The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, September 27, 1888, Image 3

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whole three
irently dead
ad into a few
) Joy; but his
d a blank,
t was, be bad
When be
ar his old
lally returned
I similar the
mines? of bis
Jlng without
ju of it
A E l ward B.
Usheil in the
arknblc one.
J died at the
son of the
D., an emi-
seven he was
a peculiarly
3lne. For a
led as hope
Jted bis worst
th thought to
?se went home,
lant took her
t symptoms re
cant seemed to
Mei him dead
'tinted. For a
Ith fixed eyes,
ptiblo breath-
( Was conscious
1 mid and done
vatigrt the ar
?al were freoly
i(f he came to
Jli somehow bo
"V his former
' that mine,
jfTfbnt hud oc
rou.scdfrom )am of soruo
e uIodo could
stcrmiiied to
id learn bis
iff the facts
Bgb she had
the judg
at he was not
f the use of
I The means
sally regain
M his health
Upended ani-
"very exalted
jko Tcnnant,
)m the body.
Iron was par
ttnderful lioli-lll-prevading
1 williiu and
oral sancitv,
ling my soul
land delight
ibovo others
lation of tlio
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'"fcOijI interesting
r (t tlie impres
' t'r. nurse In her
' flroe that llio
"! own mind
.through her,
1 Beard at the
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on going to
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t Denial."
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left to
Ha Came Prepared.
"'You don't know what love is, Mr.
Swackhammer." protested the beauti
ful girl with a smile of incredulity on
her face; "the sentiment you entertain
for me is only a passing fancy. When
it has had iu brief day aud you look
at it in the cold light of reason you
will be surprised that you ever mistook
so palpable a delusion for the genuine
thing it assumes to represent." -
'JJut hear me. Mis Garfingbouse,"
exclaimed the young man. calmly, yet
earnestly, "am I not old flfougn to
Inow aay own" . tr
"It Is not a question of age, Mr.
Swackhammer," interposed Miss Gar
lingboiue, still smiling iucreduously,
"bnt of scientific demonstration. As
you are probably aware, I have devot
ed myself for the last two or three
years to a severe course of scientific
study, and I have acquired the habit
perhaps unconsciously, of accenting
nothing as true that is not deruonstra
table by the inexorable rules of mathe
matics or the soundest process of log
ical induction. Science has become
with me the touchstone of all things
asserted, claimed or proposed, and "
jBut how do you apply the rules of
science to matters of the heart?" in
quired the yotiug man. "How can
you subject my love to the test of a
mat lie ru alical or scientific demonstra
tion? '
"In this way, Mr. Swackhainmmer.
The action of the passion or emotion
of love upon the very sympathetic
ganglia of the human organism causes
certain well established and clearly de
finod phenomena. When you speak to
me of love I look for the appearance of
those phenomena. From a scientific
point of view they are not satisfactory.
The tremor in your voice is not suffici
ently pronounced. Your articulation
is not thick and husky. The color in
your face is hardly a shade paler than
its normal hue, and you have no nerv
ous movements of the hands. Do you
think a mere assertion can disprove
the evidence "
'Alvira Garlinghouse," came impet
ulously from the lips of the young man
as he rose to his feet, "there are facts
in mental as well ns physical science
that arc not wholly beneath your no
lice. Some men are gifted with a mar
velous faculty of self -control, so far as
external manifestations are concerned.
Beneath the apparently unmoved ex
terior that you have subjected to a sci
entific tost, there rages a volcano of
passion. Do you doubt it? I will dem
onstrate it to am .lliematical certainty.
I foresaw the scepticism with wh'ch
you would receive my avowal and came
prepared. Listen to the beating of my
And with a quick movement ho drew
from bonoath ids waistcoat tho flexi
ble tube of a stethoscope und placed it
against her ear.
"Count the pulsations!" be continu
ed. "They will run nearly one hun
dred to the minute. Normal heart
beat, seventy pulsations. Note the
revelation of deathless love conveyed
by this rcspiro meter!" And he pro
duced another flexible tube. '-Respirations
per minute, twenty-eight!
Twenty-eight Alvira count them
twcnty-eighu Normal respirations pot
minute, from fourteen to twentv in
adults. Observe the mathematical cer
tainty of tempestuous passion demons
trated by my temperature !" And
opening his tightly-closed loft hand, he
showed her a small thermometer.
Temperature, Alvira, one hundrod and
twelve degrees! Normal temperature.
about, one hundred degrees Fahren
heit! Have I proved my love?"
"Alpheus," murmured tho lovely
girl, as she placed hor head on his
shoulder, with her lips at an accessi
ble nngle, "you have!" Chicago Tri
Saved by an Impression.
In August 1887, I was in Washing
ton. Being ready to depart for home
I went to the Pennsylvania railroad
office for a ticket; and there learned
that two trains left about the same time.
One was an ordinary passenger
train fare 'ill; the other a faster
and a, better equipped train as far as
Pittsburg fare $14. As by either
train I would arrive home (Cleveland,
O.) at the same time, I thought $3 was
worth saving, and was about to pur
chase the 111 ticket, when I was im
pressed to wait I then went to the
back room and took a seat I beard
no voico,but I was so strongly impress
ed to take the fast train that I did and
paid tU for the ticket I left Wash
ington and arrived in Pittsburg on
time. I bad a good supper, took the
night train and arrived home all right
next morning. At breakfast I read in
the morning papers: "A terrible acci
dent at the Horse Shoe Bead, on the
Pennsylvania railroad a large number
injured, several fatally." The train
that met with the accident waj the
alow train I intended to take, but did
not because of the impreasions 1 re
ceived at the depot I offer no ex
planation, but merely state a faet
When reading the account of the aooi
dent a shudder approximating con
vulsion rnn over my body from
thinking how I bad escaped possibly
injury or Aeli.Seliqio-l'hilo$ophicU
Soap. Would Remove tho Best
Herr Host fays there are 2,000,000
Anarchists In this country. A fine
combu) gbt lesson tho nutnbor. Buffalc
rake lata fas Wnaf Cum.
"I was eroesinjr the A thin tie in a Cnn
arder," said he, "several years ago, and
poker flourished most abundantly in tho
smoking room. It was rather a big
game most of the time, bnt my book
good and I staid till the finish. On
third dav the Stewart of the smoktnr
room, a rather superior sort of an Eng
lishman, aaked to be allowed to take a
band. We told him he'd better star
out, bnt he persisted and we let him in.
He might have played poker all right hi
England with Englishmen, bnt he
didn't know enoncrh to stand no with
Jour or five Yankees and a couple of Il
linois legislators, i suppose no lost
two months' pay at the first sitting.
Most of it he lost to me.
When the earns was over and the stew
ard was going off with a long fees I
called him back. I gave him the money
I had won from him sad told him to
avoid Americans at cards. 'Yon think.
yon blarsted Britishers, that yon know
powerful lot, bnt you 11 nnd zanxee
and western poker players a darned
sight smarter every time.'
T . 1 .1 1 ,1 J ft
lie took mo money ana mm aavwe,
Pittsburg Dispatch.
HiUnMa'i Photographic Traaaares.
Rubinstein, the pianist, has many
photographs, bnt none that he cher
ishes more dearly than one of which he
is accustomed to relate the following
tale. He was, at the very outset of his
professional career, about to give his
first concert at a town in Russian Po
land. Rubinstein sat at the box office
all day, but not a single person came to
buy tickets, and the young musician
baa a sinking feelins at his heart. At
last, however, a Polish Jew entered, and
threw down a rouble, asking for six
seats. This rouble proved the first of
many thousands of coins that the artist
was to pocket during his career. Years
afterward Rubinstein again passed
through this Polish town, met his
friendly Jew of old, and had him photo
graphed. This counterfeit the pianist
would not part with now for many ron
h'es. New York Tribune.
Siberia's Now Waterway.
A new waterway in Siberia will con
nect the rivers Obi and Yenissei, and
will utilize the river Obi and its branch
es, Ket, Osernaja, Lomowotaja and
Jasswaja an outlet of the "Great
Lake" on one aide, and on the other
the Yenissei with its tributaries, the
Oreat and Little Koss. A cutting 41
miles long, between the Great Lake ana
the Little Koss will complete the con
nection between the two rivers. The
difference of level between the Great
Lake and the river Obi in C5A feet, which
will necessitate eight locks bein built,
while between the Great Lake and the
Yenissei there is a fall of nearly 174 feet
which will be got over by twonty-flve
locks. The Great Lake is 64 feet deep.
The cutting, or canal out of it is 42.6
feet wide and 4.1 feet deep. The total
amount of excavation is 719,680 cubio
yards, of which 78,000 cubio yards have
yet to be dug out. Tho works wero
commenced in 1883 and will be finished
this, the estimated cost being
8,000,000 rubles. London Standard.
fortune In Frogo.
Any man who has a pond on his farm
can try the experiment of raising his
own frogs, says tho Boston Journal.
First, let him buy six pairs of fine New
Jersey brooders, and clump them into
the water. With these for a starter, you
may select a quantity oi domestio ba
trachia, and then you will havo the nu
cleus of a fortune. Don't interfere with
your water investment for a year, any
more than to keep your growing stock
well supplied with food. They require
an abundance, but as they are not very
dainty in their tasto, the account will be
light. For a young farm two barrels a
day of hotel table scraps will keep the
frogs in splendid shape, so that at the
end of twelve months you can begin
marketing all that you can fish out at
the same price as spring chickens. Give
me the time and facilities, and I will
wager that at the end of two years I
will be living on an income of $5,000,
and my frogs will pay all my expenses.
An Old Indlau Pupil.
The Indian school at Carlisle, Pa., has
the oldest pupil of any educational insti
tution in the United States. He is
more than CO years of age. Crazy Head is
his name, and he was once chief of the
Crow nation. Ho was a bold warrior
and an able ruler. He is anxious to
learn the ways of the white men, and is
now receiving instructions in black
smithing. During the -coming winter
he will attend school. He is a man in
vigorous health, and lias a more refined
face than is often found in his race. He
is docile and patient, and there is some
thing almost pathetic about his longing
to learn the customs of civilization be
fore he dies. Boston Transcript
A Lucky Man.
HftTTOdlburg- (E7.) Saying tnd Dotngi. Aufalt 2&
Mr. Frank Lawrence Dant held one
twentieth of ticket No. 8,804 which drew
the firet capital prize of $300 000 in The
Louisiana State Lottery on the 7th inst
The 915,000 was collected through the
Citizens' National Bank of Louisville.
Mr. Dant is rather prepossesssing in per
sonal appearance, nearly six feet high
and weighs 150 pounds. He is an intel
ligent and affable gentleman, only twenty-two
years old and unmarried. Hs
was educated at St Mary's College, and
learned book-keeping at the Southern
Business College, Louisville. For three
J ears he kept nooks for his father, Mr.
. W. Dant, proprietor of a large distil
lery of an old brand of pnre Kentuoky
whisky at Dant's station, fourteen miles
from Lebanon, Marion county, Ky.
One year ago he accepted the position
of time-keeper for the Knoxville divi
sion of the Louisville and Nashville rail
road, and clerk of assistant master of
trains at a salary of $50 per month, and
is stationed at the railroad, one mils
from Stanford, Ky. Hia good fortune
has not turned his head, for he intends
to hold his place, hoping by close appli
cation to business he will be promoted.
For two years he persisted in purchas
ing tickets in The Louisiana Stats Lot
tery. Four months since he organised
a olub, of whioh he was chief, and eon
tinned to buy tickets. Last month ha
drew $25, and on the 7th came the big
prise. He has paid ont what was dne
the club, and will inveat hia portion in
some sale speculation, and continue to
work and court flokle fortune as hereto
fore, To make a long story short Sand It to
the editor of a newspaper.
Half Rata Rxcnrlone.
The first of the eerlee of Harvest excur
sions via the Miuoiiri Pacific railway and
Iron Mountain routs to ArkaBsaa and
Texas, will leave September 25th, October
0th and t'M. Ticket will be sold at ana
fare for the round trip with a liaslt ot
thirty days to return and ample stop-ever
Damascus Is the oldest dtp hi thf waeid.
Loo Cabiws are fast going
out of style as fashionable
residences. Log Cabins
will, however, always have
a place in American history,
as they were tlie most prom-
flsWtr fsftSnttl. vf An MAea.
f trv's earlv social Ufa. Tha
pioneers wars strong, ragged, healthy.
Warner's Log Cabin Cough and Coa
sumption Remedy is a reproduction of
one of tho best of the old time roots and
herbs re readies, whioh kept them well.
Everybody praises "TiDDaeanoa" aa a
slostaeh feonie. ,
aWtttaw WeH tm t3ergU.
Professor Lawaon E. Brown ronorts
nits a phenomenon on his plantation
in Burke eonnty, Oa. He has a well
there 100 feet deep, with about forty
feet of water in it About three months
ago tha water began to boil np with a
roar distinctly heard at some distance.
Tho distnrbanee continued for weeks,
then esassd for a short time, and began
again with equal rigor. Tho tenant on
the place has recently cleaned ont tha
well to the bottom, discovering no
cause to produce the phenomenon.
uueago Herald.
Tare Chaaee to Tlaw the Waatertal
Crop f tha Waal, Soathweat
anal Norllaweet.
The most abundant ever known. Come
and eee lor yourself. Tha Oreat Rook bl
and Route offers you the inducement of
lowest rates, and a delightful journey in its
unrivaled palace cars.
Dates ol excuraions: Leave Chicago
September 11 and 25, and October 9 and
28 (1888), lor Kansas. Nebraska, North
western Iowa, Minnesota and Dakota.
Rate: One fare lor the round trip.
Tickets first-class and good 80 days lor
return passage. Improve this opportuni
ty. You may never have another in a aea
son so bountiiul. Be sure your tickets
read via the Great Rock Ialand Routs,
which has Its own lines to principal points
In all these states.
For rates and full particulars, address
Wo. Rickey, Passenger Agent, Davenport,
Iowa, or E. A. Holbrook, O. T. P. A.,
Chieaso, 111.
Never kick unless you find you an getting
the worst ol it
Row the millionaires and Judges
Take It.
Our Massachusetts Moxls Is rapidlv
creeping into the esteem ol high circles.
Col. Bennett the Philadelphia eight tail
lioanaire,says it saedhim. and be Intends
to build a monument to it in Fairmount
Park. Judge Brewster, ol the Supreme
Court, talks large on it, too. First-class
actresses consider it a part ol their outfit,
and rich men put it on their sideboards.
On the street, five Moxies are sold by the
glass to one ol anything else.
Herr Rrupt, ol Germany , has declined a
If fnirtfl with Sore Htm, nun Dr. Tae Thomp
' hoe Water. UruggliU aell It. 25c
The French are excellent judges oi horse
flesh When it's cooked
When Baby wai tick, we gave her Castoria,
Whes ah wu a Child, (he cried tor Gutoria,
Whea aha became atlas, ahe clung to CaatorU,
Waea she had ChiUrea, (he gare them Castoria,
II this eountry must have a natural
flower why not take the shad-roes?
Before slates were invented people multi
plied on the lace of the earth.
For The Nervous
The Debilitated
The Aged
ORBS Nervoue Prostratlea.NervcnsHead-
' ache.Nf uralfia, NervousWeakncat,
r Stomach and Liver Dtaeaaea, and all
affectiona of the Kidneye.
A8 A NERVE TONIC, It Strengthens
and Quiets ths Nerves.
' A8 AN ALTERATIVE, It Purines and
bitches ths Blood.
AS A LAXATIVE, It sets mildly, M
Barely, en the Bowela
AS A DIURETIC, It Regulates the Xld.
asts sad Cans their Diseases.
leeeainianded by prorealonsl and budnssj men., Said by Cruffiiu. Sead far circulate.
WELLS. RICHARDSON 4 CO., Proprittort.
lAilYTTlVol these Ll&le Pllls.1
They also relieve OiafJ
Waea from Djiptpala, la -SJ
digestion and f oaHaaxtjfl
scons. & nerrest renH
ledr far Dlrrlneea.llanaaal
ICrewelaeaa, Bad Taataf
In tae Mouth, Oeats
rTonrue.Paln in the Slit J
TOJlrlu UTIB. Tseng
ran late ue do wall
frnrely Veaeteble.
nice sa vents:
Small Pill; Small Dose. Small Price.
!m22 YEARS
Eltert's Kx tract af
SlaaaniaA all anne-ha. ealda. bronchitis, sad
Nlleved asthma and consumption for all who
have used It Is not this an evidence of Its
merit and rellsbultyl It Is a mrs and say
SMdleaw for all bronchial trouble! and never
falls to glrs sstlif action. Try It under a fall
Warrantee. Price 50e sad 11.00 per bottle.
Prepared by XiucsnT PaonusTaJtr Co., Chi
sago, HI,
Ml Uvert, Bti Bfnrlngs, feat
Tats mm ami ti m
WwW tflilUal). far frsj ttiM flsj
MSfUh Ibis pSMf 4drw
Would yon know the keen delight
Ol a wholesome appetite,
Unrestrained by colic's dire,
Headache's curse, or lever's fire,
Thoughts morose, or icy chille?
Then uee Dr. Pierce'a piila.
Dr. Pierce'e Purgative Pellets ths origi
nal and only Little Liver Pills; 25 cents a
A camel will work sevea or sight days
without drinking.
A aataseo-llhe OaTar.
For many years the manufacturers ot
Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy have oBersd,
in good laith, $500 reward for a ease of
Nasal Catarrh which th ay cannot core.
Ths Remedy is sold by druggists at only
60 cents. This wonderful remedy baa fair
ly attained a world-wide reputation. If
yon have dell, heavy headache, obstruc
tion el ths aaaal passages, dischargee fall
lag from ths bsad into ths throat, some
times proluse, watery, and acrid, at oth
ers, thick, tenacioua, mucous, puruleat,
bloody and putrid; if ths syss are weak,
watery and inflamed; il there is rlaging la
the ears, deafness, hacking or coughing to
clear ths throat, expectoration ol offensive
matter, together with scabs from ulcers:
the voice being chsnged and has a nasal
twang; the breath offensive; small and
taste impaired; sensation ot diuinssa,
with mental depression, a hacking cough
and general debility, you are suffsringlrons
nasal catarrh. Ths more complicated
your disease, the greater the number aad
diversity ol symptoms. Thousands of
cases annually, without manifee ting half of
the above symptoms, result in consump
tion and end in the grave. No disease is
ao common, more deceptive and danger
ous, or leas understood, or more unsuccess
fully treated by physicians.
The brain o! an elephant is somewhat
larger than that of a man.
When a threatening lung disorder,
Shows its first proclivity,
Do not let it cross the border
Quell it with activity.
Many a patient, young or olden.
Owes a quick recovery
All to Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery.
III. is Illinois, but it doesn't tollow that
Illinois is ill.
No Return of Pain. Cures
The Charlea A. Vogeler Co., Baits., aTd.
ely's catarrh
1 suffered from
catarrh 12 years
the throat wen
nauseating. Mj
nose bled almosi
daily. Since firs
days use of ElyV
Cream Balm have
had no bleedinp,
soreness is entireh
gone. D. Q. Daviri
son, with Boston
A particle II applied Into each nontrtl and la agree
able. Price Ml centa at Drut'irHn.; by mall, reen
tered, M ceuta. ELY BUOTHERS, M Warrea at.,
Haw York.
issusd March and Sept,
(each year. It is an enoy
elopedia of useful infor
mation for all who pur.
chase the luxuries or the
neeessitiss of life. We
can sloths you aad furnish you with
all the necessary and unnaesssair
applianoea to ride, walk, danoe, sleep,
eat, flab, hunt, work, go to shureh,
or stay at horns, and in various slsss,
stylss and quantities. Just figure out
what is required to do all these things
COMFORTABLY, and you can make a fair
estimate of ths value of the BUTXBB'
QUIDS, whioh will be sent upon
rsoeipt of 10 cents to pay postage,
Ul-114 Michigan Avenue, Obioago, 111,
The Celebrated Red Oak Cart,
Belt Cart on eRrth. No horse motion. Breaking
and SpeedlDir Carts a apeclaitr. Price ttft.UO aad
24.00. V. oTB. carl Oinai.a. Beud for Cuts.
dealer in all kloda of
Carriages and Harness
19th and Harney streets, Omaha, Neb.
lira vk Kiit
The Largest, Cheapoat and heat ta tha World.
CASH ASSETS 9190,000.000.
iimon eorrs, wu. r. allkh.
Special Aiea. Several Asset.
UAHB STOfiT. Book-tee pins, Penmanahia,
il V Iws a& Arithmetic, Shorthand, ate., thor
oughly tauaht by mall. Lowratea. Circulars free.
BHT ANT'B COLLBOK, 431 Main St., Buffalo. N. V.
toss per da. Samailai vartk Sl.a'nuu.Uaaa
M iaSar the aaree'e faat. Writs Brawater
Ssfstr Rata Hois srCo., Holl. laion.
taauata ama aar lb. Patlt'a Bra aeiva la
worth aLOQO bat laaold at fees has br Sealers
W. N. D., Omaha, 43138.
Why Dcrrt
SasuasatMiTTtVi 1 1 staaTaaasaJaaTa
golifl TrutBt
No BETToiCTniAfrnc
1W Sal i ws
Amy haafcliara Slat a leaalaay
Ml ad waaaaWafasr umM s4L
TriilTf?il?Myiltaiifii I'niiais
ys but Maw saws vaars
Oreat iadi
moad. the wortd fi
Daniel Uraaaloar Thiaaaanwav the area
rarcnolotfat. .J. M. Itatefctar. Ik O.. KdMer of taa
Chrlatlaa Advome. Kixkavdl Prowta, tha
cientiRt, aad other, aeoc mac free ar
rraf. A. LoltKtm fia roth Ave. Bow Tors,
aw av
ipertna, with enkaSoaiaaS UK. Was. Jk. Waaab
d, the vortHmawi giiailalaaf ta Mad sleeaaes,
iel Urssaloar naaasa. the areas
TsjTOTPnra ata-nr a
Tne Western Ikwauaper PnJsm.
Whenever needing acytniag in way
of job stock, fvrsEtt taper, 001411 or 1
printing: material of any kind, ink. Toi
lers or BtereotTsriajr, ioa't rail to gat
our prices. Ton w;,U save moaev by an ,
Osu WtewUlj Pa-iaafa aura Oka lestv-
If yon are cotitssnBieaiag slartingr s
new paix-jr yon sboaM aot tail to see ns
before elotnng a steal.
If yon are not reaxsvtar Trm Pnurr
Ba' Auxiliakt, oar B&oaiialj, sand for
it Free to every tanater ar pnhlisher,
av Sawatal I
I f nrsassfvaa
I InMCaaanalSt.
t naii ili aaa faOy ea .
Ol m. naqJtAW AJt; at. By
We have aaaa Bt Q few
auaay jiasa, aaS II aaa
jalvsattaa seat at satta.
cataaaw, ns.
Book-keevltmL RborMms4 Ytim
Hah eanraa. IjLre.Bt t.'.!rfAii i
Inthe-wait. 1'hrce&raC.taDawec
Jonrnal and .Deiatenarf D4teaiuhtia
Dallsr, M iager. a M. BaelBkiu fieavrletor, Oataaav
IllSawliip SsTirSSI 11 M WllasMlM SaM
STSrtt to $25Q.SL JJ?2S5s?i:
Agasta preferred whecaat aanaataahaiaa aadatva
their whole time ta tte fttama. Spare awaaeata -Bar
he proOteMr iwaaajuS asm. A taw veeaaelea
In tawna aad efllea. a K. jaaTSMOat Ok, Mas
Main Street Rlchmaaa. Ta.
aispsrwa tatsarma a,,m
HIiUIIO IfMNlUr and Kaaaaa A laey erraaa-
iaa aa aafac M aeasaat aaawoaaa aaaa aa vtmw
ilT. MuisTaart.asi i iiaaaa SaeMtaefaa- .
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