The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, August 15, 1889, Image 1

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The Sioux
JAH,H,ISO:tNr, ISTEB., AUG. 15, 1889.
, I pttcron, Proprietors,
- WmUw to sub-, rib-fr Tup
on miW.ption at Tut
j -Wood take,,
Ji i;.vu. i :! . ...
time Tbl'.
titiV. By., I'as-nger.
I , i,ave Harrison at 10A" A. M.
C4 IWnson at 2:31 P. M.
-H fail t,. I .! .1.
' ne an ,
combination offer.
antage of our
Harrt-ou Market
Mirv-.l-T-lo.. ."0 to 3.
0,.t, ,.rlWB.1.40
tVw. .t 100 B. V.
Brtui. per 100 Ml. 10.
Potatoes, ir l.u. !'0 ,
phui. r "'
0tl(W. r 1)11. ft. 50.
Beans, per lu. f 1.00.
-Summer a.i,) trimming, at enst.
al Mi-. .,,,, i-.r
-We want a immlie, ,,f load, of wo,,!
on uU-r.,,t,n ut Tin: J..ri:NAi. (.flu
x.i iiiwn properly l..r sde or r.-nt
' '"'al' I'.V V.'M. S H..M3AI M.
lo not f.ul t .all ,, Tiik .loi
if you want a e of printing done.
U.n'1 forget that Tl!K J.h-ksu. i.
.n-nl.Mlo;, kind. of job priming
m a n.-at ami laty manner, on short
, If my & I'.illaiil havepienty
loan on improvnl farm al
ol unv II mi in
-TV luil damaged (I. Outline' flax
titm Toliiy evening.
-TV fannen are busy putting up
If auvl pvt 1in ready f'"- comfort next
Lrn. (dinger had tin; misfortune to
ti tram run aay with a hay raki
ii4. Miwlav. Tin result was a Uully
tafalized rake.
Mr. and Mr. Frank Simon are hup
Lw t!x arrival of a a bran n;w wife
...irlwiuw. un last Saturday. All
yi.mrernt arv lining well.
-4 nut fail to onliT one of tlm-f
WofSioux county Ix-fow tliey art
H. II. Smith ban them Mr
sod uVy are w ell worth the mom-
-The hit are Iwing laid to ronnis- Bid's livery lurn with the city
Wirork. This w ill I liiurh belter
dM'rnhnn on a windmill to furnish
K.nrv of water.
AlE. Andrew lias two
w win of antlers which he. will take
rJihjii on liin return to liinghamtoii,
J Y. TVy will '. highly ,r-X in Mr.
totnV tsi.stern honm.
4ynK fnun the noij mado by the
ikiit niL'lit eitU-r tlw l it v treasury is
!tTmg a pood deal of money from tlic
tetai of el the Uw u not Unite -f
"Tr!lmnn? f Ihfl dogn inaken
fit bsikxHIS.
-Hi L J. SimnioiiH and Mrs. II. T.
Utktiire nrMiiirl to hike euro of the
kacbufall who mwd anylhinif in the
ik arawmukinv and all order en-
stoifolliem will rweive prornpt at-
wwoaiKl wtistaclion cruarantMxi
Liwlirii in lit! IU4.0CI ntine!in4 a
Wttiecoiiritv lurk for a miw ial
I '
IrilMnf ll....iml ,,ll
;i,v, Aug. 20, IHhu. The rail
iwtkconsideration of the petition for
itowtosell liquor in White River pre-
to tnitiwict urn h oilier h"M-
reiV t-roiM l iv come ln-fore the
A eOOll KtAintr tl..u-u. ..It,.,! (I,,,
Mify but Saturti :tv f-'Viininc nilil fill
Buai-iy eveiiins the ,!, n-i.ited
inift tlw ground w an well tnoistenotL
pWbiJiOHrarswere aecomnaiiied hv a
HW'lt tlllimlr un.l 1i,rl.l.,i.,.r :lll,l
!fe'ultalluitUittirwa purified
"ery one felt refreslK-il and invife'-
nilllilier of exi ni-siniiiuls lire
MtoUI,i i ' 4 .... ... .i i.......
uuvunuije Ol lll i iit-it i
tarvent exiurKioiiK. Would it not
1 Krl 111
fTf.t..ik h tl... .....1 ainull
Ijl " II LI IV Hum lli iiiv. v
lla tUttl I..II, t: . , . i. .1 'i
riioux county VO uiem
r Hut
1M. . .1 .
;Si to.
incanx wlio luul not in-
I -AlKltinif
fVi.ninr .....I.:.... il. ,i.:.1 iln
- h1 uUiRlllli low iiuivi 4...
Wiu .... , . ..
- iau.1, Yi'ttn, rtotue nan leu
l U kliuwer Tuesday evening. At
mit iK ,jUi Hi,ilH.H w,,re quite
wttliere wo .but few of them.
"Nelwalitie, a greater quantity of
fj e" a'd did Home daimijro to prden
"""mimioiHirMc-tiiiilv infonni u
("""ii Jetixon i in bad hape. and
rWtalktlat a ip,! of inutility
Quired inU) ho tlwt if tlie vid-iw
''Rood cAtiuM tin ii tu.tit in the
U1 fnr ...i...-. I. .;n
1 rutil iki....! II.. iu ti ( iifi;il
- 'niiifiiiu "3 in
'tfto' l, time and with prOr iikhI-
"Wrtiunhe miirtit vet tx-come a
Holmc has taken up a ie
'J1 U)I of miles from town and
fe a iriwl .1 . L-... I:..:.... (
k.l mmn Ul ni living vi.. .
m.i f -I. it iii
liktlv 1 1.-1 . i ur
--v li nuniner oi uio
' are holding down clainiH will
- '"re uKy get a deed to Ineir
1 "II Iirove a Invfxtinellt for
ib ttu. Ah. I Ul . ..I.. .u.,.l Ub
-- "iw. rooux pouiiijf ! v
Rood ptvperty to own
of IlllilleV t
tlie most r.'.i-iiialil- mti
Sioux count v.
it i.ii prmnre a of ('.,nlev
li.-iilv & l'ollanl yon ian u- it oil' and
procure a larger loan next jvar without mot.
IteiueiiiVr Tiik Jul nxAi.i lulfr with
almost any p;, r in tin' United state
ami when ymi want any1!un hi tli" lim-
ol miers or ri'Kln aN i all and st us
and we an vive yon Mime inoni-v.
r'iiil tli inline o! vn'ir lf:ei,d. in
ilie liii-t who wi-h ti vis:t von. or win
an - kiiiif iieiv h-at!nn. to .1. It. I!
( Iiannn, licit' 1 I'.!- ii-.t A,'' ii! of the
Kremont, Klkhorn i Mi-Mi'in Vallcv It.
II. t 'o., Omaha, N'cl.., In- mav send
them tori relative to the (liie-
I'are llarv.H F.xciirsioii," which incur
Aue-iist I'.th and inth, S-,tcint-r 10th
ami '.'I'll, and U t. "th.
The Fremont. Elkhorn & Missouri
Vallcv H. 1!. ami tl. Sioux fitv &
I'acillc It. 1!. The Ni.rlli-iv.-.Tn
Line." will m-iI tii I.ds from all stations
on their luies at one fair for Ihe ronni!
trip fur the National (i. A. K. Reimiuii
at Milwaukee, Wis.
Comrades mid otliers desirini; to char
UT sis..-rs -hoiitd make their ant'itie-
lllerits at once. Through coache. will
run from important ta'iiiii to Milwau
kee via Chii a-" w ithout change.
Call on J. I'. Northrop, au't-n!, Ifarii
m. or write to J. Ii. HiH'liaiiau. ' V
A., Oinulia. Neh.. for further infurnia
tion. The at the church last Friday
avvidi' w u 'ended and ft pleas
ant time was hy all presant.
Thesi; N i..l (fatheriiiu't always create
SjimhI fi.t-lins anions the ;ople.
Mi-s. H. F. Thoiiiai has pun hasi-il
tho rest.iuninl liu-iness of H- A. I'mldy
and that jteiitlciian has taken his family
out on his farm north of town. Mrs.
Thomas will constantly keep on hand a
supply of fresh white and brown bread,
pie and cakes, and will serve warm
meals at all hours. Hoarders taken by
the day or week.
-There is a enod d-.-al of talk Ik-Ii' in
dulged in anions the business men in re-anit-.
t!i.Mvat. r question. It is l(
an exis-nse to k,s , up the supny
water and the villap-is short of Muds
ads.,meWay,.sso.lKhtoutof!l,e d,lli
cultv. .Someaduxntelhe elmiffnh' "
.tilers win. love not b"A 'l!s and
,,,i,,e here for water, so much ,r 1-ar-a-l.
.huihefK-stleof narrison could clo.
If expect to have ,s,,ple locate with
us and help build up the town a-,,
........tvwemus. make it as plex-aut fo
then, as possible, and ,f tho Hetll-r lu
louLninieoreaniiot aToi. o K
down a well for the Int the to"
ouKhttohclplumia every way
llU" We do not believe there wouU '
anyo.,- !i r; Z
the town for their wave, s..lrv
,:isu was stated to tla-m lf -
tlK-y wei-ettsketltobiinh'a""'""
fir lumpin, na.,. In UhnK .
new country it i- ,h' 1 . ,
w,,,.U together fur. he
i.ole of the town .
o ttiouB
S. II. Jones was at Crawford last Fri
iv. The Misses Price left for tJie west Inst
J. H. Cimk went down lh ron1 on
business yesl(jxl;,y.
Friiik Nutto. of Antelope, was in the
oiinty seat on Tuesday
B. Rosa, of the firm of Rosa & Tlionnv
sm, is in Harrison this week.
W. II. WVlnisr rami, f....o T,.A.
ville hist Monday to attend a law suit.
M. Ashenfelter was in II-.., -vi
Tuesday making linal proof on his land.
Miss ShalfiM- and Miss Seoore
Wednesday for a visit
left on
to friends at
liios. neyeiijKirt.of White Kivor jire-
iint.wasin Harrison on business
:e 1 1. tH(ii
. ... .1.. all w
of tlie coum) "' ' , r
,,,,, i. would seem that "ll,Kr
kUIIOOthb- 'I .... ..mmly
the ciH'imistaiices a
. ....a in the matter of olb-
couliinei-""1:"" . .... .rU in a
cer, salaries. 1.k or
tonftli'furB711 "J, aili o
i i ir the marshal is
i- ;Bl;v,,r Z S
- 'i.::i::l, ' itia,1
WOllllUliaHB-- "
,U";!.r : llihetwoinontbs
' ' . oirasion for a
l"r,r: - tit the case of the two
linn-,..., - . . i ie tin a
th Kant h Hu'b " )(J
lllurshalU-enawny... t()
; 2'"::''"7r
the matter, vw i rh for
C. K. Holmes leu yes II, in nfl
Rushville to assist at the weakling of
some of his friends.
I). F. Mack, It. F. Williams and (ieo.
Thayer, of Indian creek, were in Harri
son 1he lirst of the week.
B. B. Smith irnes to C'hailron this week
lo look up tin- reconls with n view to
making a map of Dawes county.
('apt. (!. W. Tool was in Harrison on
Saturday. He is busy putting up hay al
present and looks as il lamiing agreed
w ith bin).
Joe Powell, of Montrose, Was in Har
rison Sunday and gave the lirst report of
a heavy nun in that vicinity the even
m'i liofore.
A. W. Mohv called on last Saturday
and added his name to our list, of readers
an.! will in ft'l me receive Form AVins as
a premium.
-frs. P. N. Ib-atli, who has been visit-
her sister, Mis. J. H. Cook, for some
l irne ,i-,1. left on Wednesday lor lier
home at t 'heyeuue.
C. F.. P.lunt, of Badarc. was in Harri
son on Wednesday and called at our of
fice and enrolled himself among the
readers of The
EJ. 'Weir to liecn on Ilia sick list the
past week, and is now conllned to his
room. It is hoiied he will soon lie able
to again be at his place of business,
Conntv Commissioner Burke made a
pleasant" call at Tme JouH-NAL heailipiar-
lers last Saturday. He apriears lo nave
the interests of Sioux county at heart.
J. C. Crossley returned from Kearney
. ... i n. ..I Tin: .Tifl-R-
a fi.'W Uavs ago aim caneu on
xai. ollice and gave us .some cash to np-
.i ii, i,wriiitiiin of A. E. Cal-
jll I'"- f'.eev .
t?..v. Skinner, formerly pastor of the
M F. Church here, passed through Uar
.. , ., ,i i,;., -.,, lo
rison the lirst ol uie wee on ,n.s -
Ohio, and stunned olf a day to shake
hands with his old friends.
A. E. Andrews, in company with Ins
son, C. II. Andrews, made a pieah.uu.
... ii, is lii, e last Thurstlay ami oi-
dered Tiik JofRXAi- sent to him at Ding-
han.ptoii,N-Y.,for the ensuing year.
Ii. Corbin, of Wichita, Kas., is here
visiting his larents. Ins niotlier wii
, . 1 ' 1,.,., f,ilMI1H(l !l
..Ir Mr. i ormri iJ.i- "
( Mi l IV no .
i ,..,ilon ol' Sioux comity and con-
lllJiJU W Mil'""
;,nplateS coming here with his family
to live.
Nelson Pollard's new house is about
ready for occupant')'-
-Harvest is about all over and muin
of the grain in the stack.
last Monday the prel,mmai
I.eari.ufintlHs.-aHeoftl.ehtaU vs. a
so,. was la id Wore Es., Jones. Ihe
rented hv auorney.s
i-ase w.n i111""-- " , , , p
lv and Holmes, w hile the J t
i. defense were looueu a,. -j
Westover and Hull. When the prosecu
te rested the ease, a motion wa, inj
., . r in dismiss on a tecum1 -
hv tlie ueieur. w
, ily hut the motion was ove. r.oe,, ,
the court aiuline oou ''-.,
Jefendaiifs appearance ai u
(.om.t On Tuesilay niorni..H .
t' attorneys!" a rp
i,. ,int in ltiP (Tiiiinf
action in the eouiu.y -" " "
.. . ,i. ,-ns'ut on liau laiieu u prue
tliai. u'c t" . , . ,,.
that the offense was committed in Sioux
oiiuty. Theprosecuiionusse.. ...
J ,;i.,ses to iirove that the
Shad been raised and tho court is-
....i l.fra thev COllUi 1
nod tlieni an" , ,
wl.Ved the testimony of tl
andoneofhisatlorneys was u ...
t iiiit. and on their evidence alone
fendaiit was released. It appears
uta.H-.culiarruleofevide.HO to d,s
prisoner on the evidence o hm,
cnaigi.i'1 tho
ir ,..,,1 his attoni'iy. J" f" v..--
lJoggy Hems.
Wheat is cut and in the shock.
Every body is making hay while the
fine weather lasts.
The saw mill is still cutting shingles
and lumber.
J. Bowser visited Robinson on the Bth.
Mr. Cruse lias an increase in his laniily
of a big boy. He came the 4th. .
Bannen & Co. have bought the Lout
zenhiser cluiii. About t00 was the
price paid.
I. Kendall will go to the Black Hills
in a shert time with his mill.
F. Jerold has a herder now.
Jackson Kreisler and others have gone
to the hills for work.
Little Cottonwood.
Staekintr "Tain is the onler of the day.
L. D. Harmon is building an addition
to his house. AVhat's the matter Dow?
It seems your house ought to be large
enough for one lonely bachelor.
Sunday school is iii-oL're.ssinr (inelv in
district No. 3. The attendance averag
iii'r from 30 to 40.
Aaron Telly is back from an extended
visit to Iowa.
Sneai-s and firove have cut 12 acres
of rrain w ith their new Deering binder
The shrill sound of the whistle from
another saw mill mav now be heard to
echo daily through the canyons of Little
Cottonwood. This makes the third mill
on Cottonwood, and all are kept busy
Si.eeletlie lumber business thrives if
other business is dull.
Will lead direct to the Ranch Supply house, Harrison, Nebraska,
Without Change of Cars,
-Where you will find the -
Largest Stock of General Merchandise
Smith Bros.,
Wish to call the attention of the public
to the fact that they are prepared to
- furnish at reasonable rates
! First Class Rigs
On short notice.
A Dray Line Run in Connection.
Iji he county,
Jones Verity.
We have recently strengthened
the firm by the admission to part
nership of Chas. E. Holmes, one of
noeih west Nebraska's ablest law
yers, who w ill pay special attention
to l:l,V .mil land nr-attice. We shall
continue to make the very best
terms on farm loans, and invite all
to confer with us before signing ap
plications with other parties. If
you need insurance on your build-
in o'u Willi I. to start a contest, or
make entry of government land,
come and see us at the old cornet1.
At Prices as Low as the lowest,
No shoddy goods Every thing first class.
No old stock New goods continually arriying.
Call on us when in town and we will give you aiSQUARE DEAL
New Store,
New Goods,
New Prices,
Will sell you goods for cash and save you money as the
Following Prices Will show,
C. H. Andrews & Co.,
8, worth 10
8. " 10
-Dealers iu-
Pacific robe prints, 5 to 6, worth 7 and 8
Charter Oak " 5 to 6, worth 7 and 8
Old Time
Simpson satin finish prints
Simpson linen finish prints
Extra w ide German prints
Turkey red Damask
Turkey red Damask
Summer dress goods
Lnported sateeus
Fine Victoria lawn
Fine lace curtains
Fine Turkish bath towles,
per pair, - - io-
Summer veiling 15 to 20 worth 25 and 35
15 pounds bestt Turkish prunes,
15 '
15 '
$1 00
full-grain rice
full-ring evaporated
apples the best
0 eYaporatedpeeled Cal-
fornia peaches
6 Vi evaporatedjelly-cured
81 pounds granulated sugar
H '.' C sugar
24 bars of Union soap
3 one-gallon cans apples
12 pounds gloss starch
3 caps of corn for
3 cans of tomatoes for
paidtlmn." - nPB U um " J . Masu
o r t "S-H "UKteds until the dh-
,liewlKha otwr p thu 1Mttl 1,1, y w .
-uhUl'r! ne. A new M f, wi 1 occur between
t no mom i. --- .
. to w uonu. - . i niore troiimiu v,1.1 "
w . .....,tn i nuvlJ.n,nnl"11 ' , Wl U MS
Fine Toilet Goods,
m ino- - - - 27wortIi35
We have a large and complete stock of
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots, SJfoes,. and,
In fact,
Every thing usually kept in a gen
eral store.
Rosa & Thompson.
h V
'4 '
nmrs to us i"'"';-
Vy U tltla ttjp u'
, ' '.''jiW'"'
i V i ri ,
ir , i
?l -I
i- s
V'- ,