The American. (Omaha, Nebraska) 1891-1899, November 11, 1898, Image 3

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1 V t Mi H.
what mwm
n iW Yrjr Iim Home Will
I akeT hi Tovmlry atK,
Krrp It - linker.
Mm 1 bel fct HW IWtl U
I sniaeea) 1 Bill V ltjU Mate tret,
rl late HV1 Met If
JM U la Keasso Ben.
ttturetloB .(.lis ft ! tW
nt ix. . ,
MUlB fetal t WMitroIlM
OetBtie aatnorUlee.
t rrtutir ooafeea tbt it caiaoiiee
ttee lfor Ifct r"tf t
I would M mob administer W't
Baeat to 0 dt oo to CufcolM wtt
aa Uelr rhlidrea to rlle orboolB.
rattier Walker.
Tbo public acbooli aave m1iot
Brlblog bat B fodleso teneratloB ot
tMevee and blae.gtiarde Fatbor
It will bt B gtorloui dor In this
tountry when under tbo laws tbo
school system will bo shivered to
plerea. Catbollo TeleirrapB.
Tbo public schoole Bro nnreerleo of
flee; tbr iro irodlees end anlcM bub
pressed will prove tbo damnatloa of
tbla country. Pother Wolkor.
Wo matt toko part In tno oleetloBB.
move In a solid ntMi In overy atato
against tha party pledged to attain
tbo lntRTlty of tba publlo schoole.
Tbo common schools of tbla country
aro alnka of moral pollution and nor
ertea of bell. Chicago Tablet
Tbo tlma la not far away when tbo
Roman Catholic Church of tba Re
public of the United Btatea, at the
order of tha Pope, will refuso to pay
their acbool tax. and will eend bullota
to tbo breasta of tha government
arenta rather than pay lu It will
coma quickly at the click of a trigger,
and will be obeyed, of courae, ai com
ing from Almighty God. Mgr. Capol.
"Wo bate Protestantism; wa deteat
It with our whole heart and aoul."
Catholic Visitor.
"No man ha a right to chootia Wa
religion." Areribishop Hughe In
Freeman's Journal, Jan. 2V, 1888.
"If Catholics ever gain sufficient nu
merical majority In thla country, re
llgloua freedom la t an end." Cath
oltc Shepherd of tha Valley, Nor. 13,
"Protestantism, of every form, baa
not, and never ran have any right
where Catholicity Is triumphant. "Dr.
0. A. nrownaon'a Catbollo Review,
Juno. 1861.
"Wo have taken thla principle for a
basla: That the Catholic religion with
all Ita rights, ought to be exclusively
dominant, In such sort, that every
other worship shall be banished and
Interdicted." Plus IX. In his allocu
tion to a Consistory of Cardinals,
September, 1861.
"Protestantism why, wa should
draw and quarter It, and hang up tbo
crow'a meat. Wa would tear It with
plr.cera and Are It with hot Ironsl rill
It with molten lesa and sink It In hell
Ore one hundred fathoms deep."
father Phelan, Editor Western Watch
man. "Religious liberty la merely endur
ed until the opposite side can be car
ried Into effect, without peril to the
Catholic Church." Dlshop O'Con
nor. The Roman Catholic li to wield bla
vote for the purpose of securing Catb
ollo ascendency In this country."
Father Hecker, In tha Catholic World,
July, 1870.
"Undoubtedly It Is the Intention of
the Pops to possess this country. In
this Intention ho Is aided by tha Jes
uits and Catholic prelate and priests."
Drowoson'a Catbollo nerlew, July,
When b Catholic candidate li on a
ticket and bis opponent li a non
Catholic, let the Catbollo candidate
bava the vote, no matter what h rep
resents." Catbollo Review, July, 1804.
"In case of conflicting laws between
the two powers, the lawa of tbo
church must prevail over tbo state."
-Plus IX, Syllabus 1861.
"Wo hold tha stare to be only an
Inferior court, receiving Its authority
from the church and liable to have Ita
decrees reversed upon appeal,"
Brownaon's Essays, p. 282.
"Wa do not accept thla government
or bold It to be any government at all,
or aa capable of performing any of the
proper functions of government.. If
the American government Is to bestie
talned and preserved at all, It must
be by the rejection of the principles
of the Reformation (that Is, the gov
ernment by the people), and tba ao
ceptaoca of the Catholic nrtnninle,
which la the government of the popo."
Catholic World, September, 1871.
"I acknowledge no civil power."
Cardinal Manning, speaking In tho
name of the Pope, 8. R. S 1878.
"The Pope, as the bead and mouth
piece of tha Catholic Church, admin
isters Its discipline and Issues orders
to which every Catholic nnder pain
of aln must yield obedle ."Cath
olic World, of August, 1868.
"In 1900 Roma will tako this coun
try and keep It." Prleat Hecker.
"The will of the Pope Is tbo supremo
law of all lands." rcb bishop Ire
land. We bava plenty of tho laaua of Jan
uary 28, containing tbo exposure of
Rome's plot to take tbla country by tb
sword. Ten for 80 cents; fifty for $1.26;
100 for 2. 600 for $7.60; 1,000 for
$10. Have you sent any of that num
ber to your friends? You should! They
should not sleep longer.
Luke Linden, Ml )h., Fob., 21,
Dear Sir:
I rrcelvcd your Atlas of tho World
and I am well pleased; far beyond m
No nian's Influence Is so small b
what be could make It tell against
ti a ( i
tf t..i'fH i ttttt
k.-aa tlx ft
i t'M fe't a4 tp
0 t4;tUl rn list
tr,.f hi tetita H't
1-14 tt ike tan is' ma t4 aita
ho tf a ism o 4
ail it.t .t. iu , !) it
a mi ta'ik ik )'$ t wr4 '
Heasm. tat )ar tt
t aa af'',l -m Mi ot
smrkM. eea is tn tr ikit
rri tt 4t tttnr-4 t
t Ote ftmiwMl(-a 4 4 r
Oe tiaste r(1 t Hi Ul 0 rt
jfUfa ant in .utu. Ttie ! l
jlwtM, hr fr Artm of In H la
Osm emfiii4 into a an4. btr
nt hMrl, (he Aut AllrHOelt
nt4 txik ni,i ih Nlil MlcroW
ad all 1 h q.tfMtoa i. rn Oils N a
rUn bv hl. a lh pl.t Mill ntttinti to
bae Ihrir r n4 rtrhana
thrtr mtitntwi, u tmily nb-nmyf'-phitailplphla
One of the ni'.l tirloua ftn with
rrasrd to snske I thai Ihrlr eyes are
never rlual. ttlff-pliig or lng.
alive or drsd, Ihey are always lle
open. This I lirteiixe there are no
eyrlliU. The rye Is proteited nly by
a strong scale, whlt h tornis a pert ot
the epldernisl envelope, and le raet
off In a piece with that every time the
reptile moults. Thin eye piste Is as
rlear and transparent as (Ihhs, and
allows the mutt perfect vIhIoii, while
at the same time It Is so hard and
tough as to perfectly protect the deli
cate organ within from the thorns and
twigs among which, In flight from ene
mies or In pursuit of prey, the reptile
so often hurriedly glides, as any close
observer or the habits of the snake
can readily (Uncover.
Anuthrr IntmnnU fare.
A physician suys that scute Insom
nia may be promptly rured by the
practice of deep breathing. Draw Into
the lunga as much air as possible, and
do not exhale It until obliged to, and
then aa slowly as possible. It Is some
what of a task when the night la op
pressively warm, but If persisted In Is
fairly sure to relieve that hyperaemla
of the brain which every-day folk call
wakefulness, The tricks of the sleep
less to Induce sleep are many, but
none Is found to be more Immediately
efficacious than this plan of forcing
the lungs to tske the burden off the
brain and nerves, Hoston Transcript.
I'nier lloriealiaei.
A comparatively resilient shoe for
horses hss been constructed from com
pressed paper. The Invention tins re
ceived some attention In Clermany,
where several successful experiments
In connection with It have been car
ried out. The matter Is now coming
Into prominence In this country. It
Is claimed that such shoe ore cheap
er and In every way better for the
horse than are Iron ones; needing no
nailing to the hoof, being fixed there,
In fact, with a strong glue; costing
less and wearing nearly as long.
Where the Ovn U lieepent,
A little more than thirty miles from
tba coast of Japan the 1'aclflo ocean
bas been found to be more than 4,643
fathoma deep. Borne officers who were
surveying for a telegraph cable found
their wire broke at this depth without
reaching the bottom. This Is said to
be the deepest sounding ever made,
and la ao deep that the two highest
mountains In Japan, placed one over
tbo other In this abyss, would leave
the summit of the upper one two-thirds
of a mile below the surface of the wa
ter, fllve This to Vour Teseher.
To the Editor-Here Is a little prob
lem I wish you would ask some one to
solve for me: A man has two lots of
60 apples. The first lot he sells 6 ap
ples for 2 cents, which amounts to 24
emits. The swond lot he divides Into
two parts of 30 each; the first part be
sells 2 for 1 cent 16 cents, and the
aecond part 3 for 1 cont-10 cents,
which amounts to 25 rents. Why the
difference In the price received for the
two lots of apples 7-ICx,
A Tree f topi""'
Tba I'uke of Devonshire owns the
greatest curiosity In England. It Is
known as the weeping tree, This Imi
tation tree Is made of copper and Is so
dexterously contrived and cunningly
painted that at a careless glance one
does not distinguish It from a real
tree, It drips water on tourists who
wander neath Its shade,
King llnmlierl of Itly.
Tho king of Italy l the only vegeta
rian among European monarchs, and
tha only king now living who waa ever
wounded In battle. In the battle of
Custom bo was attacked by an Aua
trlan officer, who Inflicted a eevero
gosh with bis sabre and wonld prob
ably have killed blm bad not assist
ance arrived,
Walking vs. Cycling.
When a man walks a mile be takes,
on an average, 2,263 ateps, lifting the
weight of bis body with each step.
When he rides a bicycle of the average
gear he covers a mile with the equiv
alent of only 627 steps, requires no
force, bears no burden, and covera the
same distance In less than one-third
of tbe time.
STn Pairs.
Mrs. Edward Harris of Richmond,
Mo., has given birth to seven pairs of
twins. They are all living
a t m i
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li Msr
K ... W I -
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ft. M
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Im ..- -I "
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, .,..-. n t et.4 t" i
t i la 4- , l-il
V..-fc i'( I.I- f. U.ll I '
., .( , . .... t l M J. .
I in i t K.t il I
H . ,1 the "I I
I . IB .! I .. . '
... 4ilnl !
m !.. '
Ritw,ihtf IKr I ,ll llil d i (h. 4
1 t-l . l
! .. M- Wt a i it..., I
i a I in...,
n nl I' '
I m 1.4
w M
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hi I..I
ti ..l
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i, t-4 1 1 .
ll- atm I -I
I'l.ta a
i,i, a
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t I ''
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(I mm p I . li
I. l a '
llir M llf l l i
I I.k a
AM i ( ii, h aM ! H.i-'l In
)) ant.n-l n..llil..n M lli lr !
iifimlia a.iiu IViiini Nvla-k al'h
ltil li- iinn mi ll mt aal.l'a al lh
rale ft li n lr ! r aniium Inim i lul l ( ir wiit, li amn nh imw
l an.l iii litliir with an niimiii) s
fir Hniiiiim fun In Irn -r rtil if Hi iti
rii, I'l.iiniiH itii r.r a il.. tw iiii li
liaa a ei-l ll n nim anl.l ri l pilr tin t
Ih. t. fi n.laiila iili.ill miv th aiiitii. an, I In
l. (, mil HniiMif lint ih.- anl,l n.itiiM Im
auM l.t a.ilt-rv lli nnmitiit fniiii-l i1m,
an. I llml iinm llic .1.' f n.l. Hi
lw- .LI. ii 1 1.. I n( all rilit, llilo nii.l In I . r
. In ri'al falulu, ami fur nlhi-r
r.iilllnl.l.. Iilli'f
Vmi ai- mIii lii'i.-liv nntinp.1 I tin I vmi
hiuI i'iii li itf fun irt riMniti.. tn ntiM,r
nii lil iH'lltliin en nr lHfure lli ll'ih liny
llf IVnllllMT VHi.
tiiilfl ut timiiliii. NrliriiiiKti NuN'i'nilirr
II h, !'. JAM KM l lUiuWNl ;
Hy V. A HVI'MK- IIH I'liiliillrT.
Ilia Allm lii'l'.
I Me. M. Nil. I'.V..
Atlorlii-y, Mnrrliants National Hunk.
To ll. M. Kiiy, Ural Hint rani mini un
known, Hiimin 1-Hy. hla lfi, i:iln l(ii-VfM
( 'iiniilii'll nml Jiinii'H l.i'Wla, nnii-ri'Hlili'iit
Vou lire liiTi-by riolllli-il Unit on llin 2fiih
ilny nf Oi'liiliir, A. I., IW, Hurry J.
'I' Willi Ink. I I it 1 11 1 1 fT Iiit.-Iii, llli-il lila p.ll
linn In lhi IMxIrlit i'iiiiH nf IhiiikIiis
('iiinly, Ni-liniMkii. nsiilnal (1. M I'uy,
Ural nml n-nl iintni unknown, Himnn Kiiy.
hla w iri-. Kiln KiM-vra ('iiiiiiIh II, Jhiiii'N
Irf-wla nml An.lrrw J. iMirliuul, llin iilijoct
nil priiyi-r of which la to fcircclnan inm
ccrliiln Ihx ciTllMinlH ilitlcil Novi-mlicr
inili, imi'l, iiimi th fiillowlna ilcacrllicil
rent ih i ii t , in-wll :
Tlin chhI onp-hiiir of I iik lot twenty
llirca '.':() In aurilnn I',, inwnalilp ir. rutiKH
1:1 fiiKt, hII alliuitcil In 1 i hi k In a roiiniy,
nml HimIh of Ni'liriiaku, iiinn which llicin
la now line tho amn nf with Ihtcr-
eal nl tin. rule of ten per cent tier nn
nmn from (iclolier 3rd, Ikms, fur which
aiiin, wild Intereal nml coals InKdhcr
Willi mi uttnriicy's fee iininiinlliin In ten
per cent of llin ilecren, iiliilntlff prnys
for a decree hut he hits n Ural Hen upon
hii Id I on I ealiila, Ihnl the ilefeiuliin "
niy the aiime, ii ml In defmill thereof Mint
the nii Id properly lie aold to anllnfy Mm
iiiiioiiiii fmiiid due, nml Mint iiion aula
thereof llin dcfendmit he delnirreil of nil
rlKhl, Mile mid lotereal III Mil III roll I fn.
lute, mid for other eipiltiilile relief.
Yoll lire iiIho hereliy nolllleij Mint yoll
mid I'Hih of you llin reiiilred to iiiihwit
an Id pel II Ion on or hefore Mm laih duy of
I eeeiiilier, IH1IH,
Hiiiod nt iiimihn, NehniNkn, Novetnlier
III), h!l.
HAttltV .1. TWINTINd,
Hy W. A. HAI'NKKKH, I'lillnllff.
Ills Attorney,
lmr, IK, No. 1 12.
W. A. BAtlNDKIlfl.
Attorney, Merchants National Bank,
To Ail W. lirlKKa, Wllllnm If. Heck,
Aleminder M Kerrla, Kiilo M, Mull li nil
the I 'uil In rut Nitlliniiil Hunk of l'orlliind,
Maine, non-realdenl ilifi'inliiiiln;
You urn hereliy iiotlllod Ihnl on Mie
27th lift y of (iclolier, A. If., IKiiH, Jiimes I..
Hrowne, iiliilnllff herein, (lied hla pell.
lion In llin lilNlrlct Court of liouifhi
I'niinly, Ni'linixkn, iiKnlnat (irlnndo H.
Wood, Aaii W, IIiIkkn, Wllllnm II. Heck,
Alcumiilcr M. l-'errla. Kntn M. Hull, Mm
I'orllmiil Nuiliiniil llmik of I'ortliind,
Miilne, et ul,, Mm ohjecl nml pmyer of
which In lo forecloan one pertain Ins cor.
llllciiln iluled Novemher KM h, IHIi;l, lipnti
Mm following deNcrllied real ealaln, to wll :
Tha undivided twelve-lhlrleeulliN (U
of Null lot twelva (ll! of tn lot llvn,
In seel Inn 15, townahlii in, hhik VA east,
slluatnd In I'oiikIhs ('ounty, Nohraakii.
iiiioii which there la now due Mm sum of
$.111. Ih), with Inlereat ul the rule of ten
per cent per milium from Oetnlior !lrd.
Isiis, for which Norn, wllh Inlero.t nml
funis loKeiher with nn nltorney'D fmi
Hmoiiiilliiic to left per cent of Mm decree,
pliilnllff prnys fur u ilecren Ihnt ha hits a
drat lien upon nnlil rnul caliitn, that Mis
(tefeiiilmits ahull pay Mm Name, nml In
default thereof Mint Mm Niild properly ha
aold to aallafy Mm nniount found dun, nml
Mini iifion Nitln thereof Mm defendanlN ha
flehnrreii of all Hk'iI, til In nml IntnreNt In
Niild rent entuln, ami for olher euultnhla
You are nlan Imrehy nollfleil Mint you
nnd eneli of you are required o nnawor
mild iiotlllon on or heforn Mm 121 h ilny
(if lieci-mher, I MM.
Puled nt Omnhii, NnliriiHkfi, November
llh, lull.
Hy W, A. BAI'SueJIIH, I'lnliiilif.
Ilia Attorney,
line, m, No, HH.
Merchunls Nntlonal Hunk Ilhlg,
BIIRnil'TH HA 1,1",
Hy virtue of nn iiIIiin order of sain la.
Niieil out of the Idalrlct cuurt fur Moiik
las i on n I v. Nehraakn, and In inn direct
' il. I will, (in Mm il S day o' Novemli r, A.
I. lw, ten o'clock n m, of an 1. 1 day,
nt Mm en at front duo, -if Mm counly
omul hoiian, In the fit y . imalin, liniiif
I ii n counly, Nolirnaka, ao Ht puhllc nuc
llon to III" hlitheat hldder for ciiah, Han
properly deserlheil In anld order of aula
UN fnllowa, tiewlt:
l,nt four (I), hlock threa hundred nml
slsteen Cllfll, in the orlnlmil plat of Mm
city of Mini tin, nn aurveved, plntleil nnd
recorded nnd nil le luir lninl"d In 1'ous
In h county, aliiln of Nehrnaka.
Hnld jiroperly to hn aold to snllafy
I In rry J. Twlntlng, plntnllff herein, tha
Niim of Flfly-alx nml 7H-UKI ((ifl,7H) (Jol
Inrs JudKmeiit, wllh Inlereat Mmrenn nt
Mm rat of ten (Hi) per cent per annum
from Hoptemher 27, 1M7, together with sn
stlorney'a fea of flvn nnd A7-100 (ri.S7) (lol
liira which aald amounts nrn a ftrat lien
upon nld nhovn deacrlhed property,
To antlafy the further sum of flfly-flve
and Wl-Kin IW.WD dollnrs coals herein, to
gether with secrulng coNta, nccordlng to
a Judgment rendered hy the dlnlrlct court
of mild nought county, mate of Nnhrns
ka, at Ha Heptemher term A. I. 1!7,
In a eerlnln action then and there pend
ing, wherein Hurry J. Twlntlng la plain
tiff and Mm American Nntlonl Hunk of
fimiiha Nehraakn, a coriiorntlnn or
ennlBcrl under the Inwa of th United
Htnlea, Rnmuet H Curtis and Kate Illrd
Curlln aro flufendnnta.
Utnitha. ehraka Oetihertlat IWiS
HherlfT of liougliiN county, Nehrnka,
W. A. BnunderN, atlorney for rinlntlff.
Twlntlng vn. Am. Nut. Hunk et. nl.
I oe, 61, No. 229, Ks. 1 p. 212. ' (,
For fifty centa we will send you a
copy of tba Atlaa of tbe World, con
taining tha latest and most accurate
mans of Cuba and tbe Klondike coun-
' try, besides a great deal of useful and
. valuable Information. American Pub.
1 Co., Omaha.
viu i HMi at MiMin
a .i i ,. .. I--
V a
. ..( -4 '! el I Il
I I I W .... I ... . . r ll'l,
v ..... a r.a ) i i
l I Il ,.,! !
I'.ai- 4 aM .-I i-. i t- i '! 4 yyi
a-4 a. an. ,a w l a,, -.a,! tl il.'
It'll 4.1 rf awfr.i .-W K M,.ftr;4
leal a t- U'l !-.l ...4.
(v.ali.'f that Iv.ft eat a iwii.iiie-i a.'l ea ! . 1 1 1. I awl 'a m
I l l . I .ii I , i i r ... , . ..
In- i. ,. at, l If en fall le
i1 ii i a i. , e.m ! nil 4a
ni.i.i pa, al ' a a an. aal
eirt at i-i'ia-n ta ,.i tta
Ilia t.lii "I .t 4 ill ..a tut an aa a '. t
oil a'l iiiiii'ii r..i.i an.-. n..i n
.t.-l-ir aa le ll-ia i'.miiI titan .i-w t'Tajw4,
M the n, IKal all lealleia I'-i laletea Irt
aai I eaiaia map t- Snailr a.lim 4
intvii r mr n
IS I IVe jMtaa
NOllfl) nr AUTtrtm iK tNiHUi
Take hell. thai en Ilia Bull ilav nf June,
l Ilia alio I. a if In. ei .l a I l,.n ef II
I 'atlei.tii," cm tiatiin 1I11I4 iiiaanla.-l
aa nil. I In (ha I'ffiii nf Mia tanmty link
ef ienaln ceiinti, irl.ialia T lie tHni
pal 'la. of l.iiiineaa i.f hi. k la Ilia rlt
of im.ali Nrttaaka, Hie N-noial mini"
of I lie aame la 1,1 iln a gcneial ilium
lug. lull iHiailng. alan paiiitlna an I ma 11 it
fai Ititliig anj nllier liiiaineaa nf Ilka nn
Tim amount nf rapltal aln. k la linimiii
illil'lcl III aharea nf lnt'in aa. h. In I paid
fur al Ilia Hum nf l-.nain a ami In l nun
aaaeaaal.le HIim k may laaua tn payment (
liiaterlnl ir Inlair.
Thla cm ihii altmi cnmmenci liiiatneaa nn
Jiiiiii S-ili, IWih, an I In eniillinie fur (.
llml nf nfly iaia thereafter
Tfir Ii 1 u liral aniuiiiil of Imtelilfrilneaa nr
lliitilllly In which Mm inriairallun may n'i
lo. I lla. If la all aminml inual In two-lhlrda
of Mia paid lip capital ntm k.
me iimoera 1 y men inn puaineaa nr inm
eurpurnllnn la tn m cmiiliiclrd are preal.
ileiil, c pn-alilenl, Ireaanrrr, aacrelnry
nml getieial lununger, ami a laiard of Min e
11 w. ouKHt-.,
MKoltUI'. I'. liHWAl.T.
AlUirney, Merchants National llsnk lllds.
ANTS -Tot hrlatlna I.'lloiiiuiedleu Slid
Mr l.'ltniiiiiicdtrti, her liiiahand Hrat ai d
teat name uukeowo, noii-rralJunt OoffuU
aela: You am hereby notlfled that nn tha I"lh
liny of June. IMM, 'ainea l Hrowne, tin
plaint Iff herein, tiled lilt pel II Ion In Ilia HIn
trict tkiorl for HoiisIhs rnuiity, Nnhraaka,
aralnal Chrlilloa l.'lliiiiimedleii and Mr,
l.'llon ineilleii. her lnnlianil Aral and real
name unknown and othera di fendanla, tha
1 Joct and prayer of which In to forecloaa
one certain las eerl'dcta dated November
25i h, lmi. upon the fullowlug deicrldrd r al
a-tatn, to-ill:
The w.t onr-hHlf IW. 4I of lot seven (7)
In block four 14) In Hhlnn's Klrat addlilun 10
Mm c ly of On. aha liouKlas county, Na'.
1 hare l now dim uuun raid eeruflcNl the
an in of $.1411011 wllh Internal at the ml- of ten
tun per rent per annum rrotn 01 lunar iirn,
I Ml 7. fur which aula, wllh I11U rest and eoala
liiKCtl.e r wllb sn attorn 'ea Hiniiiinllns 'o
U u p' r cent of the decree plulnlllf pinys for
a (Iri rea that ha hna a Nrt lien upon aald
real tataln, that the (lefeniltinlN ahall pny
the an a. and In defaul Hierei f thai Mm aula'
properly he wild toaa lafy ttmaiiiouiit found
due, n: that upon snle Mien ot Mm defend
ants ha del itrrcd if all rlst. Iltln and Inter,
eat In aahl real m lnUn and for olher riiil'
a liln relief.
You ara alto hora-iy Mitllled that you and
each of )ou are ruiulrfd lo ami wit mid pe.
lit Ion nn or hefore the 17th clny of Oi'loher.
Hated st Omaha. Ni'hraaka, Srplntiilier Ulh,
JAMr'.HL PUOWNR I'lalntlff,
ll W. A. Saundets hli A norm y
118-4 lino. S.V No. SS.
Atkrney, Men-hams National llsnk flldg.
To F'.dwlna Chndwlvk, non-rntldent ds
feridant 1
You sin herely rot I nod that on ths Kid
day of HepininlM'r. Inm. Jumea l llrownn, the
ulnlnllff herein. Sled his petlllon In tha I Un
met court of HoniiU- county, NchrnNkH,
ssalnat Kdatna Child e,k, Hie oliject ami
prayer 1 f which are to ft racliwa mm certs'n
lax rertlflcaln dated Novemher IHih, IMDI
uron ths following dracrlln d real estate, to
I otntnedll In hlock t.wo(2i In ft, V. Smith's
sdiHHnn to Hie city of Omaha, HoularoUT
ly, Nchraaka,
There la now dun on std eertlflraln ths sum
Of lUII) 10 with li.ti real at Mm rntedf ten er
rent per annum from Hcptrmhar 24, I Win for
w Ii li li an 111. with Intercut and eoita toKltmr
with an at orrieya fn amounting to lea per
rent of ths (Inert , plnlnllff prays fur ad'
ciee that, he hss a rlril linn upon said rial
rata'a that the defendants Nhall pay ths
Nine, and In default thereof that thn aald
Sri party he aold lo aat'afy the aa ounl found
lie, and Mini up k aula thereof tha defend
snla ha debarred of all rlyht. t tin and In
terest in aa d mat eslate, and for 01 her t till
able rnllef,
You are riiilradti snawer said pel 1 1 Inn
on or tiefora me dial day nf Octolier, ISM
Omaha, Neh Mrpieu her gl, nhs,
JAMCS I, MIluWNK, Plalnllff.
Hy W A, aaum era hi attornev, ai 4
Doe, OA No S.
V. A. HAtJMlKltM,
AtUirney, Merchants Nsltonsl llsnk It I U at
ToAlenanderM Kerrlaind Kiiirns J. Kerrli
liiin-realilenl defeiidHnlNl
Vi 11 ara hrrchy nollSed that nn ths &td
day of HaptemtH'r A II laws. Jaitma I,, llrownn.
plitlbtlff herein Sled hla petition In the dis
trict court of fioovlua county, Nnhraaka,
ngnlnat Aleminder M, Kerr la and Ktiima )
('errla, do'cnilar t, ti n nh,ct and prayer of
shlch la to torecloan onncertaln taseert'H
rale dated Novemlinr I li.h pii,, upon tha to
lowlliS deacrllied real utiite, loall:
The north orie-lh Irit (N, '-ftof l.ot etyht )
In hlock el lit y nine mill In he rlt y of Omaha,
all allualed In llotiyUa counly, Nehraaka,
There la now dun upon auld crrllMcale lli
urn of Html HI wllh line real at tha rain of It n
per cent pi r am urn fro n ecplemhcr ZM,
n',in, for which aiim, wllh Inten at and roam
tiiliclher wllh nn 111 or 111 ya fee ariimiiitltia; 10
Ion per Rent of 1 he ii en a p alni'ff praya for
adecrrn that ha I aa a lint lien upon auld
roiil eamla, 1)1 at Mm di fendanla ahall pay
theaanm, U' d In default thereof that llm
auld properly hn aold to aallafy the amount
found dun, and t at upon anl thereof the
defendanla ha deharri d of all rlKht. title and
Inlereat In aald real eatale. and for othai
null able relief,
Vou ara also hereby notified that you and
eat h of you ara rniulred to gnawer aald
petition on ur Irafuis Ins alatdny of October,
Hated at Omaha, Nebraaka, NepUimUr 1,
JAMK.s I,. HKOWNK, Plaintiff,
By W A Saunders, his attorney,
iHic.M. No. 4. H it 4
The Only Railroad to I'hlrairo,
With a Day Light Train: Leave
Omaha 6:40 A. M. every day
arriving at Chicago tho same
evening at 8:15 where close connec
tions aro made with all lines beyond.
This train Is M years ahead of the
Times and Is proving Immensely
l'epular with Omaha pooplo
Other flying trains leave for
Chicago at 4 :o5 and 8:65 i M. dally.
City Ticket Ortloo
1401 Farnam Bt.,
"The North-Western Line. "
Kdueata Vnnr llnwela Willi ('Hatnrrta. Calhsrtlr, cure cnnatlpallnn forever
' Vk),2Sc. II C O i 6 " , meiau return! money
Popular IMical,
1 1 SraviWe tmi (orfBiioaUVpfk-A Isflol M !or Kvcrjo-i
It lit Mt et ittlBBttt kieti
a i
nriLV toun ont at txik. in one lahgc volume.
tr i ptMAMi m thih cattail mi vising sn nsi.
SARt I rrlBOtltC PlSIAMI Of Alt el IS MI Ml fMlla, laf lllOika "rtlVMP fO, BOTH Hill
t at,- rum tua amT comhuv simswis issnaa, smui m bisii:a:.i in mi rfii:Nltt:;i
! r, WntOVtMtNT (If BASSIAi.I, A WHK llNI trtl MISKHO AND All WHO HltPl I VII 10 II,
f fa-taiaa tan TOO ateaniatne l lel.J and tail af aiaia S4l taiaaic
Is aiMil teS
7 1 TP J)7 1 " ,,w rMiea i'f Una l- ail the aal Ufarl I. n II flim In tlMaighfia
tiJ f Alii iLa.a eaiueat,anirn,.iHr,ianl.rialy .taleilheia.
lOriUATSI. 98 ciinomoi. BOO ZLtVITnATIOIva.
tha Saalnmy nf la
im iif Slasi aaS nf W nimni The OrlalH nf l.lfet Man frem tha faai IHaraaea nl
Iraerral I rMcllimat 1 hire I Iraaal I ol..r l'lal.a f pal anS act rial Otaanai
Mar 11 llliialraltuna Hf .il lrr l..rn el i li 1iaa-U-l.Ha
I nlurlliyea Sr ( ulnr I'liulearaeht, In I lia I alula.
Aro You WoH ?
ill UKal.TIi tn a raw
. tii aotii'iallr llaliti'.l,
linae fnrliiliali'tr Itim rn-niai-il
from l-lilli an apl In
lie r kli'M nf ihrir iii-ritace.
II la an i'ay l.i inae nr iiimii.
nalo II lliai In. hi I. tl.iaiaia
lie III lluli i il If He r eaia
a iiie rli.niall Inloaril how l.t
naliilalii II. 1 till all ran an
Vr a.lina "I'laln llnaia
alS" mi the riii- n' ili
raiH'.t'rriira In itlrt.imraalli-a,
eni'Mtia tni-ai eailna, P-a
ami i-oSoa ilrlnhlitK, toe nan
ami aliitaa nt all nlmHi-a, Ilia
U'l Imiilta of i lillilri n, Hie
l.ri-vali'in-a nf errnra nf
a is 'na nndermlna ulanr nf inanlnMUl a i hapii r
"liarant r read atiil lim iloil Imieaaorly 1 Urn llii ie
in ...i rima ilceanf aSulta, the IiiIkmi o lialill
in men nnlil lai-liul In winiii ii, eie , l ie,, ami llij alb
Ciaerfiil i iiaii.iiia nf ataiteitf liereli many ef tha
at nf Imih aeiea ara SiniiiinI pi "anelal ataria.
tlnn." Thla cliaiter ahnwa why thmmliiliai i.miia:
Inlka $n aalray. Imw nriwilliilliui liaa iBMnme l.rei a
nl, alir It will nut ilnan, Imar lla liani-rul illaeaaoa
ara rnnieted to Ilia ''InnoceHl' Miual atari Una anil
tnni'iriiiil (aula In knoa. ...
Tha rioulia f a mad rliaaa for wealth, nf nrer.
work, liver at ml r, falluroa In Imatneaa, tha fail that
health Ii Hie Imala of arallh net eon rrri- and lHa
name ami rSooia ef Imrrllile melancholy -Hum
ara all uiattera It would ba well fur yuu lu UilnS uier.
Aro You III?
f tun am nut amlnni Pi learn
in Il iniiia liuiil, wlial'a Ilia
natter ami witara Hi tie nnnii,
Vtliiiher II, Imi "only a rnlil," a
rlirmiln catarrh, ur anriieililiii
nmra aerlnua Ihat haa 'aelllr4
on the liinia" lu lirnm liltla nr
c-ooauiiiptli.o, ilia aniiin-r ymi find
(ml Imw wtliiiii l la, and aliat lu
(In fur yniiraelf the Inner. If ynn
liinii narn "iinw in nva wiiii mm
una" Ilia cm lb r futt sit una
iiiiwIi'ilKi' lli.'liiiiirir iniiaiu uvn.
Or. iiihv Im vour iiarllcnlae weak
flint la In Ilia Iln r, il ifli ur
inwi-ia, 'Jhen ynu ran itiaka rm
nif.tNka In liHrriliia llin Iw-at
nettindiuf resulalttis llmaa vital tutu Umw. If ynil
ira full nf arhea, pallia, neuralgia ur rheiiina.
ilain, II . Illau'ely pr In lunk up Ih" way tuaiiaa
lli.-ui "If. Surely ini i n'l want tn Inuli i t llin lii.nb
Inm ayiiirilniiia nf llrlahl'a Slaenae, nr ntlier He
ilrunllve illMa-a nf lim "a-enlto-iirlnary orsana," and
run lienor lieemna rxinod on am Ii uuiiaa aa
aunurrliii'a.arrli't ura ami wurM fnrmauf eiiuiaaloiia
illaraara "hy Ilia liunk" than hy eu riii.ii. D.a
ami, led will read Willi aililltf all annul lni.uteii( y,
liarreiiiiiiai, itlaaaia uf wniin n, nrriuiia diaeaara,
,arela, iiaralyala, akin Slaeaaea, aorof Hla. He i et,
frin,llu, una hunk laiiioit invor "all Ilia Ilia that
Bnah la lielr In," and llii rofura lit ttimirf HtHUm-lum,
Itr, Ana tlillhnrtMrM IA tittHnunntmnit ttmt tunptir
Wider (ii "'. , ." '' font I" f'l I" '"
miy nintult him In iimnn or hn Imrr, u ithnut
W'irv, and Uia UUlry will ka amwori'd Ut Ilia Peat
if bla ahlllty.
I f, VtaiWw
fnVT TTTT VIiT ynnslresdy lisvs "somethlna tlks It" or "Jttat sasnnd." llnndrada have
A A 11 1 Ii IV declared lliat It la jinitlinr In tmrlf," and fur nmid of sll oilier worka,
I IdNT TlTH'n li'T'hiil thla wark IsiirTnred for lis men fnlrlnarntiierff and wlliliy, Slid rva)
IV7IV A A'VIHJlJl iliairlbuli'il In (iieniortn lo Silvniiiae iroirleiary liiedlrlnea,
I'li'yrif ( .Mf A T vlt'f moat eiiihuaiaaiie kind frmn nil rtmnlrlrn w liars Knsllah Is spa.
1 IjDI IrtlWll l'l'kari, would, eyenlnaalllyna,iM)iiiai.aofllilaai.a,
IMfnltM'XW.TOV A T M""n nf eisaaas, irerpptrifn, Sialora, tinw, tillliiri, critical, hare
I M I I Hi J.J.v il I'fivcn flatlerliiK amluraeuirnt) ruimrkubly few i.rllli al, 4 j
POPULAR ED ITION, Cloth Dlndlng, Prepaid by Mall, 8 1 .60
American Publishing (p.
Fifty Years in the
Church of Rome
f' V ' W''
V p S
For the Balance of 1898, for
The price of the bok alone at retail Is t'l .2.1, hut you ifnt Sutb the hnolc and
tho paiwr for!2 00. Send In yourorilers ACCOMl'ANIKI) HY THKCASU to
lefts Howard Streot. OMAHA, NEB.
Is Marriage a
trim at
it mat irniui, aa. I I. raeiB.
0 (NnaTt Yof Vaf Tti Kanw
Vaist 11 1 (! Orwtf fY Ktrrilr.
Ttlt Yi4 I- lii'W t.l I rnaaan Mm Ut il IIIAM J
1na Mir mi t- Imw fiilat in-.r 111 itmrnnsm ,
Ilia r I'sbi s? - i,i ,i ,4,,
lll Xt'illUN li.iw tn Iiim tin in wnlnail imittj
Tub t mi M I -a l.w .i w fniiiful ninI iniiltijlvi
TllHI HP.! S - ItuW tlrl'jr "imiili,,llli t ll 1.1 U'J
lllk III HUM Imw Ul rtir life Mul ml Weill
Tut hi si in Imw lopil will npnlu eimmlily i
1 UK ll HI .1T Ili W .l illll wnalml itn rgY.
All Im wmil kiiiiwliil,-.! tlmt Is iif liiiwt wmtll
I iinl It tn lr ria tca 1tm llmtin Tnlk,'
l,tssijsm , psirtitrt, M lii.i"iii rii-is,
flMera til. Il,aaa BMIH flB 1MB M (
(Kiakws nmat. Ma at aat.iMel la anaa Itanlralaf
lot KNamilAting tha aVaaa,.,)) SygiaiMt ratH fig In tat a ) lefMIt
nf Ik4
Aro You Cngagod?
nil niitunt lo pe aa
"t, lu'ihaiia Writ,
iVii't Imii i, ami leak
nn niixakn. it la a
.r in t In and an
itlnli'iili lu (ot mil,
ImhI li la eon wurlk
While In ''lie amn vmi
ara rtalil laifnra ua
u al.iml " 'Hn ra at
liu iHH.k an hi'ttiful la
rnal'lllig yuu tn ai leri
Wlatly a "I'laln
llmiie Talk ' Ins
ran learn antnrltiliit
Irian uilier'a lulitakoa.
Ilia lliiiury nf Mar.
nana nf all kllnla, la
all i niuiirtia.liia riirl
nna eaaerlmenla Snma sallnea hate naile, are lonl
ami iim,l,'rn, Imiliaruiiaaml i lillli il, ln'l ua lo k nu
alial In Itu Iheannial hnliinralllv uriiwli . nut
nf uiiaatlifloil uatiira ami mairlaa" InliinU, Hie hlntury
nf firoailiiiimn, lia jiri'iali iii e, allitreiueiiiii,iiaiianra,
romilia, iimi-rluriaiif roltulona atnl aM-eiliiiin tnanta.
tine ami rntillnl the itntuuiaiil iMluii-kll Hear Ulit
haara frultrul In Imll. tli. ylitalla In aiulit, Oa
tlai nllier Immt iliaitera nil ailaillun In n' ttlafa-.
iihyaleal, ini'iiial ami Niafiii'llii'- nn early ti,
luii'miarrtauii, rliiieini'iita, rtiv, no , abl Itieri'Nili.r la
Inaka a aiiii4 maleh, aeliui fur Iminn ami nff.
aiirlna, liiavntil "Luoiri-r atNii'fu'a,'' and to caiapa UiS
rat trap ami Niltrry klmla uf marrlafa.
Are You Married?
mrv.r. are ihaa-
tera piimlly lurlul
In ftliuwliitf yna
"hliw In lie linnuy
I hough man lea."
taui itiatlliil lu-n.
Iilc Irutilil yi-l aiulit
.eiler If t hi-1 knrw
m In a.1,'1-1 il 1'in
a Ilea in . ii oi her,
ami wuuM liy Iniia
tlcraf ami runt an
ot In rant rtla Tlu-y
lit lu nun! lial
'I li.Hi Iimnn Talk"
Saa almiii Hoi irtia
rlilloaoily nl Inti-r-mitae,
I ri lailnna uf lb
a i ,"ifu'li,i1iii-rn a
nil ln-altli ami rvtl
nt perveratnna, "Ilia wnrniwond thai ml. Ulna anrlnl
llln," on-, hi- Miuiy alii (H"l n u'li a.H.lai noli la
llin rhiter "il liarrrnni aa al-li b haa l,n-B tlio niiina
nf an al Juy In ninny a liHilli-u pair, rlillna H-i m t
illtM-uvfr ami ri'iuuvn llin nliiui', otiii-ra hi a Sa
utiliue newwyn fur niarrii-i) efi'iile" tr'-atlna nre'iual
Il i, ali-i'tiliia aiiail, rii-1'an, Inmii ratluu, eatuuay, la.
illfforeiii-n, pri vi ntlori, r uriHeem'!', fmi'l fur pri-g.
Haul women, i In- .lnal I'.ii nf i hilit-iunkliia, why
. ,M,',, .- .,, mi . .ii.., ,ii,rimiin rrN Hiiiir in ill", , . mi ."iff.
Ill abort, to. li anil a, ,ii, in lu-allalii lu lalk Willi II. ata
huine iifiyal. lana rorii-i-fiiliia niany Selti-ala nura
lluiia tlial in rilrt tin in ami llial I In y ri ulr iii l la
iimii rataiiif. ami which tbla lumk will rnliy'ilrri llmta
aniail rmiiit Ui mil nn jut thn iwnwloa ly rfplulnf
Taa (( (-AiUf- tit mfiprlul Ullttltn rmiUry,
f jtf I '
Failure? $1.00