The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, May 02, 1889, Image 2

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    mmimm ' I - ... rw- - TOI
W. K. rATTKBS, K4lur.
Ts Resraska MmI Stiesrialsaa'sets.
Stale rJaperiutendeat Lane has sent
out the fallowing circular:
Lxvaou. Neb.. April 18, 1889. Ths
following efcanges were made by the
legislature el 1889 in the law regarding
the lery of taxes:
Section M. chapter 18, statutes ol
1887, in amended to read aa follows:
Section 64. The regular meetings ol
the board of supervisors in all counties
having township organization shall be
held on the aeeond Tuesday of January
and the first Tuesday after the second
Monday in July.
This ehauge provides for the levy of
taxes voted the last Monday in June in
the oountiea having township organiza
tion. Section 77 of article 1, chapter 77, re
vised statutes, was amended by insert
ing in line five after the words "comity
board," the fallowing: Provided that
school district taxes voted at the school
district's annual meeting and certified to
the county clerk on or before the first
Monday in July, shall be levied by said
county clerk when such levy is within
the limits of the law.
Section 79, same chapter and ar
ticle, was amended hy addiug at end of
section 79 the following:
Provided, that school district taxes
shall be certified to the county clerk on
or before the nrst Monday in July.
All of these changes were made with
the emergency clause, and are now in
I respectfully ask the eonntv superin
tendents to call the attention of county
clerks and the county boards to these
changes, as it is doubtful aliout the ses
sion laws being printed before the time
of levying taxes. I also call your atten
tion to the change made in section 2,
sub-division V, of the school laws as
given in house roll No. 227.
Within ten days after the annual
meeting the director makes all his re
ports, namely:
Census reports, section 12, sub-division
IV. Note. This year the census
report is made in April, and should be
sent to me by May 1.
Tax levy to county clerk, bection 2,
sub-division V.
Tax levy to county superintendent,
made on annual report, section 2, sub
dision V.
Director's annual report, section 17,
sub-division V. Respectfully,
Geobob 15. Lave,
State Superintendent.
The Methodist people of Ainiworth
have secured a 300-ponud bell fjp their
house of worship.
The Odd Fellows of Ohadron will
dedicate their hall on the 26th.
The election held in Norfolk to
vote bonds in the sum of 830,000 for the
Norfolk, Yankton t Southwestern rail
road, passed off quietly. The bonds
were carried by a majority of 707 oat of
a total rate of 807.
Robert James, a well-to-do farmer
living about one mile from this city,
lost his large barn, eleven head of cattle
and ten horses, which were in it, and
the rest of its contents by fire. Loss,
94,500. no insurance.
The general merchandise store of H.
Bates at Glares, was closed bv creditors.
The liabilities are alxiut $6, 000, and the
assets will probably reach $4,000.
George Ives, in company with his
brother-in-law, L. M. Racard, was pull
ing np young trees oa the Roche Bros,
farm, near Norfolk, when they were ap
proached by the proprietors, one carry
ing a pistol, the other an nxe. In the
altercation which followed, Ives was
struck on the head by the nxe in the
hands of Herman Roche, and fatally in
jured. Ives died soon after the occur
ence. Ho leaves a wife and several
small children in very destitute circum
stances. Omalia pastors will hold centennial
anniversary exercises on the 30th.
The Knights of Pytliias have suc
ceeded in securing special rates of one
fare for tlie round trip for those wishing
to attend their eucmipmaut at Colum
bus in July.
The Butler county board of supervis
ors in session at David City, decided to
advertise for plans nd specifications for
the $50,000 court house voted fur last
week. Architects must furnish bonds
if plans are approved. A building com
mittee was chosen, consisting of (ieorge
Osterhont, chairmam; Thomas Mahouev
r it iir.ii t i A i . . V
j. ix. niuier, ioiin uscnger and A. V.
Warren Cummins, an old citizen of
Talmnge, died last week in Colorado,
whither he liad gone for treatment.
Sons time ago the four republican
candidal for tha postoffies at Howard
acreed to snbmit their claims to the
people, and last week a republican
Drimarr election was held fer the novel
nf utloAtinir Dostmatter. Cap
tain George W. Martin received the
highest number of votes, and, r
in to the agreement, be will got Us
Sunday the convict, at
the penitentiary were made to feel that
l,.r he somethms left lor mem
in this world. When they were ushered
into the chapel they were greeted by a
ji....ii..., r,t ronrosentmlires 01 u
wvmn'a Christian Temperance union,
and tliev were given a service something
out of the ordinary. The day is et
apart in the calendar of the V. C. l. U
for siecial services at jails and prisons.
Vmrnnrt ii Jubilant over the de
rision of the supreme court, in the issu
in!? of a peremptory writ of mandamus
by Chief Justice Reese, commanding
the cauvassing board cf Rock county to
convene and count the votes of Lay ana
(Iracey precinct, which the board re
fused to in the conutr seat election held
last January. By this decision, and
with the aid of a contest which will fol
low, on the ground that Bassett cast
fraudulent votes. Newport hojies to win
the county seat fight.
Last week the l'ork water works
were sold at sheriff's sale, bringing 827,
550. Tliey are bonded for 00,000 and
the bonds sold. J. C Kitner of that
city was the purchaser. The works were
built and owned by A. L. Strang A: Co.,
of Onialin, and were sold to satisfy two
mechanics' liens, one for l00 and an
other for V1.H00. The sale will be con
firmed soou'uuless the claims are satisfied.
A meeting was held at fan bury to
organize a driving association. The
membership fee was fixed at $ 10.
Work is being pushed forward on
the opera house at Daykin.
Lincoln Odd Fellows turned out
largely to celebrate at Beatrice the an
niversary of the order.
Sam Jones will hold a series of
meetings in Omaha next month.
A thirty-one inch vein of coal has
bpen discovered on the farm of llliani
R. Stout, twelve miles north of Long
The Omaha board of trade were en
tertained at Wieuer, where they spen
thirly minutes.
The Nebraska City 7onng Men
Christian association is enjoying a sea
son of increased usefulness The new
rooms have been handsomely furnished
by the Ladies' auxiliary, and the gym
nasium, reading room, entertainments
and meetings are largely patronized bv
the vonns men of tbe city. Tbe first
of si series of trades receptions hav
been inaugurated.
The acreage of eorn planted this
spring, says a Talmage dispatch, in this
part of Otoe county, and in the adja
cent parts of Johnson and Nemaha
counties will be very large. Many
larmen are entirely discarding the old
way of planting corn, and the lister will
be quite generaly used this year. Tbe
advocates of ths lister -claim it eives
better results with leas labor.
There is not a saloon within tht
borders of Nance connty.
A call has been issued for a meeting
of the farmers of Webster county at
Red Cloud to take action on the twine
trust question.
- The work of completing the Masonic
hall at Seward is beinz pnslied. and at
soon as finished a chapter of royal arch
. "ii .... . ,
masons wui oe insutuiea.
The school house in district No. 12.
Platte county, was destroyed by fire
last week, makin? the third school in
that district which has been burned by
Miknown incendiaries.
J. C. Anderson, of Fremont, whose
family were announced as being on the
abandoned steamer Dauniark, had all
apprehensions and fears relieved the
other day by receiving a telegram from
i hiladelphin that they were anions the
list of 400 passengers who arrived there
on the steamer Missouri. Anderson has
had a long and iminful suspense await
ing tidings of his loved ones.
The sheriff of Seward county has
offered a reward of $50 for the arrest
and conviction of two horse thieves who
stole two mares from the bnrn of Carl
rnehnng, near Seward, The thieves
: m pposeu to bo two men wearin"
(lark clothes and dark cowboy hats each
having a mustache and unshaven faces,
the complexion of one being dark and
the other light.
The superintendent of public in-
iracnon sent out printed request to
school teachers mid superintendent to
report the nnmber and kind of trees
planted on Arbor da v. He expect to
receive a full and complete report of
what was done, which wiil be embodied
n the annual report It is stated that
ie day was very generally observed
throughout the state, and that the num
ner of trees set out was oreatlv in .
i -Two prominent Indians cf the Oma
ha tribe, in police uniforms, have been in
Om.La to W.Jiingten. on busi
ness with the Oreut Father. TbT reg
istered as lauiel Wel-ter and hikf
Wood, and the object of their trip " to
secure permission from headquarters
that will allow Uie laid dJ u"
payen. of their tribe in Thurston connty
io remain there twenty tive years with
out paying taxes.
-The commission men doing busi
ness at the stock yards in South Omaha
are making numerous complaints about
the mail service in this state They say
that letters to their shippers containing
drafts and account of sale are frequent
ly lost or miscarried aud do not reach
their destination for several days after
they should.
The district court for the Second
judicial district convened in Nebraska
Citv lat week. Judge Field presiding.
There are aUmt thirty criminal and 12
civil cases on the docket Eight or ten
couples who are convinced that mar
riage is a failure will slao ak the court
to sever the tie that binds them.
The Western Union ha etubiished
an up town telegraph office in Norfolk.
- It is stated that nt htst the I'oion
Pacific and II. A M. railroads will join
in putting up a union deot in Omaha
to cost 1,000,300.
.Joseph Bolahaw, a resident of Lin
coln, broke his kneo-cap in jumping oe
a moving train at Cambridge, lhe in
juries are of a serious nature.
- The Peru normal school observed
Arbor day in peut-ral style. After the
usual morning exercises a snort time
was siM-nt in planting trees on the cam
pus and along the driveways. The
uool and citizens tncii repaired i im-
chaiM-I, where the essays were read ami
the dedication seeches delivered, 'l he
productions were very fitting and ap
propriate for the occasion. The address
by ex-Oov. Furnas was eiccially inter
Loup burned last week,
lhe barn of Dr. Jauss at 1 cess of nr,.viVmu ,..,
i KT The Ul'ion rcifle
with no insurance. ' ' i "81
neiweeii Lolumbns and David City for
ishmz in the fhmw Tti t-i
- - . iciiiiiiu w) lease t ie Hurl mrim
- r - - . . ...auU
i has made a prop-
The Stookham Oreamerv
has filed articles of incorporation with
the secretary f stato. Principal puoa'
of bos.nes Stookham, HamUton coun
ty. Capital stock, s)l, 400.
The committee of the Kansas senate
appointed to inspect and assess the vari
ous linos of roilnmd operated by the
Union Pacific sy!,.M in that state, vis
ited Beatnoe hut week, aiendinK a
mght there. .
' Tlie business men of TJtica have
organized a Merchants' Protective Un
ion, the object being to look out for
what is known as "dead beats."
Win.. Randall, who was released
some Hme ago from the insane asylum,
was taken into custody again at Utica
lht week and returned to Lincoln.
-Beatrice is talking of increasing the
wrlonn license from $1,000 to $2,000 a
Central City young men have taken
hold.of the project of organising Art
company. "
-Tlie Press says that candidates for
the Orleans postofflce are becoming
more numerous day by day. there is
no lutimattan as to who is' the eomW
is under consideration.
white Cups have notified Flily.r
Randall, of the Centropolis World, to
make himself acarce in Banner couuty.
1 he editor, however, does not propose
to migrate.
Lieutenant Mallorv. of lh Vr;.i
SUtes troops, with twelve soldiers, ar
rived at Banoroft last week to look after
the Omaha and Winnebago reserva
tion. It is not known what . n .
n,f Hmnnr Hull llr ifllirlrd II i(i i-
Washington special: It is stoutly de
nied nt the white house that President
Harrison is suffering from insomnia or j
is in ill health. When a correspondent
saw him to-day he was looking as well as
he ever did, and declared that he bad
never letter. Tlie president is
standing up to his work splendidly.
This evening's Star says: "There is a
good deal of campaign lieing made for
the vacant place on the supreme leuoh,
and new candidates an: either announc
ing themselves or are being announced.
Ex -Postmaster-General J. A. J. Cres
well's name was presented to the presi
dent yesterday, and a delegation of
Marylanders headed by Representative
MeComas urzed his appointment Ores
well is a well known Maryland jurist end
advocate. This evening another candi
date will be in the city. He comes from
Nebraska, and his name is J. L Web
ster. He is prominent as a lawyer in
the state he will represent at the U'lmh
ingtoii centennial and is strougly in
dorsed. Tbe opinions of men whose
opinions are worth having are, however,
to the effect that the most dangerous
candidate for the place is the man who
is not a candidate, sud in this category
they mention the name of Attorney
(ieneral Miller. The r.ttachrnent which
exisUi between the president and his law
Ii tuer is very stroni-, and there are
many who think that the uttoriiey-gen-eral
will ere long band in his mrtfolio
and take a life jaisition on tlie supreme
bench. As a lawyer, his friends suy. he
is admirably qualified for the place."
THE EMiYR.VTH rjiXsrs.
The superintendent of the cwins.
Mr. Robert P. Purler, to-day, leased the
Second National bank building, on Sev
enth street, for tlie lieadonartcrs of the
censns bureau. This Innlding is avail
able for about two hundred and fifty
clerks, though more than a year will
elawe before that many will be em
ployed. Work on the Eleventh census
has fairly begun, in a week or two the
physicians' registers will be sent out,
and S. Billings hut mapped out the
mortality and vital statistics rejtfirt.
Mr. Porter ha already secured the ser
vices of a number of "statistical experts
and socialists, and the work will be
pushed with all ixisoible vior. The
Eleventh census will cover all the vital
points of the Tenth, but will be more
compact and more statistical.
At the cabinet meeting to day the
subject of another extension of the
time wh-en the civil service shall be ex
tended over the railway mail service was
I reached by Postmaster General Wan
ainaker. A remarkable condition of
affairs exists at civil service commission
headquarters in connection with this
question. When President Harrison
took bold of bis office ho very readily
saw that it would be imiKisxilile to re
organize the railway mail service nnder
the civil service rules, and be extendod
from March 15 to .May 1 tlie time when
the law should take effect. So much
time was lost in selecting superin
tendents of divisions and reorgan
izing their offices that very little
has been accomplished ur to this
Ad-P.te.toth. " ??nh for
rive, this account cf th. mad rush for
SndsonthsopemsgofO T
first train from the north re he. I the
Oklahoma hue t 12 15 o'clock to-J.y.
the nine cr, of tJ,e. ram
,hout-"Now on to Outhne. On all
wsgons dotting the i-Jam.
V moment later a bugle sounded clew
.mUharP. and with one wiU .lunt
cheer the muiiu..0
The rush was too picturesque o. . ,
- , AM rtnlM Hilt
rcKrt to depicu u . -
.pursto their steeds and dashed for
rd hat in band to secure a home in
fair Iklahoma's inviting domain. I eain-
.. 1,1 il., whip ana me
team reH)nded iauumutalable earnest-
Three minutes elapsed ere the throttle
of old :S6 pulled oh.-u. but a
s-M-oiid later the flyer was off again amid
cheers and waning of flag, haU and
liandkrchiefs. On the
through the Uautifnl prairie. To the
riht and left were cavaliers urglUK their
animals to the utmost
t the hu-t sUtiou outside of tbe til
Ishoma territory there was a trr-at crow.l
of men who had f.-rken their teams
and hoped to get in quickiy ..j
lhere being no room inside tney
chmled on top the caches and the en
tire train from oue end to the other was
roofed with them.
1 wo miles in the territory and men
who have just crossed the line sil min
utes ago, and dismounted and waved a
god speed te those on the train, lhe
remaining distance to the Cimarron
river was made in eighteen minute.
Men put in an appearance as if they
came from the ground. Arriving at
Outline at 1:15, the town of Guthrie
had already temporarily organised with
a population of at least 2,00opefJ'le- At
the time ol sending this !ipnteh 2 Z0
o'clock no disturbance s had occurred
and it was almost certain none would
Promptly at 12 .'!0 o'clock to day flie
correspondents, after having reached an
eievnted )sitiou where for miles they
could survey the cmititi V, could eaily
distinguish the "prairie schooners" miles
distant rapidly approaching the Cimar
ron. Those p tlie distani'o were plying
the whip unmercifully. J hey came in
droves d ams of every desei iptiou, men
on lior e-lini k, and men and women and
stock ail promiscuously hi. rying along
together. I his was the grandest M-ene
the coiri spiudeiite had ever witneswil.
'lhe retreat of 1a-k from Petersburg
made a fitting comtmrison, only there
the r:i-li niis occasioned by an opimsinz
army; here the settler has left ids old
home and is participating in the grand
lor a new one in a
.. man, wuo nave no
eases from the Iudians to pasture on
their land, will make. T!, i..,i;..I! a .
not farm the land, and have no stock to
pasture, i he cattle men are willing to
l'ay these Indians for the pasture.
-Great excitement, says a Harrison
dispatch, -has prevailed here the past
few days because of the abundance of
bS'nK.l'iid in a well just
bored. Despite the bailing with a
5" buekrt, rnn by horses no
dig oan be made in the quantity of
Mrs. Herbert Pnm . n.i. i
v uu gin,
lime in the selection of new nosii.l
clerks. Civil Ketrvice Oiinmissioner
Lyman believed that there would be
another extension of the time for the
law to go into effect, and did not direct
the arrangements to lie made for taking
in this now branch of the service as
promptly as lie otherwise would have
done, and he notified the president that
it will take at least two weeks to get
ready to make examinations and certify
the names to the postmaster general for
appointment The President, at the
cabinet meeting to-day, again refused
to extend the time.
toe rt-BMo rniKTKKHHrr.
The struggle for the public printer
sliip is becoming very warm. Quito a
number of prominent republicans in
and out of nongrcsi have, during the
week, added their endorsement of
Hut, formerly of Indiana, but now of
the District of Columbia, while be.mtor
Allison and Inst AasfsUnt Postmaster
General C aikson to day indorsed Pal
mer, of Illinois. At the white house it
s suited that no formal application has
been filed by Mr Palmer who claim,
that he is likely to be appointed. Helm
Has the largest nnmlier of indorsers of
Miy of the candidates, and his advo
cates are in very great esrneatneas. An
appointment is not np! to be made
under some waekr yi
and final strua
new land.
"Here they come crossing," ex
claimed companion. "Sea tho. cow
boys swimming their homs up the
stream." A glance in that direction
aud then down and the exclamation was
verified. They had entered the stream
from tbe other side all along its banks
and were making for the ono favorable
place of landing. Teams in every di
rection on the opposite lienk crowded
and squeezed along. Manv horsemen
had soon crossed and then tlie wild rush
across the country began.
Every living tiling wa full of life.
The songbirds seemed to add more vol
ume to their voices snd every sweet
melodious note welcomed the settler to
Oklahoma's fair land. The leaves of
the sturdy trees and blades of grass
seemed to bow a welcome to the ;oniing
horde, and the clear blue sky with not
a cloud to olstruct the enchanting view
of the heavens bade the homeseeker a
hearty welcome.
The flying cavalier in advance thrusts
the cruel spur into the flanks of his
faithful mare, and with this piece of
cold steel the blexal of the faithful ani
mal trickled dow n to stain fair Oklaho
ma's beautiful land. On and on the
cowboy cavalier rushed with the sced
of an arrow. Hisiug in his stirmi ho
took a look backward, to ascertain who
was second in the choe; ho surveyed
to his right and left; and then with eyes
again tnrned to the front, ami with an
other grand effort ho was lost to sight
as he rushes to realize the fond antici
pation of being first in the grand free
to all race.
The scenes enacted here this after
noon were recorded as some of the
nioct imMrtant events in the history of
this country, or of any other civilized
place on the globe. Those who had not
been eye witnesses to occurrences here
could form no adequate idea of the
magnitude and the uurnliers partici
pating in this great movement To
make figures as to numbers is to a great
extent guesswork, but 10,000 iKtople
would Kj fair estimate of the number
now nere and within a few miles of
Guthrie. For miles and miles from this
elevated position, and with a good glass,
the Times man could see wagons, men
on horseback and men running with nil
the speed they conld command for the
particular claim they had in view.
Many a disappointment was in store
for many an anxious family, and with a
feeiing of deeiest regret did they find
after enduring the hardships and strug
t'ling for months for a particular claim,
that when they reached the sMt some
more fortunate man had arrived ahead
of them.
What is to lie the result of this in
flux into this new territory can only be
conjectnred. Tbe lands now thrown
open are not sufficient for one quarter
of the people who are flocking in and it
t Plainly r rident that more must be se
cured Millions moi, millions of acres
of fertile lands lie adjoining and these
m? td from the grasp of the
wily Cherokee and the scheming cattle
baron and given to the people.
lo-night 15,000 home seekers are
eamped on the grassy upland of Guthrie,
th pioneer city of Oklahoma. Their
campfires esm in tbe darkness Rd
their tents loom athwart the sky like an
yrny in bivouac. Guthrie, heretofore
" ii.iigniHcant station in a wild and tin
nhabited country remote from oivilita-
n'fKiO aim?" l,"n irr,lHli"n of
noon. In no country rave America
nd no part of that conntry save the
great west could such a thln beT-slb
!!Lt " ? tr,,"m'h for the western
13 en? WWlr, for citizen. f
oiilliern Kansas, such as they may
Ew.wlEWnJ,7a. the "'Portnnily o7
achieving. That they were full in.
iite sad teisnrvly " mf well look si
this and wonder.
. l;tlt' Hr A4 WUh
Washington Mwial: There is Bo
douU that the iim-Ugatmn inVj the J.
leged fraudulent -ra-tici of Mamhsl
Tom Needles and 1'nited Htates cSicishj
ia OkUhoiua, in securing for thm
anlves the choioeat town btt intiuthne,
will le pushed to tbe extent of ferreting
out every wrong drier. Both fv-cr-tarv
Noble an I the pre-i-tent are determined
to visit summary punishment npoo
tvery official who can be proved gnilty
of the charges which have Wn so fr
quently made a.ainst thrnu during the
lt few days. The inapi ctur's nqiort,
which was crderfd, today, by tel
egraph, will probably not 1 here for
some little tunc. When it come it
Imd carefully cojsiderl in a cabinet
mect.iig. and if tbe charge, niiule by
the newspapers, are sustained, every
man lu any way rimed up in the land
stealing will not only Ins autunisrilv dis
missed, but will ill all probability l
prosecuted criminally. The president
and S-crclary Noble are greatly worried
over the reports au I will allow no guilty
man to (wapc.
Commissioner Tanner ba adoptel
new H-beine in the publication of the
names of applicant to wborn -ni,,ni
are graub-d each day. He still fur.
liislies the complete' list b) the pre, but
instead of following the old plan of gif.
ing the iHthtoflice aiblress of eh n
sioner be gives tbe name and lhe state
in which the individual lives. This ha
Ix'eii found necewsary owing to the i-n-aiou
agents printing (he M-nsiou list m
the daily 'iiH-rs and using this lint of
l-eusioners as directories in order that
they may extend their Iiiihiiicm by in.
docing the K'iisiorier to apply for still
more. J bis scheme of the pension
agent bos canned thfl department a
great deal of extra labor, and it fre
quently ceists the p4-iiiouer a irrent ib-!
of uiiii'i'essary anxiety aud the outlay
of money which ho can ill afford to
waMe. A pension agent will write to
hini that bis claim lias lx-en allowed and
that he (the icnsioii agcnti can wctire
au iucre-iuw, lie thinks, if he has all the
facts placed l.efiir him. Of course, the
applicant is asked for another fc , su l,
in the hoie of securing more money,
will besiege the ihiIihioii office through
his attorney for a reopening of his case.
The first assistant secretary of the in
terior bos rendered a di-cision in the
case of the apn-al of Melissa J. Cun
ningham from the decision of tlie com
IlliMtloiier of the general laud office, of
January 8, lvt, holding for cancellation
her pre-emption cash entry of April 1",
lKVi, for lots 1 and 2 in the south half of
the northwest quarter of section 4, town
ship 3l, range 2- west, Valentine huel
district, Nebraska, the commissioner
basing his action on the ground that the
claimant, having been a married woman
at the date of the final proof, was not a
qualified pre-emptor. Ill is case in
volved an irregularity in the claimant
declaratory statement, anil, being mar
ried shortly after the settlement on h r
pro emotion, that fact was urged as a
bar to her submitting her corrected ile
clrabry statement. Tbe first assistant
secretary reversed the decision of tlm
oommixsioner, and permits the claimant
to submit final proofs.
A friend of the family of the president
says that Mrs. Harrison is greatly wor
ried over the condition of hor husband
It is asserted that the constant demands
of office seekers and the worry which
follows the daily hearings of plaints and
complaints of his visitors has worn upon
the president to such an extent that it
has produced insomnia, sad his family
are urging biiu to take f -vacation of a
week, at least It is prf ablo that tliis
course w ill le adopted si n after the re
turn of the presideiitiafyjiarty from the
centennial celebration. At present the
president bikes his constitutional every
day, ond is debarred only by rain from
walking several miiul every eveuing.
The funeral of General Charles K.
Graham took place in New York on ths
The thermometer registered M de
gree's in PiJUbnr; on the 19th. Two
men were ueicome by the heat.
Malachi Allen, a negro, and Jamei
Mills, a half brne.l Indian, were handed
at Fort hmith, Ark., for murder.
Kylvcht.-r Giubb waa honged at Vin
eennes, Ind., for tlie murder of Misi
Gertrude Do.rncy, bin sweetheart in
A nihilistic plot to assassinate the czsr
bttu 1w.. i lu. 1 1. .
, . ,ltp, Fv.-rir'fj JO ni. t'ieinniiii.1
I aud a number of persons have been ar-
I PCM.1...1
Whisky has been reduced in price to
1.03, in accordance with the agreenicnt
made at the Peoria meeting on the 17th
The Hollander Insulating company of
X Vork, is in tbe bands of the sheriff
lhe liabilities of tha concern will foot
up to uearly $400,000.
The Belgian authorities will notify
General Boulonger that he will not be
allowed to conspire against France,
nation that is friendly to Belgium.
Mr. J. A. Enaudor, recently apioint
fi United HUtes minister to Denmark,
U ae.riously ill from , ,tuck of hem
orrhage ol the lunge, at Chicago.
A hnrricane passed through the vil
lage of Uinckley, I1L, Thursday night,
hlch unroofed many building and tore
np trees. No oue was seriously in
jured. Bernard Kolin. a piano maker of N
York, blew out his braius. His wife i
bed-ridden with paralysis, and it i
i,'.8 l,ock husband's death
will kill her.
The threatened trouble on the Balti
more t Ohio road la said to have been
amicably settled. Xo employe will 1
required to iKn the in:mrnoe clause un
less they so desire.
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'rrr made to im
it, s, -faahioued lc
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tu j. ipdaina a a
l u. pa and Imch
UDot&tOoajih ree
itl. a , 'or catarrh, ei
da t, hif ton
tiieuj- "
Ti, rendered in
t1 ,j t.iat tha aim
t;,-iIa :rireparatio
C,,-, costing tboi
whoa-,".1-0" 0,01
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t, ,.,, y imitattoi
!,,, "rial, machine
via m hii; in
t n can't Im flu
ho K.'"' ' ,
i,.a f,;Bifhtmal
ti.TtUa tooth och
irrr,"fUf Wei
ir -iitton Druggli
tJ.l! .
sU tl 4
ti.i !ivf" of Pen
in Ire haeeordin
nutohavo i
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litters, whUih
i-ther dearl
lli J- Its MSplfcX
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tuni-d t
u no bo tatters
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inrB.BW Bwwela.
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fcr ii
ass a.
sores i
tbna the presence of 15,000 people In
iiiIum !
I Hinti-' 1 . 1 111
vViioi'",rfr' '
J W AT" .
A mannscri(.t copy of the gospels, for
ibicli ftW.OOO has been refused, is about
U bo sold t auction in Ijondon. It
the copy known aa tbe "evangelarium,
written iu letters of gold on purple val
lum, and was written by a Haon crib
for Archbishop Wilfrod'fu 670.
I IS Mil lis
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