The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, August 29, 1889, Image 1

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-J black i
, NEB., ATJO. 29, 1889.
Sioux County Journal.
''oil lad. L..II Vr
nu in
ikm mm mm k
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TlnfT .'
tlM.V.)V.r;wr. j
f !-. I' '-" at 1 0 ::t S. M.
I I il .. .. .1 -1 1 ! Vf
P ;""
hmnJ I i(.rrl.nn Market. - t l
t,v 1'.
-. and Htu i P"r !00 " '
Yj;.h. ". Imi.
I I l-Vim. Tgw.
I M n i'T---v'-
lirerv light shower visited
- m Tuesday.
I Sutton lias hi i"w residence j
- i.f IVTuia.l HHS lien.-... inn saw
i ik t u:.
.sii.V Waok bilk
.re' hav I" T I OtillT fl 111'
;(! farun -r .it prc-ciil.
LAw. H. Turner i now -mit nity
Li;'4l rvii.-! Second 'tri'i-t..
-fsh I r" n :'nil white bread, cakes.
Und ('! ai I'"' restaurant.
SrWm Pollard has liis new home
U-ltt'd ,'in 1 H. T. (oriley 1 moving
-M.1. irf"i is building a commo-
:-eon h-r ' l.'Diil a s!iort (li)-ta!ire
hoi oft" iin.
' -J. It. fVmk U Imvim; a stoiic -j.ritiir
:' VjiI lit Inn Ap-v'e Springs xti k
lv. t
-Ml. !,! i-s. W. IL Inrmill we-
U-piiuml K'rl "t ti:ir honlc hit
All our.n-rrii-d lire doinj; w.-l).
-P.'j! tlw ijiri) of Amiw ninl Arm-
M;Br.,m nyanl to ttclN. Tin-
limsw all mntk-rs and are nftor buii-
-One morn liam i? to- MTtiHHwbftv
iniian oflikins fKjwdcr for lifty i'ntt.
I Jnrkit lliw wii-k at R-ini li Supply
1 b
-The board of county romniinsioniT
w in wion yestenliiy, but tlm rt-i'on'
n nrit made up in limf tl p"t nt rr for
fcn iii.
-J. fl. Wnrn ha rvntwl the Wm,
MmoctKiim prjKrty for a mmt murkpl
mi tl td t-r tin, moved 1111 lii idiiirti
north of tnwn.
-A (km- occurred at Andrew.' hall
HlM Fridnv pvrriiiifr- Tin; attpniliinri'
Wsnot lar'p, hut those pn.'-nt report
ipfewant time.
-A numljer of prviul tattle train
hvt f.sed through here lurin th"
pt eek. Tlie tuttle MnptrtiiK'
Kwouphly open. F. M,uHr. ha, put in a ifrin.linjf
Iflar4us at his farm in thn riorlh part
Mttreronnly. He jn ,er fcr
invvog uiachin' ry.
The tbip) ipiarterly m.v.lini,' of the
M. E. cimnh occurred on hist Sundav.
I f
wrwnent was ndmimstered aiid),, w..,a lomkI plan for some one
"""'' nwnilM addw to the hur. Ii.
-rtitnost every tniin hrir.Ki in new
r"p!e wIk, bewiiin residnt, and many
i liein taken
"Hlyaml the future of Sioux county
" bright.
Bert Carrier presented this otlice with j
""espples alKjut the Kiz of croquet
WU. and oh, to ilehciom,! "Folk in
jj"1 iit us a whole bnrr.1 hk em,"
"t explained.
T. B. Suyder bus a tanl in thin issue
'liidi i of interext to all the owiicr of
iti-heg. Mr. Snyder ha liad 1111. h ex
friioce in cluanine; and re)aiiing watch
land will give you m nervejs.
-Tlw Indies of the 1 hurch will give a
"xml and literary entertainment at the
.dlllrch on lO-nir,m,w iPriilnvl evenin":.
An interesting program in heme; prewired
""I pleasant tiino is ex Ducted. All are
Corti'J !' invited to lie Drehent.
-Hmj layiii),' of the Bida walk to the
WH by tlie town authorities ha been
"opM nd it will douhlleoK be coin
P'Usd by the townite touiany who
own tlie lots. The walk arraiierI
"ould have cost more than the statu ten
Ilow in kucIi casea.
A oumlx-r of the old soldiers have
Mien in favor of oruniiii"; a 0. A. R
Post here. Jt would be a good plan for
owe of them to get the necessary pa
PM and give the matter a start. This
wn is getting large enough so that it
would have Home civic societies.
-Sheriir Pfout wuh ut Lusk' on Tues
to identify wnno men they were
'"(f. Kunriosed to be horse thieves.
" of the men made a break for lils-rty
hort time before the train arrived,
l Kave Ui olllcers a livtdy chase for a
oupl 0f miiy hvfora he was iught.
Oaialia Fair and Espo-llion.
Excumion tickets on sale Heptei'1''''
' to 5, inclusive, good returning until
StpWtnkr 7 Incrusivo; to Omaha and re
fctU.4t round trip.
"l Of, .
t The 1
-'0 f"l. ..ft"...
ie t I.i,! t
1 take advantage ( jlJr
';' ;; ..!
-'"ii:i,er',.,tsi,,.j ,
'niiiiniii-., at .,,.
at M;. Ix.utz iii,i.r',
Vm. wan! .liiiumI... 1 1
"nuii ol vi,,J
' r,l'' J'ONil. !!'.,.
f-ilto,,,!),,,, Thk ,(M.mi
an1 a n f ,.,,. ,, ...
Hie Inilil tl :i 1,. ,,,;i
1 1. tn.
i'l-!a tinii 'iiai-.iiii..l
'1111 17
'''! N'-H'I.VH.-se.
-H.ntf.,;.t that Thk Ju knm.
r"!"""1 '"Mall kii),lsf j
m a neat .! i...fv lu:,-lh, r
n-t: ...
on short
- fi,.,.y A p,,i,iril llav,nlv
of ne.tiev i., I..;,n on .t,,,.r,,ve, farms at
th-ne,.. rMn....hlera:.,.,f;lvrirni i,i
I SeiT-; i dlil.t v
y .'i 1 p.. up. ;t .,:in ,,f (!
I....1.. 1. II .
: " " 1 ";!;ir" V..11 eun pay it off and
.r- lire a Imm ,:- war wiil,i,ut
I addlt I' i:i 1 r,.
Having m-.l a nn-at inai K.-t in (H.
S l,ii:..tum lurddiii.', . i',,. u.-,t si.l,.
of Main t.r.-t. ve n,vit tin- tMi,ai;e
"f '' !"''-l:e. Waiin A I,i,.,,Ks.
Iw in. miIt Tiik .1'.i i:ai. , ii,,s w,
alfiio-t ai;y p,ip-r in th" l.ieted State
and l n m,ii ;iht ,iiiv'iii m H. ni.
"f I'-'p-'-1 ' i-'i-in a!s , an.! It.
and ran av- y.iii sjimt. ri!r,i,.-v.
J A. (.r-n i,.-, that th"
siirV'c.riof the Sioux l ily & l)-,.-n
railioa'l wi r- .niinu- nut
arn 's
this i 'o i ii t y , 1 r.i-.Mii' his
road fle n- inilil make t
pie f - . turn happy.
Alien tt .Wi-truiic I'ro. had the
n.i-f.'i t in.- t i j,-' t tlw-ir drill f.i-teneil m
the w, II tie v wen- putt. ie,' down fur G.
tliithrie, and will In; ohhed t,'i let il re
main t le re and i;..) u new (,ne. T;ey
jiy it will net li lorit; until they will 1
ri'iidv fur liieiie -s aaui.
Th" owie r of enni ari exienenc
1111 C'.ii'.iili i.iMi' trouhl" of late. Thi'n'
ih no on- I'liiiutn..' a h'-nl and the rows
i-annot in- allow 'd to run at lar"; on ae--ouut
-f lie-1 r.p-. There is no way out
eo up or lure a liei.ler.
Kr'iin pn--.-t.t iiidii -ation it will not
I- Ion:,' until xnvernnient land in Sioux
county will ! in pood demand. People
ar' ronnnh' in all the time and letters
nre l'in,' reieiv.-d almost daily from all
parti of the country asking in reipinl tn
the prospects of scrlirinir cheap homes.
Ther" is still plenty of room for all.
Send the names of your friends in
the East who wish to visit you, or who
are seekini; new liKsilinns, t) J. R. B11
i hanan, fl-n'l Pass-n'er A,'cnl of the
Fremont, F.lkhorn & Missouri Valley Ii.
R. Co.. (Jmalia, Neh., that he may send
them information relative 10 me whh
Fare Harvest Fxcursions," which occur
s..r.i..i.d..r lmh and 2-J:l),and Oct. Nil.
. Tj. j,),,., f a hml.hiif,' and loan as-
I ww.jiltiu is received with interest ly a
: iw r (Jf (Htr .()pj and some favor
ttie oriraiu
ti,in nf one ut once. II is a
...,..... u-iih n as to the advisability
of att.'inplin to orepanize one for
.. 1 .. 1 11,.. toivn eetsa httle larger.
1 i...,i .,..nVm' with Midi asso-
1 ""
ce.t,,,,., luL-et the matter lixed up so
that when the pruju-r time does come
.,,,..., . 1. maik' and an urbanization
ji. rns iei.
e . I
F.lkhorn & Missouri
Tim rremont.
V'.,ii,.v R. K. and the Sioux City &
Pacilic R. R- "The -Nortn-western
. . ,. ;ii .11 fi.lvls from all stations
',Lr lines at one fair for the round
lr the National C A. R-
at Milwaukee, Wis.
iv.nirades and others desiring to char
ter .slecp-Ts shoukl make their arronge-
melltS HI Ollte. ' n-- stations to Milwau
kee via Chirago without change
Cull on J. C Northrop, agent, I urn
, r,r write to J. R- Ih.chanall. (r. I,
' iirm i'n ctiai in '"
',,.....1.,. Neh.. for further infonna-
,-V) wi..1-'"-1' - - -
'lVe have Leant a good deal of talk
. :.....!. ,.r,st. week in regard to high
ouruiK 1
laraslotlices of this town and we Is.
hevealargeniajontyoftnetax yers
1 . ma liii"" it, uleasant for a
1, deal hke ,ving trihuf olilen
mesnndcrtesatofan .mtocra
cv which is not in keeping with our
for,,, of government. It is putting H-e
w , finances in Ul ' om
SI we have heard t,,y are g
wrse and worse all the tune. It w sufc
u-t a.i ti, rfr
5? Public money flnt
ltd for there is nothing to show for it.
deretiror iu jjj moa make
IhegrW 'It U'e water ,l.m
,t necessary tot
,l,HiUn,,'SV 7, ne
!yiTn tZ S of every tax pay
times. Jt !""- interest-t of
- ' -erla. il isiu tl
f county seat,
' Was !" Harrison Tuesilav.
-o i s has lieen j Hiirri,,, f,,r
U'K ,,a.v dnriie' (,.. ... i,;.,
Mr. aliJ Mr. T. IS. Sny.lw were in
Han i,,i !;isl Monday.
i-.N. Doyle a,,,) w ife, of iJou-laHS,
Vw.1sto1,1',J,;i ou la.t Satunfc.y oa
' h .r return from a -trip to the east" and
r"".aui.s in lUmson over Sundav. Mr.
""j if lias a farru north e,f he,e
a few
iiiih'saiio Ie- siw n. w .;; , i,,.,.,.
for the
ni'l time 111 some ym: s.
. I.. St. wart, representing the Lin
coln Newsp.i, r Union, und an old ac
Muriiiitance f Thk J.h-rnAi, in
Harri.,011 the first of the week, .,
Fl. Weir returned from RnsliviHe, (in
M'ltid.iy nun h ri freshed and is atfain at
liis post in the Ranch Supply House.
('. F. Carlet-m left on last Monday for
St. Louis, and will In; ahsent a couple of
V.crks. ,
. . , . . i
A. inirt uii.l ramily left for the ens,)
tii part of t!. staP; last Mondnv.
C K. Holm.-s, cashier of the Rank of
Harrison, to (,'hadrnii Monday and
returned y. -t'-nlay.
R. v. K. ,!. Fiins left on Monday
attend the Mi tl.;dist camjaiieetiii!,'.
S. II. Jinn's returned on Monday fmrn
.1 short visit in Wyoming.
L. P.. Ryder and I. K. Edwards, ol Cus-
mnl v, old in iiuaiiitaiKt's of IT. T.
- 'mill y, arrived in re on Mundiiy lookine
for a I01 -at ion.
J. F. ( ,'ook was m Hamsun 011 T'tes
dav. !. A. fireeu was in from Runnlnir
vat'-r irei 1111 1 on Tue.slay and called 'at
Till'. .lol HNAI. olliie iiiiil left a silhstan
tiiil token of "odd faith.
L. K. R' ldon retiiinej from (.'r.iwford
on Tuevlay.
('. H. Andrews has Iwn ou the .sick
list fur the past week but is now recov
erinir. I'r. 1). C. (iil)hs, of Crawford, came lo
ln:4it,sf 1 lud
i)r. Burgess as council in an important
Wm. l'eldon is sii-l; but not serious.
He. will proliaWy lie all right in a few
Iivi Pollard left for bis home in Cass
conntr on Tuesday. Iteforu leaving be
obtained an interest in some Sioux
county real estate.
S. R. Story was in Harrison Wednes
day and made a pleasant call at this of
Rev. R. H. Figgins will piwidi his
fn ru-el 1 sermon on next Sabhilth. Jie
leaves to complete his theological
course of studies. He has made many
friends here who will be sorry to have
him leave.
R. Wilson, of I-ake Benton, Minn., has
been here for some days looking over the
country with a view to locating. He is
much pleased with the country anil will
probably lie a resident of Sioux county
in a short time.
W. S. Penlield passed up the road last
Saturday to look after his mining inter
ests and . hatted for a few minutes with
acquaintances at the depot.
Fred Knott was in Harrison last Sat
urday looking after business and shaking
hands with bin friends.
C. E. (iowey was in Harrison on Sat
urday accompanied by his father from
Seward county. It is proliau.e mai. uie
latter will soon be a citizen of Sioux
Miss Inez Rosa came to Harrison on
.Sat urday and remained with her tat Her
over Sunday and they returned to Chad
ron together on Monday.
W. ii. Edgar, of the Chadron 7mo-
rrrtt, was in Harrison on r rimy.
W R. Smith left on Wednesday for a
little business trip down the road.
Frank Nutto was in Harrison tlie first
of the week.
J. H. Warn went to Grawloru Monuay
:uid returnd Tuesday.
E. B. Price added his name to our list
of readers last week.
C E Holmes, cashier of the Bank of
. , , , .... i.-..:.l,, re..,,.
Harrison, arrived Home nisi i-u.u.j .
Iir Burgee went to Crawford on
Thursday and returned Friday.
T H. Lee, arrived on Wednesday ol
last week from Red Oak, Iowa, to lire-
, If ...... fun, ilv to
pare a place tor nimseii j
A. E, Ramsey arrived a few days ago
from Red Oak, Iowa, anu wm
Sioux county his future home.
n it Smith was at Chadron the lirst
of tl'ie week, getting "P -'"'P of JJllWes
Miss Ida Hester will begin a tour
months term of school m Uiswici io. ,
i White Rivrpreciii(d, on- next- Hon-
i; filen Items.
!' Jo-lei ker is dit-'trinir a
well on his
:, ;a;111.
I U J. Majors fou
uii on his
( claim and tiled a contest on U.i
I perls tree elain..
dr. i-vtnirt ha.s built an addition to
las li use and also a new lxtrn.
The thrediin machine has come aud
?"'' and while small urain hxs not made
a full rop yet every one satis
iiid. Tie; general average was ulibut
ten bushels x r acre, while some patches
of wheat have yielded as hlfrh as seven
teen bushels jier ai i-p.
School coiiiiiienced in district No. 1 on
the tilth with Miss Martha Cachyas as
teacher. When is mux ifoinir to coin-
A. E. (rates has commenced hayiii";.
S. W. Kemp is hauling hay for C'has.
Litlle (ottonwond.
Slaking hay is now- in order.
Three saw mills running steadily on
Little Cottonwood these days.
Will Arner is bniklintr a new frame
"V'Uso on bis claim.
! the Sunnily school in (list ru t Xt. . is
said to have 110 rival in the county.
That little girl that came to Mr.
Spear' on .Sunday is just a little nicer
than any oilier in Nebraska, so .savs its
School w ill commence in district No.
3 the lirst (if next month with Chas.
drove as teacher.
The tie choppers are making gival.
havoc amoiiL' the pines at the head of
the Cottonwood.
Most everybody seems to be well
pleased with the proceedings of the Peo
ple's Convention.
Miss Adda Arner is superintending the
cuisine department at the new saw mill
and consequently quite a number of
bachelors are givmir the mill aud prem
ises I heie-ahoiit a very close inspection.
The undersigned have a line, new- drill
and are prepared to put, down wells ou
and at. living rales,
It will pay you
If Yqu Want a Well
to call on or addresss,
Amos & Armstrong Bros.
And the
one year for
To every one who pays for a year's
subscription to Thk Journal in advance
we will send them in addition, postage
paid, for one year the celebrated farm
paper, "American Farm News." Farm
News is one of the leading farm month
lies published and will prove of
Immense Value
To the set! lers of Sioux county,
is the time for
to take advantage of this offer of two
paiers for
Will lead dirnel to the RaucJi
Without Change of Gars,
Largest Stock of
At Prices as Low as the Lowest.
No shoddy goods Every thing lirst class.
No old atock New goods continually arriving.
Call on ns whoii in town and we will give you a'SQUAEK I)KAI.
New Store,
Will sell you goods for cash and save you money as th
Following Prices Will show.
Pacific robe prints, 5 to 0, worth 7 and 8 14 pounds best Turkish prunes,
Charter Oak " 5 to 6, worth 7 aud 8 14 " full-grain rice
Old Time " - 8, worth 10 14 " full-ring evaporated
Simpson satin finish prints 8", " 10 apples the liest -
Simpson linen finish prints 7, " 10 6 evaporated peeled Cal-'
Extra wide German prints 12 i " 15 fornia peaches
Turkey red Damask - 60" 75 g . evaporated jelly-cured
Turkey red Damask - 40 " 50 aprjcots
Summer dress goods - lil " 20
8J pounds granulated sugar
Imported sateens 16 " 20
Fine Victoria lawn - 10 " 15 sugai
Fine lace curtains 1.25 " 2.00 2 of Union aoap - -
Fine Turkish bath towles, 3 one-gallon cans apples
per pair, - - 45 " 75 12 pounds gloss starch - ,
Summer veiling 15 to 20 worth 25 and
We have a large and complete stock of
Dry Goods, Groceries; Boots, Shoes, and,.
In fact, "s
Every thing usually kept in a gen
eraf store.
Rosa & Thompson.
Supply house, Harrison, Nebraska,
you will find the-
General Merchandise
the county,
New Pricey
35 I
9 sheeting
27 worth 3?
s 1
$1 00
t i
4 Vf