The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, December 13, 1888, Image 3

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: A rfcrtMawa Talk.
p If I were to ask you to sbnt yonr eyes
' tad try to futiry that Christmas stood
tfcefore you, what would you see? Ah!
Sot one, but many. Home of you would
ee, in your miud'a eye. an old man
With lon, white, frosty beard and
kindly face, his brave form draped in a
parkling robe of snow decked with
latcles old Father Christmas from top
to toe. Borne would see another sort of
Ba re, a round, roly-poly, jolly per
sonage, dressed in furs from crown to
aole, laughing in every lsature of his
eump, ruddy face, all aglow after driv
er his Dnnder and Blixen, and half
bidden by his great sleigh-load of toys.
Some of yon, again, would see nothing
but the toys, and your only thought, I
shudder to say, would be, "Which of
them are fdr we?" Some of yon would
see no fancied personage at all; but
Slorious winter without, and within
oors a bright home, a glowing hearth,
and all the family eager to welcome
you from school for the happy .holiday
week. And a great msny of you would
scarcely close your eyes before the
beautiful Clirint-cii ild would come and
fill your soul with love and joy and
gratitude; and your one next thought
would be to give happiness to many, to
make other heiirts as glad as your own
on the Perfect Day. St. Nicholas.
Everybody familiar with Ayer's Alma
nac knows tlint it is much more than a
mere vehicle fur advertising the medi
cinal preparations of Dr. J. C. Ayer A
Co., of Lowell, Mans. Jt is really one
of the most welcome and valued of an
nuals. And now we have to acknowl
edge the receipt of a neatly-bound pre
sentation volume of the Almanac for
1889, containing copies in English and
nine other languages, also specimen
pages of pamphlets iu eleven additional
tongues in all twenty-one languages.
From the preface to this interesting
book, we learn that between thirteen,
and fourteen million almanacs are issued
by this company annually, consuming
aliont twenty-live miles of paper day.
Surely, with all this and other adver
tising it should be inexcusable in any
one not to know the superior merits of
A3-er's HursHpaiilla and other standard
remedies. Ayer's Almanac for 1889, in
its usual attractive form,' "is now ready
at the drug stores.
Utilizing Rawduat.
According to the Canadian Manufac
turer, a new scheme of utilizing the
sawdust of the Ottawa river for the pur
pose of fuel is proposed. It is claimed
that by a system of grinding the refuse
into a uniform lineness, mixing it with
the refuse gas tar ' from the gas-house,
and compressing tho substance into
cakes, a fuel cau be made in every way
superior to soft coal for open fires. Saw
dust rolls were common forty years ago
iu England and Scotland, and were con
sidered far ahead of peat and grate fires.
The cost of manufacturing this kind of
fuel is merely nominal, and it is ex
pected that it can be sold at ft very much
lower price than soft coal. Tho forma
tion of n company to give the scheme
practical effect is mooted.
Have You 'ulari'h? There is one
remedy you ciin try without danger of
li u in bug. Bend to II. 0. Coleman, Chemist,
Kalamaion, Mich., for trial package of his
catarrh cure. Hi only mode of advertis
ing Is by giving it away. Postage 2c.
Judge for yourself. Mention this paper.
Harrinhnrg, Pa., is to be furnished with
natural gas.
The ommol. Lot
There is a place no love can rearh,
There is a time no voire can teach,
There is a chain no power can break.
There is a sleep no sound can wnke.
Sooner or later that time will arrive, that
place will wait tor your coming, that chain
must hind you in helpless death, that sleep
must full on your nensei. Hut thousands
eyry year go untimely to their fate, and
thousands more lengthen out their doys by
heedful, timely care.. For the failing
atrenth. the weakening organs, the wasting
blood, Dr. Pierre's Golden Medical Discov
ery is a wonderful restorative and a pro-"
longer of strength and life. It purifies the
blood and invigorates the eyetem, thereby
fortifying it against disease. Of druggists.
A patent has been obtained in Italy to
make building blocks out of corn cribs.
Famous Women.
It is a significant fact that most of the
women who have achieved fame in art,
literature, or "affairs," have enjoyed vigor
ous health. This shows that the mind is
never capable of the severe and continued
application necessary to creative work, un
less the body is at its best. The woman
who aspires to fill an exalted place among
her associates, must be free from nervous
debility and female weaknesses. Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription will banish
these, and It is warranted to restore thoss
functional harmonies which are indispen
sable to health." As a specific for all those
chronic weaknesses and ailments peculiar
to women, it is unequale I.
Printing in raised or embossed letters
was begun at Paris by Hauy in 1786.
Great Little meat.
Some of the greatest mea that ever lived
were o! small stature and insignificant ap
pearance. The reader will readily recall
many instances. Very small are Dr.
Pierce's Pleasant Purgative Pellets, but
they are tar more effective then the huge,
old-fashioned pills which are so difficult te
swallow and so hareh in their actios. The
"Pellets" are gentle and never cause con
stipation. For liver, stomach and bowel
derangements they have no equal.
The Prussian blue dye was discovered by
Diesbach at Berlin, in 1710.
A Cocoa. Cold, or Robe Thhot should
not be neglected. Brown's Bronchial
Troches are a simple remedy, and give
prompt relief. 2S cts. a box.
Chinese boys are studying law at Ban
Decreasing the Daalli Rata.
The mortality among consumptives has
been materially decreases! of late years by
the use of Scott's Emulsion ot Cod Liver
Oil, with Hypophorphites of Lima and Bo
da. Phthisis, ltroui liitis, Abscess ot tha
I.ungs, Pneumonia and Throat Affections
are completely subjugated by a timely use
of this excellent pulmonic. Palatable as
milk. Bold by all druggists.
A wnmem aged 103 years died at Need
ford, N. J., last week.
If entries with iore Erea. 'uie Dr. Itase Tomb
ros e are Wales, Iriwltt tell It, the.
A statue of Shakespeare baa been
veiled la Paris.
Wkea a7 was stek. ws ker Cewtene.
Wses ske was a Calld. ese erleJ lor Caetorla,
When she eecaeti Mum, ske clusc to Caetorla.
Was ske see Oaliares. ske gave tkeai Custorta
Car oftUe skin lb Simple Method
f Improvlue; tlte Complexion.
Perfect cleanliness of the skin of the
ntire body promotes excellent circu
lation and much improves the com
plexion. All applications of greasy
substances, powders, etc., to the face
to prevent wrinkles and soften the
skin will only prove injurious and atop
uo the pores. Keep the face clean by
using castils soap and tepid water be
fore retiring; and by washing when
ever soiled in tha daytime. Water in
which oatmeal or bran has stood is
good to use for a rough skin, but do
not tamper with this delicate texture
and get the pores distended by filling
them with foreign matter.
Men dislike cosmetics and all of
them discountenance the use of any
thing that whitens or colors tho face.
For a greasy skin rub it with a soft
flannel, and for a skin that perspires,
rub the face gently with fine linen.
A polished complexion is beautiful;
one made up of powder and rouge is
quite the reverse. After exposure to
the sun or wind, if the face is tanned
or burned, the application of butter
milk or sour cream will whiten it, but
it will require careful protection after
ward, for it will tun very readily
The general health of a person has
all to do with a handsome skin. Those
who eat improperly and irregularly,
who neglect the daily bath, and who
keep late hours and sleep in ill-ventilated
apartments on an inadequately
aired bed, need never hope for a fine
complexion. The clean growing skin
that bespeaks daily grooming and
right living is worth more to one's
geueral appearance than costly clothes.
Women from the outset seem deter
mined to spoil the complexion of their
offspring; The infant, after bathing,
has its pores tilled with violet powder,
which settles like paste in the tender
crevices of the skin, interfering with
its activity.
Tho toilet table is slocked with pow
dor boxes and puffs, nnd the young,
arc taught to rub off the "shine" on
their nose with powder and a chamois.
Banish powders nnd cold creams, lip
salves, and greasy unguents that ru n
the skin pores and destroy tiie fresh
ness of the complexion. Pure water
and gentle friction when tho condi
tions of the body are right aro nil that
are necessary to make the skin hand
some. '
Let every one understand his own
peculiar style. Those who are florid
nnd ruddy should mako the most of
that attractive complexion. Those
who are pulu have always a delicacy
and beauty. To tone down color with
chalks, and to produce it with rouge
or by any artificial means, is a mis
take. Faces may be fresh when old if
the skin has not been contaminated.
The Terrible Tank Urania.
The dangers of the tank species of
play wcro illustrated in tho of
Duncan B. Harrison. He is one of thr
most popular and daring of tank
ncLors. Iu every city which his play
visits, a huge iron tank or cistern
about 16 feet long, 3 feet wide nnd 8
feet deep is constructed and sunk into
the stage. It is tilled with water, and
represents a river. In tho course of
the play the heroine tumbles or is
thrown into the tank, and then Mr.
llaiTison makes a thrilling dive from a
dangerous elevation into the water
and rescues her. Both of them get
soaked to the skin every night of
course, aud they are duly rubbed down
in alcohol to prevent taking cold when
they leave the theater. Mr. Harrison's
first experience was unfortunate, for in
diving, he twisted his neck iu such a
fashion that he was ill for many weeks,
and finally rose to lind that his head
was twisted immovably toward his
right shoulder, and that ho was threat
ened with paralysis of the right side.
He has rcccnll had a portion of the
spinal bone removed in the neck, and
this has restored flexibility to his neck.
The operation was both dangerous
and painful, but the results are happy,
and Mr. Harrison will continue to dive
into his tank amid thunders of ap
plause, and with a total disregard for
audi puny nnd insignificant things as
backbones aud twisted necks. Sew
York Huit.
In a Boston Railway Depot
It may surprise some Western rail
road men to know that the Boston . &
Maine Railroad runs 209 passenger
trains out of Boston every day on its
three divisions. As many again return,
making a total of 418. This road runs
129 passenger trains a day out on its
eastern and western divisions nlone,
without the Lowell. This number is
nine more trains than are run each day
out of the Grand Conlral Station at
New York, where tho New York Cen
tral, tho New York. New Ilnven &
Hartford und the New York & Harlem
combined run but 12U passenger tru ns
a day out. They are all considered
passenger carrying roads. When the
new union passenger station now plan
ned, is finished, it will include the
Fitch burg and no less than 5W pas
longer trains a day will thou tlupiirt
from and arrive iu it. What other
railway station in ' America can show
anything like 'the tigiirosP Uaitwutf
The Rise and Fall of the r-frrm.
"Faix." said a brawny, broad-shouldered,
brass-bntloned slick wlehler tli i:
morning, "th' airly nioruinV was as
oa'ani as a slnpin' baby whin th' blag
pard iv a slhorm kmn sailin' over Stat
sn Island like a big balloon full iv
wsther. Muilia, but it squunched tli'
stars, so it did, bad luck to it. nu' a
weeny bit o' rain began fsllln'. Tbeio
wasn t that much wuther as 'ud wet n
duck's buck, But shure the slhorm
had no show, for the sun kem up Just
thin and began mskln' a red, whito an'
blue rainbow, so he did, an' dry in' up
th wet; an' afore ya'd be llihtiii your
polpn th' slhorm was gone an' a
treats as soft ns a child s kits was
blowin' thru' m. ."Km fork
Kvtning Suit.
Heaaory'e Queer taper.
I heard a story the other day abont
prominent church member who had
been called on to lead a prayer meeting.
He selected the subject of some prelim
inary remarks, read an appropriate chap
ter from the Bible, and started upon hit
coarse. For five minutes be spoke
smoothly, fluently, and aptly, and then,
all of a sudden, by some queer eaper ol
the mind, h forgot not only the thread
of his discorse, but the subject itself.
He paused to collect his thoughts, bat
they would not be collected. Then ha
beckoned to a worthy brother in tha
front pew. When the brother came the
speaker whispered this inquiry in Lis
"Do you remember what I have been
talking about?"
"Hay!" exclaimed the worthy broth
er. He evidently thought the speaker
was accusing him of a lack of attention.
"Do you know tha subject I was
peaking on?"
"No, I do not," said the worthy
brother, scratching his head in a per
plexed way.
Here was a pickle, sure enough.
Then the leader of the meeting called
another member up and made the same
inquiries. But this member was as ig
norant of the matter as the first one,
and the speaker, in desperation, re
newed his remarks, touching on an en
tirely different line of thought, as he
afterwards remembered. His audience
never knew the difference, as he took
pains to inquire. Atlanta Constitution.
He Changed It.
"When I got to the depot in Chicago
to take the traiu for home," said a De
troiter the other day, "I had four $5
bills in my vest. I was going to the
ticket window, when a little woman
stopped me and said:
"Be? pardon, but they can't change
this bill at the office. lVrhaps rou will
be kind enough."
"Oh. certainly."
"I shall be so glad."
"I took her twenty and gave her my
fives and walked up to the window and
called for a ticket to Detroit. The
ticket seller threw the twenty bock with
the statement :
"That bill was offered here five min
utes aro. It's no good"
"It was a counterfeit and I was clean
busted. I looked around for the wo
man, but of course she had skipped. I
had to telegraph home for money and
that is why I was a day late. Talk
about bunko men nnd pickpockets, but
the women are twice as dangerous."
Detroit Free Press.
Two LiK ky Men.
Vancouver (Waflh. Ter.) Independent, Nor. 7.
On the 17th of October this paper an
nounced that lightning had struck in
Vancouver, or the same thing, a streak
of lnck tlpU made some excitement. In
September M. C. Harcll, a laborer on J.
C. Proebstcl's farm, bought one-twentieth
of ticket No. 4(1,755 in the Louisiana
State Lottery, and thiitnuniberdrew the
big $300,000 prize on October 9th. .1. C.
Proehstel owns half of this Harell ticket,
which entitles the holders to $15,000.
The ticket was deposited for collection
with Wells, Fargo i, Co, 'h Express Com
pany, at Portland, Oregon. The collec
tion was promptly honored by the
Louisiana State Lottery at New Orleans,
and the money, gold coin, is now in
Portland ready to lie paid over npon
proper receipt for it. Both tho lucky
men are honest grangers, and, ns their
heads are level, will know just whero to
put their unexpected wealth to do them
the moet good.
llorare Nerd Strain No ir.
A simple and efficient device litis been
in use for several years in I'nuieo which
relieves a horse from the severe strain
that accompanies the starting ot a heavy
load. In cities especially such contriv
ances are needed, and most of all by the
usually overdriven street-cur horse. The
device consists in a spiral spring of
power in proportion to the average load
carried, aud which in attached to the end
of the trace. The horses at the Eastern
liaihvay Depot iu Paris, where the
springs hove been used lor six years in
shifting ears, show an improvementsince
that time in general f ouiuluess of condi
tion, while the number of sore ond
strained necks hare greatly diminished.
There has also been a large saving in the
way of broken harness.' The same idea
has been applied to plowing Harness.
A Radical Cur a for Epileptic Fits.
Tfc IJU EdUor Please inform your readers that
I have a poeitive remedy tor tha above named
eiieeee wmen 1 warrant to enre we worn eaaes.
fio atrtm ia mv faith ia the virtneaof thie mad'.
cine that I will aend free a sample bottle and
valuable treatise to any nnfferer who will fire
me kia V. O. and r.ipreaa eddreae. Mj remedy
kaa oared tbnnsaade ot hnneleae eases.
H. O. BOOT, M. C. IBS Pearl BC, New fork.
The rumor of disaster at sea is a salt
Attention, Judge Lynch I '
A man living near Santa Cruz bos
been catching quail in a peculiar way.
For three weeks he has been spreading
grain in the road near his place, where
quail abound. On the day the law was
out he pat wheat in the place as usual,
bnt had previously eoaked the wheat iu
whisky. Watching the place, he saw
the quail come out, cat, get drunk and
in a short time lie down stupefied. He
then went to them and gathered abont
one hundred into a sack that be carried
with him. A few that were not fully
drunk were caught by his dog. He has
practiced the same' method since quite
successfully. Charleston (S. C.) World.
Th Troy, N. Y., collar and cuffs mills
employ 15,000 persons.
The strike of the Chicago city railway
men has ended in a compromise.
Taeoma, W. T., has th only 6-maeted
schooner afloat.
Tb way a beaver stops a river's flow is
Th Sultan of Turkey will s jn theBuet
Canal treaty.
During the present year 19,4KB r rsons
have been Baturalid in New York city.
A paper leather to Imitate calf skin is
made in France.
We offer One Hundred Hollar Rewar 1
for smv rate ol Catarrh that can aot bi
ura by takln Hall Catarrh Cur.
r. 3. CHENEY & CO., Prea.. Toldn, O.
We, th uadereigund, have kaowa F. J.
Cfceaey tor the last 15 years, and belieVt
Mm perfectly honorable In all biila
transactions, and flnaaeially able to carry
ant aay obllgatl mad by their aria.
West 4 Truss, Wholesale PrugfisU, Tel
do, Ohio. "'
WaUla Klaaln A Marvin, Wholssali
Druggist, Toledo, Ohio.
E H. Van Hoeeen, Cashier, Tated Na
. tlinal Bask, Toledo, Ohio.
Hall's Catarrh Cur is Ukea tatoraalty.
Mtlf tllrtrt'r rn tb Mm and atneus
nriaM- of th yWw, Prisw, ft pm
bat. 4WM by all Droto
Aa (JalMckr Shot.
"I won a bet from Borrows the other
day in ) very curious manner," re
marked Mr. Hoskins, as he sat down by
the club window. "I bet him a tenner
that he couldn't hit a barn door with a
revolver, at ten paces. He bet he could,
and would you believe it, when he fired
the bullet went through a big knot hole
ia the middle of the door without touch
ing?" Harper's Bazar.
"Show us bow divine a thing a woman
eaa b made" by smoothing out th wrin
kle caueeel by neuralgia er toothache.
This can be den only in on way. Invest
25 end ia Salvation Oil.
"I apeak within bound, sir," laid th
firiaaner in th deck when addressing tb
ry. W apeak knowingly when we de
clare with enthusiasm the great benefit of
Dr. Bull's famous Cough Syrup.
American toys ar being (hipped to Ger
many. A high-handed proceeding Setting a
town clock.
A factory chimney at Kearney, N. JM is
335 feet hi.h.
Druggists. AoDEAtEPS.ERYwHEP.Ej
The Chas-AVo6eler Eq-Balto-Mo
Diamond Vera-Cura
resmvi ecu ron isdhwtios abb U
lUaMfc VreablM Arivlag Tharttraa.
row Dmagitt or Qaural 1taXtt wilt yet Fr
Cura far you i net alrtady hi tiuck, or a) vU IX
ml by mad en rretipt m Jieu. i twact tl.OOi ta
ttampi. Sample tent o rcmpt tf i-tent (lamp.
Sol, rrprt,to lUaaJacHinrf.
Only Sl.00 for this "Little Beauty."
Weighs from
l-4az to 41bs
Tela Btl Saarlnr, Brana-Bram Mttla fteale with
Braaa Scoop la nlealjr Japannad and ia Juxt tha thing
for llouae, Storw or Snap. W will ani1 ana only,
ay Expreaa, to aar pe'raon pendlnf in St.OO (aot
Ita value). Catalogue of I lloo article' tent free.
Addru. CHICAGO alALE CO..Oalcaso, III.
T'i I.arieet. Ckaapea: aad Ueit la ilio World.
Special Affeia
Aeaaral Aseai.
Uvm t hom and make more oay workiapforst tlma
l nt nth(npU' in th world. Kit tiff ("Mtl-otitrU
TwrBu VstlvK. Atl'.reM, J Rt: a a to., auruiti, Uaiua.
W. N. U., Omaha,
H rr i nr'"'T M m
Corliss and Single
Complete Steam Plants from
f- rr tl for Circular B. Stating Btulnr$
Our Balling Prloaof Cenulna ailvarlneorCold
antlno Watchaa raduead to 93.80.
a auallr
E tat
mchH, ataara. j
-will naft aaatt
a win arna
Yfalanat ta an
feara this Oaa
aala aaaaU SOLtl
i. and thr ara aoia at tata
wateaaa will aa t.aia
aavu Waha aala. I
t.i if if
ri ci
il for WW.vm ubimi twiMNi traarlnt ill aaneaiir
ALt. wklaa waa
la-tun aai afMlMwa
aaaa Irs wit mb waaaa. m artiar ta
raanaf i a aiwaaia, wa raqaira
lots -mm. ana avrna ia
ta aa with yaur ardar, that w a
ay knew yaa ara aatitlid ta
tha an aft cf tkaat afara.
NOT OH MF Via, ft
TOl'U CHANCE U (it tka
kaat and kandaomatt Watch
arar aflarad. tat a a alak antl
at Iva ol j aar (riaada ta mb4
ttk yaa. In aa AltLTft
(tka ariaa 4 tva watokai) aad
aim tha ana aad addrrma
f Iva athaf imwii hkaly ta
tar wateaaa and Iswal-r ana
aa c
aa raaaiat af tka
wTatftkai at ana
' j- -a
mmm at
' )
According to recent irt1uiciM Lt jt y N-
ceu of lactic acid ia the biood. Ttii m:A t be
fibrous .utaea, particultbrly la tthe joiats. tmi 4
the local miiferttienft of the disease, j
ache. In ttte back and he ciders, and la ia
the kueea, auk let. hipa-acd wriau.
people hare found im Hood' a 6pvri4ia
aad rveraiaaeBt cure for rbeusAiiNO. Tbia
bf iu purifrlaff and tJ tail tog
acidity of it hloed, aad alto-irs t
I waa laid ap for atz. ratofctha w it rite
aad ased buij ktsda of aiadifttaea wit bos V
alt till oee of my aeitrhbor. culd jl ie tafca
ftaraaparilla. Wbe I fcdr seed baU a boaate Hk
better, aad after taklac two- touiea I thik mm
entirely cared, aa I have oet bad aa attack aT -BattaB
lace,' Kjia IL xpjty Roi& m 4tdHaK
lalaod, M. T.
Hood's 8crsaparSlai:
Sol by all estate. t; tteforck Frca(aaai
by C. I. HOOD GCk, awil. Mas.
lOO Doeee One Dolforv-
""".T'l Chleaea. Ills. iCUrfcafc
waaagvt aii. i waisab'
h rill Trtatlng ' "il j
(Mc, Ferrous: ami Prirats Diss.
Failing Memory,. Exhausting Drama, Xaa
Dreama, Head aad Back Acta aad sJltbee
tedir to early decay and Derhaa. Cona
loaaolty, treated acieaAiocally : by new jjuuhatbsmmt--
never-fail ide succeaa. 1
9 nvr.m n mi miianm i m ru nmj
eaaea permanently cured.
M" KIDNEY and UR1NAR YcowplairiCfcd-Jv
Gonorrhoea, Strictu re. Varicocele and all iJn j
of the Oenito-Urinary Organs cured promptx uttf
injury to Stomach. Kwaeyav er other C3aacw-. -
af No experiment, flu in i 1 n in fii 1 -bij
portent. Cor.auiUtwn free and aacrcd- '
09' Send 4 rut poataf e for Celebrated Warksafe
Chronic, Nervous and Delicate .Diseases .
d-Those contemplating Mairiae ed for fife, .
Clarke's celebrated guide Male ami Female eaavaY -i,
cents, both a cexts (stamps). Coaujia tries mid ,1
Doctor. A friendly tetter or c!l .-nay svewr-r mrm -
ink anu sname, ana aaa goiaen years ce me.
"Life'a (Secret) Errors," socents(tamp).' M
and writings sent everywhere: secure irtui cap
Hours, 8 to 8. 13. Actress
ISO go. C'larkcC'IIIOAiaU.JIJb...
Ins. upon fftllnr tha Ctitita Wfwr-1
dr ha an I it, acini to ia. Stud far III
100-raf Calalamirr Gun. Rtrtis, 7
a. Jam r. lovill aebhco.. i'trra, r-mm mwm I
tfaaaaa viia mbm
a niu nc. 1 '
Haa a. VmA diWrnrrmk fS
otaera, taeira atkape, wKka
adluadaaF ita.ll In
ItMtrtnaU nlaiatat taalaaatT,
belllataw a.oaese
aecarefr di and1iliit,
rara oartala. Utaaaar, duntnloMid
nif c.aetaa
rheap. Beati
" , uu tnioann
iuuiai tsj.
and alsearea of hrrvdFthre(BS tmmgm
with OZONIZED AIR. direr 1
eentlnu'jua UflditmUMi of rt-;
atmt. f.
organs producing -t (Vr. raa-a
arable cbanrri or limit rffCC fmm.y
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