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1 1 l l l -liin t t m v
M'1--k I 'M i n b tn
H, . -
I I I 11 , I . ,!' .. ..
t,. !. t '. AWt- hi- ft lll'H H
N I - ..I . . I II I ) ',
i 4 W I-
,Vlt r. llt.'MIIMN. . . . , .!-.
t ft, snt . i r an. li
XVhn ae,l ft HitiH itp!
U,r'cr p It hnl F
It lirvtn UWd that Freak llttrmtn
! liiofti4r niftn We want lo know
aNnit lhl, Frank. Wlllus
The man who struck Hilly I'atlermn
It at Urtia, but ell naw that
"there's a bo' In the hot lorn of the
Oelng lt the feet that Hot. Fair
hank' article on the Sooond Coming of
ChrUt did not reach nt until Friday, It
cannot ho published until next work.
The full title of the cam which con
tains the Irrefutable proof of Rose
water't bypocrlcy aoJ dlihonesly U
Slate of Nebraska ex ret. William J.
llroateh v. Frank E. Moores, and the
case will be printed la the next Tolume
of the Supreme Court report.
With Martin White again at the
head of the police foroo, the How w at or
private dotoollre agency will open up
In full blaiit. If Roaewater it to tue
the police for private purposes tome
arrangement should be made by hlra
for their payment.
Whiit do t hft members of the Flint
Methodist Church of Omnha How think
of those leading members of he
church who brought Convict Moore
before the congregation to address
thim after he had Mpokf n to tho liquor
ilealcra of the state In a dlNgrarertil and
aaerlllgluiis harangue.
Irving F, Haxter, W. I. Klerstcad
and W. W. Key nor are wme of the
moo lo oflioo, who owed their aolectlon
primarily to the fusion party, through
Roaewater' Influence. All of these
men were strong supporter of Frank
E. Moorei, and the history of their
campaigns are reoorda of Hosewater't
disloyalty to the patty whso men were
nominated whom be could not control.
Attorney W. A. Saunders haa filed
another lengthy petition In the dis
trict tourt attnrklng the validity of
paving bond laaticd by the rlty of
Omaha. The lent rase filed la In the
lnterent of property ownert on Web
ater atreet went of Iflth. The petition
declares that the taxre levied to pity
for this paving are Illegal and the
priN-eedlnga of the rlly council and
board of cquallxatlon were Irregular.
It la Intimated that numerous other
caaea are yet to tin filed and the out
tome will be looked forward to with
considerable Interest by the taxpayers
of Dinah
Another thing whirh la likely to re
ceive nil altlng In the court before
many moon relate to tho abltrary
action of the board of public work
and the city engineer In compelling
realdenta to put down permanent
sldewalks-especlally In dlatrlcta
where not even the curbing haa been
done. The general belief l that the
board and engineer are working In
the Intercut of certain contractors,
Iet It be remembered that after
Iwenty-alx year of llcenae, E. Rose
water haa been nailed. The record of
the aupreme court In the Hroatch
Moorea case cannot be evaded. He
knowingly connived at the nomination
and nasisted In the election of a cor
rupt man for a high office. Proved
guilty time and again of crooked polit
ical work, he haa always made a pre
tenae of honesty, and haa duped a
great many people Into believing In
him. Will they do It any longer? He
cannot hide behind the ahadow that he
chose between two evil when he sup
ported Moorea for mayor. Moorcs waa
hla candidate before the meeting of the
convention. He worked for him in the
primaries and applauded everything
that helped his cause In the conven
tion. When urged to Induce him to
get off the ticket after County Clerk
Redfledd's formal charges were placed
in his hands, In order that A. C. Fos
ter might have a clear track, he re
fused. It was a "choice of evils," It
1 I ' '. '. , ' ! I I " '
i t , . I '" t ,-'
i -, a .-f t : 1 "
!,!,.) f,4.n ,. I t" 1
! f r t l
'j .. t ( l'-. f h t ! ' t
! it. ,itt- t,t. '-I A
,,!( ni .t l i l l i' m " -t
f , nirn, I I I
It Biunt t '.tMit rfH l ) lull
rid tn Itie Ihhm tVlnii ( Ihr
a ililtl liM ln.i ittir Jill ' !!!
In tii'Ulilna Civ HI y, thai lliele an
iHHiie re dtfet hlill lmuld le
tv Itml led 1 he ilwtalon III the
Itntati ll Mitniea lane ai'criiliiaim the
ilinititid f.H a law I list Will make It
liiaiidatiuy imthepiiteraiithiMtles to
mini moil a grand Juiy at leant twice
a year. The unViiw of which Mr.
Moines baa leeii proved guilty were
committed while clerk of the lHatrl-i
Court -that Irlluinal that was creat
ed for the protection of society and
the Fiifoiremeiit of the right of In
dividual. Tbime offenaea cover a
)erloil of elglu years. The evidence
of guilt I contained lit record, whose
mutilation I prohibited by the pen
at th of law. Nearly every one of me
20,000 case docketed during Moorea
term of office dlclime evidence of
wrongdoing. It was the duty of the
board of ounly con mbsloner
to have checked the record and
required a settlement every quar
ter but thl duly was wholly neglect
ed until Mr. Moorea had been In office
alioiit six years, during which time
he waa permitted to do as he pleased.
Several grand Juries were convened
during Moorea' incumbency, but they
were selected by county boards which
had been derelict In their duly toward
tlit clerk of tho court; the Jurors were
more or less under the Influence and
power of tho clerk of the court and the
county attorney, and while effort were
made to get the matter before the
grand Jry It waa smothered and kept
In ttOk.
When lie Jury law 1 revised as It
should be by the next legislature, It
should provide for a grand Jury that
will Investigate not one but all the
county and city office, the county
commissioner, the city council and the
hoard of education. If tula I not done
much that hna been accomplished 1n
the removal of Mr. Moorei for "willful
and Intentional" default will In time
be loat to the people,
The preaent plan of selecting Jurors
should be wiped from the statute
book and in Its place should be pro
vided a Jury commission of five res
ident freeholdera. who shall be elected
by the people, and to be paid $3,00 per
day for servlcea actually performed,
not exceeding ten days each for any
one term of court. It will be the best
Investment the people of Douglas
county ever made,
Had Flare
I am told by man from Nlagra
Falls that a largo !gn "Devil's Hole"
was taken from a house by the river
and put on a Homan Cathollo College
mile distant, where they manufact
ured Homan Catholic priests.
lie also remarked he knew what he
was talking about when he said that
tome of the students of that theological
school of papacy, would go to Montreal,
take a man with them to carry the
puree, and they would "We'll all drink
stone blind, Johnny fill up the bowl,"
Then they would return and continue
their preparation for the priesthood of
the Infallible pope. "Whan a man
kiowta tblog" he said "ho knows it,
aoil that Is what 1 do about that af
fair." L A' T'
In the Article II on "Christ's Sx
ond Coming" the word "understand,"
nearly at the close of the aoconb para
graph should read ''misunderstand "
In second line from the bottom of the
same column, "Matt. 24th to 35tb
should read, "from fith Terse of Matt.
24th to 85th verse."
In the next column, eighth line from
the top, "the disciples to then twelve,"
should read "the dliclplce, the then
twelve, wltfc all added" &o
The sentence, "Compare with Matt.
28,20-23 and there i no escaping" Ac
Should read. "Compare with verses 23
to 20 and there is no escaping." &o.
The very next three line should read,
"The 34th, 35th, 36th and 87th verses,
when compared with Matt.24:25-23 and
40-41 furnish great tight."
A. D. Fairbanks.
I American Bible Study.
M j H I' III l n
M vi'l it
Jl , r.n tn ( ,.)- : Hi.mi.'
' r ! f I 1 , , tn i(iUtvt
t kl i . a. t e m, 'I '. In
! , A t an- ld ' U.t
Unit i'-ii e aim; . . Nrtwoc
tli an t - I'. Fr that neon,
t.i a a ti 't i-ej l uin and hUlO'
is ijuii ed ehich V81U a I the pitnt
f.u ,'toid It inut r mi m Itb f a h ln
dirliliift! UifliHlJe 'ir hlmelf whetber
or not be al l a.c t tie l.Uloiy lub
m'iu d a a fulniinn nt f the repbroy.
It I ne Uved that you are thinker and
reatoners, aad f r that rraoo mre
ihsn a statement of fact It unnecettary-
And the number of the army of the
hoi aemcn were two hundred thousaid
thou-and; and I hi ard the number of
them And thus I saw the horses la
tho vi-lon, and them that sat on them,
having breast plates of Ore, and of ja
cinth, and brimstone; and the head o'
the horses were as the brads of lions;
and out of tbelr mouths Issued Are and
smoke and brimstone. Revelation,
ix; 1617
You will notice one thing In this part
of the prophecy different from that dla
cussed In No IX. The piwer or gov
ernment was represented In the first
part of tho prophecy as "locusta,"
shaped like hors s with men's faces
and having hair like women, while In
thl the government Is represented as
horse with heads like Hons and from
whom n.ouths Issued lire, and smoke
and brimstone. This would Indicate a
more forooloui and destructive power ;
and the change cornea after they "hal
a king over them." It Is a well estab
lished fact In history that the Turks
did not enter Into successful conflict
with the othir nations until near the
mid tie of the fifteenth century--after
' they had a king over them." Hut
from that day down to 1S40, and at
Intervals since, the Turk has been a
most bloodthirsty and destructive
Then (uhapter X) John saw another
angel coma down from heaven, who
swore by Ilim that llvetb forever and
ever, that there should be time no
longer: but that In the dayi of the
voice of t he Seventh angel, WHEN HE
should BKOIN TO bound, the mystery
of God should be finished, aa lie bath
declared to Ills servant and prophets.
And the angel had a little book in his
band, and Jetus commanded John to go,
take and eat the llti'e book, which
should be as honey In bla mouth, but
bitter In his belly, after wbloh be was
to prophecy before many peoples, and
natlona, and tongues, and kings. And
the angel said (chapter it), Itlse and
measure the temp! of Ood, and the al
tar and them that worship therein; but
the court wbloh Is without the temple,
leave out, aod measure It not; for It is
given unto the Gentllos; and the holy
city shall they tread tinder foot forty
and two months.
Forty-two months having thirty days
each would contain 1200 dajs, or, s It
ha often buen shown, 12(10 years, since
a day In prophecy Is uned to designate
a year. Some writers have attempted
to make this apply to Jeruialcm, but It
would seem, to restrict Its moaning to
that city, would be to adopt a very nar
row Interpretation,
lo early days Jerusalem was the cen
tre or source from which emanated or
radiated all that there was of Israel.
To It, even lo the time of Christ, went
the pjople of the surrounding country
to attend the paasover, Christ aod
His parents went there for that pur
poso, you will remembor, so it will be
claimed in thl artlole that "the holy
city," in this connection, refers, not to
Jerusalem, but to the people scattered
throughout the world, who have be
come Israelite by adoption or by being
grafted into the original tree by faltb
and works from the various nations of
the earth.
This treading down of the holy city
Gjd's people began 538, A. D,, at the
time when the Church of Rome, which
li now knon throughout the world as
the Homan Cathollo ohurch, was given
headship, or dominion, or authority,
over the othsr churches by earthly or
civil powen; and ended 1200 years later
or, to be exact, In 17US, when Pius VI
was carried In to captivity, under order
of Napoleon, by Gen. Berthler. Hut
the third verse of chapter xlii says the
anti-christlan power should be wound
ed but tbat its wound should be healed,
It is believed the captivity of Pius VI
e k !" I V I to k
!.!, A I ' t f st - i
.-1 tar h i.iw! i i niS
VVi .. . la a list it en V H
' t. if I Kftr'. l, nail- Art
I " ' tie t. r ) t w ! .
. ! Ihrj I e,ij 1 1 a K rii '
ti rir4 aad lt.rc c w i5, rMh
h . srii ti " Tre te Itm aie
tie tl A aal Ne TUo.i
KetUlUn, st I. ' l. beaJid f.r '
Vilaif Jeia, ad ff tte Yir4 if
(. xl 1 1 "Aad when th.y tl.a I k
Dnt.l.rd the'r ttsilmmy, the h t tht
s.rcdtb ou; of the bottom e p
'i;! ovriii in them, enl kill t'u
And their dead Nfclle stall llo In the
troet of ibe great city, which spiritu
ally Is called 8i.dim and, where
a'i cue Ijori was rrui lAed. Aod they
of the ptoplr, and kindreds, and
tongues, and nations shall see their
dead bodies three days aod a half, and
shall not suffer tielr detd bodies to be
put In graves. And tbey that dwell
upoo thecaitb shall rcjjloe over them,
and make merry and shall send gift
one to another; because thse two
prophets ted them tbat dwelt on
the earth. And aftor three days and a
half the spirit of life from Ood entered
Into them, and they at tod upon their
feel; and great fear fell upon th m
wbloh saw them. Kev. xl;l to 10.
The only place In hlatory where we
can find a period of turmoil correspond
ing to the time mention lo the Ilibli
when the witnesses were to be killed
and He In the street three and a hal
years, is the account of the Rolgn of
Terror In Paris from March, 1792
whon the Glrondlats tecured completa
complete control of the assembly and In
less thin a month afterward compelled
tie king to declare war against Austria
to October 5, 1 7U J. Hlbles were burned
in the streets, death was declared an
eternal sleep, and the worhlp of Reas
on was enacted loto a nailoial law.
Sue Am. Kio. H.H. pages 2Tfi.'i anl
2o4.) On October 6th, 1795, however,
all tboae laws bad boon repealed.
And the same hour was there a great
earil quake, and the tooth part of the
city fell, and In the earthquake were
slain, of men, 7,000; and the remnant
were affrlgbtened and gave glory to
the God of heaven. Rev. xl;13.
It Is our purpose to be absolutely fair
in the discussion of these propLcole,
and for that reason we will make a
statement Juit at this point.' That
verse sayi "In the tame hour." An
nour In prophecy meant 15 fays. No
place in history, within fifteen dayi be
fore or after nor yet during the
Fta'go of Terror, can we Ond an ac
count of a physical earthquake of any
such magnitude, but we do find that
Llaboa was destroyed November 1, 1755,
by an carlbq take which killed between
30,000 and 40,000 people. If we are to
take the usual allowance of five people
to each man, we would find, If the a
were 35,CO0 people killed, shat exactly
7,000 of the number were men, (See
Am, Eo, Urit. 3H28, Vol. 7.) But this
did not occur within the same hour
that tho two witnesMos wore killed, so
we do not advance it as an oluio proof
that this I the fulfillment of the proph
ecy. It may be thvt Mr. Uriah Smith,
Is right In describing the earthquake
as a political and not at a physical dls
turbance. His argument U as follows:
"What city? Bee chapter 17:18: 'And
the woman wbloh tbou tawet, 1 tbat
great city which ruleth over the king
(kingdoms of the earth.' That city it
the papal Roman power, France la one
of the 'ten horns' tbat gave 'tbelr
power and strength unto the I papal
beast;' or Is one of tho ten kingdoms
tbat arose out of the western empire of
Rome, as indicated by the ten toes of
Nebuchadnezzar's image, Daniel's ton
horned beast, and John's kn hornod
dragon. France, then, was 'a tenth
part of the city,' and wat one of the
strongest ministers of papal vengeance;
but in this revolution It "fell," and
with It fell the last civil messenger of
papal fury. 'And In the earthquake
were slain of men margin, names of
men, or titles of men, seven thousand,'
France made war, lo her revolution of
1789 to '90, and onward, on all titles
and nobility. It Is said, by those who
have examined the French record,
that just seven thousand titles of men
were abolished in that revolution."
It Is duo those wbo read in this col
umn that the writer was not a member
of any church, that the statement be
made that tbo editor of this column is
now a member of the Seventh Day Ad
ventlst church. Had we not made the
other statement thii would bo unneoo
sary, and is now made tbat no one my
be mislead by supposing us still outelde
of all churches. The step was taken
Thursday, Sep. 15, 1898 1
Wo-T-no for Fifty Cent.
Guaranteed tobacco habit cure, make weak
nea strong, blood purs. Ms, 11. AU druggist
( I md tw I t 1'a.r
iih t i. - at fc ! iti Mt It
tltumn IJ ii mrA t-tc ' '
U i:;inn ni . i-f t? t . 'n,i i
laWll iw !) I. o , a t t i. -t.U'
It aiA I V." alihixisk in
ttltiin In be r prer , the )ll"l
teat M.mna aa n!sy I'aU i the
fml I tint Mr Wllllama waa a liwe
water man. will ha i and rtplnlii
whether theco was any other rnlder.
atioll ablih mmeil blm tn aiquleme In
a iltnaraieful ilei lnion? Will Mr Will
tarn explain why. aa chad mar. of the
county central committee, be did not
lino hla Influence to ao-tite the pasaag
of reanlutlona Introduced In the com
mittee over which h prealded. calling
upon County Attorney Haldrlge to com
mence proceed I nga agalnat Convict
Moorea for emberxlement? Did Mr,
Hoaewater tell him not to do It? Wan
he under an obligation to Frank K.
Moorea which he felt ought to be paid?
And will Mr. William explain to the
taxpayer how they can have confi
dence In him aa commlaaloner of pab
lic lands and building to manage the
collection of the atate school fund,
when as a member of the Douglas
county board, he allowed Convict
Moorea to appropriate a portion of the
school fund of the county, and would
take no stepa to recover It until or
dered to do so by the district court?
A. L. Sutton Is another of the men
who, aa a member of the county board,
whltewnidied Frank K. Moorea. If Mr.
Sutton la not able to speak for himself,
perhaps candidate J. II. Van Duaiin,
hla former law partner, can explain
the secret motive which Influenced ir,
Sutton to dlagraee the record of the
county board?
While The American ha no dtapnal
lion to take aide In this flglit nt thla
time, It la pleaaed to note the fact
that the republican leader are deter
mined to resist a re-eatabllahment of
the Roaewater diatatorahip In this City,
county and state. It is glad to see
the line so closely drawn, It believes
It will have a good effect aeparate t'.iu
goats from the sheep and win back
to the party thousands of good, honest,
thinking men, who have recognized
the fact that the Hee was the cham
pion of corrupt official when It could
use them, and the slanderer and tra
ducer of honeat men when they would
not do the bidding of lt editor. The
American haa been a consistent and
fearlea ant.l-Koaewater and anti
Roman paper since It blrtb, more
from force of circumstance than from
choice, ao far a Mr. Roaewater waa
concerned, and It will be glad to see
both driven forever from lh council
of the republican parly In thl state,
It I a notorious fact that Roaewater
haa alway been an assistant demo
crat, never a stanch and loyal repub
lican tinlea hi preferred candidate
who have nearly nlway been cor
ruptwere given places on the ticket.
He fought Hitchcock, Ulrd, Walaii,
Colby, Majors, I'etera, Richard, Riia
aell, Chaffee, Wheeler, Davis, llroateh,
Howe, Webster, Thurston, and hun
dred of other republican nominee,
aimply because be knew they would
not tolerate any Interference from the
editor of the Di e. It has been due to
his assaults upon the republican party
and not to the aaaaulta of political op
ponents, that haa hurled the republi
can party from power in this state. A
vigorous campaign against Roaewater
dictation, without any compromiaing,
will reinvest II with power, and place
It In the confidence of the people. Will
such a campaign be made? Now ,1
the accepted time.
Since the various political parties
have held their convention the Lauce
Is Inclined to wait for development.
Only lat week several candidate on
the Republican ticket were treated to
the usual spectacle of Roaewater at
tempting to override tho action of
their convention and demanding tbat
they be withdrawn from the ticket,
and threatening them with defeat if
the wishes of the would-be dictator
were not complied with. The Repub
licans have suffered defeat more than
i,n t Vi if
l . . t 1 1 - l '
I . t ! r .-. It e I'
;u ... - i m ! t l '
,,...t i . a i ?.
i 11 Bttl'fl 4 $ S'lllV
l It I . f t t J t
I ,,. ,f l! ,1 ll.frtH'UlHW It
tt Oln . .1 H. ih V ' i D I
, ! i ( ' l life . l-rll I'm, t
Unei'i lltk I'iiini aad V. It.
Ua .ir i-f lmh M it Kty.
of HfttH limul C"mlt i.iminU
iimt'i XV. I Kifii'd f Oiiiaha.
and llmiv Kel', of Wairtlmi. and
for niiiuiy attorney. I'hil K XVin'r.
The Ri ptiblii an county ceiitial com
mliti e no t at XX ahliiion ball lat
Saiurdxr aftetniMin to organUe and
elect i chairman, secretary, treas
urer and executive commlitee. The
lomnilttee will now lie presided over
by Mr. Ilurbank of the Sixth ward, and
the people can expect a clean, honor
able campaign. "Nebraska's only great
man" bad several randldatea which
he had expected to compel the commit
tee to accept, but one and all of them
got loat tn the shuffle and Mr. Durbank
received a unanimous vote. After the
committee adjourned the fun begao.
Roaewater had expected to compel the
committee to override the action of
the Republican county convention In
nominating candidates that happened
not to be to his liking and falling In
thla he attempted to vent hi spleen
upon republican as remained
In the hall after the adjournment of
the committee, but III attempt met
with a dlanint failure,.
lion. John L, XVebater, like ail men
In public life, has hi friend as well
aa hla enernlea, and it ha been pretty
clearly demonstrated within the past
few week that "Nebiuaka's only great
man" Mr, Roaewater ha no string
on him, and the way Mr. Webater ban.
died "Nebraska' only great man" waa
a sight for the god. There I consid
erable difference of opinion a to how
and whence Mr. Roaewater made hi
escape from the central committee
meeting last Saturday, Some say
he sank through the floor; other are
of the opinion that he escaped through
te window, while still other believe
the celling was the route taken by
him, but all are agreed that he gave
the uaiial mode of exit a wide berth.
It I nnedleaa for the lance to say
that the aforesaid escape, whatever It
means, met with a hearty encore,
Chairman Ilurbank In accordanco
with the resolution of the Republican
county central committee ha an
nounced the Hat of names composing
the executive committee a follow:
XV. A. Saunders, M. Hack, Charles
KisKlcr, Frank Hancock, (J, S, am
bler, K. 8, Fisher mid C. K, Miller for
lb city of Omaha, and I'eter Man
gold for country preclude, and Jainea
AiihIIii for South Omaha, (leo, Sher
wood of South Omaha bus been added
by tlie chairman to the Hat subject U
the approval of the Central Commit
tee, That wa a somewhat fucetoiia re
mark of the sheriff of Douglas coun
ty the other day, A party of gentle
men were discussing the late supreme
court decision In the Moores case and
each one waa giving his opinion aa lo
what he thought the mayor (7) ought
to do tinder the circumstances, and
when it came the sheriff's turn ho re
marked: "I don't see any other way
for Moore to do except to come and
give himself tip to me,"
Ily the way, how do some of the
old soldiers feel since the Moores de
cision? We don't believe that there
Is one of them who really has any
sympathy for him, No mnn who haa
any patriotism In him would like to
see hla brother robbed,
How I This.
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acting directly upon the blood and mu
cous surfaces of the system. Trlca, 7!ki.
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