The journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1888, September 13, 1888, Image 3

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H quest,
eo4 mirth;
V cot
; p eaaurss worth.
ruM tbe belt,
J lamps art lit
Jr ' quest,
Jarrlnc call;
4. Ire
ne then all.
mti cauteot
hi at:
ara spent,
I eweetl blent
'-earned rest,
sane jour quest,
Vtt young
c me rolled,
V'im old.
u neari
the beat;
its fears,
tag years
m4ki lUaeat
' s pearl color
id a fashion
jtdgo square a
Mg witb gilded
"" fresh flowers
M and a bouse-
to correspond
; arniture, gliding
I ensl.n cap and
). J87s the scene.
.iaVglass casement
.X away from a
barouche, lill
jf , dressed ladies
I tin young girl's
,Md wistfully out,
S) sunshine from
eke too wns beau
1 cjte debarred from
tted to such re
Jl but brief. The
3ng. saw a bold,
Jading on tiptoe
!l the china jurUi-
my," alio called
I that Your
t'nianima she's
, for yoa You' re
Jlj returned the
i.k-ftf you unless I
A isbollious words
V f jllow's lips, tho
liallance and
ash, breaking
tell, and culling
vTomuiy Grau
l looked pale as
lip, at the same
ire violently.
'4 in, confused
II" said one.
Jftid another.
fT the cbdd will
in's carriage go
t .O buller. "He
Jdical man, but
called in.
. I American girl
'vMokeii very love
' lw sofa in the
,'ouiniy Granville
X liquid eyes, of
jieurly black, are
jwuj; physic an's
Jriiiisim with ux
i black hair, 03-
full in .a soft,
Aburiua d, spite-
i an altitude like
,. t and skin like a
JJtt' Maggie," said
thinking of noth
'HI eWJd. The trouble
3 Jodge every one by
Mtag n chloroform-
bktf to tbo little
t. intently watch-
"flliHtl. Mis. Gran
rfj.: "It is only a
At will be Hie only
Molting from the
t "- i
fdssply-t'e jetty
VlU ip the crim-
Vfc sir." said she;
' 1 aru not Mrs.
. only Ignatia
J Ignaiia, "oaly
'or, and lie went
Hence, fastening
je through the
good surgeon,"
ininnies, during
"or a nurse,
ight well"
ir little Tonv
I osn'teodurs
0 disflpurod."
11 whether Mrs.
Biost distressed
1 the imported
g-cag wound in
the returned.
0 entirely your
i, Ignatia," sad
faring careless-
1n't the worst of
Maggie, pertly.
1 her trying to
) voting doutor,
WhP ' said Mrs.
I "Ignatia Per
,i at onoel"
-Indeed Mrs. GranTille" pleaded
the girt
iwant no discussion,' interrupted
the arrogant child of wealth and lux
ury. -You Ik ard my words. Here
is your month's wages. Go at once.
When Dr. Millitnan called in Ibe
evening Tommy was flushed and fe
verish. "Ignatia! I want Ignatia!" he kept
wailing ouL
"Why don't you let the young wom
an come in? ' asked the doctor. "lie
should be indulged iu bis caprice so
far zz possible.
"But that as it happens, la among
the impossibilities," retorted Mrs.
Granville, witb a toss of ber head. ' I
discharged the girl two hours ago."
"A pity," said the doctor. "She
seemed an excellent nurse, very well
adapted to the emergence"
When Mr. Granville returned from
hie office he was both indignat and
"Woo is the young physician?'' he
asked, "Why don't you send for Op
pen well?"
''Because," said Mrs. Granville,
lowering ber voice to a whisper, "this
is the same Dr. Miiliman that Olivia
admires so much."
"Your sister Olivia?"
"Yes. She met him at the Deve
reaux reception. He is not rich, but is
well connected and is rising rap dly in
the world, and he is very at leu live to
Oh," said Mr. Granville, "you
women are such labyrinths of mystery
and maneuvering that one never
knows where to And you. And I sup
pose Milliraan if that's bis name is
as well capable of attending to Tom
my's case as Dr. Oppenwell,"
"Of couase," said Mrs. Granville,
with a light laugh. "And I mean to
send for Olivia to nurse the little fel
low." "Is Dr. Miiliman In?"
"By the beard of the prophet," said
Miiliman, flinging his cigar into the
fire; "its the voice of the black-eyed
littlo damsel that was discharged.
Well, my child." rising to greet ber
"what is it?"
I am out of employment, sir," said
Ignatia, with drooping head and vary
ing color. You you spoke about the
chances of my making a good nurse.
Could you recommenume to some quiet
hospital; sir, where "
Well, no, not exactly to a hospital,"
said Dr. Miiliman. "But I have a
lady patient, very nervious, very ill,
very trying who neods just such an at
tendant as you would make. Are you
willing to attempt it?"
'Oh, yes. I should be thankful for
an opportunity to earn our bread,"
said Iguatia and once again Doctor
Miiliman thought how wonderfully
beautiful were the soft, magnetio eyes'
shining through grateful tears.
The months glided away the trees
in Hut ledge Sxuaru were all uleaf, and
still Miss Olivia gedlcy lingered in
New York despite the attractions of
Long Branch, Saratoga and Lake
George. Tommy Granv lie was quite
recovered but Miss Sedloy was uot
altogether sntisfjoil.
Three weeks had elapsed without a
visit from the young physician, and
Miss Oliva ciiose to fauoy that the ner
vious disorder which gave her an op
portunity to call for his frequent pres
ence was worse.
"What shall I do, Louise?" jihe ques
tioned her married sister.
"Why, go to bis ollice, of course."
"Would you?"
"Of course," reiterated Mrs. Gran
ville, laughing. "Faint heart never
won nice young doctor, Livy, you
know. I'll go with yon." -
"Would it be ahem quite proper?"
hesitated M'hs Olivia.
'To be sure isn't he a doctor?"
So the carriage was ordered, and
Mrs. Granville and Miss Sedley drove
to Dr. Milliman's unpretentious little
"Dr. Miiliman? Yes. 'm." said tho
office boy. "You're just in time. He
got home last night"
"Got homel" repeated Mrs. Gran
ville. "Why, where has he been?"
"Ou h s wedding tour, ma'am," said
tho ollice boy. -'Didn't you know?
And that's Mrs. Miiliman, now."
The door between tho office and back
parlor was opened and a light, grace
ful figure, iu a wine-colored silk dress,
st3od on the threshold the figure of
Ignatia Perrine.
If a thunderbolt had descended on
Mrs. Granville and Miss Sedley they
could hardly have been more amazed
and astonished than at the unexpected
apparition of the former housemaid.
But Ignalin's large dark eyes surveyed
tliern with the utmost self-posession.
"My husband will be here in a min
ute, ladies," she sad, oalmly, and
went back to her wife-like occupation
of sewing on a loose sh rt button.
When Dr. Miiliman entered he recog
nized that his secret was out.
Why don't you congratulate me? '
he sa d, laughing.
"Marriage is not always a subject of
congratulation," said Miss bedley,
And then tbo subject dropped.
Miss Sedley, sent for another physi
cian next day. But as Dr. Mill man
and his beautiful young wife were sat
isliod. we know of no one who has any
right to complain.
How Tbey Boom In the West.
Rock Center is the name of a new
town that has been platted on a point
five miles west of Newport, on the
F.. E. AM. V. Railroad during the
past week. A poatoffioe baa been pe
titioned for, a bank and hotel has
been started, and other signs of busi
ness enterprise mark the site. Rock
Center ia in the center of the pros
pective Rock ooanty, which will de
velop itself after the November elec
tion, as the whole county seems to be
in favor of division on the present pro
posed line. If the signs of the times
fail not. Rock Center will ere long, be
one of the booming county-seat towns
along the famous Elkhorn. Cor. lit
braika Stmte JuurwU.
Tfca nteatoa Mm f Mrmrmm.
"Now, my dear little men," said Mian
Daixy Dimity, who bad volunteered to
teach a class of small boys in a Boston
Hunday school, "you must sit real still
and I'll tell you altout what a perfectly
lovely place heaven is, and what a per
fectly beautiful time you'll have if yon
are dear, good little boys real little
gentlemen, and go there. You can't
imagine how iwrfectly charming it will
be. O, there'll be the mot. delightful
music. As good, I have no doubt, aa
our own symphony concerts, and there'll
be such lovely singing all the time. O,
life will be a poem a real Browning
poem forever and ever and ever. It
will be jnst too beautiful for anything.
Everybody will be so cultured and re
finedyou can't think llow lovely it will
"What if we go to the bad placet
asked a wonder-stricken little fellow.
"O-o-o!" cried the teacher with a lit
tle gasping shriek, "O, the dre a1 fully
horrid place! It will be full of all kinds
of dreadfully coarse, common people,
and they'll be doiug and saying all sorts
of vulvar things. 8ociety will be so
dreadfully, dreadfully mixed there it
will be too perfectly horrid to think
about. Ugh! No, uo, dear little boys,
you must mind your papas and mammas
and never do anything naughty and
then you will co riyht to that dear de
lightful place which will be filled with
the first families in all Boston, and it
will be too ierfectly lovely for any
thing." Time.
The Quern's 'al.
The big houses in London have lots of
Mia uliriut. '1i!p)i irrtivr ftif. yvImIa fMlitt
I sre in town and starve when they eo out
to me country . i lira nan causeu mncu
distress to memlters of the animals' in
stitute, articularly as even the queen's
cats were subjected to the banie difficul
ty. But this year it was umbly and
loyally pointed out to the queen that her
Windsor cuts would starve while aha was
away, whereupon her majesty was graci
ously pleased to order them all put in
baskets and taken along to Osborne with
the rest of the court, whicli was done.
This lias become fashionable. Society
paiers solemnly inform us that prettily
decorated cat IrnakeU are in great de
mand, and the happy pussies may be
seen by dozens at the railway stations
going to mountain or seashore just like
ajiybody else. London Letter.
The lll(ht of Deliberation.
"What thou doest, that do with all
thy miylit." But not with the might of
auger, haute or impatience. Not the
"might" that grabs the door knob and
tries to wrench it off if the door doesn't
open readily. Not the might that is al
ways breathless, in a hurry, "rushing
things" and trying to do a dozen things
in a minute. That is not "niitrht" at
all. It is a wasteful expenditure of
might of your force, your vitality, to
store up which you have slept and
The "mirlit" that accomplishes the
greatest, and most profitable result is the
might of coolness and deliberation; the
might that will do and think of but one
thing at a time; the might that will not
allow itself to be occupied by other
things, thoughts or efforts till the one
tiling is done; the might that, having
forty things to do, immediately stops
and thinks, Kits down and does nothing
for a time but think or let the thought
come of what is the best thing to do to
bring about the most prosperous result.
Prentice Mulford in New York Star.
Loo Cabins can hardly
be considered haudaome
or elegant, but they were
fit habitations for the rug
ged pioueers of America.
Our ancestors w ere rugged
sieciuens of noble man
hood, rtotiuilpfj- in liAalth
strength and endurance. Their whole
some remedies are reproduced to this
later age, in Warner's Ixig Cabin Sarsa
parilla and Warner's "Tippecanoe."
Petroleum in abundance bas been found
near Oalati. Houmania.
Nellj Grant's buaband has become rick
through the death oi his brother.
The oriental do not kuow much, by
bat they do kuow they kuow by heart
For constipation, "liver complaint," or
bilioueneas, aick headache, and all diaeaaea
arising from a disordered condition of the
liver and ilomai li, take Dr. Pierce's Pleas
ant Purgative Pellets a gentle laxative or
active cathartic, according to aiae of doae.
RuaRia'a new military law will increaaa
her army by 400,000 men. Hail to peace.
Chronic natal catarrh positively cured
by Dr. Sage's Kennedy.
SamJay marriages are null and void ia
- ( Volcanle Heat
De Broke; "Wbewl I feel as hot aa
a volcano.'' De Blunt: "I thouht I
imellod the
oratur. ' "JHUwaukte
t America Ever Discovered?
At the time elis-n Couinbua started in
at-arth ol the New World, nearly every man,
woman and child in Europe inaiated tl,at
there wna no New World to discover.
When he came back, crowned with aucceas,
a la i gu proportion ot these good people
adhered to their theory; and if they were
alive to-dav many ot them would doubt
less insixt that American had never been
discovered at all. A man will give up any
thing in the world more readily than a pet
theory. For example, look at the individ
uals who still maintain that consumption
ia incurable. Dr. Pierce's tiolden Medical
Discovery bas cured thouaauda upon thou
sands of caaes, and will cure thousands
more, but these people can't give up their
point. Nevertheless the "Discovery" will
ears any case of consumption, if taken ia
Lightning can ba seen by reflection a die
taact ot 200 miles. -
weeping ska Market Uk sua Ave
laneka. The moat remarkable thing ia buaineos
line ia the Moxie CompUny. iu Lowell. It
ia aaid the aalee in little more than two
years are over 7.000.000 bottles. Thia li
quid food ia remarkable, if we may believe
what ia aaid about it. Lately, the ath
letes, actors and actresses, and heavy
business men have taken to it like mad.
Yesterday word came from Maiden that it
raided au old caaeof helpless paralysis, and
another ia Lowell. If this is so, Ifoaie
ia all right, with but little adrertiaing.
Mra. Leland Stanford's jewels are valued
at a round million.
- Half State Kxrnrelena.
The fiaat of the aeries of liarveat excur
sions via tbe Miaeouri Pacific railway aad
Iron Mountain route to Arkansas and
Texas, will leave September 11th nod
25th. October 9th and 23d. Ticket will
be sold at one fare fur tbe round trip
with a limit of thirty days to return and
ample stop-over privileges.
In order to look spruce it is not n
ry that yoa remain evergreen.
For Scifttiea.
V lean. et-.. at. Bar as. tsas.
I waa straw T immSfaw asa ant see)
la m a rwtk fcr sakaw SSwaanaianc eaSwaat
Stea-rl4Uw. 1 mm tan. Wfc. Star IS. m .
Sfftaa l XSSV wm taaaa vm SaVaaUe; waHnS
W neataa. was Si I eat; Mat ii mtl
4ur vataae kaaaSt. lawl St Sat SSJ ant
waa ant. Ataurta vnci.
Italian a ' Vwaa. lwaa ea.mii itj
Imaw)iMiif aaawAaaaaStaaaaaaw
k kip; ta la kal part at wax Mat aanaal eae
tan wttkiaa aaaafa. waa earal ty Sk ) ar fat
HllliiMlir af Sa. Jaea - Wat, BABVSB.
at sOTeeisn a is nans
TJH CHAILU A. VOfitXU OtU lalninl. (M.
'There ia nothing you require of your
agents but what is nist and reasonable,
and strictly in accordance witb business
principles." That's tbs sort of testimony
any bouse can be proud of, and it is the
testimony ot hundreds of men who ara
profitably employed bv B. F. Johnaon A
t o., Richmond, Va. Write for full partic
ulars. Connecticut promises a slim applt crop
tthia year.
I "I WIS I eould find something that
weuld cat ga.a 474 prevent the hair coming
In whit'.," la an expression frequently tlearl
Vetr inarv Carkollw-Ue will always do It.
SU tT QH&k-lats at 50 Cents and $1.00.
Tan colored boota for men are becoming
very fimhionable in London.
When Baby waa tick, we gave bar Castorla,
When ihewaa a Child, aho cried forCaatorla,
TVhen she became Mies, ahe clung to Castorla,
When the had Children, she gave them Caatoria,
Four Luc-ky Iffau.
Byracuie (K. Y.) Herald, Juir SL
The United States Express company
J-cstcrJay brought just 810,000 in cur-
rency to the four lucky winners in the
J Louisiana State Lottery and who are at
W. B. 8oer , Co.'s store in North 8a
I ltna street. The book-keeper, Charles
I H. Oaffey, receives $3,750; Albert T.
Van Antwerp, one of the firm, $2,500;
Alexander larrison, salesman, $2,500,
and Caleb Morgan, tlio former butcher
for the firm but now with Mahar &
Hnntly, $1,250. The ticket that won
this sum, which was one-tenth of the
second capital prize of 8100,000, was No.
5:(,4(ii, and it cost these four men just
two dollars, although they had more in
the pool. J'hfiy are in the lioliit of pool
ing fifteen dollars a month. Mr. Oaffey
seemed very jubilant ana justly so,
when called upon by a reporter of the
Herald to-day. Ho thought thnt the
Louisiana State Lottery was one of the
sqiinrext institutions he had ever seen,
and was earnest in his praise of the
promptness ancj exactitude of all its
dealings. He and his three compan
ions have frequently been winners of
smaller amounts which have been
promptly paid. The lust drawing took
place on the 10th instant and the mo
ment the prize was drawn the result was
telegraphed to this city. The winning
ticket was then sent on, and in about
two weeks the , solid cash came, Mr.
Oaffey said that there was not the least
trouble or inconvenience in getting the
money. His club will continue invest
ing in tho lottery. This is the second
I time that one-tenth of the capital prize
city. Clubs have been organized in all
parts of tho city, but especially is the
rage the strongest in the' Second ward.
Ignorance Kept Hint Honest.
A story is told of a postmaster whose
lack of knowledge of working his own
"nest" lost him an increase of $100 on
his salary next year. When be sent his
returns in he lacked 81 cents of the
amount called for by the law to permit
an adjustment of his salary. His reports
showed the yearly receipts of his office
to be $2,09.20. As tho department al
low" a fraction over a half dollar to be
counted as a dollar, the postmaster
would have been $100 more in his pocket
if he had had shrewdness enough to buy
81 cents' worth of stamps out of his own
pocket. Since he sent his report he has
learned his mistake, and everybody in
the county now can kick him. Ilia was
the only case of the kind in the 2,500.
It caused much merriment among the
clerks at the postoftice depa ment.
Tka New Stela nf Ft. ion.
The school of erotic fiction, of which
Miss Rives is regarded as the head and
inspiration, is growing fast, according
to the "Lounger" of the Critic and that
contributor adds: "I have in my mind
now three young girls, none of them
ont of their teens, who have this sum
mer given birth to imaginative ro
mances the motive and treatment of
whicli would have staggered Oeorge
Hands in her most 'einnneiimted' mo
ments. Of course, the reviewers oounce
upon them, and then the unhappy voting
women burst into tears, and declaro
that they are the most miserable and
misunderstood of human beinga. One
of these overwrought misses with a re
membrance, perhaps, of her priMhei
sor's experience - is thrown by thu crit
ics' strictures into a alula vt nmvus
The quick and the dead
D.,ji!ieil uioequito.
-a slap and a
For The Nervous
The Debilitated
The Aged.
Metlcal and sdenUflo iklll haa at laat solved the
problem ef the Ion needed mididns far the Bar.
Tons, aebtUtatad, and the aacd, by eombinlns the
bait nra tnalea. Celery and Coca, with other affae.
tort remadiea, which, acting sently bat affleientlj
eo the kidaeya. lirer and bowels, remove dlieaaa.
raatortitranilh and renew vitality. Thia medusae H
; IT Kill s place ftfrotofnrr unoccupied, and mute
ft new era In the treatment of uarrou trouble.
Overwork, iDxicty, dipflaw, lty tho foundation of
urrroui prostration and weakncM, t&4 mperiano
bat abown that the usiiil remedies do not mend tlw
train and paralyaia of ttin nervoua nyfltem.
lUctmi mended bf prgfcaiionaJ and traaioeua mm.
Sand for circular.
Frio SI. 00. Kold by drafffiaU.
The Wetteru Bicwnpnper Unlea.
Whenever neediner anything in way
of job stock, print paper, outfit bt
.printing material of any kind, ink, rol
lers or stereotyping, don't fail to get
onr prices. You will save money by eo
Our Kendy Prints are tlie Heat.
If you are contemplating starting a
new paper you should not fail to see as
before closing a deal.
If yon are not receiving Tmt Pnntr
ins' AcxTMAJtr, onr monthly, send for
ii Free to every printer or publisher.
Aay bek learned In one reading.
Minn wmidarlna cured.
Hliraklna without natea.
Wholly unlike ari.ltteial eyatems.
I'lracy rnmlrmneil hy supreme Court.
Great, Inducement! in coire.pondanee
Freepeetum, with np'elonn itf Or. Waa. A. Iffatn
Bond, Hie wnrlt (aiiied Hi erlri In Mind dlteuea,
aaiial Oreenleaf ThiimiMon, the arret
liycliiilotlit..l. M. fliirHer It. I., R-llior or iba
Chrlnlaa Advora'e, Milliard I' roe tor, the
Sclen'Li, tad "ihi ri. nt r"i free tr
Prof. A.LoitihTTK, fa? Hfih Ave.. New Tors;
D tlJoha St ,
TJKTJ1 TTT Hi BlfflT. keen 'Item. Standard Quality
all'trwa. Sample ilni. iiiceDien mail.
The Liver
The kidney, are uraani which it la Important feoelt
be kept la gooJ condition, and yet Itvey are oyer
worked and ahued by aeary .verybojy. anUI tkey
become worn uui, clopfd up, or diaeaael. Hood a
SarKapartlla cures ail dllllruiMet witU theae orirana,
rouiea them to nealllir acUon, aad I me. tbe wkole
eiiteit re orKanltm.
"1 bare been aaluc Hood'a garuparlila forfadleea
tlon and liver troable. It bu greatly heaetted BB.,
ai.d I thiak It ia-ntly a.ooda ni -dlcine aa claimed." I
S. Cmmio, chief englaeer Gre dept., Sloalaf. j
tee. Cl j
x. a. If you deelde to take Ilood'l Saraaparula,
do Bat be induced to buy any otber.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Sold by alMrujr tta. fl: ati for el. Prepared eatr
by C. I. H0OI1 & CO., Apotuecarlei, Lowell Maaa.
IPO Doses One Dollar
19 THE
KZtt ill
lDtenal r Xatenai.
HwaatkftllrttaBtl la tha oaly Pals rcnetlf that
fDftautlv itop the moil ezoracfatliMt paiaa, allara
iDflftDimatlon aad curia Couraatlotta, wkctbar of tu
a, unci, a oifiJicn, Bofii, or oilier ffiatwi or
III iwrn
111 Lf.5,I
ill r 1
fualti rely rured byii
ear l.lttie rilia.
Tbey aUo relieve Dw-
tretw from Dyauepaia.ln
digeation aud TooHearty
Katiua. a, uerfect rem -
kedy Cor DIzztoeaa.Naliaea
llrowainem. Bad TaaUM
in the Mouth. Goatedi
1 ongue.tttin in the Side.
1'UKl'lU UVBK. They1
resuute the Uowela.
Purely Veeetable.
Price X& Centt:
Small Pill. Small Dose. Small Price.
No nifcr haw o mm ar rera! Im f h mIi tht
Rheutnat c BelFida-Q, Iirflrm. CtivfJe-l Vervoutv
Maaralffa, or yroatratad V.ta diaeaaea aaay aaf ar,
wUl afdrd
Tblrtf to tlitr dropa In half a tambler of . watat -will
In a few minute euro Cram pa, hpaama. Boar -
flf-macb. Nautaa Vomltlac. PalBlfallom of tba -
Heart. Palntoeat, Hfartbura, Sick Beadacba. Dlaf
rbea. Draentery, Colic, Wld to tba Bowela, aa4 aM a
Ely's Cream Balm
ttsstil ra-mawrlv frtr rthllairtaa
Apply Balmlro each noatrfl.
KLY BROS., 56 arr; SU, S. Y
tataraal paloa.
There la net a remedial agent h the world that
wilt core Fever and Acua, aad all ether Malarioua
llloaa arnt otlitr fe -era aided by Kad way Fllla, a
alck aa Radway' a Heady Relief.
Futiy aaati par K jula. gold by drasgiata
The Best
ID1 SeencH's
Tor Sale by all Drufrgute. Price 25 eta. per box;
3 boxea for 60 cti or actit by mail, rumf&pe frqe, oo
receipt ot price. Dr. J. II. Schenck A. bou, lliilad'a.
The Celebrated Red Oak Cart.
No hore motion, llreaklna
V. O. B. cara Omalia. iiend for Cuts.
Peat Cart on earth.
nn,l Huecd.nR Carta a specially. Price r.2.UU aud
dealer In all lclnda of
Carriages and Harness.
12th and Harney atroeta. Omaha. Neb,
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