The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, December 13, 1888, Image 1

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HZRRISOiT, iDEC. 13, 1888.
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BY THE , ,
The Republican Knows Better.
The Republican accuses us of having
allowed Mr. Hull, or some one else, to
cast slurs upon the family of its proprie
tor. Wil they kindly note just one in
stance of the kind? His family is an es
timable one and if ever by word or
thought we have beeD guilty of wrong
ing them we humbly beg pardon. Our
readers know we have not and so does
the Judge, but he probably feels t the
guilt of having done bo hiigself and
wishes to saddle it upon some one else.
We have never seen a plainer case of
"how truth hurts," than the one display
ed by the Judge last week. After read
iug Weed Wrestlers article in the JoUR
NAI, his frame trembled and with a'look
akin to "blood on the moon," he pro
Celled to look up the editor of that' no
torious sheet, finding him at the Ranch
Supplv House, i With a mighty flourish
of "big I and little You" the Judge de
manded; "Patterson who is Weed Wrestler'"
The innocent and youthful editor
glanced up, and awed by the Judge's
mighty presence failed to immediately
'f: wnnt to know who that correspond
ent in vour paper who signs himself
Weed Wrestler, is?' he demunded again.
"And suppose I refuse to tell?"
"B-(J I'll make you telL My
record in akota is clear and the son of a
who says it is not is a dirty liar
and you'll have to tell. I'll know in
the morning I'll bet you: It's not the
one I thought it was,'' he added. "This
last letter was not written by the same
person the other one was."
"Then you do occasionnJly make a
mistake Judge?" the timid editor dared
to interpose. : ' . .
"Well " and taking another quarter
section out of his ten cent plug of J. T.
and with promises that the mighty jaws
of the law would close around tne Joitr-
Nal and its editor, unless, the original
name of the correspondent wasfliselosed,
the Judge and his wrath departed in
company of course, and now that chol
era morbus looking, electrotyped smile
of the Judge's shines forth as of yore.,
- The 011 Range Bull.
Ranging near Husk is an ancient bull
whose horns ore broken, tail half gone,
and one hind foot swollen and lame.
Years and years ago ; he roamed the
boundless prairies in youthful glee. He
was the idol of a bevy of bucksome and
thoughtless Short Horn heifers. He
turned his soulful ortis upon the belle of
the herd, and her gentle brisket heaved
in fond, strange, response. Now the
crunipie-horned Texas cow looks into his
bloodshot eye, and sees no love light il
luminating their leaden depths.
In years gone by his limbs were shape
ly, and his step was as light as the pro
verbial Indian maiden; but now, like her,
he cannot get his olf hind foot into a half
bushel measure. ; .
Jn the days of his youth his coat was
as glossy as the painted wing of the but
terfly ; now his scabby hide is an iuch
thick, and the hair thereon looks Jike
dead hunch grass on ah alkali flat.
Once lie led his herd beside the pleas
ant waters, and feasted on the green
paj-iures: how he lills his ancient anato
my on the refuse of Rcdington's livery
stable, i r . , - .
Poor old bnll! 1( His days are numlier-ed-
When the baltiiy zephyrs .of spring
kiss the velvety face of the first daisy,
Ins toes will lie tinned toward the azure
vault of heaven, and his once proud spir
it will l! roaming where no cro-eared
hull dog will ainputata his caudal ap
pendage. Long before the genial spring sun shall
have played the resurrectipn act with
vegetable nature to crowded Jiousesj the
brittle 1 nines of the old nlnge' bull will
have been polished by the ye low dog.
His mournful yet resonant . bellow will
not mingle as a grand diapason' in the
shrill anthem of next spring's frog pond
choir, for the excellent reason .that the
old range bull will be dead. Lusk Her
ald. . ' ' i - "" ,
" Hints About Horn.
It costs more to keep a poor horse
than it does a good one. , . ' ' , '
' ..harige the food for your horses often
enough to make them relish it. ,
improper feeding is the ciuso of nine
Out of ten cases of sickness among hors
es. , v. . v . i
Every time ypu worry your horsp you
shorten thoir lives ahd days, of useful-1
Hweat and dust cause the' horse's
slioulders to gall. So dp poor, ; I Hitting
Cll IllCS. , A , ,!.. '
Th tunipamturo of wate for lionet is
not so much of an object as the purity
of it While it is best to liave tlie water
cool, it is more important to have it free
from all impurities.
Hares in foal should have exercise and
moderate work, and undtr no circum
stances should they be subjected to harsh
treatment, nor should they ever be al
lowed to go where tliey wonld be in dan
ger of being frightened.
The horse which can plow an acre
while another horse is plowing half an
acre, or that which can carry a load of
passengers ten miles while another is go
ing five, independent of all considera
tions of amusement, taste, or what is
called fancy, is absolutely worth twice
as much to the owner as the other.
Affection cannot be pounded in. Kind j
treatment insures the affection of an an
imal, while rough treatment is sure to
cause its hatred. .
It is alike dangerous to the life of
horse and man to spare the life of a
glandered horse. Glanders is a highly
contagious, incurable disease, and, as a
rule, fatal in the human subject.
When horses are suffering from the
bites of flies, or sting of other insects,
sponge the parts that cannot lie protect
ed by nets, with water, in which insect
powder has lieen mixed a table-spoon-full
to two gallons of water.
Of two colts similar in disposition and
sense, one may develop into a steady
and valuable family horse, while Hie
other may be vicious, treacherous and
unsafe all liecuuse of the difference in
the men hsndliiig them. Medical Class
Ilarrison Neb., i ecemlier 1, 1888.
Board met pursuant to call of Clerk.
Full board present and clerk. ,
H. T. Zerbe, suerintendent, made es
timate of work and lalior performed and
material furnished for the court house
by Murphy & Whitney of $2,000, Or
der ordered drawn on tha county treas
urer for 8ii per cent of said estimate, on
court house fund, in favor of. Murphy
& Whitney, in the sum of $1,700.
, Order in favor of H. T. Zerbe, superin
tendent, for $i)0 ordered drawn on the
treasurer, from court house fund for ser
vices. , ,
4 Statement of moneys received uml tiitH
bursed by the county treasurer from Jan
uary 1, 1888, to July 1, 1888, examined
and filed. . '
, And now comes John FeBrown and
upon his oath states that he was assesed
for the year 1888 in the valuation of
fl,000; which amount is in excess of the
value of his assessable property, and fur
ther that it is illegal, and he states on
his oath that the value of his assessable
property, in this county, at the time the
assessment was made for the year 1888,
was f 400. Now therefore, it was order
ed that the county treasurer reduce and
collect the tax on John i eBrown for the
year 1S88 at the rate levied for the dif
ferent funds, to the valuation of $400 in
stead of $1000. ".' , , ' ,"
, The following claims were examined
and allowed on general fuud. ',, -State
Journal Co., Lincoln, blanks, 2.88
(libson, Miller & Ricliardson.stat'y, ill. 00
W. II. lluwu, coroner's jury. - ' 1.00 j
Robert Oi Parrish, " " - 1.00
Gibson, Miller & Richardson, eleo-
, tion nxjtices, - -,
0( Todteniiaupt, road work,
- 1.56
' ,4.00
J. W. Hupter, fees and ollke exp's, 40.1!)
Gibson, Miller & Richardson, poll
books, - - : - -
- 13.75
Kilbourne & Jacobs Maiiufactur-
, iug company, scrapers,
Eli. J. Wilcox, road overseer,
J. u. Ricliards, " work,
W. A. Rennett, 'k ' ,
Gibson, Mjller & Richardson, bl'ks
and stationery, - - -John
Nixon, road work, , - -
- 4.00
C. L. TubbsJ' iron .'work of court,
house - - - -115.05
M. 1. Jordon, road commiRsionei', 30.00
j. If. Rigtlon, county surveyor, , 40.00
Pat Fitzgerald, wood for county, 15.00
Gibson, Miller & Richardson, stat'y, 7.50
,, " " ' " Wants, 4.00
i. If. Griswold, stoves and liard-
' ware, , - ,' - - ,- 63.00
Gibson, Miller & Ricllardsbn, blanks, G.10
... .. .. , .. , . i.oo
J. W. Iicmter, roiwl comtnissionerj
, , and (judge's feesj - . - -69.20
; aniel Klein, county, commission-
jtrnndrgad comtiijssioiiur, ' 131.20
J. F.i Pfost, sherilf fees, , ; ' -, , 77.00
v. IL Rigdon, county surveyor, 30.00
S. W. cox, county superintendent, ll;).!i.
J. F; Pfost.'sheriil's fees, ' - ' 78.50
W". A. Rigdon, work laying out ,
: " fcads, - - - 24.00
E. U, riatterlee, county atftorney's '
salary to Oct. 31, 1888, , -,
J. F. Plost, sheriffs fetsi i
. ; .tt-'' tt 1 ' . to
M. J. Carroll, road oyerseer, '
O. W. 8Ury( " wofk, ( ,
J. u; Ric'liaiMs, judge of election,
L. C. Harmon, " '" ' ' '
- 78.00
, lOSiOO
! 30.00
' 3.00
A. Procuuier,
J. B. Paruuette, dark of election,
1M f
1 .
, i.
RC. Adams, " " " 3.00
John Nolan, judge of election and , ,
returns, - - , , 6.60
F. M. Smith, judge of election, - &00
A. B. Southwiuk, judge of election, 3.00
Michael Rutting, clerk of election, 3.00
B. B. Smith, ' ;, 3.00
E. A. Andrews, judge " " and
returns, - ; ' - - 6.20
R. M. 1 unn, judge of election,' ' 3.00
J. 4- Andrews, " ' " t - '3.00
C. L. Brooks, clerk " ,' " - 3.00
James Slattery, " " ' - 3.00
Fred Stemmer, judge of " , - 2.00
Geo. H. Turner, " " " , - 2.00
S. R, Story, " " - 2.00
John A Pratt, clerk of election
nd returns, - -, 5.00
J. W. Langdon, clerk of election, 2.00
C. Li Columbia, judge of election
juid returns, - - 5.00
J. B. Burke, judge of election, , - 3.00
W. 0. LafTerty, .., ; - 3.00
Asbbel Orton, clerk of " , - : 3.00
OttoMunson, "' " '" - 3.00
Louts Larson, judge " ' 2.00
JohrMaycock, " " 2.00
Johr Nolan. " " r " - 2.00
W. H. I avis, clerk of election and ,
ijeturnM, - ; - - 6.50
JohlvFrazier, clerk of election, - 2.00
Gerltart Reinders, judge of election, 3.00
Pet r Boiler, " " "
H. J. Peters, " " "
laus ( hristinsin, clerk of election,
M. i', Jordon, clerk of election and
returns, - - -J.
W. Earnest, judge of election
nd returns, .
Aaron Vandecar, judge of election,'
'. i yiscoll, clerk of election,
Fred.Vandewar " " " -A.
t Pratt, judge of election,
J. W. Pratt, " " "
M., " " " -Ed.
Remsburg, clerk of election
4ud returns, -Frank
Russell, clerk of election,
W. Woodyj judge of election,
J. E. Holliigsworth, judge of elec
tion, - - -F.
W Knott, judge of election,
A. F, . hristian, clerk " "
A. Routhworth, " " ' "
-W. 11 Oreen, judge " '
Elmer McFarling, " . " " ;
Frank F. Gray, " " "
The i avenport, clerk of election
SaAlKl M.von,- . ,.r
and returns,
Theo. Trinibur, judge of election,
Robt. O. Parrish, " "
John Marsteller . " ' "
W. A. Nelson, clerk . " " '
a. oo
I has. E. Verity, " " "
Adjourned to meet. Saturday,
berl5, 1888.
Chas. C. Jameson, Clerk.
Hronek, the Chicago anarchist, has
been fonnd guilty and his sentence is 12
years in the penitentiary.
That "clear record" of which the
Judge so' frequently boasts, seems to
be occasionally obscured by small clouds.
The Town Site company's surveyors
were in town last week laying out an
addition to the town, just north of . the
court house. : i j
Attorney S,,L. R. Main has commenc
ed the erection of a commodious dwell-
: ing on lots just east of the Journal of-
Ice, facing east.
The first of the series of club dances,
at the hall Friday evening, was a small
but interesting one. , It was gotten up
so quickly that many did not know of it
in tine. ' , , , .
Mr. A. II. Lamphear received the in
telligence last week that his wife, at
Calamus, Valley Co., this 'state, was
very ill and hardly expected to live. ' He
left for there last week.
Next Sunday's topic for the Berean
Bible School' will lie "The Leath of
Sampson." This will be an unusually
interesting theme find it is hoped
the usual good attendance w.Il
be in-
. The steam punip was started Satur
day evening, nnd again run most of the
day Sunday, pumping the cistern full
and the wc)l empty. ,lt is questionable
whether or not the supply of water will
prove millicient.
Contra'rv to iirst intentions Wm.
hristensun has opened his stock of hard
ware, taken from here, in Crawford.
We know that the people of Crawford
will find in Mr. ( hristensen an honest
conscientious person one whose influ
ence is always for good and whose busi
ness qualities are liardly ever excelled,
Shaking of Mr. Conluy and family,
the Atlsley, Custer Co. . hronicle says:
Mr. andMrs.'H. T.' Cnley left hero last
Thursday morning for . Ne ' awka, . Cass
,.,n.n( v. wlmre thv will visit a short
..... n
time with the parents of Mrs. Conlay, afr
ter which thciv will leave for their new
home Harrison, ,Sioitx county, .this
ta.' Mr C.onley is a repiiUt'lo and
honorable young lawyer, with a , I tight
and promising future before him, and we
hone bk will build up a luoiitiye prac
tice at -Harrison. Mr- andu Mr ' '.'onley
in veiv estimable people, it od Mieir hp
,1 friends here wiah timf very iUas-
antlife in tbeirnew hoj-Ji. . .
I 1 t
Stock and Lowest Prices
: GO TO ', ' , . V
This is the time
CHEAP. I have
load and it will pay you to buy it
now. 1 Yours for buiness, , .
D. H.
3. B. FWNBY, President. Oeneral office , F, C. SlKEWflBN, SecreUry.
-Dealers in
Lumber, Coal, Grain, Lath
. And Shingles. ,
- ' jNJD CEMENT. -
Harrison. Neb.
Blacksmith, Wagon, Carriage and
"Rfi-nair shot), ; t ,
i Good .tockalwon hand, j B
: Y.::':;;: , .satisfaction GbARANTfiEAi t .- f i i .cf
South of PlMt'i Iivry,Bftrn , ; ' ' '."' . "'.
11 1 '. I
to buy barbed wire
just received a
'1 i.(
G. GUTHRIE, Manager,
! ; ' ' - ( ' ." i
f '
kinds 9? .
,-.'. 1 .!(H. 1 "Jiito'y ( iif!'i. ."
1 1
I! .
S I 1