The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, November 06, 1888, EXTRA EDITION, Image 2

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railroad king.
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fatker, bred
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fLjamf, mentally and
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financial sriants.
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from the elegant
-ire, bot from the Lot;
ml districts. Simple
Mtm from dissipation.
, j weaiea, simple remo
vijeti?wand which leave
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Compel the world to
'.Magta ami power.
'it,- old-fashioiV'l Tats
Setlie safest iitnl surest
( Oar grandmothers
"VS the teas and syrups
1 balsams which drive,
t system by natural
mo (iter ill-cll'ectH.
kit tbeae old-time re m -WTTMd
searching iu
fraW H. U. Warner
aaafare now put out
fttwMtioua" ia the
3nlaor witU Warner's
riUa and with pure
Jk, straagtli, and uten
MTN nay hope to
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aad manhood.
leahes been appointed
' Marly tOOO mnr Hint'
T ABaencaa Dicuonarj.
JJj Companion
4aJ"ry Firejliln.
.. Inoit.'awJ l'aunpblel
I I Vtl TWvslno rollers IJi
i KNaMram
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"j 7CVllttl BaautY."
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7' 1-4 oz to 4 lbs
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4M.Pain in tu Hide.
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Small Price.
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a n Mttlt. Penle with
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CU..OHlPMfn, HI.
SIrt E&lruct or
at a, eoMt, bronchitis, and
- law aBCeaaMWiptlun for all who
i U a Kdt an evidence of its
- NSaUlef. H ii a tun aad f.
..SefltWaetJat trouble and aevrr
' leatUatMaa. Try It uidera full
'; Mlt MBtai 11.00 per bottle.
ri ItaaM faanuiTAjir Co., Cai-
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'tiae. Just flsure aut
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alaeef the buyehh-
Jk' WiU be seat upon
J eeaki to pay aosts,
jaa Atpane. Chicago. Iil,
Itn Cream Balml
(1 6ld in Head
At aaOH, M Hum St. K. T.
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Bow Tollcs ntflrers Take Care of
Strajr Toddlers.
What ia your name, little girlf"
sked the bouse sergeant at the
Twelfth district police station the
other evening of a demure little maid
of very few summers, whom an offi
cer bad found wandering about the
Streets, evidently lost
"Frances Folsom Cleveland McCar
thy," lisped thd traveler somewhat
proudly, as if to impress the import
nee of her name upon tke sergeant,
and no more would she sav. The high
sounding name was soon being ticked
off in every station bouse in the city,
and before long Frances' parents bad
reclaimed her from police protection.
Such incidents ssys the Philadelphia
Record, are common at the police sta
tion, though the lost youngster's name
is not often so awo-insp ring, and it is
tho boast of the police that of the
thousands of toddlers lost every year
not one fails to be restored to its par
ents. Children nre as ensily found as
lost in a big city. Attracted by parades,
roving musicians and almost any thing
of an exciting character, the youngsters
stroll away from home nnd often walk
for milos until, foot-sore and weary,
they cease, their march to lind them
selves among strange surroundings,
bewilderment gives place to grief the
great relief of babyhood comes to their
aid, and they bog n to cry.
The ch;ldish outburst attracts the
policeman, who by long experience
knows tho wail of a lost child from
the ordinary overy-day tear shedding.
Kindly taking the little one in hand
he plies it with questions until
acquainted with the facts of the ad
venture, and then he takes it to tho
sUtion-house. The 77anderer is often
frightened br tho strango faces of its
queslionors, and refuses to do any
thing but cry. Numerous ways to got
the child to talk are used by th police.
The most successful ia to procure a
goodly supply of candy and cake.
Wliou the toddler's swoet tooth is
touched it generally becomes recon
c led, appears perfectly satisfied with
its new quarters, and willing to talk
If it can.
it is an easy matter to trace many
of the runaways, but tiio great diili
cully lies in finding out who tho
hundreds are that are not able to lisp
a name or give an idoa who they are
or where tliey belong. Hero tho
system of tho Police Department comes
into play. A careful description of
the missing one is telegraphed to the
Central station, even to Hie shoes and
stock ngs worn by the truant. 1. ho
operator at the Central station tele
graphs the description to each of tho
twenty-tivo district station houses, tell
ing when anil where the child was dis
covered, what direction it camo from,
nnder what circumstances it was
found, and, in fact, every thing that
can be learned about it. At a change
of squads tho description and details
of the missing one are read by the
lieutenant and every officer is ordered
to look out for such a child.
In many cases when a mother dis
covers that her child has strayed away
she frantically searches the streets
without informing any one, and often
losses hours of valuable tinio in this
way. Tho first tiling that a wiso
mother should do is to go at onco to
tho district station-house and inform
the house sergeant about tho runaway.
Cases arc rare where, if properly re
ported, more than ton hours elapse be
fore the child is recfivoreil, and in
many instances it takes but two or
tlireo hours to restore tho truant.
Puronts should give tho police a full
doHcripl.on of the missing ono, telling
what clothes it wore mid peculiari
ties that might attract notice.
It is an amusing siglu to see a two-hundred-pound
policeman taking a
small toddler of two or three years to
the station-houso, the child gazing
haif-frighteued at its burly captor.
But the policeman's heart is generally
as big as his body, and he takes great
plcasuro in plying his little charge with
cakes, candy and questions. When the
child reaches the station-house it is
badly scared and afraid of the blue
coated guardians; but they soon over
come the youthful diffidence and have
the young innocent contentedly play
ing in tho telegraph room, gazing cur
iously at the instrument which is send
ing its description all over the city.
A feature of the clnlds recovery is
the manner in which the parents, gen
erally the mother, reclaims it Some,
when informed of their baby's where
abouts, hasten to iho station-house,
and, catching sight of the truant, rush
blindly at tho child, and pressing it to
their bosom relievo themselves by a
flood of raothorly tears. The meetings
are often very affecting, and many a
Stern policeman suspie ously blinks his
eyes as bo sees a fond mother reclaim
her wandering baby. Other mothers,
who by tho frequent straying of their
offspring gradually become used to
bunting for Iheiu, enter the station
bouse calmly, administer a spanking
to tho youngster, and often depart
without Baying a word to tho police
beyond giving thoir name nnd resi
dence. Still others are so effentod by tho ro
covory of their clnldrou that they fran
tically grasp thorn in their arms nnd
never stop until homo is renolio l. Then
thero firo heartless mothers, of whom
Ilio polioo say then) are very few, who
cell for Ikcirlost children and reclaim
them w th a frown, as If sorry tde
had been recovered. A father meet
h i lost child with suppressed emotion
and generally retains presence of miu
enough to heartily thank the police
Then he stalks down the street w it
his roving scion pearched on his shoul
The spirit of adventure is so pro
nounced in many children that the;
become known to the police departmen
as professional runaways, and are re
cognized by the air of utter indifler
ence which they assume when away fron
borne. When picked up by the polict
they refuse to say who they are o:
where they belong and they have t
be badly frightened before they will
acknowledge that tbey have run away
Detective Allmendinger, who restore!
more lost children than any othe'
member of the department, discovered
an elovcn-yoar-old truant in German
town the other day. The boy told a
pathetic story of having lost his fathei
and mother in a week's time, and saic
that his four hrothers nnd three sisters
had died with ia six months. The do
to ctive recogn'zed him as a "profes
sional" and threatened to lock him ti
in the house of refuge if he did noi
tell who ho was. This scared the
youngster, who acknowledged that In
hail run away a dozen times and that
his parents lived in good circumstances
in Camden.
Tired of Faith Cure.
"No," sho said to the weeping
friends standing around, "there's nc
uso trying to fetch me 'round again. 1
might as well go now as any time.
This faith cure is a good enough thing
whore a person stays cured or don't
have more'n half a dozen things to be
cured of, but look at me. First I wai
took with liver complaint The faith
cure had begun to be practiced about
that tinio, and it cured me, but an
affection of the spina set in immediate
ly aftor that, requiring double doses ol
faith morniu' and night Before that
was relieved malaria seized me, and
it took all tho faith there was in th
drug storo to clear my system of that.
Toothache I h avo cured several timei
with a nrxttire composed of one part
faith and two parts forceps, liut don't
leave out tho forceps. Yos, I havt
taken more fa th than any six families
in town. My system must bo full of it
Four times have I been down with
pneumonia, but tho faith cure pulled
mo through each time, though the
drain on it was severo. Consumption
would have carried me oil last sumniei
except for a fa th doctor, and while he
was about it I hud b in treat me foi
neuralgia of the heart I hadn't got
it yet, but thought perhaps I ni ght
have. I had diphthoria early in thf
spring, and it was only by having
faith that I got rid of that But using
so much fiiith is trying to the system.
Thero was a little while this suinmei
that I had a rest, bucause tho healers
Wero all oil' to a convention and 1 had
to rub along the best I could without
'em, but neuralgia camo back when
they did and I had a council of faitb
doctors at once. They decided tc
throw mo into chills and fover tt
break up the neuralgia, and I have
beon shaking ever since. And now
that it is complicated with inflamma
tion of tho spinal marrow with a tend'
enoy to emulation of tho liver, I don't
boliovo thero is any use trying to keep
up any longer. I a th cure makes mt
tired, and I guess you might as well
let mo go this tiine." Texm hitings.
Adopted tha Catfish.
On tho farm of Jacob Grolf, wlu
lives near Zodiac Springs, Mo., is i
largo pond whero tows are in the habit
of standing during the day. One of
the cows acted so strangely when at
the pond that sho attracted the atten
tion of Mr. Grolf and tho farm hands.
She would go into tho water an hour
or so befoie the other cows, ami after
wading out a certain depth would stop
and comnicnco lowing, as though call
ing to a calt Immediately afterward
sho would remain perfectly quiet and
seem contented. No cause could be
assigned for her strange conduct al
though on several occasions she was
closely watched. Recently the watoi
in the pond became low. scarcely
roaching to tho cow's knees. She
made her usual daily trip, however,
and took up her old position. One
day last week she was watched very
closely, and it was discovered thai
when she ceased calling a largo cattish
would como to the surface of the
wator and suck milk uutil its appetite
was satisfied. The lish was caught by
Mr. (Iroir in the Sac River a year age
and was thrown into tho pond.
To Scald Milk Proparly.
It Is recommended that the milk sup
ply of citios, at least in hot weather,
bo scalded as soon as roeoivod by the
consumers, to pre von t Its souring. Tc
scald milk properly, the following
method is advised: Take a thin glasi
bottle provided with a ru liber cork, fill
it with milk nearly up to tho nock, and
place it uncorked in a ketllo of water,
which then should bo gradually brought
to a boil. When stoaiu has comuioiic
od to escape from tho bottle, cork it
li'Iilly, and continue the boiling for '!!
to 4 0 minutes, and the process will lx
complete. A bottle of mill: thus pre
pared, it is cad, w 11 remain a went i
month if kept in a cool place and
tighliy eoilad. loumi Journal ol
Loo CABrxswpre alronsr-
holds of love, contentment,
ealtli and happiness.
Coon spins were nailed to
yl the door and they were the
vmpt happy homs of stron?.
U healthy, noble men ana
w women. The simple bit
effective remedies which carded them to
preen old ase are now re rod need in
Warner's "Tippecanoe," and Warner's
Log Cabin Harsaparilla and other Log
Cabin Remedies.
A Hospital Inrldral
It is perhaps a little late in the day to
recall war incidents, yet a somewhat re
markable one was brought to my mind a
day or two ago by a meeting with Wal
lace Hume, the well known theatrical
architect Mr. Hume was a member of
the Cincinnati regiment commanded by
W. H. Lytle, the soldier poet who lost
his life early in the strut'i,rle while brave
ly facing the enemy. He was grievious
ly wounded, and with the others of bis
comrades, as well as many confederates,
were taken to the hospital at Springfield,
Ky. Here he lay suffering acutely. One
morning the familiar words of his com
mander's well known poem, "Anthony
and Cleopartra," came to his mind, and
almost unconsciously he repeated aloud
the first line: "I am dying Egypt dy
ing!" A confederate soldier lying on the
neitt cot took np the sentence and fol
lowed with the text: "Ebbs and crimson
life tide fast." Hume continued and al
ternately each line of the magnificent
poem the twain completed before a word
was exchanged. Then they fell into
conversation and discovered many simi
larities of taste. Ere they recovered a
strong friendship had been formed.
When health had been restored they
separated and did not meet aain uutil
some years after the war, when the ac
quaintance so remarkably started in a
military hospital was renewed in Chi
cago. The twains have been warm
friends ever since and often hate a pleas
ant chat over their army and hospital ex
periences, -hicagojjjjurnol.
A Wise Patron.
Chicago rllli.) Occident. Anguit St.
Among worthy Chieogoans a German
American citizen of this city is Mr. Pe
ter Klein, doing business at No. 99 East
Kinsey street, facing the C. fc N. W.
railroad depot. Mr. Klein is in his CCth
year, is married and enjoys a family of
three interesting children. He is known
among the northsiders us a benevolent,
frank and social friend Like all old
"I'ntherlanders" he will invest a spare
dollar in a lottery and lias on a former
occasion secured an 88,000 prize in the
Louisiana State Lottery in association
with his brother-in-law. We inter
viewed Mr. Klein on his latest good
luck, ho being the )HnneMior of one
twentieth part of ticket (No. 3,81)4)
which drew the $:iOO,00(J in The Louis
iana State Lottery drawing of August
7th. When tho news reached him of
his good fortune he was much elated
and great joy prevailed in the Klein
household. Jfo collected the raonev
(lfl.OOO) through the American Express
Co. His present business place is a
wooden lriime buildimr for vcndimr re
frcshmcuts, cigars, etc. He has already
let a contract tu tear down the old build
ing and will erect on tho lot which ho
owns a modern brick Idock which ho in
tends shall eclipse any buildinir in tho
neighborhood. Since Klein has been
o successful, many of his "neighbors
and Ineuils are largely seeking similar
investments. If many such prizes fall
to Chicago citizens it will create a lively
boom to the financial and real estate in
terests of our city.
German coal does not appear to be mak
ing mi en Headway in Italy.
The last thing a man wants in this world
is bis ler.
Yes, he loves you now, 'tis true,
Luna with eyes of violet blue,
Lips ns sweet as honev-dew,
Bonny little bridal
Will he love von as to-dny,
When your bloom has fled away.
When your golden locks are grey,
Will his love abide?
Yes, if it is the true kind it will survive
ell Die inevitalile wastes nnd changes of
lile. lint, it is every woman s desire and
duty to retain, as long ns she run, the at
tractions that made her cliiirming and be
loved in youth. No one can keep her
youthful bloom or pnimlile temper if
weighed down nnd Mifreriiig from female
weakness and disorders. Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription is a remedy for these
irouuies. bold ly druggists.
The Duke of Oporto has been taking les
sons in photogrn ph y.
An Onvnxlve llrentli
is most dist resniiig, not onlv to the person
afflicted If he have any pride, hut to those
with whom he conies in contact. It is a
delicate matter to e-penk of, but it has
parted not only IriendH but, lovers. Bad
breath and catarrh are inseparable. Dr.
Sage's Catarrh Remedy cures the worst
cases as thousands can testify.
Milan, of Servia, in said to be, financial
ly, the poorest king living.
Inventions ol" the JOlli Century.
The steAmboat, the reaper, the sewing ma
chine, Cars running by night and by day,
House lighted by gas and heated by steam,
And bright electricity's ray.
Tbe telegraph's click speeds like lightning
Then the telephonecomes to excel it;
And, to put on the finish, the last but not
Is the famed little Purgative Pellets.
Last but not least is Dr. Pierce's Pleas
ant Purgative Pellet, because it relieves
human Buffering, adds to the sum of hu
man comfort, and enables the relieved suf
ferer to enjoy all the blessings and luxuries
of the age we live in.
Mrs. Marilla M. Ricker is a successfu
lawyer of Washington.
If aflllclf fl wlis Pore Even, nan Or. Ttaao Thomp
ua'iltre Water. DnntitllU If II ll. 2ic.
Mme. Cnrnot, wife of the French prcsi
nent, parts her hair on one side.
ITIoxie Makes a Hie Kn llcmeiit In
JVlMld!!, iVIhms.
A twelve year old daughter of John
Nicholson, 7.'15 Main street, Maiden, has
been its helpless as a baby for a long time.
Her father finally gave up his doctors, and
!.nve her this liquid nerve food, "Moxie."
Five bott les so f'l the nerves of her para
lysed limbs to strength, she is now a nice,
romping, healthy girl. The people of Mai
den are much excited over it, ami consider
it tho most wonderful tiling I hey ever saw.
When niby was alck, wo gavo lior Castorto,
When Hhe wiih a Cltllit, sho crlcil for Castorla,
lion alio lmi-iiine Miss, stie clutiK to Cfistorlo,
When atte uuU thlldrc u, alio guve Muwn CuatnriA.
Important. All persons afflicted with
rheumatism, neuralgia, sore throat, pains
in the bark or limbs, sprains, bruises, etc.,
should know that Sulvatiou Oil ia what
they need. Price 25 ceuU.
' Delays have dangerous ends," the im
mortal William doth declare. Have you a
cold or cough, a hoarseness, or sore chest?
Beware! Take Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup;
don't delay, and all the cough and soreness
will soon pass away. Get it atoncel Yuj
may be worse another day. Price 25 cents.
Queen Natalie o! Servia has decided to
open a salon in Paris.
Half Kate Kxrarsleas.
The first of the series of Harvest excur
sions via the Missouri Pacific railway aad
Iron Mountain route to Arkansas and
Texas, will leave 6eptsmber 25th. October
9th and 23d. Tickets will be sold at ons
tars tor the round trip with a limit ol
thirty days to return and ample stop-over
Bismarck has begun to suffer from in
somnia. JACOBS
For Stablemen Stockmen,
Tut. Swulllnarfl, itruiMS, Gall,
Strains, Lamtmess. StiffueHt. Craf-kud
Heeils, Kcrali-'hcs, Contraction, Flefth
"Wo urn In, sLrjn glial t. fcoro TliroHt,
lltei..Hr, Colic. Whitlow, foil
KrU, llstula, Tumors, Splints, Klug
bones and fiarin In its eat Jy stages
Apply bt. Jacob OH In accordance
with tlitj directions witli eacit battle
Sold by PruqoizU ami Dealer Evrryichere.
Che Charles A. Vogelcr Co., Ilalto., MJ.
Diamond Vera-Cura
tamaca. Trouble Arlaing Tawairoai.
Four Drufjfjiit or (Jam-iU lealer trill Qfi Vert
Cura for you if not airmdy in stork, or xt vn Lb
sent by mad on receipt of eU. (6 Ooxf 81 00 in
tbimp4. Sample tent on reenpt qf 2-cent ttamp.
THE CHARLES A. VOGELtR CO.. Baltimore). Kd.
stoat Jfropnawra sua MaaatMUu-ata.
as milk.
Hi nil
if IS
vr 1 pk; cxy
,:&0 disguised that tho most
delicate stomacu can take it.
X Remarkable nn a
ZiW$krJi while it.
la sxlmowledRe by Physician to ha the Finest
and Heat preparation for the relief ot
coys rmi n t .v, s co vvi amk era Tj
AwitouMuzft. Scott ccBowne, New York.
lrx.niv.fw Ch- 1. -riVl Tslnrrnnhlnr anil a?nr.
HiM cruimn. l.tirufit, nttencinrKM ti"d largest, rooms
In th went. J lirpr nrnt-oiM!" penmen Pinpioyeu. ror
.Journal and ipcdmcns of peumauHhfp adfiress: J. T.
The Celebrated Red Oak Cart.
Beit Cart on earth. No horse motion. Treahlnif
and Speeding Carta a sppchiUr. 1'rlcc 122. UU ami
4.JU. V. O. li. cars Omaha. Send for Cuts.
dealer In all kinds of
Carriages and Harness
1 2th and Ilarnry streets, Omaha, Nob,
Nevpr ()um. Never Fr07ft fn Winter or Melt 'n
Buinrar. Every box (iuaraiitoed. Sample orlar
solicited. Wril f'r lri-.'w. Ws malt., the tu-t
A xlf-Sre.e known am! s-!l c!t" than nthrR do
thoir c.mnioii (rood. 4 i.Akt K A'. VVJMK CO.,
OUics, Ul llivcr fetlrecl, ChKuBOi Jt.tnoU.
Uerniao Asthma Cm ro neveru.jiuijmoi'j.i-r;!
3 tticii a r TCf tu uewur-rii,c.iHeM,iii(iuf-etoonnort-ii
amo meep ; eneciBcnres wuereail oUiern f ;ui, 4 p
trtaX rauvxnets thmoMt.krMtcal. Price and L
jhii.X,otJ)nirtriiBor bvnjailSaiiiKie FlMCK
- Pan, Mil
Wholesale Goods to Consumars.
bnTM votir trioris fmm n noedie to a threshing maehine
AT WHOLE A.I.E. You ran sav the mhldle
irin. profit. HOW 1 Just nerid na 2 cnt in utamps to
prfpay pntafr onlv -.nd reoeivehr re' urn mall I.AKUK
CATAUKitE. PAG EH. rjl 1 1 Ina.1 ritt ions.
Kverythlnif yon isp. Newman Ptirchakliiur As
BoclAf-fo:i, lOwM-14tt Wahn-h Ave ,'hiua-.tll
lor referenda, we rfer to National bunk oC Illinois.
tlC 00 1. (COCm OO A MONTH ran ha
pfajteaaaai (J jJU -i niftrfe Work 1 II R for US.
Aireuu preferred who can fnrnuli a horse and plre
Iheir whole time to the hnslness. spare moments
Bay he proiltanly employed iiido. A few vacancies
In tow Hi and clilri. it. K. JOHNSON e Co.. iuJJ
Main tin eeL KiclmioDd, Vs.
lleinan to cnrire In lllnr an article used In mutrf
famllr. $r tw $i per day to rl worker. and itdc for
sample. For full particulars add res. ;
John Steel Co., We-tsm, Nab.
KO.Si?i cftt CAT
TLB tilWIMlfllVT
PoHitite.v Inn no (,uaI lor curiutt B'ne Hpat Ins, it. g
Spavin.-. Ring Hone, Spllnis, t'urhft, Mrs inn, (iw(en-v,
EieUr, Neb.
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because your Stomach is
angry. Now beware ofj
all temporary expedients.)
TRY that never-failing, safe,
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immediately. By Druggists. 25 eeuta.
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Mind wasderiiiff cured.
Speaking? without notes.
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Piracy condemned by Supreme Court.
Great Inducement to correaponduee
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We otter tiw nan who wauta
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htm dry In the hardest storm. It is
called TO W K k'8 FISH It R A N D
' iSLICRErl," a name familiar tu every
Cow-boy all over 1I Land. With them
the only perfect Wind and Waterproof
Coat Is " Tower's rV.h Itrand Slicker.'