The American. (Omaha, Nebraska) 1891-1899, September 01, 1899, Image 8

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THE WANDERING JEW, ''' ' u t ,r .... . u.. nm .r ir.
I . i !.., j-' . 1 it t I S t"l " ll. t'Mji r h It l
' ' ' " it, l k a 1 . ,
(muc, tut I I ,'!! I ! Ii i I i Mit , 'jmi II'f f
j u ii f tlt n It t h , l)t"', tl'i . j 1 1 it in f, ul ti ltt, !f l
it' H ii.jj ft ! !,, 14 jsiij ji ,s;t 4 It l, ,f ,,,!,. i..
' !c iiM " ( I J !i t ti-U( ljUi initi -nflni ttl , f f i lit
' I li'MI j !(. t' , jltli I lift 0 H BfH'llitt .,
' ), h . In-: .m'' mil
1 I'" t i l-'ttl, I'M I'WI," Ml I
j . r, !ii Ii fin 'I 1 1 j. t.w r,
' fi cin I lie iH 'f llif lii I k 1 1 i in
- -
t IIVHlli I . I V
1 lit ll 4 I'Ulli.i' lli? I 'J "
f I A I ml Ii;' i I iih
liililt I ! I ill !l H lill'l.
Hp it tm til, m l I1 i!'Mtti.i . i
rnol for U.r l.i I Im i , llii
III l!n m all lln i.mii in w Ii i!i
III Urt I'll l!l' tf it
Minor-, llit i-jti'iiim; a a pin
ll'i It'll Y (I tlllll lull alUMI)
Milium, wlthll liitl.lh lllttt(.
r I llu1 . iiw , (In n ullirr .i
HlllliV Url of 'lilU, ;'l,l Wits
lixnl nt ii ili'tniHi' v( two nr
llino lin In Iroin I lii lulling In
Mopiih. Tlit' rui'iii, wliirlt
ljiliiirt n lliin'i;li litis win
il nv, mi (lirntigti wltioli llif
ftiint l;lit w iimv rinliiiillv
Kpi "it( iu, was rii lily fiiniinl.oil.
ItflwiM-ii two whitlow, Ihiiij;
with crimson villi tin luiiii,
stood it kind of wuriliolii', with
u KiDliug glass front; ojinitfl
tin lili'jihu'O, in which gluwrit
the hunting coulu, vus it lung,
wido ilivun, fuinifhi'il wild
c u m 1 1 i 1 1 m .
' III iiimt tier hcooikI a woniiui
tiiiloicil thi.i tint'iit. J lor
face hiiiI figure were invisible,
licing HTiiiiei in along, huoileil
iniintle, of peculinr form, ami a
tliirk color. The M;;ht of the
inuntle inmlo Diulina start. To
the pleasure he lit first felt tun
ccedeil a iVverUli nnxiety, like
'the growing fumes of inloxicii
lion. There was thut htiniigv in his cuts which we
experience when wo plunge into
deep waters. It was in a kind
of delirium that lj:ilma lookci
mi ut what wii pustdiig in tlie
next room, The womnii who
hitd jimt nppeiired, enteral with
cimiloii, almoHt with feur. Iruw.
iug iisidi) one of the window
curtains, fcho ghinceil througl
the cliiwoil hlinds into the street
Then nli ii returned h iwly to the
liro-phice, where ulio utood fur a
niomont pensive, mill carefully
eiiveioped in her imititle. Cum
plotely yielding to the influence
of the vapor, which deprived
him of his preseui o of iiiitnl
forgetting Fariiigliea, mid nil
the circiinuluiK on llmt had lie
e.oinpanicd his arrival at this
hmiHo Djaliuii concentrated all
the powers of his attention on
the spectacle Inline lnni, at
which ho scented to he present
m in a dreuin,
Suddenly Djnlma saw th
womuu luavfl tho flrivphicu and
itdvaiwio luwurdl the looking
glass, Turning her face to
wards it, she allowed the mantle
to glide down in her feet. Djitl.
ma was thnuflerntriii k, lie saw
lh fanii of Adrionne de (!urdo.
ville. Yes, Adrienne,fis ho hud
on her the night before, ut
tirod at during her interview
with tho I'rlncessdo Huint-Dii-ior
the light grten drtss, the
rose-colored ribbjii, tho white
held ornaments, A network of
white heals conennled her hack-
hair, mid harmonized admira
bly with tho shining gold of her
ringlets. Finally, as fur us tho
Hindoo could judge through the
railing and the thick glass, and
in tho faint light, it was tho
figure of Adrienne, with her
marble shoulders and swan-like
neck, so proud ami so graceful,
In n word, ho could not, he did
not doubt that it was Adricuno
do Cuidoville, I)ja!ma was
bathed in a burning dew, his
di.y excitement increased, iind,
with blood. shot eye and heav
ing bosom, he remained motion,
less, ga.iug almost without the
power of thought, Tho young
lady, with her buck still turned
towards Djalma, arranged her
hsir with graceful art, took oil
Vt Itlt't III ItMsJ hl !'!!
drlillllll, llH tllii Wind.
Mie t ( p. t iu A i; i i i I ii
Itsil lmti, In r . cr," ji h'i'l
like ii ll Hue if tilrt liiiiuili tin
lliiiiiiilid bi'ntl uf the piiiiie
A rl'Mtd i'f hlniid i itiiii' over hi
eyes, he iittrii d tt hollnw grmm,
whl h the llm kiii M nf the glass
presented from being heard in
the liexl rnnm, and broke his
nails in at templing to tear down
the i t on railing brfme the win
dow. Having reached this parox.
ysm of delirious rage, ljulma
saw the uncertain light grow
still fainter, its if it had been
discreetly obi cured, and,
through tho vapory shadow that
hung brfore him, he perceived
tho young lady 'ctunsing, clad
in a long while (Jresiing-gown,
and with her golden curls tbmt
ing over her naked arms and
shoulders. She advanced can
tiously in the direction of n door
which was hid from Djalmu's
view. At this moment, one of
the doors of tho apartment in
which the prince was concealed,
was gently opened by an invisU
bio hand, ijalma noticed it by
tho click of the lock, and hv the
current of fresh air which
streamed upon his face, for he
could see nothing, Tho door,
left open for Djalma, like that
In the next room to which the
young lady had drawn near, led
to a sort of antechamber com
municating with the stairs,
which some one now rapidly as
(ended, and, stopping nhort,
knocked twice at the outerdoor.
"Here come Agrieola liau
doin, Look mid listen!" eaid
tho same voice that the prince
had already heard.
Mad, intoxicated, but with
the tixed idea nnd reckless de
termination of a madman or a
drunkard, I'ja'madrow tho dag
ger which Kiirlnghea had left
in his possession, and stood in
motionless expectation. Hardly
were the two knock heard he.
foro the youeg lady quitted the
apartment from which streamed
a faint ray of light, ran to the
dour of tho Htairense, so that
some faint glimmer reached the
place where Jtjalma itood
watching, his dagger in his
hand, He law the young lady
pass nuros the antechamber,
and approach tho door of the
staircase, where the said In a
whisper : "Who in there?"
"It is I Agrieola natidoiu,"
answered, from without, a man
ly voice.
What followed was as rapid
as lightning, and must bo con
coived rather than described,
Hardly had tho young lady
drawn the bolt of the door,
hardly had Agrieola Uaudoin
stepped across the threshold,
than Djulma, with tho bound of
a tiger, stabbed as (it were at
once, so rapid were tho strokes,
both the young lady, who fell
dead on tho floor, and Agrieola,
who sank, dangerously wound
ed, by the side of the unfortun
ate victim, This seme of mur
dcr, rapid thought, took place
in the midst of a half obscurity,
.Suddenly the faint light from
tho chamber w completely ox
tinguished, mid a second after,
njalmn felt his orm seized in
tho darkness by un iron grasp,
and the voice of I'aringboa
whispered ; "You are avenged,1
l.i ii li leii , id r c! u me d,
to bl ndiuii.ili hi nf 1 1 p in i .
(ie ).. r f I' gltl, tlitil the
wl I Nn I, I k bid I'l l ii the
'i Ini of lli lnl Mini ptuje. I be
then olitfiil) I lie I, II .14 tlml
i Ii in e bud brought to the mind .
the If iitiMiihrnni e of the m f,. !
liionn ntbtir of the diamond
uei klaif in h h ii h a wuiiinii.i
thanks o her toeinblame to
lureti Muiie Antoinette, being
illcrd like that prince., an I,
favored by llie iim ertaluty of a
twilight, had played so skilfully
the pail of her unfortunato sov
ereign, as lo make the Cardinal
I'llnee de lb. ban, Ihough famil
iar with tho court, the complete
dupe of th illusion. Having
once determined on his execra
ble design, llodiu had sent Jac
ques I'umouliii to Hainte. Co
lombo, without telling him tho
real object of his mission, to
link this experienced woman to
procure u lino young girl, tall,
and with red hair. Once found,
a costume exactly resembling
that worn by Adrienno, and of
which tho l'lincess do Saint
Di.ier gavo tho description to
Kodin, (though herself ignorant
of this new plot), win to com
plete tho deception. The rest is
known, or may be guesied, Tho
unfortunate girl, who acted us
Adrienuo's double, believed she
win only aiding in a jest. As
for Agrieola, ho had received a
letter, In which ho was invited
to a meeting that might bo of
tho greatest impoi taiii o t o
Mdllo. de Cardoville,
to wc conti.mjkp.J
Knowing to what extent disease
has attacked the human race
and also knowing that Catarrh,
Ulicumatism, Consumption, Fe
vers, riicumoiilit, Tonsolitis, Di
ubclU, Hrights Disease, (Joughs,
SIccjdesiiicsH, and other dreaded
complaints can bo overcome
and driven out of tho ryslem
without tho use of medicines
and while you sleep, I have
taken tho agency for the instru
ment which I am willing to
guarantee will cure any of the
above named diseases, Its
name is the "Oxygenor King";
its price is Jr.',". Money will bo
refunded if instrument fails to
do us advertised, when lustruc-
tioim are followed and on sur
render of tho "Oxygenor," It
is practically "No euro, no pay."
If you siill'cr, let me sell you an
"Oxygenor King,"
40th and (2 rand ave, Omaha,
Is hi p b Rhni m time iil
be A pet m M.m kbi hit tt' Inert
io ; f the Al ii I ii mi Siblthing
C.onpsuj, hI ,ii i-!.. e if l.
oinp mv. I ' I T 1 1 . f f I Mn rt,
Unitiba. Nib, nt I oYli.i k I", M,
on S pl I '.ib, I v', f -r tit pur.
pee f tdt ling II liimtibrt of ll e
luirtld nf illle, .it . i n ,n -,t
i , mi I w Hiding tip lb albilM
'f.ud t'lO tpinv, an I sdlliug
tiaitha, Nidi, Aug lllhjv.i!'.
M. I, .(K,
It SreieldTV,
rttict: i.isi in. iiimik.
filly Visr In lh" f'buMi of
Hum.', 1 1 Int hi by lt.iv. Chart
riiiniijuy , i00
Tin I'riesi, Hi Wiiniiin sml tli
Ciinfi'NNloniil, irlulh) liy Iter,
i'htrlns ('liliili)iiy IO0
KoiiiaiiIkiii ami llm ltnitilli,
Irh.lhl It... . J. IjtnHlim ,.,.$I.U0
lliitiirtiilwin hiiiI t he ltfncitutliii,
I'lultil !(. (lulni'M 1.00
lininit or Attii'rlra, W'hlrli, (liotlij
Her. John ('. Christian 109
( niiv.'tit I .ifo, (eloth) by Uilith
(I'dormnn ...... 1.25
lii'.'iU of lnrknM, li'lolh) by
Ukv. J. (J. Whit 1.23
IMiiln llotne. Talk, (cloth) by
lr. FimiU 1.80
Ksmnntlia at HaratoRt, (cloth)
Jinlali Allen's wlfu .'0
For sale by
HIIKIIII'K'H HAI.K.-lly vlrluo nf mi
nr.l.'r uf tut l.i mi ili.rri'.' of furwloaiiri- of
miiiiikiiki Inkii.'iI mil of tin' I Hft ii. t 'nut I
fur IioiikIiik Ciiiinly. Ni'l.rHkn. m nil In
inn ilirm O'il, I will, mi tin I'.nh .luy nf
Hi'ili'liitM'r, A. 1!, ill It'll o'cliM'K A.
M, nf citlil iliiy, Hi IIih ininl frmil ilnor
nf Ih ('iiillilf Cniirt IIiiiih.., (ll tlin 1 1 y
nf ninuliii, liinmlim I'iiiiiiI)', N.'lirimkii,
Ni'll nt imlillr uui'linii In llm IiIkIh-hI ,i
ii. r fill' in n It, III). iini.rly d"rlllii"l In
kiiIiI nt'lnr if ttitln ii fiillnw. iii-wli: 'rim
i'iihI fiirly-four III fl, i In ) fwl mill flv
Inrlii'H nf tin. Hiiiilh otm liiiiiilrail mi l
.-ii I y -il k Ii I ll;i fi. iiml fi lit.) fill Iivh
Itii'lii n nf Int vi-rt ("I In Jnlifnt'iir ii'l'll
linn in Hit. illy nf Oimimt us mtrvfyi'il,
f.l.iili'l iiml ffi'iirili'il, ii 1 1 Hllniiii'il In
I'iiiimImh riiimly iini Mint nf Ni'Iiiuhkii, irnnrly In li ttnlil lo milliify
'Ii'iiimk M. llriinl, iiliilnllff IikipIii, lint
iltit nf f mi r llimntiiMil inn' M'liilrml iiml
Itriy-ilxlil iiml 4.1-imi lIll'.Hti ilnliiiin
JmlKtiii'iil licri'ln with Inli'tpta lln'rinin
nl On. nun of I'lwlit in, iit ci'itl i .it n ii
iiiiiii until iml'l fr urn Mny Inl, l'i. Tn
nill.ify lint fiiilht'T mini nf run. Iniii'lrnl
lill'l I'lKhl lllnl l.'l-lllll H'rHII!) it'll III i
lni'tlli-r Wltll nririlllllf t'linltt, iii'Cnr'l
Intt In H Ju'Ikim..h r"tni'rpi l v lint
IHnOIiI ('unit nf ulil'l IiiiIikIiim I'liiinly,
nl 1 1 m M.ty li'irn, A, I'., !!, In n i'mOiIii
in linn linn ii ml iliiT" iii'ii'iliiit, wln'ri'lfi
fli'oran M, f.rnfit l iilitlitllff una CmnS
.V Clnrltii, l, fi, llnliltiirK, HrM Mfnl rmil
ii ii mi' unknown ml Mm. - Onlillierif,
ihh w in, iiMt ii ml ri n I niitim unKiinwii,
Aiilnii f.iiranri ihhI Miny I.hihiii, IiIh wir,
W nliiT MnlHi. ninl .Minnli' M"l, hia wlf"
inn iii ri'iiiiiini.
iiiiiiiI'.h, Ni'liniBhii, Aiikhi'I It'll, lK.
JiOIN W, Mi'lniNAI.n,
H'iitIIT of ImiiKliiit 'niinly, Nlirndltn.
W. A, H A I N I !;!( K. Alliiriipy,
(Irmii vit, I'lmki. i-l nl, I me, fi, No, ?,?,),
rciiv? Oiiiaha wry Vr'nhiy via Col
orado Hiriri(fs and Hemic Routt.
Those Ksfiirafuns Car ar atfarliod
o I'ast I'asumjfer Trains, aofl thtir
Mijnilarlly i pvltlcnie that w ofTrr tho
Writ fur handsome Itlner-y which
Iflvos fnlt In form a I ion and tnap,
nr fr, For cttplle Information,
ralos and brrth rrvatlun your
local fnl or addrM ll. E. MstLtOU,
"FIFTY YRArt IN '1H CllimOM A, J, l' Topi ka, Kan ,
OF "OMK," by Rar. Cbas Cblol- IAUV ..., n .
fjuyj cloth, 10fl, i vnn ptrmj i ion, , y, n vnicagg.
(U Y WW Ul"'n Ti'rFWHM KIIS nl Die Trans-MUs.
VJVfljlJ it I Vj I A J i .,lt. ItiMtsllltai.
Its Easy Writing:
If it a IllkkcnsJcrfi-r No, 0.
Tin favorite with a il.iisfsef
opomtofs who dslre a iiinple anj wjy
fti.d litnf ,
More "Itll.ks" In uw urnong lows nnj N
bMik.i iiews,ir tli.m nil tli ftt nf thr H'si
inai-niiifs tDtfrthrr. I he only lyivwrld-r on
in trt.irKri tiusng wnrK that
IJ nt a ponuLtr rrlr.
Ili A Kys, nf ts Ouiriicint and l.ottcrs;
Pnrl.llil ftilir lilni. I. nt Vim ti.... u.i,l.
' I -".''., "... I uiiinii Willi kiiw, 1,'J--..- 'r'.
i niiifa and MfiniliiiiJit fmrladly.-u carbon Jf v. . i V 3
topi" '"'l'" MHy takan at one wriiniK, T H ;' i A
Only out firu-p(n.f nrt. On ten day ap- vV,iUX -rr?J
jirnyni to any responsiuis man in Iowa or pJcirasua. v NVA , V"-r-.
iiimni nni, I Jr I
004.910 Main Slrwt. DVUVQUE. IOWA. Ili V
- . IT' I J
.Tho Standard Cyclopaedia of Useful Knowktej
ir rivw vul.umji.ij
!2ft1 PrtEial ft! llnmUomc llliitrilioti "
a. tt fttx
. - - , fi 'WSHMiSSBi
j 1 1
ii in nun Rirr. cimti. I
t f H k M I
-- - - - of - 4
"i t'M 4
t I: t '-4 H' 'H IV '4
i iiii M'Ms M tn- hum,
tl tr. -S.. M t
fv. 4 --' trt
Mif -t t-t .'',
III., 41' !-'f''H - i,-rf
! ' .. . f
hV. Vi" t i -" t"
,L,hlll ,, .,. t trl iM. It Mti't
tt' pM " ( M'sf
n .-.. 1 1 tl If I M
rVT". A". . - .kl K..I imii. mtr II -! r
..1 I....;,..- lT, l.:rm.
. ' 4 if. HIVM ll t'"it M
I ..i,i, tkii it I- M ttli"tn "I n- H i
,,. , i..t ! im .I' ll r...mM ! M
I.., I. ...; a..tiii.4 in.i "''"'"I
,1 ,i ll,. h .i.i. tn l "Ml wn"" !2V11
,.l..tW. -ifli.Mlh. tH'kl. ." "..""' -"'!
n in m
hlntIM 'iilt,trtf n
- " - - uih iriiiiii,ii'ins-
" 4 'lil .Bt,iB.iin f llilni mt "7", ...i H..1 nil.l illiln lh tiwo
Ttilrty-a lata I
Wftftrr! mni,hf mH pht fMt brty mfiM ftr4f, MfUf tl rHr nf uhlrli
r I t'Ulnf li fat nl ItiMt, Ill-Mi l-i li - f frfii "liOnK 1hi- lg HI 11.4 f tla ff HlftAlIf Itfi Clt
rh. but l-r in nttn.l ihnt tw m Vm rfc rvvn M nfflrtp vilt ifr nlh ti lurMitM(i of th
rinilng r lis tiittra Man nf-r-'l lf ri'f.ailil .tihilui !." m-linai imihiof y (
nl ttif'!! riHi( tiituvr uj'MD iuoU tttiui m bvw tf, lb fviiuwmg r tut IttlM l tli m
ft-irtika tfri ;
fr (MMafaf't trH, fit tNBl Jff A IMI'ImbI
H'tnt'inim ifk, Hiwh vlmltH.
f'aaW nmM0 fmt I hi kVUM. A I'aWlt W"tl irf Jfll lt
fjif fntri ) ufofi niwtr ili W flluM'i4m4,
fU Amt lmmi, Ut tilir trf " Ut Wi. (I
4nll Cuttri." Ohii -Mitiail Ut Mi ix'iniUr wp4m't.
tmmt, hp Mtm ti. H AWlrr, I'mtUInf Htital )m rller f.ffc
T ' - thn V IMrw Tlw. ttntlM Irtlll H4 Mn
ttatl nf )mnna aril maytat Atnftli-aMfl
fto Irmr t Uttmftt ItlMnrp. I'ufiUMt lrtrMllrtff rlMi ilfrflwH
rfirrMtil'l tir llliwlt ftlifrti, tf hilitfiiiw ImhI, MhU,
nhi tl'l Ihfttrl,
T fty s ( xiiw Nv Mr WftlUr Mttrtl, (hit if lit mmt
lit at M Mma at at i)tn.
XtwiMaa irf'Vtf ("Mfw. Vttl'ttflttM, Wi1lltt AHflltof
MriM, Hlftfi'U Orlln fth I KiiH(Bl I'raitUOt'MS,
jlpnlrrt4 A-arlk'ter, A ')! li'Mim mw lk , Ii lit Millitrf
of " lit- Mim mifntn'M fM(a." " Hlti i-i('l," !.
I m f.if 4 ft Fmr A tfl rtf IJ t-n 'i tttfiti, ituwKif
'lark tM trf It IP) Mr il 'lit, f'af f rtrt
Mihv irt flWn tttth, A 'il fir n'lHf M Uf ,
7V "'41 Afor-rMff. A N'ial, (If ' M tt. Klau'tt,
,t yfw a i'tf, Nr M't, Hftr '(
3 fy Ari I r4m, A M"fi, My It, U aMMftt
lff taaw A Wntff, Hv f llkl I'tilll.,.,
ia4r4af a JU AtoMMfi, A ttiiWrl LMI
Jlnrrlafw f. A W"ta, Hih (Vrtiwtf
4 I'irtvaaraykf I A ft"l. H ML Ahftl tUwwU.
Iitti w, Ih tuththmnm Hit, knitl Mr N I l'l4h
4 is f ? A h"l M Mlt 4VII Hftf'
faf4W "-, A fc'iftj, Mt I ItKtli.lla M NIM,
Ihrnrf A.fti A H', Mf M' "
(M a f Iffth; A N'i By Mfli l'ittnv,
Ma A K,.t fly Ma.y I'-. II May.
4 4 "m,,4 Dtwa A """'. Hr Wl-tf M c.M.
4 IniMsaMrf Htrt, A H'"t. Mt MtC 4(tii ..l.rt,
tht klrttht4 H-ihh4 A Mllla kt Mtta-lt rnftV,
tajrttf $m.,h4, 4 H-(-tl lilfHfl
Mfaif I lilt; A Jl "!. Hr ('!'"' M fit
t'rrt mt Ik frwftH A dt). Iy Wild I ruMllia,
lttlk liimuht-, Amtftt A h1t Mr M l.tlt
nni tm Matf, A tt i"tH Mtahna WlftUf.
Hm-vrtt iirtmp, A Hi', fly llll
T. r V th, tl Mml: A Nf-I fly MU W. Fwc,
MlaalHtf, A Hot) ft rr Mtyl'all Mty
4 ssrti ft'trlnif. A ftxt'l fr Mftifa1
4 "fH 'rfr A Nrl fir Aitui 'Uttmu,
f'fafiW"i A t'latft 4hmi.
Ttifttiv ) .r ftiMUb-'l lnrmt( rmfhl.t r,un. tiiiuy -.f tritin !tfi(Uf.inlr Il1nrtrt.1, ft-1 tiiAtf
r ! im u-1 ffiiti i"r. M'li bviiwi tn- on t .f, I (ri Lucii ftuntiii a ihi'tMU. n t Uai
Bufl tr oifiwf wi-rti Iff t wall fcfi.iwu un l "..uUf iUMr, jHiMi-ji-'f III lit ri'liti)t 't I fini f-r-ji v fif i.r
tntm t' 9 ft litttf (''"'fn'i-iii, i in iint ,irN imritiiMr nf ixiVfU vt unh Imtwi luputUmr hi tm
Ii'h.H, tit rff H-irflM awl IU '! wnu Ami r ii p il It .M-fit, t-u; vt tl. i-r Un, ttitlM
iiflw rrn mtvn, vr t-ziy ii'Mistra ir tun p"t itj i
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Mrs Henry WiH
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By Popular Authors.f
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The American, Omaha..