The American. (Omaha, Nebraska) 1891-1899, September 30, 1898, Image 8

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tcMlMrfs t . ,f tmr urVt4
Tl rr'rrrnf-o (a li.'prrl ts, to
My th lnit rotwtll' Mlly. !
frnilnii AmrlrH ht
My, hon mention Umml
mw with Jott r.V, nJ llr thnt
II liwof fpfrff4 v'l'fm Mm ty IhU
rcrtrnmrnt ! Iwii well mirllfd. It
It d1y dfplomMn thl w htvn o fw
f lti "Li tyi of irtprll In our
Tbm nr ff w Amirlcnn, who will
Wl thnt th blnwlnr UP of thn
Mnlrn It iMrlbuUMs to "Amirlonn
Jlrrfft" No 4rutl lhfr ir nomn
"Anrrlmn Jlnrorn", hut tn Invfitlcn
Um would df flop thn fnot that the
uihrikor thn Uta wtr, thry wire
found sniorif the "prwa t ny prlo6H
So ftr th hollncM of wnr It con
wrnfd, w nre all well awnroflb
tact that, from a Roman Catholloatand
point of view, no war with Roman
Catholic rountrlfa li eonildered boly,
while on the other hand, the Inquisi
tion, fottltutod bytheaforfaldchurrh,
wm the holleit of hollet; and Ifwado
not keep eternal vlvelanca upon the
critter we will pay the tame penalty
our frlendi of the lath, century paid.
Wry mprctfnlly,
A Patriot.
Nrw York, Sept. 22,-MIm Jrwle
Sohlry of Milwaukee, whote eoimln
elped to cruh Crrvera'i fleet, li In
New York. She ha Jul returrr d from
Cum and rbe taya tome curloui thlnga
ahout the war and her remarkable part
la It.
"When I Brat began to agitate agalnit
war with Spain" theiald, "I wrote to
Cottaln Boott and ankrd him not to Are
the flnt hot. II wrote hack and
Mkd mo If be bad my pcrmlilon to
Df ht If the gpadardi ehot at him Drat
I told blm If he thought he wai right,
to go ahead. He la a tailor and a good
one. I am proud of him. lie did h la
duty, but It waa an unholy war jut the
eame. Spartan woman uted to urre
their men to war. It li for American
wemen to urge their men to f eace.
How did I firtt come to taka lueb an
active interest In the peace movement?
Well, It came upon me In a moment of
raver. m$ kmling In Iht UitU Cor
b$ tfohtiaitl in rarU. . Tell the
public kvftUngtn a fyanUh church,
aad let the enemlee of peace make the
ot of It. God doea not love a good
Spaniard lre than a good American
Md He judges nations with the same
aactltude that He doea Individual!.
"Wbllo praying, the thought came
tome that American women must stop
the war. I went to work and organ I ted at
Onoe the Women's International League
for Peace. In tbree weeks the league
had 8,000 membora, mostly Protectants,
Our first meeting was bald In the home
wtCornelloue Vanderbllt'a brother-ln
law. Then a general peace convention
as held at whloh five principal peace
orgenlzallona of Europe were represent
ed. I tu elected ooromlttae of one
to go to Madrid and Inform the queen
regtnt and Sen or Sagasia that they
were whipped. Senor Moret received
ane kindly and showed me many court-
Mies while I wu In Spain. The Span
ink public Inw 2 tnti a llimun Vulholk
ndafrltndnf fiptin, that I detested
the war, so I had no trouble In securing
"Do you know who destroyed the
"It wasn't the Spaniards. It wm
Mme of our American Jingoes, who en
tered Into a conspiracy with the Cuban
jingoes for the purpose of aettlng Spain
and the United Statea at each other's
throats. I know this assertion will
create a storm but It Is the truth. Why
abould they hesitate to destroy a few
Amertoan lives and a great warship
when they were plotting of war that
pent the slaughter of thousands. Born
in wickedness, I should My Uwm
vent to Havana and after paying my
je-Sraa t t,,s It . t'e It
tmit W, t U tlese ff the r !rtt-hl
nf ttils rttuatrv t epH H-ril1, eat nt
u u Wlfr,n,
. N.t Mlwlf.rrnMjMw ?
,tfm mmt 4tm MV ,iwfrtMr
l f il muf Tlii-M I III timed
a trtrsie tf ( until It It rlv
fil (Am Vi fm I em an old meld, Kut
ere t married end the mother of a eoa
I wmild not send blm to 'eK Point or
A nrattrtli. If 0if out is tsfmsfvit in if
(rttfkan am a toman (.ViiWir. My
father Isn't- yet. Few nf ray family
r. I em t rood American, This Is
the hesl country on earth."
RflWian Pomhatt.
'Thn time has panned for Catholics
in this country to be obliged to pro
claim their patriotism upon every ac-
caelon.M said Arahhlthop Fee ban at
the banquet given yesterday afternoon
by the prlenta of the archdiocese to
Rev, Edward A. Kelly, chaplain of the
Seventh Regiment.
"Toe patriotism of the cathollo In
his country,' added the archbishop,
"and h'a lryalty to the flsg has been
proved for a hundrod yeara and more.
Re Is a loyal ctt'xen and can say to
everyone, 'I am a good aa you.1 "
The utterarres of the archbishop
were received with cheeres by the 125
priests present at the feat, which w
held In the banquet ball of the Audi
torium hotel. It was the expression of
the brctherlv feeling of the priests of
Chicago to father Kelly In their cor.
dial welcome to bis return to bis parish.
Prom the caplta'e of the polished
hard wood pillars of the racquet hall
hnnr all ken flags. Above these wo-e
portraits of the men who have made
the nation famous Washington, Tn-
ooln, Oran'.McKinley, Dewey, Samp
son, Lee, Shatter, Schley, Miles,
wheeler and TIoHson.
Theerchblshon with Father Kelly
en his r'ght band aat at the center of
a long table from which extended tbree
other tables at rlf bt angles to it. Rev.
V, 8. Ilenneberry, tb tosstmaster, was
at the i nd of the middle table at the
other end of the ball and facing the
Tbe banquet was served shortly after
I o'clock and It was 8 before tbe speech-
making began. ToMtmaster Father
Ilenneherry In rapping for order ex
pressed the p'easure of the clergy In
tberlnf to greet a warrior priest.
The archbishop, la responding to the!
welcome of the toastmMter, said It
gave blm dtllgbt to meet with the
priests, and especially upon noaocaslon
like the preasent. Re aald tbe Catholic
prelate wss ever ready at the call of
duty to serve tbeohurhln time of pace
and time of war. In the war so quickly
brought to a close tbe Cathollo people
of the United flutes, declared tbe aroh-
bishop, bad been quirk to respond to
the country's call, lie then asserted
that the time bad passed for Cetrolls
to proclaim their patriotism. In con
clusion the archbishop Mid tbe finer-
lance of Father Kelley lo the army
would be of great belp to him in his
church werk.
"Home, Sweet norae," was surf by
the priests, and Rev. Father Dryne of
St, Mary's church welcomed Father
Kelly back to the archdiocese. He
aald there was never a period lo the
nation's history where the Catholic
priest wm not found to be a patriot.
In the present war he had gone with
his people to the camp and battle-field,
and Father Edward A. Kelly, he aald
wm a notable example of the warrior
Father Kelly in responding to the
welcome praised tbe Seventh Regiment
as one of the best In the aervlce. H
said bis experience In tbe camphad been
a fruitful one. Tie deplored the fact
that there were not more priests In tbe
army, In Camp Alger, with 80,000
soldiers, one-third of whom were Cath
olios, he wm for a time the only priest
The three regiments having Catholic
priests the Seventh Illinois, Ninth
Massachusetts and Fourth Missouri
H i I I til kt ' . ('. 4 l
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s4 nix at -i, t tt ttft
iU litt'tr rt th t
'r h'Mi .! t
fkltt'" lt i i"-t t In f tSat
tt i t.iM a I (! t ,ij m ki
Is Wai tr la tl a n tiljt
ai'dttst th .;.) irf fr f.-l
that lu hnt h tttd 'r ai t i 1 r-
rt l h't li'f T i I. Ihf I s'ti
i; 4 .i, im e ii.1i 4 Hi h''!o.
M'ltrtMeg rimai k iSI, Witrs
I'htmh call Mini' J Mj tv I 3' hi
mi arhid ttit Inuitte gre anj
B.-14, l.ii mii wm al4,
t'hlrarn Thn nlolo.
Retire f l4lrlieM,
ni'i'irf' nr A t rTTt; i om
l r ju, U
In f.imrlln.' whh h l(imiIW.I Hi
tin. i.f the Htsl ill I. if 1h
ntvt t tfttW In rttti l turn Hh n-. iimiI
!M nl l'hnil. r l tiHUMt "I 'mi .it a U..n, '
Itin trni.1,.(it mill niAtiHiiv l ih il ilim', hi-ri'tiy si imtiii.
m. I l.i- Mini nil I In- rl-lln ilchln nl Ttm
A l I'Allln I hhwhmv nmmihl In IhM
urn ol Mlni-ll -Ihrrn llniin. nn hin
lit... I ami (went) mul M I'W iluilm il't ).
V II. lAVIrt. rrnMilil.
V. K. At t. K.N.
M. V. Col'NKIl, IHrfi tors.
s ja l
i: WON ItH'll.
Alliirnn)-, t-M , H Hunk
NOTIi'K: Noll, Kullcr Co., l.fMi.-
i I n.
Vim will Ink linitri Ihut nn Itin lt ilnv
nl Hi-pll'ioir. Wiills llnw A I'o. Uii'l'r
hill or pnrtli'iiinrs In JiikIIi-p I'mirl or W.
A. (.imi.T, n Juki tin or thn 1'ixn'n In noil
fur loonltt riiniilv, Ni'lirnHka, dkhIiihI
you. III" unlit, I hit ohlrnl iiml
prftver of wlilrh nrn lo rnver JuilKmint
Kiilnut Ion for the sum of f.irl-fonr
nml txi-IDO itMKii) ilullnm, tiKi(h-r wltli
I ., I a t liu.u.ti rnmi Ki'iMl.a. lf lwi.7
mul t hut HI IIih Hin.- ol niliiK of nal.l lilll
of imrlli'tilnm the plnlnl irTu fllrxl nil iifll
ilnvlt for nn niiliT of mtiuliiniMit nn pro- liy law mul Ihut milil orilvr o hI
tMrhltifilil InhiikiI no ill, mm tluv
rntil irvlmt uion ciTlnln fttiftron of utiM-k
In thn llniitn Iron Complin)', lh proporty
of oil. Ih an lit lll'fHMilMnlK
Vim nr rfiiulred lo aniiwnr aalil Mil of
narlli'iiliira on or Iwlore th hour of ten
a. m, of the Ipnlh dny of NovninlM-r, A. I'.
Fly KUaon Ulih, allnrnny.
KUHON tttril.
Altorni-y, I'. H. Hunk HI. Ik,
NOTK'K: Noll. Fuller & Co., difmiil-
You nil tnk notli'D t tt it t on t tin tut ilnv
of H'ptinl''r, Clevflunil Twist lirlll l'o,,
iii'orporiitpil, nli-il UN hill ol iiHrtii'iiliirs
In Justice Court of W, A. Kosli-r, a Jus
lli'n of Hi IVnca In nml for IhmikIhs
Connly, Ni-liiHska, Haulnst you, th sndl
iliirniiiUnla, Ilia iilij.nt nnil pruyi-r of
whlrh r lo rat-over liiilmni-nt iiKiilnst
you for thn sum of forty-sis ami Dl-nl
ilH.flli ilnlliira, tiiKfthi-r Willi IniiTrm
thiTPon from Novpiiitn-r 1st, IW7, at 7
imr i'i-iit ir m rt ti ti in . anil that at th tlmn
of lllltiH of as lit hill of partlctiliirs the
Plalntirr nii-u an amnavit lor an orinr or
iiIIik liiniiil so provlili-il liy law, ami that
h lil onlur of altai'linn'iil una laui-l on
thn same tlay ami levlml upon ii-rlnlti
sharps of slink In tha lliiuiii Iron Com-
piiny. Hip propprty of yon, the anlil n
(iniliitil. Von are fpiiulri'il lo anawar saiit lilll of
pin ili iiliirs on or hefore tha hour of ipn
a. tn, of the liith tiny of November, A, I),
My KUaon Kli h, allornpy.
Merchants National bank Uull(lln.
To IVtPr litirkay and Mrs, flurkey,
hla rif, first ami real name unknown,
iion-rpsiiivnt dvlonilaiiia:
Von art hi-rphy nolltlpi that on the 2'Hh
day of Mi-ptPiiilipr A, it. Inlffi, Jumna U
Hruwnp, put I nl in nursm iiipii ma (xittion
in Km uisirut i mul of lioutfiits votiniy,
Npbiiiska, HNsinsl I vIPT liutupy su.i Mia,
imii key, ms wit, hist anu rsai iihiii
unknown, ma ohjat't ot which Is tu fr
t'loso una iprluiu lax iprtitk'ale Uatatt
jNovpinhpr lot li, IDH3, upon tna tollowing
ilnMiiiiPd reel pslai. to will t
'I he aoiilh una-naii in. i-i) oi auti ioi
hre (). ut tax lot tnrs U) In sattli'n
Si, township 18. raii 13 ast, In Uouarlss
Coumy, wiirasaa, upon wniin mrr
now Hue tha sum of sw ,i with Iniprext
t th" rata of Pi per cpnt wr annum
from Hcptprntisr 2uih, iwn, for which sum
wlh Intprpst ami costs tonplhar with an
altoriipy'a fa ainotinllna lo tn pr t'ciu
of Ihe rtpcrpp, plslntlft prays for t
rrea I hat ha has a tlrsl lum upon saltl
rpal -win l, that tha dfmlania siutll pay
thn same, anil In tlcraoil tiiprnot tnai ma
.ui,l i,r,,i,nrlv bp mill til SNtlKfy tha
aiiioiliil fotinl dun, ami upon sale tlH-rool
thn (Mtiiiitanta li dpl.arrail ol ail rism,
tula ami Intnrpst In aalil rpal tatata, ami
fur "iilliilla relief. . ,
Vou ara also hnraliy nollftpit that you
ami each of you ara rpitiirp(t to answpr
it lil iiMHli.n or brfors the 7lh rtiiy of
NoVPtnlirr, IMW1
lti-i at Omaha, NPhniaaa, nepininiwr
j,nr.n 1 1, niiunpri,
liy W. A, Hiiuintcra, tils attorney,
I we, , No. . . . . ,
Marchants National Hank Bldf.
To Charlca llolilsmlth end Mra,
..i.t....uK ,ta ivira first unit rpsl nam
unknown. 'iiiui-rnslilpnt ilefnmlania:
I oil ara linraity noiiiiP'i won on wip nm
day of Mpptnilipr, A. 1. IWM, Jamea U
Itrownn, piainiirr nprnio iiipi mp i.m."..
... .. . ...I.-.-. ........ liA,,.).. I,tunlv.
in inP losiriii t mul .i
Npliraska, asalnst Charlpa Oulilsmllh snil
Mrs. Ooliismiin, nia wiip, iirm
rpal name unknown, thn ob)ct and
..... ..... ,. .tti,.it im in r.iri-clnHp iwn car-
tain las rnrllllcalaa each rtnlpd Noyem-
tpr ol h, i, upon inn iiiihiwiiih
acrllipil rnal astala, and amounta dua
lliprpoil, in wu. ,n.
I.t on (I) In block one (t) of O Nn II a
auh-dlvlslon ol Laiwa aacomi,
iipnn whUh Iharn la due tha sum of
...... ..... i ... I... ihua I'll In hock
Ihrnn (Hi In O NVlll s sub-tllvlslon of
rf.wa s anroiin auniiiori, upon
i dup tha sum of 1124 46, all of which said
... -I ..I In O'NpIH'S Sllb-lllVl-
alon of Miwa's pcond addition Jo tha
City Ol t.r....f,mm --
ka, Wlin iiiinrpsr on pscn im pniu nn
at thn rata of 10 ppr rpnt par annum from
Hptpnitpr, 1!IK, for which sum, with In
tnrpst and roata toethnr with an attor
nny'a fpa amount Inn to ten pnr rpnl ol
thP dpcrnn, plaintiff praya for ft rtprrp
that tin has a nrsl linn iin aald real ra.
tain, that tha dpfpndania ahull pay tha
aama. and In dpfault (hnrpof thai lha
itlil proiwrty ba sold to aatlsry thn
amount found dun, nnd that upon aaln
thnn-of, tha di-fandunt be dcliarrad of all
rlnht, tltln and Inlnrnst In aald rnal es
IbH', nnd for othnr eiiultabln rellnf.
Vou are hpmliy nolinptl that you and
each of you am rpiulrpd to anwpr aald
pntltlon or bnfore lh 7lh day of Novrm.
ijpr. lkWt.
Dated at Omaha, Nebraska. Bnptnmber
)lh, m. JAMK.3 K nnowNK.
rtv W. A. ftnundpra, hla attorney.
Vtnc. W, No. J7. -S-.
n It' H i i
I ...I I . .
.. . ' I I
'-.I It '
1.4 .1. . I .
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I t I -f I !
n j i; i . i - i i
..,., . I,. ,4, I
-i i ,1 l 1
. i . ..... . i
.. . t t . i
i I . . I !
II IV ..I I ... I . , I
I - le i .1
. . I I !
I h- . - I I
I " ' - f I l . -,Jt
I '1-
1 ,. .
- . . , it i. t.,. a "li-
II T I It" . I I 11 ,1 IIWI
I . . , . . , , .1 , 4 , . m H ,
I ' . . I .1 . It.
I ' I II ..-.lit I KP : I .:U- II I
n I K.l l ..-..-J In. p i,i .,.
I.M I.I I Ml I, I f t
IM I ' I , I I . ... H "
l-l-H . ! ( K.l- - PS ,. It' I
I' l l . , ,11. ft. . ..,.1. ,, ,1.,.!
1,1 ..I 1 -I hi f I. ..I , , , . f
- .- I.', i i l .;
t . ,.!., (. , , , ,, f.,, n
ri . i 1 1 4. , ,. ,., . , ., i . . i
Mil ...ill Hit- , n i .... .1 1, s I.'
ti.:,n . ..,t.t.-. tt ha i, I
it .l-l l.. t.ltl.llt .1 II. I.'llfltllt
i.ini 1 1 l i s .' p. tint Hi. n
unit Hi. t f !.., IP .it, t
hwl. k (.l.i.'ia ,i.. Alrtsn.t.p M
J.iiMt.iffi pt .1 iih. t -.1 il. . nl - mi
I'llinhn N. i i . k i i. i . i ,.,( !,
JiMIN W M p"V M It
Hi. nff .! i.i-in. i.iniiif Ntit-lia
V A Hutu. I.f sii.iftirt ,.r llililtlT.
Knpi.i ,l..,Bi,n tl al,
Ikakpl IT Si IH
t I Divki-t V, Hap JVl
Mnithunis Naitonsl Hank I1
niiKHirm mi.k
llv ill.i .. . .11-. ........ . .
... . ... ... nTI (.on a nnirr i Pll IP IP-
'nil out of Mip lustrli t ciiittl fur Kttta-
Inp tu ....fw V..I. . L . ....I ... .a, .
... . , rwr. . ... ...f I, rp, 1 .
P.I, I will, im the lh ilxy i.f lt,.....r A.
. -. .1. i H i un it n iii. or atttn uav.
Ml ItlM ... . . .1.... ...
n. ..... -. ....... ...... i ., ,,,p ci.iiTtttr
point hiitisi'. In i Iip Hit i.f untiilta lioiia
Ins tiiiiiHv. Nilrnka s.ll al pultllr auc
Hon In the hlyhp.t hlil.h-r for cah tha
i""i"'i' tii-pcriopii in sain orili'r of sale
as f.illoars, iit-wlf
I .., I f.kl.l lit l.l....h, ll.M I ....1
.. . ...... ,,,, iii..t,.i i-, ririu
rUtnen ( Mill. In the nrlplmtl pi ii ,,f ,p
cllv nl iiiiihIih ns survpvpil. p'lillcl un.
,.iiiiii, nun mi itpiucr siitptrpii in Ioiia
Ins ciiiiiily, slum of Nelirawka.
Sitld i.iii.. (v to hp sold tn satisfy
lli.i-ri. I 1'm,I.ii.. ..I..I...IPI I ... . l '
' . i (Minium ii'Tpni, tun
sum of firty-sla mul 7i-1rt iVA "Ml ilol
litrs lii.ltiiPiit. wlih Internal thereon at
Mm ritln of ten mi) per rpnt ppr annum
from Knplember Tl. ts!i7. torpthpr wMh an
ailortipv'a fep of IIvp nnd 67-lii() (IT. 871 dol
litrs which said amounls nrn it first lien
upon mi lil iilmvp ih-Hcrllied propertv
T,. u ,. 1 1 . 1 , . , I. .. ,,.,.... mi... a
... ... pi . in hi oitr-iivp
nml Wl-luo (fit kill dnllnrs posts herein, to
plher with fli'irulns- ensls, nccordliiff to
m lii, .....1 ....... I... . 1. .li........ .
. . -r uiPirii t coiirr
of aulil Duuirlas rounly, stntn of -
in mi neoienioer term A II. Ivl7,
In a rnrlnln ncilon thpn and Ihern nnnd
liiir. wherein Hurry J, Twliillua Is pluln
H(T and thn American Ttnuk of
Omaha Nebraska, a corporation or
ritnlreil under Ihn Ihwb i thn t'nltntl
Blums, flnmiiel H Curtla and Kala Itlrd
n rt Im am ilefemlnnla.
omiiha. Nehniska RpntPrn'iPr ?nd. t!M
QIi.mIP t t i I .. . ....... , . . ..... ,
. ,,, .,i .'1..IKII.P. fiFtituy, mi'iimitsa,
TV A tl ...... I . ... ... . . ... , .
, . ' n-i siinriinv rnr t'in nitirr.
Tw Inline vs. Am Nat. Pnrik ef. al.
i'"i'. hi, int. av, r.. 1 p. zii, 1-Z-S
Attorney, Merchants National Bonk.
t'lulcr and bv virtue of an order nl sr. In
on uiktih or rorm-losurn or tax Hen Is
sued mil of thn district court for Doiiklns
county, Rlaln of Nebraska, and to ma dl
fecleit, I will, on lha 41 It dny of Octo
ber, A. D. I-'IH. nl 10 o'clock A M nl snl.l
day, at the KAHT front door of thn eoiin-
ry roun nousn, tn thn rlly of Omaha.
Diturlua ciiiiiilv. Nebrnskn sell nl mitiiio
auction to thn hlithest bidder for cash,
inn property imperilled m aald order of
snip aa follows, tn wit:
tit cms fit, block onn ft). In ftrnnnan
I'lare, an addition to Ihn nlttr of Onuthn
as surveyed, plnltnil and recorded, nil sit
uated In Douirliia rountv. Nebraska.
Hnld uruperfy to tin sold to satisfy
.Tunics Hruwnp, nbilntlir Imreln, lha
sum of Onn Hundred and two flliiMifi) do.
Inrs Imlamerit. with Interest thereon from
Heulember 27lh. 1W7. at thn rsla nt ten
(till pnr cent per annum, tua-cther wKh an
attorney's fen of ten dollars, which
amiiunls arn a Drat Hen on above Up
acrlhed properly.
To Joseph W. Thomas. Uneelvnr
or thn Midland S!tl Hank, derendnni
nerein hip sum or KIWil Hundred and
nltia and 1-loji (Ivid Kli dnllnrs ttntitment
with Inlnrnst Ihereun nt tha rain of sevnn
tl tier emit iter annum from Aeolpmher
27th. 1HW7
To satisfy the further sum of Thirty
flvn and Si-loo f1A 4.1i dullara costs herln,
tophnr with iiecrulnr coats acenrdlns
to a Jodiimciif rpiulerd bv tha dlslrlct
court of snld fioiialiis county, at Its Hep.
tember term, A, D 1W7, In a certiln ac
tion then and thera nendlnu whnrnln
.limes l rtrownn Is plulniifr and Adnllns
W, Culloch anil llrtice Mcf'ulloch, hpr
hiisbiind and Alfred H, Cnmstoek, and
Jospph W. Thomas, rpcivnr of the Mid
land Mtaln Ilnnk, ar defendants,
tinted at Omaha. Nehmaks. Aiipii.I
201 h, A. D. ISM.
ftherlff of Donaliia enunlv Nehrsska
W. A, Hiiunders, attorney for H Hint Iff.
Ilrnwnn v. McCillloch nt. St,
HOC 19, No, 19, S t I,
W. A. HAUNDEflfl,
Attorney, Merchants National Hank.
miERIrr flAI.R.
Tlv virtue of an order of aaln Issued out
of thn dlatHcf court for Douglas county.
Nehrnska. and to ma directed. I will, on
thn 4th day of October. A 1). IKK, at ten
o'clock A, M. of aald day. at tha Rnst
front door of the Court lloiisn, In lha
Cllv of Omaha Doualna County Nn.
brnska, sell al public auction to thn flinti
est bidder fur cssh. thn properly dn.
scribed In said order of snln. as follows,
o wit:
Tha wast twnntv-flvs f?M fnnf of tn
lot twenlv-thrnn (!, aectlon M, town
ship IS rnnaa IS, Imuslns Cniiittv, Nn.
hritska, belns a twnntv-flva fZs) foot atrip
off ihn west aldn of Tn tot ?S Ina n.
Isled In low, extendlns from Oroen lor
Vlittonl Hlrsel to llotilevard Hlrnef.
Also n alrlo or alley twelve fljl feet
wide from North to Houlh, and twenty
flva Z.ii riinnlna from eaat to west and
aim!! Ins- upon tha north aldn of Tax lot
altv-lwo tmi formerly a part ol Tax
lot twenty. ihrnn In section 84. town
ship IS, rnnan U, tinurlnS County, Na
brnska, bains tielwenii Ihn church prop
erly and that owned by the Carpenter
I'nper Company, Also a strip or allev
seventy-five (7,l feet In lenslh from east
to west, and slinlllna upon It tha snulli
aldn of tax lot twelve 02 (fortriprly a
part of la lot twentv-thren CiHl, In
aectlon 34 township 15, ransa 11, Titius-las
rounly, Nebraska, and IipIus )""t aouth
of thn church properly and north of that
owripil by tha Carpenter I'aper company.
In tha city of Omaha, aa surveyed, plat
ted and recorded, all In Uuuirlas county,
HimIp of Nebraska,
Hit lil nrotiertv to Ha sold to aatlsry
Jitmes I,, Ilrnwnn, plaintiff herein, the
sum of Kour Hundred and eleven and 3M-
Ml I4U 3X) dollars lutlKmeiit and Inter
est thereon at rat of tnn (10) pnr cant
pnr annum "rom February Tin. ihot;
To ssilsfv thn further sum ol Onn Hun
drad anil Fnrtv-alx and 41-100 (II4S4I)
dollara coata hnreln, tosnther with accru
ing coata, aeeordlnsr to a Judgment ren
dered by tha district rnurt of said noug
hts enunlv. at Its February term. A. 1).
t 1HWI, in a. cnriaitt i"im men itnu innro
tMandlria, whnrnln Jamea I,, llrownn Is
plalnilff, and Jnremlah c, Wilcox, Cnrlla
J. Wilcox. Carpenter I'aper Company, a
corporation organlsi-d and exlstlna under
tha laws of thn Hints of Nebraska, end
others are aarnnoania.
Omaha, Nebraska, Heptnmber ?nd. 1WS,
flhnrlff of JhiiikIhs county, Nebraska.
W, A. BKtinilers, Attorney,
llrowna va. Wllcos at al.
Iwu knl SI. Ka. m.
vrvboav wars aa.
CaseareU Candy Cathartic, tha most wee.
OOTTUI meuics.1 uiaoovcry ui uip a, p1""
, sut and refrnslilntr to too tsste, act gently
1 ...I I.I...I. kl.lnnva ltvae and howala.
Pl.H IIWIIW." i - -I . , .
1 cleanslns; the entire system, dispel colds.
' CUrO neailBOIIO, icvnr, lisnimni lliumiani.
and blllonaness. riewsti buy snd try a boi
old t:. C. titular: 10. li.V Ml ennta. Hold sod
' (iiaranUJrd to cure by all drutfists.
Here's a Book Bargain!
Tin tf tht !Vsl Stki tttt XtVitterw
Wti-e 'n
I ' thV
t-r eO
"fU lasrjftia
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vp-.V V . "?ei tea eAtmi i ti a-an
' VIVlll bp-wii. ny iiikhiii i ii. oia ri'ii w,
M aP-ppJ. t I P- -I ' .pM P. k yvan
T"-1'fV VJauinph It M WtOIHPTIt fmu lppai
-nr'vLi-? ' l'! f ""'a a- ipp-UkS "t'lste rm I
A- T-! - 1. " ka pupnmon lkl ItiHt BPP-t
a a
WptM-oIr Whir. hrP.l.lnaa-B;
A MIDI MOM TMB BUSM. tt. ir. Hnvyit. A T AnnU. tAH. TVI.
kas .w l.s lis B.lir.1 nil...i a nan., sml f.ntp.prtnitnilitpnla. There liimlpk irf ihrliiins 7drZ
Plk Pllapllim. Utn-yhmi. Ih. h...k Th- . hoi, .p-r . nr. aha .lr,Alr
tiiHtil.ins Ml..-, pp. h fSkPr la rsHa pip,-pppi., wiU akaiiut aad mttmLimlmilZ!Ll!ilZ2!!
ln ll I. B fsm InaUtK k.. frota rnrpr kt ivv.r. W' pmwipiiwj lp.luBlw.4aa lura4-
TIOKIT NO. ISHT. t, KVKi rH ATtAVX rtfapf-alnS. Thl. I. a tr-mahllc Ul ol l oi,4f.l
". "h, of ,,,. Aiiprt. sit In Mstk- II..W h. ratp SH.UU In litre, .m ta7k.dpl
iw'la'a.. ' " M,'k " ""n' "urT " -'P-rS.-4
to TMt DtriNtt II, II. r. rtntf. Tkli ! on of Ik bnet and raraa tntprpjttlnc .,
of tin. faiiiiii,. am lew. li I. a rtVtp. lira bihI ..v. with a Sppo atrstprr clZTwI. iTJlLi i. work. UUrf ihrllllna InipreM Inao lsplni.ti. tonnd. w 3 ctaiTIiiJ!! b'
All I Ive books, 40 cnu, postpaid. ' .
Thi-P.. i. h i.. Hr . f r " int oietj' with jour order. Renjlt by silver, 2 Cent
poaiae atarnp', P. I), or Kvpreas rnoney order, or bank draft. Address,
1615 Howard Street, OMAHA, NEB.
Attorney, t . 8. Hank Klilg.
NOTICK; Noll, Fuller tt Co., defend
ants. Vou will tnkn notice that on tha 1st
day of Hept mher, M. J. Naylon tiled his
bill of particulars In Justice Court of W.
A. Foster, a Justice of thn I'l-iice In and
for liouKliia county, Nebraska, aitalnat
you, thn snld dnfendHiita, thn object and
prayer of which are to recover Judgment
against you fur thn sum of onn hundred
ami forty ilUiumi dnlliirs. together with
Interest thereon from November 15, ix!i7.
at 7 per cent per annum, and thnt at the
tlmn of filing of aald bill of pnrtlcubira
the plaintiff filed an iiftlilnvlt for an or
der of attachment aa provided by law,
and that snld order of attachment wna
Issued on Ihn sums day and levied upon
certain shares of stock In the Tbium Iron
Compnny, tha properly of you, the said
You are reoulred to answer said hill of
particulars on or before ihn hour of ten
a, m. of thn loth day of November, A, l,
M. J.
fly Kdson Itlih. Attorney.
The priest doea an evil day'a work
when he gets a child to go to the paro
chial school.
Omaha Express and Delivery Co.,
J. L. TURNEY, Mgr.
H. H. HAYFORD Seo Tree.
Mov'fiC and Unfit axureat work at rnsann
. 'i." i. -. mini ini.Tiiis a sp-t; airy
IIduspIm lil KKiiU.tured pai'ksd and liipppi
Carry alii for picnic
Office, jjto North i6ih Street.
Telephone 1203.
The New"
It runs on Van liurcn St
directly In front of the
Rock Island &
Pasaensers arriving to Chlcarocan, by th
saw Union Klevatnd Loop, reach at t part of
tba city i or, for a tl ye cent fare, run be taken
iiiinindtately to any of lbs large itures In the
down town district,
All Klnva'ea Trains will stop st the "KocH
Island" station. Tralnaavery minute.
Tense facilities nan only ba offered by the
If yml will end s I rant stamp for poatase
as will nail mi atom a new bird nn visa
rf ( Itlcagii, jual, Issued In Sa colors, which
ihowt you Just what you want to know alxuit
(Jblcaso and tha naw laip and Elevated eys
tarn. I h s map you should bava whether you
II a out of tha city and exiact toeomsto It.
or whether you live In Chicago and you or
ur rrienai contemplate tusking s trip.
f-K-f Cb'cago
;.i w (r
tbre ttt n.ats ym tnietf f, nVne
ia t...s m Nnijir,,! IHt
1 1 Mt ij'et Kfv, In t-ajH-r tvt
bavw tiivrt Ua rtrtHt al h-.a thaa si
are at tA rents Sim mnv. A
t.te 2 tents. Ihe wntte fte Ix-oVs
cents, r "' Itujf wwil.1
t ,t a . a, rt.Jlnr,
k M Mlt
yvspiUiov, .s
m in. It. n
I PMn M tth
kM-a ItiM ItiHr B"iMllfell.i a.i
t'PPHmrt I.pp Ptt.dt.npnl, l.-f It H a Wi III -4 i
a-inr . t. h4 h't trppiinM put Isvak
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rii.p spa Bbsnlp4, a4 Mnuuft
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owttai r- wnuu-f wnutu
A l i. l 4 jnmimn aa I -- a.4 P. a.
;Vppp W.I,- . -tna,, K. Ws nl 1 1. 1. .
r - i'.'! - ".. TT".- i" !!? r4"."""' epatlPMeViTl
-. z ' "'"--"i ii. ma-
WntiSerrttl B-tta-ilnrra
yan :naii,msn an
- la tli leipitrax
pimp tha it.. . .J UmMumm. i. .
Whivtris Better
Than Qold ?
Mrnknn In
lleallhr llao
fco to UK. C.
and thv his
Cola posed of
Hunts, Herbs,
buds. Harks,
at.d Flowers.
He baa over
A OOO dlft. rent
kinds to ure
al rlbe Irom
.n.l pii.a. .It
manner of CIIKONIO lilMKtsKN, auch sa
Khpuioallsm. Catarrh Kldnny. Mvar. Iliad,
iter. Ml oilmen Troiihln Asllima, Throat
and I. ting Troubles, li dlgp.lloo, liysurnsla,
Hick llnadaehn Frn aln Wnakness. l.ost
Manhoml, Nnrvona liebillty, and all I'rlvat
IMseasps. All rases giiarauK-pd or miner
refunded. CONHUbTATIOM KKKK, Call on.
or write encloalos si snip for book and blank.
8 in-i i jf. loth at., tniAHA, keii.
. . USE . .
Ask your Griwr for It and l( he doee
not have It, CUT OUT this advertise
ment and have him order It for you.
We manufacture the following brands:
Pure Family Soap.
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ISO Steuben St.,
wilt Io. PITT8 BURQH, PA.
IVentern Ayent Addrt'H,
Sawyers Soap,
for Indian tekki i ory
Ticket tfiltt. 1. 1. Cornrr Ull ss. raraaai IU
HALITtAO'l IRf AT WAB iflflf (
r inir nsiiiii ui r, an iH,ut arniaa, nii-.y
' eo.l d.lanoas. Mains tllaa'lsr, Oubs, Oat W ar
fV ,"l'.l snil ral.llnns allh For.l.n Nslimi, t
; ... .....I. mnn r.iaiinns PUB For.l.B NallOB,.
: NaHprla ausa iM. amies sines
t L, Tl,, . wrP'1'". HIMIIII
) ir. n tin lo l-r cl.r. saniM.rr
' Mot lllwal Urmi anaranlaul, ais...'
Urlrj law. fralshl asin. Il.silpwns oulBt fraa!
Yl Will Sell YooKIGB
nn a ass mauat ra
DrlAllt. BlUIULtJ
Yoa 6et T1 Profits JT
ttmmmm n( airari from tha Maim,
laetnrpra. 80S Full Blf Lsdlaa1 ee Cants
Modal from SIS.OO uo. XOOO MODIll
Isft btst from last bpob al rour own prlC-
from SIO.OO up. OsmalsU astalotna of Blerelai
aad SuadrlM Frw. VfBihlaoartlalipptcrBaawkaBis
aarwBsra without en cant of monoy in sds
ano, prpp-f 'rawhl chrra and OuSrsntSSj
Them For Two Vaarw. SaSraa,
9. 487. RI 297 Fifth Sri., Cnlcsss. Ukj.
0 MURAt HALITtAO'l IRllf wsa inns O
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