The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, September 26, 1889, Image 4

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Tk Wml Tewllasamlal
yet published for soy bloo,! me.lirinei.tlif
printed fusrantm of ilie tiiaiiufsrturrrs of
Dr. Pierce's Golden Alsriisl l)-coery.
which warrant that woii.ierful medicine
tm beosfit or cure in all cawH tt lli..e dim
eases !or whicU it is reoiiinieniie4i, or
money payed for it will be returned. It
cures all diseases srieirjj from torpid liver
and impure blood and their uames are le
fin. All akin, scalii and scrofulous affec
tions, eruption, core and swelling, salt
rheum, tetter, erysipelas and kinlred di
aaea, are anions those in which tbe "Dia
eovery" effected marveloua cures.
When everything else fails. Ir. S;e's
Catarrh remedy cures, 50 cents, by uruk-(ists.
One food mother is
choolui asters.
worth a hundied
The siosr prominent ptirsii-lans Id the citr smoke
wo rctou.iuriju i aaao r uocu.
In Frame they have applied electricity
to me playing ni organs.
Of the real value and eflicacv of nrotirietarv
uiedii-ines. of their purity and careful man
ufacture, is, is hen the uiHiiufarturers. them
selves, together with their asniatHitts. uss
theiu in their own hnine nnd recommend
them to theirrelativesaml Trieiida. "ltiaa
poor doctor, who doe not believe in his
own pre'riptinH." Fora nuntlMTof ypitr.
Me-sr. Jler & Co. liHve been nmnufrictnr
lug Kennedy's East India Bitters, and
there is lint a ieron who is, or has been,
connected with their establishment, with
whom "Eist India, letters" have not be
come a household friend.
Of two evile,
the less is ulwars to be
Buy Union Soap and make a guess,
your grocer about it to day.
They are as sick that surfeit with too
much as they that stiirve with nothing.
Koda riii, Iclnl.o.
The splendid, new Manila Hotel erected
lust rear lit Soda Spring', Idulm. ia now
open for the season under tli direct man
agement of tha Union I'si-ilir. Ky, This
hotel is first.-cluss in every rKpect with all
the modern CMiivenierue. and will accom
raodate comfortably several hundred
11 ''St 8.
The medicinal springs which nbound
about fc'oda iSirinpsnte noted fnr their cur
ative properties and many ren-irkal!e
cures have been recordeil. Splendid hunt
ing and excellent fishing is to ho found a
few niibs Iroin Soda Spring'. ("od livery
and guides always to be had. Fur further
information address, E. L. I.OMAX, Gen
eral Pusseoger Agent, Omahn. Neb.
Grief counts the seconds; happiness for
gels the hours.
"There is a tide in the Hffuirs of men
which if taken at the flood leads on to for
tune." If your affairs era at a low ebb
now, don't f.'il to write to H. F. .ImIuisoii
fe Co., 1(109 Main at., Richmond, Va., who
have plans that will enable you to make
money rapidly.
Truth ie the highest thing that man may
Via the WAI5ASH LINE to Missouri,
ArkniiSHS, Terns, Tennessee, Miss'ssipni
mill Louiaiana at half faiik. Tickets will
lie Bold Aii'.'iiat. th and 2Uth, September
loth and 24th, and October (S'li, good tor
'M days. Iteinember the Wabash is the
quickest route south with decant reclining
clniir anil Pullman Buffet sleeping cars on
all trains. For tickets and further infor
mation call on or write
0. '. ( j.AYTON, X. W. 1 Agent, 1502 Far-
nani street, Omnha, Neb.
May jihost y
men silo's?"
warning be called "dead
Illinois Central Railroad
Excursions South.
For a free copy of "Southern Home-Seekers-Guide,"
"Farmers' and Fruit Growers' Guide
to McComb City, Mississippi," address the
Gen'IPass. Apent, Asst. Gcn'l Pass. Agt.,
Chicago. Manchester, Iowa.
Tin wild oats of youth change into the
briars 01 manhood.
A Hi-mi tlrul Fit lure I'ree.
For one 2c postage stamp we w ill mnil a
panel size ph -to-ens-rn ini of our popular
picture "Kissing at 7. 17 and 70." Ad
dress the milkers of the greut Anti-Bile
Remedy, "Kile Heans."
J. F. "M it ii Co., St. Louis, Mo
Virtue is ita
Mods asked.
own reward, and no ques-
When Eab7 wea rick, we gave her Costorla,
When zhe was a Child, dc cried for Castoria,
When she became IIi3, cac clung to Costoria,
When die had Children, she gave them Castorfs.
Nothing is so strong us gentleness, noTn
ing so gentle na real streiith.
Itiiy m Home in Kill., Kansas.
This town is one of the most promising
in Kansas, located on the Union 1'ai ilic
IUilwav. It is a divisim station of that
road and ha division shops, rour.-l house
and eating station. Mills and f .dories are
springing up and it is becoming a thriving
place, iu the midst, ol aprosperous farming
region. It is a healthy place and the soil
and climate are excellent. Albert Wood
cock, Genernl Laud Commissioner U. P.
Ry., Omnha. Neh., or Leroy 8. Winters,
Land and Kinig. Agt. V. P. Ry., Ellis, Kan.
Men may bend to virtue, but virtue can
not bend to men.
For two two-cent stamps we will send
you one of the hiiudsomest almanac in
the country. "Homestead, " OiiihIiil, Xub.
Bilenre is worth its weight in gold in many
crises ol human experience.
Tmr M tmn. Thayer, Is., Aug. 22, IMS.
I fuTcred 10 years- sine 187S with stmined
back And was In bed 4 months. Bt, Jacobs Oil
Cured me. Xo return. J. C STOUT.
Ar Dwcooirrs an Suim
'esjp sssf sspiii
73 T FR. stesssv ky a.
eaawawsa; eae
tA KXLAet, f. i. 11 IM.
fklieV. rBV
i It) IlnJs'
Let yoar horse stand loose, if
possible, without being tied up in the
raaDjrer. Pain and weariness from
a confined position induce Lad habits.
Crude petroleum, remarks the Con.
nectieut Conrant in a betterpreserva.
tiveofwood than linseetl oil, and
sosts only one-nfth as much.
Half of the wear to tools, on some
farms, comes from unnecessary ex
posure to sun, nnd wind, and rain
A convenient bhelter is far cheaper
ana looks less stintless.
The ordainarj red paint, made of
red oxide of iron and linseed oil, is that can be used, and
should be applied on the roofs
of the barns and other out
buildings. If a o;ood account of expenses nnd
sales is kept there will always be a
balance in favor of sheep-breed ing;
not so much as a specialty, but its
an assistant to other farm animals
and crops.
Prof. Gamg-ee recommends that ani
mals sick from eating smutty corn
should be given some purgative, as
a pound of epsom cults or a pint of
linseed oil for a grown animal
nnd that the animal should
be induced to drink water freely
A Wfuk solution of carbolic acid
and water, says anexchange, applied
to cows with a brush will protect
thorn from the attacks
the odor which repels,
of flies,
nnd a
iroes ti
It is
carbolic acid for odor
As a rendezvous for skunks and
rabbits the hedge fence takes the
lead, nnd wIiph we consider the
amount of labor necessary to keep
such a fence in good condition nnd
pieasmg to ti:e eye, we much preler
the barb wire, although as a protec
tion to stock in winter the advan
tage is lurgelv in lavor of the hedge.
A 2-year-old steer requires in his
daily food, to enable him to make
even, well-develoded growth, about
one pound of flesh-forming food to
eight pounds of fat nnd heat-pro
d u.eern, and this is about the pro
portion in which these two classes of
nutrients ore found in good hay
rruitanu vegetable growers are
opt to look at the distant city mar
ket with a magnifying-glass, and to
overlook the udvnntage of the home
market in consequence. How foolish
ro reacn ior tiie stars to liglit vour
pipe with, when you have a match
in your pocket. American Garden.
Speaking of weeds, a Western jour
nal says: "It is a most costly mis
take to let them grow till light culti
vation will not destroy them.
Among small plants no cultivator
is better than a good sharp-toothed
rake. Stir the surface every few da-s
with this, and the labor and co.-t of
cultivation will be reduced by half,
and the better growth secured will
be surprising to one who has never
tried the plan of killing the weeds in
their early youth."
A couple of acres of rve sown the
third week of last August furnished
an acceptable bite of pasture for a
dozen milch cows after the frost had
browned everythfng else, served to
start up the quantity, quality, and
color of the butter from the cows
this spring two or three weeks before
the regular pasture was available,
and cut a full crop of grain nt harv
est time, which was as good in every
particular as that on an adjoining
lot which had not been pastured,
though it was ten days or two weeks
later in ripening.
Carrots are not appreciated in this
country as they are in Germany. In
Germany they are fed to nil kinds of
animals including the poultry. They
do the horses good, make more milk
and butter and of a rich color. They
may be fed to cattle nnd horses, or
cut with a spade in a box or a root
cutter. For poultry they should be
chopped fine. When mixed with
mangels, wheat chaff and a chop
made of straw or hay, put in a
half bushel of the fodder and a peck
of the roots. This is good for horses
when not at work, but when at work
put in some oats or bran.
We huve always believed that our
farmers would find sheep profit
able, if the land w dry enough. It is
of no use to attempt to keep sheep
on wet land. But a small flock on a
a farm will certainly ordainarily
prove profitable. As has been said
many times by us, and by others,
sheep furnish a convinent way for the
farmer to obtain fresh meats, a very
desirable thing for the o veruge fnrm
er ana his family. Diet is such tin
important matter thnfc it might
almost be said that too much atten
tion cannot be given to it. If our
pork which is eaten in this country
to so large an extent, was not the
best in the world, the health of our
people would be severely affected, for
our consumption of pork is very
large. We have always believed that
there was enough in this point alone
to induce farmers to ffo to raisins
beep. Then comes the profit, ana
we believe that a profit can be made
from sheep, taking all things into
consideration, evea under unfavor
able dmimstaBces.--Western Rural.
slarr J. Ilolmra.
A mono; the writers of fiction no name
is leller Luonti .r better loTed tbnu
lliat of Mary J. Holim-a. hhe is an m-li-fatip-able
worker, nnd while tbe boms
from U until ''i are usually sin-ut at her
leak, it is no uiiCuuiiitoii tiling to M-e
Iier Waiiderinir anions her flowers ill ln-r
larse ell lille l vard; the latter fci-jai-ruted
by a trellis from the stuootii. eveu
lawn iu front It it Terr pretty, 1 lie
low, luo.i.l rottnire with its broad piazza,
its cosy nooks and comers, ita bay win
do s, its ferns uuil flowers, with while
iiiatlilo statainy .lenmiti tliroiiL'h Ibe
trees. Veeiit"-r first Ibe wide liall with
ita nnrm lights uml birda ami kx from
these to t-bedrauiiig rooun.; the arrange
ments of the rooms are wholly iincoii
vetitioua!. Here e find rare ami costly
I n i tit! n N. from foreiu lauds; there a
rare bit of eliinn, no fragile that we fear
lest it melt like n Kiiowtlake mid vanish
from eijlit. Wh enjoy to the utmost
our that visit to Kionrt cottage, ami we
listen to the full, soft, ri-li toues de
scribing a visit to Vesuvius ami the
but ied city of i'ompeii, we are charmed
by onr charming hostess and conic au ay
delighted with our visit.
When Dobbins' K'ectric Soap was first
made in 1S0I it i-o.t 'JO rents a bar. It is
precisely the same ingredients and quality
now and doesn't cost half. Buy it of your
crocer and save your clothes. If he haen't
it, he will jet it.
Opium 4 lilna.
A Tellow book, recently published by
order f the inspector u'cnt ral of cus
toms in China, discloses mi enormous
development iu t lie native production
of oi'iuin. There ftfo ten dislriets in
which the native article is hiraely in
use. Iu some fuses it 1ms driven the
f'ltein opium out of the market, and in
many the two an; blended. Ju i dis-
tii t the n it 1 1 tin 1 production is i-stinnitod
nt x,(KM),(,(ii) in value, and the funny
lliiu about it is Hint this all noes on iu
spile of sroveniiiiellt prohibition. At
llii rale the opium tihde ilidii-uity in
Jndiaisiu a fair nny to settle iisoif.
London Truth.
IJrrlrl'in I'il j S . Julv SI.
The luCLiett man in Meridian, for the pnet
month at leHHt, is Mr. S. Weil, proprietor
of t he Kxchange saloon, comer of Second
street and Twenty-second nvciiue. He
true-it tbe i.ouininna State Lottery a t its
.'uly drawing for the neut sum of $5 000,
bi ticket being one-t went iet ti oF ticket No.
r 8 (107, nhitli urew the $1UO,000 capitul
pr ze.
Mr. Weil hns bien n citizen of Meridian
for about a yen r, coining here Troin L'uion
( ity, Teun., and oliile be ban at times
been iiitensted in clubs," his purchase for
this month wbh the second time he had in
vented in the Louisiana .State Lottery in
dividually. The on. nth before he was lucky enough to
draw $10. Then he and Mr. 'V. 11. Hall
sent to New Orleans- Tor $5 worth of tick
et; lo for eiich and one in partnership.
When the tickets arrived Mr. Wells- selected
his two, one of which dreiv the $5,000.
He sent his ticket to New Orleans by the
Southern Express Company, and as soon
naihe return could be made he received
hie S5 00(1 through the same medium.
Mr. Weil takes- his Rood luck modestly,
hut acknowledges that the drawinc of the
J5. 000 as an agreeable and a welcome
Ilnw to I .e Hammock.
She hail purchased a hammock from a
store on Wood word avenue, mid aa alio
received her clume she asked: ' .Arc
there any printed instructions to iro
with it?" "No. inii'iim," replied the
clerk. "You awing it, to two trees, wait
for iv dark ni-lit malpractice, fulling in
uml rolling out. In a week, if von lire
persistent and don't mind thu bruises,
volt can ( to tlnit point, where you
can full in bi fnru a dozen people; but,
us to -citing' out. vim had better put iu
another week on falling down stair find
brin-ing up graceful iu the full." Tid
a m.w m:i' aim ( it:.
S..IM Trnlna Itclu.-ru IIhooIIiuI.
and All.llll, leliis. 'I hrolluli Sleep
ing HI. Mrltve.-ll il-HU Mill! .a-
T.-.K.n, M. Lniiii uml Au.llii, and
linn.a. 4 ll) and Kan A Iu.
On Aucustll. Ih8'.), the Missouri, Kan-
shb & Jexus I'hiiIvvmv iiiaii"urt.ed a new
quick train service on ita lines, reducinc
time lllliterially between St. Louis.
tJniiiiiuHi. ami ivausHS V.IIV limt 1VXHS
points. Solid trains are now running be
tween Hannibal and Austin, Tia Sedaba.
Fort Scott, Il-nison, Fort Worth. Waco
and Taylor. These trains carry through
sleepers between Chicago and" Keniaon,
herin;.n, Dallas, Houston and Galveston,
also through sleepers between St. Louis
and Austin arid (Jalveston, and Kansas
City and San Antonio, via Taylor and Aus
tin. The equipment of these trains is
strictly first class nnd of modern desisn
roiiHistiuf! of hnndeome day coaches ami
comfortable smoking curs, in addition to
elegant free rerliniiu; chairs (bet ween 8eda
lia and Hannibal) and Pullman buffet
sleeping cars to ooints above mimed.
1 nuns No. I. and 4 enrrv thronzli sleeiiers
to and from ('liiiiiK i and (ialvestun. in
nnection with the "HarliiiL'on Route "
and the Houston t Texan (V.trul Rail.
way. leaving (..'hiciis'o at 5:45 p. m., arriv
itiKat Kansas and Missouri points next
morning, and Texas points- the following
day. Leaving Kansas and Missouri
points in the nltei-noon and eveniui?. iiri-iva
(,'hii'Hgo !);lr next morning, connecting with
eastern iii"rniug trains on all roads out of
Chicago, effecting a saving of from five to
ten hours tu all eastern points. See that
your tickets read via the Missouri. Kansas
it Texas Railway. For tickets and further
information apply to nearest M. K. dt T.
ticket agent. Gsston Memlikb,
U. T. A T. A., Scdalia, Mo.
The last of the Mohicans was nrobablr
designed for a Lo ii step.
Hie n-XYel.
In addition to the uneoiinled Dinine Car
Service between Council bluff and Denver,
the Union Pacillc, "The Overland Route,"
will on Hiiiidny, August INth, and daily
therealter, run Dining Cars lietween Coun
cil Kbiffs and Portland. Ore., on "The
Overland Flyer," leaving Council Bluff at
i joo p. tn., Omaha B:15 p. in.
J heae cars are models of excellence, and
the best meals the market affords will be
furnished at 75 rents.
' One may lie' belter than Ids reputation
or his conduct, but never better than bis
Eend two rents in stamps to K. L. Lo
max, General Passenger Agent Union Pa
cific railway, Omaha, Neb., nnd secure a
handsomely bound ropy of Outdoor
Snorts and Pastimes, containing complete
rules for Lawn Tennis, Croquet and
liall, free. Just issued.
Early and provident feur is the mother
of safety.
Borne persons, ir-etead of "putting oft
'lie old uan," drees hisu up iu a new
Allajrt Burch, West Toledo, Ohio iaye
"Hads Catarrh Cure nave. I my Hie."
Wilte him for particulars. Sold by drus-ftsU,7Ge.
Wholly DersnseoflUe Criminal farcies
Bfssofthefareiils-Huwrarepts. bya
Ijnk4.flr-antienam(arf, aif le-
.pansiblefurlUeUciiths uf their Cliil-
Loi: Sot Is the streets of the ritr. not In tiie
.., but lost U Ihe l'reninhrtith desis: Tus
report ol the atsnluflleallS is New York shows
thai mm thsn oot-lhlrit of sil deaths durlne Uie
summer are children. Coolers luUatum. leelhlns.
,,,.,!. ui.hdo trmi-sil re st wsr who
tlieliulecreslurewbomim ibe psrenn sr.lems
dulTtorro'eet. Nesrlvs esessil deslhs nilsht
win .,a !eJ. Ksrents tSouslillely neslwl
uis.r chilaiva. but Ibe) sre none Hie le tTlsiinslly
rrm" ale. Wu the lenJer rhikl th.l he.fea
L trul " lJ no "ail lor the piroseli of ml
B,s hul'lonlfy ill. mile scsiusl Hie IrrnOle
laiaiv slts.nns snrl hnj uer Some lo III child.
k"1 tli.-e.-riil. r.iesiuilelsn.tuiel w lo do
rh',i,si-..lhebe.l. l-ut i..:e..'t '.'"
ii, e.n k'lller in ll child ImuiU Usl. I
I tl Uie fern, will prerrnt di.p.v- It IS wonder
ful whal an elterl Ihia ailuple precaulloa DM. OUS
m.aaer. wrltiniiou tbe aubjeet
-Money rould not irinpl me lo so Ihrmim ine
aunoner witlionts b..lll of l'err liarls s fa.n Kill
!; st baud. I lol one .had that I am certain
e,,ol.l uae hwn sared had I used ibis remedy, and
I bse alars fell reapoiisihle for u death. .None
it my children bare since len !- durlns Ihe suin
"jer. which ladu. lo my car. ud lbs Ires uaa ol
FTerJ'are thonsanda of parenw followlns the same
eourse. and the i-..nlaat u.-allli ol their .Juldreii la
tl.sir reward. No parrul can sft-rd lo risk III hie
of a child when u sure sad ainiuls s mesas ot salo
ly cma be secured.
I'oalilirli cured l)
(hear l.lllle nils.
Tlier also rehere D.p
trpaa front Pysji-jia,Iii
dinealioa ani TooHearf -l-jtitnc.
A iterfsct rem
SVER for Dlz7.iiis,Naiiae-
Iirowalueiui, had la-U
mi the Month, CoatiJ
r'ucne,l'ain in the hiuV
ToKHID l.IVlJt. The-i-e'tilale
tha Bowola
1'ilrslv ratable.
I'rlcr 2S Crnli.
CAHTZ2 lilli:r.3 CO., 1SL
Small Pill, Small Dose. Small Price.
Ely's Cream Balm
i m-
Apply r.H.m into wicli nostril.
KltOs.. Wnir- u ... X. V.
Big Package el Photo
A le full wntirti Ipst-rlfllons (inrlwl.
iut, rreldrtvr:) at rf(rUW
Who MsVlit to (WTTfsfitilid lisf fun OF
BiAirirofiiit. roi (n p,aln tws.l-d -uwl-V
fuf nail IU U. Waiir if mir livljr
Hi 1111 Vrt rt tmftful ui vshhi.
(iir lull Arwi (.(km of fourwir ejtd 4
eimt !-! of ih lsvli with mbm
:! Wi.h l.rorrI-.L'l. Ad'lrcu.
TIlP tif't f'-r il I H-fiii" njul C"il ! n, (J .t
rMinntf n.nt !ur iihv of 11. Ml ,! 1
mil (!r t'l.j . llii 1 h -1 1 v-ii n h j f t v1 a- . .!,.-, i.r
r"r.-r.r.-t ftiturc 1 .!tHiiltr 'ItiLt- Ui il., iwl
W it in I'n mt , uutl I: I uinM t .,i rM 1, i.t. i.c,
twillnts.,1. liirH hhie I- K in(- itmi himI Miii
piy i , II -fii.Ki V !r-t Nnu mil lijiiik Oinli:i. Neh
ISf foir liuytiiBT (irulri,
r'i our cir tiinr, Ment Free?.
The Altllnr pruducer. Wnrtn
M..ia, ffrfrcl lllii
tlunt keeps (Ire orer nmtit and
Ii cleanly, ilurni com, cunfj,
wwd or gas Can be plpeo to
cnriju;on thimni?y, nr t like
other grate, and cn be run at
. i-1. i i any mner.
'5a5t2s3 ddre ALDINE MFC. CO.,
HrnilijiiartTS for Hau l 1 list minriita. Drum 1:1,11,
l.ulli.r.. .Iiln-rs, llaniii,i,-:,. Ktiii- f.
liialrmnf in ma,.-. F, ,., , p,,,,., M, '
Hut'l;. Ituh'l nu( n.-li, .1 lu.u- I1m F,'i...
Iiulnicttoi, ll.H.ks r..r all 1 1., r.i n.,m s Any .,.-.;.,'.
Itiir !n n..n.-r will m-rlvr a c,.y .,f llu, ,,J
kind of icooas whuii
"l"' "a I-,r priffl and -alalialll.a. .i.M,,,.
'i i iii:vi:u a hiio..
Oin..l,H, ,.h.
cssmcnts GuasANTccD to nr
. hy rftiirn mall full ri-r1 pi 1 v
'i'in-lihi rolMOODTBIEWTsII,
Any ludy of orilitiHi-v Hillli
irrniv can fasliy ami' nulukly
I'-srn to iut anil make any sar
inciit. In any slyl to any nii-as-iirp
(or lady or clillil. AriilrrHS
r The oldest medicine 111 t!w r,:la l j.roliaUy
Dr. Isaac Thompson's
bU.HKATI'.n I-.VK M AT1--
TIllR KttH'l. la. n.rlHU ...1 ... ..
I Al, I ION. 1 lie only (ri.u.ue ThoRiuaun'a I've
M Mrr l,a- ur-.n the hl, wrsp,.r , .".Toott iV,?,
l-nraitof tl.. lorenio,' D IsaarTHoiw,'
will, ,!,!,,. alirnatine: ,. , ,t. ,," ". "j
slrne. John I Th..mK.. A i'.II oM,.r. T eu
nine h-s Ha-jsrca.. boooutlnej from a)- U ti-',.","
A MONTH and nioro Is earned b.
a-railuates wno sueiu ii nlonlha or lens
at the t,lleKe. f,,nli adilress of 'U
rnends and -t tlrailsr nnd heautl.
tul ieckwn of iti,n,...i.... l-huu
ItolS se, , Ue,,d H.ortlisnd t,UBht'bT rrialh
mAAttM l, I. ,:. Hlri line, H,
ICIllK. 1 IVn. hamnlea. ca Ulc 1. 1 ,. .'.
vv., jnwuin VHrUlt'L, LrtJlin.
" -" VAIIU
LVIfinrBie meviiiFA " ' for oinw
1 mint iptiiui
rrUf sC.i-tft.miTmalL
MOVKI,L i a,.
Ctiarlcttto. u. Um
JflUlii ""' ? cur- '" J- u
bMpusiis, LsUaoa. ufels.
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Sup'ts of Schools and it; ii
College Presidents.
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