The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, September 05, 1889, Image 1

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    The Sioux County Journal,
I pittern. Proprietor.
; wi a. K
! -Summer hat and lrinmw at COsl,
JHAgggscnS-, 1TBB., SEPT. 5, 1889.
Tim. TM.
l iM V. By.. Pawner.
4 lv Harrison at l" a. m.
Lt 14' I!iUTlson Bt 2:51 P- M-
girrM Sarkft.
C iv.
rt p,,r lW 5. IV.
.turfed. Pr fl "'-
itoes pT bu. V.
bun. ner bu. It.M.
A ifap Frw.
JfTTWAl. has made arrangements
U it run offer an indnif ment t.
Wrupof clulw. Any person who
,ureforu four new sulwriUrs
t for a year in advance we will
lymoMof Banil, McNnlly 4 Co'.
irtinoal map' of Nebraska. The
s,ta small, clwap affair, but is
aches on heavy rmer, mounted
Ln !t is the latest map ismied.!
Lriht nf June 1. I1"9- ftml ,"r '
as to show all tli new counties
.ami railroad. Now is llio time to
Lone of tliese ma) FREE. Tlie
V price of these maps is T2.0O, and
Winy one to purchase one ol
te will order it for them. A sam
( th map ran be Keen at thin office.
lywirfteighhors and get tliem to nub-
tor The Jours At, and assist you to
mif All lubscrihers in clubs will
sjttva our premium paper, the
Faro Aca, without, extra
-fmb brown and white bread, cake,
trd cookie at tins restaurant
fimi Brooks the west side butcher.
unomr our advertisers thin week.
innta all to come and nee them.
-I. it 1 aniels brought us a sample of
Vn and lito one of sugar cane which
tot fcnd to make people feel at all
Vwnuiwlwith Hioux county. When
i -
aaUiubdued good crops will fol-
0& lart Saturday afternoon Sani
. formerly of thin place, shot a man
name of Fred Bishop at Alliance.
ouoded man died the day follow
i itto in under arrest awaiting the
'-It if In tor ner's Inquest.
... i t ftr. rnlimmr at utmost
pltn of the Kay and night of late.
pnst number of cattle are beim; sent
fietnatVetat present. And v..t we ar'
!ormA lal the shipment this seiison
ui . mum waller tton formerly.
Tl) contract was let on lsixt Mondav
fortliciKw rwidtme of L. J. Simmon.
It it to be built
P court bouie. W. E Porter has the
"uct, m tha houne ig to e ready
wunnicy by the first of NovemW.
H. Andrews
O---.. a win . . . j
trunk to him at Home pl.ue down
"isrht b. had rmiiA htern in remain
r"0'. but in thia we were diHal-
-Tht impeachment caae against E. D. ,
'Xrlee tornm up before th county
""iwonen. at 1 o'clock, p. n., to-day.
rVe niimk- - i -. t ,
WoV0f interct la being taken 19
-m. O'Conner arrived Uwt week
Wa.vne and on Tuesday his family
o that he Is now a citizen ol
unt,. Mr. O-ixinner was here
PriK and secured land and
proceed to make a home for
ro'snd family on it. He brought
J 1 "umber of cattle and horses with
Dr. Fiah., o i Ml
L ' wnunrn A. ai. juyioi,
I ns ben verv sick, but is now im-
l!u' but It. Fisfier will be up again
"day. He is seriously conUmplating
"BK bare to IkU, and it is to be
thatna will a . ir 1. t,iu-hlv
nenuad bv soma of ourneonle who
.T0" lMt ThunwUv a spark from an
W1M l ! ... . I..
v iirv u) iiu a-ntu a faw mil""
f town. n. i.. the
V I w, , I UU. VI. WW
t-od the Hr preud rapidly before
C T0" "ind. A lanre amount of hay
"n Dul. 1111 In k.. l nliln and a
- 1 t.mi i'. w j "
MysUcka were consumed, and
, -uoa nay land burnei over, me
Jtdsd to the pine ridge nd w
I. 'TwI ft good deed of timber wa
....IT! ji.
- Elegant Those 5 cent prints at W
a. 1 Tti(.nin's caJ, st,,re.
-I o not fail to call on The .ukusal
if Jou want a ni. e job of printing done.
-J-onley. P, A Pollard liavej.lenty
of money to ln on improved farms at
the m.t ivawjnal.le raWx of unv firm in
hioux county.
Ifyou pro. ure a loan of fV.nUv
ReidT A lol!:inl you can pay it off and
prrK ure a larger loan wxt year without
additional cot.
("4n.lidate. for 1 -nunty ofTn e, are can
vassing thi town and count v to uAA
with tlie filit i. i.ins. and K a A Thomp
son are llm' I t pouuls of evajwrated
j Jiint as we 150 to pre- we learn of
I the death of the daughter of Mr. anil
Mr. S. L. R. Maine, who has Ln sick
I for some time. Tlie parents hav the
1 ttvuiliaihv of all in iiieir
I he puoiie m'IumiI oiensl last Mon
day w ith Asa I avis as princiil. Tlie ,
a'U-nd.tnce was imt lare hut innnv
more w II prol al Iv ! add. d to the roll
in a vhort t.iii".. Tin re is some talk that
an ad.htioiial h-:u her will lie needt-d, but
none will I employe.) for the present at
'A. A Weir entertained a numln r ol
his Uu helor friends last Thuisilay even-
1 inir. Of course Mr. Weir deis'iided on
his mother and Mster for assistance, but
the repast was served in tlie bachelor
ouart'-rs of the voiuuf L'entleman. A
pleasant time is reHirte7 by those who
were present.
In our loliiinns this week
th mlvertisetn.'iit of the City Restaur
ant This is under the management ol
Henry Snyder, and all who wish board
bv tin- (lav or week, or if vou are in town
and want a good dinner, give, him a call.
He is located one door north of the black
smith shop on Main street.
The entertainment given by the la
dies at the church on last Friday evening
was well attended and the program was
highlv enioved by MLTherejsnojpjes:
tion hut such entertainments can lie
made both interesting and instructive
and we hoie the attempt will re
peated in the near future.
W1 the names of your friends in
the East who ih to visit you, or who
,.ra MH-kmir new Imations, to J. K. ti
chunan, Cen'l Passenger Agent of the
iw,nt F.I I; horn & Missouri Valley it
R, Co., Omaha, Neb., that he may send
!l.,... infnrniul ion ft lativeto the "une-
iiuriii niM.'t --
Fare Harvast Excursions," which occu
fjnptembcr 10th and 21th, and Oct 8th.
A Word to the Wise Is Sufficient.
We have a large and complete stocl
of General Merchandise, and desiring 1
1 r vr oatn.natre we have made ;
great reduction in prices in order to
make room for our Tall unu
.....t, . worsted dress goods, flannels
.,t tens, woolen hose, tobogins,
, etc. We have made prices
on our .summer pwds w tlt you can
well alfonl to buy no and save at least
... ..... ,.--.., IhinL's. ov is jo
Mrs. W. H. Fjaniell is imnrnvino- fiv,m
tier rent severe illness.
Countv r.immiuui.vnu. ,'.;i
.'e.wiuir j was
at ( hadron last Friday and returned
.Tuiuroay. j
l ave Bartlett is down in this vicinity
living on his claim, and visiting his
many friends here.
W. IL I avis Is assisting Mrs. Carlton
in the post office during the absence of
ins latlier.
S. W. Cox went to Chadron Tuesday:
E. I). Satterlee went down the road on
1 uesdav
14 pounds of new '88 prunes for f 1,
at Rosa &. Thomuson's.
For the best 5 cent cigar in town go
to Rosa & Thompson's.
To get the lowest price3 in town go
to Rosa & Thompson's cash store,
Nebraska State Fair.
Excursion tickets on sale Sept. 5, . to 8 1
inclusive, eood returning until Scot. 14
inclusive: to Lincoln and return at $15.88
for round trin.
At the meeting of the board of
countv commissioners last week a good
deal of business was done. A large 1
number of hills were acted on, many be-
T. I'' . , , I ing allowed, but we did not call until it
U I. f-av.s left on Tuesday on the lhe ds in fu
east-bound train.
Attorney I). B. Jencks, of Chadron,
came up on Wednesday on legal business.
Joseph II. Montgomery called on Wed
nesday and lianded us some cash 011 sub
J. B. Cherrington gave us some cash
on subscription yesterday.
L (). Hull left on yesterday for a busi
ness trip to Oelrichs, f'uk. He will lie
ahs-nt aliout a week.
S. B. Colfee and wife were in Harrison
Marshall Trimbur spent sfme days at
'amp Crook last week.
J. II. Truax made a business trip to
'raw ford on Monday, returning Tuesday.
Mi's. John I. 1 avis left last week for an
xtended visit to relatives in Valley
countv. y
Miss Ida Staimard accomiianied her
father on his return home on last Monday.
B. Rosa returned to Chadron on
Wednesday. He is well phased with the
business of the firm at this place.
J. 0. Armstrong was up from Rush-
viile on Monday on business.
W. R. Smith made a trip to Van Tassell
on Wednesday.
D. H. Griswold Uule adieu to his moth
er and cousin on yesterday when they
Warded the train for their home in Iowa.
Gcoree Bowen returned from Hot Ht INKY
ij ...
Springs, tak last Saturday, where tie
i,..,l lpn for some weeks, lie receiveu
for this issue. A tilun submitted by D.
Klein for a bridge in White River pre-
. , 1
cmct was accepted and bids will be ad
vertised for. Bids will also he called for
to complete road No. 33. the road par
tially made by M. J. Carroll. In the
White River precinct saloon esses Han
dy & Stetson filed a bond which was sat-
isfactory and the clerk was directed to
issue license upon the presentation of a
voucher showing that the .r)00 license
fee had lieen paid to the county treasur
er. Ho far no license money nas oeeo
paid in and we are informed that the sa
loons are running without license,
the proprietors prefering to take their
hances on beinsr prosecuted. Hie Mon
trose bridge was accepted and warrants
ordered issued.
Will lead direct to the Ranch Supply house, Harrison, Nebrmak.
Without Change of Cars,
- Where you will find U
Largest Stock of General Merchandise
-real benellt from the nanisms rue... ..-,, . T a nn atT. HnTTRS
tism almost entirely ,., k,
c V. A. Weir and hisl -ail ana see us .T '
. . .. p , lrt (nr the east. Thel
sisier, -uiss juiiuu.i i-.v
time to buy.
, ,, unit secure a bar
Rijka & ThoMI-son
Ithe formal change in the control of
,ie Bank of Harrison occurreu
Monday. The deal was closed some
! . ii for sake of convenitnc
Uie change as not liuule until bept t
. , : nf invsldinsT oe"'"
' t.. Ilo lues i" 1 , .
. 1 ...:n 1, ensed to
i..r as cashier, unu i" .
hilVe all call and see him whenever -ey
, aveany business in the bsnKing
" ..... -111 find him a pleasunl
and our peopie - -... do
and accomn.odating gen "
ta,n'" - I" Lt he will o,n an
fe-sion. ...
' ... .. in K.main in oiu
to know that ne -
''ounty' . a cood deal of
For some in..- r- - .
... 1-.,, imme on in te
nleet.ngso,v .e' . of.
l0 t,ie paying of hi, h &
fl,er8, etiair ...- d the
v,,.t t.inir a minority com
salaries, but ts-i ng
d08- mJasviH rshal and
every tix Pyr ln 11 8 " T ,npr in
"ti-.n need mode w
"TV :" r,,ri,,ed the duties ol in-
.imply a question o,
- ... tho amir
.... ' 14-of such an Olliceru- -
flee, it was sir
f 1 ...
necewj - . . koW II llie
ty of the town to pay
other high sauin.-- - jt wi
the example 01 of the
.how that mey flgnp
lown at heart, w sh(ip0.
ln''"er r::; authority that
,'We have it ( ,,t the 2H
!the heaviest tax pa r , (t) not pro
nij1 u ,eVy '''Vthe legal l-vy.
p" o r? ?1hI, .t all t' ,"e,,,,!CrS "
ItatotaW, -'l J;rs. Hn,.lh and
the lssir.1 w,i j-- - allvan,e vne
D.j,uiff in their el",' ,
WARN & BROOKS, props.
Fresh Fish, Game and Poultry in Sea
West Side Main Rtreet,
Harrison, Nebraska.
In the county,
City Restaurant,
SNYDER, Proprietor.
Boarding by the day or week at
lowest living rates.
At Prices as Low as the Lowest.
No ahoddy goods Every thing first class.
Ko old stock New goods continually arriving.
Call on us when in town and wo will give you a SQUARE DEAL
former goes to the Omaha and Lincoln
fairs, and the latter will visit menus ai
1 r Oliver Fisher, of Whitney, was
he.-e on Monday to attend Mrs. Taylor.
The doctor is favorably impressed wun
Harrison, and thinks of coming Here 10
locate. He ordered The Journal sent to
15 pounds of rice for 1, at Rosa &
-Prices down! DOWN!! LOW Mil ai
Rosa & Thompson's.
Little Cottonwood.
Water melons are rijie.
o ems and irreen beans
Tint beautiful moonlight and those
rine water melons are iemp" -
to the boys,
r, , T.iiv sold a load of water mel
ons at the Post last Saturday and anoth
er load Tuesday of this ween.
Jake Grove is cooking at um
J'-ot has sold his pre-emption
to John Graham and has taken a home-
, ..i:..::r,,r Mr Snears 011 100
, aujo.."."b -
.. a r.,r,l is nuttinir up hay nr
.. ..j m the Circle Bar ranch. -
iir. Anuc'..., .
Mr. Anderson is supplying u. -
camps on Cottowood with nee..
' is now running at fvll
llie mo uuv. - ,
!., heinc five camps in u.e
ey, each employing about twenty mex
besides those wno uo w 0-
Bointy Items.
Still fine weather and haying is abort
over. . in
Wntcon and Nr. do.
tewford recently making the. prepare-
uonsio -
G. A. Greger made a ca 1 uu .... r-
enU the 80th. Hew "0U""K wm
ihts at Ft Robinson the other day.
sights ai j u hou
Mr. Hill Has mov.. -
on his claim. Hehasagoou .
, t. Holly will apply ior
PiSh school at district No. 0 is well
. hab. . .. . ...i. .nneed. It would
, -end gentleman
k ... .. lai-ftirn Oil
would drop in and give u -
the Scripture oronn---
John Loutzennwr ..
"""" , r,.nlw moved
Frank's claim, sir
'ft TiST! sister cme home the
a,s Ho will return to the ranch in
. 11.. jtii
Wyoming , . , ow (,ays
Wild fruit is ueo'ft .
b,s.y. Ouiningan rying
the order of the uayw.w.vwisT
... . An.....ria lawns, B cents per
y worth 10. .t&Thomp.
and we will give you the worth
of your money.
Main Street, a Harrison, Nebraska,
Jones Verity.
We have recently strengthened
the firm by the admission to part
nership of Chas. E. Holmes, one of
northwest Nebraska's ablest law
yers, who will pay special attention
to law and land practice. We shall
continue to make the very best
terms on farm loans, and invite all
to confer with us before signing ap
plications with other parties. If
you need insurance on your build
ings, want to start a contest, or
make entry of government land,
come and see us at the old corner. ,
To Loan
We Christensen
Wholesale and Retail
A large and well selected stock
at prices to suit the times. Agents for
nhadron. - Neb.
Conley, Reidy & Pollard,
Sioux Co. Farms
ifc i
: m
. 1
- 1,1