The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, October 04, 1888, Image 1

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    ioux County Journal
NO. 4
lte all courls :uiil the
to my care w ill relation.
I -Shoe Maker.
V -At-
r r - i
'Mt Rank Of Harrison.
land ao f.n t
ittUd with the U. S. land
-H of this department.
6ux county ami eastern
A Ink done work from
VMHunie plains, anil from
jth Dakota line. J In fur
'Vtainmetit to visitors and
i'tilthe most wonderful
!. S miles north west
Vnt 610 acres of the lies!
Hew to the Line,
. friends who attended to my wound, and
i to them 1 w ish hereby to express my
heart felt tlianks.
This is the way Satterlee answers the
j charges made by me against him in the
Jol'HNAL, of having swindled the county
by perjury and theft. He could dcic,
anything either by oath r otherwise,
bat the facts are of recoid and can not
be denied as Satterlee will find out later.
I am not through with him yet in Sioux
county and after I am I will k'ive his
record in Sheridan county only mat
ters of record, his iersonal private rec
ord is unlit to 1 placed before a respect
able community. The people of Sioux
county will and shall know who and
what their county attojiu , is.
Knowing now what he will do by
would show your readers, the tax payers j what, lie has done, 1 will be on the iook
of Sioux county, how Commissioner ! out and prepare for future meetings in
Klein tjot -i0 of the peoples money to .'the dark.
pay him for a pleasure trip he took to .
Virfrinki last spriiii,-, ami here it is. The Sioux County Herald in its last
Claim No. :i.V, as filed in the county i issue says that Mr. Walker employs his
(Continued from last week)
El). JontSAl.:
In your last issue 1 promised that I j
!' Attempted Assassination.
W alker Struck.
Wednesday evening of last week at
aliout 8:30 o'clock as George Walker
ws approaching his ollice from tile
Hi trill and when only a few feet from it,
a ian spoke to him from behind a tree
savin;;-; "In Ibat . you George?" and he ered-'Ycs."At that the man raised u
ciub and said"; "I'll kill you you son of a
b- h" striking him at the same time.
); Walker had just time to turn away
sl'ghlly receiving the blow a little to
th- left of the back of his head about
three inches above the base of the skull.
Mr. Walker called to Tom Reidy in War
lake's store, saying that Satterlee had
bft him with a club and was trying to
kill him. Tliis was said while trying to
to the question
" Business?
-Of the
iTZin works,
v 11 'S
1; F U L L .
' ?. t
SrNa 1.
doss the stnT to Mr. Ueidy, but lie fell at the edge of the side walk and
Vas picked up by parties who had arriv-
V WM Afte
7 15 Occupy
JKpace With
V of Interest
To all
buyers m
erk's ollice reads as follows: time in writing letters and getting otli-
To services aK Co. Commissioner. ii0.f0 its to si"n thtm as they would Mgn a
f I i- -....I... r-.n a A ! ;i i. 4 .il liim Tf lltu n,..-:,li I
l o sei ices huh limeade nn siiit-s, -iv. u v i j. n nwn, ..t i m m nun. ... - j-- . i t li.'ji , . n . r ,
. . , . , . . i 1 1 1 1 i i i umiv Lll s Limy, ULi,r.ii.n.-i.j uy uic idiiBiiu
V ...1.. I...... T . S-.O .. r. II in u.fn u i: tirlw-Ii 111 lilt i'ei'H it I ' J
iun ni'ijl I iiil iiri 1 inn ,iiti0-"i""."i"'.".u .n. ... v..-
ed for safes is the item. They, (the ring); would employ his time in school where
say that I am the only evil spirit that' he ought to be and for which he is drjw
has Wn around the clerk's otllco Intel v. ling a salary, it would suit district No.
7 a giiod deal lietter.
Here Dot.
CKulio'K Waijcek.
I am an evil spirit to the gang w ho are
appropriating the people's money to
their own use no doubt, and while 1 was
looking up this item o.'iO the following
questions were asked the county clerk
by myself.
Was Mr. Klein appointed a committee
of one. bv the board of commissioners, to
to go to Canton Ohio.and purchase those
two safes for the county? Answer by
the Clerk: No.
Qm -tion No. 2. Lid the board ol com
missioners ever pass any resolution auth
orizing Mr. Klein to go to I anion umo.
for the purpose of purchasing the safes?
Answer by the Clerk: No.
Question No. ;i. Is there anything m
the minutes of the commissioners pro
ceedings that will show by what right
Mr. Klein claims "i0 for that service?
Answer by the clerk: No nothing.
Quest ion No. -I. Hy what right . did
t lie (.ounty commissioners allow Mr.
Klein ?-)0 for koiik filing which he was
not ant hori.ed to do? Answer: 1 don't
Now 1 will simply ask the tax payers,
do any of you know? Echo answers, No.
I asked Mr Klein myself how he ac
counted for the SoO, and he told me in
my ollice, that it was all right and that
it was understood between themselves
that he was to have the $o0 and so he
got it.
Now tax payers do you understand it?
confess I don't: although it is very
plain. This item is sworn to and . of
course must lie all I ight. If I tun alive
and able I will give the facts in the next
issue of the JontNAI. as to how these
safes were bought and from whom.
Same claim.
Road work on roads No. lit, 20 & 21 flO.
" " " ' 2-1,
i tt a ti o
" " " ' 2"), and
Changing road No. IS, four days.
lea ving out -same, ... 2".
As Ujard of equalization, - - 4'.'.
Mileage for same. - - - 3.20
1 will here request that the tax payers
of Sioux county sit. as a jury and listen
to the charges pivferred and the evidence
prodm dl and then decide accordin,
law and evidence. Mr. Klein swore to
the fort-going bill as being just and cor
rect, and unpaid, by either the county or
any individual, when he presented it for
payment. I have a eeriilied copy of this
bill in toy possession.
Will Mr. Klein or his adviser; the
county attorney, please tell us by what
kiw he allows himself four dollars a day.
The compiled Statutes, lyS7, pg. 02s,
sec. 4, requires a petition signed by at.
least ten electors residing within five
miles of the proposed road.
See. 5 requires a deposit of a sullicieiit
sum of money to pay for the surveying
and laying out of the proposed road.
Sec. fl reads as follows: Commissioners
appointment. Upon compliance with the
foregoing requisites, the comity clerk
shall appoint some suitable and disintur-
.Mr, Klein's Explanation.
En. .lornNAb.
Sir: in your last week's issue 1 read
among other articles an item in a com
munication from (ieo. Walker saying
that he will show in your next "week's
issue how f got iS-lO of the county money
to pay in" for a pleasure trip which I
took last, spring to Virginia. Of course
1 received $."50 Irom the county but not j
for a pleasure trip, but for the servii es 1 !
pcrl'iirmoil in the interest of the county, j
It was a mutual understanding by the
commission' rs that while I was east. I
should negotiate with the IMehold Safe
and Lock (Jo. at Canton, Ohio, and see
what I could do m regard to the burned
safe that was destroyed in the lire ami if j
I could make a satisfactory bargain awl
induce the sale company to allow us for)
the bullied safe and give us a ue v , ,
was to lie recompensed for my expenses
and trouble. Of course it was not made
an order by the board and so recorded.
Well I diil all I could. -I procured two
safes for the county, the cost of which
was $200 each, a total of .$r:J2 ; for the
net sum of $200, thereby saving the
county just $200, Or in other words, 1
got one safe free. Now my actual ex
penses incurred, serving the county, was
H railroad hire from Wheeling, West
Virginia, to Canton Ohio; and the expen
ses of three da vs living: and for which
service the county board allowed tne the
sum of if.V) subsequently for my
IUNIKI. Kllin.
ix lp. He was taken into the store and
kis wound washed and afterward re
moved to his ollice where Urs. Andrews
ilud Shafer dressed the wound. It was
iVuud to have lieen made by some blunt
isistrumcnt and something of a slanting
(ilow must have been struck according
vo Uie showing of the woynd.
I Mr. Walker suilered considerable pain
faiiscd by the aching sensation in his
head for several days, but he is now able
to lie around as usual and the wound
will probably soon heal.
To say that the deed was a cowardly
and brutal one, is not adequate. For
one person to delilierab ly lie in wait for
(mother, anil he a cripple, and after
sm-aking to him in a friendly tone strike
him a blow in the dark a person who
would do that must he as devoid of prin
ciple and manhood as a hog is of man
ners. His the bight of treachery and
cowardice, the depth of villany and de
ceit. To say that it was the act of a
man would bo an insult to the lowest
and meanest of the race. No, it was the
work of a thug and its perpetration
should win him predominance among his
ested elector a commissioner to exiimim
into the expediency of the proposed road,
the alteration or vacation thereof, and
report accordingly.
Was commissioner McOinly the disin
terested elector the statute contem
plates, laying out a road from Harrison
to or near his ranch? Comment is un
necessary, I w ill call again.
C. J. Lever, one of Cottonwood's most
-miniin'iit sloi knien, has return, i from
.'ii i "tended trip to Iowa. His brother,
wi,-. nl -.0 has a. tine ranch here, started a
few d,i v-ago to Ireland on business.
School is progressing finely ill district
No. : under the el'icienf management of
Miss Ada Arner.
Mrs. (iliize, wife of one of our most
to i energetic fanners, is suM'eriitg wilh a
Several of the seders here contem
plate going on a fall hunt: it will be the
same old story run out of grub just as
they found game.
Mr. I. 1'rociinier started a few days
ago to his old home in Iowa. He is the
lirst settler of this valley who has taken
the back track, which speaks volumes
for the country.
Mr. l'eir .iiL'ton raised some onions
this season that measured fourU.e!) ami
three-fourth inches in circumference.
Farmers are anxious to got the Jot'Ii
NAl.. Tin smooth words of the politi
cians will fall uiiou ears that are deaf to
their appeal for support I his fall.
Corn is now out of the way of the
frost. Iiot it come.
To s'.-e B. F. Thomas appointed county
super, ,'itemloiit.
Io see a county that in its inluney is
run on the most economical plan that, is
practical. W. M. I'.
Last Wednesday evening alioiif. nine
o'clock while on my way to my ollice
walking in the street E. 1. iSatlerlee,
standing hy the third tree from D. 11.
Oriswold's store, spoke up and said, "is
that you (leo?" 1 uiiswered "Yes." At
this he sprang out from the darkness, and
raising a stick that looked to me like a
pick handle ho said, "I will kill you you j share of the costs in the case.
Mr. (.crlach Again.
Montrose, Oct. 1, IMA
Ed. Jochnal:
The Sioux County Herald states in its
last issue tliat 1 told J. h 1'1'ost that
(Jeo. Walker had told me to sue him. '1
romemlnTof Mr. I'fost coming to me
one day in the town of Harrison and ask
ing me if it was true that I was going to
sue him. 1 told him that I had no such
intention. He'said ho knew he made
a mistake und was willing to pay his
1 do not
Oct. 1st, lW
Everything quiet in the valley.
Fine weather and plenty of hay in the
Potato digging anil corn husking will
soon lie in order.
We are in receipt of "feu gallons of
molasses from Mr. Leeling's mill, which
we must say is of the liesl. quality. Hav
ing made over 400 gallons up to the pres
ent time, he has fully demonstrated that
lie is an old hand at the business. It is
expected that his run will reach Kit.O gal
lons this, year. One man from Indian
creek, whose name we cannot call, haul
ed six loads of cane that made !Mi gallons.
How is that for Sioux county sweetness?
A saw mill is talked of in War llounel
canyon this full.
Mr. Saulsliury capsized with a load of
hay. in Hat. creek, at Montrose. He,
with many others, thinks a bridge is
needed at. that place.
We are informed tiiiit the bloods of
Harrison are getting on the war path
and that they choose darkness lather
than light. Never mind friend George,
it. w ill soon be too cold for theiil to stand
on the street and wail, for you.
Paul Lecling. having one half interest
m the cane null, has a good supply of
molasses, lie says that if he could lind
a girl Unit could live on tally he could
keep Imr. We think, some fair danisal
would do well to lake a claim next to
Paul's and finally take an interest in his
claim also. There ore many others too
numerous to mention.
The new threshing machine of Uplioll'
&. at Mr. Shepherd's place over
Sunday ready to devour the stacks of
Ci.ri.uh's explanation is very interest
ing fo us but it contoins no more than
we expected. Truth in many times
stranger than fiction.
We are glad to anuoiino.c that Mr.
Kagland is a lirst class pumpkin roller.
Wm. Brooks and O ar Garten made a
flying trip to While river Monday.
it is report al as th" opinion of some
that Mr. Walker will either be bought or
killed. In our opinion either way would
Iw a pretty dear job.
As to the comments on our lust items
we would only say, -'our interests are
neither in Harrison nor Harrison pre
cinct." Respectfully,
son-ofa-b-! li. I, turning to avoid n. know of my lelllng I'fost that Walker
blow from the assassin was sli'in k iii the j had told me to suo him nor do I i-etneni-buok
ef my head which Minded ini 1 1 her of Walker ever felling we to do ho.
fed 111 the st.V-ef ViYiT w'iis (ricked Up hy' Lt'.WIS ( iKftLAClt."
Mr. James U. Riggs, editor of The
Frontier, published at O'Neil, in the last
issue of that paper bids adii u to his
fel.MnU und eneniins mid turns over to
his brothel , Geo. i. Kiggs. tlw future
odilorial cliaw. it is a good newspa
Finest calf boots and slides made to or-
'der by M. BrUek.'
mi a ii n i a t r is n r -M
Wm. li H li d i 1 11 a K K
-Is now putting in a-
Cook stoves and heating stoves.
Also a flnecfof
And a full line of
mimm n
ers Material
It is a well known fact that as a rule the honest customers have to foot
the bills of the dishonest ones, where books are kept and lawyers
employed to collect bad debts. As we are doing busi
ness on a en si i basis, those unnecessary expen
ses are dope away with, consequently
we can olfer to our patrons .
Give us a call and see for yourselves
Harrison, Neb.
J. B. FK.'XEV, President. General ollice F. C, SlKKNSEX, Secretary.
-Dealers in-
1 iiillW fipfll
LliillUu! j llbliij
And Shingles.
S a s li ,
Plaster, Lime,
Harrison. Neb.
G. GUTHRIE, Manager;.
Blacksmith, Wagon, Carriage anq
Repair shop.
Good stock aWay on hand. All kinds of xVorlc execu ted promptly
. . - - . -in....;., r.' I....H1MI
South of 1'1'ost V Livery Hn.M' - , nnros",,,- ..