The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, July 11, 1889, Image 2

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HMI P1TTIBMN, FwallakMrsw
'The cost of tuition per scholar in
th high school at Ogallala durine th
past year has been abomt sbzht dollan
rmontn, we average attendance hav
; paaa arxmt twelve. The salary ol
ww par bmmb.
Ldgutning atrack a wire fenoe in
Madiaon county, near which waa a buucb
of stock, killing two steer, for Thomai
Mortimer, tiro steers for Joe Adelman
a colt for one Besey, and a hone for
our wamea Buasey, wuo waa at the place
when the bolt struck, and was in the
act of cetohinr one of the horses whan
it was killed.
The official programme of the state
fireman's tournament to be held at Bed
Cloud, July 16 and 19, has been issued,
and makes Quite an extensive volume.
All tba preparations for the event are
complete, and the prospects for a suo-
eeaelui meeting are most prominent
A gang of burglars, composed ol
three men and two women, has been dis
covered at Rosebud, Adams county, and
mm uiomuen piaoea nnaer arrest.
There is trouble ahead for the city
treasurer of Omaha. He has been da
positing city funds in banks of his own
selection from whom he has been receiv
ing a small per cent as interest The
cashier of another bank, not in the ring,
says that unless his bank is also fsTored
he w:ll enjoin the city treasurer from
pocketing the interest
The free carrier service of South
Omaha went into effect on the 1st of
Another case of cattle disease, says
the Juniata Herald, developed in the
cow belonging to R, Daily this week,
and fears were again entertained that it
was causeu oy the bite of a mad dog.
The cow acted ugly and vicious, refused
food aud water, eta An examination of
the cow after her death conclusively
proved that the disease was what is
known as "dry murrain." Her stom
ach was caked with lumps of hay and
dry feed.
Hans Vease, a sixty -year-old Pierc
county farmer, hanged himself to '
step-ladder one day last week.
Wellfleet, Lincoln county, had its
first sermon Sunday week, in a new
Store building before 200 neonln. Tr I
Frederick Tomkins, barrister-at-law of
London, was the preacher. An Episco
pal church will be built
William Ryan, of Pawnee City, re
ceived the glad news from Washington
last week that his pension had been in
creased from $18 to $30 per month. Mr.
Ryan served four years and eight
mouths in defense of his country, most
of the time in Cominy K, First regi
ment United States slmrpshooters, un
der command of Col. Berdau.
The following contracts were let last
, week by the board of publio lands and
buildings: Wings to buildin? and
stables for the industrial home at Mil
ford, to O. J. King, Omaha, price $16,
600; boiler house for the feeble minded
institute at Beatrice, 8mith, Riley &
Co.. Beatrice, $9,854: hospital building
to the home of the friendless, Lincoln,
to J. W. Emberson, $1,370.
The Grand Island Independent says
that the Hall county agricultural society
is no doubt financially the best fixed ag
ricultural society in the state of Ne
braska, and it maybe said to have clear
ed $2,000 per year for the past fourteen
years, and now has the property to show
for it at cash value.
The new creamery buildinir ml
, Bloomington, costing over $2,000, re
ceived a severe shock from the wind re
cently, and as a result a part of the
north and west sides were blown in,
damaging the building to a considera
ble extent
-uraig s new postoffiee bnildin?
completed (which, by the way, is quite
a nanasome affair;, and Mrs. Lusk, the
new postmistress, took possession last
wee, jnus vina r.ewis, for several
years past a clerk in tike postoffiee, will
uu wuiiuw to act in mat capacity.
Congressman Dorsey has issued the
following circular in which he
"Candidates for appointment as cadet at
we west Point military academy of
the United States, from the Third con
gressional district of Nebraska, are
hereby notified that a committee will
be appointed to conduct an examination
of such candidates as may attend. This
committee will meet at Fremont July
' 1??r 1 . reconmend for appoint
ment the candidate who stands first
and as alternate he who stands second
in the class. The successful candidate
and alternate must report at West
H?aI0IVmUw day of
A Plainview dispatch says the sur
veyors for the Hioux City Short Line
Town Site eoniany have, after a
mouth's hard work, completed platting
the new town site, which comprises 200
acres, thirty acres of which are laid oat
into business lots. The grading between
that place and Sioux City is almost com
pleted and contractors are pushing tba
bridging rapidly forward.
Newport expects to have the best
butter and cheese factory in the state iJ
$3,900 in stock is subscribed.
The contract has been let foe build
ing the Lutheran college at Wayne, the
atrootara to be finished in ninety days.
The assessed valuation of Bntlei
county is $2,615,815.
Nebraska City dry goods dealers
are troubled with kleptomaniacs, mostly
women and children, aud some of them
members of well known families.
It is reported that the wholesale
grocers of Omaha have made over $80,
in sugar by the advance in price, they
oaving uaa large stocks on hand.
The safe in Milligan & Leigh's store
at Hardy, was cracked last week by pro
fessionals. The charge seems not to have
been heavy enough to accomplish the
design, as the inside of the door only
was oio wn oil. hence nottiin? was se
cured. There was about JV0 in the
Sheriff Green, of Hebron, arrived
in Orleans last week with Wm. Boyles,
whom he arrested twenty miles south
of that place on a charge of horse steal
ing, committed two years ago. At the
time the deed was committed the par
ties offered to settle, but faili n?- he wufi
arrested aud taken back to Hebron.
The appointment of Chaucellor
Monatt to the counsiilship at Athens.
Greece, meets the hearty approval of
the party leaders at Lincoln, and it
is said, for that matter, of the entire
state. His ability and fitness fur tho
place is clearlv recosuized.
Ihe banking commissioners, under
the new law, met and organized last
week. The board is composed of State
Treasurer Hill, Attorney General Leese I assault, ou
i:i T-..1,. TT-ll 41. .1........
uu nmio aiuubuc ueiuun. X1II1 was
elected chairman. The examiners,
Messrs. A. P. Brink, T. E. Saunders
and J. C. McXaiighton, with the clerk,
F. C. Howe, were formally installed into
office. The impression is that the bank
ing interests of Nebraska will undergo
a severe and critical overhauling, and
that many of the institutions that have
been playing at banking will have to go
to the wall.
The Senlcy brothers, living a few
miles northeast of Surprise, Butler
county, are said to have realized over
80,000 by a recent sale of cattle.
A Grand Army post was organized
in Dakota City last week.
The salary of the Geneva postoffiee
rraUol Harrimm mm Warm WW
ml Ik Ummdm mf CajuMctfra, Ft-ft.
Woodstock (Conn.) disiiateh: This
morning oiened with a brightening sky
and promise of clear weather, so that
farmers at a distance were well under
way for Roseland Park before the clouds
thickened aud changed the prospects for
the day. Before 10 o'clock it was driz
iling, nevertheless the crowd came.
Congressman Russell rped the com
pany to order, and after pleasant words
.i .1 -.1
Ot welcome to me presiueui. auu oiuer i
. r r I . ah I ... I i rifl
"n"M..Ur;ti. o was held wh
ilTTs. 8 Cox the orater of the day.
i.-,l.rhiiu the Mo.ii c-iuui.-..""
.........I i..t,. service, and wit
T 3 Indians from th
Ilie mrui-i - - , ,ri.
Lower Urule agency, the day g"''"
lw. l,erved. Sioux F.Ik however,
-x... Iml iwiiltt ill South lakota
T.r"fr it , there the first
n :;, i n for South Dakota was
oiled to order at noon. The day
i . i 4.. .,.upr'.iiukinr as the
uevowu w ii" , " , ,
means of evidencing the happiness of
the iople. while the orators of the day
.. ...i..(u.l from Hie eloonent and tal-
which are in that city,
cm i -. . ... .
Montana, however, was DK'i w u t i-
visitors and to the people assembled, he ' (0'ue Uv her more easterly sisters in the
nominated Governor Bulkeley for chair- ,,.K(j Helena, the capital city,
in i,' ,u,
man of the day. The governor
brief speech accepted the honor, and
expressed his pleasure at officially wel
coming and presenting to the audience
the president Hearty applause and
ringing cheers greeted the president as
he rose. He spoke in part as follows:
"Mr. President and Fellow Citizens,
Ladies and Gentlemen. I did not know
nntil this morning the programme would
contain anv mention of uiy name wt all,
but it would be altogether uncivil if it
did not This oportuuity having been
offered me to express my thanks to those
of you who are gathered here to-day,
and to whom upon whose hospitable in
vitation yon have gathered for the
friendly and cordial greeting which
you have given me, not on.
here to-day, but in my progresf
hither yesterday. I am sure
I look into the faces, this morning, of s
bodv of citizens filled with honest pride
in the story of their country and full of
serious purpose to maintain those in
stitutions from all taint, or corruption,
or decay. We stand to-day as a nation,
exempt from all cares of foreign hnrt.
It is not ih the power of any people
upon earth much to harm ns, except onr
own people. We do not say this in any
spirit of boastfulness, but rather in one
i the central iitit of rejoicing. Here
the delegates to the constitutional con
vention held forth eloquently on Mialf
of its statehood. Other ik.iuU in Jlon
tftiin iwtrinticallv followed in the waks
of tlieir chief city.
'Hie most northwesterly of states, fer
tile and leautifiil, Washington, felt that
l,er was much for it to rejoice over,
and her eople were unanimous in their
celebration of the da v.
amd What U Cu-nmurm
t tA rufc thttL.
Chicago Tribune: The department
of agriculture of the Canadian province
of Ontario has done something which
might be imitated with profit in the
western states. It culled on a large
nnmbcr of its regular correiondenU
for information as to the frauds which
had been practiced on farmers, to their
knowledge, and then embodied that in
formation in a bulletin to be distributed
throughout the agricultural sections.
It is expected that henceforth when any
man makes s proposition to an Ontario
- n...i.r.,i !,., ,!;;.. ; lanucr. lie win run over iuu n ui
dence which has civen ns such a loca- swindles iu the bulletin and will kick
tion and assi;iiment among ths uatious ' the stranger off the farm if he finds him
of tho earth, that no people or great ' 0n the black list
power touches ns on any side. All the' jt tlmt tbe Artkht vhieh
lit our thoughts to turn to ,
the dangers which are internal, and ,
from which alone we can have serious (
harm. All the more should every;
thoughtful citizen consider how he may j
promote ma pnoiic weal; now we may
hold up our institutions in honor among
ourselves, securing and promoting both
in state and national legislation those
measures which have best promoted not
most easily lend themselves to pnriosos
of fraud are churns, washing machines,
pumps, sickle grinders, stovepipe
shelves, land rollers, plows, barbed
Wtt t AID Tn J
A VirtAmU TV.,.
Lvnchhnnr fV. . j
. .' . "ri'B number of
" ""iroad this B,
ove iiiaxton's switch
auove uiu city.
ttt. Wrwkerw' Troubles.
Dnluth diitcb: The laboring wen s
strike, ahich has te-en in progress sev
eral davs, culminated this afternoon in
. bl.dy war lteeu the strikers and
policemen. Thirty determined police
men were Pitted against 3.0W de,rate
striker, arme.1 with pistols, stones and
c'ul. Four thousand men were em
ploved on street and -er improve
m.nU at 1.50 per day until last Tues-
dsv when fifteen hundred struck for an,e of 2."! ceuU perduy. lit
tractors refused to accede to the de
m.,1 The strikers had many recruits
each day. and the mob finally increased
to nearly three thousand. There Lad
been ugly rumors of the determined at
titude of the strikers all day, and prep
arations had been made by the police
for any emergency.
All dv lonir men have Wen at work
n r;fil. .trooi vMitrct. but abont 8
o'clock the strikers compiled them to I ginea ma.le a frightful CU
desist. At 3:30 o'cl.Tk a crowd of sink- nmg thirty miles an '
en had reachdl Itnr.l sireei inairam
in l.-J
eontinaallv f,.r -..... .
lintr th- ' "'UM
.:i 7l "uula' lreIM
r " "uiai suae. M
kuk ana it M thonjjbt d
ra.ns, and that no dan
J'rehended. At the pU ,
dent however, ll.n .....
mined tbe road Ud nJ
uu' eiguty feet loo ,
.. . . jnion,uu
all nn r
has been increased from $ 1,200 to $1,400 affairs, to unite with you in a fresh con-
iudividvul, not special, but the general
good of nil the people. I think such
meetings as the old-fashioned Fourth of
July celebrations have in them a very
instructive and elevating power. I am
glad, on tliis anniversary of that decla
ration which afterward, established by
ai ms, made us n nation, seriously as in
the presence of Him whose guidance lia
been conspicuously present in
per year and the Fairmont office de
creased from $1,300 to 81,200.
Charles Dougherty and Ed Callahan
were instantly killed and James McEl
roy fatally injured by being run over
l. 41 ,
j me cars near umana on the morning
of the 4th. It is supposed they were all
drunk and stumbled upon the track
when it was too late to ston the I
tive. The two first named were muti
lated almost beyond recognition and the
latter is so badly hurt that he cannot
live. No blame attaches to the railroad
- Lincoln had a great celebration on
the4th. King lartarrax takiu
sion of the city.
A daughter of Samuel Samuels, of
Xorden, ran away from home a few
days ago in a fit of petulance and was
found twenty-three miles away by a
posse of men organized to look her up.
a neorasKa exchange tells of an old
secration to duty and to the true weal
and happiness of all our people. I de
sire to thank these comrades of the great
wire, lightning rods, hay forks, scales,
i roofing paint, pianos, sewing machines,
i fruit trees, and all kinds of patent
; right. The pump swindle is thus man
1 aged: A traveling agent asks the farm
er to become an agent for the sale of
iron pumps, promising him one free if
lie will. The farmer agrees to take
eleven pumps which he is to sell at f.13
apiece, reserving $5 on each as his com
mission. Then he signs what he be
lieves to be n order for the pumps on
these terms, but w hich turns out later
on to be a promisory note for $lfl. the
retail value of the pumps. Sometimes
there is a "verbal understanding" that
if the goods are not sold they will be
taken back, but that understanding
never materializes, while tno note noes.
avenue west where the shade of tree
nd the known determination ol
the lice at Garfield avenue
lecided them to wait, adoui o-w
. , .1 1 - . i. I ... r. f I 1 & -
moo, neaueu or -
headed men, rallied and parted
back for the sewer trencu. iney
ere infuriated by the presence 01 me
police and their control ol me suuauoa.
llalf an hour later they ma.le a rush foi
the cordon of police. The police drew
their clnbs aud revolvers. Seeing there
wa iki use to bother with the clubs.
icv lired into the angry mob. A vol
ley, and one striker lay dead, while
seven more were wounded, some most
seriously. 'iie -ncenian nmi
hrough the jaws. 1 hree men are dead
and twelve or tifU-en wounded.
The sinkers started from iwentiettl
... . , i i .. . i
avenue, while another mxiy came tionn
from Third stree by Fifteenth avenue
nd made a rush with cltlls and rocks.
The police stood their ground. ho
lid the first firing i nt known. As
the strikers nisde the ruli a single shot
is tired, then riaek. crack, crack, went
the rifles of the police, followed by a
fusihule from the striKcis' revolver.
After tin- first lire came an an fill hush,
as the combatants were appalled at the
awful result of their work. On the walk
in front lav a man shot through tho
have shown their love for the fla?
will not fail to be good citizens now that
they have returned to the abodes of
peace and civil pursuits. To all of you
who have gathered from these Connecti
cut homes, I desire to express my thanks
for your kind and pleasant reception."
As the president resumed hi sent three
cheers were given with a will. Senator
Hawley and Justice Miller made brief
addresses. Congressman Keed, of
Maine, was the next speaker. His sub
ject was "The Victory." Among his
utterances were these: "The republi
cans won a great victory last Xovemlier,
but something more than no step back
ward is demanded by the people of the
United States. It behooves the people,
therefore, to consider bust hiw numi.
larmer of the northern section of the 1 rower tliey "ve granted and just how
state who at a revival meeting when the 1 5? , -the ,tu? riiht to re1"ira-
preacher called upon all who wanted i I L"ng, bne the tnff oneshon, the
- - - - ww nMi Hf.L in iiuiiBiina ansi t a
army of the union for their escort and ,ron l"'n'P" in many an untano
attendance here to-dav. Sure v those : ' ' ",'l"r " - wim
who in th neril on ) rA ,1(, i... I " p' scheme has l-eu worked.
August 1889."
Hew hay baa been offered on the
Lincoln market, bringing $5 and $5.50
go io heaven to rise to their feet, firm
u,n uein. vi ncn tne invitation was
given to all who wanted to go to hell to
oo iic nun remained sitting. ' My per
ishing friend," said the revivalist com
ing down the aisle, "you don't want to
go w neaven or hell, may I ask where
juu wii w go.' -ao where," was the
i.iy. want to stay right here in
northern Nebraska." And then they
sang, "Sweet Land of Liberty."
The Fourth was celebrated at Fair
bury by trotting, pacing and running
races, a parade Dy company D. N. N G J
a ririll Km. . . t ' . . .
--'""j turim oi rairuurys girls,
and a display of fireworks at night
Fifteen thousand people were on
the Crete Chautauqua grounds on the
4th of July.
The legislature failed to give
Stromsburg a normal school last winter,
but she is bound to have one just the
same. Articles of agreement between
r C'Jy 8tr?l"rg and Josiah J.
Bryant, of Burlington Junction, Mo.,
were tiled with the
aut agreeing to establish and rn.iiit.fn
a normal school and commercial col
lege, to commince with the fall term,
and after the second mf tn -'
. . , iv iwi, in
" oi iw Btudents.
matter nt
naiionai education, Mr. tteed contin
ued: "The question of the siirpression
of votes in the sonth must be met not
rashly nor angrily, but with a deter
mination that in national elections and
wherever else they have the right and
power, those who, by the constitution
and law are entitled to help govern this
country shall govern it. Applause.
It will be the province, in due time, of
the republican members of congress, to
say after a full, free and imnariii.l in
ference with all republicans, and rerire-
santmrv thorn -11 '. .. !
. ....... . , VUH measures slial
be taken.
After warmly denouncing the meth
ods of the filhbuster's tactics to defeat
the pnblic will. Reed added: "Unlest
some i remedy be found yon can expect
nothing from the next congress or anv
other. But there is a rprnA.1v .1 '
sight, and that is public sentiment Lei
A unique and wonderful U inn
It was reported in a Dakota Cit v
umaba Bee, ibat the Un.nn P.mAA ennine. about thro ;n i ,
ajwoed to consolidate the car shops si made lnwt entirely of wood. The
OflaM Island and North Job WM execnted bv a bov fir.m.n
tbe same to Kearney. When 1 Jf,0' jMil P"l rail-
2em,ed General Manage? KirnWl, TrW.$.i " kno'rn " '.'T
ZT: . ,".ow. ""'ng of any move- ti..' 7"' exiensiye in
Jtion and I doiibt as to the
SHS IM l.Ue r,?mri-" Notwith
1 K'ml''l 'lnial. the re
faUl6lnovVvi" U m in the
11? co.n"" fro"' " wliWe source
ZZlL'rr. ru' ndJiai who claims to
know that the change has been decided
Arm . - - Y
-vonsioarabU eompUint is being
Mda by the mereiuuits of Plattomonth
mnm wose who are so fortanate as to
lf jmmm buf inr their provisions nd
fl-VS!! -r of
,1. wwm iowy nave not
iv r hoe aid have it
-Johwy Baxter, eight yam old, was
te?ltaJ1,a-? rim at 0ha
zrzzstrmn' ." toe
ventive genuu not met with every day.
-While Fred Specher, of Norfolk,
was setting a boiler, it overturned and
fell on him, braising him badly.
Eara Sclmltz, a German blacksmith,
of Kenesaw. was killed at that place
on the 4th while flrine an an.
nl. The particulars of ll. ..i.i- 'the orninT . .i"olul
nnknown he was iloue at tl "ZritrX
$L?i. ,n "S. tLe German "Wement with its ine IrowhZ'l. '
as from the
other. But there is a remedy in pli,
sight, and that is public sentiment Lei
the people at large but once nnd-
stand the facts ahont tl.i. .
defeating the public business anil hi
will be a bold man who attempts it in
he s'"- W,,en Mr- fi
ished, Se(.retarie() Xo,)Ie nd
made a few remarks in a patriotic strain
Jn the afternoon l'r..i.i. ,.., ':
R-., , - "-,ukui xiatii ol
'"sor's co 1 cge, and Senator Hiscoek
spoke and Will Carlcton recited .
viuiiit. nr .ieiv iorK
"l "te Parage and sigmng of
was still on the ground, was . j,,Dlll for
SonteT" Fnrt,,0f ' celeb"
t on in the new states, but the peoole
chose the great centennial indeed
ti. . B een br congress as
he Umefor them to meet and perfect
their state constitution. The Uo 52
J.ed cause for rejoicing
o viivj uifiti.iaunai
... iui
lhe hav-fork swindle is somewhat
, similar. The agent offers to put ni one
, for nothing if the farmer will take an
n-ency. no arcepia, and inter on an
other man calls to get him to sign a
statement of the condition of his affairs
just to show tliut he is a resjionsibl
person. In some mysterious way thi
converted into an order lor a larg
number of hay forks. Tho man wh
iiuiins uu is merely signing a recom
Herniation of the working of a fanning
nun Hincn is on exhibition finds that 1
1 1 . ..... ...
mm "ruereu one. nnoddy peddlers pre
tending to represent great English or
Scotch houses sell goods which are so
nimsy mat they will not stand sewing
together. Imitation cold watches are
sold sometimes as high as $00, which
nun out u De worm nothing. There,
w in mis country, the nnrsery agent ins easy victims, and the seed
grain or Bohemian oats swindler has
uoiiiBu money, in lightning rods there
is now but little cheating done; the
farmers have learned that device of the
tut; in y,
A most ingenioTii trick was perne
iraieci ov a c enea - nok ..!.. (..
"UU a timid looking young man and
move up to a larm-honse and
Vu n n me couple had taken
whimsical notion that they should like
- umrrieu amoug snch handsom
iirronndings, and were willing to pay
well for the privilege. The farmer con
sented, served them a fine dinner, and
wo. paid $40 for hi, trouble. TlJe ro
ceipt -which he gave the groom returned
pi i,uo mm in the form of a $400
,IUM9 , Uln uands of an in
locent holder. Tlie invent,.,. J .11
right game have alniut worked out the
province and will be likelr t ill
The western farmers most be-
The advice given by the department
. uu wonn imitating every
where. It i, that the farmer stick to
trZl .too mrch of
. ...I 7 "c" lu" never sign
war. J? "'I :"'.nS''r' n1 that ui"ff.
TS read what he signs; that be deal
only with well-established firms. ,?d
that he read the paper, and pay for
them, as l, ii. ' . . ", ry. ior
Chant, is lijn.l nitmtw
Washington dispatch: By general
JU Amencan Mora. cod. will hereafter
nsed by th. army for all nr J!l J.
ignaling, wheU
ler vian.l
and th. I- 4i" .. " -"mo.
---w ' . V iiih w. fi cr 1 1 I IV
will be discontinued
Henrv HmhUt . " ?"me !!0n, "Jl'". . well as fro, ;hfl
ILh. Ih.Ti T .. """"K oeen Killed : rrwiitious cities of tlm f,..
eonnty farmer, drofVed a revolver from had U nTn J, i T iU 7n or,tors, and
,-W. 0. Simmons, Uving near Broken ,or Nort1' I"kX and wJV
Bow. becam. iLJ XT' .ro'n conitntil !Si-w?I00med -?
('ntin.nui ii '.'""." "e or
This ae on ,:L'L5.,ontil
mendation of tl.7 l i' "V reoo,n-
PuriKMies p. ' ,OT """tery
1'Htit. iuZcTnthM-
head. Several more were bleeding from
ghastly noiiiid,.
At flVt-'i (Miiuiatiy K, (f the stab mili
tia, arrived, and with bayonets drove the
crowds fix. in Michigan street, ihe
mayor then made a speech, ordering the
crowd to dii-ro. Thealice and mili
tia then drove the nonds from all the
streets. At fl o'clork the sinkers had
(lisM-;sed. Following is a list of the
dead and wounded:
One striker shot through the hrt;
Tom Filsimmons, shot through the back,
died to-day; Alfred Anderson, a striker,
shot in the rhest, will probably die;
George IVllitier, a street car driver, shot
in the bend; Ivl Cnnimiiiga, a striker,
stablx-d iu the groin with a bayonet;
York (Wigan, a striker, dangerously
shot in the shoulder; lloken Benson, a
striker, shot in tho npier leg, may die.
Of the fKiliee force the following were
('apt urn Thomas McLaughlin, stib in
hip; Sergeant Clemcuts, shot iu the
tin- hau ls; Officer OT'uunell, abdomen;
Smallet, fiMjt; Harrigan, tiiigh; Harden. !
arm; )onavaii, face and hip; Walkoriah,
face and thigh; kilgore. shon'der.
I.atkk. Ijist night the strikers made
a tesn-rate att-iiil to kill J.c Wolf, of
the firm of Wolf A Knot, who have been
particularly obnoxious te them. While
Wolf was driving in the west end he waa
surrounded by strikers and stones were
throw n at him. Wolf junied and e
cas?d just as the (xilice came up. The
wagon was overturned and demolished
by the strikers. Ifiic-r Force was found
to have received injuries ou the legs by
sbmes thrown by the strikers.
The friends of Carlson claim that he
had nothing to do with the strike, al
though he was arrested by the iiolice as
the leader. Captain McLaughlin aimed
at him twice at close range but the shot
did not take effect.
Affairs quieted down last night, Imt
there were fears of an outbreak this
morning. The air is still thick with
ugly rumors, but with hundreds of well
armed social H,!icemen it is believed
that the authorities, with the assistance
"f the militia, will be able to with
stand any attack. The militia is pre
pared to move at a moment's
notice, and th police will be
emploved in the'l,lu,rl.n.l i
terday s disturlmnce. The mavor I...
given orders to disrse all assemblies
, ,m Ul8 contractor, wil r
.... ora lo-morrow morning nndcr
piuieeiiotl at the Io
" is difficult to get at the t. f...
concerning the dead and wounded
among the strikers. Many were taken
irl? i ."H?-11.'" 1"'t,le ",J c""ld not be
-..- "i-iriiomesor boarding p aces.
l'::?.::?Kcuh .i -ttiiew
iii ooaromiT iir.n. - f.: .1
mot. r.l 11.- :"? esu-
.... . . MJn wo,in.ied will be twenty-
b.vlr?oi,lpT""L'!' thouguVte
postal ii
former rate of
Bishopvillo CM r. ,i:.......
miles from be ' . . ' 7 ure 1 ... K'ouinaiiy
ot six Iieirr,.... 1.. 1 1 . .
William. ti.. "7
nd driven.;;; rr".":1 w
i...d of the ,,;;.rv .a ?,m,,rM
Mondav u,".'" ndayand
the whit,, ",L..i".w.r. and
"rd0f th8.fV:.r'."B "'"y first
id a fever of eJi." 1 ,t P.'e town
"n, Ix-lh w hite 7.1 IT 1 no, of
II about town dhSSli? ,V? "re we
and a l.rc. 1 "i"?u""1 the quwtion.
- nvHiIU 11 Mat ukAs, .,1 a
wi priKirier. to r.rer 1 ,acm OTer
o' lynching. r eTent W P-iWIity
km j; v 'r M !
Ttrnrs akna IT
teaflsi VMsat la Laa. Casaa.
tie. yesterdar T ir''rt'",nl '
torney 3 , In moti tU at-
n of aniaaln- 8 ? ".orous trsnaac
nte te rrti . !1 1 m the plt
Pwter 0"i;,.U 1joiniBf
nra-i?." JtrnooB,b. Itof
w regard to the 07 iTj', ' 10 wa.
ntrovetryT Uoiaw ImJ
it ti: taL, :. a
. iii ciifiil cn
gine struck the bottom tU
water tnte the loom-.tiv. '
,leT-. Th"nsnentediu
Aue aebr,. was thrown insvJ
j mo lorce r.l tie e, ,
of the coaches. The Ham ,
destroyed a large amonm .
express matter and caused,, J
the already terror-stricken '1
" supposed some of tLe
were unnlilo .- ...
- - - --. .. n.iie luerr. J
he wreck and were tvw
i. imprvil,le
"""""'I Ol (MTSOnS Illlfd 1
reliable estimate, pi ,', '
tweiity-nve and thirty. The
wounded will be fr ia tl.
unmlwr killed.
Thirty wounded bv u
l.oanoko. thirteen to lii',"
The adopted il.wi u. ,i
Tl . . --- Ui .
ii.nimsKin OI Angu.u (lj
killed, and Mrx. Thonii,,a
known to be badly hnrt.
Donovan, the engineer, j'
man, was acald.-d aa l l,;':rii
by escaping steata. Trm
Liiswy was also burned to.l.n
others who lost their t;tv
I lose, jwstt rl.-rk, of Al.ii.
Jo!m Kirkpatrick, of I.rwl.i,'
Stea.1, and two children of i
on the train whose iiuns f
learneL Stead was a Enjlm
the agent of an l.lnlio hiist'ii
ing exrcdition. H naioa"
Ftiglaud for supplies.
Major Cassell, siirii.!. i.
Lynchbnrg division of the N.
Icrn. was on the train tad d
injured, as were also Itag.,-
j "tn nun v apinin JoDiijija, J
cnarge oi tn tram.
I.. 11. Hummers,
tMwIly bnrned.
There is no telegraphic !ku
cr the wrwk tlmn LiWrtr, i
hard to get infonnatioa fniia
the orf(dk A Western r.-fuwl
nut reriorters to go ou the tn.i
went there. A relief tra:a
at Lynchburg late in tiie aft
go to the scene of the ureck.
Iter of phj-siclnns went iloaa ot
what they could te ai.-f th injarl
A Uisjiatcll recvivedtt 11 tici
the scene of the wreck, by mr
crty, says: Su d-ad lwliej'i
cKivercd. lho railr-'t
brought a large corps of plivw.
Itoanoke and Liberty iii l oth-:
His thought a large sutnter
have burued in the cwA.'rulii
Can. Ktttos't Succdir.
Washington dinpstcu: ft
Mar Arthtir, jr., Thirteentn
been apimintetl aUUnt l,
eral, with the rank of nit.'or. to s
to the vacancy eatised lit tLe
rncnt of Gen. Keiton adjuasi
eral. Ha is a son of Judge M
of this r.itr and was Isiru 10 4
aetU June 2. If . Ht-nUwl
u n leer service as first !iw'
'Twenty-fourth Wucowa K
1802. waa rapidly proaofd
mnsterel out as lientenMt
1806. He was bwreteil c"
for gallant and meritenmu r
entered the regular rvj
ia 1608.
Chicso is painfully eopi-"K
faet lh.1 . ennfsanoi MMBOI
eonfaaa. Booh an aftir is alW
su diaaooolntmenL
- Ml
Thmw mw tha etuneei trt ail n
fMAttaal aaa
Hnteh - J.w finnhl Uld !
auie to aakka a mmioa w
mm in"
Wmkst-No. 8
C o ax No. biixI
Otta No. 2
16 1
150 1
4 50
J00 l
14 I
4 00 '
865 '
bcrraa f 'rmnry
Mvttbb O.oics roil.,..-
Koos Prwh
( mcaaaa Mv. perdoi .
Tuaaars IVr lb
I.cmoms (lioira. prloi
Ousrom l'rr bos
Omioks Per bu.-..-
Hkaxb Navie,
W'ooi-Kln V Ik ..
Ho.v -
lloo, Mlil psciiin! .
Ifwis litavf wetjfhta...
mm. I.IHIII1-" m A.I
Suaap Choico Wtrn..
Waast-Ko. r-
... . . ... - .
I . l, 1 I t.n " 1
"nr-aiiw wmww
Ww a.l.l . OV
a"l . ts t t .l
"III fT WUmiW - , t7
. 1 1 v- -
Hoaa-Paklnf Aaliipp'"- L
CtirtM 8tockr - ' J M
eiiaar Kat4va.....-
gT. LOUi
Wbbt Ko. fl rtd eah - JJ
Coa fwbn.hl
Osva Par bolil
Hons allied paeaia j
Wawat Par bBaL I!
Coaw Partsasfcsl.----- jj
Oava Par M . .
MaaMl j "vnisfci
avlav-4Mars Akmi
Msec gsa to ehoie "
f ftmt M kis Bister
ft www bak,
wr w Pria. and h.'. Ro-tun.Z I?1 ' by all in
;: - - i. x i f - : . . ,