The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, February 28, 1889, Image 1

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    Sioux Gounty Journal
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TZA-ttEUISOIX , IsTBB., FEB. 28 1889.
IsTO. 24
r::;.r.E barbed-wire
Acd a Big -
J lowest Prices
W. E. Patterson, Proprietor.
1 1 taf kttM win CHEAP. I have just received a CAR
' JVtt to buy tt Vo urs for business,
1' r jtvt"
leal vf thoh
imp.. i
3lL r-J .U
Harrison Market.
Butter, 15c.
Eggs, 15c.
Poultry, per dox. f2.40 to 3.
Oats, per 100 It $1.00 to 1.10.
Corn, per 100 ft 90 to f 1.00.
Bran, ier 100 It fl. 10.
Feed, chopped, per 100 It $1.35,
Potatoes, per hu. 30c.
Sorghum, per gal. 80c.
Onions, per bu. $1.50.
Beans, per bu. $2.00,
Time Table.
F. E. & M. V. Ry., Passenger.
Going west leave Harrison at 10.35 A. M.
Going east leave Harrison at 2:51 P. M.
Ib7!:on, Neb,,
1 1t IMQdtt and the Management return Thanks to
lS)f5l fc'paage liestowed, and, by Square Dealing
l, htfj? if "mmnt of Everything in the line of Gener-
iCtS mt' n t u continuance of the nume.
M Usual.
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Mut f Rgjur iada Large Stock of Oats, corn, chop Feed &c.
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4 'a''. ' t-iltk
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... v A
SKRWKM, Secretary,
'Oats for sale at the lumber yard.
Look out for a big "ad" and new firm
next week.
Sioux county school warrants bought
the Bank of Harrison.
Snow plows were attached to the en
gines on this road Saturday but were of
little use.
Mrs. Weir expects to leave for a short
visit to her former home at Rushville
next Monday.
We understand that Mr. McGinly is
contemplating the building of a large
barn on his ranch.
Thos. Reidy returned yesterday from
a several week's trip to Hay Springs, Al
liance and other parts of the country
Born, Sunday evening, to Mr. and Mrs.
Samuel Leelinir of Smiaw creek, a son.
All parties doing well at last accounts.
One year ago yesterday the lire fiend
swept from the business portion of Har
rison several hundred dollars worth of
A protracted meeting will be held at
the church to commence with the servi
ces on Snndav of March the 10th, and
continue indefinitely.
Don M. Weir and Miss Minnie Thomas
were married at the residence of the
bride's parents yesterday. Justice Jones
performed the clinching act,
We have heard of a great many differ
ent kind of (lies but "that the warm wind
and sunshine of Monday and' Tuesday
made the snow-fly we can testify.
Ed. Weir has purcliased the Sell rant
timber claim lying Just east of town and
will nre-emnl it. Negotiations for the
building of a house are now pending.
Mrs. Robinson left for her home at
Netawaka, Kas., on last Monday. Mrs,
Robinson had been here for several
months visitinsr with her daughter, Mrs.
Grant Guthrie.
The bi-weekly meetings of the literary
society are growing in numbers anil in
terest at every session. An uhusually
interesting program is being prepared for
next Wednesday. Everybody is invited
Remember the lecture entitled Prison
Life and Escape, by Major Scamahorn.
This lecture is not visionary ly any
means) as the Major relates actual exper
iences of horrible priwn life and hair
breadth escapes.
Rev. J. A. Scamahorn will deliver his
A Few Things lie Sees Hears and Com-
While the Rambler was making his
rounds this week his attention was
culled to a certain individual who, from
lis age and general apjiearance of dig
nity, his oily manner, his conciliatory
tone and bearing, from his venerable and
flowing gray beard and feminine tender
ness for dogs, was set down by your
scrilie as a person in every respect equal
to and in all probability the acknowl
edged successor of the sage of Monticel-
lo, and acting on said opinion we pro
ceeded to congratulate the people ot
Harrison on the possession of such wis
dom and virtue. Whereupon the individ
ual on our right proceeded to knock our
idealistic opinions and theories into a
'cocked hat" bv boldly asserting that
the paragon of virtue above described,
wal a "whited sepulchre and a spleen
sac' in which was stored all the venom
of a self-asserted righteous clique, with
headquarters at Harrison, but whose
actual business was the laying of a 'pois
onous incubus on the growth and prosper
ity of Harrison and Sioux county. " The
Monroe Creek.
Zizl whixz! 20 below was the coldest
last week but tliat is past and some jack
rabbits still enjoy free range.
AVarbler is still sour and away ofr.
How much he knows that is not so';1 He
was born in the wrong time of the moon,
hence he gets out of bed backwards each
' Several couples from the valley at
tended the dance at Harrison on the 22,
in sleighs.
School in No. 15 will close this week.
W. A. Rich expects to herd on his
homestead next summer.
Jolin Scott worked up some furniture
for his young bachelor friend. Scott is
an old hand at the trade.
Wlien the moon-shiners get' to operat
ing we shall have brisk news.
gentleman on our left likened him to "a
large boil, through which was exuded
all the corruption of an eifete set of po
litical bosses," remarking in parenthesis,
that after each exudation there was
. , . , i 'i a .
enough poison retained in me uou w ma
terially weaken the carcass from which
it emanated." Quite a skittering of our
pre-arranged ideal, but we can only sigh
with the poet Moore:
Twas ever thus, from childhoods hour
I've seen my fondest hopes decay.
Rambler, in his journey of observa
tion, noticed several windows and store
fronts with the glass broken out of them
and ugly looking sheets of tin or iron or
boards filling the places. While he was
contemplating these ruins, being there
by forcibly reminded of the condition
of those noliticians who have builded
their hopes on the sucees of'free range,
he overheard the town kicker say some
thing about the need of connecting side
walks in one or two places before spring
dampness sets in,
tiie aforesaid town kicker then took
the Rambler by the ear and led him up
to the town well, and in the confusion
of ow spirits at being thus roughly led
about, we caught something of his
excited ejaculations about the well be
ing unsafe, and of the danger that child
ren might fall therein and spoil the wa
ter or Borne "free range" horse or cow
perform the same foolish act and be
Antelope Wliilts.
Range cattle were eyeing farmers' hay
stacks during the snow and cold weath
Joe Sherer is hauling logs for a bi.
house for himself. Wonder if Joe has
a partner in his eye.
Farmers' Alliance meeting at J. U.
Hunt's next Tuesday. Monopoly take
heed, for we are coming.
Win. Zimmerman and Fred Stennner
have become one: one heart and one soul
and are now spending their honey-moon
E. II. Salisbury and Jack Ragland
came home from the new railroad where
Uwv h:l lieen woikintr. Too much cold
weather did it.
Your White river correspondent in
favor of free range, we could knock into
a cocked hat but hate to waste so much
space in your paper on such silly trash,
poor county this would lie indeed if it
was settled only by such men as him;
but will tell him that it is said that Pe
ter Cooper made his money by buying
up old mules and manufacturing them
into glue, and we down here, can hear
tily congratulate your White Kiver cor
respondent for having escaped Peter's
Will practice before all courts and the
United States land office.
Business entrusted to my care will re
ceive prompt attention.
Will practice in all State and Federal
courts, and United States Land office.
Pre-emption and timber culture filings
Contests initiated, prosecuted or de
fended. Office on Main street,
- B. F. THOMAS, -
Is well acquainted with the U. S. land
laws and rulings of this department.
Keeps plats of Sioux county and eastern
Wyoming, and has done work from
Chadron to the Laramie plains, and from
North Platte to the Dakota line. He fur
nishes good entertainment to visitors anil
immigrants in this the most wonderful
corner of Nebraska. 8 miles north west
of Harrison. Have 640 acres of the best
winter pasture to let.
(J Ion Items.
! ?ats for sale at the lumber yard.
"I jf'skni anil nfl ia fur sale at the lniil
her yard.
Wheat sowing will begin in earnest
next week.
We are led to believe that spring is
here by the present warm and beautiful
the force of plasterers on the court
house has been largely increased and the
work is therefore progressing rapidly.
If the farmers had as little use for
their crops as the Herald outfit has for
water, there would be less feeling on the
herd law subject.
lecture entitled "Prison Life and Escape" L"a n nersons knowing themselves in-
. .. '
Dealers in-
t Grain, Lath
1 A
. j,V V' "
6 O O 1 S ,
IVJ lit I.I iN -1. .'
t ' ' (si i
on Saturday evening March 9th, at the"
M. E. Church, proceeds to be applied' to
the organ fund. Fine music will b in
terspersed and a general good time will
be had.
If A. J, Babcock wishes a few facts in
regard to the 130 legal voters Who
signed the protest against H. R. 95, we
would respectfully ask him to make his
wishes known through the Herald and
we will endeavor to throw some light on
the subject.
Judge Hunter now wears his chin bird
shaved clean. Wliat a blessing it would
be if the Judge could only do likewise
with his past record, yet we fear that
the severing knife would necessarily go
so deep as to prove fatal to the Judge;
The record is indestructible.
The ball given in honor of Washing
ton's birtiiday was a success genially
and well attended. The music by Messrs
John and Edward Blunt and P. L. Mc
Crea, wais all that could be desired and
gave good satisfaction. About twenty
five or thirty couples, were present.
The ladies of Harrison met Wednesday
and decided to organize a Woman s
Christian Temperance Union. Consti
tution and by-laws were adopted and
then, for lack of time, the meeting ad
journed to meet on Wedneeday, .Mrch
13th, when the officers will be elected
and the organization perfected, '
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Marking were pay-'
ing business visits to our merchants
Monday, Mr. Marking callodon the
Journal and in answer to our inquiry
informed' ns tliat the German Ball
advertised tw take place at his residence
on the evening of the 4th of March is
dobted to me will please get to the .front
and settle up as I need the money.
D. H. Griswold.
Dave Bartlett has concluded tliat a
little more outdoor and gymnastic ex
ercise is essential to his health and is
wrestling with the green and festive logs
at Darnell and Nelson's saw mill.
Wp hv the Thedford Tribune, of
Thomas county, Neb. , that our former
genial fellow townsman, Mr. John JJe
Brown, has invested in real estate in
that town and is erecting a building
wttkih he will occupy when completed
and engage m the banking business.
John is a square dealing, honest, gentle
manly fellow, as they will surely find
P. H. McVay & family, of Antelope,
left last Monday for Iowa Falls, their
former home, where they expect to "re
main this summer. We are sorry that
Mr. McVay and his estimable family
have seen fit to absent themselves from
Sioux county for even one summer. Mr.
McVay is a good neighbor a good citizen,
and one of the kind of men whose ab
sence is a loss to any community. '
We are in receipt of so many commn-
Minntiniis rnir.irdiutr the herd law tliat
We are unable to publish them for 'want
ofaiit.-fi. We trust that our C0rWon-
jdents Will desist from the herd hwV con
ttoversy as it is only a waste ot valuable
ind at this time and only results in bad
foiling generally. We believe house
roll 95 will have -passed the senate before
this retlches our readers, but If not ap
ply your forcible arguments to the sen
ate ami you will probably accomplish
in'ore beneilcial results.
John Shay is busy cutting saw logs,
T Dawrmort lost a valuable dog a
short time ago. It was supposed to
have taktui a midden attack nf cliarging
range cattle and got too far away from
Mr. Kremen is still hauling logs for
H. L. Buckley.
Don't it make us poor fellows feel bad?
Just to think, tliat because we didn't
support the candidates of the Republi
can!?) Convention last fall, we are kicked
out of the ring; but go careful broth
east?) or that kick may prove to be a
backaekwards affair.
We see that the Glen Taxpayer w
using the same old argument, viz; if you
don't believe and do as I do you are a
fool and an idiot, but we will bet money
nm!nut nmrldes that the man at whom
he is directing his imbecile attack don't
herd or lorn his stock loose to eat up
!! neiiAlmir's crops because he hasn't
got any fence.
S. W. Kemp and Joe Decker are haul
ing saw-logs for a setting at Mr. Kemp's
place. '
James Fruizer, son of J. N. Fruizer,
arrived a few days ago from Iowa,
Damiel Klein is getting out another lot
of logs and says he is going to have a
new house this time.
We wonder when we are going to
have school again?
So the Free rangers don't like House
roU 95? The old saying is, "give the
Devil rope enough and lie will hang. him
self" and it has .proved true with our
Free Rangers. Last, fall they hud it
that there was alnl ndred thousand dol
lare worth (assessed valuation) ot stock
owned by ranchmen in the county and
according to their way of figuring it the
ranchnten .paid nine-tenths of all the tax
es in the count yy and a herd law would
drive them out and impoverish the
couni v. Now they say there is only
five thousand cattle and nwses-aitogem-
. , U t Cn ltM1.
er. 'iNOW HOW mucu o:
and is owned by the farmers? Suppose
the cattle men owned tfour of that five
thousand we can'-t see where they get
their hundred thousand valuation, and
according toiieir own showing the far
mer is jiMJas much entitled to protec
tion us-the stockmen, awl the farmers
have twice declared for the herd law but
Were counted out each time.
i L L-.
All kinds of
Wood & Iron Work
New and Improved Machinery is Con
stantly being added.
Solicit Your Patronage.
C. L. TUBUS, Prop.
H. M. Warneke.
If Borer has any ipersonal grievances
toward the ex-county official lot him
call and settle 4 The public will think
better of him. Other folks can manage
their own business without his'aid.
Ex-Co. Official.
Boggy ltcuis.
Is always ready, assisted by his genial
clerk, Mr Thomas Reidy, to wait, upon
their many customers with a
Dry Goods, Cools -nnd 'Shoes, Groceries.
Queensware, Flour, Feed &c. &('., at
Bed 'Rock Prices.
'to Harrison
Richard Corcoran was up
on a contest the other (lay.
W. Corcoran left for wok on the rat
sure to be give AH wlk fft-n behw
BIB YARD. . ; . ,
rOtttlthcHrtherdtty. i4w(jM.
v -