The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, December 06, 1888, Image 1

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ioux County Journal
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P. T. Barn um, the showman, in a
thing1 of the past. ' He has settled up
his business, and lvcently announced
that he h:ul turned liis whole ciruus over
to Mr. Baily, who will own and conduct
it, and that he himself had forever re
tired. Advancing years and a desire to
enjoy his old age in quiet, are the causes
that led Mr. Barnurn to close out. He
pave a farewell dinner and is now alxmt
to occuyy a plain little hrick cottage
overi(oking Long Island Sound. M".
Barnutu is (L-ettinj; to lie infirm. lie
shows his years, and he repeatedly an
nounced that the cosy littlu hrick cot
tage in which' lie intends to pass the
evening of his life luid been huilt ex
presi,ly (or his young wife. The deeds
are in her name. Mr. Barnurn has made
his will, which is understood to he a
"cUbt iron will." Besides the usual wit
nesses Mr. Uarniiin has secured the sig
natures of two leading physicians that he
is in his right mind. Ho is estimated to
he worth 10.000,000.
llisprj in Western Kansas,
Wichita I ispatui The depopulation
of western Kansas continues with won
derful rapidity. Richard L. Bent ley, r-j-
resenting the St. Louis Mercantile com
pany, who has been over much of the
western part of the state, in what is
known as the "New Country," is in this
city. Ho says that in Ness City, light
on, Scott City and many other places,
not 100 jieople will winter in any of the
towns. Two years ago most of the
towns had from 500 to S.OOO inhabitants
each, but the streets and almost the en
tire villages are deserted and the fov in
habitants left are unaMe to get away.
A year ago these people passed a winter
almost without coal, there having teen
fuel famine from the beginning of cold
weather till spring. Already the fatal
blizzards have set in and one or two
fearful storms have swept the plains,
killing much stock. The people are dis
couraged and heartbroken. They raised
no crops this year, and have been com
pelled to leave their homes from the fear
of starvation.
fit JOM, Qroceneti,
j t i
J Prices.
remain undisturlieil, as we are not aware
of having lost any, and sliall therefore
make no claim to any. Two of the
monsters were brought in Saturday, and
submitted to tlie gaze of our citizens,
some of whom had seen and killed larger
tears, under more exciting circumstan
ces, hut no pa))Crs were produced con
firming the validity of the statements.
H is teaiiy possi bible they may be true.
Custer Chronicle.
Fine weather and corn all in the crib.
Clarence Leehng raised 800 or 900
bushels of torn this year H thinks he
would not exchange his plat e for any
chance to rent in Iowa.
Sheritr Moses passed through Ante
lope valley on the 27th, with a prisoner
supposed to be one of the men that at
tempted to rob the pay car on the nar
row gauge road about a month ago. l?e
is also charged with keeping a rope with
a horse attached to one end of it, to 1
away on.
Mr. liidpath is now canvassing t!is
part of the county in the interest of the
Black Hills nursery; glad to say, as near
as we can learn, "He is having good suc
cess." Sioux county may yet be knol n
as a fruit country. If any trees do wll
paper that tliey would not print were
they its editor. They may seem as
friends Judge hut the v do you harm.
Poor demented Judge! I do not declare
myself a personal friend owing to your
record, but feel sorry for anyone who
has fallen so low and would like to see
you do tetter. I o try once Judge.
Brace up and look wise. So long.
Weed Wrestijoi.
A Bear Story.
The presence of one or more tears in a
cave near Bull Springs being known to
Hank Lovett, William Smith, William
Wright and William Barnliart, residing
in that locality, the quartette of tear
slayers, armed to the teeth, proceeded to
4he vicinity of the cave for the purpose
of investigating the situation with a
view to the utter annihilation of the en
tire menagerie therein Contained. Hank,
prompted by an irresistible desire to de
termine the nature of the situation in
side the cave, with more courage than
discretion, advanced to the mouth of the
cave to reeonnoiter.when to his surprise,
and as may be easily imagined, to his
utter discomfiture, met the head of . the
family at the door, a full grown speci
men of the Bruin family weighing a
least six hundred pounds. ? No saluta
tions were exchanged other than the re
port of Hank's rifle, which was quickly
followed by a proffered embrace on the
part of his bearship, which Hank some
what reluctantly uocepted.
The situation was now regarded by the
balance of the party, as well as by Hank
himself, as being somewhat critical, as
the deadly struggle which was now go-,
ing cn I etwetn the bear and Hank, had
every appearance of resulting favorably
to the hear. Hank called lustily upon
the boys to shoot, but his close proximi
ty to the tear rendered such a course
dangerously uncertain as to whether
Hank or the tear would te liencfitted by
the shot. Tn the meantime the tear had
succeeded in getting Hank down, ,apd
was amusing himself by planting his
huge teeth in Hank's right arm, ankle
and thigh, when liy( an almost superhu
man cll'ort, Hank raised the tear np to a
sullicient height above him to enable one
of the boys (Smith) to shoot with com
parative safety, which ho did, the ball
tilting effect in the region of the heart,
from the effects of which the tear died
in a few minutes. Threw other bears
who, doubtless hearing tlie noise on the
outside were carious to know what was
going on, then appeared upon the scene,
which were kilted in turn as they came
out from their hidden retreat.
Hank's injuries are not very serious,
but at this writing he his not entirely
recovered, a fact indicated by n. well de
fined limp, which renders his step less
elastic than it was previous to his en
counter with the unfeathered bird tailed
the teai.,
Thii is proliably the most Hiiccessf ul
raid that has been made upon the tear
family in the history of the Hills, and
yet it is said there are still a few more,
bean left in that locality, which, so far
I'm we are concerned, have, permission to
it this country we 11 link it would,
those raised near this climate.
Friend W. II. Zimmerman has gone
Towa for the winter, glad to know til
he will return early in the spring, and
is expected that he will bring one of f
fair sex with liim to share the lot of
Sioux county farmer. Any lady wotj
certainly be pleased w ith the home be
has built on Antelope. Come and see us
Mr. Z. as soon as you return and give ;us
an introduction.
Mr. Buff Coffee was down on lower
Antelope last week dehorning cattle. 'llie
w ay he has of taking the horns oir does
not seem to bother them in the least. He
is a good hand with the lasso rope. )
Mr. Gerlai h was at the Hub bust week.
No new cases of honesty is reported.
"Railroad," is the talk in the valley.
Will probably build a depot on or near
our c laim. If we could borrow one or
two men out of Harrison we could easily
bond this precinct to raise money to
build a court house.
Messrs Bigelow & Seymour were look
ing over this part of the country Sun
day. Like all others who visit the val
ley they were highly pleased with the
soil and lay of the land.
Just as we expected! On the 24th inst
Mr. Ragland met that lady at the train
and conducted her to her sister's house-,
and the teys are all engaged in making
horse-fiddles, gathering up hells, tin pans
&c. Better give Mr. Story the pleasure
of tying tlie knot Jack, you believe in
protection now patronize home. We
would have settled this a month ago for
a cigar but new you had tetter give us
a dance and we will be, yours with kind
Misfortunes never come singly, hence
the election of Harrison, defeat of Walk
er and 1 in debt to Mr. Ragland a new
hnt on the election of president.
No. 2
We notice an article in the Sioux Co.
Republican of Nov. 20th concerning niy
seff. The poor demented Judge! Ho
seems to think it a disgrace and shame
to get in debt and not be able to pay.
Many a )or man has been disgraced if
such is the case. I am ever ready to
acknowledge that debt and will pay the
same as soon as I can. 1 was not pres
ent when judgment was rendered, nor
vas I summoned, but, I acknowledge
fO.fiO and trust that is what it is.
Now Judge I wish to refresh your
dizzy 'lead and memory. I am informed
that you did not pay for th:,t wagon you
drove to this country. A certain man
in Harrison received a letter from the
firm wishing him to collect $75 for a
wagon you liaJ gotten and failed to pay
for. 1 am ready to prove this Judge,
and the person was not Walker either,
but wo can produce the man that said he
got a letter to that effect, but don't get
someone else to prefer a charge and take
us into your court. I will state below
my opinion of your judgment. There is
one difference between you and me, The
attorney tliat received the letter, above
referred to did not respond, but you
would, as a matter of course, deny the
debt. Hope you have paid it before this
time. In speaking of your good quali
ties Judge, I will say that I have never
teen accused of wifo beating-hut I will
stop, it would corrupt the morals of any
paper to publish your record as it is (ex
cept the Republican.) That thing who
presides as county judge and is shaped
much as a human being, wo are always
ready to give the title of Judge for he is
such u good judge of whiskey. We've
thought he would nnuke a good import
collector, because he could, toll just
what ptr cent of alcoholic spires liquor
contained, just by the taste. Cut again,
it would take too much for him to tnste.
I will close for this time Judge by ad
vising you to havu those fellow? around
town to stop 'writing articles for your
Bod a re.
Still fine weather.
Coru picking is all the go.
I. Sears is hauling corn to Mr. Morris'
on a contract. Who says this is not a
farming country?
Well the snakes haven't all gone in
their dens yet, as I saw one this week.
Mrs. Loutzenhoiser has arrived in the
s-alloy and is holding her claim down.
A. Southwortli has hauled his wheat
to the Crawford mill. It was good and
brought a good price.
Mr. Holly, who is still repairing his
house, brought home four calves the
other day. He has more cattle than
some people have hay.
One of our neighbors has a new way
of working a horse. When all the hair
is out of the tail then he can't work any
more. Bring on your horses that have
a fine tail of hair.
B. & M. R. R. is the boom in the val
ley, we look for the road to como down
Boggy. All hands tire going to work on
tlie same.
Five Points school closed Friday the
What alxiut those 61 votes cast at Mc
Ginly's? If there is any Government
land there I would like to locate as there
would be plenty of neighbors,
We will try to furnish you with
something ti fill up with so you won't
have to duplicate one column as you did
last week.
School in district No. 13 commenced
Wednesday with Miss Mabel Robinson on
the rostrum.
Miss 'di Strand and niaster George
Williams are spending a few days of
this week in ( hadron.
E. A. Andrews started Wednesday for
a visit to his old home in Binghampton,
N. Y.
James Nolan, with his outfit of merry
cow punchers, is home from the round
Mrs. Clem. Leeling and Wilber Shep
herd returned last Friday from a visit to
friends and relatives ill Iowa.
Miss Ida Stanard is having built a 12
by 18 addition to her house oh her claim.
"A fine kit of Tools," those which
lately arrived in the valley. Not many
in the kit but each article warranted
prune Al material and well made.
Glen Items.
seemed to
Have taken
The weather
cold recently.
William Rodgers, of Soldier creek,
is skidding logs on White river for E.
The Rodgers teys' mother is visiting
with Henry Rodgers, on Spring creek.
Joseph and John Rodgers are hauling
wood to the Post every day.
The Sunday School is prospering fine
in district No. 19. They expect to close
with a tree on Christmas.
.Oh yes, we have another free range
law suit on hand. A hearing- was had
before Squire Mason and the case contin
ued until Friday. J.
Our Clubbing List
Is complete and comprises every news
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Don't Foryct
Thai we want several more
correspondents. Some may ( think they
are not competent; that a person must
lie able to write and spell every thing
correctly. Not so. Send us the news as
test you can and we will correct it and
make it readable if not already so
Try it once or twice.
Harrison's New Mill.
Mr. C. L. Tubbs has ail'led to the Nov
elty Works a mill capable of grinding
graham flour, buckwheat flour, meal,
and chop feed or all kinds, . He will te
ready for business after the 15th of Le-ceinber.
Sioux Cjty will syad a . Com Palace
train to , Washington, next March to help
make, tljuigs howl on tile day of , inauguration.
-Is now putting in a-
Cook stoves and heating stoves.
Also a fine lot of
And a full line of
General Hardware
Builders Material
H is a well known fact that as a rule the honest customers have to foot
tlie bills of the dishonest ones, where books are kept and lawyers
employed to collect bad debts. As we are doing busi
ncss on a cash ba-sis) .those unnecessary expen
ses are done away with, consequently
we can offer to- our patrons
Give us a call and see for yourselves
Harrison, Neb,
J. B. FWSKY, President. General office F. C: 8m8lR, Secretary
I!ealers in
Lumber, Coal, Grain, Lathi
And Shingles.
Harrison. Neb.
G. GUTHRIE, Manager.-
Blacksmith, Wagon, Carriage and1
Repair shop.
(Jood stock always on liond. All kinds of work executed promptly wul
' &uth'of"Pfit'LiVery Burn - - - - - MSE'Mi!'