The weekly independent. (Lincoln, Nebraska) 1893-1895, September 20, 1895, Image 8

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Business looming.
Merchants are happy.
Prosperity has returned.
All of which is a gold bug lie.
The kids, who are running the
republican party in this county,
do not create much enthusiasm
since they turned the old wheel
horses down. Their boom died a
C. W. Hoxte and Frank D.
Eager are in Omaha attending an
xecutive meeting of the populist
state central committee. Head
quarters will probably open in this
city early next week.
Gov. Holcomb, Acljt. Gen, Bar
ry, with some other members ot
the governor's staff, left Lincoln
for Chattanooga, Tenn., on Tues
day to attend the dedication of the
Chickamauga battle field as a na
tional park.
The largest wholesale drug firm
west of Chicago, the II. T. Clarke
Co., of this city, failed Wednes
day. Liabilities 500,000. The
gold standard is sending the mer
chants one by one into bankruptcy.
They don't like it as well as they
thought they would.
At present writing the oniy
county office! the republicans hope
to elect is their candidate for county
treasurer, and should the pops
conclude to support Mr. Kudge,
the free silver democratic nominee,
they are not so 6iire of success in
that particular.
It is the boast of the "young re
publicans," who manipulated the
late county convention, that the
old liners can go to. "We can
run this machine without their aid
and influence," and inconsequence
of this attitude on the part of the
smart young men the old "patriots"
will not vote with the party ot ap
propriations this year.
The republicans are to open their
county campaign on the 25th at
Hildebrand's grove. Mr. Hilde-j
brand is the rump candidate for
clerk of the district court. In addi
tion to giving the republicans free
use of the grove, he has agreed to
furnish them with 1,000 water
melons. If "Milde" thinks he can
capture any republican votes with
the use of cool shade and water
melons he does not know the na
ture of their appetites.
The attempted penitentiary steal
on the part of Russell & Co., is a
fair sample of republican ring rule
in this state for years. No wonder
the tax burdens are more than the
people can bear. The masses of
the republican party are honest and
for honest government, and that is
what is building up the populisi
party. When they come to think
of how our state, county and city
treasurers have been robbed by dis
honest republican officials, and to
reflect that a gang of republican
ringsters is still determined to loot
the state treasury they are about
ready to bolt. The republican
party in Lancaster, at least, is not
in it ii'.h year.
Mr. IX K. Thompson has a con
tract with the city for lihtin its
streets, with a good snug profit,
lie is a gentleman who does not
manipulate city officials just for
health .The present contract will
soon expire, ami it may be with
little effort the city could gt t truer
It is about time that Khier
tvcnoti iui liH tionastut n pay
...... . '-. . , i
npinai uue we 1 u 1 i,.re V , 1 ti.-u. , -r . M M vo!,- in
it i too late. One bmuNnun , UI kn0 ''jtl,, tountv 1 CI,.r,to,, in li.V
dead, one in the penitentiary. oi.' j c'0 lUl'nt a,,,j whetiCM r it 1 an-1 ,., .,.; j ,.r,. )it.U ,.1
arc insolvent and owe ar.- lul n0mut'J l,Mt M"' W " r' World.
Kood. AmoNK tUlaU.r i !, i:.,ruw,! m M.iwolT TTiu -M 1
Thompson, reputed to U uvtth M other! o.ue, ami the) he ; MsKi,u j,,,
fully Ml milium iIoIUm. 11icv1 au,ch '' !t : .jf: tho t,Trt thai .luU M.m.)
ttty rannut aitoij m U i,u.m ,!'-" ' H not i!no n h 41 j wt), h,, M u. ti! U ;
anj it Utiiix tl..i(t uMuoUtvl,Jay ,me rl' Ti.ryw.ll kn l! l j - to., nil t,. rit U.
h city attorney t Uv.a o , I ' Wht 1 ,tMu9!ly ..p,-,..- ., j,.,!,,,.,
to yratian.l li4!l tia pi. J! " tM w 1 j k.ivl Umhh f,V ,N..'...y tin.
iuiko I he I011 afp..tte.l "IT 1 nu P,,"''- Tht y km.w th j I j h , .'en th Jl l ..n hu muU
Tm t,un.liiiM nCi l,dt f it at. A all Oat ih i.ti-i Uh )l.iui( .. IU ..?.-,!
' -
uirr It I'. I'ihr tul' ;.. I
hriJk;t' ia tin nt iirn
K t.t tttv he n vmcA
llie ), limply lci4j
Tlttiipin 1 tit tho Nn.f
litllit .OV l o i -Vtrt ii,
lrtnin 1 1 I" . ifi i( ., i !
r 1 t ,
All good populists will support
their party papers. One very ef
fective way to do it is to patronize
its advertisers. Look over our
ad columns.
At this writing no official an
nouncement has been made that
ex-State Treasurer Hill is not to
be deputy district clerk in the
event of Sam Low's election.
Judge Holmes gave us a pleas
ant call a few days since. The
judge is an old school mate and
boyhood friend of the writer and
but for his politics is an excellent
For Cornish's friends to accuse
Judge Holmes of making a dirty
campaign and consorting with the
slums is like kettle calling pot
black. As regarding Mr. Holmes
in that respect,, however, we're
from Missouri; as regards Cornish,
we don't have to be shown.
Col. Fred Miller is reported to
be attracting wide attention at
Chattanooga, in uniform, as a
member of Gov. Holcomb's staff.
The Col's, fine form and affable
manners makes him a prominent
figure everywhere. That accounts
in a great measure for his popular
ity as a candidate for sheriff.
"Long" John Trcmpen, the
would-be republican sheriff, was
in town one day this wsek, look
ing desperately disconsolate. The
"kids" who are running the repub
lican machine this year, got around
him to cheer up his drooping spir
its, patted him on the brck, told
him how they were tearing their
linen for him, and after he was
gone they went in and took a drink
on the way they had "worked the
jasper." as they call him.
At the state fair it required seventy-five
men to guard the peace
of the grounds this week,' but at
the Lancaster county exhibit it re
quired 139 men to perform this
duty. The secretary of our county
fair, who is a candidate for county
clerk on the republican ticket, evi
dently had an eye to getting votes
when he worked that scheme.
The republicans for years have
urged the voters, in county cam
paigns to vote for men rather than
party, Now, since they have with
one accord, announced on sundry
occasions that Baker is the best
clerk the courts of this county eve r
had, to be consistent they will all
support Baker.
The Journal lays the foundation
for ballot box stuffing in an item in
last Saturday's issue by claiming
that the school population has in
creased 600 hundred in the last
year. The scores of houses plac
arded for rent does not confirm
that statement. If thechil jren are
here they must roost in the trees.
They are not to be foud in the
empty houses. The colonization
scheme which was worked so suc
cessfully in '94 can't be played
sgain yj.
"God Hates a Coward."
That G. W. Berge, the populist
candidate for county judge rtad
sent a challenge to his opponent,
Mr. S. T. Cochran, to discuss the
political issues of the day, was an
nounced in the last issue of the
lnt rcNUKXT. Mr. Cochran re
fuses to enter into a joint debate, !
giving as his excuse that he dm s
not wish to furnish uudienct-s for
populist speaker j. The egotism
of the replv would mak sulan
blush. It ih as much as to sav,"l,
Mr S T. Cut liran .lru a i,r ire it
' . .
lit Iftl ll.riu Hllil v iM.
II,') know I lii.e ,
I .i i!ilhl.!c "
H 4t l th ih.t 'n v i'l ll.r IV
; . lli.l II in t) ' ( 1 . v - ' n
words are to be taken as the eter
nal truth of God. They think that
if he should by chance say any
thing that was true, it would be
unharmed by criticism. Most of
the citizens think Mr. Cochran has
very slight knowledge of the eco
nomic questions that will be dis
cussed in this campaign and that
he is afraid to meet Mr. Berge
in debate, who as a student of po
litical economy has well prepared
himself to discuss the living issues
of the day, and they generally wind
up with the old quotation, "God
hates a coward."
One thing is certain, whether
God hates a coward or not, the cit
izens of Lancaster county have no
respect for a man who runs away
as soon as the gage of battle is
thrown down. If he cannot de
fend his principles, or has no prin
ciples to defend, running as he is
without a platform, he would get
more votes by making a truthful
What are we todo.
What is thepop'il'st press to do?
Not a populiut paper iu the state
ia to-day receiving a fair living
support. What will heepme of the
party if it does not tupport this
Populist publishers know the
masses of the people are poor, and
sympathize with then iu, their pov.
erty aa do no other class of men in
tins country, They understand the
measures by which intriguers and
traitors and robbers have brought
about this noverty. They have
com; to the defense of the people
with their menus, brains and labor.
Their eclf-eacrificing devotion to
principle and tho up-lifting of op.
pressed humanity has never been
excelled iu history. Why do the
people whom they defend, or for
whoso right of self-government
they fight, starve them to death
and force them to quit th field.
The members of the party must get
out of this must makeup their
minds to support their cause with
their means, or get out of the field.
This is nlain, but it is true. The
Current voice.
'J lie Gold Stainlan'.
There were 2'0 men wanted in
Minneapolis to work on the Missis
sippi dam and promptly 13,000
men applied for the job. Dakota
Cleveland's Money.
Cleveland believes in the kind of
sound money which requires a mil
lion pounds of cotton or eighty
three thousand bushels of wheat to
pay his annul salary of fifty thous
and dollars, while the fifty thousand
dollars which Grant received would
buy only three hundred thousand
pounds of cotton or thirty-three
thousand bushels of wheat. - Silver
A Sound Dollar.
'A dollar and it is a good dollar,
good for the farmer, the mechanic,
the merchant; everybody helps
make it a good dollar? Because
every dollars worth of property in
the t'nited States is behind it, and
the life blood of every true and
lovai American citizen is behind it,
ad that makes it a good dollar."
Jas. (1. Blaine.
Shows ii the Kruuds.
"Populist Hand Book for Ne
braska," by J. A. Edgt-rtou, is
about the fwst thing we have seen.
It shows up the political fraud of
that state is Mich a concise form
that no one who reiid.s it could con
scientiously vote the republican
ticket. Can't some one do a lik
amice for the ptspli of Iowa?
Thrre- is no doubt lots of material
ou whit h to base it.--Farmers Tri
bune. Haw IMe.
The attendance nt a recent ouu ,
lit ui'liiii, nf two iI.hh' tinrntion, )
iu thin ftate. Miiitoiiri, wita from
' 'hr' t eVMl tllotlMttld. lit IV.I'J
i 1 1. .1 ... 1. - .... 1 1 ....
f 4 t i "It tl.tlV ft . I. I 1
lt t!n p4p r It l, !'! I"'
! t i tv p- p'.'.
1 1 i 1,
California Court liar No Sympathy
for Reporter W ho Sham InianltT.
A sad blow at "journalistic enter
prise" has been dealt by aa unfeeling
Judge in California. An ambitious
young reporter oa the Los Angeles i
Herald, who had wearied of ordinary '
assignments, conceived the idea of win
ning fame by getting up a sensation. So
he feigned insanity, was brought be
fore the court for examination, was
pronounced a eubject for the asylum,
and was sent to the state institution at
Highlands. After staying long enough
to get material for a good "story," he
wanted to get out, but in order to se
cure his release, was obliged to tell tho
whole story of his deceit. The judge
who had committed him cited him to
appear to answer the charge of con
tempt of court, and sentenced him to
pay a fine of $200 or eerve 100 days in
jail. The Judge accepted the plea that
no disrespect for him personally had
been intended, but explained that con
tempt of court was not an offense
against the peison of the judge, but
against the government, because it is
an unlawful Interference with the or
derly administration of Justice by the
tribunals created for that purpose. In
this case the reporter, by deceit, had
caused the machinery of Justice to be
set la motion. Involving considerable
public expense, aad when brought be
fore the court acted In a disorderly and
insolent manner to induce the court to
make an Improper and Illegal order.
The Judge proceeded to express these
views upon the plea that a Journalistic
criminal ought to be treated more
leniently than one not In "the profes
sion." "Possibly from the standpoint
f a reporter, such conduct may seem
right and proper. It is possible even
that in some quarters an attempt to
deceive a court of Justice, and by de
ceit to procure an improper and illegal
order an order Involving the expendi
ture of considerable public money, and
resulting in the sending of a sane man
to an insane asylum may be looked
upon as legitimate Journalistic enter
prise. I hardly think, however, that,
upon sober second thought, any citizen
would so regard it. One who embarks
upon such an enterprise an enterprise
which Involves a violation of law, an
enterprise which involves the commis
sion of a public offense must abide the
The Circulating Htdium That a Tra
eler Found in Mexico. '..:" i
Here is an amusing account of a
traveler who went many years ago to
Mexico, and found the natives using a
strange kind of currency. Says he: "In
one of the small towns I bought some
limes, and gave the girl one dollar In
payment. By way of change, she re
turned to me forty-nine pieces of soap
the size of a small biscuit. I looked
at her in astonishment, and she re
turned my look with equal surprise,
when a police officer, who had wit
nessed the incident, hastened to inform
me that for small sums soap was legal
tender in many parts of the country.
"I examined my change, and found
that each cake was stamped with the
name of a town and of a manufacture
authorized by the government. The
cakes of soap were worth three farth
ings each. Afterwards, in my travel, I
frequently received similar change.
Many of the cakea showed signs of hav
ing been in the wash-tub; but that I
discovered was not at all uncommon.
Provided the stamp were not obliterat
ed, the soap did not lose any value as
currency. Occasionally a man would
borrow a cake of a friend, wash his
hands, and return P with thanks. I
made use ot my pieces more than once
in my bath, and sucsequently spent
them." Harper's Roun I Table.
He Stood Higher.
Mrs. Bellefleld (to her daughter) Mr.
Dukane is over head and heels ia lov
with you, dVar.
Miss Bellefleld So is Mi. Caswell,
Mrs. Bellefleld But you must remem
ber that Mr. Dukane is six feet UU,
while Mr. Caswell is only about Qv
feet seven in height.
The Cause of Popu-j
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