The American. (Omaha, Nebraska) 1891-1899, September 16, 1898, Image 1

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'AMI pH A iM A V Mt AN " t tl '. r An.u ... Vii, t ., , ,,. o.r ,i.,t ...., , . ,..... ....Mat . ...m t
ni:iu:ahk a, hiiii.ny, siTir.Mitr.u k iv.
A vii Kt v m.w i a r i k .
V..M Ml. Vlll
I'Hl I. I l I, I ISM
Nt Mint ;.h
Yittoiy KnUiU Krtpomil'il
i AW rt mnmt ti?
t Mi ttnr tW tUSHOPX. -firtntitif fAJt ,,t 4 ,,
tun ti (tnuuirti't'A.CMftt ucm InmiiMiiii
itit '1 lut ..' New to
Am rit.i.
PtHS ...'rrti(,ir, Mil AntAfl aJ j)f jr-Si,
i n1" rr'j'n
IUnr r I fcrrf fl K it n c Html i f I lie
riiiiiiitiHf. (uim ( rtu
Will !M Hi Haft lMNr,l.iil
I HarUI iHlti'imrrt,
II I riiwiii t-t ii it I i - n I i i e i ,i i ii 1 1
tit'M. ! lh Atlantic M,.nHiv. Hint
llii" win I r rt.f . . (fm- It m on, ..if, ,i
MMllli' Hull i in ii,..l ,i ,,itj in,)
o riripplly - Til li. for th Hnilh mill
lltea. Mini, III ptn i,f ),, II -'l tin
iiiuiai urn, if if n i-ii i n ri - r i r , i i I n r
tilt make fur t lviliKHtioM. Thcr wii
ni viT n Juiilii i hut II wi.ull fni 'i'h
Mil A in. rli n victory; hut lint I ho vie
lory would Im mi eauily and no cheaply
won win fmi fiinn"! u, Nor v,i'tn the
Incidental luiiftlii fMr'fti, fir i h---r
ftr lii'ld ntal hem-nt a aT-nt nn ih
main rult Itwlf. I'tifnr'H" n, alno
wit th nw nbllgitlori i tint hav
1mii lntfioed nn tin.
Th problem of governing n-untrl
not only 'iratd from f hn l'rltd
fUt'-H, llllt rfiutafd by different Mr-en
and acr-uatrrrn ti different Inntltu
I... from 'turn, In a ir-w problem
tut It la a problem that our t.'nrll'h
klnimiii hav o MtccKfolly ,lved
that w ahall 1m dull Indeed If w do
riot ijecd, with thdr Mrperlene to
Inalrut u, Th pr'tit popular moid
rrdlng thla nw tank, a regarding
moat other larg undertaking In which
A national aplrlt muat play an Import
ant part, ichhii to b dp-iifd and
far moral. Th foil, ihr f-nrt
hardly tm douM, rtr to rtSri th
trrltry that fiaa fll-n t lhm ly th
frltin ff war, and lh"y do n-t har
lh forchofllnf ot tha lntlll'nt minor!
ly, whi Indlvldiiflllarn atrenBi
thffn from lh national f-llnc, and
who jrrava dflnirf Ui Mir instil m
Kotia n auh addition ti our rcilitl'ftl
lnk. National fccllna; l a nfVr ld
Ui natlofial d-Vtl(fiffinf fhan Ihp rti-r
raaonlt ,rm m nf crltl' l rrilndu, Ai
any ratf, It at laat Wrfn thi only
Th dn"r in our auwaxfiil mn
mi-fit of full and F'orto HUn, or ivvn
f lha ltilli,iln. Inland, fofmlnfa, riot
In ihMr dltanr from our ahor hut In
IhHr dl tfftw of iiulatlon and Inntl
tnllofia from our, Thy r annof h con
vri"i iniri nmwttn atatf i,y any
(tut, and no la ran r-fianjr ihMr
ttinttr, Kor fa ihr any n"-d that
thy ahould now or vr l Tonvort'd
Into Affi'Tlmn !(, W ar i-omnilt.
l-d to two duff; W hv hy on
,' fiiioot takn Kfon furlv a olimn
tidllaailon to lh o(i of ih urn
twt1 Inland to lfturf tfib nov
f-rnrnTif, and lh nadir of our iimtftu.
lion forhlda that w nhould ! tifi any
form of novmrri''tit t-rr,t on that at
lh oarlliat r,oiiiB rnotri'-rit hll to.
(otnti -lf, Kvcn if w
wlnh"d w rould not hlrk th" riotif
allilllll-a, We annul ny h fof, of
thia Inland fthr to fh-lr own ft,
tr to I ha irn'n y t,f th now 4i f"8fd
ami dlaorjr nixed Kfianlali rul, or y-t o
lh mwy of any irda!ory nation that
mlifht ffhi them, Wa ar hwmiw r.
afioiiNiiii for thflr dvdoimnl,
l'r lly what form th ifov rniii ril
,f tha viMil Inland ouitlit lo take
ran li d(riolfi"d only afd-r ar-fiil
atudy of fhHr fifiiplf and cfinnftrvatlv
fl'rlrinrit with th'm; hut to ,rdl(f
thiit w ahall mak fallur In tha ef
fort to .r-far them for "lf 'v-n-fiif-nt
I I'hlldlnh dlntrunt of our in-
j' liy, W hav n-vr had a lank junt
Ilk thl, hut w hav had lni trior
dim ulf, Nor will our undertaking u h
a tank Involva u In niariulnint
with Kuro,.an nation, if w ud.
Th Kuroif-an nation, It o hNiifn,
will look with noiiKH hitt nr-at-r T
t upon rn"tl(in ffort at th gov.
frrnmi-nt fvn of Murill than th-y
would hav looked l month ro, Knt
without too urent regard for Kuroi-an
iilnion It lirt'iniin our duty aolemnly
and iatrlotl ally rtow lo lak our new
riutlea and reniionnllfllllle In hand, and,
a a ret nation roirimltted lo on
treat imllcy of government, to woik
w nut then irohem for lh advoii' i-nie-nt
of civilization, Th great riuhllr
can hav no trlhut-ljarlnir colonlea;
hut It tan help wak ief, to alf-gov.
Ant It will t found that th gov-
rnm-nt of ah Inland will iraent
Haelf, not a It now ,t- n l(lf to
tha timid, a m lank Involving evolu
tionary darnel to ourwlv and nn
(illeatlon with th other government
of th world and a. denial of th d"
trine of th father, hut rather a a
tank that i,r''t, and natrMI fnen
can u'fully ioro,lfh,
Th main reault of th war, th fre-
dorn of fuha from Kanlh rnlnrule,
haa heen w hlved, hut th fu'l fruit
of It will ripen mor lowly than moat
men at flint ui,oed, Hyrnafhy with
th f'uhan Innuigent ha led many
lron to regard them a at one e.
ahl of ef government; hut th ofi-
din t of part of thrn during lh wr
ha i'onfirrnd th Judgment of Ihoa
rrM-n who knew th'-m lt-tht th
removal of Hinfh rul will not Imm.
dlalefy nor eantly had to th ef-gov.
ernment of t"ul,, Th romolet con-
ii-t of lh Inland l,y i Ivlllal Ion will
ha uii omjilmhed through Amer ican In-
lat ry and commerce-, which will rwiw
ollow th Amertcan arm, Krlgand
or a rerialn wher r'ndn ar licking
a rhlllort tvher governrnejit la ji.
renlv, Kut th fultir of t'uha j,re.
nent no )nmi il,le dlfTt' ultle, though
It nut;ecton to civilisation may t-
(ulr a cormlderahl time. In lit proc
lamation concerning the government of
Hantlago, th Jicaldenl Indicated the
roer limine lo jmrnue; i al govern
ment to l (ii-rniltled, to h r'Ulred,
In fact; ih 1'nlted Ktat lo maintain
military control long a military
onlrol I fifery for lh' aecurity
of llf and property, dnt to r'la It,
and at lant lo give It up, when a com
petent local government ha heen cre
ated ai.d teld. The proem will not t
different In prlri'lpl from th proeenn
of th rwonniiuction of th local gov
ernment of lh outhrn tafe thlity
year ago.
If tha Cut, firm do not at flint how ca
pacity for ef (f,,vernment, th certain
Jn rmv of A in' W nn Influenc and
vn of Anwimn population In th
iMlarid will greatly hanten It coming.
Tha engineer will follow th oldir,
Th tiathor of Havana a, III h oerid
lo th gulf tream-a necennnry arid
eany pe, i,f nanltary work Hint the
Hpunlard hav ln going to do for a
centuryi th cltle will h propily
dl allied, and yellow fever will he elim
inated fi'im th coiiige of our own
Cuba will prew nt no -rlou dilflculty
till tli tirix com when It may wlnh to
. ' ! Mi Ib lil 7 It. vv
Lit r ' .'t'.w n spQi IT'' - tvvi i 1 v i. ill., i i if. Kf; fl w , r..!"
h admitted Into th Arnrlrn union a
alat. liut au' h wlnh I not uf
f)ent rain for It drnllon,
And th nam i,lnri whereby oal
i aelf goyemment will b
hullt up In
Cuh will apply, with modification, lo
I'orto !tcn, fin inland will hecom an
lndpndrit territory under our guar
dlannhlp; Ih other will h dlr'fly ce.
ed to ua, Hut tha enneiitliil element
of thetr government under our tti !)
mnnt tf lh aarn, for th moral ohll
gatlon that w hav anumd ar Ih
m, and lhr I hut on great prin
ciple of government that w ran adher
lo, How much territory ft may h win
to retain In th" I'hlllppln Inland II I
Imponnlhl lo for; hut th principle
that ahoiifrj govern our action I clear,
W want no "colonic," can nded
hav no "colonic," In lh continental
-ne; hut w munt fulfill every ohliga-
lion to Hpaln' cori'inered nulJect that
our I'onduct of lh war In AMntir
water ha put upon tin, without r
grd lo th colonl,lng amhltlori of th
European nation; and w nhail hard
ly fall, morover, to kp what ver
ntrateglc advantag our navy haa won
In either ocean,
Tli war, then, hring within Ih
apher of Krigllnh-apcHkliig civilisation
IWO of Ih wont valuahle of Ih Afl-
flllen; Incidentally lh Hawaiian Inland
and perhap th fhlllppln group; and
thea ruit r an h only good, liut In
achlwvlng them wa hav achieved oth
er rulf oulf a greaf, and no en
great hecaun they wl Uliegpe led,
W hav terovefed our own national
feeling, four month ago w wer
great man of people rather than
compact nation corn.' ,,un of national
trength and unity, f!y forgetting ver,
for thl hrlef ilm our im al difference,
w hav welded oiirnelve info cori
mloii unity umli a th republic ha
not felt ln It early day, Not only
hav th north and the noufh orgot
I'n, In u certain !), that they wer
ever at war -for Ilm and Indunlry
had already well niKh benight Ihi r-
NUlfliut Ih I'arlflc ntatc ar nearer
lo tb rl of lh union than fhey
wer before, and lh gnat middle
went I no longer Jealou of tha na
board. W can work out our own
problem and build our own future
Willi ntedcr pUIM,e,
Thl eoniK'lounrien I Ih keener h.
raun of Ih linreaned fenpeit that
other nn Hon hav for u, Th I'nlted
Htale wa never lofor underatood In
official Kuro, p' ihn, nut .ven In
official England. Vhen Ih war wa
begun, mot of th continental nation
failed tj conceal their contempt for u;
lhy now repet ua a ihy nvr
drcrnd they nhould. Nor I It only
our naval vldorle ihat hav given
the world nomewhat new ronception
of American, gull a imprcaiv ha
!i" th hnc of th old-tfm bar
barlM. of war and of warllk vlndlfl.
Ilvenena, To end horn acrona th
orean captured army, lo fed nol
only th victim of fpanlnh tnlrui.
but Ih Kpanlnh (hemne)v, hnv (aid
emphaal on other reaon for war
than the ild r-aon of th puiifh
merit of nmle and th conuuet f
rribnt hearing ferrlfoty, Jn hunmnUf
to th enemy thl war I without par.
lief 11. ...u,. ..j .1 .t
" '"""r """"
in reii.imic ar mor clearly under.
t"oi in than half ti.tiUtry
of lit-Hilt ciuld hav revealed fhem,
and fin no nplrlt of hoantfulnen w
might add th American iharaler,
a io.
Nor will ih Imfmin that eiiid
lt"lf In fh war atop with th war.
The (,!Mi ,,f fh pop 1,1,11. hating
looked upward, Ameriean iuiiin
Will nek new field of rvoi'ioenl ,y
Uh'V and legitimate adveniur. roir
lidVy Im revealed lo ouieelve fiof i
than to the rent of the woild our right'
fol pin among the nnilon Modem
liannporfatlon, whhh w hv done
monl I', develop, , I hNllg' d l lilt I
Miflonal fKiliflcal ondMlm. f!y i'n
non of it e r lrcdy "nangted"
With other people In wny that the
father could not f"re, and thai no
P'Jky an prevent,
Th gial outMard prenmn that all
nn t Ion feel f ii. f,nmii- of cm.
n,er for new market; and ntaic.
ffi.ii, WiieM,er liny an, It or not,
n.lnlater fo trad, and through trad
t" rlvlligatlofl. With larger and fur
lli r rea hfng pollfiial dutl.-n, ,
whlh appe io ,, lii.agltiMi.,n rather
than to th piivi Ke,t f i, n. our
plblc lf will olli !, ,iu i 1(W
b ve of talenmaiiihc
-- .
il Ireland'. ed Hat.
Horn, .pf, 12- Mar. fJul-l-i, audi
tor of fh vallin, mild todny Ihat
up to fh pretti, i,e ,,,, f,, , ,
given any order fr tji proiiiof ii,n ,,f
Archblnho Ireland lo b a mrdliiul
N'-veiiheli-n, Mar riui'i'i would i,i,j oi probability of ihl nomina.
tlofi A powerful fa lion i working
I'l IndUc Ih I,p f hKI, ,.,,V
A" hblt,op f'orilgati l , i, farditml.
- Special ,, , (1I)HK Tlibillie.
-1o-Ms fr nr,r
OuamnutMl,,, a i..i.n ..... .
Vint of a Series of Articles
n the Subject by Kcv.
A, I), Fairbanks.
' WlltlfllU tholllil ai I llCIU i'trt'
fall, Th; Hill IbMililleni-l; II
f illed With Inlrmtlnif I'ulnl.
Junt what Ih ncriptuie lein h and
nothing different. Th flint paper of
. erle. Invlt fin-ndly crlilclarn from
' ur.
I ' -
A. I, I'AlltHANM.
Any lllbli' luentlon hould '! , ml
Upon lh lllbl f'r It eiprennloli, and
the no,)ei t iif t'hrlMt' neoiid coming
ought In I nubmlited li lh nil"
tr)l)y and fully,
for f niy yearn, m whl h lime I hav
given a laigw nhar of It to lillil
tody, I hav devoted much of ihat
Dm lo lament and plniiil In vend
gallon of th nubje't I now piopo to
iinnlder In fh four or f)v urtUU
Whhh th editor of Til" Amrliui han
kindly oiinented to puMlMh. It ban
now been ihlrfyxii yeai lne I pub-
Ilnhed a "H'flplur t'hait," neltlii
forth my vh-w a linn held on lh
ubj" I of "f'hrlr H" ond Coming,
I then thought Ihat I had given Ih
'( Uct I,, II ail lll nliiMjMlve illVenllKuliit,
and rea' io d mn lualou that could riot
be galnnald, puicly from a, Hrlplue
ntandpolnt. Hut ntiange i ,y hu
only dlnpod of l.fnnt of my bait
when 1 dlnoveri-d a rlou blunder,
and fid belli- willing tu mpn upon
th pe',, an untilbllcal prudm Hon, I
niin n,, ,, at on , the nale ,,f my
laiioiloualy and mpeunlv publication.
It left i,n my hand ;, unnold copp ,
whhh I hav mill, (if all liibl iju..
lion nitiu hu lion i .-tit, disjointed,
and tangled mi than ihl. Thou
natid of gllh tongue and pen have
Jumped Into fur fe i,f e,loll
with th meient ninaiterliig of
knowledge of th lilble lreMw of the
nubject t which w now Imv., refer-
elli. Hut flillll. n the en,, ,rl ,,r
th word of rimj not only eH at the
door of auperfh tally Infoi uied men, but
at th" d-eir of well (i,f,u med, ntudi-
oiinly pMlrintuklnir linn in the latter
claaa ian hw found notublu exumplin
uuiolig our Advent fiieiidn
Their ability and palimUkltig, a
we Ha their h"iiety and ph-ty, can
not b queathmed, All of thl I
v i i
eiiittlly Iru of other men who vlw
of tha lllbl on thl nubJ- t wldnly dlf.
fer from their.
Tha treat nM-nt of ihi aubjeet, even
from any ona d-rioiiiliiHtloiiul atand
liit, hit l)n, thu fur, notorloualy
kallHdoaeopIc! or, irhHtm, ihromn
lrplcal, and for thla reamm anything;
new or ntrnng ahmld not be careli-H.
ly or nkeptically pann-d by. 1 will rpn
Ihl IreallN by flrnt nolli Itu audi air
ll'ti of th Ztlh chupter of Matthew
a ar connldi-red by our Advioit breth.
len to he In UniUeatiouubl' .lpKilt of
their theory,
That tha chapter la treat la of
""hrlnt'a necond Coming-" I am na
fully w'inuui'd a are any who be.
Ilev that It In; but I am im equally
well convinced that Ihat which I vi
tally ImiMirlanl lo a clear aril correct
undcrnianillng of It iru itniairt I
g'-l'llly Ovel luoitci).
It In, I Ik-IIcv, needful Id hfJVO A
iltlcal ciillghlenuieiit on th iunllon
that th dl Iple proN!Uiidcd to Chrlat
in lh Mount of Olive, ami, ul,, of
that which led up to it. In oi ler tti ar.
ilv lo a car undi-rtaii'liiiK of th fin
w r. A may b a e-ri by thu firat
vine irt Matt. U, Mark I'l l and Luke
21!,, the dl Iple direct CliilHt at
lelitioll iki'lUHiVely (,, h temple.
''hilnl' Imuieliat.-olw. i vaU ii Imludi-a
iioihtng mr. Hither their word or
hla have nut the ri'iiuilwl jIIuhIoii to
any other matter or ubjct.
I'Vom thl fact it would be unite nut
uial lo upHi lliat thu 'II l,lc, In
their NUbeiU-nt lUentloll, Khll Willi
their lyid in lh Mount of olive,
would not anaociat two aubjectg ao
dltllntlvely wide atmit, remold In
lime, m evidently disconnected every
way, aa munt be th two event, In
caan they are year apart, or near
ly that. I t U eliiinliiB into Die (juea.
tlotl and turn on to It, in the way of
In vi-tlKHllon, Much light ax Hie rcrlp
turen afford. Th (ieaion rend, In
th King Jttiiii-n veiHlou Mutt. 24 3.
"Tell mm when nhall th no? And
what ahull Ym the lgn of thv coming
und of th end of th world" Hut in
th Kiiil'lmtlc Illuirliilt the j line u inn
Hon tend, "Ti'll u wht-ii th,e thlnM
will be, and what will lie the ign of
thy pieeiire and of the coiinuiii
mathm of lh ag," " render
ing that any nuih acliolur miiHt admit
I borne out by the oiliilnul text. With
refereiiif. ti, th word ulori, alonon,
alonn, it In an undlnput-d fact that Ita
fliat and well tjta.lilHhd nieaninK la
age, dl)ntion, link-finite lime, and
(Continued on 6th Fa.