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    fHE Sioux County Journal
tors aJ
k be
4, 1889.
INTO. 42
- " for sale at the IulIll.
the Restaurant every
Van int. fcws
oc-yt'iir lor
Tim TalIf-.
Gum ust Lave H.lITlm at 3.,, , M '
Harrison JUrket.
Butler, fir.
Ktfgs, 10.-.
Poultry, p..r do. fr!.40to$:!.
O.tts, rr KM) 0.. U0
Corn, ier 100 J, ..
Bran, per 100 p.
Fend, t hopped, ..f Bj
Potato, T liU. J",..
Kirghum, -r gal. .yt,-.
Onions, per bu. $1.50.
Ife-aiin. ier bii. tl.(x).
v .. vara.
J.h h.n.u. " for the
-Icecream a,
"Ilil.Mialhm offer.
i ,
,J , W new hou
"-'. ior . UU( v
I try
right horse
l f..r
ij,v who iyn
:v.'u in uiiiiition.
! year
fcwil tlie . l-h-dlM l.inil
in r.irm rami
tlie leading f.irin month
i ;d will prove of
(hit for wile at the luiiil.r y.inl.
! cream at the IC-sUnnm ev
-FivJ. straw!,. cries and lemons
Ito-Vi Sl Thompson.
-TW"I,g, l-rH,f ,., ,
Ut in Hie market -found at tlie It,..
If Tiik JiH'li.NAl. isnotiiuiie a-t "ixk!
thin week us it ought to lie, j,t clia,-..
it to lll 4th of July.
Tin- t nun from the east did
"is, IjhKeries i f. .
- urs a Uioinpson's
nuppiy House.
-B" careful to 1,-t on the
at the r.n es this fi.,...
1 1 ! ..
. .-.,ar, ago to-day t,iH ,e(.Llr4ti(m
"Wn.iaii.! wus signed.
''"h .Vu go to Harris,
lie illcflll :,.! .1 , i
- .... noi ouin your
" iln nre tr.,(ekers toiy
-TwopiqK.-rsfortheiirice of one
what golfer, lie sure and m-t then,
-Sheriff Pfost lias l,een improvin- his
.uen, Pm,rty 1.aint and decor-
from a horse
!;ust Sunday, hut
not ar-
-Misn C,ira Redd f,.;
wliicli she was riding
es-;i without injury.
..""' ' I"--"l'l k.p coming to
moiix . ounty ,t will n(lt 1)e 1()fl 1ltj
Kovernment land will l at a nrerniuiii
All iKrounts due me must he set-
r l i t i ...
ueuovjuiy i.itiior the mime will he
Jnense Value
. uf Sioux (iiiiiity.
iU;'e of thU offer of two
rive on liiesday until 2 p. in., owinir
delays e; of 1 'hadnni.
I ion t forp-t that we
you even tiling m our linn
ut the line h Supply II hi.
Mrs. U. K. I'ost han moved her mil
inery M'M-k into tlie room formerly -
copied hy the roiinty judge's olfi. e.
ltitn a hrn k hminess
iiiilihiiK' i roj. ( for thin pla- e, hut
the matter luix not lnen deluntely net-tlo.1.
Tim 'Ople an- compelled
drive over the dit h wlm h winds thromdi
Main fctrwl. A litlle work, judiciously
applied, wiiuld li ;raly apprei iaM.
A niiiiil-r of line idiaile trees liave
liw-n put out alonjf th husiness stmets
during the past week, wlm h adds much
to tlio comfort and jtpearunce of the
if. T. ( -'oulev lum let the contract for
a new n-Mideme on his land which joins
the town on the north. Thii piece of
land in one of the most valuahlo pieces
in the vicinity.
J j K (J. Hough Itw the house on his
Jyfc claim well toward compklion and ex-
W'VMHO tH lH Ins family heft- in a few days. He
luii a nice piece of land and will make a
0n fanu out of it.
W. ft. Smith li:i rilif in n f!na dfin.
Nr INttf ( hunlim,,... I,, . .
.....,,. , ouj-iu tniir lon e t-uriiD amt can attach a
k U k-ti will iw on Klie fnym I MJMe fa lt amj t,r,)W water all over his
10 inclusive, ti I yinirlottrn fill i Dimr anil tlioi ndiiinin If
rUru, at Olie and onetJuefl I rnLI hmv t( mueli v:iine in f ue of u
Manilml Trinihur announces tlial all
dogn found running loose within the ill
corporated limits of on and af
ter'nxt Sattinlay, upon winch the tax
li.w not lieen pmd, will meet a midden
and fatal accident Ixn; owner take
Aniontf our advertiser this week
appear John Thornton, Wiling the furm-
ent Utt ho hai Uio UKI Jl!liai)lo cu k-
yo harvestiii),' niiu:hiiiry. Thew; jfnod
njd no recommend W Uiose who luive
iiMtl tliem, and ifyoo want a machine
call on Mr. Thomtm,
We would "litest to the autlmri-
iUea Uiat it would be a good plan to
liavo tlie buys to keep out of tl) trough
at tJm town niimn. Horw do nut line
I 't in the hands of a
A. Hint.
-The little daughter of S, L. '
funiisli t . w ho h:w I-..,.,. :.. ..t i
. .. . ... i - " " n" R is MOW iv
1 "'; inipmviinc and tlie prosit tH are that
will not I lung- until she will lie ci
pletely retxven.-d.
- r..ery one should use all possihl
care to prevent a fire as the result of the
celebration. With all the buildin
wood it would Ik: a lid thin),' for the
place should a fire get started.
I Tlie lse hall boys did some pood
IV si.iii
'WitsaikW for admijsMon to
MxK Tn-Uu (,-ood forr-
1-C.Xoitlusip, AgU
Vp of Ancumt
work on their grounds in the past few
days anl hav got them in pretly good
shajie. It will take a good deal more
work to put them in first class condition
The children of the editor of The
Jochsai. liave been lattling witli a siege
of tire mumps, which makes them look
as if they had a "phut take," but they
have ttiiflered hut little, and will soon
nave one less uisease to lear mo wu.-iik
of their lives,
School district No, 24 has contracted
for the erection of a fine, new school
house. The indications are that Sioux
county intends to keep up with the rec
ord of the older settled counties in line
of schools and school buildings. Nebras
ka st.-inds in the front rank in education
al matters,
Several of the boys paid a visit by
way of the hand car route to the V
ranch last .Sunday. After taking
much needed bath in the waters of the
dam and accepting the hospitality of
the ranch in tlie shape of a square meal
thev "niimoed" their way back in the
dusk of the evening.
A good deal of work has been put in
on the race track during the past week
and it is in shape so that tlie horses
ought to make some interesting sport
tins nltiernonn. A large number of
horses hnve been entered and we expect
there will lie some fun. It is to be
hoix.-d that no accidents will occur,
-On last Saturday Marshal Tritnbur
received word from Converse county,
Ve..inim'. to look out for a couple of
men w ho had carried some saddles away
Unit did not belong to them. He sighted
his game and took them in, Sheriil
Williams and Deputy Hurt", of Converse
county, came down and recovered the
to drink out of a dirty trough and the Laddies and the men were allowed to go
bov frequently get into the water With i
"Iu:h, Five
"t three in five, Uwir fet, which ought to I stopped.
to enter
money $00, 2ml
K? W,, five to
',rt mom-y $io,
"uninc fee $4
,rul mile dasl,.
HI VmA ft. 1 r.n
.--"XJUirectoBo. Kn
lUs THKItR Win.
iurti!1.. T-
i" nv 1, .... 1
)n,l,i .. . ' "V" iimwr
" nU. hV
"eforh..e 1....... .
tun., vrlw'
- ti..hi, mu-imii $J.
"i'&, .. . 1 '
til f,.,
mi a n... 1 1 r
''lfd. ...l . .
"u a daiw in
II f-
a grand
If a general cleaning up wan made
around the street of Hurrison it
the aubanince f the
idauu vetT much. Htickn, stones,- piece:
the street do not
w bin, w-. , j ."o -
1,... 1, ..n ,.r. a. i-onstaiit duniwr to
.,...... ... ilu driven about town.
Lut the KtrueU m ( leaned up.
, On lat Suturdny a little excitement
wu cOTatel by the attempt of a fanner's
team to run away, i 'y K"i u
rod, however, before they were stopii.
LttUw in U day Thornton n warn k-
1mpll U run awuy wim a ioa.i
KhiiiKleu, itft;r dumping the driver oir as
UM-y ithhmsI the railroad track. By
little hharp running on the art of Mr.
Thornton awl hut as-siHtuit im'y "
Ht..pie1, liavinx don no damage txcejit
U drop a few hunched of hlnngleH.
Tim) irtm pump tlat which u,
ke ople at work ho lorn,' nas
1., ( Um. (lowev. who tooK H w
In farm Uat 8at unlay. H. oin
pump is now doing nervice lor the p"1'-
In: until a new one arrives.
f..r,il tliat one U I l"t t,ult W"
(M of !rv. in ( of lire, uml will al-
, ,L. ..iil.tsi
ho h ((n;ii.'convenicii. e W i
who h!iv lo wine to llrrim for tleir
water supply until they can jffut- wHh
put dowa on their tUims. limn J
Sheriff Pfost was down to the Lower
yji ranch the lirst of tho week to replevin
a limit! for which the people there had
traded, and which was claimed by a
man by tho name of Lyons. It looks as
if the animal had been stolen anu me 01
licers are looking for the man who traded
the mule ut the ranch. If he stole the
mule we would like to see him brought
to justice.
Kd. Maine has his new house almost
completed and it is one of the nicest
farm residences in the vicinity. It is 14
by 22 with a wing U by Vi. The ceil
ings are 10 feet big'!' ft m'al
window adds much to mu apiiea..".
One thing in connection wuu u i-
ally worthy of mention and that is that
it is all native lumber, except Hie sating.
1 here are tew' .oumit's in Milii-asKa 111.11
can prluce ihi! material to put up a
I Iill'
lieriir l'lost iilfornm us that ho
received wor.1 iron. Jml M 10 t,Bi
. .... 1,.. u,,.iiii i-iiiiit) lu-re as
tiiieci in.", "o
us possible two "IBl",st! r
yel held m this county.
.ui for the Utx imyoin
...... .i v its iL will save a good
money. Thetostol keepinira prmonor
unlilUio regular term ol tho district
. .1 Pfost. wi
court is suveu, uu "
reheved ol U.e responsibility of huv,K
u papri.iir.UsdcnaOK)p as the
the horse
Tins is
Of 8101 ix
sum 01
E. n. Trice left on Monday for Man
Ville, Wvo.
T ,
wiiiis ,erlu li was in ILirri.son
first of tlie week.
rniuk-Autto, of Antelope valley, was
... garrison on Monday.
W 111. Bnxik.s handed us some casn
sulisi-ription last Saturday.
-Mrs. ( . ('. Jameson returned from Hot
Springs, Uak., last Monday.
r- Natterlee went to Cliadron on
-Monday and returned Tuesday.
0o. II. Turner, postmaster of Gram
luai y, was in Harrison on Monday.
County Commissioner Morris adds his
name to our list of readers this week.
-Miss Ida Andrews, of Cliadron, ejient
Sunday in this vicinity and returned on
Joshua Baker, of Bodarc, tailed yes
terday and left two dollars in our care,
for which he will receive The Journal
and the American Farm News for one
Mr. and Mrs. Elf Smith made a pleas
ant call at this ollice last Thursday and
liefore leaving handed us some cash on
subscription. "We appreciate such visits
as that.
I. M. Stone, of On, Neb., arrived in
Harrison last Thursday to look after his
real estate interests. He left for his
home on Friday, highly pleased with the
town and surrounding country.
('has. Smith returned to Harrison yes
terday after an absence of several months
pent in Wyoming. He is undecided as
to whether he will return to the west af
ter celebrating the 4th or remain in Harrison.
Prof. C. E. Holmes, of Rushville, is
here completing his arrangements for
opening a law olhce, and expects to be
here in a few days. Mr. Holmes is a
gentleman of fine ability and will be a
valuable acquisition to the legal frater
nity of Sioux county and we gladly wel
come him to our growing little, city.
On last Monday we recived a letter
from our friend, Hon. L. D. Richards, of
Fremont, chairman of the republican
state central committee, in which he ex
tended his best wishes for our success
with Tint Journal, and also enclosing
the cash for a year's subscription. We
ippreciate the good wishes and also the
Oats for sale at the lumber yard.
ice cream at the Kestaurant on
Fanners' Alliance.
The members of the farmers' alliance
are requested to meet at the Montrose
school house on Saturday, July 13th, at
1 o'clock p. m. All are invited to come
and participate.
By Onler of Committee.
Boggy Items.
A good shower would be agreeable
though there is nothing suffering yet for
James Arnsburger is building a large
barn on his claim,
Mr. Castle isturnirig the sod with two
Win. Corcoran got a loan of f 400 on
his claim and has gone east on a visit to
his old home.
T. Holly's wheat is heading fast and
will lie a fine crop.
Little Cottonwood.
Farmers are wishing for rain.
George Rudsmith is slowly recovering
from a severe attack of the diptheria.
Jake Grove is working for Harry
Mr; Dove contemplates purchasing a
netv twine binder.
A Sunday School has been organized
district No. 3. This is A step in the
ight direction, and we sincerely hope it
will lie a success.
Miss Addie Carey came home from
Douglas last week and will remain for a
few Weeks;
Dakota Crop.s
The following from Ayr bak.i ap
peared in the Omaha Bee of July 1st,
and indicates thut the crop in some local-
ties will not be so large as was pre
dicted early in the season:
The rain last night was too slight to
saVH the crops in Worth Uakota. mere
is ii-it been enough rain Here to llior
i dilv lav the dust since the 4th of
liiv. -iiid whole lields of wheat are so
seriously injured that they will never be
ut, in some places tne gram is bii
brown as a deciduous lorest in oep-
temkr. discouraging reports are com
ing 111 from every county along the Red
river to the Manitoba border. In no lo-
ihly will there lie more man one-iniru
r il ,-ron. Mnior ilowden, of the Park
K..1I River Lund company, say his com
pany has in (1,000 acres of wheat, over
tmll ol which will never lie touched by
the reaper, and that the rest would not
iiverageover seven bushels to the acre.
(Jen. Jodd, of the Klgin farm of 3,500
acres, says his damage is already at
least 7 Hii' cent. W. 1 Jones, who has
1 000 acres in wheat, Bays he will not
luirvest more than enough for next
year's seed, and if the flrth tjrta ten
Ca longer tM wllite fttlWn,
and you need a good machine to cut
your grain.
I have a complete line of the Cele
brated BUCKEYE self-binders, mowers,
table-rake combined reapers and mowers
Repairs for all the Buckeye machines
on hand. (Jive me a call and - sjet- my
prices before purchasing a macliine.
Mc" supPiy Pu
Harrison, Nebraska,
Call and see us.
J. B. Fwnbt, President.
General oftiee F. C. StLKHSSES, Seeit Uuy.
-iJealers in-
Lumber, Coal, Grain, Lath
And Shingly
P 1 a. t e r ,
torim 'Neb
G. GUTHRIE, Manager,
ill turtlj
Umi lniprovwjita ",w ,u
tl city.
ouoir ol ww P""-