The American. (Omaha, Nebraska) 1891-1899, December 23, 1898, Image 5

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"'' I ! Mt44 ta t
ttt-tM t
' H ' ! I I -.!.! -.,-,, k ,
' ' ' tll I t'l a , III! ,1
' " I, . ,,. . H , , , . ,,, ,,,. ,
"t ., , ,, ,,,, ,
f ' I tr(( ..,l f..f
' " "-' . ft a ha
' ' ' ' ti-mi, t.i,i nMtii!.i,m "
" t i. H, , hi, , l.f
W I Wtt,,,. m than if ih
' ih ih,t it i aM; rt..
t"f tittrt,,tf Mill rtrte Wh.l
4 ttinn fimn it. war 1M
'P.f'a t a' .. . Oral," intilinur I
If'H'.pihl WlUtttt "lit r.ttt'ittlitn
' M l.f the Intra idHi
l tlutlut Mi fur
iiaire it, th mm wM.h. wne h.t.1
. at . . . . .
' ran in in war
P9 H aihiioii timr. hn
i hi f,i,taMi,.i, ill r w e tihlp
rtindfi unit nf Hir mii (iiii.l.i l
frtllret Hi. m-Mm) ft,r ai (I,,,.. ,
Mi itiilt IK., of trin-e ilpln (Imp n f
! Ilul Hi , nuMiii .a f )),, j,,.
note i,im l frin frmn the rtli
iiiil to rri a ,,tin,ih m firi mate
T an or nrrkr i.n the In don. Fur
line he phi If fir.). Inn Die tirglntiUig
r th war, with H mil for mm. mt
f'learr In Wmihlnmon on th till hunt
tor a roinn.lMlon. II tu fold that
tie Would have In ii h n, an rxamlna
Inn, but ttilM wan no Imitirar to him
for if there ever waa a man at th
mademy who waa alnnta on the mental
leeta It wan Dili aami Cleary, Th old
retired offltera who were Hiving thu
manlal tenia flrd qurMlon afur quo
Hon at Clcary, but ha aimwrd Ihxm
aa promptly and aa accurately an if ha
had Jiiat coma from i InMroom. Final
ly ba waa ankM what ha would do If
h wara tha maatar of a ahlp and tha
cry of 'man overboard' wera to ha
fclen, Oary told ihem Juki what ha
would 4, and, If anything, tha anawer
waa better than tha ona Klvrn In tha
manual, inia led ona of tha axamin
rt to aay. 'Why, Mr. Cleary, that la
ra!ly very good! What hind of aar
vl? bava you been In that you bava
aurh oiportunltle for iiln thene rulaa
for ntvlcatlonT' And Cleary replied
'Well, ! alwaya did Ilka that aectlon of
rulea when 1 waa Mudylng In tha
aeademy and noma way or other It
lun to ma. Ona day laat aurumar,
4urln ona of tba hotteat daya I aver
aaw, tha frlhtar on wbleb I waa aerr
Ing waa on Ika 8uerlor, Ritddenly
(bar rama a cry of 'man overboard,1
and bNkln over tha rail I aaw that
oar laat keg of haer had accidentally
gna Into tha laka. Oenllemen, that
fwt keg of beer waa of mora valua to
than noma of tha Uvea on board and
w bad to aava It.' Cleary draw a as
fifor lleiitenant'a commlaalon,"
ThnniM Hit ton yMi (handlae
Hsrrta m4 Other UhU.
Wttb oaw aronomm Idea, with an
vr-1norealng development of h'it
natural raaourrea, with mora fleilbla
Induatrtal ayatani, a mora rational at
fltuda toward manual labor, and mora
nlla"Mnd matboda of public aluca-
tlon, tbara baa coma a literary Jnaplr-
affon Impoaalbla hefnra, and tha yr
1170 baa mora than mada amend for
tha year IUX0, aaya tha Huwanoa K
vlaw, Tba worda whb h Hldney Uner
wrota to bfa wlfa In 1170 may ba taken
aa reflecting tba nw anarglaa of tha
tlma: "Day by day , , , a thou
aand vital alementa rill through my
aoul, Day by day tha aacret deep
tore gatbar which will praaently dla
play tbamaalvaa lo banding leaf and
waxy petal and In uaeful fruit and
grain." Hardly wara theaa word wrlt
Um bfora Irwin fluaaall opened a nw
provlnca to American literature by bla
aklllful delineation of negro rharao-
tar. Two yeara later Maurlra Thomp
aon la ballad by Iogfellow aa "a new
and original alnger, freah, joyotia and
trn." In 1178 Kidney Unler attain
national fame by bla poem on "Corn
and tha all vw ot Ufa that remained
fo blm wara to ba filled with burnt of
ImparlahaMa aong. In 1074 Joal Chan
f!r Harrla anneied tha trovlm
which Irwin Ruaaell bad dlacovarad,
and "Unci Ramua" nuletly aaaumad
plaia In tha world'a lltaratura ot
bomof and folk-lora navar Oiled until
than. Two yttrM later Mlaa Murfraa,
better known aa Charlea Egbert Crad
4ork, t all tha magaxlna reader
wondering at thagenlua that could And
literary matarlal In tha IHIterata
motintalneera of Raat Tnneee, Tha
darada eloaed with tba appearance In
lltratnra of Oeorg W, Cabla, whoaa
"OrandlMlme" la ranked by not a faw
Title aa ecrnd only to tha ".Icarlet
IetUir." Tha next decade wltnaaaad
tha advent d Thoma Nalaon l're of
Virginia and Jame Una Allen of Kan
tacky, Mr, I'aga'x "Mara Chan" and
"Men !dy" not only preantd tha
relation of maeter and alava In a nw
light, but furnlahe at tba aama tlma
expo of tha latent, though perhapa
nnlatentlonal, Injuntlce of "(,'ncia
Tom'e Cabin." Tba hlatorlral valu,
to tba aoutb of atorlea Ilka the, to
aay nothing ot their literary charm,
rannot ba eaally overraUd, Mr, Allen,
la bla "Blua-Oraaa fteglon of Kentuc
ky," added another tta to tha aoutb
arn literary anion, and aprea4 a charm
of atorled pt over a region that
bad long ago lad Utnrf Ward flaecber
to aay: "Hereafter to ma tha twenty,
tbfrd Paalm aball read: 'Ha makatb
ma Ha down In blua-grai paature.'
Hoarainf en 4 f,llaa;,
Drufman: ,"I bava been boarding 19
pwi." Ray man: "Then you don't
know what It la to bava a horn."
frrufman: "Oh, yea I do. It waa when
I bad boma that f didn't know what
K waa to bava ona," Roxbury aaaatt.
Tha War,
CBle-Ah, It'a tha way of tba world.
Wa navar atraw flower on ft man'
rrava till ba'a dead.Hobokan Hoodoo,
at,att aa-Mi.
i-,t , ., .4 (, l a
,, , l i, ( (I, ,ih ion f lit
' i !. t M a ft" I a'l
' t al l :.' oil
t l.H f,, ,1, .t t, p., ),a
ttH VI, I , tj (i,((!lt t fc.,..l j
l , 1,1 I 1 1 (,,lt
' n n4 l. r... ... Ihit
vi ,f , ,,.,!,, Hi I'llal'iao
t ll :). i , .! tiMKd it tie
. r, M,, Mnr l.fh,.M
r '! . ,, f !,,,, iHat ,h
wiiisi ta i rin iih,i! . !,.. a a
t. hi if h. ,ti,r ,,t the m
""a t.f lit rria'liHrnt ht rna'-le M
b v Iht-m H. f 1 1. f IP
I IV e ff. k liiM a?
'a'Mni in the t.. t it t,mt in Mil
a. h rllV l,e (, I',,. i ,ur i.
UHlrv In dunlin .i. , i , (be .!!
i r.iiiirUi.n tnann H e ti imN r l
hula t,e flirt aii.I lli atm aha lrn
'loan h finer l.iru klin liilr-r
Irre With hi-r I'IIiiii.!siii ie i-haae
W a
a l m -i i
.,. s- i. i t
N UI V" -s UI M I't.
I VhlM
i i i, t
I vl' !' ....(
I - . . I
it- , ll. .
Itt WmM't Irlffh-.KM.
It la rnlliimlP.1 l,,il l, ,,ul num
(r nf .l-plume m '..,! of the
hole wnild anmiitii in a'nmt I fiOii.iM'ii
The t'nlled KiaIp aiattiU al tha (
wlih im,mm, Then follow (irrmany
with IRU.imio autti'rllMta; Ureal llrltaln
with 75.nMi; Hwliii-rland, with
Frame, with 8,1,0(M); Aiietrla-llungary,
with Srt.OOO; the vaet Itnaalan empire
with only IH.oimi; Hcanillnavla, Id.omi;
Iipnmaik. with; Italy, M.nofl;
Holland and Kpaln, i-mh 12.000; IM
alum, ll.non; Japan,; I'ortugal,
I,tueinlimirg, Australia, earh 2.000,
Hwima.ila, 400; llulgnrla, 300, It will
b en that there la atlll plenty of
room for exiiinaloti. Thera ara many
rountrlea where tho tel.ihfln la atlll
quite unknown,
Mnl Utility,
Mlaa Aaenatb' la "getting
along In "yeara," a fart which aha la
unwilling to Accept. She wear very
youthful clothea; In fact, he ha ben
deacrlbod by a waRglab neighbor a
"aheep dreaaed lamb-faahlon," And
aometlmea when tho world puahea her
Into tha niche whera It thlnka aha be
longa, Mlaa Aaenatb rebela. Ona day
aha waa talking merrily with ft party
of young glrla, Her cheeka were pink
and her llttlu curia fluttering. Bha
laughed ft great deal, "O Mlaa Aae
natb," at laat exclaimed ona of the
glrla, Innocently, "how gay you must
bava bn!" "Hava been!" rpatd
tha lady. Indlitnantly, "Hava been!
Well, Id hava you know I'm not
centurion yet!"
On Woman' Way,
"Speaking of womnn with aavlng dl
poaltlona," aald Dlxmyth, "my wlfa'a m
a ! all by heraelf." "How uoT
q'lerlH hla friend Hojfix. "Uat week
I bought an upright piano," replied
Dlxiriyth, "and my wlfa mada ft beau
tlful green pluah cover for It ao tbr
pollah wouldn't get acratched, Teater
day aha mada another cover of linen t"
go over tha pluah to prevent that from
getting aollad, Next week I auppoa
ahe'll make a calico cover to protee'
the linen. Oh, I tell you, women bava
great big fertll mind,"
I I , r
r f :
tf - ,!
I t !'
. .,,, lli.rit !' I'., -1 - . I
I ! ! t t I ti.... M 4, l.-i.v
t ' In J. .n !... I m4 ,.it.
r, - .1. I. . I tt r t-t t I ) . . . I
Wt.t.h t trt f.. I.;, t, ,ii rtMlf,
I " ... t. . M I K . i,n.u. Ifc
U t.t"... M. h tt.,, I ,!. tit,
l.-t am-mnti. t-i.n tH f,.t..l,a lrittl4it
I l !-.,, t. It
Kit l- I ! . I In . llMl-m
lli , l i .-f t w t int ,. ! M
.' I t II I i,- Ik I".- .,Ht i t I m
lt .. It ll.r m i. I'll.
I I t J k I It l . tli
H l.'l M I4.ll f tl.,' !) . t' 'f
in l i? t' h II il' ..t
IH I. I II I I v. I, ( Ih ,,,,
Kit I.. I II M.i. k M It. m
lift ll IV l. a If l.. ft t'H
Hit .l a l'l.. k l ih .,nt i.f,
ln I I I' l.l.w k I'. II, .it, nf t. I ,
AM i.f nlil. I, i. lulu .. in , (1
ai.,.)) ,,,.i f,.i.iitii.i. 1. 1 it. , i.r
i .in ..In k, .,,, i ,,,,!.,) N.l.t ..k,i with
ll.l. lrat ,.... ii h , hiii, .,,l H (I,
li t.f I. ii (.. r inl r .. ..nit, it...
Ii.lwl it.l I'.. fr 1,1, It tun, ,.lt ,,ii...
I at., I i,.l li.iirili. r mill an ,,.r.i, a
(, am,i'iiiiH .i I. n r i-i.t i-f lit
er!., .i.iii,im .mta t,,r ,i.itti ii,h l,
tm a iiii ll-n ,ii, rt-nl iai n,
Hi it .t it ii I l,nl .nr lh ai.inn. ah.l In
il.-rniill lli.M-..f it, i, .r.,.ttv
. . i,,t(v ii, amxiinl fitiin.l iltm,
aii.I iiHin ail i,,r...f Hi .l,., i...,nl
Im ,.i.,r,, f n ri(t,t, mi,, , inirr.
I In i,. ii-hI rKlHlP, ami ti.r nlhrr
r,,iltnl.l flli.t.
Von ara aln hrrfl.v nollfl.! that vnu
aii.I mi h nf yon ar r'nltit I" iir
h. iwIIIIiiii ,, or l.ifi.ia Hie i:ill ilay
t.f itiM'einlH'r, l'H
hnlrd al tim.thit, Nflirnakn. Nvfmlir
till. !'. .MMKM U liHiiWNI-:
Hy W. A. HArMi.:iiH. I'l.ilnlltr.
Ilia Aliiirii.'K
lltw. M, No. I2r.
W. A. tUUNtiKKM.
Attorney, Mrchanl National Hank.
Dltlngilah4 llmtrather.
Tha frlnca of Walea haa officiated
aeventy-flva time aa godfather. Tha
emperor of Germany atand godfather
to all aeventh aon In rruaaia, Em
preaa Kugenla in ona year acted aa god
mother to 3,834 children who were
born In France on March 1, 151, tha
aama day a tha prlnca Imperial, Cecil
llhodea la godfather to about forty
young aclon of the arlatocracy. It I
bla cualom to tranafer to each of tna
godchildren fifty aharea of tha Da
lieera mlnea,
rat it a foet.
Jame Whltcomh Riley thlnka the
lot of ft p'"rt ft hard on. In a recent
Interview b asld: "If you'ra called a
wltneaa In a lawault aoma Ilttla at
torney aquarea hlmaelf off and aay,
with withering acorn: 'It ma aee;
yoii'ra ft poet, ar yon not? H'm, yea,
Oentlcmen of tha Jury, tha wltneaa I
a poet,' And your teatlmony I killed
dead aa ft door nail,"
lal fpf aaf rlM.
Urmia Herman phyalclan hava con
cluded that much harm may ba dona to
tha eyea by tha highly-glazed paper
need In aoma modern book. Knpe
clally for achool children la It believed
to ba injurloua, Raferenca la mada to
tha book of tha laat generation, whoaa
unglassed, non-reflectlva aurfitc did not
fallgua Iba .yn.
Mill a tfyatery.
The cloalng of tha leave of plant,
aa tha averting cornea on, waa Ural itp-
poved by boianlata to ba duo to Hi
dlfferenca in tempcrnftiro, but on
trantiplantlng lha plint Into a boi
bona It waa found that tha aame phe
nomenon occurred, tha leavea cloalng
at aunaat.
OmU Thar All Hlaht.
Old Oentleman (dictating an Indig
nant letter) "Hir: My tnograplir,
being a lady, cannot taka down what I
think of you; I, being a gentlemin,
cannot think It; but you, being neither,
can eaally guea my thoughta,"
Tha Wore Tarn,
Mr. Peck I wouldn't act like an
Idiot If I wara you, Henry, Mr, pack
-No, of couraa you wouldn't, dear, but
aa you ara not ma you might at leaat
try to act a llttla lea Idiotic.
I'rnaaay t Have a w ffarW.
Uruguay ba determined to deepen
tha b arbor at Montevideo,
To tt. M Kav. rtral ami rut I mime un
known, Huaitn I 'My, hla wlfa, KIIm llepvea
t 'i.ninl,ill ami Jiimea liala. nuit.ri.l,l,.iii
Vmi ar In-rehv nnlin.! Ihnt on th Zfllh
itny nf lllolHr, A. Ii., I1, Hurry J.
'I'wlntliia, iiliilntlfT liiT-ln, III...I hla i,..
Hon In Ihn IMtrlcl Cmirl nf ImhivIii
('.iimty, Nel.riiakM, aai.liial . M Kav,
nrat mill real tinnia unknown. Mnaim l-'a.
hla wlfa, Kiln Kaevea 1 innpUM, Jiimea
lla anil Amlrew J. liiirliiml, tha ih)irt
ami i.rnyer of which la lo fnrl,i ona
certain lax certltlcata (liili November
I'Mh. IwiX, iiKin Ida followlnK ileaiTlhcrt
reel aalnle, lo-wll:
Tha anal one-half of fax lol twenty
Ihrea (Zl) In ei-dlon IS, lownahlp If,, ranaa
13 enal, all alliifileit in Honalna Coimly,
nnrt Hiatn of Nehraaka, ni.on which Ihera
la now due lha a, on of 170.00, with Inler
eat at 1h rale nf ten tier cent ner an
num from October rrt, law, for which
aum, wllh lnlerat and i-oala tnaeiher
with an altorney'a fna amounilna lo ten rent of lha decree:, ,lnlnll(T pray
for a ilecrea Ihul ha Inia a llri I in in,,,,.
aalil reiil ealnla, thai tha ilefenibui'
liny tha aHinW. ami In ili-fanlt it,i
the an Id iiroperlv be aohl to aallafy lha
i lonmi ona, ano inai iipoii aala
thereof lha ilefemlnnf ha ilebitrreil of all
naoi, tine ana iniereat in aall real ea
lute, and for other iiilil,l, nr
Volt ara alao hnrehy tilin. u, yr,i(
HtiI each nf you lha riiilril lo anawer
aula pel II Ion on or before III 12th day of
Iwci-mbcr, K!n.
puled at Omaha, Nebriiekrt, November
tin, 19V,
., .., . IIAKftT 3, TWINTfNO,
fly W, A. HA I'NI'KMM, I'lalntlff,
,111 Attorney,
Hoc, M, No, 12,
I H -
I t.t i
t t ...
t -k t
I t t M tt,
t -.- tn.... 11,
i t AtMMathli
1 ! t f . t t
. . . i ,., t,.a .,M .
' f i m)i at ..- W
l.t l( I ... i .1....,
t ! . ... I ( , ,-,
I , ,,., , ,,
f Ul . . ,) ,,.1,, m t. 11. It ,t- I i
".. I . H .. 111 it
ii.k t.t .i .(t,n,i..i i k a.,r.
( !'t-. . , , , ,H ,.(,, ,,
I'-'I' I Via fl"t l.l.. Ii..,. t
rlt. .... ,.in . ,,, I ,,,,r
ai. it. ., I. i iti. tt f,..a in i.ti
tin iiiiim . thai if ,M , ,rt
jt i t . t .. i ...ul h t-i, At.
,1 it... In uat at ,ik a , M
i -. . . , ,
Ih .t t -t
"""I ! I..llh. ni t, iin,,! an
ltlrx a In ti , ..ul r i.. f.rt.).,
I thr. Il,, t,( a Ht.ttria rll,,, I,
H .Mil mat I. ana l .iii.j n.i ri
rim.iM- i
IVmnf Jtt ik
Popular Medical,
I aVAlVI 4 All
SrnvlMe M kUm Isthl M for Euijc:!
I 111 leak kM ttimtlt wtMMt tnae krtnttiM, t-a. I. fwaiaV
I jTi.ih.H hi,i,i mm ttai.i
r ,4 it. a.l tk
NiTtn HF
A ttl'ti 1 .1 tF
Tk hull. 1 1. at H II. a nn lUt nf Inn
iw i.-a atll.iia nf ltt,ttiiH.tati.,ii .r u, a i 'tittitt .hii i.i,l..
mi, i in it, i.iii, ,,f II, o ,-...,,, ,.(,i
f tirta , N,l.a 1 k. in,,,, i
.l la.- nt 1. 1, !,.. . nf a, to. h . II, hi.
er innaiia Nrlia.ka, th a.'.oial Italnti
nf Ih an. la ,t itn a i.iirtai alteiti
in, i-iii m.iiii, tin,, i.aii.ima; anl niatui
t. nit ma an. oilier lniinia r Ilk t,a
1'lie l.f pat.llal ln.k la IMnnm
iltl.l. in atiare nf ii.aiin r,ti It. to I, t,i,l
fur at II. Iin.a of . nan. a ami In l.a n..ii.
.'ul. I Kim k may lane In pailtietit nf
nin.tnii or ti.iH.r,
I hla ,-i.ti. nation rullillir m .1 tmalneaa on
iiiiia ih. m, anl in r,,ii,, f,,r a p.
II...I nf nflV yrata theraflr
Hie hlaheal aninnnl nf Itnlel.lalneaa m
II lit 1 1 1 v In wlih h lha pitrtatrallon luay anl.
I... I liat'lf la an am.., ml .iu ,i tni hlr.U
nr ina paw tip rapnal aiiH a.
l ii ..nir.-ra l.y which Hi Imalneaa nf Ihl
rnnmruiinii la In ha ii.n.lin lr.l ara neaal
lent, vli tirealilenl. Ireaaurer. aerrelarv
ami aenetaf maiiaa.-r, ami a board of Ihn'e
II. rAl,TlN
it, w. mtrnrc,
immtni v. imwai.t,
I Hie, turn
W, A. BAUNDKrui.
Attoraay, Merchant National flank.
To Aan W, flrlaa, Wllllnm If, fleck
Alexander M. Ferrla, Kale M. Ilnll an,'
iria rorlland Nntlonnl Hank of rortland,
Maine, fion-rldenl defendnnta;
Von ar herl,y notified that on tha
i,n oay or i km oner. A, l iwia. Jnmea u,
llrowna, plMlnllff herein, nieit hla i.t.
lion In the Iflatrlcl Court nf lionnina
. .,. y, rnraaa, aamriat i.riiiri'l'l rl.
wooo, Aa w. Iirlyaa. w nm II. H,k
Aleaander M. Ferrla, Kl M, Hall, lha
rortland National llank i.l l',.iirf
Muliia, at al,, lha object and irnf-r tit
which la in forecloaa ona eerialn la ear.
iinrat naiau itfovamti HHtt tun i,,,..
lha followlna deacrlled real aetata, to-wll!
'fti ttttA lulA..A ,.-1..
,. ..,, . w.-it-i ,,,, ,.,,1 n ill m
of enb lot twelve fl2 of tai lot flva,
In aeeilon 15 lownahlp Ift, rnria aat,
lliiald In I'oiiKlne f'ounly, Nehraaka,
litem which there la now due tha num of
tmM, wllh Intereal at the rala of fen
per rent per annum from tin niter rH,
imm, tor which anm. wllh intereal ,!
eoata maether with an aflorney'a fa
amonr.tliia lo ln per cent of th der,
plalnilff pray for a decree that ha haa a
Aral lien upon aald real aatate, lhal lha
defatidanta aball ouv lha . ..A
default Iherei.f thai lha aald properly be
old to aailafy fha amount found due, and
that upon aala thereof lha deforidnfil l,a
ii, riarn, fin and Intereal in
....i ri aainia, ano ror other llabn
ri'llef ,
Von ara alao herehv nint hi
fid each of you are r,nlr, lo anawer
aald nailtlon on or before lha 121 h day
of liaeernher, UK, '
A.l"".tl '"""' Neln-aaka, November
f m.?1 "ft"WNB,
fty W, A, AtNe,l(H, I'lalniiff,
Ilia Attorney,
fofl, M, No, I4,
f.l"-.'-'; t '.' la - ., .
w, a, nAVNumn,
Marchanle National llank dg,
flv Vlrltia of an all ...a. ..t
aiiad out of fha Idairlct court for lioim-
a rounir, rtaoraaaa, and lo ma dif.,i.
ad, I will, on Ih IM day of Wo.ewb.-, A,
i, iw, ai leu o'clock a. m, of aald day,
at Ih eaat front don -it lha ciinly
court hooaa, In th ally o, riaha, Ifona
laa oonniy, Nbraka, ll pnl,l mr.
lion 10 iria hlaheat l,lddr for eaah, lha
property daTii,d In aald ordr of an la
aa i'im, lo-wii:
fOI four tit. block three hundred and
lfan In Ih orlalnal Mat of lha
rlly of fttnaha, a urvy1, olalfed arid
recorded and all heloa inintd In ima
laa county, alala of Net,raka,
ftald bryeriy to , aold to aatlafy
Kerry J. Twlnllna. nlnlm! hrei il.
nm nf Flfiy-l and 7 -I'm M 7t dol-
nira jiinmrn, wnn intereal there'm af
tha rale i,t l,.n il'o i,p r-r,i f, ,,nm
from Hefiterriber Tl, Wfl, fjrthr wilh art
itorny' fa of flv r,d CT I'm iV, fit dol
lar which aald arnotini are a Prat lln
UIon aald above deairlhed brooerlv.
To aatlafy h further im of nflyflv
and aO-100 fl'AWi) dollar coat herein, to
aether wllh aceruifiif eoaia, aeeordina o
a Indrrnant rndreift;y ihadlairl' l court
of aald loiiiala roonty, alala of Nahrn
ka, al Ii Heniember term A. I, laaj,
In a certain action then end there pand.
In, wharln Harry I. Twintlna I plain
llff and the American Nation! hank nt
corporation or-
trmana iveoraaka. a
ranlaed under ll.a laaya or lha l!nli4
ftiaiea, ftamuej a rurtla and Kala liird
i.uriia ara oarenoant,
Ornaha, lbraka October 2lt, lb
aherlff of lionalaa Nl,rake
W, A. Haiinder, aliorn for I'lalntlff,
Twintlna va Am N". flank t, al.
Ifoc. l, No, m, KM, I p, til I
IN Tilt: IHHTIiUT t'nritT of io'
I.AM I'lirNTV. N.:illl AMK A.
Moaea It, 1'rauerinan, Wllllnm KImII
Khill. hla wife (Ural ami
real inline iinktiowiil I'rll Kliitl. a mliinr.
Kraderlcka Ml lea. KriieaMna eeh, ami
Hie unknown helre of Krad, il-
reaaed, will taka nollca that on lha I7ih
ili.y of Novemliiir, IK!, Iiula llenaa, oiiti
of the i-o-ili-fiMiiliiril herein, Iliad hr
anawer it ml croaa-hlll III lha IMatrld t'ourt
of HoiiKlua Counly, NaliriiHka, dettintiilliia
aiiirmiinve rener UKiilli"! tier Mil 1,1 ro-ili
feii.liirita. lha oblei.l and on, far of which
old croaa-tilll ara to furei loaa a certain
morlKflv enei'uled by tha dfendnin
oyar M. MufTinnn and hla wife Nina
Hnniiiiifi to Moaea K. Triniermnii. and liv
lha aald Trniiwrtnan aaalaned lo defend
ant l,o, H lleinia, upon tha followlna lie
airllMl ureinlaea, to-wlt: All of lil
ritifiila.ieil fourieen III) III lllock Ihrea Hi
In lha Miibdlvlahin of John i, lludlck
Addlllon lo Hie I lly of Oinuliii. aa aur
veyed and marked ami ilealamii"'l up. n
libit of an 1,1 l,l II Ion on III In Itavlai
of Deeda' iiltlca', lo aacur Ihn payment
of on cortnln proinlaaory noia dated No
vetnher 2nd, IWil, fur ih aum of Kin
Hundred dollar lymini, due and pavw
hi In Hire yeiirn from tha data Iheraof
thai there la now due upon a ild note and
rriuriK(iK in aum or mine Hundred lol
lina itiiuowi for which aum wlih lm,.ri
from November 2nd, Wfl, nlld Inler! on
Thlrfy-aia liolbira from May 2nd,
m. ii ml Intereal on Tblrty-el liollura
i fc.'nn from Novemher 2nd, M all at
the rale of alahl tier cent per annum, end
iierenoiiiii jiraye tor a nei-raa lllitl Ilia rl.
feridurila oaiar H. IbiflrriMii and Nlim
llonmun, hla wlfa, l,a reoulred lo pay
the anm or thai aald nremlee m.iy !
old to anHafy Hie amoutit found ,ua, au4
Ihnt whuiever lfilrl her aald "o .).
feodum may hava In and to lha pram
taea above doacrloed niay ha forever
Von are reoulred lo anawer aald peti
tion on or before ih JUlh day of cm
r,er, j.
Haled, omnhii, Nehrarka, Nov I7lh, I Wat,
lly Maon Klch, llr Attorney,
To r,rrn t (', Jnhnaori and Mr a
J,,)iiio, hi wife, tnrat and real nam
unknownl, nonralderit defendauta:
Von are hereby noHPed Ilial on Ih
Mih doy of November, A. !., !., Waller
V, Heeler, I'll, llil Iff, herein tiled hla pell
Hon In lha Idalrht ('ourl of liouala
county, e,ei,raka, attain! Krneal t
Johnaon, Mra, -- Johnaori, hla wlfa,
frl and ral mini unknown; and Tie
Herman American Mavln Hank a cur
pore i ton, lrridarile, lha oheet aril
prayer or which la lo for, low on ""i
lain Ta Cerllllcate, dated Novemlir
IMh, iwi'4, upon lha followlna dHiied
real ealale, lo-wll: ll Twenty-ala (20;
In lilo, k Kleven HH In' I'le' e, an
nddlilon fo the ('My of Omaha, liouala
Couiilv. Nehratka. noon avlil, h Ihara i
now riim the aurn of f lfiy-lwo and W-I'O
tiollira, ivellm, wllh intereal at fha rn
of len f.r cent per annum from Ocioher
urn, i am, ror wnu n auto, wnn truer!
and cwiia ioain..r 'tin en a' .rneya
fee amounilna lo ir cmti or tn ,i
ere, plalnlin pray for ii7 that be
naa a nrai nen upon aa'd real f ,ie, that
the defeodanta lmll pay the aama, and
In d,fiull thereof lhal lha aaid proneriy
ha aold to anHafy Ih amotinl found dun,
Htm iiii upon ii triereor ine ,i m
i,a onrren or an riant, line and inieri
In aald real lln. and for other eonl-
table relief,
Von are alao hereby naf n4 that vnu
and each nt you ahr riuired to anawer
aaid pel ii pm on or before the iteih day of
fieferuher, Wk,
loHed at Ornah, Nabraaka, November
JAM KM I,. HflOWNK. flnlritlff,
l(y W, A, Maunder. Ill Attorney,
For fifty cent a w will aand yon a
opy of tba Atlaa of tba World, eon.
talnlng tha lataat and moat ftoearftta
inftpa of Cuba and tbt Klondlka conn
try, baatdaa frt daI of aaafal aod
fftloabla Information. AmartOftB Pub.
Co. Om&ba. I
To (leoraa W, Am, Mnrl A in, hi
Wife, Nalban W VVella, lrul-, M A,
I'lke, fhral and real nam unknown,!
CHno, foiuo av Cominny, a co-part-nerhip
F. M Mavkeit, ilirl and ral
nam nnkriowni, and Chrlelln Wohlaeh,
ri,n-rioeni nerndani;
Vou ara herehy no(lftd thai on
lha Hill day of Novemher, A. I',
I,', Jnroea 1 1 row ne, I'lalollff, hf.
In filed hi petition la ih lium-t
:onrl of o,uaia Counly. Nti. acainat
(ieora W. Aioea, Hr Maria Am., hi
wire, nariian w. Walla, trualee, M. A.
I'lke, tnrat and ral iiume unknown;, V,
M, Miok'll, fftrat and real liama un
known,; Cleatfrto, 'oilla a, Cornpany a
. partner hlp, and hrlano Woliih,
and oilier a, Ilia f,l,),l and player
of whh h la lo fo(, lo two cr
lain 'a CertlPcatea 0 dated No
vemtr 17i h, IW, upon tha fol.
lowli.a lea, ribed real eaiale, wit:
1,1 'Iwenly i f, i upon Will. Il there 1
due the aum of ,4i, alao lor Iweniy
even 127;, upon will, h l tore ta una th
aum of liifit, all of apl property 'mii
ailunied in ldli k Ofove, ait addifhin II
lha City of Omnha, I'iiiiI-k ','.i,n'y, Ne
hraaka ; wllh Iniereat at lb rai of te
pr cent per annum from o'il,r IvjK,
for whh ft aum, wHh liitri and e,i
I, ,ail,r wlih an aitomey a fee am'mni-
II. a lo Ian per rent of Ih decree, plain
llff pray a for a de ra that ha ha a nrat
lien upon aald real eatula, that Ih )
feridanta ahall pay tha aarne, and In da.
fiioll thereof that lha aald properly he
old to the anviu it found du,
and that upon aula thereof lha dfndn
h del.arrad of all rlaht, HII and Intereal
In aald rl eaiale, and for other auul
Inhla relief,
Vou ara alo hereby nHr!d lhi ton
arid ea h of you ara rauulred lo enwr
aid pel 1 1 Ion on ar bfr th ikiih day of
(inrirmbar, Iki
)nid ai Omaha, Nbraka, November
17th, !
JAMK.H ! ntlOWNF,, rialntlff.
lly W. A. Maunder. Ilia Attorney.
i , loc, rr, No, -.
I n-u-t
1-n f
Or (mt Yn Want i Kow
V ai ir I'.MMiMtY tVflttt W Kwn,
T l. 1- ft..t I hIhiw tlirt )at rwtd (il tnajfT!
T M ltait- lti In l lit.-y In ritrtart
Itttt I .tap, t 1 - Im.w t.t j-ii. laxdnaii
Tut M.-iiirn Im .t lm Hu tu w nlnit alni
1h I tun rw- liow t.t la Itmlfiil an l rtnilllf-lfi
1 ii I t tu n a- l.w thry 'Vniwl 'tin ratm to U4
TiiklUutm - tu pnfrr lifit an.l p wvjfli
Tnf Im mih ln.w rtrfl wi-U rumlrt aiavthly
TnR tMIVt I kIT linvc In riroltt VtAnlil rtirff.
All vtli.i wittit k n,.w .lp flint iattf rtt wntih
r'iM.I II lit lr - .' ' H int HuttinTnlh,"
l,lkl tbtt-rai, pHI , uu, 5 rta lrwva,
rtt.4ka M. II tl t A PiMtH Mm 1NR MA !
ntAttv oun ontAT ooki in onc laiigi volumk.
f I. twsnwi kft Tung mmt, Nivintmn nri mar.
t rnaimif; pwuhi or ait ti ail tMin, mnimmtl fvH" to, aorit atxa
nai ih, nti fi at aftiHtf cokNuiM. muitims, laaitas, aitnaadi wiiit ra mi cooftTtws.
Ml IV, tMraoVlMlllf (If MM.IA(tl A OUIOI 10 tilt .II0 H0 All WHO NOtt IVll 10 M.
Cal..ia avaf ?00 wiHjritnlleai li Miat r at arnti aa ttak) dkwV
twttme ta en a4 ia taHl to Ma at Iim la peiaaai alakhwaal
liratlHa) tar lewMilalMg th w4) kyieM rka) far H atra f I
t?n t TH THTT of l M. iw l.f Ihat I ami lha Mllafaelkai M ilm tit 11
llJ I ilk lUami ewrie aa.1 a-,l ia.ailln mhi, raa (at t.alf alalatl kura.
ao rLATBf. 3 ounoraoa. ' boo xuLnrntATioNi.
ik aaamntf af
pail f
t ef Man n f Myaiaai The llrltla af l.lfai Ma fraaa. the Kat i tt.aa
'A""' l.fl'A'"" "r tlral t ..Inr Vlair f ltaan rial Oraaaa.
Otar ttf fll.l,li,.t nf ll lt.lnt.mrl, ti
talarlltyra ky t alar l'knliar,h, la t it i alar.
1naa fc; M
It.. (4 WaaL
itrr. a4akf.
laka h kt a
i-i ta 4
Aro You Well 7
hi rnrm
ti tfi ttm I' Mt-taill Haftilft.
iMMaan fiirlimut f ltM N
Hi fn-IM hit HI Uil a
lt krm nf lltt'tr alcr.latM,
t lat aw i rf lt hrar or llt.
IMlt It !! hit lit frtlMW m
til II IimH-'! ttlt'lf Iihvh
lw tttH Jo Mr ii linw i
liMilMlnlii II. 1lii H ' an
f t..llnt 'ImIh 1 1 i nt
('a,rriri In rfl't,irftH,
anfnitirt Mifi fnihiir, U'
ml rTf ilrliiHi.K. ilti ha
tiff Hit Ha tit Hh ittMllr, tlt
iMft.j iff I'hllilrfti. Mttt ut ii taf orrora ttt
v'l t"r. a)IMl hrfid t)rtrJtff I V 1 ttfll I (irTM
iif , ,..,vr.tij tlrra nf aliilla, thf ltt' " liahtt
ii mh'Ii llrflit i hif In WittiM O, i'H' , rl., ! Ihr
iMiwi rful i iMltMiM of aM'ily whrtliy tiiHiif of Urn
mM of IkUi a") am litottir( tu "orlnl (
ihtaa " 'llila ).. !.. . avhar thmiultl Um Vi Kill at
i IWI 'Hii" lira"!
tuneful tllwnwa
itKMt iriliujud
t$ fO Mfrtiy huff prtraitltMllMU Ilia)
'nt, hr II will H't down, h" It ti
rr nmwyM li th "lonorr Mt'--UJ
llJilHrrtaklll fauilai In it lit, m.
Tim nwiiiai of nm! phu f"f wfftlih, of ovrr
tV-aiffilaififf tmUtit rHh not f'lf- Verml ii't Ilia
nrk, ovrr rfiiflf. faiinrri In hmlnrMa, llit f m t that!
tiM nimI rff.-t u rrf h"rrlt-l ntin
irv itU niaUUn II wuuld Irs w li fur ruu W Lhluk r.
Aro You III?
I'll KM yoa arn lndl a nr man
If Y'tV r nul a.KliMi Pi learq
tinw It ma limit, wkal'a Hi
tuaiK-r aii'l wliai'a to t dona,
wi'iiir u "uulr a r,.M." a
rhroum raiarrh, or auinifiliia
ana- aertoiai that haa "r 1114
a lha liiaia" In hnaiclilila f
r."i.aiuiiH.ioi., Ilia aeoncr you And
out liow wri'iiii It la, and what to
4ir,ynurHlfilitM'iir. Iry.MI
tiiiiat leara "lea t.t llva aril II ona
lunar ilia earlli-r ya et II. I
imaieair in leiifer u in Ufa,
lir, mar im twf iaril ular ak
Hoi ia in ina liver, i',uia, n or
i imaledir lli Iniiaef u III Ufa.
l,,,nu. Tie. ..u eau tt.aka nu
in a'ariiina tier !
vlial rum limia If you
lia nt rnrunia.
nt1td of reanlatlfia llinw
ra full of ali. ealna. nauralal
dam, II IH aii-i ir bay w look; up inn aaf "'."
on, atir.'iy em ,'n wa,i,. vi ihki,- i.i ,,..
t,r m.
.ra full of flrlte
dam, II lirii'.i
iF,,ii ff. aiirclv
I.,,,. .,l,,ia tk llrlaht'a Im.,..
era. Il rtlai-aneanf ui "iri fillo urlieiry tiraaua," aiel
, .,u l to,r lieiiimia fKii4 un aie N
4uaTli.a.airl,'iuraaiid woraa fornianf
liluya aa
3i..a ''I, th b.,k" lliaa liv aiiN'rlci'.
nHi, i,.d 'III ri.'l nii a.f.niy all liiirfen, r,
,..llfl, iiiwaaa ,,r woiiMn,
"mi l hHi
In Hnitt it
lMlf..llllM. rflwurt ul wi,ina. uarvfma aiveaaea.
,,, !, aarajtala, akin dlaaaaea, a, rofaia, P'. ' I.
Ii'iiiilii, mi teen lanuol , i.tur "all II, Ilia lliat
Ii hair 11," ana iii'irriir in rnnurt muiinrmm,
t tijiii HHlhitrl Hi tinii'lilHl'tntftil th'tt imil tilif'
J,.,- e, t" wko ullt In Unit In Uu hill hi
evit num nrnmill film In n-r,a nr hn Irurr, wilhnul
nrif, ano v
HI aoliur.
Aro You CnizaKod?
ai l ajerma W '
Jm, a..ian.
..'! tiiitrr.
k NiiMaaa
1,1 a&
dlii.inlt to at aav
tii.i ii (a n,Tl nS
Ulill t Im atiea am
It rlvlil beP ra lata
i alii a) 1 lir la.
l, niM.a n ni,itii a
atiaiiiiiil j mi in l
?-lriy pa -lime
ran Irara aonaMMaai
from i.ilira aiauak.
Ilm lliaiiMry i Mar.
ri"n nf ail kia.U bt,
lli! taat.
fftMai amfrlniRHla inma Haitians liattr tiituir
mnl moiVrn, iwrleAroiM atirt Itlllwi, hrlp tm lo knum
. I lir aH-mai iniiiMir h nt y ajrtmin
nt tire n.nd ntrrKi hilanin, tit fei
a. Iia brrfftii'tti ai. Ilwrrntrfita.atai
ri-mliN, tlt I'fl'irla or rrllvh'tia ft1 awMklafn tajaulW
flu) mill rnnirol Ihn dmnfnmit al'irt- all tlra Majrl,
Uliai n mi to flo, 1 lir aHiiit,lMiiMirall'y rifna rar
m Ami niMprlantai hilifllaL lit btalnakah
of ttroallltilloH, lia prfulcn r, alltjrntrfita.aUijjwfai
"lira friillful In Ififlli'mlnif ailllailla tit aatal. llak.
Ilm nlhrr hniifl rli(iirra n mlainn In feiBrrMfa
hdyalcal, iiH-nial mnl maittirtlit-on rarly ttirrUH
lotriMiirrlif. rloitrmriiia. nr.. rln,. aM Ihr raWrr tai
malm fiiMfl ti(i'h,a Ir-t I lij.'ll hir hurt) ft4
lit I Hit In I, lit l.lii' If it Mali l.a.a " aVn
ri Hap ftixi Untrf ttlutla of nuirrUo.
Aro You Married?
and to aacap kk
TtlRrTt a
ra tially ajaafitt
,-k" v y
e- - S W . V2. Va ill a. ' ..-
IS ' arltra to (I' ll utkar,
4 D and ao.iW try ta
Tl aC. T. Oraiaiid ona aa
f wtwr'aneert t.
. v I'"11' K'l " "kaa.
V ill ai'lala lloni Talk.? '
tl bIhiiiI III traai
blill,,,lif of lata,
rout, lll"BIWa,
Irrlailona 0
m-iea," tli lA.H.ara,
on iiaun ana tia
nf perrefrlolia, -Ihn fnilililera a-a4
III," air, eirf. Maiir a ill find IMi'li aailfaeil, fc
Hi rlmiHcr on l arr, ii ri l 1, 1. 1. , n t ! a.-aaax
nfariaipir lo a . i,iirn,na pair, annua i
(Jl.i ut, r and ri'iiiot Hi nl,a, le, faiwr Ilia a
unl'in "rwaya for nwrrlid fw, trial In f e,ual.
Ii , l,iliia eimrl, i-h ofli-fallnli, Jealoaer, Hfc
differ,-,', , tenllon, i-onllM-n,-. fid fny praar
ii( aomirn, Hie ; lulwiallon ! rhlld n akla.
iliinlrrn of wroiid nwlnd reril,l Hi Mrl. (..
naliort, rn, n ml ,.inen Inaliai In talk wllh ifeata.
iin l.l.t.l, l.i.a r'ii, eri,ln many drlleal
IPiaa Ilial i,i rie Ilii nianJ dial lliry r Mr
uielrnaand, and li, h l,k will anlla'i'ea !
onl'ill remr,,Ar Ihnt If H lull Ui ilti er,t IAaa
tMmU m titnkf i,e . thi efM)m ly rialtaa
yraa churut In 1ul Ulln nf rnOy.
VnneT.andUMKviulr will lat aiuard tu IM hwA
f uia aoiutf.
finMT TTITMtrrn",r''l,',f fcata "anmaililna ilka It or "Jnat aood a Rnndrad lua.
' A A 1 1 1 IV declared that It I -jHvnlUir In tlnrlf." and fur ahmit of all oilier werk.
I If) N'T VDl'Cl I.''!1"'' M'! work KotTerad for (,im itirrlinin roe, il and oiluty, a ad at
l'll i 1 UllUlil (liairllailed In rfutip fiirm Ul 'lvrtl prnprlelary me-iK Ifiea.
I'l'VI'I Vf f iVF A T Q "' miHitanlhii.laaile kind fntm all nmntrtri whar Koallat la laa
I I ml I J lknB, would, rrn la aM HP, Ad Mpfanf thlaair.
I 'l'l1 It'l-'mFO W A T nlfl n( " 'I: eim-uynwn, mnntiir, Iturym-i, mitnri, erIUna, tajf
i '"'"-'A'iifiyaflatteriiigandoruini,
POPULAR EDITION, Cloth Binding, Prepaid by Mall, O I .3
American Publishing (p.
Fifty Years in the
Church of (Rome
too mi e a with
For the Balance of 1898, for
f Tba price of tha bk alrnia at retail la 12 2ft hut you rat hcth tha Wilr aad
lha paper for 12 W. K.!nd lo your order ACCOMPANIED HY THE CASH ta)
1015 Howard Street. OMAHA, NED,
Is Marriage a Failure? $1.00
Ma un
! a, u ttt f
liaa lor vttoh mt fat.ara tmgw., m4 f Amarlca tor tba rata U. I vtaH
8tQt Cliartti.
I a-