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"AMMfh'A It AMI- KU ANW,'' Wt il..t U A .. Als.u,or th fn.4 Md,. with. M ooi.tal fmalfr
I'M k I IV I. O.NT.
j A M Kt.Y NKWM'AI'r.K.
I. . . .. -i
Board of Education ? lories Which
Contain Hore Truth
Than Poetry.
That there la need for aome radical
diMiget tn the Jaw governing .ha
board of education In cltlea ?f too mul
lopolttan clan in Nebraska H urtiir
nt 10 tvaryotm who will taka th lieu
b'u to cxomlno Hitc the aubjad. The
pifaeni achcol H.fcrfi of Omaha w corn-po-ad
of fifteen n ember who rr 'bet
nl at largo frnm the freeholder il.a
city, ench t en a tor a, term of thica
year, fiva of whom ara clotted avery
yoa,r, Under tha law thin t)oitrii U
charged with tha dlburement of al
nioat half million dollar annually
of the public aehool fund. Tlicy alao
hava within thclr control and aupervla
loa over 1 1, 600,000 worth of property
which must he kept In repair and prop
erly Improved, and tbay ara charged
with th almost constant employment
of ovar i"0 persona who must bo paid
from tho public; school fund. In addi
tion to tbl they must purehaaa all aup-
plle audi a book, stationery, roal
and averytblng required for the main
tenanca of tha school of tha city, all
of whli-n they must d 0 without remu-
deration for their Yet avery
, vftii iIih Mi riifiililn for nrwlllom on tha
Umard In tho varlou partly are audi
Vpohat an outsider would Ihlnk thara
wa a princely salary attached. Tbea
man nr often compelled to neglect,
their bualrie to at land lha board
rnadlngx, Wa have known nun to ax
pend m much tm W and ftven f 100
t w ur (heir election on thl Itourd, j
and w hav haard member comment
on thn amount. It, coat them to b elect
ed end deIara that they ara determ
ined to Krt It back In aoma way. Under
th law thera I no leKltlmata way In
which they can relmbur themwdvoa,
and If they ara thu Inclined H I but,
natural to Infer that, they mut rort
to llleifltfmata mean,
Imrlna: tha paat year or two thera
haa been otna fat contract Kiven out
f lha hoard of education of Omaha,
among thorn being tha purchaae of text
hooka, In which titers 1 atd to hava
tumn a "raka off" of nearly 15,000, To
what, purp'wa and to whom thl
amount wa paid thl paper ha no
poaltlva knowledgn, hut tha pairm
of tha public, achoola ar Inclined to
be ftomewhat, uaplclou,
In tb purchaaa of twiw M0 or 1,000
ahada tree for tha aebool ground It
will b remembered that tha hoard paid
75 cent per trea, whlla tha park pur
ched better tre and had them et
out In tha park for Je than 20 cent
per trea, It will ha hard to make pao
pla believe that there I nothing u
pb'lon about thl tranaocllon.
Again, It ha been going tha round
of public golp that merrier of tha
board hflva offered to aaeura eonlraei
for repair of varlou kind on th
acliool building if tha proponed con
tractor would pay a certain per cent
upon tha amount recejyd for tha work,
I'erhapa thl pereentaga wa to relm
bura for campaign axpenaea,
ft I alo ald that many of tha
teacher In tha public whool have
purchased ihelr poaltion and hold
them through tha diplomatic, u of
money among member of tha txwrd
and other who might hara oma hiflii
enca in awurlng their election, and
continuance upon tha pay roll and In
aom caaea tha aama tea her are tab)
to ma utterly Incompetent. If auch
thing are going on the people ahould
know It. It may lm that Utla In an
other way of rwovi-rlntf "campaign
"xpcnxi'" wlih Intnrmit.
In th piinhain' of rrnl intato thern
am "prHl di-al which will no doubt
bear InvcKtlgMtlim, Onn caan In par
ticular, la that of th pitrchflKB of a
ncliool alta In tho Flmt ward. Thl
projxrty had Iwn offrd to a prpvlou
board for $H,000 and th ownor of th
properly had had It HhIH with mil
ftati a(?cnia for aal at that fiajuro,
Yt thl am property, throuh th
manipulation of A. V. Tukoy and oth
er, wn aold to th acbwd dltttrlrt of
Omaha for 1 12,600, Omaha, citizen
ar naturally Inclined to auk; "Into
...... t,,.t lt,1 f V. ,1tly,n'A wt'
It la pnwtlhlw that thl fl.BOO helped
to make up "enmpafgn pxpene?"
Tbero ha been MM In tho dlatrUt
court of FtiuiKla county a petition An
mnndln? tho re'onvcyancc of tW
property back to the original owner
and tho payment back of th otilnal
piirchaxfl money, Ko doubt tbla will
brlrm to IlKht 'im o,tiftHnatfI frana
aiilon which the peopl fmxht to
: know about. The can In In ehargc of
Attorney II. A. Meyer, old Tukey
hypnotlx tlm board?
The total annual taxation derived
from laxailon of Omaha property
hot h city, county and atate, nMdc from
special taxe, I but lltlbt over $H't0,
oeo and tha expetiltur of thl money
,N mi,., u, thn tnt, rooniy and
muiiblpal department of tho govern
ment, who aro paid aalarle by th pw
pla for liwiking after their IntareaU,
Thl paper bellevca that a laborer I
worthy of hi hfr and that any per
on employed by lha peoplft to fran
act thalr bimlnea ahmild recelva prop
er remuneration for their ervlce, Tha
board of aducatlon of Omaha ought to
be amenabla to practically tha aama
law and recelva Juat compensation
allka with other department of lha
city government.
Tha member of tha city council ra
under bond for the faithful perform
ance of their dull. They employ lea
help during the yer and hv far le
reajwitiNlblllty, Tha lard of county i-
pervlaor snd tha city council together
hava far lex renponxibllity than tha
board of education, Therefora the; r
ult ha heart that a nelww Jot of men
hav been abided on the board from
Ima to time becauxa men of good bul-
neK abllHIe could not afford to take
tha plaea to tha neglect of their own
prlvata bualne; and m Jong a lha
law remain a It now I wa rnn axpact
nothing better, Tha patron of tha
achoola hava practically no rcdra
for any wrong that may t commit
ted, Our leglalntor ought to ea to
It that tha law I o changed that tha
people' right hall ha fully protaetad
and any wrong doing punlahed.
When He?, John JIu wa um
monad to attend lha council t Con
Hanca, lie got & written tnamant
from tht Kmperor that he would glva
him a afe-prMidnct. Tha conduct w
given but It wuh mt afa, Tha em
peror wa told by tho lending paplat,
when ha wlahel to hava Huh pro
tected, that It. In not nacraattry to keep
faith with heretic, and then tho em
peror fell Into Una and helped to pro
ecute tha reformer. The pope may ho
whlaperlng now to tha gnanlih oi-
i!lr Ihut H la hot ir.f t li VT
ffttOt Mh h'fHlia. id to hill Ib'iu
.ff a ft a Untc r!fi;a raw d ib"
ink 1rn)-ly lht mn who h
n aeiit homa M tbtr mmm, th
nie,.n, my !. able tell th 'P
bow ftsiht iretl, and how to di
In klintt ordrr and ! ablo to row
not kwplni hi wmd but obeed tha
IkIi of tha pupa'a f.lloer. f ill al
way N looked at a a knaxa or a
V. H. I
I'rutentnnl ara making advance In
Pari, and that people may yet get out
of tie tlarknaa of Uomanlam.
Ho many of tla Jtallan ara aoitght
after by (he ProleMnnt. the Human
Catholic chnicli I now attempting to
reach litem.
Jr tha bualnea mn of Manila want
lha R. C. order ent off tha Inland,
ara they nhurpcr than the bualne
men of tha United State?
Tho ItortWinlMl ara placing every
Una they posalbly can In newapaper
to advertlae and aid their corporation,
Iet tha antJ-pnpn.1 pica follow tha
ame tt'an,
Th Irla't mnv not fancy thl, and
many of the lt,iliar. hava no reaped
vhatever f tr the po a' church, They
tl'tck ha g 'In too much and keep too
much of It,
Tha Itoman Catholic would he glad
If they could manipulate tha Methodlat
look Concern printing plant. Will
lha laymen and minister of that de
nomination let them do H?
If lha pla t of killing th aoldler
tiff mav cauae McKinley to do tha
Henry IV, ad, after tha next election,
many p;ipli will amlle, although they
have John Ireland working for priv
ilege, J Andrew, principal of the Chicago
NchooM, brm or I h lnmed. Now
wa will tha eoinpoli.!on of the
principal. Vet he may hava hi friend
o tiuratie another coin" to get, even
mill the papal gang In t ie windy city,
the luiblln of America,
H;ia fn o'.e listened to hear any f
(tie Itoman fatholic ten or Hpain
ruin on rtcconnt of the dying of many
A, P, A., who were In the war, and j
who have, alnce that time, nen riuwd
by the devoted Water of Charity, the
vvaiit of the pope, who lament the
(hnmblng hi beloved daughter, Hpatn,
haa been getting?
Kmjeror W." am may do a good
thing for ll-e world yet, If ho Inter
fere In ilo ebctlon of a new pooa ha
may eontlnrm tha good work that, many
from (termany hava done, If h will
e that a popa fa placed there, who
will dlwband tha Jenlt. aoelety, ha will
ben:;i all nation, and If tha Jettnlt
rtppoaa and fight, bt all tha natln
glva thern all lha oppoftloti they want.
Kellglmi I mn thing, politic I an
other, and Jeanitfeim la another,
Wa hava mora ttJmorir that lha
fllhla I th bot'k that I caiialng tha
prle(4 to (cove tha Ionian Catholic
cliiiti It, It mlfbf ba k good Idea If
lha papal iburcb vould naa It ft llttla
mora, o that thla may not ba tha caa,
What w rutiMt dc In tha f'nlted Mtati
fa to keep the l!lbla In ayery publle
achoo', and have rtafa law o that
if lha majority tif tha peopla In a given
dfwtrtcr, want a chapter of tha Ulhla
read, without not or comment, no
o.ta will be able to atop It, If thl
muxt conlinua to b a land of liberty,
thl ahottld ha tha courtw taken, A
1 '! 1 11
When llev, John lua wa trim) for
preaching orthodox Chrfwtlanjty, ba
w aummoned Ixffora council at
Cojmtanea, ThTa were 8'X) prelate,
ZOO prince, noble, royal atnbaaaador
nd delegate of c.ltle. Among tha
dignltarle I,i00 prleau, 2,400 knight,
and tha total number of granger In
tha city aometltne axceded 50,000,
And tha big crowd with many Ito-
manlat condemned tha man l(aua
ha did not leva tha Hilda and praach
popery, Thara ha been a Mg crowd
of popo lover In tha Manila hay and
about Kitntlago, and tha hand of juatlca
eem to hava been laid very heavily
upon them, Tha dwlalon at thl tlrn
wa an InjiiMtica to Hu, to Iv 11 rope
to lover of frea apnwcfi, and to tha
Ima atudent of Herlpture, and tha big
crowd I nrw getting It In tha neck
Aa long a tha aama aplrlt I contin
ued by thl Itoman Catholic church,
aha will ba rnetad oit tha ima kind
of medicine to taka.
W. R. J.
The Grand Lodjce In Cuba Murdered,
and Their Wives and Children
Hunted with Bloodhounds.
A recent laaua tif lha New York
Journal glv the following account of
the' wholeaaln (laughter of tha mem
ber of tha Orand lndga of Cuba, at
Santiago, twenly-nlna year ago;
"Oneida, N. Y July 20,-Caplaln W,
Hector tlale, of thl place, I a mem
ber 0 Oneldtt t-odga, No, 270, A, Y,
and A, M , and one of II paat maatera,
V'eKierday ha aald;
"Now that tha day of retribution ha
come to Hantlago da Culm, avery Frea
Mon In lha country will rejoice, b
eauaa of (he manaacra, thlrly year ago,
of the Maaonle Orand Iodga of Hantl
ago and lha aiihawiiicti! (reatnient of
the ftldow and orphan of (ha mem
ber, "In 11h the Orand (da met at
Hanflago, a had been t cunlotn. It
had never been disturbed by tha gov
erntrienl, but on tha night beforalha
meeting if wa given out that rret
would be mada, and if realatari'-a wara
offered the building and everyone In
It would be burned by die troop.
"In vOw of thf threat the meeting
wax held with open door, yd the fra
ten, ,;y men r arr"Kt4, and thr'
hour after vunrlaa tha next morning
they were all taken ontaide the elty
and abof,
"Next, the fiimilie of theae mur
dered Mnaon were placed on trial (nf
the alleged acta of their husband,
father and brother, The result wa
that, their property wax confiscated,
they were declared pauper, and tha
popuboa wa forbidden, on pnfti of
luiprlaonrnent, to give any of them
axKlntania, Theaa fa mil fa, deprived
. "1 , ' , .it
(etwecfi Hawaii and lha lately con-
toteretj tpanlah (aland, write A, Tol-
man Hrnlih In tha Independent, (her
I a xtrlklog contraat of educational
Tha mlxlur of population in Hawaii
la greater than In Cuba, and greater a
regard diversity than In lha Philip
pine, American form but Utile mora
than per cent, of th total; and If th
KngMah and (brman resident b add
ed, thera I atlll only nuclen of 10
per cent, having xlwllar atiteeedent,
Much, however, I American preatlge
in tha and that a ytem tf re ho'd
riKleied on our own I In full opera
tion, and avery fhlld In (be (aland, of
whatever nationality, learn lo read
and npeak Kngliah, That lha Ian-
guaga Iihm not, lien forced upon tha
peipla I evident, from tha fact that
tha public, achool for tha native, fn
which tha Hawaiian langoag wa
Hed, hav rWoma axfind by tha pra
ferenra of fh natlv fmr (ha Kngllah
m boo!.
Tha Honolulu public high ehooJ oc
tuple rlna building In tha mfdat of
ampla ground adorned with rar
plant and beautiful flower bed, Tha
hoo ha ela(l and adantlfja
c(airc and aaplre to afnlfatfon with
tha f'nlveraity fit California , Ilealde
the government ehol (her ara many
prlvata academic and aemlnarle,
mtuh reaembllng lhoe of iha I'nl'ed
Th ffinlh lalanda, alao, have
achool ayatenm, that of (Niba making
nuba an effect on paper, Although tha
achool In thl Inland ara r1ad a
public and prlvata, they are virtually
all church whoof Jmrch and atata
lielng ma In Hpnnlh territory. Oral
Instruction prevail o gen-rlly In
Catholic chda thai attandane upon
them and good Instruction of It kind
tif home, food, anchor and (ha menu
of obtaining (hem, nud forbidden (o
(cava tno Jurisdiction tif Hantlago d
Cuba, aought aliellcr In tha wHida,
"Th Inhitmanllle and larbnrlil'a
whb h thea women and children wera
anbjecled lo passe belief. They wera
charged with all aorta of robberle In
order (o hava them chased with blood
hound, T'lVsa chaae wera followed
by a mob, and when a victim waa
caught aha wa tortured until aha con
fccd or died. Their bodle, after
(hc fb-ndlsh torture, wera left on tha
ground In horrible mutilation.
"An nflimpt wa (nada at tha (Ima
to fiiduea our government lo Inlereedn
for Iheaa bdplex iifferer, but It cama
to riolhlng. fn JH'i9 fbera wera 300
of ihdn, and In 170 thirty or forty
atlll survived, Tha other died from
starvation or wera killed by blood
hound. "In 1X71 when tha crew of tho Vlr-
git.ln wa captured and mnrTt'A, tha
crew of tha rlpatilah vead, tha Tw
I midnight, when they had all Un jbich have lorS Malory of cullura
jdrinkliot freely of wine, a parly wa and of pioiia rev .enc It" . p,irab!y aa
I formed It, ionil with l.lfHitttoHinta Hie ! ia(ed with that, chnrcb,
I remntrider of theita survivor of the
Orand tfi nuwancra, The hunt waa
described as loo horrlhle to relale,
' Afier It wa over an American ioiimuI
belonging to tha fraternity went Into
the wood and arrange) for the burial
; of nlr who bad been fiiwdereij, am)
found seven oiber not yd. dead, but
suffering and mutHai'-d, Tbejn re
more rnnrder than rhoae of the Maine
to b avenged in thla war,"- Kunmn
ara perfectly compatiid
degree of llllxiraey,
I'rolonged war ha Interfered wiilrl,.,. ,hl(ri,h mlit radrxiMa
th roiitlna ttl dvll admlnlatraliori, and
no latfl report of education hv ben
circulated In ! there wera 3,nw)
rhlidreii reprfted In public eioola,
and 21,140 in prlvaia ochooi, or 4 p r
cent of tha iapulatlon a gairit ra
tio of 10 (o ! per cent In eduiatlng
eonnffle, In ail (ha large cllie pub
lic a-hot d wera maintained for (be
bia'k, For tha year namel the gov
ernment contributed ttl' for the
public adtool, a Iarg proportion of
whldr went to tha salaried olhYr.
That l, from firf to last, (ha bam of
lha pnbll'! aervba, It ond and aim
ba been to provld an Irowne fr gov. '
ernment dependdK. j
Hut It must be remembered that r,s
per cent, of iha population belong t
tha whlla race and (KiiNca undying
tradltfori that link them to the glory
and cullura of tha pant, Prlvaia -
cldlc, especially the conom)c oi eiy
Ot( P dad Economical of Havana and
Hantlago, hava been atlva In promot
Ing aducatlon. Thera ara dai at
doail preparing a'uderit for Havana
nnlvaralty, whldr ha no mean reputa
tion, fn JX&5 It reported 671 matrlcu
(et nirrdeni and 655 non matricu
lated, A large proportion of tha pro
feor ara natlva (ubn. Tha -vereaf
arraignment o Hpanlsh rul
that ba recemly appeared I from the
alumnu of the unlvrrity, Or, Antonio
Ootiralo Per, who, In tha August
numler of tha Nlndaanth Century
give a vivid ld of tha nature at tha
Rpanldr reprennton, Tb Inhabltanl
of Cuba, ha say, havr been kept fn
Ignorance, Quit recently tha rector
of Havana university and tha dlrador
of tha attperlor cnltcge f,f Hie Island,
wera ordered to cnd Madrid an
nually, Hat of all text-hooka adopted
In put. He m MM'! ( nifllte tie it
tiOiHi MttiinOit'd lit Ihint waa op-
nw i lo tho t htixtun i iiiiin or tit
HpanlKti aittbftttf t'litil th lt r,
kiIhmI f.oi Witn tan fully fl
miilne.l and all atlutloii to niudrii
Idea, lilw'ttj, fhdi M tidelK a, els', Wl
ti in k out
In reteit (o kIhi fit in I'orto Ilb'O
la an liifertor copy of Cub. Yiamg
men tif i tin caM by fnmllle hi iti ih
lr aeiit lo Pari or lo Catholic (ollegc
In iha Onlieil H'Mtf for a portion of
(heir training, bill (he p'Krer t;loe
leatn Hula mora than lha catechism
and lha creed It will dot m ay to
In f nue KriKlifch idea Inlu (h"a peopla,
hiii k of whom ara centurla of 11 lu
preiedeiit. who lova authority, If It.
be mild, and whoaa paaalon fr Ulicrty
I at preMtit Hill mora (ban tha spirit
of resistance to hated ayatem.
Thn Philippine Island preaerit con
ditlon of poptibitltin Moiriawhat anal
okoiin to lloaie o Hawaii, Healde lha
mall reiderii Hpanlsh population, t on
slating of lha army and navy, civil of
ficer, wilealaatb and a fw mr
i bant, thera ar 100,000 China, who
mimopoil. the thief Induatrlea, Ilia
bulk a tha Inhnbltant ara Malay
and wgrwa. Nominally 6,000.001 of
the native, or l0 per cent, ore CaUio
lli. Kducallon I In th hand of tha
monaarlc orders, and In aplta of lh
rwent uprising against them, II I
matter if record that they havi? given
many wo-loii n-at het and preaohera
to th work of Improving end t lviiir,
Ing iha native, It la not to Ji aup
tioaed. however, (hat Ihero Ij any audi
I .... ..
:dwp arot vhhi attacnme.i!. io irm
!""" , ,,"r' t' 'i'heso biland-r aa la tha
Mho ciiae In Cuba and Porto RU-.o,
The nwniUm of future educational
effort In thewe (veral lulatida la al
ready hdn- pfad upon our govern
mi ni; hut at prenent no course can bo
def)f,ed, Tho ttement tbll Hllgbah
ttdiool are lo lat opened f n Hatitlago,
at once, rt'M not Imply any effort to
rd a government system, Thl I
,md ara not jd under our control,
ni, when I hey ara It will leJ A wiao
p(y to conanit (heir own preferam
. mnH m iltU,milff rmUH, a
3 'that of (be education of children,
with a high pedant mW,n will, nridoubt
'eitiv. antet wllb ardor InUr tbena field,
tla work there. Meanwhile, tha Influ
ence of a new dvll order and tha de
mand of commercial fntwrcouraa will
he powerful IrxeMive toward a na
order of ed'cailori,
I lad purport - contlfdie without
il.yerg. ncy. Tin Hdlotl "f Scripture
directly and rtrnpo ttlonably le n i g on
th. t;n.- of Child i"mil ro vtnt, of
lild, t hern are an abundanea net yt,
hroi'gH forward. Put I am i trotigiy
in prs-ed wi'h fr,a convlntlon that I
nImhiM in ' J ' I r. article dt,Iltig with
n.rr.e of tic ntiiiiient or claim da
rfu.ed froir the r'tip -lire hi i.ut Ad
vent brethren, in ip rt of (tr futura
and vciy wtr iomiiig of our lAird. If
,iii he perai'Ud to fun her hava
rspci in lit American I lll reaiima
tr y former mi thud of d'uJ'ng wPh tha
iiit.jci t I hae ja rh..p l; ;f d abmsad
th kind liidnlg aa of the g(,o editor
of our truly d gf nuindy American
japer, f have beard It ;ild, and hava
ern It In print lo the cflcet that wa
atwot ciinabiten'.ly watdi, ? hava In
tereft In looking for nti event that 1
u, u,ui rt'iln a rr t to ba known whdb
r It shall tr-ni-pire to.lay i.r a thou-
ii.nd year hence.
With th early dladpica, tuning
le ior or dirtfrmt on!d I th' em
wlih 'hem ip ei,ni of our ford'i
ntiiift tp"(ully prodi'cii, jf, Christ'
set jii I Kiriiiiic; ia m!,1 to (.the (daca, If
toMcuunty tf iha t ine -.f nti vent,
diy.'vi It of MiU't'-d, i to th. tlnia
of thu tinntnt, then uj till row, ac
cri;t,g to tU pliilowiphy of oma rf
our i.dliiK Advm t)ietlun, watching
(Ccntiaucd on 8 )