The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, July 11, 1889, Image 5

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... "murai
He farmer
mttJj often causes
U when they
lje, to rat. If fedreg
come its v
rand ftter ana i
thdaf they ore laid.
.j devoted to small
. .. . lanwr rptiirn
y five n ft-
C derole-l to grain.
,bsre plonty ofexen tiw
yr staple ot wool
ppoW il kept closely cod-
t rap saturated with
1 pj fastened in a split
i brtti driven into the
, and cucumber hills,
3 gTape i looming
Clar a the Conrord. It
Ctbe latK-r, hurdy, and
irre which will please
(Hi it
tire of about 6."i decrees,
pdrr, appears to lie the
esing whole milk sweet,
ei temperature employed
Si6j di'f.Tf''-
itO cents pays ft good
producer, but there is a
trtween 1C eenta for poor
I! tor good butter, when
sachcrcnm to make one
f 4 your futU'imd hofrs
;rin 14 Ut prices when
lot o! uniform sizes. The
ihmild lie bred ns near
mmhh- thnt the pii
uneven Mart.
Lrtance of taking good
rood mnM and her (on!
ath mnre well bo us to
Mj Mi ftbundiinceof milk,
wor-itiiiiiitl. if n first-
kwHeolt i to le rumed
LuilionUl innkeit a point
T03D? pig to take exer
il and chilly days, as they
Li l.-n too much, trettinrr
Tins eoniieling exercise!
KUii ed to till the purs
r. Sre weeks old
krbnv aliornennd makes
mm to it soundness or
1 the seller make no
kin twin! to these nuali
the rtiiironl turns out to bo
I, or to be such an inveter
that, ha in rtrnHrnltv iiua
rirthaser must ntan1 the
cannot fail buck on the sell
uagn.-E. 1'. Kendrick.
fi-tjers recommended a gen-
with the loot around the
1 tree, but more recent
'i have demonstrated that
pi mh times should be
ft firm as possible. This
pot the most valuable u is
modern times, nnd nun
to every di'tiartment of
e?eo to mini when
f to the soil.
fckford Register" gives tho
w contented fumier in
ofIoa: "He Irnd to feed
imeo n lw
fret lorijit..i-,.,l
lanlhuutdson', teaching
'' wTO(,tio,l had one
r round of chores to do,
f ?!m W Hght at home
f w year. '
VTti "afcra pig-s are the
afusion ofCliinese and
Hith the pig. ofKng-
0f 100 years airo
r it and Poland- hi-
Ffnct sense of the term.
7 ao not ill
anwitor. Th Pi,i.
e'tone fr the practic
Wwrd llumett.
ofthecvil influence of
o Demiat,, ... . . .
' j wim wnicji
'H tip the custom of
r8at a peculiar time
bU flTl'iP0-k iB'in in
i?t7 tthe,t,mp. nd it is
"me. Mlrror
h Misused by poultry
" enough wheat, oats,
Jrtd,"8", br,n nn, een
Jroen for winter use b
' 'ng to the largo pereent
Sf.tainH. Variety
J wl to the well-being
I ? squire- variety
Vl if herAn ml. .1..
"wf animal .!..!..
Iinir. .... "
Wr,u T' o dealer at
Kfc.J'tanot much in
are as
-.,. 4 t Iltnv liA ft ... !
f,.i.;- .. .
H.UI H. Lllll I. Will
. . "r reai i ;
I h . '""ot muci
VT? 8-500 cattle
C u7 as at Plii
ould be ?1.400
C R hoi ton times
Cn tbM could our
r,Li made ol wx, three
r; parte, and rosin
" ""vernent on
bat. will . .:. or ot"er
nto strips, made into rolf
in the h JS '? waked
WAX. Ami l iar. 1 : .""'tCB
The Ktific Furmer mU
ie value of hen mamir.ft.
ti , ,, ,vv P'unus
urn ruiuilDie itiatii.... i .
M fol at 2 pr hundred
i na vn uni t..
v. .,.., coiwtituenu beinir ni
trogen, phosphorieacid.and DotHh
au ys may lm ,uir ,
wlShirrZ" '?P"P-K
w nch it rem-mhlesm comnosition
with the addition of a littleotash
Its comnnnsnn ;ti, n...:. 1
, t riuvianeTiunn
not warranted, since, tho,
y ..., v iiiii-ri-iii, wing ii
. tipiniy in
in the other grain.
one cut-e
. oest riA.;i.i .
18 n onLR f ... tu ,or rnenmoma
"traction anTl J i enVon- JSft8R' 0,
!atrue,rwtf ! diil
witliin .7 , lue nose ? Vr.'.for5'ra 1-articles and
Prematura ,l5 ""r of tL chest,
ever fflM !'? capacity. Wl10-
imiKirtanr.. ti. ; 1 tlje greatest
nHCulJ i wP;.fh of Inns tis
dition i m a re'tti'e'y perfect con-
Z air LT.i0',',11 ,he 'ittle f"'ace"
ere air meeU the blood is equal to
ferf !? 8f-re! yards0
lelCS.l,& ,1,,'1'1'ere a" manner of
A I'erlloBi V
Perhaps fi-w nninnrr tt.
that nightly attend the i-riornmm-e
of "A Dark !Wt know that the
capi. Anurews hooppenrs du
the fourth act is the, kr
Who aUXlUiU'i to rmsu iha
in liis dory the Dark rWret. A Mail
reporter had
vernation with the captain and ask
ed him for a brM ac omit of hi at
tempt to cross the orc tn blue.
'J started," he said, "in the little
dory from Point of I'in.w l-m:h near
Boston, Monday, June 18. This is
the boat in which I made my jour
ney. It measure, kl 12 feet, Ixain
5 feet, depth 2 teet. H wns lmit m.
dcr my direction nnd supervihion.
Yes, I started all alone, not even a
dog or cat on board. When I rrosn
ed the Atlantic in 17 in the little
dory Nautilus my brother Walter ac
corujmnied m. That boat was four
feet imievr than the Dark Secret. We
made t ho voyage in the Nautilus in
forty-five days from land to land,
but we had I wlter weather than I ex
jierieiieeil on the last I rip.
The riirging and sail are very sim
ple. I hud only one sail, what is
usually called a lateen, or thn-e cor
nered sail, and the rigging consisted
o just three pieces of rojte. Yes,
t he l)ark Sec ret is an excellent sea
loat. She Isdiaved ls-nutifully in
the terribly bad weather 1 encoun
tered. 1 made a mistake in starting
from Jioston. The weather at
(ieorgo's bank was awful, nnd it wns
a month before 1 eot out of the bay
and into the northern current. Alter
thnt. I i lid not have rniite so hard
time of it. The longest time I went
without rest was fortv-ehrht hours
durinir n cale. and I didn't eat
much durinir that time, either
In fact all I did eat during
the vovairo was crackers find
canned provisions. I had an alco
hol stove with me. but it became
useless after the first day out. Liv
ing on crackers nnd drinking as lit
tle water as possible evidently didn't
noree with me, for I weighed 2iH
pound.! the day 1 started. U hen
picked up 1 tipl-d the beam at 12."j,
after eating a hearty dinner at that.
'The Norwegian bark Nor picked
me up about 1,553 miles from my
starting point Aug 21, alter I hud
leen just sixty-two days out. I was
indeed in a sorrv plight. 1 had lost
... i t T 11.1
niv drag, with wnicn i m-m me
that's nose to the sea when 1 turned
in, my oiled clothing wns completely
worn out, id v provisions nnd water
were running short, and the boat
was in bad condition.
"How did I sleep? I Put he craf
to, threw out my drag, nnd turned
in for brief periods only. My mat
trews got wet during the first gale
nnd waJ4 not a very comfortable bed,
but it did not keep me from sleeping
like a top when 1 got a chance, home
night! the boat drifted back so far
that it took me from one to two
days to make up lost ground. Dar
ing heavy gales I used oil on the wa
tr. You have read in the good
book about puttina 'oil on the trou
bled waters? Well, it works first
rate. I let it trickle out at the rate
of ten drops a minute It has a
wonderful effect m reducing the
waves. , ,;r
"What started me on su-h a trip.
Well, I have always b'n n m th um
ut nn ttontiiiK. nnd be hwe that
small boats enn I built
Iv niodflml, that win im- luw...
to cross in the " 11 " ' 'V
I think it is a mistake to go alone
la one inn ran st or cook wh.l.
the other is sleeping
gMd Showera and Irlfl.
Dry, loose sand, wherever it oc
v ..4i i.,in,r hifted by
curs, is consianny - -
h. .ind. and cuiu;
lands, buildings and forests. On Uje
shores of Lake Micingau
rw tt. .l.n. nnd those oi ton.-.
1,,,: in death, while tne
drifts of the Gobi desert are 40
lone anil 900 f.H.t..g .?
ntfhe nay
year, in parts o. - . Jn
and in southern iuui . . - of
jdaee cannot eiiyt without'daneer tothe
wnrl.l tl e, Irom 1116 Outside
otW the bfe-pivinsf miaciple. This
supply of pnreoxyseu over 1,000 times
every i10nr ylmi ehihlren day, race
i'.. " .? yvry cerciBe of hllins
, , n,,,''''r substance. Brisk
nun iiici
anu in iui e. M"- . i.ftrTier8 Ot sno. - . j f()r preserving siruu-JTk-
taWto stop ZTZ
:ff" .r. drifts. Fine nana jnlly nmo . - d , tlmt
i para-
the destroymit "",-tn ttie air,
token up to a tfreat he " In
d deposited manf m
1882 Iceland Z latiM
mttrkhle aand storm, lasi'iiK
week-, which hid th. . i -
caused the death of' tn . Tele,
Iforan, tfat (ret artiat, despaired whaa
be aaw th Omt Sboabone Falls it wasco
(ar beyond bit pencil' cunning. 8o then
are wonderful d reams of beauty in the
tempeatuoua loveliness of tb(rand "Amer
ican Alpn" ia Colorado, wliich are at once
the aspiration and the deipair of painter
and poet. Splendid beyond comparison ia
the superb scenery along the South Park
Division of the Union Pacific in Colorado.
Progress and
car at $1 a day.
poverty Driving street
One by one the rotet fall, but
Cifftr outlive them aa.
"Tmmtl!' Punch" 5c
mu. i V , V "i'Hnons anu tue i
month closed, helps sweeo out nrr,l. I
ucts of w,Me Kverythins that expands
the chest, an tennis, liolii,Kl rowim.
feiicins, etc.. in an nti,l,,( . ;i.F
Wlml We Know of r.ilnr.
All tlmt
, ; ui ciaor, as causes
aim etu-cts, is in connection with tlm
wave theory of liKht. dolor depends
Uion the number of li.'l.t
fleeted from any object impinsrins upon
the retms of H.o .i-i i..
40,(XX) waves to the inch, mid these will
strike the eye at the nttc of 447 millions
of millions of imlmitioiis per second. In
violets there lire .17,000 waves to the inch.
anu u'.mj niUliniis of millions of pulsations
jwr second. The other colors have wave
lights intermediate, between these two.
Color does not, therefore, exist either in
the object lior ill tlm bruin niw in Ilia
mind of the observer. It is an effect.
there can be no appearance of a fire on
a desolate islttlid where there is no eye
niHiii seeing distance, me chemical
process culled combustion goes on, but
there is no appearance of the flame save
when its waves strike upon the retina of
an eye.
(Minnie Oir CoiiHiiinnllvei.
The f veral I'limatcs ol Florida. Colora
do and (iilitornia have each been much
prescribed or snfterein Irom lung disease,
yet thousands ot the natives in those states
flit ol this Intal malady. A tar more relia
ble remly is to he had in every druj
store in the land, and one that can be used
at home: a remedy which is sold, by drug
gists, under the manufacturers' positive
guarantee that, it tsken in time and Riven
a fair trial, it will eflect a cure, or money
paid for it will be promptly returned. We
refer to that world-famed remedy for con
sumption (or lunt'Scrofulal known as Dr.
Pierce's Goldtn Medical Discovery. It is
the only remedy fur this terrible disease
possessed of such superior curative proper
ties us to warrant its manufacturers in
selling it under a guarantee.
Tlnn'l tinwlr And hlnw nnd unit Vlllfc list
Dr, Koje's Catarrh Remedy. U! drugjiits.
t:rljr hi Hie field.
A theatrical manager was one of the
first persons to visit Oklahoma, expect
ing to establish houses in the new
ton ns of Outline nnd Kingfisher. He
found the towns had urown in a day
from nothing to fifteen thousand in
habitants, with but few of the neces
saries and none of the conveniences,
lie at once built houses to fill, or rather,
relieve his great want, and being emi
nently fitted to conduct them was sure
of success. Ten cents admission was
charged, and the tnko was very large;
but on the third day the people de
manded a reduction of rates, allowing
at least three for a quarter. This being
refused, the population rose as one man
and expelled him from tho country.
Is it probable that what a million women
,y after daily trial is a mistake? They
say they know by test that Dobbins Klec
tric i most economical, purest and best.
They have hid 21 years to try it. iou
give it ono trial.
Points In Torn Ciilliire.
Better two vigorous stalks than four
weak ones because crowded and spar-
'"f'or'cnt worms try a mixture of one
part salt to two parts land plaster, drop
ping a little at each kill. BelecLc.ed
carefully, and keep selecting. Build
,,p Pedigree in corn is as valuable as
Vll''method, by which
three times the average yield of corn
was made shows that in all there was an
..,.oi .mount of work expended in
preparing the seed bed.
. H Msn III Luck.
A reporter of the Lonsui-ut,uu
. .i.f Me. I.. M. Frey had received
hVeaah (J5.000) on ticket 38 847, which
eheld in the Louisiana state u.j,
,d of wbich he made mention at the tune
of the drawing, called upon r. .
ti.,, wondered if Hie reports of the
'lV,Vc t. o7 " o have hitherto drawn
were as '..., r,innrls to
J-'riny Z ,t hard-working
to bo
,to i" " i, ,i,. .re
,1 teservinit men. ',, ,,
7a..a hv Mr, Frey they nave a..
,Uu. --w . i , ur there is no iu...
deserved tlispr'"". .., deserving a
ndu.tnous, ' "P'T ' L M. Frev, the
n in W;7th" "r,t. only been in Weath
eweler. Mr. I -rey I' a" "'J . t u
.r,ord a short time but by at
in" 'f rrTh'conS and other
ldVC.r n'.n.'r 1? ha, built up the large.!
v bl.a.ii""r!'?,,,,,r"
roaion of iron cil,, 1Ige does.
nmlfrtni i" " a
Mr. Tansill, the founder of the house
af R. W. Tansill 4 Co., is still a young
man, although he has been in active
business for over a quarter of a century,
and is now numbered among those suo
sessful and prosperous business men of
Chicago who have acquired wealth and
independence through their own talents
and exertions. Mr. Tausill was born in
the State of Virginia in 1844. His
mother died in 1840, and his father
being an officer in the U. S. Marine
Corps, the duties of which required
cruises of threo years' duration, the
subject of our sketch was practically
left an orphan when less than two
years of age. In 1801 he accompanied
bis maternal grand parents, Weems.1
io .Illinois, where lie decided to remain.
Mr. Tansill is tho lineal descendant of
the Iiev. Mason Locke Weems, who was
at ono time the rector of Pohic, General
Washington's church, and is familiarly
known as the historian of tho revolution.
His works included, among many otb
ers.the life of Washington which con
contains the original hatchet
story. Ob January J, 1807
he married Mary E. Mottcr, of Clayton,
111., and it was in this town that he
first engaged in the cigar business. At
an early date ho became convinced that
Chicago -was the coming city of the
west, and in 1808 ho decided to remove
his business to that city, where, in tho
great fire of 1871, his entire capital was"
swept away. Like a great many other
of Chicago's young business men, he
was not crushed by this misfortune, but
making a fresh start in business, paying
his creditors 100 cents on the dollar, he,
for a number of years conducted one of
the largest cigar factories in Chicago.
The enormous grow th of his business,
covering ns it did tho whole country, to
gether with the. increased demand for
manufacturing and shipping facilities,
caused him to transfer the manufacture
of his cigars to New York, tho wisdom of
which move has been demonstrated by
the continued expansion of his business,
so that he now enjoys the distinction of
having the largest mail order cigar
house in America.
The enuscs of Mr. Tansill's successare
not hard to find. He is a man of orig
innlity and action. In carrying out au
idea he 1ms the rare faculty of adapting
the menus to the end, nnd once satisfied
of the soundness of his plan, he exe
cutes it energetically. These qualities
are perhaps best illustrated by his
unique achievement of building up and
maintaining a great business with
out drumming. It is needless to
say that this desirable result could not
have been brought about had lie not
possessed an intuitive genius for
advertising. It is Mr. Tansill's pol
icy to, in all eases, do better by his
) nitrons than he agrees to do, but back
of all this remains tho fact that he is far
too shrewd to expend brain and money
in pushing an article' which lacks the
merit to back up its claims. His goods
are never allowed to deteriorate, no
matter what the demand for them may
jie. The wisdom of his policy is dem
onstrated bv the enormous business
which he has developed.
Mr. Tansill is probably better known
to the smokers of the country as the
originator of the celebrated "Tansill's
Punch." This brand he placed on the
market nearly a quarter of a cen
tury ago. Its popularity was phe
nomenal from the start. Its sales
have been unparalleled in the his
tory of the cigar trade, and it is recog
nized to-day by the smoking public as
the leading 5 cent cigar of the U. S.
jieuver Republican, June 30th.
Women are to be admitted to the Hart
ford Theological college on the same terms
as men.
"llally Hoimd Flag, Boys!"
The Grand Army Reunion to be held at
Milwaukee (AuguBt 2Gth toiUst inclutive),
will, in many respects, be one ol the most
noteworthy of commemorative events.
There will be no lack ol distinguished
speakers. But the most attractive fea
tures will be the "tie that binds" men who
have fought, starved and bled for a sacred
cause, the renewal of old-time associa
tion., the rehearsal ol war experiences,
I and the rekindling upon the altar ol pa
triotism of undying devouon io one iis
and one country." Veterans and their
triends will be pleased to know that from
all stations on the Ciiicaoo, Rock Island
& Pacific Railway on its main line and
branches BOTH KAST AND WlfST ofihkMis
sorm liiVEit, the price ot tickets has been
placed for this occasion at one taiie tor
tiif round Titip, while children undertwelve
ami over five years ol age will be charged
onIy onk-halp this excursion rate, or one
ouautkh the iiEoui.AR pare for the round
trin Tickets will be on sale at all pnnci-
' stations on the Rock Island Route
August 21 to August 28, 1880, inclusive,
good for continuous passage to Milwaukee
lit any time between these dates, and good
ior letnrn passage leaving Milwaukee on
anv date between August 27 and Sept. 5,
1HS9 inclusive. Holders ol euch tickets
ho 'desire to make side excursions from
Milwaukee to points beyond in anj direc
tion cn, by surrendering their return
coupon tickets for safe keeping to the jo.itt
...nt at Milwaukee, have them honored to
original starting point where ticket was
purchased (by proper bidor-ement), on any
date not later than Sept. 30, !.
a mn in a peck ol trouble is in a meas-
Poker has taken the lead in society
games in Boston, local papers state.
If filleted with Sore Erei. one Dr. Isaac Thomp
son's Eye Water. Druggist tell it. 2jc
A bust of Susan B. Anthony is being
modeled by J. Scott Hartley.
"Stick to your business," is very good
advice, but etill there are a great many
people in the world who have no regular
and profitable business to stiffc to: and
there are others who are following a line of
business which is manifestly unsuited to
them. Now, when such is the case, you
had better write to B. F. Johnson & Co.,
Richmond, Va., and see if they cannot give
you a pointer. They have helped a great
many men and women along the way to
lortune, and now stand ready to assist
you, too.
Pennsylvania will be known from now
on as the whiskevstone state.
Hummer Tours via the U'abash.
' Round trip tickets are now on sale to
the summer resorts of Michigan, New York,
Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Mary
land, Virginia, and all the principal resorts
of the United States and Canada. Also
one way and round trip tickets to Liver
pool, London, Paris, and all parts of
Europe via all lines at lowest rates. Write
to or call on the undersigned for full par
ticulars in regard to routes, rates, etc.
G. N. Clayton, N. W. P. and Ticket Agent,
1502 Farnam street, Omaha, Neb.
The only way to get a hen out of the gar
den is to go slow but shoo'er.
Yon want a good Liniment for Burns,,.
Spraini and Bruises. No family shoulAi
pretend to keep house without a Lini
ment. Let us name a remedy,
by thousands, who bear willing testi
mony to its virtues and action when
applied externally. Persons of erwry
degree of intelligence and every ranlo:
in life use
fm Pros' Pain-lfc
, National Encampment,
Wis., August 20th to
To IheR. A. It
The facilities afforded by the Burlington
Route for reaching the Grand National
Encampment of 1889 are second to those
ot no other line. Through official trains,
bearing the several department command
ers, with their staffs and accompanying
delegations, will run through the various
stales and territories traversed by the
line of the Burlington Route. Remember
the Burlington Route is always the favor
ite Line with comrades traveling to the
National and other Encampments, both
on account ol its admirable train service
and its unequalled equipment
J. Francis.
General Passenger and Ticket Agent,
Omaha, Neb.
The city conneil ol Joliet, 111., has fixed
the saloon license at $1,000.
When Baby was sick, we gave her Castorla,
When she was a Child, sue cried for Castorla,
When she became Miss, she clung 10 Oastoria,
When she bad Children, she gave them Castorla,
If any of our readers doubt the matpc
of this old standard remedy, we advise
them to buy one twenty-five cent bottle
and give it a trial.
Persons Traveling"
should -Iways have a bottle of Pain
Killer with them, as accidents arer.
liable to occur.
Sol. Even-here il fa, ile, an jl i Bills
rosiuvriy KMrem nfi
Inese snua.
Thev also reliev KM
tress from DyspepauVtaJ
digestion and TooHeerrn
Eating, a perfeet rsia-l
ledy for Dtmnew3anaal
Drowsiness. Bad uawf
in the Mouth, Ceated
Toneue.Fain in th 8ki.
regulate the Bow.
Purely Votretabh.
rrlee Z& Center
Small Pill: Small Dose. Small Price.
V? 1
Many an object in life mast be attained
ay hank movements.
At this seuson of the year there are al
ways many deaths, particularly among
children, trom summer complaint, diar
rhea, dysentery, cholera morbus, cramps
etc., but this season the cases seem to be
unusually frequent and fafal, and every
one ought to know that a sure and speedy
cure can easily be obtained by taking a
teaspoonful of Perry Davis Fain Killer
in sweetened water (hot water is the best),
every halt hour until relieved. This rem
edy has never been known to tail. Full
directions are with each bottle. It is kept
by every druggist.
This year's graduating class at Vaesar
college numbers forty-nine young ladies.
Sheriff's Sale.
Smoke the Sheriff SaleSegar. A straight
10 cents Havana Cigar for o cents.
It is the foolish aim of the atheist to
scan infinitude with a microscope.
For two two-cent stamps we will sent
vou one ot the handsomest almanacs in
the country. "Homestead," Omaha, Neb,
Stilts are no better in conversation than
in a foot race.
Chronic jVenralgia,.
Permanent Cures. Jaas 11, HIT.
lafanS a loaf Ms wltk anralgla la ttt aus:
tu eratreua at Han; gan at. Jawks OU atrial;
av Van tatlrtly carte; aa rttara.
JimiaTlaM miY, 111 W. tanbaisit., lalU., at.
Permanent Cures. Octekw IT, nil.
atf wtf. was paralrsai from aaaralfta; tea coml
Mt walk a iup; I koagat St. Jamba Oil; altar en
battle wai iM laa valkad aaaat; eaatlaaad as
eaaeUtalv curat ear. JAS. t. MtraraY,
Sprlagatle, Teas.
Permanent Curea. Jmn. it. HIT.
Tears ago Sad acaralf la; sat aabjact to attacks
Raw. th can by at of St. Jacobs OU was paraa
aaat; tacra has bra aa racamac of the palatal
saUcitaa. E. w, SFAllQIXa, York, rasas.
, to be pitied.
"T,' " of the atmosphere and in
effect ol tiio " l..,i of mim
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soft materials ;" " fiW
Wr ;H1' ft. P plexty ol testl-
The splendor ol th "American Alps are
beginnh K to be appreciated by our people,
K a visit to Switzerland for gorgeous
" " ,cry is unnecessary. The picturesque
Sain resorts on the South Park Divi
lion of the Union Pacific in Colorado are
absolutely unrivalled on this continent.
. vein 0t humor should be made visible
without the help ol a reduction mill.
ti you want a. Literary, Normal. Musical,
. lllrl education, io to Drake
llniversity, Des Moines, Iowa. See "ad."
Every man is sometimes a uan on some
other roan's hook.
Plenty of eieep to conducive to beauty.
Makes a clean sweep. Everv
sheet will kill a quart of flies.
props Duszing arouna ears,
diving at eyes, tickling your
nose, skips hard words and se
en res peace at trifling-expense.
Send'i.leentaforS sheets to
F. DUTCH KK, St.Albans, Vt.
I .i C ACVr
.re ai
Is slongslrte of the counter ot a DITSOK COMPANY
MUSIC STOKE. A few hours of a summer tour may
be profitably hpent In ejaimiolntc our exceptionslljr
good new publications, and eelectlng lor toe (all
CVrom,our 64-page list or books fwlilch please aslc.
fot), we name a few books out of many.
Kxumlnt for Slnyl.ii; nnd Vhortu lnn :
Song Harmony. (60 cts. s doi. ) Emerson.
Jtontl Singer, 160 ms. stWlo,.1 Emerson.
AniericanMale Choir. (1 or tlo..l Tenncy--
JehovSh's lr:ie. ill or 15 (loz.) Emerson.
Concert Selections. (llorWdoz.) Emerson.
Or onr excellent Canlatas:
Dairy Maid's Supper. (lOcts. 11.80 iloi.) Lewie
Rainbow Festival. (20 cts. doz.) Lewie.
Examine our upei-lor Hchaol Muie Jtook t
8niie Manual, Book 1. (30 cts. S3 doi.
!P"tn crtHin
'Seine Manual, Book S. (40 cts. 14.30 doz..
Emerson. . ,
Song- Manual, Book 3. (50 cts. al.80 doz.-
EmerKi.n. ... .
United Voire. (SO cts. Il.ui dnz.i nmerson.
Kindergarten and I'rlmary Songs. (Suets.
3 doz.)
iCxutnin! our im Piano Uoltectlon.
I'opular l'iann Collection. (SI) 27 piece..
FnpularDanee Music Collection, (tl.)
And many others. Also,
Popular Sonc Collection. (SI.) 37 Songs.
Song ClaKsW'S. (Sop. II.) Alton.) SO Snnirs.
Claude Tenor Songs. ill.) Baritone!
Songs, (l )
yy book mailed for retail price.
LYON Si HEALY, Chicago.
I stone toll; abu
Rio Pecos Valley..
Southeastern New
Maxim. Choice llm-
tnnAanii: abundance of oure water: aetellsas--
ful ellaatll the year; almost continuous sun
shine; altitude 3.500 feet; kaltblrt lewalicy in
tb U. 8- no consumption, no malaria. Ml acre-.
will yield competency. Write for particulars
namina this paper, to reeae lrtlgallaa K
veatseaal Co.. . Mains Chlcatr, IUV
r litis-
i Cough Syrup. Tastes good.
In Urn. Bold By druggists.
C7 I '
Jownstown Horror I
Our New Book. The Johnstown Horror op
Valley of Death, tne most thrilling book ever
lseued. AGENTS WANTED iu every township..
TermsSOper cent. Outflts ; cents, fcatloaal Tuhw.
Co., 218 Clark Street. Chicago. 111.
of th Wst- Colleges, S3 Teaohers, 740 Student.
Aavanaaexe ssaerier. Ks
if, Qraduatea.
Mead for Cataloen
ti. T. CABPESTKB, tUsastcellor.
M Catee lTk I
f g' T0.a pat-Aa
I aaaat aWatara.
I I Hrlealysyaa
I 'lvtSieaSSUsUa,
I prescribe and fully
dorse Big U as th only
specific fortueceriaincure
of this dlseaae.
O. H.1NU11AHAM.M. D.,
Amsterdam, N. Y.
W hv sold Big O for
mny yera, and it ba
riven to oest oi sails
Cblcaco. 111.
1.00. Hold by Druggist.
C0I1 MOMEY tSK" uio-
Rlirhte. Wrong and Remedlee of the .
laboring men fully dlecussed. Complete history ot lie
F..4' Alllanc. Oa. agent sold 1. flrst. '
ti J days. Now Is the time. Write ouiok fornb Mrm
nd territory to M. J. mith a Co.. CMCSSJO.IIU
I IMCC SAKAVIA. the great Hcilean Remedy.
UIUICO positively and permanently cures all
female Irregularities. A valuable medicine. Itellefr
Immedfate. Price al. Send for circulars. YliCATA!.
MEDICINE COMPAN Y, 18 W. Utli St.. New York.
Hf mm mf tTUDT. Book-keeping, Penmanship,
J lYI E Arithmellc, Hhorthand, etc.. thor.
niehly lauttht. by miill. I,ciwrates. CircularsfreOi.
nitYA.NT'8 COI.I,KOK,431 Main St.. Buffalo. N. V'..
I Charleetown, alaaa
ajltsc All 4R nui.D hevkled floral.
netine. wn aw l .tlins. iov i-icr,nrea,
ng. 1 Fen, Samples, ac.
Mount Cartncl, Conn.
M A It'UirM,
E1T How to Reduce It.
si treatment.
FuM Diet. Elegant
Ity "Tiie Doctor.'' send 2c. stama
for Manual. Then. Wing, Plsinfleld, Conn.
lallaitay. Samples worth S. Hi HtHOt-
Llnes not under horses' feet. Writo Brew
ster Safety Rein Holder Co..Hollv. Mic .
W. N. U., Omahn.
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