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    T11E FARMER.
A 1
l,a. ""'
j I orirdena add
Wjt Wu 6 n
r , .n,l health, not only
rL- family, but in many
L of others.
" , t 1 I
bo eay u,e w,m,J
;wit vou. should a
. . ii :..b- vkti it r arm
Jrtthe worse lor wear,
nnttobe happy, marry a
. innatriouscountry
Weiauu"" -
J . jersey cow, ana p.ani u
rr bed. and you are there.
Iftbe gmall things on the
f .n,,r This is true of
Urturinfc enterprise, and
Ctfa manufacturer.
At tj-mrwrature of the milk
Lfiltf -six d.-irrwm an possible.
I ' .
Luj.tu-t. mould doi i wu
,bnetiie p""
Lntrin Missouri has sold 32
of corn-fobs aurinif mt;
r :
Ud to a pl ,:""' "
V..I.., ..... .111
r"' oi in row.
iiT milk fitter j,,0
Her fleah and
our Il.;i.. i: i
-doWU,hh hin 0-r ow'
sanative condition. Liul ,b
1. .:.. f nrlifilip nr-id
Swiff SOlU l"" ----
. . I Ml .
Lw, poured into nolo, kuih
it toiuhes. and tup sur-
WIT ' ,
.mediately take tiieniwivwi
D. I'ark.
U a more sensitive to out
L than milk, cream and lut
die air of any phi' win-re
r-scondiH-ted miiMt te kept
lion cannot be poundiH into
Wind treatment insures
..... ...
VMion of an Miiimal, whim
fllrll t IS Bill O I" "!"'
it w wctiry business for a
"toliftatnortftnjro that takes
sfliU licft efforts and keeps
i'tiif tine under n preMsinjr;
ii . i .... .i .....
pressing load. II usiuuiuiiiii u.
made birds for a purpose.
ibpro, learn their habits, their
i Ml - - I...
awu.aml vou win neier w
Jaf killing one Cim-n's Fruit
iut man a right to more land
fckrtoa how to farm with
C Him he a right to misuse
rprriate that by which the Na
mit lire? Vermont Journal.
ikrm will do its liest unles the
tt eipewled in making the
returned to it in nomo w ay,
tb more the ln'tter. Where en
iW tb proportion ofmanur
ifavwl i nnirh gn-atr than
few! apjietite indii-at.e good
4 It is no dwadvantiip to
'Minimal that in a heavy feed
Soch antinalH UHtially prtwluce
ortioisately to the qmint ity con
rf. Tbefood i tiniply tin ina
ito be converted into prolii'-tn.
w been deiiionnt rated thnj
as be led onensilae withtul
'S. Mi'l that where they are
jsim! to do wrvii-e, as in Win-
fi&irBiice of 'AO pound ol en
perday will keep horae in
flwnt, ehunniifi: ia tet tT than
Jtigte mam of neoerate milk-
M mixtur of (Team i.f ditT..r.nt
kwBuinilljthecai) of poortwt-
IH rtlMlh Iiv
ping the cream uh noon a it ia
. ... . '""'ji urn
''."''"'"""'"ontrihuteto !,,.
nam, .emu, A cow gut1(.rill fn
'ttiber milk flow -minute
ba-term that taint the fluid anl
ultimately corrupt human bbou -
The value of skimmed milk tnr ri
ia much better understood than it
uned to 1. (im, it ftH M nmwi
exclusively to pigg, HBj tlmt wjth
little other food. It Ilm(e the j.ig
grow, but not letter than ground
corn and oat a mixed with wheat bran
A more profitable u f Dljlk ig tQ
feed it to benn for production. If
kept gw,.t, na it will be in the cream-
prv iirt ux.ti.M ...:n. i
i . lk may more
.mmuoiv ieu to oowa, who aoon
learn to like it. It ia alw, pool for
growing enlvea nnd heiftra p to the
Hum iiihj TOme m nuin themwlvrt.
"IxKiking over my recorda," aavs
1'iof. Alvord, -I find thut with cow
of like age and breeding;, thone which
.It'ujl In . . i . .
,.u...-w in .-.-jm-iiiiHT nna iictoiier
pave from Will to 1,000 poimda of
milk more jkt year, than thote that
were in the prmr. I ls() fid that
the winter milk ia eonxideruhlv rich
erthnn that made from aucculent
iuni urage oi uie noring and earlv
Hiimtiier, and Irom one to twoquarta
lennoi ii ia reiimred 10 tnaKe a pound
of butter. 1 CHtiiniite that two
pound of butter will bring na much
money in winter tut three pounda in
The old horw-ahoi-s that accumu
late on a farm are not pant their
UHffiilniKH. They willdo to ntn ngth
cn a post that haa a tendency to
aplit nt the rail hoh or to make a
grae tn llifi. Nail one aide to the
aide of a poat and lay !is;ht poles
iwroaa from one aide to the other,
resting in the arch of tlw ahoe, which
ia nailed on upaide down. The ad
vantage of thin trellis is that a deli
cate vine can 1st dropped to the
ground and covered with manure in
the autumn, by dimply taking the
polea out of their reata, and in the
coring the polea may be replaced and
tlie vine retained.
A or., i.d,M,-
luri.?" liie. milmppilT
,n t"nday M. JbV.u-
tl:"i!"rk,.u? wi.M u-
thV-r. COTOlus 0Ver tlie "'" A
he . riw,M1""i'aii.S he .wains
ZL X ","J' . a11"1- tL"'K
SLT l M,llv -""'-
M. boutet, howew, was not w, fortuS
h ini i ','!eC f ,liB br"ke" 8'" "ck
i 16 ."eek a artery.
e tned to staunch tlie fi.
t,m. "f" 0,11 f. tl,e 1"J"st, ' 'f'e d'rec
l"JU 01 a IK IL- llMllil.a. ,lr;.,.'. .1
nt U fell down fuiau,,. erie reai.hl
L iu,'1 ,wo Lo"" fterward he
""'"tu um last.
F.r.w.iuo lh Hu.tlr.
n,, Jeunply of folor 4t tlie Marlbor
ouU House was extrordiuary, but the
5T .,"'re Simlle ftni1 m"ch leaa
extrava-ant than m former yeara The
IIHTH' tl aa n. . i' . e . .
L.; """"""j: ooni an (esthetic
point of Tiew, as it marked the epoch of
tlie entire abandonment of the fashion
Mlicl, Ir nilll,y yntH llwjled tU(t h
ties gon na were to have an artificial ex
crescence l.el,i,,d. Kvt rvone, with veiv
lew exce.tu.i,K, w,c perfectly i.laiii
a r V'ltl,11,t,le "r 110 b'imiuias. and as
nt iM-hindaamfrout-a fashion most
M-eomins to iiKi,t figures.
iaWs in the Tribune.
Absolute I'oUoa in Nearly Every Ameri
can City and Town What Will be the
Result Before the End of Summer.
HAT did you find.'"
"Aluiust CTerythlnK; t u jast reckiog wiui poi-
'1 u kbOTe remmrk was mad by prominent td
fiititt to tlie board of ne&ltb officer jnsi after exam
aanj a drop of Croton, Keir Vork. water through tb
mn-njacope. Tbe water of nearly every city in
Africa u filled wita uoifjoo. It is caused by decay
tn lujiu-r and animal life. What is tbe result? A
fearful increase of aieknens and death, both among
children and grown peonle. The papers are alle4
with acoounta of it. Millions upon'miliiunsof germa
of ferer, cholera morbus and contagion are in every
wallow of water.
But people say:
-What can we do, stop drinking?"
"Resort to stlmulenu?"
a. KID the germs in Uta water and before they
can eome into the body. Three drops of Perry la-
i' rata Killer poured into a glass of water before
drinking will kill the germs and make the most pol
onoas water pure and healthy. The best medical
talent in the land have asserU-d this for yeara, and
she sxperienre uf eyery man and woman who bis
tried it prore It."
Travellers through the jungles of India drink the
swamp water, even though It is ailed with slime and
covered with scum, but they Invariably purify it by
addlag Pain-Killer. Stanley, the Afrit an explorer,
sever undertakes a journey without a plentiful sup
ply of "Bangilla," as the natives call Pain-Killer. If
ttm trend medicine is so effective In regions where
death lurks on every side, where it reeks In every
pool, does it not stand to reason that we can aafely
meet the dgDgers of our own drinking water by lu
cartful use?
August Cth and 20Ui, Sept. 10th nnd
24th. and October 8th. the Frwraout, Eik
Imro and Missouri Valley Railroad Co..
"The North western Line," will run a series
of "Harvest Excursions" to points on that
line in Nebraska, the Black Hills and Ceu
tral Wyoming at one half regular rates,
and if you desire some further inhuma
tion, communicate with J. R. Buchanan,
General Passenger Afeiit, at Omaha, Ne
braska, who will fully advise you.
Peach stones are used
coal in California.
ia tbe place of
liilrrceiliig ;t.,, u.Mdns,
You can tell llrettc tiell . ...--I
feels toward you by the wnv she takes
your arm. If she doesn't care a cent
you know it by the indifference of l,(!r
muscles. If she has a treat confidence
in you the pressure tells it, and friend
ship is as distinct from love in that
mode or expression as in words or looks.
A woman can take the arm ofafellowahe
likes tci y much with perfect comfort,
even if she is six feet hijdi and he is
four. lint even if the two are just
mulched, she can make him feel disdain,
contempt, discomfort, dislike, anvthiug
she likes, by the way she does not hold
on to him. I am told there is a grcnt
deal of difference, too, between the way
a girl fits her waist to one man's arm n's
compared with another, but I hardly
W.eve it. San Francisco Chronicle.
J here is a man in our town
And lie is very wise, sir,
When e'er he doesn t (eel jnat rigli
One remedy he tries, sir.
It's jiit Hie thing to take in spring
The blood to purify,
He tells Ins friemls, and nothing else
Is lie induced to try
bCHIie, having taken Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Ilicovery to dense his system,
tone it up. nnd enrich the blood, and find
ing that it always produces the desired re
sult, he considers that he would be foolish
lo experiment with anything else. His
inn 1 1 o is, "Prove all things nnd hold fast
to fhst which is good." Thnt's why he
pins his faith to the "Golden Medical Discovery"
Lie ul'Ollw In Heavy Seaa.
Many hundreds of reports have been
published on the "Atlantic Pilot Chart,"
and elsewhere, relative to the great ben
efits derived by menus of the use of oil
to prevent heavy 8eas from breaking on
board vessels, liy far the greater num
ber of those reports have been received
from merchant vessels, very many of
which have undoubtedly been saved,
with all on board, by the use of a few
gallons of oil in the manner recom
mended by the United States hydro
graphic office. But, says Science, re
ports from the United States nayal ves
sels show that even aboard men-of-war
the use of oil ia regarded as of the great
est value.
Old smokers prefer "Tsnslll s Punch" 5c. Cigar to
most in centers.
A 340-mile railroad is to be built across
Virginia from Parkersburg.
.. A. If.
The National Encampment of the G. A.
R. will he held this year at Milwaukee,
Wis., Aug. 26th to 31st. Agent of the
Union Pacific Railway will aell tickets to
Milwaukee and return at the lowest one
way tirBt class fare in Nebraska and Kan
sas August zi si to ZOMl 11. CIO"' -, I
orado and Wyoming August 20th to 27th
inclusive; limited to return leaving Mil
waukee August 27th to September 5tb,
final limit September 10th. Pol tliose
who desire to return later than Sept. 5th
the limit on tickets will be extended to
Sept, 30th on application to the joint
agent of terminal lines at Milwaukee. Ne
braska, Kansas., Colorado and Wyoming
should be well represented at this encamp
ment and all should go via "The Overland
Route." For further information apply
to any agent of this Company or
E. L. LOMAX.O P. A.,
Omaha, Neb.
Relieves and cures
Sciatica, Laabago.
Toothache, SpraiikV
Boras aad SetMt-
At Trrngrists ana Dealers.
Tstt CHARLES a. VOGELER CO.. Balusaes. SM.
Leisure Hour Music:
THROUGH tlie heat of Summer, the cool days
... H.trinv it. ini lnratiiur cold aasaV
MI MC is KIXU aw
The S-w York Grant monument fund
now amounts to $130,000.
w ia well W her food
Wat a fair market price from
k MO per year, and the cure in
W of milking, fading, cleaning
Ml, etc.. ttjrti l.elrwe tl.oow.
Y Pto50 per animal, or about
reK for each cow well cured
' "wtcrn farm a.
rrnn I.'...! il
r'uw met arm Journals
jWof keeping lie out 'of the
I6? Hiasimiilva bnndfi.l nt
1 lime With II fi.r drnna nt
in it, Hcnttcred through
"J- o time nmwl I
mtlS Itoxeis. Iilirnin.r hnv
Hwitlikeroaene, "
ochofth profit win iim.iy
,im 7 not attoinlin? to it
Usenson. Whf.n it ia time
' "wnit need a hoeing it
W fllSHl- Uli.. tt .......
"10Hd be pruned, and when
'npeitshouij U harveat-
ucolt rwjuirea, ia plenty ol
' a ciean place to aleen. aliel-
r hitti-e .1 ls f
I . nwi aio, jriuiltv mi
ITaaa nf ,i:r. i .
i. - UIII.T.IL vaiit'iiiTn,
r"".my without dunt. and
'oanu onta. I'nitj, in
ill not so W..II nnr
siy preitiiuirm. nor acll for
1 ""one y, but they will last.
1 demonstrated that nut-
("'""ton the value
0Cr-nni.l i
Id nf i rHUrn l"g' Prflt Bt
vyom nttv, Xnin. in (4 1 OB
(arions Transailttal offerer,
PoeUrn I'mt.
Jn 18 Hi alioy of 8 years, the
brother of the narrator'a wife, was
taken down with scarlet fever nnd
died. One of the principal amuse
ments of hia iliac had ls-en looking
over n large picture book. After hia
death this, with several other uaeful
plaything, wan packed away in a
trunk. Tweiity-aix years Inter, hi
1h"2, the sister -in-law of the editor
took the trunk with her on a journey
to Knubind where he was then reaid
ing. The trunk was opened the
S.fxu.l .1.1 v .-ifh-r it a arrival, nnd the
! picture book una taken out and
I presented to the editor's 2-yenr-old
!aou. During the next fortnight the
little fellofv waa attacked by acarlet
! fever. It was a wonder to the
doctors who were called in conaulta-
le h.. ilisease had been con-
tracte.1, an there had la-en no scarlet
fever in the place for yeara. At
Just it occurred to the editor that
the i.i. ture book might have trnns
mittViItho diaenae, and the medical
,,. in atMidai. onla.-.r.gtold t. ic
fnctH connected with it. agreed that
it had retained the poison for 'twenty -aix
yeara nnd eommunieated it to
the child.
Klllinsrof a (ireat
The largi-at ls-ar ever killed
(mtliiHconatwnHahot by il.l Tn.p
,.rHe.Kl.ix,uenrtheoun'eof Ba
tie cm-k, in Tehama county. Tbe
.1 l,nr Nnrtll.
la-ar waa famous un-w"B" - .
f-.iiiiornia as old
wits the terror of tli Sierra.
All who use Dobbins' Electric Soap
praise it as the beat, cheapest and most
economical family soap made; but if you
will try it once it will tell a still stronger
tale of it 8 merits itself. Please try it.
Your grocer will supply you.
The Eiffel Tower in Paris is 984 feet in
He is well paid who is well satisfied.
It costs $1,500,000
dogs in Ohio
per year to keep
For 20
. i.i ....r-l tnls-araclKirm
yeara ne o" - - .
la-irigs nnu
and hogs
1 . i.:
hove fallen Victims 10 I'r - "
""nty-flve years in tim
C.?nll have lawn mnxla 01
rT' ' regnliir crops. When a
rM mora land than he can
C"; wonld flnd it to bis ad
st tttlWtw otWiUnnW,
)T W boom other valuable
f itrtrtmgttw..
" us. Mnnv human
t-,, ..... - - .1...,,,,
hundreds of cattle, mi;
''efnl.env, , ,U0W- 1)inl)
Many ; - , . The
but returneu " , 2.no0
la-nat weighed when drcaaui t.
1. ib largest nnimal of this
Hen.irix iee j"-v . f f500
llL-hil.vemen ma P b
I,,,, laMm m. de up tor .
county, i ' u ' . 0i(i nge had
condition when al Ki , as cd f,
l,..o-.l 1IH Uiuuu
v'e.e.- - .
Walking advertisements for Dr. Sage's
Catarrh lUuncily are the thousands it has
Tlie Prliiceaa Growing Old.
I noticed for the first time these many
years a change in the looks of the
princess of Wales. It is sad to have to
any so, but the "sea king's daughter
friim over the sea, Alexandra," is get
ting old. She has for years looked like
the sister of her daugtliers, only fairer
than they. But, now? Well, now, she
is beginning - at last to look like their
mother. 1 do not po so far as to say
that the foot of the crow has marked tlie
eve corners, but she is thinner and more
J . . .. . . i i .... i l. :..
worn in appearance ami oioet-iuukio
than she waa hist Ascot. It may be j
that the cares of the. season are telling!
upon her. The prince is as jolly as ever, j
Nolhius seems to affect him. London
Letter to Philadelphia Unlletin.
Tlie Women C Sweden.
At the women's congress now in pro
gress at the Paris exhibition, presided
over by Mile. Deraismea, the "greatest
woman speaker in the world," an inter
esting paper on the "Industrial women
of Sweden" waa read by Mine. Fries.
They are bank clerks and managers,
even professors in boys' high schools,
working jewelers, watchmakers and en
paged in every sort of wood carving.
The education of nearly every Swedish
girl who was not born to fortune was,
the lecturer said, in a great degree in
dustrial. There is no doubt, the speak
er added, that the Swedish woman will
soon receive equal political rights.
A Lnckf fin".
Dulath (Minn.) TrlbuDe, July 16.
William Dalquist is the name of a lucky
FinUtiuler who at present is a dny laborer
in K. A. Gray's saw mill at the West End.
The fact is, Wiliam, who has been in this
country tor some six years or -mora and
who has been a hard worker all his Mo, is
i -.loin nt t cket Ol.oOo, wiutn
one-fortietli oi i't" .... UJ
drew the capital prise of $600,000.
When Mr. Dalquist waa made aware of his
,od fortune by a statements th.l nbune
t ahat,,e lucky one, he was
0 erioved beyond measure and was th.
" nl many congratulations from his
recipient of '" co J the ,rtln8 time
nTste - of his good fortune
tr W A foot. her. i mined ately offered
1 i ;!i.t ' 14 K00 tor his little slip ol pa
r VTt Wi!Ham.ho,,cl,the would do his
Taking it altogether there never was a
time when our country was enjoying
greater prosperity than at the present mo
ment, and yet there are inousanoe oi peo
ple in the land who are fussing and fuming
about hard times. No doubt but what
many of them are honest in their com
pluiuts, and it is olten becauise ,they have
not found the right kind of work or the
rijht way to do it. Now, it business is not
moving along with you satisfactorily, take
our advice and write to H. F. Johnson &
Co., Richmond, Va. It is more than likely
that they can help you, at any rate it
would cost you nothing but a postage
stamp to apply to Miem.
Smith's Bile Beans
Are Invaluable for Liver wl Stomach disorders.
Acton the bile, driveaway the lilacs. They sre
the great Auti-liile Medicine or
Cure for Biliousness,
Slclihesdiche. Dysentery, Sour Stomach, Dis
tress alter eatine. Pain? In the heck snd sidee,
alalaria. C'OitivenBs. Chllla andFevers, Drow
siness, Oflensive Breath, Call ? tones, Ac.
Act on the Mver and Kidneys, thereby driving
all lmpnritiesfromthc.body.
Verv economical, smalt dose. In little watch
lisped bottles, price -ii cents.
cold by Druggists or sent by mail.
J. F. SMITH A CO., Props., St. Louis, Mo.
the long evenings of Winter,
an eniei tamer.
Makt lli'f nrrrl atnl liappu bif irnimo :
Whipple' Merry Making Mrl"ieavl
OkKo.xI'a Mliymea ami luiiea. Sit.
CliTl.lrena" School on;. 35 .
Kmrrson'shriiK for I. Itle Slo;ei-.30c.
Sours and Oauirs for l ittle (Inns, SJ.
Of Kvenluti; miuu .'oie Sh,j ttuuie froma
Fralae in Song. 40c. Voices r.r Pr"'.
Ooapel of Joy, JSC Singing on Ihe Way,
Vollrcl ioiimuf Smw for rrp ,.rit ,U.iciau,arW
EJERULF'S " " 1.50.
EVEREST'S " " tl.OO.
M. V. WHITE'S ALBUM. $2,410.
Minis far Social .S...i..i of tUe urU qilmHr
iM tit - t
-nli.v Knnere. 50c. : The same for fJnltiarsw
Hi.l... SI I.: Minstrel Sone.
a -v;
).: War Sunn, SO.-.; smerlcsn itatfaasBr
oiie.VliB. ml Vocal Guitar A J Wasyv
t.o.xl Old Songs We I neil t . lig. if-
tatiun Honga, 30c. ,,
Any boot lnauca lor rnao pr:8x-.
y y v y 74vfr,tt
The nineteenth century
dose of the year 1900.
will end at' the
(nliivrlyriireil by
llirsr l.llllr -in.
Thev also relieve Dis
tress from Dysliepsis.In-
digeatioii and TooHearty
Eatina. A cerfect rem
edy for DiKziness.Nnttsea
Drowsiness, Bad Tastrt
In the Month. CoatedSJ
Tonirue.Paiii In the Side
roiieio tiivcu. rney
reenlate tbe Bowels
Purelv Vceetable.
Price SK Cents,
AHA U8lftEf'J!Stth5' .
The l.argreet. am! nest. Kiptlpped School tLVar
West. Thorough Practical DepartmaiiJL
Send for College Journal.
For two two-cent stamps we will send
you one of the handsomest almanacs in
the country. "Homestead," Omaha, Neb.
There is no worse joke than a true one.
Via the WABASH LINE to Missouri,
Arkansas, Texas, Tennessee, Mississippi
and Louisiana at half kahb. Tickets will
be sold August Cth and 20th, September
10th and 24th, and October Slh, good for
30 (lavs. Remember the Wabash is the
quickest route south with elegant reclining
chair and Pullman Buffet eleeping cars on
all trains. For tickets and further infor
mation cnll on or write
0. N. Clayton, N. W. P. Agent, 1502 Far-
nura street, Omaha, Neb.
The total lite insurance ol Johnstown
victims amounted to $287,300.
We call the attention of those suffering
with dropsy to the fair proposition ot Dr.
H H. Green & Sons in their advertisement
on this page. Try them; it costs you
nothing to do so.
Fifty colored men
priesthood in lionie.
Small Pill. Small Dose. Small Price,
V if3i din"
Atakes a clean sweep. Krerwr
sheet will kill a quart of Bieaw
Ktops buxaina nrcini!d ear,
diving at eyes, tickling jran
nose, skips hard words imrt se
cures peace at ti iflinj! e x pense.
aeiid-i.lceiilaP.r.J alieetsto;
t I) U TCll KH, 8t. A I bans, Tw-(
Posltlvely Cwred with Veseuble Itew
1 niuik
' wiminiaji . Mil i nrn
are studying tor the
.m.nU lie will
mke arr " hl. t.ther
at once pro-
fsithtar Mild
V.IS.U ... ., .
..,d one oi rini"""'"
i . v hia
time had conimw. jwnl)
former supple lirn hatn
notable to PAffle P"-
EWt hl.l.-an Francaeo
"vihera Thry Weaken.
r.looth is frequently sliowu
pnwncoofd -ttt hta 1 ben ft wit.
fairest, daughters
. utll.. Hiatnr.
!U. Amerlenn rl' "r"'
Xational Stockman thinlta it is a mis-
f 'Zhrbest French cone and
.irown trotter or
wHially Ittdiw. r - - -ith
about in a mUmm --rj -f the ,n.
Paul rior rrsss.
.... vi.rescnt. lllO over
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B' i verv d ff" retit st,p. Ho is by
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trotter, an.l tl e co aci u to ,,,
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adTun sbj. I'1;;1' 'horse, and there
horse he a a cai r aM . Uma
i, . uK Pd a class for
0ye horasim ,
lanH 1MU Use. Opporliinliy to visit
O-.Irn and knit Luke l. Utah, or
iHllcy. Idaho.
A grand eicursion to the above named
points will leave August 20th via The Un
ion Pncific, "The Overland Route,' and
for this occasion the exceedingly low rate
of $30 00 to Ogden nnd Salt LakeCity and
return' and $35.00 to ilailey, Idaho, ard
return, has been made Irom Missouri
river terminals.
This cicursion affords our patrons a
magnificent, opportunity to visit Garfield
Beach on Great Salt Luke, the finest bath
; -o.nrr, in the world, and also visit
Hailey Hot Springs, famous tor their me
dicinal properties. Tickets good thirty
''"poi- further particulars address,
B. L. LOMAX, G. P. A.,
Omuha, Neb.
Tlie grape crop in the Luke Erie district
promises to be a large one.
When Baby was sick, we gave her Castoria,
When she waa a Child, c je cried tor Castoria,
When she became Hiss, die citing to Castoria,
When she had Children, she gave tiiera Castoria,
I ICaawllaM se Out, anitaassl '
V I ' Jam a Soraas I S
Have cured many thouaand eases.. Care panel
Sronounced hopeless by the best physicians. Vn
rstdoM symptoms rapidly disappear, aad lot
days at least two-thirds of all symptoms are reaa.
4. Send for free book of teatlmonials of nilraewbi
mis.. Ten dava treatment furnished free by aw
ifyoil order trial, send lu cents in stamps t ar
posua. oil it. a. uubkn a sons, aiuum. ts-
tmA The oldest medicine in the world Is probably
; Dr. Isaac Thompson's
Uelebrated f.vk watkI
This article Is a carerully prepareu i nysiciaa -Kriptlon,and
lias been in constant use nearly a e3wvy.
CAUTION. The only genuine ThasavsMM-ai JBvwe
atter has upon the white wrapper of each hotllw aa
engraved portrait of the inventor. DR Isaac Tnoarmak
with a facsimile of his signsture ; alw note ! naaCi
aigneil John L. Thompson. Avoid all others. Theewe
uiue Eye Water can he outalnej from all Druggmta,
I prescribe and fully ems
dorse Big ii as the only
speciac for the certain curss
of this disease.
Amsterdam, N. Y.
We have sold Big G foii
many yeara, and it baa.
given the best of salta
Chicago, 111.
81.00. Sold by Crugrista,.
Rio Pecos Valley
Southeastern New
Mexico. Choice limew
stone soil: abundance of pure water; a delight
Oil climate all the year; almost continuous sun-'
sbine; altitude 3.600 feet; healthleat locality in.
the V. 8., no consumption, no malaria. So acreav
will yield a competency. Write for particulars,
naming tbia paper, to Peeoa Irrigation A la.
vcettaeat Co., 84 aSouroe St., Cblcago, IU
SSaikWasVO l liUS, 1U l'l-tares,
ng, 1 1 en. Samples, ace, iw. uss
Mount Carmel, Cunn.
at .oavsslari
If atrSsalyeytka
V Ivmbs ffaaailasl fia
V cinMiiinati.arVMao
stone soil; abundance of pure
Plao't Bemedv for Catarrb Is
Beat, Easiest to Use, and Cheapest.
Sold by druggists or sent by mall.
50c. E. T. Hazeltlne, Warren, Pa.
the ft
Diet. Elegant
treatment. Ily 'The Honor. evn ic. siauip
for Manual. Theo. Wing;, rinlnllelil. uuiin.
SPIT How to lie.luce It. Full
rail i
Jownstown Horror!
Our New Hook, The .lolinstow ii Horror or
Valley of Heath, tlie inosr Hn-iuiiig iiook erta
issucd. AOKNTS WANTKI) in every lowushraa.
Terms 50 per cent. Oiitilu m cents. National iMaw
Co., 818 Clsrk Street, Chicago. 111.
Hf asjaj STUDY, noolt-keeping, Pcnmaiwftrpv.
rwl EZ. Ailllnuetic. Shorthand, elc. tin
miL'lilv langht by iiuiil. I.owrates. Circulars f teas..
UltY ANT'S COIJ.KUH. aljl .Main St, Buffalov N. T..
W. N.
sioSSstduy. atiniples worm Is
-lanes not under horses' Icet.
Pater Safety Rein Holder Co.
that Ittlongi
aa wfilL
Tulrt, .th7wlTo.l th. av.r-
.moI buman w.
eaitieai ta aof
The vessels of our navy will hereafter be
painted white.
. A- K.
Grand Reunion of the Soldiers and Sai
lorn ot Nebraska nt Kearney, August 12th
to 17th, 1889. Tho committee, have se
cured tor location the spacious grounds
overlooking Lake Kearney, and the pro
erniii, consisting ( I Sham Battles. Dress
I'nrndes. Artillery llrills and Duels, and
magnificent tl splay of Fireworks, will be
I he most attractive ever offered.
For this occasion The Union Pacific,
"The Overland Rout" will soil tickets
from all points on its lines in Nebraska, nt
rate of One Fabe for the Round I rip.
i, lull to altcud. For other informa
tion apply to your nearest ticket Aient, or
E. 'L. LOMAX, Gen'l Pass. Agt.,
The Cherokee Indians support over 100
public schools, with over 4.UUU pupus.
It la easier to give ad v lea than to follow it.
v. i. KZtt.r to be lnnoccit than to be
penitent. . -
, . tnnvsnn lfarllna.. M. Y.. says
Hell's Catarrh Curs .tired s.,r Sold by
Prstjlsta, T6.
I 1 M kt,K T0UR 0ROCES fOR
Will buy sufficient
to do a large wash, clean a house,,
or enough of both to prove to any
woman its wonderful dirt-removing
and labor-saving qualities.
Costs almost nothing, but makes,
the dirt jump. Does it hurt the
hands or clothing ? NO, it is
harmless. Many millions of pack
ages used every year no complaints, but many women write ::
cannot get along without PEARLINE. Why? Because it is.
the greatest invention of the age for washing and cleaning..
It is the modern soap. . . . .
Peddlers and unscrupulous grocers are offeranjr imitar-.
g i lfirvn lions which they claim to be Pearline. or "the utie a
V J adli LllJi 1 Pearline." IT'S FALSE. PEAKMNF. is never peddle
ua JAMES rVLB, New Ystka.
" mmmm Aaw.iJi a - a. u am