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    The Sioux County Journal
on Wl JW. Jfc
r Roadster, w,
and Wrk p0j)
- - -
id el selected
lie limes. AgJ
ui;u'hino t-
ie of tlie
ur3 and m
keve l
1 and f
UK sioux county i - - um u, Bubwrilje fof Ti)g
r .) , JonMAL m,,
D : I
pittfrvm, ' ProprMor
Timf Table.
f E. 4 M- V. By., Passenger.
rpit leave Hamn at 10:3. A. M.
,,.4 fcav Harrison at 251 P. Jt
HarrlHi Market.
latter, l'f.
fc 10c.
fwltrv, per dor. $2.00 to fif.
flits per 100 B 1.40
jjrt, JUT II") D' li-K'.
Bran, per 100 B fl.10-
Fwd. ilK'I'l". Ir 100 n fl.33.
pcUtoe, prr bu. BOc.
frr.-fcuni, r pal. 50.-.
0nn, per liu. $1.50.
gw, fr bu. f 1.00.
on short
special rar containing Supt Ma
il ent wert Tuesday.
-Hie Harnann House ha bwn rw-
hr brightened up by the lihefal us
Dr. fo. Staffer Imi opened an
the room formerly occupied by
Jocrs.U. office.
The first Quarterly Mwtinf of the
t Church of thi place will be held
Sunday, August 2Jith.
-J. W. Hunter has takfcn hi herd of
Vsfeto hi farm mirth of the ridge,
We b can liandle them to better tul-
J -ThelumU-r is ling delivered for
wn:" phikr, mm it win not lie
tes until tliey are laid. Thus improve-
Driltl go on.
-Armstrong Brn. received their new
Tiption a The
-Je want a number of In!, of wood
-Hon t forget that The .Tor., ...
r. ,.4 u, Uy an kind of job
... . .....V U ma,,,,,,,.
ofn,,.I.,yto(K1(mjnipmvwl f;imis
the most reasonable rates of anv flrm .
nioux county.
I If you pr,K iim a ,yM of C(.
I Rcidy 4 rollnnl VOIl run no'. It a- i
i".' "u una
procure a l.., lliin w ,
auu:uonai cot
-R-memU-r Tiie Joms.u. club,, with
almost Hm rui ;,i ii... ir..., , r. . .
. ... llR7 i, in mm ntates
ani wtien you want anything in th line
of xi,en, r,, call an. nee us
and we can mve you some money.
In the advertising columns of this
iue nparH tlie pror.-sion:.I .nnl of Iir.
F. I). n.irKe. He arrived l,re on Lmt
J Thurwlay and li.-iscome here to stiiy nn.l
.woneoius. lie has had a numlier of
year of experience a a physician and
our people will find him a pleasant gen
tleman, and we welcome him to Harris
on, tint oiiicetx one door east of the
Commercial Hank.
-iiu uie iiiim."f or your iriends in
the Fist who wish U visit you, or who
are neekini; new Im-ation, to J. R. Bu
chanan, f'r.n'1 Patsenp-r A pent of the
Fremont, Elfchorn & Miwuri Valley R.
22, 1889.
NO. 40
present Lillie Jfcjine js sufftrine- f,m
attack of diphtheria.
v.nanes Llark retni-no,! f..
f,, . . lltIM
uuuiron on list Saturday.
Jolm Ragland was in Harrison on Sat
urday find Callu.1 -( . fn r.
. . al uui uime. ne says
nomestea.i,n? m Sioux coumy
renting a farm in the east.
hi! drill tl drst of t lie wx-W n,l n.
tenl in nuttilur down a well for fl ' Um'll,!. that he may wnd
wthrw, of the Buffalo fJap Liimlier Co.
-A oir-l'Ktd of oods arrived for
I" Stephen, wlio Yum a piece of land a
erf dwumce iiouth of tin place, on
TinAf-and liavre leur Ukeo to hi
home which will aoon be occupied
lr himself and family.
in tun twttie appear tlie card of
Iftiameii Simmon & Conley, wlo offer
iar crvK-et a dremmakeni to the la-
l hVriwn and vicinity, and they
ID be pleased to take your orders and
panujtee wtinfat tion.
-Serd luw voted to put in a 30,000
tttm of water work. Now if the
y will provide for the erection of
pwd court houme it will show tlt
lire w a deire to kp the county
nuere in Kht 0f tlie r.H C.ion. j
-l Uhj meetmir of tlie vilWe board
UTuelay evtaing it wa decided
"put down tlie rm1 walk as ordered a
""upoNKibie ami to erect a building
uw ooner and pump. Thin build-
U) be frame and John Marsteller i
k the oaiw.
of the old xoldien are he-
pnai to talk of t)e Ded of a O. A. R
. . "ware a good many in this
Watty W artt c)ltflbI(j w.onjej
mbnudn would U a good plan!
t llmm to take
" ;8uon of tt Post
-General Manager Burt, of the Elk-
r(J down the road on Homlay.
hen of here for some time,
"" UwindicatjoiM, are that an extension
. contemplated. A larjfe
of machinery ha pai up tlie
i recent i ...... .
. "or "f develoDini.' iliM nil urul mm-
- "Kwn west t " will be puhed
w lV
1 aooner the
are developed the
nmung in
better for
them information relative to the "One
Fare Harvast Excursion," which occur
Augunt fith and 20th, Septemlier 10th
and 2-1 th, and Oct. 8th.
fin last Moraliy a body of United
ttUite troop passed through HarrLsmi-on
their way to Fort Robinson. Tlie com
panies from Fort Bidder and Fort Iiug
la mu.le up the rty and numliered
about 6W), and included a lattery of
liKht artillery of four rilled 10-pounders.
Thin Imttery wa under cjimnand
Cunt Kinzie. The infrantry was under
the command of Col. Andrews. Only a
idiort halt wa made here as they were
anxious to reach their destination. The
noldier expect a hiir time at the en
campment but also look for some pretty
active work and strict discipline.
C. L Tuhlw lias di.-tiosed of hi
j blacksmith nnJ carriage business and
leased the building. The new proprie
tor (ire recently from Knox comity and
the hiisine will le conducted under the
find name of Truax, Snyder & Co.
They have the ap?araiice of being thor
ough mechanic and we lielieve they
will prove a valuable acquisition to the
tnu-n. T ihv exnect noon to nave irieir
I families here anil make this their future
j home. It is the intention of the firm al
' o open a restaurant in the rooms north
of the carriage shop, so that the town
will be the gainer of one new business
enterprise. We extend test wishes to
the new firm for success and prosjierty.
tVninlv Treasurerer Lockwood has
just made his semi-annual statement of
the monies collected and disourseu uv
i T..I-. 1
him from January I, 1 io juiv .
1H.S9. Tlie stjite fund has received I6-I2.-
87. County general fund contained on
Jan. 1, 11426.83 and tl634.8a ha been
collected and after deducting what has
; 10C I 7
f.n nad out tliere remain
Robt Parrish returned on last Fri
day from Hot Springs, Dak. He reports
a good time and thinks the mineral
spring a great health renewer.
wein "ellswenttoChadronnn Ti.oo.
day and exacts to return to-dav.
B. Rosa returned Tuesday from Chad-
ron, where lie spent Sunday with his
W. 0. Patterson was in Harrison tlie
first of the week.
Miss Emma Weir has been quite sick
loraiewuays, Out is improving, and
will soon 1 all right.
Ed. Weir has so far recovered as to be
able to travel and left yesterday for a
visit to relatives at Rushville.
Arthur E. Calhlian, assistant cashier
of the State Bank of Crawford, is in Har
rison on business.
1. 1. fnmbur, t. F. Slingerland and
W. H. Davis went to Fort Robinson od
Monday and returned Tuesday.
Devi Pollard, father of Nelson Pollard
and Mrs. H. T. Conley, arrived in Har
rison on Wednesday. It was a surprise
to his son and daughter as he had sent
no won) of his coming.
(A. E. Andrews left on last Monday for
his home in Binghampton, N. Y., well
pleas.! with his visit to Sioux county.
L (xerlach was in the county neat the
first of the-week.-
E. B. Price was in Harrison yesterday.
C. H. Weller went to Fort Robinson
ast Saturday.
Fresh brown anA n.i.if'o i...,.i i
- . UlTWJ, WHW,,1
. ; mels, of Hat creek. wn 1 ples- aM "kies at the restaurant
, mson last Tliursday and made I -W,ile engaged in a friendly scuffle
-rvuu aU at our office. 1 oays ago Clem Wells got pushed
Ur. Stowitts came up from Rushville ' '" pa"e f glass in one of
list Tliursday in answer to a 11 I doors- Slass broke and a fragment
professional services. j Penetrated his right arm below the et-
M Lillie Thomas is unite JT.! t 'tK doctor
r v..v. muuiiu ivr jijinicies oi glass
out lound none and tlie arm is getting
along all right He escaped quite fortu
un last Saturday John F. SchulU
made a pleasant call at this office. He
informed us that a short time ago he re
ceived a letter from relatives in Stanton
asking if he liad raised any crop which
would keep hira and his family from
starving. For answer Mr. Schultz gath
ered a bundle of wheat and oats from
his fields and sent it to the writer that
he might see what
produce. That was a good plan. The
exhibits ot the products of a locality
cannot lie contradicted and will go far
towards giving the people in eastern
places confidence in the crop producing
qualities of Sioux county soil.
On last Tuesday Commissioner
Burke informed us tliat he believed that
the people in his vicinity would take
hold of the matter of getting a good
iuuu up me canyon in oeaa earnest as
80onas they had the matter properly
presented to them them. Personally
Mr. Burke is very much in favor of get
ting the road fixed up and it is to be
hoped that all the people will join him
in the effort. Now the business men of
Harrison should prepare so that when
uie ranroao company makes a proposi
tion to them they will lie ready to con
tribute liberally to the project. Nothing
can be done that will be better for the
future of Harrison than to get good
roads from the north part of the county
to this place. A united effort will ac
complish a great deal, and now is the
time to make the effort.
Will lead direct to the Ranch Supply house, Harrison, Nebraska,
Without Change of Gars,
- Where you will find tha -
Largest Stock of General Merchandise
In the county,
i -i Imiiua funri
w . Of the Bowen precinct cum
w barn from tha 1tnA !, t,l ... .' ...i i out
"V ""unit comimiiee i vnlI .,. . There
tin llaraid oIIilw in,
was Ol me
. . . ..,1
h,.n hon uiKinK iuuu
OU Ser.L eiHI. W 1... I.n ... . . :,1 ( There i
. . . n lt7y i.HU tia weu lliu
--"-wu with it republiatn paiier fori. .,,.,i fund 02; in the bridge
Man j. .i.i ... .. . . . ., . ti
t..,t. .... .. . ... lunu . , Jr ,
""W to mt u
" '"tr been I, t i ,j ,i
"ill f
turn f;''ul''lJ,u, Ktbrhig from an
llr, th cttturtiutn of the county
"""" comiuittt alway. furnished u
..-.i.f f tto. vanous ncnooi uwuitw
throughout the county.
Since the laat iue of TUB Joiunal
w, Uve learned some more facts in re
gard to the conduct of the affairs of tne
village. The village clerk receives a
ialary of 1150 Ir aununi, and the city
i,.- ..f 75 per annum, j
Th,. the highest salary we ever heard
of being paid for such services and if
uch extravagance is kept up we will
t.., Urd row to hoe for a good while.
With the village in need of better water
work., and sidewalks, crossings, etc., .
couitr to Hioixx county w nuxy
Vwy imva a ditfnant meUiod
"W be plwuj to jvcttive tlie courtesy
aUtud to a republican paper.
-ount i il i i .
mr from Judi. K.i.irul ..iimu- in ru- i
tothe advUebtlity of holding a.
Of Un, diktn, I ,...ii,4 in R... i-oun-
Xf ana yj. i ..iU',,i,,.. if the officials could
a numb., r ' ,n M,. down in the matter of salaries.
"iudgatoth- f-.i. .1.-.. there wa'fn Edition to the regular salary the city
H Mlinir ti ..,.nt,, of tl!.arslWl received for work on me
rt iuat -i t I-'-. and i for killing uogs ia
.ii wed, rr: : zz: M we are informed, n . out ,
io the 111. TI-. i..,..- u back u- uuestion for the town to improve a
tmtth.h- ...TT. . I..r-Iuld unlets economy is practice,,.
ktb.fc,r; " tolhop-xlthattheboard and tax
at.UUr d.U. Tbl. la a good expense. and ' the money jf&
to n.,, u . wr aavedorputwam" j,,,
Uu . mm i, - ----j .(..rt IS Once Iiuiuo
"Uf COt J there to K00"..?..? b-m tlie town progressing,
T f mpcrtunce'to demand the 1 a fvy U mla J
""nmonin r . V t a,.. U of a a wh for 1889, tbemw be pwn
i y a UeaJwr to run afcTiinat.
J. U. AVarn has moved his meat mar
ket into the building on Second street
formerly used for that purpose. This
rives him a better room in which to do
The question has been asked; "Has
there been any money refunded to the
ounty in the cases where the bills have
been allowed by the commissioners and
ppealed to the district court and ap-
)jeal sustained?" For the information of
the readers of The Journal we will
state that under the law county war
rants cannot lie issued until the expira
tion of thirty days after the bill has been
iillowed by the county board. A tax-,
iiayer is allowed ten days in which to
take an apjieal to the district court
that if the district court sustain the an
neal no money is drawn except tl:
amount allowed by the court and tl
halunce remains in the treasury. There
is nothing to refund for it has never been
drawn, unless the warrants have been
drawn illegally.
At the meeting of the county board
i i nr..:.
on luesdav tommiH.sioueis tven uuu
Burke were present. The resignation of
James T. Mason, as justice of the peace
for White River precinct, was accepted
to take effect as soon as the vacancy
legally filled. J. W. Pratt's resignation
as road overseer of Andrews road dis
trict was treated in tlie same manner.
Petitions for a couple of consent roads
were granted and a numlier of bonds of
minor officials approved and in one case
a new bond asked for. In the matter ot
the applications for licease to sell liquor
in White River precinct, tne ooara ue
cided tliat they would grant the licenses
for. nrovided that in each
an l'V ---7 i
case the applicants file a bond as re-
ouired by law, said bond to be approved
by the county board, and the payment
into the county treasury of the sum ot
T,00 for each license asked for. In
matter of the impeachment proceedings
against E. i. Satterlee as county attor
ney, the board ordered tliat sumuious is
sue, citing the uelenuant to appear v
i he court house at 1 o clock, p. m.,
Sept. 5th to answer the cliarges made
against him. The board will meet
again on Aug. atll. n is presume
tliat the board placed the construction on
the law in regard to the granting ol n
,.u.,s so that if a crime was committed
in one of the saloons dufing the encamp
ment there would lie no grounds for any
one to bring action against them to re
cover costs because of their granting
license illegally- The law lias never
been passed on, to our knowledge, by the
supreme court, so that the boara wa
obliged to use their own judgment in the
matter. It Is reported tliat some of the
applicants will attempt to run without
a ,cene and Uike the risk of being pros
ecuted. Should this be done it is to be
hoped that the oHlcers will do their duty.
Boggy Item.
Still warm weather.
A. Orton has his oats in the slack.
- John Coffee visi ted C. F. Coffee last
Mr. Bow ser was visiting at T. Holley's
last Sabbath.
O. Greger is hauling iumber to Har
rison for side walks.
Miss Jlbinhart is staying at C. F. Cof
fee's at present.
A sprinkle of rain on Sabbath.
A. Sou th worth is cutting grass for
hay on Price's farm.
M. Hill has his house up and will soon
have it finished.
Mr. Hovey will go to the divide this
week to make hay for Smith Bros.
Tlie People' Convention went off all
right and every body is well pleased ex
cept some few that were left out in the
lne people ol these parts are very
much in need of a few cross roads. It is
necessary to go several miles in order to
get a few.
At Prices as Low as the Lowest.
No shoddy goods Every thing first class. ...
No old stock New goods continually atrlvinfc.-
Call oxt us when in town and We will give you aSQUARE DEAL
Jones ; Verity.
We have recently strengthened
the firm by the admission to part
nership of Chas. E. Holmes, one of
north west Nebraska's ablest law
yers, who will pay special attention
to law and land practice. We shall
continue to make the very best
terms on farm loans and invite all
to confer with us before signing ap-
parties. If
your build--
ings, want to start a contest, or
make entry of government land,
come and see Us at the old corner.
plications with other
you need insurance on
"T ,-a. I
Ii the oldnt and moot popular Klentlfle and
machftnlcai paper pnbllihed nd ha tha larnat
circulation of an? paper of It elm In tha world.
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Edition of Solentflto Anerlmn. V
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llthoiraphlo plat of ooantrr and cut raelden
oee or puhllo baildlna. Nnmeroa aaaTavlnga
and fall plan and apaolfleatlona for the nee of
oon m contemplate nuiiaiof. muiuutnir,
mucin a w., roauaaua.
ota. a opr.
nil A wirwG
ft aeMI ft
tJ by ftppjr
, inf io muhzt
n zpiino aod hT made OTr
DnllQfttloDi for Amarloui tod Fnr
KlaTti imXtmntM. HmnA tnr HaVBdhAok. fTniT
in mm mnr nark la not reaiatand In tha Pa.
ant omce, avpij ui aun m co., ana
launedlau protaetlon. Band lor
COPYRIGHTS for booto, eaarta,
axe., quioair pnnwai. Aaium
MDHN U CO., Patau SalMters.
(jonnui. omcai K) BatMDWAT. M,
WHIR; &c OO.
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Rosa Hi Thompson.
s 1
111 III
-4. 1
: S
3 5
1. .