The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, April 18, 1889, Image 3

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    talalMgaal Boot.
aaaion of an intelligent Jos
.atanily may be a Terr useful
at of emergencies. Sot long
A members of a family retnrn-
rjjfci? v; -: ,. I an 'veuiugeutertaiument were
-' ' 9 giu au entrance into tlieii
t t j i.Tlie key had. lieeu forgotten
f I .atTrsnts were evidently asleep.
ftlie door 111 produced no re-
j . The ulr sound in-door was
be dojr's tail gently thumping
Ktlie ins;, but after a time that
;. The lor had recognized kin
'and refused to bark. When all
JO enter seemed fruitless the door
ed by a sleepy servant aceoni
, by a very wide awake dor. It
1 that tfie friend of the family
yS his way to the servant's room
i gently awakened her to a
Jion of the situation. As he had
rkaen permitted to enter the room
K is evident that his sense of the
mi the occasion had shown him
. a should not wait for a cereiuoni-
. . . .. . i
- f i M1vniMioii.-t.iui';(i Jiaii.
'-. il-RyA'wrahMiw Lincoln's (wk.
i,.,te Secretary Halford hns in his
r ' taa clock which is dearest to the
of the old employes of the w hite
' A It is of Muck niarhle and gilt,
f iajinally liad a (lass case over it.
I U$Jiat was broken lont n?o. What
f Jo to the sentiment in this time-
4 it that it is the only article in the
Ja house which stands exactly as it
v Vken Abraham Lincoln was presi
iJL Lincoln's office room was the
raow occupied by Mr. Halford, and
iielock then stood on the mantel just
Mfl does now. Mr. Arthur fancied the
JaA because of its' associations and
4 it taken to his own room. Mr.
laaley, chief clerk of the oxecntive of
t nnder Mr. Cleveland, iuked to have
It hronht back, and about two years
ago it was done.
11 1'as Oiii of Them-
"Ton wonhl lianllr think." said the
Ysilow haired man who sat on the fence
itd whittled a stick, "that there was a
ijtof cosh derued idiots iu this m;irh
ralliood fourteen years aso that could
I Svw sold their lands for 8() an acre and
i4n'tdoit. 'J'hey wanted 8100. 'J hey
JWJght the railroad was coiiuir throutrh
illN sure. Some of im had a little
iltK, though, and sold out. The lund
Mat worth Sl.r0 nn acre now. Yon can
ate it's nothin' but wind."
-Tes, I see," said the tourist. "I sup-
von ro back here on a visit.
"Er no. I live here," replied the
on the fence, as he took a fresh
Oattw of tobacco and looked drearily
fa the direction of the settintr sun.
"Stranger, 1 w as one of the gosh denied
Idiots." Chicago Tribune.
- lif rlitne.
ft-. Hammond and Dr. Campbell an
aonnce tlrnt man need never die, except
by accident, or his own disobedience of
kygienio rules. There is some little
reason in some of the arguments, but
the doctors fail to tell us that life is de-
Edent uHn a vital principle govern
the whole process of assimilation
repair. Unfortunately, the pro-
pauses of repair do not control the
wital principle; if so, we might live for
ever. Fond lor ConsMmptivea.
i Scott's Emulsion ol Cod Liver Oil, with
jrpophoaphites, is a most marvelous
and medicine, it heals ilia irritation
of the throat and lunge, and gives flesh
'Md strength quicker than any other rem
edy known. It is very palatable, having
one of the disagreeable taara of the crude
Mtirat Halstesd will write a magazine
article on the rejection of his nominator.
NlierlOn Nala.
Smoke the SheritT RalerVfar. A straight
10 cents Havana Cigar or 5 cents.
There is no unsolved mystery for the fish
that has been landed.
H "1
f 'J
i J
v of aawSawawsaJr1 aj
faa l
3artl i
l. a iiam
.miii i wary
JaM kaif
im at fteaaf.
atnta iat
atif iavbtow
biai it proavi
r doeoptioa tad
a vila aoatral
Mroaaw. Ua
kia TaiBe&ria
iiy ao-eallad
iea did ant poa-
; bowovwi'. lika
own boat
' paver to aare
JLa wkich tba
aaaattyrie to
i Jft power aad
n trtaa ana
J. . . , 4 v
V Cteir own is
ad nulla
I tbey bar.
: ta eirCiad
' 'wt tlM aew
. For two two-oent stamps we will send
you one of the handsomest almsoHC In
the country. "Homestead." Omaha, Neb.
At Diwnn kd
TM CHARLES a. VOQELER CO.. attlsisrt.Mt.
T suffered from ca
tarrh 1 years. The
droppings into my
throat were na iMeaV
In. My Bose bled
almost daily. Hlnct
the first day's nse o'
Ely's Cream Bitliu
bnvt) had no bloe tlntc,
Soreness Is entire).
iron I). O. DavldsoTi
with BostAn niidot
A mrttcle It snnllcd In o aa-)i noiirll ft ml It nirri-e-
4 hie, 1'rlc fux-Miiri nt pruttgl-t; hy uisll, rt'tflntf.rcd,
)r.t. Kl.T UHOTHKltS. 54 vVmrsn St, N.Y.
II I iwrn
roslilvrlyeurrd br
inese .me ruin.
The? slM relieve Dis-I
CrM from UyeTwiMU.ln
iH(MtlOB end TooHerty
bsudi. A iierrect rem
led? (orlMzilueM.Msuew
UrowMneee, Bail TaaUfl
In the Mouth. Coetdl
ToaciM.Paiii in the Side.
tmkpid MVEll. Thar
nmilste um Bowels
Pnraljr Vcoetoble.
rnee n ccnu;
casts, asxrn co., kzw toie.
Small Pill. Small Dose. Small Price.
' aa
I . MiJsi
tu tnu owit
n world ocgbt to
lone (or su la Ike cure
which wsa so bad to
tie bjr the physician,
want to he treated. One
aie s conr of an adver-
Ss-lft'sVpaclSe. and I
relict from Hie (nt few
gradually forced out nf
aeon cured sound end
Booth, elnce 1 quit tak
Iaalalt Starir.
Nw Trt Evening Sub.
"Speaking of flash literature re
minds me of a deceased friend of
mine," said Bryan McSwyny yester
day. "The person was engaged in
writing a serial story for a well-known
weekly paper. The story liad run so
long that the publishers wrote to
my friend to bring it to an end in the
next installment. He did so in the
following unique manner:
"The balloon rone slowly from the
foot ot the eliff, bumping along the
fai'e of the rock as it did so. An
relina, frightened at the prospect of
:he perilous journey uhead when the
onlloon was 1,000 feet from the
ground, jumjHl recklessly out upon
the ahelf ol rock which projected
from the face of the cliff. Frenzied
wit h fear, Algernon followed his love,
uiid the balloon sailed away. Alger
non clasped the lovely maiden to bis
heaving bosom in a passionate em
brace. The shadows deepened, and
aight fell like a black pall upon the
"Will you alwnyB love me, Alger
non?" said Angelina.
"Till death, darling," wus the re
ply. THE END.
"Well," continued Bryan, "letters
began to arrive at the office of pub
lication asking such faithful ques
tions as these: "What became of
the lovers? Did they dry up and
blow away? Did the buzzards feed
upon the form of the lovely Angel
ina? Did some one lot a rope down
from the top of the cliff and pull 'em
no? For heaven's sakewhatbecame
of them?"
"These letters accumulated so fust
in the office that the publishers ask
ed my friend for another installment
o) the story, which he gladly wrote,
the concluding sentences of the last
chapter being as follows:
"The long night passed slowly
away with leaden tread. The east
ern sky began to flush with the first
beams of morning light. Outlined
against the fleecy clouds Angelina
could see a faint speck about as big
as a door knob. 1 he speck grada
ally grew larger as the two lovers
gazed hungerily upon it. It was
their long-lost balloon. A favoring
gale from heaven directed the ball
oon to the cliff, and it was watted
against the face ol the cliff. As it
came nearer and nearer to their rest
ing place Algernon said, in a husky
"Now Lena, my heart's love, jump
when I jump!"
Thev iumned and clunc like SDid
ers to the netting until Algernon nad
descended to the car. Then, like the
hero he was, Algernon rescued his
darling one from her perilous posit
ion, and laid her upon the floor of
the car.
"Higher and 'higher the balloon
rose until a band of Indians who
were watching it saw it gradually
dwindle down to the size of an apple,
then faded away until only a speck
like the head of a pin remained, and
then was lost in the shadowy realms
of space.
"Well, what did the publishers say
this time?"
"Oh," replied Bryan, with a smile,
"they simply discharged my lnend,
that's all."
Tj nwr a.
f7 know what 8. 8. 8. baa
"It of S maUcnant Cancer,
lba conimercd Incurs.
fn CMoaco, where I
bursa UkJa It. I tot
aoatt; the potion was
m jr .retem. and 1 was
Jwvii. ii is now iva
Ids 8. 8. 8. and I bat
bad as den of return ot the dreadful dlaeaae.
Mm. Asm Dotiiwsu.
8sblc, Mich., Dec. , '.
Bead for hooka on Blood Dteeaeae and Cancers.
BaOed free. Tns Bwrrr Rrrcirio Co.
, Drawer S, Atlanta. Qm
In a minute the lowest sound your ear
ran catch has been made by 990 vibrations.
An Untimely Death Kotlre,
From the Boston Transcript.
A story that goes back to the meet
in' house in Wrentham is one of a
worthy man named Habbakuk P ,
who had been blessed with four
wives, one after another. Habba
kuk was always in his pew on the
Sabbath. He sat there in his con
spicuous pew Sunday morning after
tlieir marriage. There was a strang
er in the pulpit who had exchanged
with the venerable Mr. F , ths
pastor of the church. After reading
a few scripture passages the strang
er proceeded to read a notice which
he nad found in the Bible and which
wn as follows:
Hnbbakuk P desires the prayer
of the congregation that the death
of his wife mny be sanctified to him
for his spiritual good."
t hen, when the congregation was
between stupefaction and explosion,
the clergyman went on with his serv
ices at a rapid rate. He was at a
loss to know why the congregation
seemed to be throughout the re
mainder of the service on the point
of laughter, butatdinnerMrs. I .
the pastor s wife, explained to mm
that Habbakuk P sat thre rows
from the front in the broad isle, with
his brand new wife, and he had read
an old notice that Mr. P had
probably been using for a book
mark ever since the death of wife
No. 3.
A curlinr match wait played recently at
Edinburfh br electric light.
The lazier a roan gets, the more his nose
Ex-Koipreea Kueeuie ia noon to apend
two months in Grauada., Spain.
The Duke ol Nassau has accepted the
regency ol the duchy ot Luxembourg.
The wonderlul cure by Salvation Oil ol
Mr. M. 8. Gulp, 229 George St., Bai.Ttuoac,
Md., who was lor many years s pros
trated with Kheutnatiam as to be entirely
helpless, has awakened widespread interest
in this remedy. It costs only 25 cts.
'II the heart ol a man is depressed with
cares snd sufferings, the mist is dispelled
when the bottle appears." Not a bottle
olspirita, oh no! but a small vial ot that
invaluable compound known tociviliution
as Dr. Bull a Cough byrup, which will curs
a cougb or cold immediately.
A Dlnaiar In ilia.
Miss Fleeson, of Pittsbnrg, now mis
sionary out in niam, had the honor,
lately, to dine with the kin;; ami queen
of that country, in their new and splen
did summer (lulnce. The ceremony be
gan with the washing of all hands in
lrfuiiiel wnters, held in silver bowls,
sftcr which a golden chest of betel, the
Siamese equivalent for tolmeoo and
chewing nm, was passed around but
the use of it was not de riguer, and the
foreigners were given tea in place of the
fiery quid. The dinner, which was
served in the most exquisite of china,
glass and silver, enme on in twenty
courses, and after it his majesty, who
was garbed in pure white, with cold
and purplo trimmings, had his prize
acrobats and jugglers ierforra upon a
platform below the dining hall, for the
amusement of the guests. New York
Commercial Advertiser.
Hothern's Joke.
"Were you ncruainted with Soth
ern?" was neked of John Toole, the
aged English comedian. '
"Dundrenry? Ah, yes! He woe the
most amusing creature on earth.
You remember that abstirb trick of
hw, when he asked eighty people to
supper.nnd wrote a private not to
each man beforehand to ask him to
be bo good n to say grace, as the
chairman wus unavoidably prevent
ed from attending tho dinner. The
faces of those eighty men when they
rose in one body, at the tap on the
table, which Sothern had severally
informed them wim to be tho signal
for grace, must have been a eight
indeed!" San Francisco Chronicle.
Is Guy's (London) Hoapital Reports,
vol 1, para XMS, ia found the statement:
"Simple hypertrophy (enlargement) of
the heart, especially of the left ventricle,
is found without valvular incom (letency.
In this numerous class the cardiac is
secondary ia syniptouj o the renal af
fection." This explains why Wsrner's
Safe Cure is effectual iu cases of heart
disease. It removes from the blood the
kidney acid which causes the heart dis
ease. Dust ia the daadruH that Mother Earth
gets in her hair.
In 1850 "Brown's Bbokcbiai. Tbocbes"
were introduced, and their success as a
cure tor Colds, Coagha. A.thma and Bron
chitia haa been unparalleled.
Buildiog air caetles ahould be the work
of the man who ia lull of wind.
Wahnf.k's Log Cabin Remedies old
fiishioned, simple compounds, used in
the dnys of our hardy forefathers, are
"old timers" but "old reliable." They
comprise a
Warner's iMg Cabin Sarsaparilla,
"llops and Buohu Kemedy," "Cough
and Consumption llcmedy," "Huir
Tonic," "Extract," for External and In
ternal Use, "Plasters," "Hose Cream,"
for Catarrh, and "Liver Pills." They
are put up by H. H. Warner & Co., pro
prietors of Warner's Safe Remedies, and
promise to equal the standard value of
those great preparations. All druggists
keep them.
The late John Bright was a great admirer
ol John (j. Wtiittier's poetry.
MoHt men are negatives that the Lord
has failed to retouch.
The Empress of Japan has abandoned
her intention to visit this country.
He Won $16,000.
Providence (K. I.) Telesrani, March 20.
Mr. Fred A. Young, treasurer of the
Union Eyelet Company, of this city,
purchased for $1 the twentieth part
of tic ket No. 2,887 in the Louisiana
State Lottery. The ticket at the re
cent drawing took the $300,000 priie
and entitled Mr. Young to one-twentieth
of the sum, viz., $15,000. The
gentleman was credited by the Tele
gram with having tJiis stroke of luck
bout two weeks ago, but a denial
appeared in one of the papers. This
morning the Telegram learned that
the money had been collected "for Mr.
Young through the Bank of America
of this city. At the bank no informa
tion could be obtained, the tellers
having apparently been instructed to
furnish no facts for publication. At
the office of the Eyelet Company a
Telegram reporter found Mr. Young
and learned that the ticket bought Dy
him through the Boston agency had
indeed won the money, and that the
$15,000 had been collected through
the bank named. His object for keep
ing the news of his great luck from the
masses, he said, was because he
thought that it would stimulate so
many others less able than himself
to indulge m lottery tickets to invest
their dollars. Just why those with
less means than himself should not
desire $15,000 Mr. Young did not
state, but he did say that he objected
to the general public being made aware
of his good fortune.
A new wrinkle; the last sorrow.
S'rreri wei lc.fc. we pare her faatorla,
M iiFti fhe a n CliiUl. fclit crier for Cu.terla,
IV ben lc beenrna XtUa. nlie citing to Castoria,
When h hnrt Children, ahe g.'.re them Caatoria.
The police department ol Boston costs
the city $1,250,000 per year.
4 onaiimptlon Nurely Cured.
To the Kilitor: Plcane inform yourrrad
ers that I have a poaitive remedy for con
sumption. By its timely uso thousands of
hopeless rases have been permanently
nired. I shall he glad to iond two bottles
of my remedy ki;k to any of wnr rend
ers who have consumption il they will send
me their exnress and P. 0. address. Re
spectfully, t. A. SLOCCM, M. l, 181 Pearl
street, KewYork.
Another crank is to attempt to go
through the Niagrara Rapids May 2.1.
"There is the East, there is India,"
wna M.tnnrrtr Tljmr.i-in'ii prv na llA nrnnhfc-
sied a railway acroaa the continent from
sen to sea. lint the most daring dreams
iiuai. a nurAnnliml tliA nntiinl ltlVlirV nf
the Golden (late Specinl on the Union
racifio Railway the finest train in the
world, leaving Uouncu jmuiib ana urea-
ha every Wednesday morning.
The new military post near Denver, Col.,
has been named rort Logan.
There ia more catarrh In this section ot
ths country than all other diseaaea put to
gether, and until the last few years waaaup
posed to be incurable. For a great many
Taara rl net ore nronounced it a local dla
eaae, and prescribed local remedies, and by
constantly tailing to cure with local treat
ment, pronounced It incurable. Scienca
haa proven catarrh to be a constitutional
dlaeaae, ana inereiore requires tuuanm
tloaal treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure,
l. hw 9. .1. Chenev A Co.. To
ledo, Ohio, ia tha paly conaffftoHonal cure
on the market. It is taken internally in
deaaa Irom 10 drops to a taaapoonful. It acta
directly upon tha blood and mucnua sur
face of thw ayatara. They offer one hundred
dollars for any caaa it falls to cur, send
lor Circulars m leanmoniana.
P. J. CHENEY CO.. Toledo. 0. JWTSold
by Drugglato. 76c.
1200 acres of the choioest land in tho San
Isus Valley, in Southern Colorado, all under
fenee, water-right secured and d:tchas
ready for use. It will be sold aa a whole or
in quantities to suit the purchaser. It ia the
finest land in the valley, and is adapted to
eitlier farming or etoek-raising. For price,
terms, etc, address HENKY A. BITITERS.
Alamosa. Colorado.
Secretary Blaine exercises onehourevery
Hon. George Bancroft, the historian, ia
the oldest living Harvard graduate.
Strittt, PARE.
attain II IPIOM li in tki.
ta4 pr-iii.nn.t. Tb drufgiat .peak of li ui
htcheM wrnit, giviM entire MtitUcUoo whirenr
Cures all Diseases Peculiar to Women !
Boob to "Woman" latt.
Ariai. uaui i.A i ou. co, ati..ta, ea.
owlo ar au. fiauuoiaxs.
if seal tarnt, aa f
It u ased.
Frice2Scts.,50cs..and $1 per Bottle.
TheZM'tiKT BOTTLES are put us for the acsoav
misiiou of ail wbu tte'lre aimtly a
Thorn afi.raia a rtmtdij fur CU.VH VMPTI0M
ers.v LUA'U DISEASE thauld mcun
tks Large $1 Void.
Mothers. Read!
Oakland Sta.. kr.. April It. IBB.
0('fajfl.-Ttie demand for ALI.INS I.I NO BatV
sam ia lucreaeiuc t-ODataully. The ladtea Iblok tbera
la no medicine eeuat to it for croup and Wbooplao
Ceusb. C. S MAKTIN. Urucsiat.
I do not njeQ merrlj to stop them iora uio awl
thin ha them return. I mean a ndicml rure. 1 haa
UiavteKlTH. KMI.KlttVorl Al.LINCi 81CKN88a
lile-loBff study. 1 warrant my remedy to cur tb
worst caves. Becauae otnera have I aiJed in no reacon
for not now racpiviur a cure. Send at once for treatise
and rw Bottle of my iiifaliJUewmt'dy. iiv Kiprt
Uid k. O. H- U. ROOT. M. V. 183 Pxirl St. N
W. X. U.. Omaha,
Th.PISRBiiAKDSLlCKF.Bli wrTB,lxI wit-rpronr, aaa win p yon t
tk hanlr-t ftnim. The hew TOM MEL prvrt ri4ia (,
coritliiit.rwitvItlf. Hrwroriniittton. Mow r""1-without th Ptik
HrDd" trd-m-rlv. lllaatrstrd CIloru . V- lower, IWIW, MMM
f 0ti or mi Bsn T-u-tiworis nr ni Wokl. fL b?t popb
i "-"rva
BA, AWaaSBTaWa AW. .aV
AV taTaVAWalaWAWal AflawaaaH
im ertler t itrtdtir- owr
ir oticf .tvid ovbMiutrlT frwa .to mmc. 1
hT. on. f INir aUrtt-Ml aBaMble
1 TeltMcoiM. ad the 6ai LuiilvBavr-
yreuta wua n
abU to make this WMsdcrful or fur ife rdtun thl our rods r.
of ucUm'ri that, wbanaprrBon dommim them, ia nr locality, thrlf
aun anrutla, end fBMrfKopU purchae; a laff ind proflmbla trad!
lwaji raialtt. We can Hipplj frtse nly oneperaon In rich lot-aliij
'fkoM who writ, at one, will Mki sar. ofthcir reward, whilfi hor
who delav will loae latcburt. Itaua. Orand telescope. Poapov-j
ts taiaiB fnrlkiar har. lhuao wh. wriie U once? wilt aacare Droanm dtv-'
lieari. btaufaiafwatiM aalce adaUcaa. A4tif, It. UALLK'IT At CO., Box
Kn -fWrOTo" tn esv-k
aaWiaa V. I
a"reeh- aaj
Ittjar Bore.
HM. Portlaad, alajBe-
i t
If AW SfcJ'w I aW-
Oiliclous Biscoit
ask you a Gsoecs ros
flndlDg his patient suffering from that most common of American maladies
Bilious Dyspepsia, or, in other words, from Torpid Liver, associated with indi
gestion, advised him to go to the drug store and get Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical
Discovery the world-famed remedy for such ailments.
Golden Medical Discovery acts powerfully upon the Liver, and through that
great blood-purifying organ, cleanses the y?tcm of all blood-taints and impuri
ties, from whatever cause arising. It is equally cftkaclous in acting upon the
Kidneys, and other excretory organs, cleansing and strengthening them and
healing their diseases. As an appetizing restorative tonic, it promotes digestion,
and nutrition, thereby building up both flesh and strength. It is the only
medicine of its class, guaranteed to benefit or cure, in all diseases for which
it is recommended, or money paid for It will be promptly refunded.
Copyright, 1888, br World's Dispensary Medical Association, Proprietors.
for an Incurable ease of
Catarrh in the Head by
Dy Its i
cures uu '
the proprietors of DR. SAGE'S CATARRH REMEDY.
Kl'MaTOMN OP CATAatBH.-Ileadachi', olwt ruction of nose, dlsohargrs
falling- Into throat, soiiii-tiun a prof use, wntcrr, and ncrld, at others, thick,
tenacious, mucous, purulent, bloody and putrid ; eyes weak, ringing In ears,
desf sism, difficulty of clcsrinir throat, expectoration of olfensTvo matter;
breath offensive; smell and taste Impaired, and general debility- Only 11
few of tbeae symptoms likely to be prvaent at ouoo. Thousands of mam
result In uonaumptlon, and end In the irruvo.
soothing-, antlaeptlo, cleanelng, and healing properties, Dr. BacVs Remedy
cases. Only IK) oents. Hold by druggists everywhere.