The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, April 25, 1889, Image 1

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    igux County Journal
H-A-IRIRXSOnsr, IISTEE., APBIL 25, 1889.
INTO. 32
Anda&ig -
and Lovest Prices
Grkrwold & Marsteller's
0 buy baited wifCE2tAP. We have just received a CAR
' YOU to DUV It BOW. Toon for business.
pl SUpPIV House-
(4ra H&re Bwn in Business Here Long Enough to
hat Tie -Trade Demands.
K3CAUS3 W carry the
lot ond Best Stock
Cheap as the Cheapest.
on K
CRIES and NSW LOTS of Dry Gaols
AVER CO., Harrison, Nebraska.
Otmra) office F.
Silkenskn, Secretary;
ations :
-ir, i-cal, Grain, Lath
t- : : " V
W. E. Patterson, Proprietor.
Time Table.
F. E. & M. V, Ry., Passenger.
Going wtt leave Harrison at 10:33 A. M.
Going east leave Harrison at 2:01 P. M.
Harrison Market.
Butter, 15a.
Eggs, 6c.
Poultry, per doz. $2.40 to $3.
Oats, iter 100 ft $1.00
Corn, per 100 ft 90c.
Bran, per 100 ft $1.10.
Feed, chopped, jer 100 ft $1.35.
Potatoes, per bu. 25c.
Sorghum, per gal. 60c.
Onions, per bu. $1.50.
Beans, per bu. $1.00.
Water! Water!! Water!!!
A. C. Pratt of White River was in
town Wednesday.
""Eggs, Codfish and Straw Hats at the
Ranch Supply House.
New invoice of Clothing just received
Ranch Supply House.
T. B. Snvder of Sheep creek was at the
County Capitol Tuesday.
T. O. Williams is drilling a well for
C. L. Tuhbs on his place south of town.
- The small boy with liis marbles is do
ing the town now at the game of
. The Harrison Cornet Band will give a
ball at the court house on the evening
of April, 301 h.
he celebrated While Bread Flour still
takes the lead and is sold only at the
Ranch Supply House.
-.las. IL Cook of Agate Springs Ratiche,
visited Crawford and Manville, thriving
suburbs of Harrison.this week,
The Australian Ballot System has
lieen adopted in isconsm. e are sor
ry it failed to become a law in this state,
Latest style window curtains will'
improved spring rollers and fixtures
coimdete onlv $1.00, at the Ranch
Supply House.
Mr. B. F. Kelly of Whitney was in
Harrison Tuesday, visiting his brother
Mr. H. Kelly the gentlemanly salesman
at W. R. Smith's. He is pleased with
the appearance of Sioux county.
Bert Carrier has taken a pre-emption
two miles south-east of town and built a
nice little bouse that ho thinks will
please the eye of Mrs. Carrier who is ex
pected to come out in the near future.
(lufhrie is booming! This is not a ref
erence to our scantling-shaped lumber
dealer. We simply wish to call atten
tion to the town of promise in Oklaho
ma which seems to prosper in spite of its
The Omaha Board of Trade, in their
special train, passed up the road some
time Tuesday night and came through
lure on the return trip yesterday, stop
ping long enough to review the city
from the depot.
IJ. P. Davis and' C. II. Andrews went
down the road recently, attired in their
best smifes and duds and although they
did not tell us so we are led to believe
that they visited Fremont. They re
turned Monday.
According to a recent circular sent
out from the Chadron Land Ofiic'e, appli
cants may have their linal proof notices
published in any newspaper they may
designate in writing upon their applica
tion for final proof.
Miss Lizzie Murphy was in Harrison
yesterday for the first time since her ill
ness. Several other members of the
family are directed with the same dis
ease. The Murphy family have been
sorely afllicted but we trust that it will
soon terminate.
-Unknown parties made a raid upon
the residence of Joseph Kipp, on Sow
ltelly creek, while the inhabitants were
away ami stole all of Mrs. Kipp's cloth
ing and several pieces belonging to Mr.
Kipp, Rome bed clothes and a few other
paclc.ible articles, then, after sucking all
the hen fruit to lie found on the place,
dejwirted. This occurred last week.
A nice little write up of this county
taken from The Nebraska Reporter, Will
lie found in another column. Mr. Sim
mons who was here recently is tho au
thor and shows the country as viewed
by a disinterested person. Our subscrili
ers should preserve their copies of the
Jovif.v.u, and send them to friends who
are desirous of learning more of this
"goodly" land of ours.
Mr. A. R. Lew arrived in Harrisou
from (ireenllcM, Iowa, last Monday. In
the at tcriioou be went ovfr to his home
stead near Jim creek and found that
some one had called during his several
months absence 'and appropriated the
roof, door and window of his" house, be
sides a number of other articles from tho
inside. He proceeded to replace tlifi de
ficiencies and prepare tho clwoJling for
tlia arrivaf of Mrs; Dflvv wh & ivfuicted
Harrison Happy.
Tie principal, and in fact tli3 only nat
ural draw Ijack to Harrison in the past
lias !en its limited water supply, and
the faij, lias occasioned no small amount
of worry and much anxiety has been ex
pressed as to the final result of fcecuring
a water supply of sufficient quantity to
meet all demands for years to come.
With a view to more fully developing
the natural resources for an increased
volume of water, the town board some
time ago contracted to have a well
drilled to the depth of 500 feet, and the
work had been going on for several
weeks until it was recently completed to
to the depth of 290 feet . when it was
foipid that a smaller drill bit would have
to be secured liefore the work cqnlu be
completed. The first water had been
tacped at 100 feet deep. Last Monday
it was decided to test' the volume of
water by drawing with a horse and buck
et, the bucket holding about 20 gallons.
Twenty-one barrels of water were drawn
all together. After the water in the
well (which stands aliout 140 feet deep)
had been lowered a little over three feet it
was found impossible to lower it further
and, although a rate of 2(5 barrels per
hour was reached, for several minutes,
the depth to water, as each succeeding
empty bucket was lowered, was found
to be exactly the same, and the proba
bilities are that the supply is inexhaust
ible. The steam pump, which has the
capacity of lifting 48 barrels per hour
from a depth of 500 feet, is to be moved
to the new well and it is sate to say that
the city of Harrisou will not again be
troubled on account of a scarcity of wa
ter. The quality is all that could be de
si' ed.
Lid you plant a tree Monday?
Allowed accounts against Sioux
county bought by Jones & Verity,
"(Irani Outline is having titty acres
1 voke and will sow the same to flax,
The work of moving the steam pump
l.nd placing it in the new well is now go
ing on under tho supervision of J. F.
. Thos. Reidy's pony got loose the oth
flay and left for a visit With friends
in Wyoming. Tom is now searching for
the absent animal.
The Pekin, China, Gazette, is said to
be something over 2000 years old. It is
doubtless an unusual occurrence for a
subscrilier to remark that he was "one ol
the first subscribers".
We recently overheard Mr. Smith say
that he heard S. Barker remark that Ed.
Weir told him that Chas. Jameson said
that he heard someone tell Slingerlaud
that Jack Pfost told him to tell the town
board to notice and see if the town cis
tern didn't need a new pump.
Commissioner Coleman sucked the ag
ricultural department cow very dry in
deed before he was choked oil by, a
change of administration. The appro
priation for the year was well nigh used
up when Governor Rusk arrived on
scene, and he has been compelled to
miss" a large army of clerks and to sus
pend operations entirely in the seed dijjr-
tributing department, until congress
makes another appropriation to continue
the busines. Lincoln Journal.
We call the attention of the Gordon
Herald to the fact that there was an
election held in Nebraska last fall and
that at said election George H Meikle
john was elected Lieutenant Governor,
Thos, H. Benton, State Auditor, John b.
Hill, Slate Treasurer and John Steen,
Land Commissioner. Tho above sugges
tion is made simply as a matter of good
faith, as a stranger in the state would not
know the same from reading1 the list of
State Olllcers as published ih the Herald.
Three horses belonging to VV. T. Moore
strayed away about two weeks ago and
after several days search two ot them
were found about 25 miles south-east of
Alliance. The third animal was taken
from a suspicious looking individual
who had stopped for the night at the
upper 33 ranch last Sunday. The ani
mal had been branded and it was un
doubtedly a clear case of theft. Sheriff
Pfost and Thos. Reidy made search for
the thief the next day but be bad silent
ly glided away.
Prince Bisiiiark announces in the
"White Book" issued wiico the Kaiiioan
dillic'ilty was investigated that the
troublu there between German interests
and those of tho United Stated was en
tirely the fault of the German consul,
lie regrets that. Urn consul exceeded his
authority and slates the same theory in
relation ij Samoa that is held in this
country, namely, that the United States,
England und Germany, by treaty stipu
lations, have no right to interfere with
local nimirs in Samoa. It may now be
safely predicted that there will be fid
further trouble H1t.ll Germany about
For (iod, and Home, aud 'ative Land.
Contributions by Hie Woman's tliris
tiau Temperance I'liion.
The Woman's Christian Temjienince Un
ion met pursuant to adjournment, in the
school house, at the usual hour on Wed
nesday of this week. Some deferred
business was attended to and the accom
panying resolution of condolence was
adopted, and ordered published iu our
local papers.
Whereas; It lias seemed good to Jesus
the tender Shepherd, to call to His heav
enly flock a lamb of but few months of
earthly life, little Lena, only child of
our beloved Second Vice President Mrs.
ddie O, Cowley therefore be it
Resolved; T'.iaL this Union offers the
sincere sympathy of its members to our
dear sister and trusts that the sorrowing
parents may realize the consolation that
only the great Comforter can give.
. A saloon can no more be run without
boys than a flouring mill without wheat,
or a saw mill without logs. The quest
ion is, whose boys. Your boys or mine?
Our boys or our neighbors?
"Sot by Might."
"What can I do':" she said,
"I am too weak to battle with the strong.
Brute force will conquer whether right
or wrong;
The world is lost in sin, and here I stand,
Armed only witha woman's slender hand,
What can I do?" she said.
Behind dark walls of stone,
Tossing upou his narrow prison-bed,
One lay upon whoso restless, fevered
That self-same woman's hand was gent
ly pressed,
The while she told of heaven, and home,
and rest,
And mercy at God's throne.
In foul, polluted ways,
'Mid want and wretchedness, I saw her
And scatter blessings with her voice and
Until the pallid children of the street
Stooped down to kiss the dust beneath
her feet,
Hushing their noisy plays.
'Mid sorrow, shame and sin,
She walks as calmly as thro' guarded
Nor fears to go wherever duty calls;
And many a helpless wreck afar from
Has grasped the anchor of her slender
And been drawn sately in.
Oh strength from weakness born!
What though the jarring light be fierce
aud long?
There swells above the mighty roar a
And woman's band, endowed with holy
Shall lead this great, sad world, up thro'
the night
lulo the promised mom.
From Union Signal.
Estray Soliee.
Taken up by me at my residence on
section 9, township 84, range 56, Bioux
county, Nebraska, on March 29, 19.
one sorrel gvlding, with white rtrip in
forehead, white left front foot and right
bind foot, brand on left shoulder circle
around q and dim brand on right hip
supposed to be JI or 3. Age unknown.
J. H. Wars.
Legal Sot ice.
John Culp, defendant, will take notice
that on the 17th day of April, 18S, the
Buffalo Gap Lumber Company, plaiutiU'
herein, tiled their petition in the District
Court of Sioux county, Nebraska,
against said defendant, the object and
prayer of which are to fo-eclose a cer
tain mechanics lien upon lot No. 2, block
No. H, in the village of Harrison, Sioux
county, Nebraska, for the sum of $187.67
for which sum, with interest from the
3rd day of Septemlier lSf8, plaintiff
prays for a decree that defendant be re
quired to pay the same or that said
premises may lie sold to satisfy the
amount found due.
You are required to answer said peti
tion on or before the 27th day of May,
Bitpai.0 Gap Lumhkk Co., Plaint. ft".
GEO. Wai.KKH, Attorney.
Legal Sot ice.
The Board of Church Extension, a cor
poration organized by the Legislature of
Pennsylvania; and O. W. Fiedler, non
resident defendants; will take notice
that on the 171h day of April. A. 1).
1KK9, The Buffalo (lap Lumber Com
pany, Plaintiff herein, tiled its peti
tion in the District Court of Sioux
county, Nebraska, against said defend
ants, the object and prayer of which are
to foreclose a certain mechanics lien up
on Lot number twenty-eight in BlocK
number three, in the village of Harrison.
Sioux county, Nebraska., for the sum of
two hundred and fifteen dollars and seventy-seven
cents, (213.77), for which
sum. with interest from the 14th day of
April, A. I). plaintiff prays for :
decree that defendants be required to
pay the same or that said premises may
be "sold to satisfy 1he amount found due.
You are required to answ.;r said peti
tion on or before the 27th day of May.
Bn-'FAtX) Gap Lt' Co.. PlaintilV.
Geo. Walker, Attorney for Plaintiff.
Will practice before all courts and the
United States land olfice.
Business entrusted to my cars will re-
eive prompt attention.
i re-each
For Sale Pure Millet seed at W. It.
T B. 7,..;i,. t.,n nll,WQ,l ..l-.inl
against Sioux county.
Oklahoma, according to Monday
oort. probably has a settler on
quarter section by this time and on some
pieces many more.
Estray Sot ice.
Taken tip by me on March 21st, 18M!),
at my place on section 31, township 33,
range 5(i, in Sioux county, Nebraska,
one roan heifer with slit in brisket, sup
posed to be 2 years old.
Oscar A. Garlon.
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The Barber Shop.
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E. L. GALPiN, Proprietor.
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Brand c on loft jaw. Makes aspecialty
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Post Ol-
Rauge on Running Water.
Harrison, - - Nebraska.
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trtl'VRHSIIT for Ttonks, charts, mnjm.
flto-, nlckiy jironurad. Addruna
MUMti Ac CO., Pntent Hnllr.lmra.
mm m i
G, GUTHRIE, Manager,
ih ihh new (Utilte;
t 4 V
i .-