The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, November 08, 1888, Image 4

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    ('. V. ( f'FT'KK,
Vit). pre.
Vi ircial Bank.
The Sioux County Journal
1 " .1
. "i
'! VAing Business
wjrt Nebraska.
; .
i'!lBW3 & Co.,
' , V s
i: I
..4 vJ
. -
v;lC8'.et Goods,
- ..:y.
aooo v
I II : .,
i jo-. ! V"
urn vj qt
mtq pin $
Xtioifl J !
-'" ry i iiurmlny by tho
Kubscripfioii I'rice, sf'.oo
W. E. rattfr-wm . Editor ami MV.
EnWe.1 uttlw K)stii;:! ut jlirriwn
a w-i.nni! class matter.
Harrison .Market.
Butter, -iOc.
Eggs. 's!0c.
Poultry, per itoz. jf.2.-() p, :).
Oath, pep 100 tl. tl.00 t.j 1.10.
t orn, per loo U, U.U).
Brim, per 100 R, ljl.11.
Feed, i hopped, mt 100 lb fl.10.
Plltllt(;K, -r
Sorghum, pirgul. !ile.
Onions, ;r lju. f 1.00.
i'vims, jht hu. $'.'.00.
More from .Mr Walker.
Hi': following letter was printed in our
''xttu edition,'' m.d for tin; benefit (l
Mu,Vi,i our wilm who perhaps f:til-ti
to jr't u copy of tiict chliou v.-.- publish
it iig:iti this u.s ii.
in Jixufiit ov. . tho records in ih.-
.rksollir... in (-:. r-t t) the i.riritin"
:in'l fiinii.hmg of Sllnpli,..,, ijn. ,(, f,,.
lowing hill ; by tin; Sioux
ounty li-rald:
K. i . Sat-- i.h-.e L. ' o., printing, $ r-.W
" ' " " " Blanks, l")l.ii
" " ' iii-Hi.iicT printing, lfll.n.
I'cral.S I'uUi.-Jmi,,- prjiKrnr. .10.;.
" , " !-0.0(
lo;. I:
Tin- Si )( s (,f t'w -rf it ; f Xi ! ::, ,:.
r."inir th-it whiTu'Vi'i' t!in niiiMin.t fu,
'tiniitJiaiir of sup; !!! I piMit n,' sh;.i,
"I I , ( 1) (. Ulltll , I -
'' y or. !') trtin-t;. I r'.: -.l.V.1
.' for I-i'U, ;in I D.i .rni!i;,:.Mi. r
vliiill, t 1 1 1- 1 r- lir-t. m-( tin.; in I uiu.t'
f l V''."'. iriv' fv mi I f..r
niiSiiiitfor , ;1inl I r.iit ur t. th
l'.v.":l r. j)-ui,il.,. hu) ,-r, 1 ii.
iil:.-4li!)!l h-pur. lui..,. ol anv othi i
,'nrty ilnr n.c t!i- -ott iiitt:tn-v of mi-I
onlrut. J.Vm vh:il iln w. WnA t ) liuv.
! i n tli- ih.i" ii'ij r;u tM in .Xr,t.
- t.nty. t .this. "o rr.i ti-1. i ( v
r ! : n i t f r .',tiytli.'a:.; I -it ia 1 .k im
up tli r ;.. t'i ; 1 1. r li i
i ii ) ..; 1 '.I oi' !,,' i i,i fun ! I
vim ii.ii ; v; tii.! f.,i! , mi,.; .ciimi.iiI i:
)niaiw r; p.. i i i .1:1. - - 1 -,m ,.'.
. I Im-h M i;-,r S, lit- iin- mi, -
! I:i!uMion I f!r. ... l'ri.:it-mt, - - 4. ft
j:"ii J-n;ni. I V., I. ii-: ( In. - n.o
'. 1 f. At.-.'r. v h & r0, - . 5-3.4.
if' r.-: ! Pui :-.!ii '"o., . - :--.i.i
'-i.t :: t .! I.
Nw r 1 ' .. '. of Hiotu county .'"
Jim t" ".. 'ii' pr. ii!. I'liiility ot!i i.ii
.!,. y tin: Imu ,., i ,'.w t!:.-v il -po-: c
I' l-Ml !) V .' Vt" II yoii V !.: t . 1 o-ll:lll.
H uy of 1I0 ir.;'.' Y ,ur cnunty ol!i 1 r
ootrnr to l.i : . im-1 .irt.i t ) tho fw
ni -In of mi fl:is iiM.I print lis;-. Th
K'-Vii-.l St. -Hut- of l"?. 1 or- "yl. s'ts
i,..t tin 1 moil v o;h
i,:i!l i'l !lIV IHMIl
it r, 1 .th r i' n-i Hy or ;ii.!mci 1 1 .-. 1-v !
inn- iiily iiit-i'1 '1 in, hi- n-clv.. th
11. !.t i.l ;inv oonti- t-i 1 x hi. -ill. v 1
JMgM-Brity, Harrison. Nebraska.
nv..j, ........... . ''Kaid, ftt . aUiut tlm uvenwe annuul Di-et-inilntinn
, i 4
in lenwr for the hint sixteen years. ,
O'.Neil, t.l,H JmJ-b l.inK lm;il,I() to' ki
nny cnuse why I Hlumhl lnp.r ! M,l.
Lp I', this time tlw county BlH Imcn r,t
to a vtM of vr0 or :j:!00 as r,:,- 0f 0!H
w, tntwlins ex'tiH8 of HhcrilT and
court expenses: unit nil for what? Sim
ply to enclwivor lo.iown me for c-xpos-iu-
tlio Rim,'. Then tlui Ilcrnlil ,(,.
outamlKiysweliavunhviuly spent too
iiHK h time on this mini Wulker unit we
w ill inako iiiiienrls in u more Hulwt:ir.t'nl
umiimr in the mm- future, which has
he- n fully (-urieil out t.y waylaying rim
in the (L-ir!;with inttiiit, to inurl. r tne.
Kilt mill that alno f;i,ilcl and in onlcr to
k. p inn from t eim,' al le to j-,. 01it
mons the je p!n to make a ' inn vast;,
Ihe AtUirncy and Jude have lietm quit.!
hiisy arn stin: and trying mo every few
.lays, on some elmrfji! or other, am hiiul
lij," me over from d cy t d;iy so as to
kep me from making a caiivaM for tin-
lillcv of county attorney, nipiii-t Satter-l.'i-.
That man can do more riiiht down
iow dirt, than any man in Sioux county.
The last cliai'Ku bn-uglit hy him
ixiint me, is one of hnvii soit mort
The question is whether varieties of
" heat, oats and other grains could be
developed that would come to maturity
in a locality where the nnnual precipita
tion is no greater than it is here.
In Kiip,i t of the hope that this ques
tion may l answered in the affirmative,
we uppetil tojhji fact commonly called
ii law of nature-that plants exhibit a
tendency (,r an effort to adapt them
selves to their environment. ' Those that
arc best .adapted to it survive. Those
that an; less adapted to it iierish.
The process of natural selection has
developed certain secies of plants that
thrive in the iirid re-ion. If nature
were to remain unaided, it is probable
that a hundred years would witness no
Kivat change in the vegetation of this
part of the world. But experiment has
shown that the tendency in animal and
wjtal.le life to repeat in the offspring
the characteristics or the parent may be
'l:en advantage t.f hy man to produce
a certain variety of a jfivei siwcies. It
is by this rn-an-; that a rin'Mlove miiv in
;;Hcil pioperly Without the cons-nt ol a few , ne,-,tions, by canful breeiih.
.lie mort-M.e,., ami the county will have j b dev. 1, . , ,1 from the ordinary rock-pi;
o I ay aii',1 :iei-i:ir.:t aui 'iiiil o ju
11 :-i
mil sin rill s fees
But A-hat, do mi. h men care (jiily to
r ' f-.t t. esand M t'f ti ,,,y
b in. f .1111 : nil kinds of name
ut h ive no way to hi !p mv:if wh li
he j f.-v at .county court, with its pp-s-iit
j'l l :" xi.-t ;. The jtid il-i anv
il i: th it th" county attorney may,
iirht o;- ron-.
Reioi t fully,
(Ir.on ;r '.i.KKa,
HitiM PiM.l' T! POLE.
rr-.m Pol" to i' . le, or, Tours Round
''f W..rl I: B"ii.,' a Graphic .Xccoimt ol
im-II n;r- I--, ht.uii , SlnvUi-iH isi-ov-ra-s,
S'liiiiiti- PI i' imnti nil, an. I F.oikhi-'.;-.'ht-
in .Ml Pans of tin- World: Ciai
.iiinini Won't rs of tin.: Tp-pic', Kc
iie.viicl Explorations ami VoyaiTi-s, and
'ivid 1 Isi riptions of the Various (,'onti
a ins, I-d, dids. Seas and People of tin
;i .!.-.
This '!i:." i' !y ilhi-'rut-.I ..irk coni-
i . - .'I ' u in I:i I'.- a ;"!'.'ipir
ii r; i'.m of i-H tiiil is ii;. n.-t'-.r.
! 'i-.ii! ami curious in tlr: whole
The voyages and exobu-alio-is of th
fa'.'.-st f rri vi. It rs. their thr. II, n-.' adv. u- j
ecu. in t!ie .;aiiiM way a pardoner may,
f he si k. t s the si i d with care, produce
a r d llowi. r iu a few years from one
'hat was partly rul and inrllv white.
in old -r t- solve o u- lii-)1)! tii it is but
hoi i s-ary for someone living in the arid
1- S'i. il to a ply ties process of setd sele
I on t ) tii . effort t ) pro hi -i a, variety of
v.utnt that will nut tun; with an averaj,-!
annual rainfall of only H."0 inches.
Expi rii tie. hiis taught that the varie
ties of w heat sow n iu will pro.
luce a small, although geti' rally uu
i rot.iai I", n-op without ui-.;;ation. ;u
-ondiii tiiuc the experiiiiects to prodtici.
tin- desii d variety, only the itiin of tie
! i.--l ii.aturt'.l hi-juii i f wheat in such a
r; ) i hoit'id 1 e. s, I,., t. (1 l.ecais: th y
tave, iu the i ae m (i-i d, 1 1 -i survi
v d the condition.-, of th- ir arid environ
uielit. if planted, it wouid In' f.-asana-I.
e to suppose that their ability io sur
vive with a small amount of water
j v.-aiild le ti-aii-iiiitl.-il to their oiT-prin;r.
it we may u.-e the term, hi the m.-coikI tho same eari- i-hould !,e exeR-isei)
v.! i nil f i.u f ; -1 "T; in -,.I :ci.d for !
Mil a.,". M-.-C
It I-' po-vi !" tiiat iii this way a, varie
ty ol uli-i:l -ould Ii- tl.,.lo;-i d that
won I I 1 e so a i.tpt. ! to an arid elimat
Harrison, - - Nebraska,
Transacts a general bunking business.
Loans Money on Chanel Security
First-Class in Every Department,
FRANK SIMONS - Proprietor,
This Hotel has teen litud up regardless of pains and expense, with an eye solely
To the conifort and convenience of the traveling pub
lic and (it-nnancnt boardei'3
Best Accommodations in the Northwest.
, .. , , . i to i 1'i.din e l"iti,llnl crops without
t. rr.ltle dailei--, and imrai iiloii.- ; . '. '
. . i l-'U'.ieoll. I I! our-e W O' ill. ol lois M.l l
inpes: tile stranj cii-t im-, s:.vairi
, . . ,. , , ! -".orid ha" hut littl" ti;iw, aifl it
human ai riiii-"-, r in i. f.,iin-.ot
of Wild lie i s tii.- I.r.ll.ant
1 would, in all proltihility he ii.ui! ami
i.ii:it v f'-r the fin iii bin-; of :t. lie in ( ,
. ... i I - i r 1 . IIIII'V. I-Ul "OI W I . l-.IillUliriU- I!.e- peell-
' '-nei-N , U ant .tul hods, f i-oi u u- N a-t- - '
... i IM-it" ,, l! wotll I be .'Ui e;i' le as looll
ill r-.ptii.-s .i t'i" tropics on alii).-. ...
! -I I 1 ... II ,'. I I 1. .11 ' HII I - 'ML ! .0. llUlli.,
.t ho i-t -i.f s iieur IMa1'" 'att-'ti.l.'is h.M;ij!i
- ii e:. p. : im.- til ...f this kind, and so tin
I nil. I. Ml IIM'V y.-t I
- t'il i ,1 in the 1111"' la-, iii. .t. I...; lii.iiin. r.
Ti " r-'.t-l r i- .m.iu.-f...! l.r "e.h tl
liWl-.( 'liMM'I'o S of l.lll'i.p... hi' J3
my i t'i! i' i mi ;(
Oil' r -,h
l I ;i th.- inn!" km t-u.ldin
3LA.C 1
1,1 i
10 ITMC 1 .
AHH H , j.
-ty his genial
to a.l upoi.
agfo pw tr;
'wr l ('TO-eras-
; 3
v' ir., a
. ... II- 3
ooiity (:!'.' i r tin ni-ii any hi; he-, f.
h ii n t y on onli i- of the county Ito inl
. ithoiit i i otiti-ai t.
Th" arti. l. s of in- o, poratioii of !
isoir; oiioiy If rai t PiiM-!; Con
auv, ;-, t 1- d ill th" lit!!, e of count;
b rk. an- siv'tnl by . i,n W. 1 Imiii r an
nii:i M. Sat!, rh .. by E. ! '. Satt-i h
i. r nttorn-y. Mr. S.ii"rl. i lh
o'mtv attorney alt I ouijit to know !li
law. Mr. .b'hti V. limit. -r w arefh. i
oiiiity o;r.c r w ho. w h'ii al l", :i
tii' ( i f county J.Mli.--. N.e tie -UM
o.tiiily c.llii la Is, Hunter and Sal' i
. .-, i is ut ju !," ati'l loiin'y .ttfrii'
i " :ii -i t:i.. ov. n-i's of th-- S.'.u v t .'.oi!
U raid and lh ui an, two . J r
ha h i;' ran in the int. r -t of Il'iii!' i
vilti rl. ' and the Bill";, am! anyone- v.h-
.iii.-s uiiil- r th" il.spl- -uiv ol i1. - l
j I i f th I! n r are in 'I m : r I i
Mil io it ' f I. ' u i r of 1 a.: h-'i "
v :,;e , i- ...iiy, HI:. I l" l.a-s ' - '
IV f it iii ': iiii-.f .rt.i'i" f .r s aue tw
iiaith- a -t i-r rath-r -in e ! do .1 1
lello'lll' e til" lw "I,; d nil -. r-f -..lie- "
he i ..unty oil: i.iU. an. I n c tl.:.! t.("
ii i. It ui.' I .lie 1-1 Ii ' I .
;, .i I- t i U: i . e 111 if"" 'h
t!i.-v have fa I .1 thu t.
elvd with th.
.-. i- h- il f,.r ri.-ssilt. I t-nvi r R.-rail-bi-an.
i- in ;
n th r . i. !
Id. wh; I.
i have -im ii t" the ... .
....!'. v a ! 'v "I 'uai'iy -I rt
of sou
t-Mli- .litany ai.
:n ;.:.- T th. y bin
of I i' l an 1 AmU
i. t' : t i r '
.e.iity jm!.; 1 an
.,u!L-hid a I t
leaiust n;e. Aio.-r' th- r tl.-i-'s
...nih.irj.d'-y tii- - 1 1 h--a;-t I cht
f Ihe lb ni l w.tii iiii .Ml-; I ' a.t ""
f mv .!. ut-: i "i
h..l.: has. i'-u tally r. Ii.h'l by Mi
Uttis tie. lie h t!,--.h.iit rt'i-d !! hi :
l.-tter wr.tti a hy hon 11.
Tl,,- olid liaise uia.l" ;ii."i:i.-l '"
y the lb rt.l 1 -a - ; h"i ' ' -' '"
! .-lit 1.I..1 o-iir;..-- ' ' "
., .. i ' . "i-. . - h was al-" "- " '
L'.tyr f.i'0',,''-l 11
, Mr i.u. a .n
;ii.- Joivvu
Tl... .,,.vt . :.: rt:" i'ratth'
u.i' n aiel .iiu-d to ' p" i
unrn.ruil hl-l :.- .n-t th" - ! "am.
,.f th- e.!. tor of 'i-e il-r'''. ' " -:'
t..d, y ;.n'. u a--.' !,; n
,,i i- i ! ' " '' ' ' r . a, a a.r -.t.-.i on a Mieili.r - h---
itn; that
I he lire lull' . it? pain, es, th-; .!: ;--, loan,
t . ian I i ai-toitis of th" ,.pie. and i- I y myriail. oft1"' ino-t en
rineiii;," '.ih' s.
' Vifsinir the o. to Ihe Western' re, tit" n a. I"!- luak. s a tour
hi.Mi .'h S-ailli Aim rn ii. and I .-holds
a -t j an-.rut '.a ef the wond. riul i ia s i i.iitin.-iit. The well; al.i
i. v.,.., Ki'ii graphic p-iv.vr all th it is
iis.aii.,t in-.; .ii,.! ilarV'-loiis in th" I'ivi
ir- a (ii i . us . f lh" lil.ihe.
We cot ! ally o:uto a.l th-.s b"o!( to
.iu- ri.nlir;. ,n niie could obtain th.
n.. 1 1 nation it i "Ut s w it hoot - . iidiite
intones I'siosi .iii I much time ,,ti'l
.li.f. H.-te it t- -.-i-.e.l ill a single v.-l-ime.
at a ay I " rice, .t is puh-sii-d
by II. II. (o..-ii & i 'o. i f K" li-
:d. Va.
'!. v oi k is i'l' iit I on line ( apei
a. :m it- I ir-'" "i hivo pa-.-. s. It i-
ait! Ii m, I witu :iM! I.aiit'fui . u -irav-
!1,-S h III" I est aftl-t -.
Il..ii,h-...!s of !, ..lis have be.-n c.n
i .... .1 im. i one' "iit voluun
1 tin lie -adv. i"Ut. s, startlnt.' (l.s. ov- j
r:es ami n.ira. nh-ns .., , h.. v. in- lit . Th. r Sliilisles! Sllin?li"! Slliatrle-t
..II. ii - nun has I .n a, 1 1 .1 attd :;ar-1 ti,,. I'mtalo (J hi I.uiui-. r . '"Hit any i
.vr-'l. an I the . h.,ll .- j"' -(- Ti.-r.-ult
s a I i i! ant ail-.iV of all that is luaf-
Ions and w.atM. ifi.l m
El. Jofl'Wb:
The h'. pul bean of last wei k is out
a.rain w ith his httle bit. I.-! att.I paddle,
di.ubiiig. Whenever a county jinL'e
gets so I eeoi!li-d !IS t'i IK it IdloW lliolliil
io keel) his i rival... math I out of hi-
paper, or pro! t by good and fra ndly iid-vi-e,
or d:s. ern the dill', n-n. e betwn ti
'beill-e. i ti d by 1 ll- p o.i." a lid ",i-i'.-iil'il
hv fraud." bis miir! is loo ohtusi
to waste e.tlj.-r time or words with him.
II.- r. us of th" man
-so worulroiis wise;
lb- jump -d in!-) a briar pal -If
Now 1 s!,,! J I t n't him o-.ei' ti tiie Iler-
aii! who io to he l.ri-tliiu up for a
.' i 'ind hand. Jle knows the ji. d-es v -i
M. tilar let! r, f. r i trad to raise Imt
ut fail' d--"T!.'e svu s jijn th Iroin III'
t!,-li, and th" llesfi i I- a vi in to tin- bone.
,,,,1 j. ,;,nt to wash my hands. Try
h.m brut her.
R.-1-. t fully Yours,
B. K. TlMMA-s.
L a a
EfJflERT KOliWER.' 1':-. j ri.tor,
IIARR.SON, Nebraska..
,i th- tav-i. r.oi.s .I- liis of t te s.-a
s iln, t:," i.-t ea'-t'-rn sii.n-ie a:
( :r I- V -it.n-'l", e mil I t th- li-t
cv ry land arl 1 j n :i v. , at t emmon siiingb.--.
f le deieiv.d I.V a i-'ood o,.k-
Special Attention- to Commercial.
:. ffost's Livery, Feed
And Sale Stable.
old hV
."ill. I oil 1
, afiil" 1:1.1
c 1 1 : I
.III Is th" ll'lla
e tioli. is !; .' i an
le of inf. nor but
lull' 'le.
Tl.:. e- i i- V.I 111 ,1 le H i il k
a n ,.,v, ami Mr. .- I". H .v. . : j:Uy igij.. p-t' .1 wit I" pal.
.a ai. hr .!. 1 , ,. Hiding to ;. "tu "I'l man ia";'
......- .,..;, -i i ! i " v. I.i fit iu I titi.iny. th.
, I I al '(o.!il. i.iirm-! . a "' 1 I
El. .In tir ii i n Hie 1'i.n.i
. i '
..t .1 -a
..t I h.lll.
Aitii n Ji w-
' of. PoU, II IS
Ii- i-l!, its ( f e.aa ' a. .u
,i ,1.. .a" Ihe ar.d iv-.i ii. w
,, He to A- i. I. I' a-n.i.hi'i-
.. I - - I . el!t if irfUa-
I ' 1 - - "
tifir'i,.vu Tmjltnkvlns wit.
;' ' ' ...... .. , i.. I... -Ami titJ.-i i.-
t'i."' ' o ,.- ,.., ,-. me W"U.'
. .sol t l p.-t.' Il'-'f ' li-
ok"n well ol
bu-iiit -s man h-i is s,
no,..!, no otli r rei-oni-
; bv his i .1st ...I-
i.,. nilati'.'i.
Win. ' hnsl'T.-en enjoys
. - . . t.l.l
a. ..aid ! ;
,.t " haliU".
I IK-, rvat. ':i sh .ws tiiat ! r ,. , ,, manv customer
fl-f v. -.--at..,, a..-. .'n"-' .....Mbev ,',,r.ii.' l
,.,(-!- tiwii ttut wh;. b I " ,p,ref Wm. hrisfeii-en's a flU..
"f , nv' 1 " '"h' . thin! t .' hue g,M.,l --"..b at honest pri.-es.
I v.r..-s -i " i .,
'-ri'"1' .-''',s"- . . ,. ,lf K.1.,l,ir
r r.iufah Jini J ierce ano
utensils oiu m.
..-.e' I
i.l.l it!
.,...! tin
tl Ml 'if I1'
t.l-. silj
wfii i" ' I , i
, ,,- f,,r-st holls..--he'piiiL
. .1 v I.-, . IhiirvBO ,
Rigs Furnished With Drivers Posted On The
Ranges of the Country.
Special attention paid to business for
Farmers. Immigrants and StccLxic:
. i V v.V.'i!', ,'(.',ii.,i '.,.'!',ii-' . f ... .V.,.