The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, July 18, 1889, Image 5

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is oil., rwveral welUtm,, .... .
en-e. con24 in tbU V r'" throniele Tan
, k'r.flTi r"1 Lv rnn to llTe that
The --tinct but also
to amt o epreed, and ..i,.!it ,,, 1 r
-rwrnwea jail .a .. WV, j,.t DM, wf ;
y tie prisoner. Lwn rtewg mafuriiifi' tnnn -i t ':""'ct"J
r. .,rtioni for chr. ln,,u , , u ., ' ; uu"""uaia,
if""' V11v , ran Jow, iL,,,,
,rlmier,ecurl and as hern in and nlmtit i,ut ... ".i
Tofs lew miuuUt for th. last thirty rears. Jn. uU i
to .ffert an eutrauee. The caption one of th. lw.t i....i.
. (li M...UDU Iteniptcato CTrwvnin the water, of thewin
U ruou, out iwuunrt wm m. ,. . . -
(rfb.yr.oBorPod wartail Uyond a dlld by
CTnrior Ih' k". they pro- J'7nT ., , A:apu!'' onthe
Kjlaapin s cell and threw open lr,P M lart. when a gpar
t Briiiiafi corn col "n . w-ci nnu iniien overthe
,jti exd oil Muino wh een ip nnd old J()e eame alori"
M4 ttMuwms iu i'r in nnu nitpr mllin'r of it flontwl ftlonc.
nm.', nxaunnff exactlv iulenpth
At to hi Age that in not ponitiveh
known, but tit biirn!uljon littibiu l
imiimte that 1m hat len (
rwKicni ot .san Jwte watcru for a
iwrfwt torrnt of IjiiIIiM. mxl minilr of yean. The Lamntta are
' . . . . . . : 1 .... ,.11
scuv oi "B ininTiiwa nuiuu iini rrutT rut to ret 'I a r me
J the phiom of the iiuok ball with the twine resistive force aa
A.nnt eToer He mmle no
bat U-jtskI piUounly for Jii
(alrur be fiecwTeii oeinjr
ivgsirt'TulrariB We IkiiUi ot
tat nsilWiUt. Ttm wm the i?
rred I
i!'a Lulr w n mfpn fin? ,J... i...
a .., ... . - - - - - -j a ui pwi on the 8Kle ot a man
ion tU nr, merany n.i- 0r.,nr. r,.ut p,,la r. 4. . ,..,,.
i., ... H.Untanii. l"ur "l-''n HIKH at, ttil
Lr i A the lmli-L hl mmifld nonMr nd without efTct, oo far
. . - . ... l.iu l.w.l. ; .. .1 rrt . .
" ..." in r'UM't'l llt'll. i I1R Otl
imarh hit lxlr. After Ikccom-
C their l.looJr work the mob
yun t'ite iiiteiition of the tisj-
bSdbtatf the (l''prai', mil tite
t!.r of one of tiieir inimiter in
( in tlie coll weinrd to in
lU tiiirft nf tli molt (r bloml.
Ljon.iii! "n niMi'tiioned ior
mm i v ; Hi I'iun anil nl'.tsnueu witli
kfprof iiitcrniiitinn.
tepBUKinrn mi'bdkh at tbob. !
NVh. ) pecil to the Omli
Oat of the mont otrtcionii ml
v. -.!! murder erer coinmitteil
kittcl tea milo kontlieMt of here
bTtaiB, i teen s iiu wociock.
Tliornhiil nhot ntUiniti IVrrtt
Joaiile liarrcllcd hotgno, killing
EtSniitly. 1'nTiil Jl't brought
eifilisniMi here thin niornins ri'l
RffEllcrtoD, Deputy SlietifT Eirh
rt, CoritUe Uubhart uml your
wa.leit went to the weue of the
m imrini i jir. iwrrnui ri-
there wm fomid a large croud of
r.3t ntiieni. who had a rfi tip
ton of the mill for the ptirimw of
fc:s; HwnilnIL ("orotter KlUrtoti
fkti the iriMjuer and artii1led a
witf Attonier Hmith took evidence
tktnry rHtinied the verdict that
Im Barrett came to hia detlt from
liot fired by Henry Thornhill
lifrioniniu intent
jknrtt u to Aurora yenU-rdnr, and
pmnaj tiome la.t evpiitnsr cnllffil hi
out ftt ted and liejjnti aliumiij; her.
ij ill fume alonx and, ei't-tiis tin.
a'tctneii-hljor a. i houma ('r. and
hoatj a gtm. itavius be wanted to
After he received the iftin he
Cnx it wan a two lejred dof, lie
nitliark and ahot lltrotih the
, liliinj Barri'tt iiiitantlv, th
it Uling effect in hia nock and
planre otl the old Wlovn'a bti?k with
out doing him any damage. Yet
Old Joe cftrrif) er.oiiKh lead in hw
cnmiHH to aink on ordinary whale,
na nlmoHt every officer whoso veiei
nnchora in the w at era taken a whack
nt liitn whfti he runs hia Kidi-H and
U'lly upwnrd, but. the bullets don't
stem to do him any harm."
"Well, n bout bin lviiKotiin rapa
city?" "(ill, j'e. Some yenra npro nn En
pliuli nian-of war, while lyiiiR at nn
fhor, Undertook to d'!rov the old
brute by firing a hni're of dynamite:
into hint. J tie was hit on t he hi1o, ami
about fifty pounds of tdinrk's HckIi
torn away, but the wliot failed to
kill him. Hut now, mark you. airi'
that time ho will not make bin ap
pearance in the anchor near where
a man-of-war i8 anchored, I'.ut
juat m noon W thent' veawls
leave Joe romea to tbeaurfnee again,
lie rrytilnrly meet a the Aenpulco
nliont fift-n miles outftidennd pilots
her in. Once anchored lie is satisfied
uml fvi'iriH to delight in fcedinj from
theoffal. Hut no matter how well
you bttit h hook Joe's rodHoninjr
nunlitica tell hm to leave it alone, and
bo invnrin blv follows that line
1 Sarfric4 BirrUr.
oucau't txit
the rAa r,t rri i
a uui , J. lie
P&.?r was an ex-nklu-A rnntflin
and hu eyes twinkled as he thought
01 the many itnriM i.: i. t.
Victims Of blirirtu i. v,
"UiTjlars themsel ves, gay i the Chicago
ntr Ocean. A burjdar," he con
fnued, U l0gt when he tret a rattled.
a woman in the case of a burg
lar raid is apt to do the unexpected
"ling, and in this way disconcert
even the coolest professional. To
the unprofessional who desires above
it .i
wings to conceal his indentitv
the impulsive woman is a hoi v terror,
'Not long ago it LariDened that
the wife oi one of our prominent
pnysicians was alone on the parlor
noor oi tier residence. The house had
novo 1....... t ,
"-"- nunriamei, and no one
thought that it would be or could
I. (JntllB Tliirl.t in r,;nr. l.a
lajly watt awakened bv tsounds in the
porlor.ond callintr out to ak who
was there she heard retreating foot
steps. Half awakeandwhollv under
the influence of the thought that one
of her servants or some member of
the family was in the parlor, she
jumped out of bed. and without a
moment's hesitation, started in
pursuit, intent only in learning what
was the matter. In the hull she
came face to face with a strange man,
and even then she was not wide
awake enough to lie afraid. The
thought that the stranger was a
burglar did not come toiler until
she had asked, in an anxious way,
what was the matter.
"The burglar, who it was afterword
discovered had made preparations
to curry off the silver ami certain
articles wnicti lie had collected, was
so contused that henuule a single ex
clamation, stepped to the front door,
opened it and walked quickly awnv,
Iff said afterward that the idea of a
small, delicate-faced woman follow
ing him up closely made him Khiver,
and when she spoke to him with the
commonplaced marmorof one asking
his welfare, his senses deserted him.
iiml there was nothing for him to do
but to gel out."
The (ihostof Gnltean.
Guiteau still lingers at the District
Jail, says a AVashingtonletter. That
is what the superstitious prisoners
say, for they claim that they seo him
every night, and if you were to bring
any amount of testimony to contra
dict them they would still adhere to
of their theory that the assassin stalks
The laairt or Sahara.
The Sahara aa a whole is not below
e level ; it is not the dry bed of a re
cent ocean, and it is not as flat as the
proverbial pancake all over. I'art of it,
indeed, is very mounUinoaa, and all of
It 16 more or lesa varied in level. The
Lpper Sahara consist of a rocky plat
eau, rasing at times into considerable
lieaks; the lower, to which it descends
by a steep lope, is -'a vast depresaion
of clay and sand," bnt still for the most
Irt stand in k high above Bea leveL No
portion of the Upper Sahara is less than
1,3(10 feet high a good deal higher than
Hartmore or Derbyshire. Moat of the
lower reaches from 300 to 300 feet
quite aa elevated as Eaaei or Leicester.
The two spots below aea level consist of
the beds of ancient lakes, now much
shrunk by evaiioration, owiusr to the
present rainless condition of the coun
try; the soil around these is deep in
gyitirn, and the water itself is consid
erably saltier than the sea.
That, however, is always the case with
fresh water lakes in their last dotage, as
American geologis's have amply proved
in the great salt lake of Utah. Moving
sand undoubtedly covers a large space
in both divisions of the desert, but ac
cording to Kir Lambert Playfiiir, onr
best modern authority on the subject, it
occupies not more than one-third part
of the entire Algerian hahara. i.lse
where rock, clay and muddy lake are
the prevailing features, interspersed
with not infieuueiit date eroves and vil
lages, the product of artesian wells or j
eienvated spaces or river oases. Even
Hahara, in short, to give it due, is not
by any means so black as it is painted.
Flu Meutluieuia.
"Yes, gentlemen," he said eloquently,
and with a patriotic thrill in his voice,
"1 think that when an American citizen
is tendered a nomination to ollice by his
fellow-men it is his sacred duty to ac
cept it. Let him put aside all thoughts
of self. A man can serve his country in
times of peace as nobly as he can in
times of war. Gentlemen, friends, I
thank you for the honor yon have con
ferred upon mo, and even though the
sidnry may be small I will " It is
not a salaried oflice, colonel," explained
one of his admirers. " ha-a-iit ! no
milary? Then I'm dumbed if I accept
it!-'. Texas Sittings.
Abiilll Oogo.
Last Sunday the passengers in a Uni
versity place enr bound up town, says
the New York "World, were amused when
a spaniel was brought into the cur with
litlle boots, made of chamois skin, on
each of its feet, and a red cravat care
fully tied under its chin. At Seventh
avenue and Tweltth street a fortnight
ago a beautiful large .Newfoundland
dog attracted attention by darting under
a showering water-curt, soaking him
self, and then rolling in eefctacy on the
ground. Whon the driver stopped the
flow at the crossings, the dog rushed
ahead, looked up at him, and barked as
plainly as dog could: "Turn it on; turn
it on." This being done doggie took
another bath, bounded up to the driv
er aain, barked his thanks, and ran
down Thirteenth street. He was fully
half wnv down the block, when the
sound of the water overcame him again,(
and back he flew for another "douse.'
I . i -. ' U.n fivnri' imrttt. The
reasoning, as to ins capacity v... , muuuu . "
etow awuv grub, that wiis proved on reii n whkh he was located when
Sergt. Mason shot at him lias m-en
V prisoner, when put on the stand,
tMiwfd the shooting and said be
ittouive Mm. Barrett's life. This
P'Plher too flimay. The other evi
ftm to show that Thornhill has
P ,l tins neighborhood since laat
Ntanag just previously been lib
N libra the Kantuui i..fiitmttiarv
convicted of hone-steal-HeUasltMn
wanted in this ootinty
ml for various offentten,
m twrly considered a pretty ,
tn cliractr.
fertile mnrtW committed, Mrs. '
r together ith Thornhill, weut
!?nnt ""J yed alt night, j
r'''"i sinnj iiimwlf up to the au- '
hti 11... . . .
iKornme. 1
oarrttt, on the witness stand.
P"? nervous, and she would not an-
r'lltMquetit,niini,l,. .lf..,l I
"Weuce li0We,l b.. l'l,nrt.l,tll
'alTf i Hh hfir anA "CfMl'.'1 Uet
v . "'"s utitrae ana aimsive.
W lnt.ner ... 1 -i . 1
e'Miinj, where l.r;' crowd
m "'ffl, eiixsctinff . !v...l.ln,. I
"w m the history of the county
J, . d6 thU affair, and
one ocrnmon wiii fi me nwi
taking fibtmrd some hgx. One of
t-n hog, weit'hiue robubly about
eighty ponndM, fell overboard, and
oltlJof. who is ever on the watch,
imw the prize anl with om
plunge n.i.l Iir. of 'x;
ti-D.l.'d :, the porker disappeared
tin though he had gone into a hole.
On nnother occasion we had a lot of
mules on board for the government
1 ..,i rtl,e number died rind whs
11114 Jl-
hrr.wn overboard. Joe .
ucquniiitame of the
and nft-r the lapse (
mule wiw safely stow.
in Joea locker.
made the
defunct mule,
six hours the
1 'thwart ships
Yes, Joe is the In rg-
Munly i iu a turmoil to-
rHE LITKi r vm
f" kll, wcrttary of the Hottlanrist
mitt. .1 a,:,,... t.JH.,1
Hiiil If I.- ""..'M.-w, A intlt-, lllllB'l
I1 French citizen. rt V Ynrh and
pfoatheHtb, the 100th an-
r7 of the fall f ti,e UMuu will
recttnti,, . .t . it i..
ht Coiiolidtd T.
lvHantin Ul l. i- ...1....I
til rrfiil!iii.
"'iii'lines rAi i...,,.,, ofreturnitui
est shark known to uHsealnnngmtn.
We have tried to kill the monster
by all posible ineniiH,butso far have
miserably failed."
Trepanning Saved an Old-timer.
From the rtirtf?" Tr il.un.
They were walking under an old
building that was undergoing re
tmirs The sun shone almost vertic
y"iponthecrowdei thoroughfare
SstUnedto tlrink up eager v the
""".Grindstone," said Kiljordun, "is
11 HuUlm questiou wan no t complet
ed A fragment of brick from the
ed. A iniM hj(J ,K,(l(1
top o. trie. ... t0 lhe
aim wii"' - r-
av be-
His triend
? i f
r...i insensible. llewastaKc. .
?!u . .lfr weeks he
inn " t t
re,to, IJ . , V.,ii.V l,t id bedside
wutcheu Hiiui'u".' , I .
"u. 'ufi..n .if surireons was held,
coiiKut""'"" -- onoera-
1 to
....erroiti.e.inorofLel'ct.t and it was " f : , t0 icve
:th0bnun rmn th F - .
ttiredpor hm wcre
"'T'n 1 bv the announcement
thnttneoe... , Grindstone
cessivelyftccomplmh d --' ati(,
reath Kil-
ie first
notwithstanding the
years have
unoccupied ever since, lhe bunk has
been removed and the apartment, is as
bare as it was left by the builders.
The marks of the soldier's bullet are
si ill plainly to be seen. The missile
entered the window of the cell nt a
slight angle and struck the wall op
posite to that upon which the mur
derer's bunk was located, from which
point it glanced and flattened against
the wiill 'in the rear. Hud (Jjiitenn
been standing at the window the bul
let could hardlv have missed mm.
I Gen Crocker, the warden ofthejaii,
! says he has great trouble in getting
prisoners to remain content in uti.y
of the cells in which Guiteau wub con
fined The ussnssin, alter oenig s uuu
nt by Sergt. Mason, was confined m
a cell in the opposite corridor, the
same being separated Dy
rinrtition, ami.
... ti.ot no many
elapsed since it was graced oy uie
wretched occupant every prisoner
knows which won Guiteau s celPand
begs not to be confined therein, lhe
rhostofthe assassin, so the prison
ers sav, roams about at a 1 hours ol
the night, and the guards are fre
quently called by prisoners who fancy
they see the apparition.
A (irand Knkc's Tragic Story,
The czar of Russia's second broth
er the Grand Duke Alexis, now near
ing his 40th year, is not married and
wiU probably go unmarried tolas
prave. Few persons reco lec t or
...,;, the conjugal tragedy, that
marked the early years of his
..,i l.nndsome prince.
He fell
cessi-v '..rostrate mnti at
Mined ver the ea
waited brenthllvl(" tl,enr, ,..
Mnrnimr consciousness It .ti
WRii a long, nnivenng
. ,1 n.itlaUtl I K HI'"
wortisuia - , , ilence
a day uroae tU(jtinet voice
the room. , ' S for you.'
t.;.,.i,i- hoteuouKi
IIP Bfl.'
i tliaritablc l ady.
i very charitable lad.V in town,
A ,er' .,.,!. Tlinstown suf-
wishingtoheip u - t)ifl wnnl.
husbfind a 1 the
' T.:..b.i out from
Into the
'i urge unks of oil exploided and
r .trik l the Homestead works of
f'Sie, Map,,, 4 Co-i phjl.delphia,
aenuitely aettled and work
w 'e'inid as soon as the furnace
eted. Tl. t... .....i,.,t
"aiKrttl.. - t. . . i.
auown, uiii n is un-
j, ji,! " Co''ceaaiona were made on
London Standard1 Rome cor
luent say.; '"fl, jUinn crdi-
lPOse th. atiitf,,..!,, nl .bvituI
FIUer,li...i. .i ?.. . ., ...-IBU
. - iiiai me election oi an .....
k,7.u.;',,nl " Pop wonld tend . iackknife,o ''';" -. she
lukJ.1 m'n qon. The k.w , jnto the worn- - e- ,
ySbu','.''? l't CTr,mir of ato kings, a comb an
Kt,i ctincl.To to elect hia put a Pa,f i.-iia, nnd o coke : oi
r" be h.W at Horn, or alwwliere, Ul', I'veral gown, that
Nhotand killatt Jmit E. CoatM ne "nd .If "I dil "ot
oriiiBg. The Orota woman
Coa. w b-Ua bia wife 54 to Irt & me
'CV(r?a.)loU him be ahonld l let rnr huabnnd get o
r" let mahaa .i... t.i juj I
P?" , years ago, with a young
, love, longK" , ()f
of thin mnr-
..w.n HO 11 ,
Itlilll. liv , . ,
Keller' laick.
Lmar iMo.) Democrat, June 13.
llnving been asked many times resarii
ing my tortunate investment in the Louisi
ana State Lottery, I do notobject to mak
ing a statement concerning it, said A. Kel
ler, fia our reporter asked for a statement.
Some time since I was a member of a club
tor one month and sent a couple of dollars
to the Louisiana State Lottery, but with
out drawing any prize. Tins time I sent
one dollar in my own name, and received
one-twentieth of ticket No. 34.281 in re
turn This ticket drew the tlirrd capital
prize ot $50,000. I sent my ticket tor col
lection and within five days I received a
draft on the Bank of Commerce, at fet.
Louis for $2,500. I hae not used the
money yet. I am well pleased with my in
vestment of one dolllar. Ol course I was
delighted. I have determined to invest
this monev in real estate, and hope to
double it 'by another fortunate itivest-
t Tim Lottery company certainly
dealt' fairly with me, and I shall patronize
them again.
Behind Him
Japan not only knows when to begin
imitating western civilization, but when
to stop There was no hesitation about
adopting our educational institutions
and our civic institutions. Newspapers
followed, and telegraphs, and railroads,
and constitutions. But when it came to
women's dresses, there was a halt
French men milliners and English
women milliners were dropped and their
needles rusted for want of patronage.
This was wise. We are exactly 500
years behind the Japanese and in the
?ear of common Bensc in our method of
dreeing women. We should do well to
imitate our Oriental friends m several
particulars.-St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
What the Knee Indicate.
r,i . f a i mn are an unimneach-
X lit) lillijo v. . - . .
able index of his character; that is if
they have not been injured so that their
i Mir,n is imnaired. A strong
character is accompanied with a strong
walk A weak character is shown in the
k knees and the sliillysnaiiyin
.,,,,,niT,ff walk. If one should desire
the performance of a deed which re-
' n,l ..vLxeverance. he would
? ' . ..I it. to . man who drags his
wB about as if they were made of lead.
" ....i. ,.-nil.-0 nu if its legs were
nslcen If y" wftnt to 'neaH"ra B. 'ntt 8
dimeter, and have not the time to
flcrtitin ze and anaiy.e m .....
thr on -h them the soul, study his neMier
111 " ,1 t. im vises them. You
extremities m. .- q
rnt from ins lego iu
Kitty is witty.
Nettie is pretty,
Lutie is eut and small;
I rent is a queen,
Annette is a pet,
ttell i tb belle .t the ball;
Diatitha is wealthy,
Bertha U healthy,
And health is th beat ot all.
Perfect health keeps her rosy and ra
diant, beautiful and blooming, sensible
and sweet. It is aecured by wholesome
habits and the use of Dr. Pierce's FavoriU
Prescription. Bertha take it, and she
also "takes the cake." The only guaran
teed cure for those distressing ailment pe
culiar to women. Satisfaction or your
money returned.
For Consti nation or Biek Headache, use
Dr. Pierce' Pellets; Purely Vegetable. One
a dose.
Electricity Direct froiss Work.
The accomplishment of a hitherto
impossible feat that of transforming
mechanical work direct into electricity
is claimed by Prof. Uraun, of Tubin
gen. He has succeeded in this by the
use of nickel wire wound into spirals.
As the spiral is elongated or compressed
a current of considerable strength is
generated, and this is increased by put
ting in circuit a number of spirals. The
experiments have given such iositive
results that the sanguine exiterimenter
is hopeful of constructing a useful gen
erator on this principle a thing greatly
to be desired, truly.
Don't you want to save money, clothes,
time, labor, fuel, and health? AH these
can be saved it you will try Dobbins' Elec
tric Soap. We Bay "try," knowing if you
try it once, you will alwaya use it. Have
your grocer order.
('nous Computation!!.
An electrical writer has calculated that
the firing of a small pistol sets free
about 600 foot pounds of energy, while
a watch consumes about one fifty-four-millonth
of a horse power, the energy of
the bullet beimr sufficient to keep the
time for two years. An Edison tele-
oliniie transmitter reouires about
thousandth of the energy in a watch; it
would therefore be worked for 2,000
years on the energy exerted in the pis
tol. A lightning rtasn oi a,ouu,uw voit-s
and 14,000,000 amperes, lasting one
twenty-thousandth of a second, would
run a 100 horse power engine for ten
We recommend "l'un.lll'a Punch" Cigar.
The French are now manufacturing the
Lebel gun. with which the whole army is
to be equipped.
For two two-cent stamps we will send
vou one ot the handsomest almanacs in
the country. "Homestead," Omaha, hub,
Kuminer l ours via the Wabash
TJonnd trio tickets are now on sale to
the anmmer resorts ot Michigan, New York
V prm out. Now Hampshire, Maine, Mary
land, Virginia, and all the principal resorts
of tlin United States and Canada. Also
nn wnv and round trip tickets to Liver
pool, London, Paris, and all parts of
Kurope via all lines at lowest rates. Write
to or call on the undersigned for full par-
Hciilnm in resard to routes, rates, etc
O. N. Ci-AYtos, N. W. P. and Ticket Agent,
1502 Farnam street, Omaha, Neb,
California sent 3,500,000 pound of
honey to Europe last year.
The sDleodor of th "American .
berinnins to be appreciated by our
and a visit to Switzerland lor gorfMa
scenery is unnecessary. The pietui ".
mountain rworw on toe cuum i
eion of the Union Paeifie in Colorado at
absolutely unrivalled on tlna connneav.
Forty-three suicides were commitUd Im
Vienna in May.
Dr. Chaille stales that the average Uho
woman i longer than that of man.
for the entire eradication of all Paitv
No family ahould be without It. Oa
twenty-five cent bottle will do mor. tie
convince you of the efficacy than alt
the testimonials we miwht present, aost
we have an abundance of thi kind oF
lor Coughs, Colds and Sore Throaty
teaspoonf ul of Pain-Kiiler taken atther
beginning of an attack: wm prove an sm-
most never-failing cure, ana save mucra.
is an article that has combined in Haft
that ?oes to make a first-class familjr
medi ine. i
AU Druggists sell Pain-riiUer a
vsc, ooc, ana ji.w u. uut-uio.
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ro.Klvcl) ftired bj
UiFe 1,11 tie riii.
TUev sl.o relieve Disl
trees from Uypi)
digestion nti T.ioHnaLTlyl
Eatilli'. A lwrtoctreui
edv tor r)izziiieis.NaeiJ
lirowsiusB. had liutlrt
iu thu tlouth. ContMl
iTontiiie.Pain in the Sid.
TOKC1U JlVta. Ilf
regulate the llowelt.
Purely Vegetable.
Price 2S leiits
Small Pill. Small Dose. Small Price.
When Baby was cick, we gave her Castorla,
When she was a Child, c".ic cried for Castoria,
When she became Miss, dio clung to Castoria,
When she had Children, she gave them Castoria,
The Largest and Beit Ennipped School in th
West. Thorough Practical Department
Bend for College Journal.
I prescribe nd fnllyea.
dorse Big i as Hie or
speciSc fortheceruincurav
of thirt disease.
Amsterdam, N. Y.
We have sold Pie G for
many years, and H baa..
given me oesi ui
Chicago, 111. .
81.00. Sold by Drugeitta...
i In mo Pecos Valley, ,
I in Southcasiern New
. Meii M. Choice lln-
I .tr.n.Boil: abundance of pure water; iii-
ful climate all the year; almost continuous sun.
IhlnS "itude 8.600 feet; helthlt loclUl 1
theU S., no conaumption, no malaria. o acre .
will jlild a competency. Write for particulars,
naming this PPej. to leeo. Irrl,t ..n In
vestment Co.. 8 Monroe St., Cbleaao, gii.
Late Principal KxamlneA
U.S. Pension Burt-au, Alt
at Law, Wasliuigloo,
Jncceliiy. ; ";,7,.. .itlldren's anal
F.Koenence .- o
f jM TOJ" 'V-
I. I ar mij by ike
I 'inaiCseBlsatOo.
Tr-e "ag'Mirfc 1
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umny-J'"'" ' ' " n. niirt wile compeiieu ov
n v . . i niiiDf
it that could ,,e put
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and en-
P01"',0;1 "V.,,linarv beauty
l,oy oi to'conwmt to a sec-
Pne:1" VhnnobsctirephyHil'n-
onu unit... nBfiiide reunion
"vnl husband was rendered
J",. ..i marriage
Death and taxes are sure; crops and life
are uncertain.
Moran. the ereat artist, despaired when
he saw the Great Shoshone Falls it was so
far beyond his pencil s cunning. So there
are wonderful dreams of beauty in the
tempestuous loveliness of the grand "Amer
ican Alps" in Colorado, which are at once
the aspiration and tlte aespnir oi patnier
and poet. Splendid beyond comparison i
the superb scenery along the South Park
Division of the Union Pacific in Colorado.
Naphtha is now much used as fuel in
middle Russia.
If fllictcd with Sore Kvea, oe Dr. Isaac Thomp
son's Eye Water. Druggist sell it. 1m.
atone soil; bu
i. i
original, Increase.
yrs. in last
$75.2to $250.22 KOT
Referred who can furnish u '"'d Bi
The Russian army will Boon be provided
rith breech loading rifles.
FOR (Dill
A MONTH ciitilioniftUft
S, ftSClllal
their wliuifV-
omiits may ic
i towns mm tuwe.
tUWMain St., Kichn.ona. vn.
to tUe biiamf.1. Spai'
employed ..
er miiul about eenUiiia stamp tor reyij .
B. F. J, OOa.
Jownstown Horror i
"y VaSTEI) in every township.
feairS'cen? OuU.J cents. W-t
Co., 1 Clarl; Street. Clilcago. III.
F . -
w.rdfa everv couaiy. Shrewa men u :. uuuor
initructlun l "nr Secret Service. Im
neceMarv "enjac. itautn. Orannan Ueteoilv.
llnreaa Po.. 44 Arcade. Cincinnati, O.
Dea MoIbk
lows, la tha.
Great School
of the West- Collages, U Teaoherj, 7tu Htudtnls.
AHTwaiMafrvi Mfvnn-t i
It Graduate.
. v. (AarcvTaa,
Ihiot. aena for f otnloarue.
5ud that pto's cure
for Consumption pot
only PREVENTS, hut
also CUBES Hoarse-uess.
beforo iMued; IO,W0 sjiiarantoerJ. Biff
ftaUrhar. For lihtral twmi and terrltorr. ftdfir
17. 8MlTHfctO.,PkiUel-U. AGENTS WANTED..
At Priiooists and
Makes a clean sween. Bjerr
sheet will kill a quart of flies.
Stops burling around ears,
diving at eyes, tickling your
none, skips hard words and se
en res neaceat trifling elpense.
Send 115 rn I for S sheets to
V. DUTCHKH, St. Albans, Vt.
We manufactn.e to sen
direct to private psvr
tlea, and deliver free of
thanre wtthta 700 rolled or Chicago, aenu ior ';a.-
CUAS. KAIHr.K, wir.. . ,
RARfc UN stD C AKOS, 10e l'lcturea, 1
ppllef fur '
rrice W .-tn. by malL.
NTOVvU.l. 1.U ,
CbarleKlowii, Uasa-
Hlnr. 1 Pen. Sainnl.
CO., Mount Carnicl. Conn.
rAI tieatmi-nt. By -The Dorlor.'' Send Jc staa
or Manual. Theo. Wing, f lalnnein. tuna.
l.ll.ilsf. Samples worth a. r ai.h, ,
.Unes not under horses' feet. Knit i v w
staiBalety Rein Holder Co..Holl'-. M r-n.
W. N. U., Omaha.
i... mensure au
j-v. .,i hsb
with uer "Jn'h; subsequent marriage
i,,,ossible. 1 he jui 1 ,
g0Ur llht you will think, have
?ne,u fern al ttlo human feeling
tuugbt him a gong wllo
toward nm ""V . frn1(, ,
fmiii iia etis in repose.
nerolontlineof his beinK And you
mny be quite sure that the idea you i so
Klein is, in nine cases out of ten, the
Correct one.-Detroit Free Tress. .
Tlie Prearlier'si 111. Ink.
Tt is soberly related that a youthful
married couple whose house has re-
...... 1 , r I mail cr loritied bv the addition oi
r' ao simile of the l.onutif.,1 l.ttle
mother decided to Have me i "
vatluune. A venerable -niniste
,lilj,wl a few woids. of advice to the
H..n that vou train up
yoniiK . . - , f , u .
' ak: ifirrin storY
- ITI I IMF. Ul sis. "
nndoftspri ig. h true
l,uJ."i; r.rand Duke Alexm,
renaon wnj " nmIirI.ied. ha re-
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ft :.
it is Bn'u
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inouB " ;..!, for a roynj
fuwdalln.tmt.ons ior j
AttorxiV. WnshlnltOB,
FESSlOS without delay.
. Ji.M.l
hat Vou h . round lii.n with the best in-
KybecorJ.n Weleyor a
(eo?ge Whitfield? What is his uarne?"
Nclfie, '." replied the mother. -Bos
ton Traveller.
J. 8. PAUiOCR, Fredonia, N. Y .. say
an v - I ifbetter
J7j 1 f I live, mo
KlXvvV I form of
1 j " were, t
r ?
HI' As it i
Ml wont of
han any soap ; handier, finer, more eflee
s of it, more for the money, and in tha
powder for your convenience. Takes, aa
fabric in one hand, the dirt in the other,
hem apart comparatively speaking, wash.,
ittle work.
ive the worst of the work, so it saves tha
lhe wear. It isn't the use of clothes that
sn old before their time : it is rufabki an4
straining, getting the dirt oat by main strength.
For (crabbing, house -cttaniag, washing dishes,
windows and glassware, Pfatiinc has no equal. .
Beware of "autationi, prise rjackagM and pe4v
! JAMBS rYLB, Mew Ye.
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liance. AH w '" Duke
Kul, nwl,'tefhBr, of tha i3gn
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