The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, September 27, 1888, Image 4

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    JX' PRC-.. ;tli.
The Sioux County Journal.: l. -r r 1 r5j IpTVm ( ))
I'uiiiistM-U every Tn
, r vi n 11 Ji 1
JOl'ttN-lL 1TBL1SH
CHAS. C. JAMESON, Cashier.
Commercial Bank.
Subscription Price, $2.00
IV. , Patterson - Editor and Jiyr,
(jERLACH'S explanation.
Montrose, Sept. 1", JfftS,
General Banking Business
C. H. Andrews & Co.,
-Dealers in-
Drugs,. ,
Tine Toilet Goods,
H. f.l. Uarneke,
Is always ready assisted by Ms genial
4crk, Mr Tliomas fieidy, to wait upon
tlieir ninny customers with a
dry Oood, Boots and Shoes, (Jroreries,
Vieeuswfire, J' tower; Feed &r, at
Ced Rock Prices.
Ed. Jours al:
There have been cliarges niade of late
iu the Sioux County Republican anil
Herald against a certain man or lawyer
for selling- out his client for i00, and as
no names are mentioned, 1, as well u.s
others, take it to mean tliat I am tlie
jierson tliat was sold out and Sir. Geo,
Walker the man tliat did the selling-; in
the last year's commissioner contest. i
now wish to state the case through
your paper as it appears in my mind, to
those who are not already familiar with
it without fear or favor. I was tha
unanimous choice as candidate for
county commissioner, without solicita
tion, ol both the republican and demo
cratic convention, and the people of tin;
first district which district I was to lep
reseut almost unanimously voted for
rue, for which kind consideration 1 here
and now express my obligations, and had
1 received the oltice to wiiich 1 was hon
estly elected, 1 assure them their confi
dence would not have len misplaced:
but there w ere certain men who cared
more lor "boodle" than the welfare of
Hioux county, wlio feared tliat their
"game would be played" if a man should
get on the board who would look to the
people's interest. Taking that into con
sideration, and not having been endors
ed by the Wyoming- cattle association,
whose pliant tools they liave ever been,
they made up their minds to defeat me,
fair or foul, if an opportunity presented
itself, tlie same us they liad done before.
Tliat opportunity came through the elec
tion boam in Montrose precinct tailing,
through mistake, to protierlv sign the
poll books as they should have been
ued. 1 was in Harrison the day the
votes were canvassed, and when it was
found tliat such was the case, the clerk
asked the county attorney, Mr, Satterlee,
wliat tliey should do with them, ami .lie
said they could not be counted. Judge
Kuikaid writes me that they could have
been legiilly counted. The next morn
ing I requested Mr. Griswold, one of the
canvassing board, to not close the. re
turns and that I would to to Montr-s
ind get the election boa'.il, for a case in
the eleventh volume, Nebraska Rejiorts
age I have not at hand,) savs if an elec
tion boanl fails to 1 ill out the books
properly, it can do so any time, or words
to that effect. Mr. Geo. Walker after
ward requested the County Clerk to
wait, but that gentleman refused. Mr.
Walker went to Chadron for aih ce, and
next dav when I came to town with the
election board I found the returns closed,
the County Clerk, Judge and attorney
had left for Chadron, and all there Was
left for me to do was to lake the election
board home again. By the urgent re
quest of the people in tlie valley, I com
menced the contest in due time and form
and tiled papers in the judges office as re
quired by law, with Geo, Walker as mv
attorney: but the dav the trial was to
ome off, it was found that the sheriff
lmd served notice on mv opponent on
Suuday and also brought copy of com-
laint home with lum that should have
leen left at defendant's place.. Mr. Wes-
tover, attorney for my opponent, filed a
motion to quash the suit on insufficiency
of service, but Mr. Hunter overruled
that motion and decided the case open
for trial: but on nonappearance of Don.
weir, or his attorney s, tin judire de
nied the case lost bv default. I after
ward inquired of Mr. Hunter outside his
office w hether he liad issued judgment
of ouster against Don M. Weir, ami he
told nie he liad reconsidered his decision
and had ordered new service on Don M,
Weir. At the second trial Mr. Wralker
had engaged two attorneys from Chad
ron to assist him; Mr Walker being ruled
out on the claim of not being an admit
ed attorney. It was held that Hunter's
Court was a court of record, and we be
lieve it(?) ,Mr, Westover made a motion
to dismiss the case as there had been no
motion tiled at the f.rst trial to continue
the case, and Hunter sustained that mo
tion, when in my mind he continued the
ease himself, as be told me that he
ordered new service on boii V, r KIT. I
not in town1 when the trial came off, bn1
arnveu in town to see a crowd of cow
l... t .,11
iivjb me out- oi me court room, across
the street into a beer saloon, the court
ana county Attorney following in the
ear. Ana such hilarity: it surely was
a clay ol rejoicing white some lionora-
oie people lelt ashamed as thev witnessed
the humiliating spectacle. 1 then, on
tlie novice ot ityingfon & Wilgockie, ai
iv juuj;c niiwaiu ior a writ ot man
damus, these gentlemen agreeing to get
it for K5. Geo Walker rmwivml fl,,.
oispatcnes in succession that said writ
was aiiowea, the last one of all calling
fop expense money. There must have
been a mistake as rio writ ever came, but
instead new papers came to be filled out
again, (he attorney's claiming u.xr h.wi
made a mistake Then Mr w.,u,..
went to Cliadron- himself.-
as iti attorney, and introduced the case
in the district court and an alternate
writ was granted. The County Clerk
had to go before iudc-e Ki nlj-lliil find
Montrose poll books witfi him. and tl
same were opened befdre hi Honor, and
i.w lunge reiuseo to mim a nerenintorv
to Kinkaid to' hi me
H fO- lM (rMnl., 14.
u . . "IUIIK 11.
jie wrouj me, in connection with other
ra-wns that the case should have been
settled by contest, and also that tlie case
merited to lie taken to the supreme
court. Not havinsr aii iiiiu l, nL.. ...
tlie Wyoming Cattle association I drop
ped tlie ease I now fail to see in wliat
".i iur. waiKersowmeout. In the
.mu-e H1ere was any underlianded
17 . V7P" lno con'M. Mien I have a
Jones & Verity,
Harrison, IJebi
..r 4.a nuiniif nffli-iuls if tliev liad liad
a desire to give or let the people of
Sioux countv lia ve their choice for com
,,.i;,.iu.r Twould never liave had any
need of starting this contest, but the
case was conceived in sin ami a. wuiiv-irpj
i ..( iiiimil v. rTw'r
eu along ui a sj;ini. ....v,....,, . , (a,
..... ,,-., n hut it ill lecomt :k iu restaui.n.t.
f" .... .1 ... .1.-
Willi aoiug uic
Mr. I'ost's new house is em losd.
Corn for sale at the Lunii- r Yard.
y Meals at all hours at me h-m...........
only 2-V.
best nk-kle i-ijpirH are sold ft t'"
i, iw,w -liio!re otbo
dirty work. I wish further to state inai
E. D. !itterlee told me the day tlie news
came 1hat Kinkaid had refused to giiuil
the writ, in the presence of two witness
es which I can produce, tliat (Jeo. Wil
ker had done the straight thing; tliat he
bad acted honestly right through. He
said Walker had not enough exjierien.-e
in such cases. Judge Hunter also told
me personally, not many week
tiiat he was glad Walker liad
sti-.ii.Mil with me an?' that now he
convinced tiuit (feo. Walker had ai ted
honestly with rue. 1 wonder whether
thev lied then or now.
Very Truly Yours,
Lewis UKitLACit.
, of tlie valley, was
icteu f
waffT i
Ed. Journal:
Tlmt anatomical snecimeii in-eserved
in "spirits," who presides as County
Judge; edits and owns the sheet conceiv
ed in sin and bora in iniquity, called lie
Sioux Co, Republican; is agitated again.
and like a bird is befouling- his own nest.
Hunter says that he lias made a mistake
in saying tliat the case was State vs vs
Walker. Again I say you speak falsely,
and that you are devoid of truth: you
have not got a case Lusk vs Walker on
your docket. Let Satterlee look at it he
may be able to help vou make out what
it is.
You further fur that if Walker i
obliged to go out of his own ciinty am!
call upon two disreputable bliu-kiuailei-s
of Dawes county to assist to blacken and
destroy the good name of Sioux county
and its jieople, the case must lx? very
deserate indeed. Poor Judge, do you
think it necessary to go outside of the
cob ity? You pjead guilty to presenting
accounts twice, swearing to them twice
and having them mid twice, and still
you say tliat I am going outside to get
evidence to destroy the good name of
Sioux county and its people, 1 am not
doing anything of the kind. You are
the party that lias brought disgrace mj
on our good name abroad. At home we
know you So you think Mr. Hans Den
ker will not deny the slanderous false- j
hood about iwe? Please read bis letter
in another column.
Now, all together, SLABS.
George Walker,
Mr. Chas. Beible
in Monday.
Mr. Tubb's is building an aiklitioii to
his resilience.
Mr. Galpin lias been engaged to in
struct the kind.
The brick walls to the court house are j
several leel nig.
Finest calf boots and slioes made to or
der by M. Bruck.
Attorney Fisher of Cliadron bad busi
ness here Monday.
IFor a good stove of any kind fro to
Wm. Christensen a.
Messrs Jones and Barker spent
Sunday in the valley.
Mr. Christensen is now residing on bis
claim purchased of Jones.
Mr. Galpin, the ljarber, visited his
claim on tlie valley Suuday.
Attorney George W. Spenee of Rush
ville was in Harrison Monday.
IGo to Bartell's restaurant and kikery
for fresh bread, pies and cakes,
'or sale Desii-able house and lot in
Harrison. Jones & Verity.
Thos. Reidy and Wm. Christensen took
a trip to Van Tassel Saturday afternoon.'
Mr. Verily paid Glen, on White River,
a business viit Monday returning Tile.
hearty laugh tlian
To see a better painter than Massy.
To know who the next miiu'ster will
To hear a more
Mr. Griswold's.
To know why tlie Herald thinks this
paper has no daddy';
To know why Cliristenseli don't like
to sleep on his claim
to see some arrangments for a lire'
protection in Harrison.
i-o nave every jierson in S.onx conn
ty come to Harrison to trade.
lo know what is being d ine ulxmt a
better road dow n the canvou.
T . II . ,
io-sse a leuow more reiuiv to ac
commodate than James Farmun.
lo know what was the matter will:
the hoarders at the Ni W. hotel Friday
lo hear of afiotlief case of rheuma
tism tliat only lasts until after break-fast,-
10 nave .nr. wmit') folks decide to
locate at or hear Harrison; and we think
they will, .
iu reiiium parties wno have hay on
the prairie tliat it is near time for the
grass to burn.
. T I...... ll L. ,
. nave .in irre sciiooi teachers in
the county Rend ns, for publication; i
monthly, or term reort of their scliools.
7r 7 believe tlie Sheriff ami Countv
bt. iiou u, nana m it an well, and f
fcT lZ? y T 1 0,,t ,n m ftpplication
far mandamus. tlun iuli ir;f.'?rney''laswella.s it was
Kunraure ir llm to iln, M nu ...n
any otfcf atton,ey , coW have do
,i , '"'iun may nave
done or not hv done I do not know nor
do I care. I did not, hnv
their aervicea. if.. La..
their Hervicen u7wu "7 r ,or
and EiNO for wMt Z: .ST' "P-
ytaKf 'Viv. tlie deril his dues." TW
Mr John Gulp, formerly manager of
Um Buffalo Gup Lumber Co.. came in
Ironi Cliadron Tuesday returning in tlie
atternoon to tlie Magic City.' John will
have the Jol'RXAL ent to Albany) Jen-
try ; county, Misouri where he will
make his frrture home. ;: Bye,' bvei Suhn.
I .w.l... a .
H.H.MUI niuumain nons liave
been rtjeently discovered about 12 or 15
miles northwest of here. We liaten'f
isacd how old tlte ti-acks are supijosed to
ne, only that they Were probaly not
there durinjf the recent 0kx1, in which
' Noali1 and tlie Ark figured: i
Among thtme in town last Monday we
notiAl Messrs A. E Outes; John Mcin
tosh ami Joseph Dicker ffom White Riv
er; John F. Shurte,' Wm, Shultzj Carl
teyerherra, Jerry H. Will. iThomai.
Sinnif and F. Leelinu o Hat creek;
Mr. W R. Lamberson Is tlie possessor
of a porcupine caught on his i-ldlit two
miles north west of here. He llari twen
exhibiting it on the streets and allowing
canine race to make its acquain
tance.' later The beast escaped.
Wm'; UatnlTy one of our Mimwi..
farmers from Montrose, was in town
Tuesday iuiU gave tMs office a vail and
like th rest, subscribed for ttto 3tKHx:
Mr. Isaac Kendall is making first class
shingles with his new mill on ea-ft Hat
Mrs. Michael nchoneljaiini lelt yes
terday for Arcadia, Can'oll county, la
her former home,
A large amount ol local news is
crowded out this week to maka room for
Mr. u. v. j tester mis rented a house
lielongiug" to Mr. Tubbs, on Mour
creek i and moveti in.
Mrs, A. Southworth left yesterday for
Sioux City, la., to view the Corn Palace
and visit her jiarents.
Mr. George Walker expects to start
to-ilay for a business trip to Chicago to
lie gone alxmt a week.
Mr. Frank Nut to and wife, from Ante
lope, -were visiting witii their daughter
Mi's. Simler over Suuday.
A car load each of oats, flour and gen
eral supplies, was relieved at the Kane
Supply House this week.
un account oi a desire lor economy
the town board have removed fromollice
the attorney and marshal.
The Rav, Fatlier EngelU-if richmilt
came up from Chadron on last Saturday
returning in tlie afternoon.
Mr. Roliert C Tally, of Cottonwood,
Save this ollice a pleasant call yesterday
and promised to call again.
uog iigui in which neither were con
quered, was the center of attraction for
a while on our streets Monday.
ic li n ,
.ouiueiniau was a hasty caller
Saturday, but tarriwl long enough to
Hiibscrilie for the mper mid say lie likwi
Tlie old pump bus been taken out of
the well and water will 'be drown bv
lorses until the new steam pump ar
The town cistern pump is now reimired
anu reipures me enort ot onlv one person
to ojierate it now, uguiust two or three
Mr. Henry WoKsenburger came kick
from Platte county Monday morning.
IT . . . ... . "
ne rejions evemnmg frozen no east of
All communications; except, local cor
respondence, must be in by Monday
morning to insure their insertion in that
week's iper.
Mr. Henry and family; of Tlatte Co..'
am veil here last week and moved out to
Suuaw M-eek. Mr. Henry is a brother of
Jocob Henry.
A puRsy of the ebra srtecies came in
to our ollice Monday through one of tlie
many small cracks; attracted no doubt,
by the "rat sheet."
Spring creek school will have a hie-
nic and general gool time on the 4osing
ofUie school next Wednewbiv. Mm
Minnie Crane iu teacher.
For durability, fine cooking and 'eas
of 'operation tlie Charter Oak stove leads
tlie van. For sale bv
Wm. Chvlitertsen.
ThV petition for tlie purpose of callimr
an eletrt iori to ivvive the herd law in
Wuscotinly, was presented Tuesday for
ming witii the County Clerlr. It is sign
ed by 8t)6 legal voters.
. n'oticb.
M WiWit of the Buffalo Gap Iuu-
wr uHnpwy, made r1ot lo August 15,
no Dut ui an attoVnev's hiuiHn in-
colleftiaii iX not settled by cash or not
TrausiN -U a general hanking busing
Loans Money on Chattel Sect
First-Class in Every Dei
This Hotel has been fitted up regardless of paim and exijen.
To the comfort and convenience of the trav
I"1' and M-rnianent boarder
Best Accommodations in the
EfH'lEItT ItOllWEll, Pro rietor.
Special Attention to
J. F. Pfosf s Livery,
And Sale Stable.
Bigs Furnished With Drivers Posted Ik
Banges of the Country
Hpecial attention paid U bust new for
ft -
if October" f8t.
0H t