rushville.
A. M. Carrier adds his name to our
list of readers this week.
E. E. Livermore ordered The JovKN'AL
sent to his address on Tuesday.
S. W. Carev. of Cottonwood, sends us
the cash for a year's subscription.
C. E. Blunt called on Tuesday and
gave us some cash on subscription.
Kli Smith was in Harrison on Satur-
, .!. ..rl , ,,,!, !i ulinH. mil nt. this ollice.
su!i'inteml-i1"v -
Mrs. J. H. Warn arrived yesterday
from an extehded to her parents in
Dr. Meridith, of Crawford, was In Har
ririon on AVexlncsday on professional bus
iness. Harvey dates was up from White
11 rut' in TiihwIjiV and made a cell at our
H. T. Merriam called at our office on
ud sulded his name to our Hat
' j
White Bread Flour
Ranch Supply House.
-Where you will also find the-
Price came down from
tho said persons nominated at the peoples' , Wy nlin on Saturday to spend Sunday
,-onveiition. and that they be declared, , -
i hoice of the straight republicans of
New Sedlonal Wall Map of Nebraska,
lued June 1st, So'e wie
.. ...,, is advised to give tin
aUHB WillJ"" .
r,.,.',U of this vicinity an opportum y
to examine and secure a copy o . ...
West and Is-st Sc tional Map of our
great state. The .von new counties
and late railed extensions are plainh
imli(,itwl. Nice little gcogniphica Uru-racie8hav'erelive.Hhe..M)slearcru!a-
. Tl, Inration ff tOWIIS ttlld
.iuiion, is readily found by re
Lthe index which now 8Pn
ittn running m uio vicumj) niap. -' ie
Judging from the amount; ami 134 Monroe stm-t, Chicago, are
. . . . 1 i;,t- r.Uyi.sant and
riublishei-s, ana we pie.4., i
pU ' ument for the fortunate
i:;;r;;n-,ie rig,, u r:t
them. A copy of this exceue...
;aii l sec" at lllis n"X-
Sioux countv.
It was moved by II. T. Coulcy that
the resolution be udopted. Seconded
and carried.
On motion the following were elected
delegates to tlie state convention: L. J. j
Simmons, Geo. Walker and C. E. j
On motion tho following were elected
delegates to the senatorial convention.
(ieorgo dinger, Thomas Cevenport, J.
II. Cook.
M,oin made, bv Chas. E. Verity that
W""1'" i ,
the delegates elected to the senatorial
.e..ntinn be empowered to represent
Sioux county at the representative con
vention. Seconded and carried.
Under the head of the selection of the
county central committee a motion was
,.! ,! seconded that the chairman
and secretary be elected at large from
the county, Carried. 1
It was moved by II. T. Conley and
seconded by C. E. Verity that L. J. Sim
mons be elected chairman of the county
central committee. Carried.
On motion S. H. Jones was elected
secretary of the county central com
mittee. On motion it was decided that the
representatives from tlie various pre
,i,,,ls select from their precinct one
niemlier or the county central com
mittee, and hand the name to the sec
retary. ,
The following names were selected as
members of the county central commit
1..,. r.,i- ensninir year. orecinct. Chas. fce Holmes. -
with her parents.
Mrs. Z. T. Weir left for Norfolk on
Monday to attend tlie state convention
of the W. C, T. U,
Geo. dinger arrived on Tuesday from
his visit to friends in Iowa. He says he
is satisfied to live in Sioux county
Michael Bannon has just returned
from a trio to Newcastle. He says
Sioux county is good enough for him,
Onuiilv Clerk Jameson has moved out
on his homestead and will have an invig
orating drive each morning and evening
M.rtin finvhart. of Montrose, candi
f ,,nn ireiKiiirer. was in Har-
uave iui i-uuiii; '
rison Tuesday and made a pleasant call
at. this office,
Mr. and Mrs. R. E, Marsteller arrived
w TVidnv from Marshall county
Penna., and will spend a few weeks with
their sons in Harrison,
Senator Manderson passed through
u..,.in h,st. Friday night in General
The senator had
iTiailUgei- a .'
teen spending a few days in wyom...B
Charles Snyder, son of our carriage
...oi,,,.. ennie ud Wednesday evening.
1I1U.IW1) - -r -
He returns to-day, but expectcs to be
, ... j i, ikia hi home in a w
nere to n.ivnc i.-. ----
t w Wnbinson and Rufus Roberts,
of Oneida, Kas., the former a brother-in-
hwof G. Guthrie, arrived Here last
week- to see the country. They are well
pleased and contemplate becoming resi
dents of Sioux county.
Largest Stock of General Merchandise
In the county,
At Prices as Low as the Lowest
No shoddy goods Every thing first class.
No old stock New goods continually arriving.
Call on us when in town and we will give you a SQUARE DEAL
White River
Cottonwood 1
Hat Creek
r &me of our people have lieon troub-
With slock KetUng at their crops and
Mn thick u K A UVir. tonk on a
lll of horseis on Hatunbiy, one be
'Sfintf to E. U. Batterlee and one to J.
Hunter. Tho horses were replevined
Uie tunes will be nettled in the
Wm. Brooks has been placed in
'"TCe of a section of tho railroad near
('r and aasuniod the dutie on Oc t.
It is quite a responsible position
""l the iiiunagers are more careful
-"y kive hUih l os.tioim than they were
lururiy and ine promotion of Mr.
Brl M a recognition of his worth,
-Tn Fxiin.v Et)CATOB. Welter
UlUlul.-l . - 1. i,n,f. falllilV
flMjfm vkuuiwij if, , rt - -
U)r ami tm fitnnly of children ought
tetwbrouKht'up without Imvinj; ready
VWi to this (jroml volume. It will a.-
iiv,.-i . , . ..-... ..r.,,,-k wide
' iiunarcus oi ijiacstciinv u
k child, it is an ever present and
map i "ot a 8111
a jflnn Tree.
Tiik JotTRNAb has mado arrangements
it ran offer an inducement i. of clubs. Any person mo
wiHscKaireforus four new subs. nl.,
who pay for a year in advance we will
' . v,.11 A n s.
give them one of Kawi, v-v -
tional maps of r-enrass.
mil. cheap a Haircut is
i ...1
l,nvv naper, liiouni.
o roller It is the latest map 1,
bearing date of June 1.1,
tnsaodrailroiuU NowtaU-t,m.U,
,. n minw rREK O"-
8cure oim v. .
hngpneoof U-mnp.1. 13-00. !
. . l, .Hi tti fit
should any one topi
them we will order it for tliem.
,Ui0f the mapen b. m at this olhcc,
I , i i Ulllt-
your neighbor ft..u S"1'
rtL for Thk JoOH.At.and assist you to
g,itamHp. AIIriU-riu:h.lHW.I
nU receive our vmm ,por,. U
Aau Funn M m
H. R. Story.
Eli Smith,
IL Jurgetis.
A. Gates.
N. B. Raines.
A. Southworth.
initv-reen. ,
Lower Running Water pre. J. H. t ook
Sheep Creek- T. B. onydfcr.
viva Points '-' Harrison Been.
Warbonnet " G. W, Tool. i
The following resolutions were offered
by I J. Simmons and unanimously
" We, the republicans of Sioux county,
Wbraska, in mass convention assembled,
.. . i...-,i.u our allegience to the
.:....:..iuu f the republican party as set
I,,,.,!, in the national und slate platforms
of IW. , i
Believing that the purity of the bat
,ol is the great safeguard of our nation
i,, ii acts of fraud or wtimi
, ...., the. voters in the exercise
uat on (iu v . , ,,
. . , i t hum bv the
of the rights vouens. - -
i UI, niir linit, Ull
law 10.4 nv ... ,. ,,f
entand sub.tauce for tho prosecution ol
. i.,.i,,il .liiemnt, to Ititeiwe
any one i.
with a free ballot and a fair count
,,-ct-o kwu-tilv indorse the appointment
ofJudgoI.ewisA.GroraH commission
er of the general lanu ouice, 10. ...
onng Judge Groir, President llamson
L honored Nebraska and thereby hon
c!red himself. We indorse the promp
action Uken by the adn " "J
all times where the right of the IJn.tad
- A.m noAlnrilOn
States or her ciiuwns .-. i"", -
t was moved and seoonueu t,..-
.cnv.mliouconlirioUie selection of the
,'ouuty antral committee as banned in
.bj Uw dBioguUa jmw'1 Iww
Reidy & Pollard,
are stjll nuiking the
.Call and see us before applying else-
You can depend on getting money
...Ill lui
froms. Our eumpany !u
down during the winter.
Jones Verity,
X '-''. ..- :.'-'''.'' x
"ltm '" -''