The American. (Omaha, Nebraska) 1891-1899, September 30, 1898, Image 3

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f '! 'I, t:( lib I S l-
A'li.(it tw .n I i l.!nK i
tf n,i (i in ! Kiit III lliun'.s,
at ).). h r"Mn l'iH.. HuM.n.f I'M-
111. lit I l f .lll,ii.l - Ah of
We .(f chl i n I t t wt il r
! r'r I l. I i.i,miI l I r an
eiil Hi i.uifi'i rlrf In th-' I unl '
ll tit lino was full of liti r'nnt
tali inrlil that We tit ! III" follow-
In tttols if what In asM-
H.mi miim It'll III llml they
'i I t'hrlat lii ixiiim asaln, that n
Way nunn today or llml lie tusy iml
totue for a tliiiatid tar. Ii'tl tin you
Itiink I would In looking ,rr an
oiflv fur 8 flliiiil'ii mining ( .t.
II' (! Ii mlxht iiifiin today or llml
he might nut (inn fur thououid
yoars? Wouldn't I Jiml nay In myself
If my frli tnl ruining Is no iimi'Malti
as that that I would Wllpve Ii was
m.imIhk whn I w hi in, and not be
fore? That la the raan of the pwipla
t;day who believe ('lirlnl may rotne to
day or that II many nut cum fur a
llioimiml year It'll there are peopU
who believe lliu I f'hrlat la rowing
soon. Dial II U already at Hi door.
I cannot t you Hi day or th hour,
or Hi year that He will mmo; tin
man knowe Hint, You will find that
stated In Matthew, 2'th chapter, 13th
r: "Vat h therefore; for y know
tiHlicr in day nor th hour wherein
th Hon of Man ronn'th." Hut you
will rHtifnlii-r that t'brlst had often
tolrl Ilia dlaelplea that H woul'l come
attain and -t tip Ilia kingdom. Ills
dleclplea ram to him on th Mount of
fillvee and asked lftmeonertiingtlioe
thlnK Ibey asked Him a three-fold
Omtiifon and Jmi anewered them,
shins a three-fold anawer. Vou will
find the report of th conversation In
tbe 2tih tbamr of Matthew, th 13th
chapter of Mark and th 2lat chapter
of Luke, If you will read each of
those chapter you will get Ilia an
swer In full and know why th eeond
comlnc la mar at band
Ju had often referred to the de-
tru tlon of th tunpl, of Ilia coming
and of th -nd of th world, and Ilia
dlwlpl' wnt unto llfm prlyaU-ly aay
f nar. "T)l a, wh-n ahall thw thlnija
t? and what ahall m tb alien of Tbr
cilrn and of the nd of the world?"
And Jrua anawrd, "Take hd that
no man dclre you, for many ahall
come In My nam aaylnx, 'I am
C'brlat:' and ahall d:lv many, And
ye ahall bar of war and rumor of
wara; ae that ye he not troubled; for
all tb thlnra muat rim to paaa, but
the id la not rot: for nation will
rkt aaalnat nation, and klnxdom
acainat kingdom: and there ahall be
famine and peaflle-me, and earth
quake in diver vw. All theae
thlnr re the fnnnt of aorrow."
All tlil ba bn nrored true, Im
medlafeU Mttttr the time of C'brlat
there were many who roa up and
claimed to be f.'hrlat, and many were
d-lvd. Then Chrlat went on to
air tbm yet another atlarn of HI
nomine, of HI near approach. He
aald that following the arlaing of thrmn
falae 'hrlal tbla would happen
"T b'-n ahall they deliver you tip to be
affllfled, and ahall kill you; and ye
ball be hated of all nation for My
neme'a aake and then ahall many be
offended, and ahall betray one another
and ahall bat one another." Thl
etid aign did not w)v to the day
tf the apoatlea, but to the day that
were lo follow. Then rhrlat rave
them a third ltn by which they
might know the end wa near at band
and that He would noon, very aoon,
come and t no Hi kingdom. It wa
thla: "And tbla gmwi of the kingdom
ahall be prehed In all lb world for
a witnea unto all nation; and then
ball the end come," The cowl I
befnc preabed In all nation today,
That I the at lgn wblh he gave
I .l. ! ! ! ion ft Ike I
Ml r M.i(-.t ilttli ,l i
t '1 ' II'PIH ' ll"f ilflit
It l'll 'lth k JrlimllW it
frier lloil iti tu'llt II "I limp H I
hi h II nhs'l timr an
,i;,,,... (, (),, nty ,, hv )
it, Witt min 1 1 i lli ittt if
I i if n. t hii'l ii ' KnA
riifjil tl"i li ln ( ii' I ttirlr
.tiont'l tot f'l ' m'l, I'Ml tul
I'm li'. ailif Hi.-- ilai lill l-n
it ntii hi-.i " iii jti rni.MHr. l"'i
till ! tltf ll Ullllll. Ihl ftl'M
'"! l, f.r 1 .?ft inn, f
Kiit i.iiiiiil llml Imia pi'tl'Nl itf pf.
mi niton ln n!ii'l, ititl
Mi nt of Hiri!iu lni ihrir r fur
tin Ir fuliti I hri ver-a P
in rnoi iimia .nfn 171 and l'"i.
Iml I tin I .r(ii lh ilnM of 'f
" iiilim bud ln'i ii ihitl'liiil li ailn
Hip Intln. in of Hi It. foimatloii ea
Ixit'g tilt and litn-Hv i.f uti'M li'ti'
a Inking root In th wnrlil
't'li'ii liuM ntwike l Ihom of On1
lnl ilna It nil anln llml fl"
I'lirltila ptul fal iniitM'l wmild ailw
Im would ohuw gri alana and won
il'i ItiHoiiHiih thai. If II "t-e iiikI
litn. Iliev would iIihi'H the 'tf rli'i I
Tlii'li II raid' It.tmltl I hae lol l
you be fur: Wbrri'for If Mh-v alial!
r,iv until vou. Heboid II la In lb ilea-
erl, go nut forth; behold, II la In Ihr
awrel f'liamtii'ra; Im IIi ve II put. for,
na tli llyhlnltig iiini'.th out of th
iict and ulilni'lli evrn unto Hi ei,
ao pluill lb coining of th Hon of Man
lie," Yoti ! member Hi" Henwr
Clilrl -aoniH,ne la lo cotti n f'lirlal
In Hi iret American denerl and I
I'll ymi that Hii-r will be n man up
pear In hf York, or lit Chicago, or
pom fitbrr lnree i lly, probably In Om
aha who will p'-rform nil th miracle
tlirt Clirlwt performed, or aiie,ir to,
nd Hint Hm rallrond will run excttr
nlotia and numv pwipl will go to
h'm, but mt y not foitli, II will
even cfitii' fir" lo com down from
heaven. Hut I bav not limn to go
Into tbia ful'" 'onli'lit: we will have to
hurry on. From 1773 to 17!N Ih per-
eecutlon eeaaed, ami Chrlat aald,
Matthew 24. 29, "Immedlatelv after
thdne dnya," (Mark glvea It, 13th
f-hfipter, 2Mb vera. "Hut In I bore
!. .( Hi
It t l M
tti'li ih , i,f ..t wiaifcft j
lot, n l ,i I),, ..,, ,i, i, I knliil
wru m in iri ih , m i iml-
I ltaef lke
Tie r wh l) hm M..e
Mt " U-iU U Ibrr fir i lrf,f
Id f. I t f.l l.n , U ff i H J l
iiVom ; I l. J n lu Vrt ; l,,i
rj la'n, in.iiMt, l"Clal t
in. i , f ,.. i, t .t i ,i i, ' . tal!ivJ tn be tl,.r, ar.l txnui
r ilelri' and l'fil .it. l l
I ' I ii i;l In Hi. tnralkn,!
1 1 I' 1j I e. n t il" fl ( i . 1(1 Ion f f
a l m lil win a ii. , i n,n I oii
lid niir .'. liii, i ii nm ,f a
mi, in ti,i ) . i,r I n , nlKblnilf
hen aankt nUirt !!. Nr lint
r b irt!ild or Ihi.'him 1 1I1M tb
I'nn b-il In Iota id R tl t. i
nt lb ll 'li hflfi lt.,,i. Hr!r ?o
nil. .'iii, I'll I'D tli.. tri'l'il.l i, i, i in., i,i ui, in foiH- ,nmi in iani ! rt.'n n iniiirr
pMttV . r all lb wlnlrr and ' red 111 r Jdi ?-J In liil ) iw null
tina witikinr iii'l .iiiii Hh b
daya,") "ahall Ibeaunbe darkened, and
lb moon hall not give tier iigM, ami
th alar aball fall from heaven, and
lb nowir of th heaven aball be
h:iken. and then anati appear in atgu
of tb Won of Man In heaven; and the
ahall all the trlba of the earth mourn
and they ahall ee the Hon of Man
coming In the cloud of heaven with
power and great glory," Then we may
eipeet the aun to be darkened between
1773 and 17!. Ila the ami
been darkened? Yea; May 19, 17K0,
It wa darkened from 10 o'clock
You will find an account of
thl dark day In Webater'a dl:
tlonary under "The Itark Day,
(page Iwtt, in that dennltion you
will aee It ffd that "the true caua
of thl remarkable phenomenon I not
known." People thought the world
wa coming to an end, iiut It did not
there were other algtt to be en !;
for It waa to b dairoyed, The moon
waa to le a blood and not give It
titfttt, lb alar were to fall and the
Word of fod wa to be preached In all
tb. world. Ila the moon refuwd to
glvea la light Yea lb night of the
day which wa darkened, May 19, 1780
It bad no luatre although It wan
at H full, when It did appear
It wa a a great ball of blood, and
you could not diailngulxh the differ
ence between a piece of while
paper and a black cloth held flf
teen Incbe from the eye,
After the algn of the moon wa to ap
pear the algn of tb falllfigof thealara
I Id I hat, occur? Yea; November 13
1X33, the atar fell, lint bow? Did
Ihey all fall one way. In one direction
No: Hut tby feu thl way, and that
way, and tb other; Juat tbetreealn
the orchard et fheirgreenfrul! during
a wind, n were the afar east from
heaven, Tho who aaw th alar fall
aay they fe n all direction, but that
they all aptieared to afart from one
poltit, I wonder how many preaent
lonlgbt aaw the alar fall November
13, SV,. Who I preaent tonight who
aw that algn? Here I one; and her
la another; two. In an audience of
Write ImmptlUtnly, thr mi ! r l
J. J IV A,. Il.r!lr,ftr
ItiHite, Omaha, N"h
It luk.n jiatrliil am
'al lyrartiy.
" ,
Ut it and mil
uii ami ,io-M i i,ui Nml iirutaiheia
and tirima and fSrr imi'l and aoul
fnl ci.niplatm but ni a mn a the
aim dava come nml I begin 10 prom
l-e mm if a U'tv r at and rlaiHiin,
In xi' Mia A with an aiiiloua faa
and fifi er liv pnunda for whi h ih
haa nu ti and en admit bargaining
with in aa If I wet a Hhlak. ttha
beg in with Irara In hr ia to
gne nain her otic aylph. like foim
and to adtla a 'nurgl 'al
dlef for brr
i ,. i, . ..,ii.. . .il a nvi. k
ever morning I wara her H.l.t f ht.r,' b.M,lt contain!,, tb
catnlpa, roid drlnka. green peaa, and ,ufJ of the uik, IrUU, til ) ilatlonn,
all lb other plea.urca of life, and aha omiruhlp, , to 0f a iion.iifrapbur. The
! itiv taJlunl Mhat alftaVa Ktan.a
fle or ten pound during th aummer. b(M,k U ?'w lot u s't"tly bound
often more. Htrctigth of will wmi I In cloth, irli,uil from ihmI, clean ty to
to develop with necii. i lie aiim worn
I'hTil. the tiUjr In rhuud, wr
III aend In cai'h auhrrrlhir (K Cillrg u
the namn of 11 ro ul hi friend, aoctnn
panlcd by for Bve aampla oopli of
I tall her lu row a bout Tim Amkkicam. ono volume of "The
on a hltfh aralo nf biaik-ai'r. W
havd IM of them Out your order Is
early. It. gu'ar prlco of auchabia k
orJInurlly, ll.l'.'i. You pet It for
nothing If you Uiy flvo Nampliin. Don't
ond atampa of a larger donoiiilnation
than 2 emu.
Remember that brulalnc tbe ter
pen t' head It aafcr than pinching hit
Hi teviple w they might know of the
Ihia kl-e there are veneraliv from uit ti
nearnea m in corning, nm, ri wa
not aatlafled that He bad mad It eg.
lully clear to HI dlacfp!, mt He went
over It grain In a different, way, H
(.farted right In again, aa If He bad
not already anawered their nueatlon,
and, gpeafclnc firni to Ih apoallea,
then to thoae that followed them, and
finally to thoax of our day, H aald
to the ap'Hiile "When ye therefore
aball ee the abomination of deada
Hon, apoken of by Daniel th prophet
tand In the holy place, fwhoao read'
eib, let him understand!, then Jet them
which be In Judea fie into the moun
tain, let him which I on th houae
top not come down or take anything
out of hi bouae; neither let him which
I In the field return back to take bt
clothe; and woe unto lbm that ar
with child and to them that give ucg
In thoae dav! Hut nrav ye that your
fllrht be not In the winter, neither
on the Ha I, bath day; for then ahall l
e-reat tribulation, aiieh a wa iwt
alnce the lieglnnlng of the world to
tbi time, no, nor ever hl! Ie," amount of thl convention.
a dozen who aw that algn, but they
are growing fewer In number each
year, 'Ihey are paaalnc away one by
one, but Chrlaf, aald "thl general on
ahall not, pit until all theae thing he
dotin" Ym will find that, language
ued ni tbla me converxaflon with
Hie Apoallea, and reported In Mark M,
30, and alao In Matthew, c, 24, v, 33 and
31. A that, algn of the afar occurred
in 133 It will be year th 13th day
of next, November ainco Hod hung out
hi last algn or hi (ant advertiacmcnt
lu the heaven, of hlcomlrigatid lhos
who at l;lng who aaw It muat bo
over ti'i year of age, and thowi who
aw It and remember It muat have
been & or VI year of age at the lime
It occurred, which would make them
' or Vt year of age today. Vet Hod
baa ald, thla generation aball not paa
until all theae, thing come Ut Paaa.
The deal ruction of Jernaalem waa wit-
neaaed by Cbrlatlan ',' yeara after the
prophecy of Jeaua I hr M: the nere:u
lion for HI nam' aake im umt le.
I ween tbe year ft,'! and I7!H: and the
un ha been darkened, and the moon
reruaei ut give her lbt: the atar
2Ut chanter and 20th vera. Inatead erf have fallen and the Hcriiiir ar b.
aaylng, a Matthew did, that, "When Ing preabed Ut all nation, and there
ye therefore ahall e th aoominaiion are tma living who aaw Hi iaat aign
ttf de)latlon, eiioken tA by Daniel th who will a the Mavlor coming "In
prophet, aland In the bolr tlace," Mike elouda, with ret power and glory,"
ey, "And when ye ahall ee Jeruea- although they are 70 and 0 yer of
Jem compad with armfea, then know age,
that the doleilon thereyrt I nigh; Oh! my beloved, are yon ready?
then let them which are In Judea fle r you waning ror bia coming wlt
to the mountain; and let them which I"? -"d ihankaglvingT He lovea you;
are In the roldet of It depart nut and wH,er J"" J"v "m or not-Ile
Jet not them that are in tbe countrle '"ve you; and He will forgive you all
enter fherunu," Did tbone thing J"""" " " P H'm, and
apen? Yea; 2 yeantafterCbrlatTItu wllJ " I'ortlon In HI klng-
roarcbed bl great army galnt ieru- on Him and
aalem and aurrounded It, Hut you ma '"mmandment, Are you
ak If he aurrounded It bow could
tbe CbrUtlan flee to the mountain?
They were to truat In Ood and flee, for fifty cent wa will (and you
tbone on the bouaetope were not to I topy of tba Atlaa of tna World, con-
rome down-Hhey were in run arrow
th boue toward the mountain, (you
know people In thoae day lived In
flat-tiilel liou, and upon their
roof) and thoe In tbe field were not
to return, but all were to fie Im
mediately to me mountain. And when
the great Horn an army wa en en
contpalnc Jernaalem the Cbrlatlan,
remembering Chrlafc advke, ran to- tpeukn Kngllah and German. Good ref-
wfrjfj naj uiuiiiiiniun, r ji mniirf ut- i
w rutable reaeon. Tltua. after ar- crence, Wa, I', Hell, 1013 leaven-
talnlng tb lattat and moat accurate
mtpi of Cuba and tea Klondike coon-
try, tiealdet a great deal of ttnaful and
raluable Information, American Pub.
Co,, Omaba.
Wanled, jf lt It n by jturg man wh
rounding the city with hi army, with
drew, and, after the Chrlatlana bad
raped, came up a necond time and be
gan the alege that I memorable In
wjrlh itreet, Omaba,
Do you look over tbe advertlaementa
biatory liecauae of the Buffering tbat i io thl paper?
an In not nearly ao peralNtent. A waip.
wnlaled little woman came In to e
me thla morning. She greeted mo with
a wave of her band, flitted about lo
are lb flower In my window box
went Into ecalaale over my new hnnk
can, atralghtrned her hat before the
mirror and called my attention to fIA
littl llnea around her eyea, auylng,
'You ee bow thin I am, and how oi l
and ugly It makea me.' 'Kvery time
you fly around ibe room In Ihut ani
mated faahlon you loae an ounce,' aald
I. Then he at down and apread her
klrta out, poking them her and pull
ing them there, drew off her glove.
looked fur ber handkerchief, mopped
ner hrow and alghed. "There goc an
other ounce,' aald I. 'A fat woman
would have come Into thl offlcenlnmn
ed beraelf down In tb flrat chair at
band and atayed there, aklrt rumpled
up or not. That why he fat,' Then
1 preached a aermon, for tbat la all i
ran do for f ha thin woman, fihe will I ev, nlnk"- change In the other
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t tn.i1i, at a jiir .in. I lnm tint nv hum willi mhUI HHai;t,ut
liuil. Thr! !n, in, ,ttr mIii.Ui.I mi ln)l tin.) 1U ,itil in j;nml
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look when aha weigh 150, but b wITT
not take ber mdlcn-mllk and oat
meal iiuany-and get acute melao'
cnona if forced to go to bed erly. It's
perpiexing-tne way In which dlpol
tlon ar dealt out. Tb fat woman
Invariably love to loll and eat aweet
thing can be rene and tin worried.
Tb thin woman adorea eercle,corn
aweefmeat and ha a poaltlva mania
for work and worry, Iiut between
tbn (bey make a ea voyage tici
ary for me every July," A M., arrive at ChicHgo 7:4.1 and
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WE8TKKN " have? 1401-Farnara it
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Hlgotry I tb mirror of credulity.
True religion I out of place in
man bouse.
aiaiaiiua vtnicn win 11 (ar( n9
Mure tb liulnl.
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wilt send to each subicrlber ici.dlng ui
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bav to be abandoned forever. The T,nt AMKfllCA!, one volume of "Tb
famoti prison near tbe (Jar de Lyon, Stenographer," a book containing tbe
"""H f" aer toMiti: m iHff 1IUJ1U I . g ., il A , . .....
way citadel In London, baa be., iiif ,torJr of the llfe- r tribulation
condemned, sftr having long exlated courlahlp, etc, of a stenogrspher, The
a the place of condemnation of law- O"" has f'Sges, I elegantly bound
breaker, aay a I'arl correpondent In cloth, prlnkd from trood. clean tvne
. ........ ... . . " ' .
immwu teiegrapn, every day on high grade of bonk-papcr, W
wumvuj ri.n ynmmrr 0111 01 in 'U have of ll,m c:. I.
confined In It are carefully b.ndcuffed, '"'.'..fZ u ' ILl
placed In black van and removed to , ' .. 1. V . .
ibe Haute, which I to be demollabed '. Vou got It for
hereafter, Mza wa built In 143 BOt,,lnK u buy five sample. Don't
and took the place of tbe La Force 'n& tp of a largur dnomlnatlon
prlaon. It wa for patriotic reaaon It "'an 2 cents.
wa called after Col, Mazaa, who wa
bot at Auterllt, but bl family pro-
teefeij ggaltuit so equivocal an honor.
Heme tbe jail wa officially known
a the House of Cellular Confinement
Ibe publ'e, however, continued to re-
fer lo it a Maze and that appella
tion win (tick to It in biatory, it
wa originally given because It wa on
tbe lloulevard d'Auiilerlltss, and ibe
memory of the brave colonel wa thus
ought to be perpetuated. Of
year the prison chiefly contained per
son condemned to on year or e
and wa far more comfortable than In
tbe old day when tbe system of soli
(ry confinement In ce was rlgoroua-
ly pisitlced, Msas bsd a few habit
ual offenders, who purposely broke
Iho law In order to be sent there for
fb winter, One of theae bad contrlv-
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than a b wln knife,
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It won't atay there,
When the force of patrlotlam are
ed to make himself ao agreeable and divided treason cornea out ahead.
popular In the plsee that the gover
nor used to shake bands with the fel
low when be came to peas the rough
weedier Inside tbe hospitable wall
of the House of Cellular Confinement.
In a year or so hence the prlaons of
the Peine will be eelabllebed st Fretne,
If Rome doee a charitable act It la
to gala favor with tbose she can after
ward rob.
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Jeulta,' for 10c. and hit "Secret Con
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The ever-present polltenea of the Neb,
Cuban Is a perpetual wonder. An
American lady entered a shop on Obis-
now in course of erection.
Dig guide to Omaba and Kxnoaltlon
po street some time ago, and aakd for .ifWha mtua . 10 .
an article which the merchant did not ' . . mlled ,or ,0cenU" A"01
torn. "If th .enora will ner- . "er'w 6ere- p' W"!ker.
uuw.WHt,, omaba.
are 111 ato. it. "jf tbe enora will ner
mlt me, will beg to aeslat her In
finding It," aald the obliging shopman.
He thereupon doeed and linked bis
store and accompanied the stringer to
shop after shop, until he had bn
supplied. The Cuban then simply bow
ed and bade ber "Adlos!" to return
again to bis place of btislnnsi, content
In the thought that be had rendered
only the kindly duty which a true Cu
ban bold I alway hi due toward
others, Edward Page Gaaton,
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ican I 12.00 per year.
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He (a medical student) Ob, yes; I
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Songs of Warning For the American People.
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f om a school geography, which necessarily has only a few general fact and
be location of liiijrtaul cllk.
Hallroad mans are notorloualy Incorrect and misleading, hence the puzxled
.ruth-ktekcr, wbere large libraries are IniuiottHslble, Is without relief unless b
the happy owner ot a knowlfuga-sallsrylng, pineeure-glving t'oople s Atlas
Itlvers and Lakos are aocuralely located.
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Villages of the Unlu-d HtaUs are given on the Mans,
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fraphlcal LiCttlon, Hlie and 1'opulatton.
rtils beautiful Alia Is iHinnd Id baary ppr for, and will be sunt lo CA PCUT6
tav addroH uuon rwelut of vU VLlllv
The Priest,
the Woman,
And the Confessional
By Rkv. Chas. Chinkjcy,
Remit by bank draft, .postal or express money order, or by regie.
tered letter to the
Edith O'Gorman's
nnmEriT life unveiled ?s ,