The American. (Omaha, Nebraska) 1891-1899, July 22, 1898, Image 7

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r, Kvery Person Implicated In
i the Diabolical Plot a Ro
man Catholic.
SUad point Occupied by Ex Priest
Chinlquy . V. ho was the Pres
ident's Close Friend.
lather Chiuiquy. the apostate Catn-
prleet, who has been lecturing in
aJUsiore, In conversation with a
Moraine Herald reporter, made a
umber of statements regarding the
Assassination ot President Lincoln.
Watch are not to be found In the hls
Jsjrlea of the period, and accounts for
Afcat lamentable tragedy:
giw -j am a French Canadian by birth."
smld he to the reporter, "and was born
la Kamovaaka, Canada, in 1809. Both
C my parents were Catholics, and I
was, of course, brought, up in that
saltfe. From a very early age I was
destined for the priesthood, and my
deration was conducted with that end
always in view. Having been ordain
d. I arose very rapidly in the esti
mation of my religious superiors as
well as in popular favor, and was soon
looked upon as one of the most prom
ising members of" the Canadian priest
hood. My work in the cause of tem
into sDeclal prom
inence, and I became widely known
.11 ranarla and. Indeed, in the
'-Catholic church everywhere.
"In 1851 (jatnouc nisuops nun i..c.6J
from all over North America met in
secret conclave at Buffalo. N. Y., and
there the Question was discussed, and
It was decided to seize the cities of
North America for the Catholic
The Dlan adopted was to
f.w bring Catholic emigrants from Europe
If. la sufficient numbers to gain control
"Vof the city governments by popular
vote. The attempt was carried out to
jkioms extent, and was successful at
Ik least in New York. It was particu-
Urly the desire of the church to get
..Aaa(An nf tha ophool fund 111 tQ6
Tarious cities in order to use it for
the benefit of Catholicism. The well
remembered struggle for the expulsion
I at the Bible from the public schools
) la Cincinnati in 1870 was the out
growth of the action oi me couum.c
In 1851.
"At this same conclave I was assign
ed to go to Illinois with a band of
French Canadian Catholics and to
found a colony or co.onies. Colonists
also came from France, and ear.y in
1852 I founded my colony at St. Anne,
u-nirobao rnnntv 111. A chapel or
church was built, and we had a con
gregation of about 500 souls.
"In 1858, after several years of
. .nd manv trials. I determined
to leave the Church of Rome, whose
trini T nn Intieer believed. It was
on Saturday evening that I reached
my final determination, and the next
morning I went into the pulpit and
told my congregation of the step I
as Bhnnt to take, and my reasons.
After talking to them for two hours
I put the matter to a vote, and all but
fifteen of my 300 parishioners ex
pressed their intention of following
me. Tnis action, when it became
known, created no little excitement all
over the country. About a year later
we joined the Chicago Presbytery, and
afterward the Canadian Presbytery
to which we still belong.
"Previous to this Abraham Lincoln
bad defended me when I was prose
cuted by the church, and when, some
time after our withdrawal from the
church our colony was theatened with
destruction from famine, ne came iur
i ward and for our benefit delivered a
lecture, in which he denounced the or
1 der of the Jesuits with the greatest
boldness. This made our former
friendship all the stronger.
"In 1862 a Canadian Jesuit priest
was converted through my teaching,
.nH fmm him. I first learned of a plot
of that order to assaainate . Mr. Lin-
coin. He told me that the plot was
i first laid in 1861. I went at once to
': j Washington, and in a conference with
V Mr. Lincoln warned him of what I had
' learned. He told me that he was al
ly4.4 readv informed of the matter by Mr.
H : 8amuel F. B. Morse, the telegraph in
f Oiwritrir. who had heard it by chance
Awhile in Rome. Mr. Morse was not a
"About a year afterward I convert
ed another Jesuit priest, who had ab
solutely no knowledge of any other
convert, and by him I was told the
same story. 1 again went to Wash
ington and warned the president.
After the assassination, while I was in
con irvnnMscn another Jesuit nriest
gave me, for a third time, Identically
tho Kama account or tne Pioi in ine
.iA.. orrolnct tha nrpidpnt. While
UIIU I &cii t.. t.
was seeking information In regard to
the crime I met tne itev. a. uon
well, of Chicago, who related the fol
Ninety miles northwest oi si. raju,
ia the little village oi he.
swear, but makea a written declara-
lion, Otober 20, IsSJ. duly signed,
saying that he told Conwell and Mr.
Bennett that he had heara this rumor
in his store from people who came in
and out; but be tun;t remember
from whom.' That laps of memory
probably saved the landlord s life. The
priests of St. Jiweph were conliant
of the plot to aiassina;e
and Seward.
"Without a single exception the con
spirator were Roman Catholics. It
is true that Aueroth. Payne and Har
old asked for Protestant ministers
tKaff wer In he hune. but they
had been cons', tared Catholics till
hn John Wilkes Booth waa a
proselyte to Catholicism, and so were
Atieroth. Payne and Harold. But
had their fa.her confessors appeared
with 1 ham nn me Ifftnmil LOSl wuuiu
have opened the eyes of the American
people to clearly see that the assassin
ation of Lincoln and Seward were
planned and executed by Jesuit prtesta.
The murderers wera instructed to con
ceal their religion. Such is the doe
trine of the Catholic church. St
Liguori aays:
"It Is often mora to the glory ot
God and the good of our neighbor to
i riio-iniia faith, as when
we live among heretics we can more
easily do them good in that way; or
It K. tularin nlir religion. W CSUS8
some disturbance or deaths, or even
WTath of tha tyrant uSuU.i
Tk..lU II tl
"Dr. Mudd, at whose place Booth
stopped in his flight, was a Catholic
and so was Garrett. In whose barn
Booth waa killed.
.... h m,, trior Fattier cniniauy
went to Washington in disguise. He
found that the influence of Rome at
h oanirai waa Almost suDreme. The
only statesman who dared to face the
nefarious Influence or Kome was ueu.
Baker. But several other statesmen
confessed that without doum. me jes-
nifra nrora fit t he hnttom of the plot;
and sometime this would appear so
,.i.,,.i.r in avMonpp hefnre the mili-
v n: u i i j .
.,-., irihnnii that it wis feared it
could not be kept from the public. Mrs
Surratt was a Catholic, and her house
was the common rendezvous of the
iDnt), ilia osQoenln himself, was
JJUULU, tut . . j . . .. - -
confirmed in this very city of Balti
more. He was but the tool of the
Ho woo tatirht hV thetll that
the pope had called Jeff Davis his
dear son, and had taken the southern
confederacy under his protection. He
touch that Lincoln was an RDOS-
"OO l- " " -
tate, that he had been baptized in the
Catholic religion, had rebelled against
it and broken his oath of allegiance to
th h was taueht that It was
his religious duty to slay this infa
mous enemy of his church.
"Compare other murders known to
have been plotted and executed by
Jesuits witn tnis one ana yuu wu
find that they resemble each other as
one drop of water resembles another.
Compare the last hours of the Jesuit,
Ravaillac, the assassin of Henry IV.,
who absolutely refused to repent,
though suffering the most horrible
tortures on the rack, with Booth, who,
with an unset broken leg. the bone al
mnst nnncturine the flesh, writes in
his daily memorandum: I can never
repent, though we hated to kill. Our
,,r,fw nworl all Its troubles to him
(Lincoln), and God simply made me
instrument nf his tinnishment.'
"I found that the influence of Rome
,f iimnit annrpme in wasnineion.
"Of a.i.iv.uv - -
Cairoi-oi nf tho oTivprnment men witn
whom I conversed told me that they
had not the least douDt mat me jesu
hnt.t.nm of the crime
Thaw Ti'oro ofrnM ( let the crime
a 4' J nviv
nnmA nnf aaf tha nrlpntA Rh01ll(l D6
Implicated, and In the event of their
execution they knew that riots, blood.
tinns must follow, and
these the country, in its then divided
state could not sustain.
A. P. A. rniNCIPl.KS.
priu.'l'ir a.'l'tHi by lh NUiai Coun
cil nf th A. I. A. t lw M--.
"Loyally tru Ammftuwn. whlrti
knnmi nnihr birth. tU-t. rare, cn-r-t.
nor prty. la tn iiri n-iuurnm..
itmirrnip in la amniwu
A.- latum. , ,
-The American iToieciiv
trol the political amiiatl.n of lt mem
br: but It ta hr them ti Hitna.jr
active in tne aimnmne v""
dutiM in or out ot party lin.'. ti-au.
It belle lht all problems c nfr..nima:
our people i" be bound aoitd by con.
u lentioua di harge of the dutiea of ciU
aenxhip by every Individual.
"While tolerant of all creeda. It hoi la
that ub)e-tl.n and aupport to any politi
cal power not controlled ly Ara.-rlci cit-
. - A .fc.t,.h ..lainiM etiual If not
creaier aovereig-nty than the Kovernroent
of the United Slate.. U lrron.llal.le
. . . it l i here
Wlin Ameruan tni-. -- -fore
oppoaed to the holdliiK of offlcea In
state or national nvnmri
subject or supporter of such ecclesiastical
rT- . .. ... ......i.,- f tha
-"e upnoia me .,..1...-. ----
.,... - . m.pi... an,t no nortfOn
. , . . , , .. r n , nt rellfir.OUS
Ol 11 more iian n - - -
liberty, but wa hold this religious liberty
to be guaranteed 10 uw iwu
thai under Its nrotei tion any
. . 1 , . . . - ....... r.. I nv.r the fHiu
Claim any ai-toiuie
cation of children, f rowing up under tne
stars ana ""P-
"s conaiaer ine noo--."-
public school the buiwara 01
ln.tltutions, the beat place for the edu-
. 1 .... .. ..Villi, r 10 Keeu
Cation Ol J-niri iv a.. -- - -
. ... nrn,Aaf uv.ln.t the em-
mem eucn. w .." --r----..-,.
ployment ot suojei-i. " -can
ecclesiastical power as officer or
teachers of our public schools.
'We condemn -"fi""
public treasury by direct appropriation
or Olf cuiiir,.v - -
reformatory or other institution not own.
ed and controlled Dy puunu aun,".
... a ffiflni nf nubile
t 1 on is tmuiiitrii. . " p. - ---
funds, we demand that no real or person-
al property r ' "I- tntn t onal
tine 10 ni-n i " , " .. t .Kuir
or state a-overnmenis, or 111 - -
sub-dlvlstons. .,..- in
..... .... ni..u. .Via niiatmenc in
"Vte protest li " - t,
the I'nlted States army, navy, or tiie
militia of any state, 01 any
actual cltlien of the fnited states.
w ..... 1 a Kd r.(kl-i-ttiin of our
citizen laborers the prohibition of the im
portation of Pauper a,- r .
strnuion 01 an ."' ., kl,
who rannot show tneir nm.uj ..... .
mention to become eii-iiii"""
'"wSdand the rhanfte of the natv.ral
thortiinK the naturalisation of minors.
without a a .Preywys .".- "
tlon, ana ty piuiuu. ...... ------ - .
be naturalized or permitted to ot ln
any state in tne
tha language 01 mo i... ---- - .
1 . "... . r-nnsecutlve resl-
dSncS in thT; cou'n.n- from t. date ot
hS declaration or . ue.u. ...
vVe ',r?l,esi.."8"',.H ,Ph the iuiiicl
gence ana ..., - r nVesent
ary oi our iuuu uit
naturalization laws, and a"1' e
practice of naturalising aliens at ' he ex
pense of committees or camlldatei 1 as
the most prolllie source of the prpen'
prostitution of American citizenship to
the basest uses .,,,, ,,vlums.
reformatories, or other Institutions in
which people are u nuer
all times subject .
whether tney are iimu.ia..
lie or by private corporations or individ
uals. . , ,,.
We demand that an natioim. 01
legislation affectlnK linanclal. commer-
:n, t. ..1. 1 i..torL.ia lit lrpneriii in
character and In no instance In favor of
any one section 01 tne cuunn, .
one class 01 tne peujue.
apostnlle nee Kvery t.Uhop In hU 11eeM
Is thought tn le. and la rtmltty la, a
nsfural unuis t..r. ilitr..ny loin m il-
Uori. So as to tne atioe i.w,
tti. already n.entiu-4 in a cause ut
tl. In every nam. tummin
shwiluteiy Liken, itiete are certain Con
ditions tacitly understood. Mmonct which
are: 1st-If i can. 2nd To sate the riht
and authority of a superior. Sr. Hiien
the oalh up!xie the lumor of the apos
tolic 1 W .111 IV.
SI. That the council of Trent, tthe last
and great authority of Home!, decrees
an,i con.n.Jt.i..'. tint int 11 ...
snd all general rouncilit. also the other
apostolic enactments issued in tavoc
e. persons of ecdeslasltcal
niMriy, ami aa;iinsi its rmuiw, .
which by tills prewnt de.ree it renews,
and must be ci... tl) observed by all.
certain rr'r"1' times, according te
the tenor f that whmn 1 have 1ut tea 4
thrmifih. Thji I will ..-.-a out and p-
p.tae. prtaHttl and naht .oitini eonata
pei .M-uturuii et iiupuiitiatui um aa-tit
ni.i, m or i, ni-li4 1 1. . woo oi'wmw ww
lord, the pope of Home, and his befute
nieiittoited euceitors. nd tula 1 will da
with every possible effort."
- Iinature then arm to ine pop.
T . . now in tne prrtrni vi
mighty Ood. the blessed Virgin M .ry. the
uieeu aiic.i. mt ArviwiiKri, m
ed Ht. John the !tptlt, the holy Apost
les 8t. 1'eter and tit laul and the balnts
lllfllUH'8 OATH.
elect of the
,uiuu. w "
irt0r.i aattari hv Roman Catholics
wnt- "j -
and with a college for the education
f nrioota On the 14th of ADril. 1865,
.t a n'incir in tho afternoon, two men
drove up to the village hotel; one was
ho Rpv F. A. Conwell. chaDlain of
the first Minnesota regiment and the
nther was Horace P. Bennett, of St.
rinnil nhnnt ten miles eastward.
While Mr. Bennett was attending to
the horse in the barn the landlord, J.
H. I.lnneman .who has charge of the
frinrv. and was purveyor for the
priests, told Chaplain Conwell that)
President Lincoln and Secretary Sew
ard were assassinated. And when
Mr. Bennett returned from the barn to
the tavern the landlord reiterated the
atatement to both his guests.
"This was not later than 6:30 p. m.,
and the assassination of Lincoln did
sot occur till about 10 p. m. Allow
ing for the difference In time between
St. Joseph and Washington the news
reached St. Joseph a, least two hours
fcafore it occurred.
"Ths two men make affidavit of the
iMt, sworn to September 6, and Octo
ksar IS. 1883. Landlord Llnnsman,
ssnrvarav for the arlesta. rsfUSSS tO
Evadinz Real Issues.
The weakness of the case of those
who are vigorously opposing the Im
mieratlon restriction bill Is shown
by their persistent refusal to , meet
fairly and squarely the real ana es-
....... ii i..i. invnluad in thA nronosal
SKUlia. IOOUT5 H.TU..V.V. r-E
on oHnatinnai test, for new arrivals
Ul C.l v........
n nrnioat nf the Oerman societies
of Chicago and of the league recently
organized in New York, as well as
Ilia artrnnlpn ts advanced in congress
by such men as Senator Caffrey, deal
with but one aspect oi uie pruuiem.
They harp upon the obvious and ad
mitted fact that Illiteracy is not al-
.oira and npcpssarilv a sign of Vi-
ciousness and incapacity, and Indulge
In irrelevant emotional appeals to
n,lnrlnlao xrhlrh no friend of the edu
cational test dreams of surrendering.
That immigration nas oone muni
for the development of the country is
not questioned by any sane man.
Thai n ran and will do still more is
equally beyond dispute. That an edu
cational test if applied a mviureu oi
even fifty years ago. wouiu nave
barred out thousands of worthy, use
ful and desirable citizens, to uie git-ui
doirimuni nf th country, is also
readily and cheerfully conceded. Why,
then, urge considerations mat. nave
.hinititaiir nn henrine tmon the Ques
tion we are called upon to settle here
and now?
What is this essential ' question?
Simply this, whether or not the coun
try needs a rest from the work of ab
sorption and assimilation Imposed by
a practically unresu-icieu Humilia
tion. Today we only exclude paupers,
criminals, diseased persons and con
tract laborers, it we neea no iunner
restriction in the interest of the
American standard of wages and llv
i, tiia pitni-atlnnnl test is Indeed tin-
lug, i-" - - -
necessary and improper; but those
who admit that present restrictive
-,oot.dii arp innrteouate are bound to
supply a better and fairer test than
that of ability to read and write, a
to exclude all un-
worthy applicants and admit all
The chamnions of the .
Immigration bill recognize that here
and there injustice would result, but
.i noi omnhotlcailv rtenv that anv
ereat number of desirable immigrants
" . . a 1 a, 1at
would be snut out or mat wo i
Binn irnml era t ion . Are not the
labor organizations better authorities
on the need oi runner restneuuu uu
the societies now lignung me ioage
biUT Chicago evening rosi.
s. iumilo nf nrlncot nr not
superior, out Buuui-ummB w '
cal constitutions. A
.) ni,w loafa nt th Ainnftror cannot iia
. i iADnutlal ir pnnnntl lAWS.
BOtVtJ IIIO Ct.ticninoi.ito.1 -----
3. It in not lawful for an eniporor to
exact anyiniiiB uppuowu iu tow
i. It la not lawful for kimrs to usurp
the things that belonc to priests.
0. ISO Custom OI anyouo
statutes oi mo iiuio. , . .
6. Let no resistance be offered to the
apostolic (cannon) precepia, out icl i.i.
De saiutliei louniy luinoc.
7. The yoke imposed by the holy see is
to De oorne, uiiiikh ... awal
aim iiisuiuu. nxu.o.
8. The Pontiil' can neither be loosed nor
bound by the secular power.
. 1 utlt uie . - . Zu
.... Hi.. Ppinpa fnnstantlne. and that
lllO Lfl'Jua . .....w .w .
as tiyn uo tniutw, ..c j..o .
ID. Tnat as ooa ne . o...
reach of all human law and Judgment.
n.u. 1 lan-a .nntrnrv tn the Can-
ons' and decrees of the Itoman prelates
are or no iorce.
12. That all of the ordinances of the
Pope are unhesitatingly to be obeyed.
11 We ounht not even to speik to one
whom the rope nas en-toiii...u...i...
14. Priests are fathers and masters
even or princes. . m
: ..... , i j fmm man.
15. tne civn iaw in .. "--
but the ecclesiastical or canon law Is de
rived directly from God, by which the
Pontiff can. In connection with his pre
lates, make constitutions for the whole
. ... in muitor aniritual. con-
t.:nrisiiaii wui.o, -
cernlnB the salvation of souls and the
right government oi toe n.u.i..., -
necessary judire and dispose of all the
. ' . oil Phriatliinfl.
1 T A h?retlc holding "or" Yea.-l.ln false
doctrine concerninu me
excommunlcnted and deuraded. and hana-
. An,illn rnnrt.
17 Secular princes unwilling to swear
to 'defend the church against heretics
are excommunicated, and they are laid
under an intenutv.
IS The gciods of hertlcs are to be con-
nseateo snu .--
I. Aavocaies i" im"-..
heretics, or their defenders, or pleading
for them in law suits, or writing docu
ments for tnem. are ii.i...u- -
pended from otllce hAthftr nerma
... houn, to swear
nent or iciiiimm nt ? . n..
that they will exterminate, according to
their power, all heretics condemned by
ti e church: a,l a temporal lord not purg
ing his land of heretics, is excommuni
cated. . ... fnr V.
21. ipose siKuru rJ. . .... - - -
extermination ot i.e. cm.". -- r-
privllege granted to the crusaders for the
" They are aosoiv'ed from all obliga
tions who are in anywise bound to here-
U22 Whoever dies 1n battle against the
unbelieving, merits the kingdom of heav-
I rm oi, . eii-r mt r i i au. a.iw .iiw ......
and Warred Host of heaven, and to you.
. . . . M I . , . , t .J .... .
ot tne aucieijr ut jentis, tounun. u di..
ignatua &oia in tne ponti..c...i "
I'aui tne inira, ana roniiniiiw
. . jk .... iu . n b. . ulruin
irwn., uu, j ina wihiiu w.
the matrix of llod. and the rod of Jesus
l nrist aeciare ana swear mat mm im.-
neia, ..e yle, . i.rin. , w-... ......
ami . uuc n,i ,,,iij ... ...
t.'atholle or universal church throughout
tne earm; ami mat oy virtue m. ..."
of binding and loosing aiven to bis holl-
.. .... .... , 1 V. piu. ha
nna ujr i,iy r,ai.,.. .
hath power to depose heretical kings.
princes, states. .iiniiiiuii.vHii" ,
ernments. all being Illegal without his
sacred confirmation, and they may l
sateiy aestroyea.,
most Of my power, I will defend this
, I . L..iinu.- .i.hi , n.l pui.
uiKinna u tua .ii,iiiiot.h i.n...
torn against all usurpers of the heretical
or i rotes. am auninrny w m, ....-. .
....... . . . . . i . w .. . n.
peciany tne j.utnerau .-nun i. ...
many, Holland, Jienmark, Sweden and
Norway, ana trie now preienucu au...". .-
lies ana criurcnes ui r..iKi...
land, and branches of the same now es
tablished In Ireland, and on the conti
nent ot America, ami eisewiieiw. .
adherents In regard that they be usurped
and heretical, opposing the sacred church
of Home.
"I do now denounce end disown any al
legiance as due to any heretical king,
prince or state named Protestant or Lib
erals or obedience to any of their laws,
magistrates or officers.
"I do further declare that the doctrine
of the churches of Kngland and Scotland,
of the Calvlnlsts, Huguenots and others
. . i . Ii... ..... . . t- I II.Arula In
111 1 lie Iimiiw U. I ii'irm.ii ... ......... ...
be damnable, and they themselves to be
damned wno win not lorpune tun
. . i i . . ., ....... ...... t I II hAln
I uo juiiue. uruttio me. I' fi
assist and advise all or any of his holiness-
agents. In any place wherever I
. , i . l .. i .. .1 i .,-.., .. r, i 1 1 .,1 -
snail ue, ... owiit'-imii'i, ... . .......j,
, . , ..... ... ., .. 1. W ...... 1 .. K'nrwaV I' . II IT -
la. I.., . " L 1 1 1 1 ii i .... '1' . , " j -
Und, Iceland or America, or In any other
Klllguoitl or leiriiury, . pnau ,,i..w .
do my utmost to extirpate the heietlcal
Protestant or Liberal doctrines, and to
destroy all their peetended powers, legal
or ouiei wihw.
,,r .. . 1 1 . I. . . ar,i4 lliif',, ftinT.
. UI. IUI llll J..,ll,IC ... w. v
notwithstanding I am dispensed with to
l!l... k...llnal lh.
aSSUnie Buy irHHIUII imrinai ....
l..n V.a ntnlha. church's ln
terest, to keep secret and private all
her agents' councils from time to time,
as thev entrust me, and not to divulge,
lnlru.ilu hv wnnl U'ritlnif
Ul.eciiy ,'i iii.ii. jv. j , .'j
or circumstances whatever, but to exe
cute all that snail ne proposed, given "
cnnra;e, or (list o . u un.u
nr mv ennsiiv latucr. ui mu w. .n
reu cuiivcin.
"I do further promlse.ano neriare mm
T Ml n nnlnlan r,t will nf IT1V IIWH
1 will iia.T, in .,..n...i. ... ..... ... .....
or any mental reservation whatsoever,
even as a corpse ur cmum-i tc, n....
cadaver), but will unhesitatingly ob-y
i . ....... . 1 , V. 1 1 I mnv re.
earn M.ii. c ei y 0111 iiinn., i..... . .......
celve from my superiors In the militia of
the pope and oi jesus v mini.
That 1 will go to any part of the
world whithersoever I may be sent, to
the frozen regions or tne norm, me nurn
lnr sands of the desert of Africa, or the
... , .. . i.ii n , I. nf rlvlil-
piUKiea III nmm. iw .ii" .i.... . - -
ration of Kurope, or to the wild hmints
or the barbarous savages n. nuini".
without murmuring or repining and will
be submissive In all tilings whatsoever,
communicated to me.
"I do furthermore promise anu uecm.a
that 1 will, when opportunity presents,
make and wage relentless war, secretely
or openly, against an iinn,
. i T n....l. Da 1 am Htrtkcted til do.
antS HIHl l.lUCltllo or, . .- .
to extirpate them from the face of the
whole enrtn, ami inm i m V ,,,
er age sex or condition, and that I will
, ; K..II flav i a ncle anil
nnilK, nuili, wanic, ....... " , .i
burn alive these Infamous heretics; rip
up tne stomacn anu ..-
n..h itiol. infanln heds
men me viun ...... - --
against the walls In order to annihilate
their execrable race. mat "-' "
same cannot be done openly. I will se
.. . . u i.,.,,,M ,m h atrnntf-
creny use ine iiuir.-m"..', ...... v
ulatlng cord, the steal of the pomard. or
the leaden bullet, regardless oi me
jm . i... - n..v.npiv nf the nerson or Der'
UIK.Ul.V "1 on it". ." J r .
sons, whatever may be their condit on In
life, either puDiic or privaic,
i..i..i a tn do hv any
time may nr th.
agent oi i ym -
brotherhood ot the holy father, of the
some y ot Jesus
n antil ann a Pfimnri
cate my nirt ...v " luY., i
nowera, ana wnn mm u.1-.
now rereive. I will subscribe my name.
of- am! Fhoulil I prove false or weaken In
TTlV Ci' rl II" lirti, ' j j ------- -
fellow soldiers of the militia of the pope
. . t a. n,,.t mv fee) and mv
cut on my " ;-,,' i
throat from ear to ran my ... . ,
and sulphur burned therein, with all th
. ih.i fan ha Indicted upon
puniHniiii-iii ; - , k..
me on earth and my soul be tortured by
a""0"". '"JIW""" ne" swear
All ni win. u - - . -
by the blessed trinny, aim inoc. r. ...
meiu . . . , "nn:.MShXy.
mi n, uavan v ami tlorioui
anu no run mi mv; m . c-
host of heaven to witness these, my real
intent ons, to Keep mis my "."
In testimony hereof I take this most
holy and blessed sacrament of the eu-
charlst, and witness trie "." ;-
with my name wruien un ,
. J, j Hinr,.,i In mv own blood, and
seal in the 'face of this holy convent
He receives tne waier ,""'-.
lor and writs his name with the Point of
his dagger, dipped in his own blood, tak
en trom over the heart.)
, ein i ' ' i 1 1 1 w
niiK'w, nenii..rmare win
,ws isiiiiiui a. in , ,i.iiiii i. r... I rirr in"
AHislle and to the Holy Human church, j
mi in niir inf tio.y pupe ui,
and to hia sticcesairs, canomcally enter
Ing, I will neither advice, consent nor do
aiiyiiiiiia it. ui iiipj may iue ii.v 1,1 m".ii
btr, or I hat their peramis may be seised.
any injuries tillered to them, under any
pretence whatsoever The counsel with
w.ii.n u.ey pnan iniruat me uy inrm
aelvea. their nieaetiKr nr letleia, 1 will
mil Knowingly rewai 10 any, ti mmi
Srejudlce. 1 will help them to defend and
op the Koman papacy and the royalties
of Hi. Peter against all men. The fa
gate of the apostolic see. going and rout
ing, I will honorably treat and help in
his necessities 1 he righta. honor privi
leges and authority of the Holy Romas
church of our lord, the pope, and hi
aforesaid successors, 1 will endeavor te
preserve, defend. Increase and advance.
I will not be In any counsel, action or
treaty. In which shall be plotted agalnat
our said lord and Koman church, any
thing to the hurt or prejudice of their
persona, rignta. nouor, siai ur iuwi,
anu, ii t snail atiow any im .. mm .
be treated or agitated by any whatso
ever, 1 will hinder It to my utmost, and
as sunn m tat, win e.iir .t w
lord. Th ordinance and mandate of th
pope, 1 will observe with all my might
and cause to be observed by others.
Heretic, scnisniaiica anu irwn i o
said lord or hi successors. I will t af
U.Hii'i.1 ,i or, i. , n. .,,.
"Heretics, ec hlsmatlcna et tebelle ela-
rni imiiiuiu nuaiiu .i uw . i"
dlcti pro posse persequar et oppugnabo."
called, I will visit the threshold of the
5IIII I nlird
i'ARIS. Jan. 11. IMirlng tha itftttl
In the Chamber of leptiua today
tha estimates of th departmsal fll
public wurshlp M. IWard denouavssst
the dangers of clericalism.
The premier. M. Mellne. daalaisat
ther was no grwiii-l for such faae
(Vtntinulng. he denied the govaraaai
u conijHiseiJ of clerical, or thai a
was under poiitlflcla direction, asdiSMf
that tha aci-cilled clerical Darll VSM
ouiy put forward to divert attaatlam
from tha socialist, ana revoiuuv
Ei-MIolster Ooblet then bot4
separation of the church ana
hl.k ..efesled tlV M)9 tO 111
Seversl mem tier denounced tb tl
ferenceof Chief Rsbbt Zaddockaaaak
lue ICaterhaiy sffalr, whereupoa aft
Mllard rrUtd that if the chlaf raMi
had arts,! IraoronerlT he COUld b imtf
nrlved of his salary.
. a . a A. i. JaaeBt
M. fla Many called suentioB t wa
nr.n..n.l. nt Knrltah and OatTtaMal
pastors In various parts of Fraaaa,
nounclna them amia appiauaw
ni.." nd aa helng a vnrltabl
to the aslstencs of the fatherland."
Tha estimates were tnen aaopxso.
ur rii. trior moved the denunetatl4af.
of th concordat (or nnderstandlnt W
tween tha French governmeni tii i
Vatican). Th motion was i
by a rote of 816 to 171.
l awear oy aiiiiisn.y vi'i. uy aw
neaven aim etti.ii, uy it.o .imj
W 1. .tlMFfih KV f l, lll..Ml1
i',..i .a..... ...... 1. u ,....1 i.lf h.r mr.
lllgiil ixwt y iiiuiiici w 1 v...... " 1 " -
row and grief at the cross, by her tear
..... ... .1.- L. .... .. lU U
ana wsiinigs, ty tne mny aiiiun i".
I eier t nui, iy mw riuuuu.
of Ireland-St. I'atrlclt by th blaeJ
..-A i,nt ..e-k nf .11 nuu hv the hlllV
w I a. l,... IpImK
BOH, 10 ngni lur m inn;iruiiriiv-j
laiul to tiKht until 1 !!, wuiliiiir tn th
. . 1. . l.. ..U llr.tlul, (it I
red gore 01 ine n;ipsciiii.i. i.r.i..,
for the glorloua cause of nationality; to
ngnt until not a single wmiw. i " -
. ..... . I . . . . ...II ...... . K .. hnu , , I I
tooisiep, ia icii iu ion mot n, .......
of Ireland was ever trodden by the 8as
enach tyrants and murderers; ami. more
over, when the Protestant robbers and
brutes in treiana snaii oe muruoi
driven into the eu like the swine our
Lord Jesu Christ caused to be drowned,
then we shall embark for, and take Eng
land, and root out every vestige of the
accursed blood of the heretic adulterer,
Henry VI II.. and possess ourselves of the
beasts who have so long kept uur Island
of saint Old Ireland In the chains of
bondage, driven us from her shores, ex
iles Into foreign lands. I will wade In the
blood of Orangemen and heretics 1 Pro
testants) who do not Join us and become
Scotland too, having given aid and suc
cor to the beast, we f hall live in h-r gor.
.... ....ii ..... .. 1 .m until u. m linve re
ive sunn ,1111 si.n - -
stored our holy faith all over the Br.t sh
isles. , , ,
.. 1l - . .Ul T ulnnn.all. and CnnHI'leO
111 HII .1. una . niii,..jr.j "V . T .
tously swear with my eves blinded, not
knowing who to 1119 administers tnl.t oath.
apostle every tnree years aim gi.e
.K . ..... i..r,l ..f till mv iiastoral
HCCIIIIllt "I ii". ' ... " -
offlee and of the things belonging to my
diocese, to ine discipline u -.. j
. ...1- . 1.. ui... munni.r hum 1 v
anu peupic. x in ' i." -
receive and diligently execute the aiiost-
olle cominaniis. 11 """"'.v '.h
iHwiu. iinpiTwiii. ...... - ..... , - -
. 1.1 1 ,A.i.., mv 1 nn'. iter or
aioresillii uy a niin... . -
a priest of my diocese, fully instructed In
all things anove muuuimei.. . c -----shins
belonging to my table, I will neither
.n nn ntherwise itllenata without coti-
-111111111- tile Klllll.lll IHllHHi. co i,.-i. ...
Uod and these holy gospels of God.
Bent to the Romish M.tnuger,
The World's Great
Blood Purifier is
Hood's Sarsaparilla,
Which absolutely
Cures every form d
Impure blood, from
The pimple on your
Face to the great
Scrofula sore which
Drains your systea.
Thousands of people
Testify that Hood's
Sarsaparilla cures
Scrofula, Salt Rheua,
Dyspepsia, Madiriv
Catarrh, Rheumatism,
And That Tired
Feeling. Remember tkSl
And get Hood's
And only Hood
now In the presence of
I 1
cardinal of the Holy Tin-
.a w. have nlentv of this lSSUS.
We can fill your order. Ten for SO
wnts; fifty for $1.25; 100 tor 1100; 100
tot 17.60; 1,000 for 110.00.
en- . . ih.a Vtnmtclrles
24. we ao not este.-... -.-
to whom it may have happened in their
zea7for their mother church against the
fxcomii iuiv. rfnrpa are bound.
li.i ine t.iiuiuu ' , . .
both by civil and common law. not to
ive'or to,erate heretics am much
Xr ecVse of their religion, or rather.
?ifr false sect but are most solemnly
bound Everywhere, to repel and expel
them. femnnral punish-
mint, are to be enforced on heretics: 1st
cations tor an tyxt n
tv well active . v,,,v-"j 7'
thev can neither make nor will inherit
whit I? left to them by others! 3rdLos,
of parental power ove. ;t.ldren 4th-
nted to wom Bthonnscatlon ot
graiueu 10 Tk., nsii s and slaves
all gomis. ou.-. ,- .. worB
0BbnitgaOt ons due to their lord or another.
!u"s ,..1 ..n,.,! nun shment. es-
peclally -death, and perpetual imprison
ment. , ,,v,M. tl tnlara.
27. The canon m iu.
"'n- LAnniimni null hlshons are
to cx-communlcate him who grants lib-
ertv Of Conscience.
S No oath is to be kept toward here
tic princes, lords or others.
30 Heretics are to be deprived of all
civil nd paternal rights.
SI The Pope can absolve from all
0 !"Everv bishop Is ordinary Judge In a
cause of heresy. The reason is because
. .i(ricin and nurht to
tne oisiiuya van -v....- , r ...
extirpate heretics, and Inflict upon them
the due punishments, and to this are
lii "" , ..nnlllln. naaldes ara
bouna on pan. u 1" - : .
the InquUltors especially deputed by Uie
. - a n..mi,a anil swear that
man emu. ". f.iv..i. ...... .
from this time to the end of my life l
will be faithful and obedient unto r-t.
Peter the holy spostonc nomm. v..
i.iiri, ..,., i.,r i,A none of
and our mur.. m.... .". -
Rome, and his successors, canonlcally
and lawluliy eiecien, mn.
advice, consent or assistance agi"ft
pontifical majesty and person: that I win
rnliirv or disgrace, make public the coun
cils entrusted to me by themselves or by
messengers or iciiis. ...... .
Sve them any assistance in retaining,
defending and recovering the Roman
papacy and the regalia of Peter with all
iriv might and endeavor, so far aa the
rights and privileges of my order will
Iiw It and will defend them against all
their' honor and state and I will "reel
and defend, with due form and honor, the
fegates and nunclous of the apostolic
!at,n the territories. church u monas.
Trate with thm and treat them with
erate win. -hid n; and re-
honor in w.e . v- - -(ltn Mon,
.lirtnrsons whatsoever who shall attempt
Sttbem. That! w,Ub,
StZJe7 sugmeVr and advance the
presei.e, i,.iioco. the authority
of the Holv Roman bishop, our lord the
.Po0rP,e and that at whatever time anything
Shall be decided to their prejudice, which
! oit 01 my iv "- -
I shall know that any steps or measures
have been taken In the matter, 1 will
1 , , . .. aamA All. lAT.1
make it Known iu i" ...v,
" Ii, successors, or some other person
by whose means It may be brought to
their knowledge. That I will keep and
carry out end cause others to keep and
cSrrv eut the rules of the holy fa her.
the decree, ordinances, dispensations,
reservation, provisions, apostolic man
dates and constitution of the Holy
Father Bextu. of happy memory as .o
vtelttr the threshold of th apo.tle at
.1 ..., i:,.h ' ti.u hi,.ssed 'ii arm Mary.
AlllllHIUl ...
the blessed Michael the An hangel the
blessed St. John the Haptlst. lh H'Jy
Apostles St. reter ana ni. 1 uu.
.. ,. 1 .u.. w a.l I4..WI4 ill Heaven.
aainis aim ui" v.. . -
and to you, my lord, I do declare from
my heart, wnnout iiieiimi ....... ..
that the pope Is Christ's vlcar-general
... .u. ..n.i niv he.'iit nf the unl-
anu IS me nuc oi.-, ..... -
versal church throughout the earth, and
that, by virtue 01 uie
. '. I. .. ... hi. h. iness hv Jesus
anu ioosiiib si.oii
Christ he has power to dep m he-etiiMl
king, prim es, states, commonwia thsand
governments, an neiua mo'.. -
sacred confirmation, and that they may
safely be destroyed. Tberetore Ij 1 the
utmost of my power. . ..-
doctrine ana nis iiuu.irn V" -7
toms against all usurpers of the t rotest-
ant aui noruy wnn . ' i .
against the now pretended author ty and
that t'h'ey be uuVpVla herettcals
opposing tne aucreu muiui .
"'"do'denonnce and disown any allegi
ance as due to any Protestant king,
prim-e or state or obedience to any of
their inferior officer. 1 do further de
clare "he doctrine of the church ot Eng
land of the Calvanlsts. Huguenots and
other Protestants, to be imnable and
those to be damned who will not for-
8a.oVinhcr declare that 1 will I hel.
assist and advise all or any " "j
shall be. and to do my utmost 0 extir
pate the Protestant doctrine and to des
tiny all their pretended power, regal or
Otherwise. 1 ao luri ...
m.Ued'bVVpenon'Vo assume any
heretu-Hl reunion 1. otestant denomtna-
tionsi for the prop.ig in'"' ' , " ,.ri.
church's interest, to keep secret and pri
vate all her agents' counsels as they en
trust me and not to divulge, directly or
Kf.V wnl. writhig or cijeuaj
or d.seovered unto me by you. my most
""1 '"hth",'1 do swear by
To the
1 Thousands of adventurous splr
1 ... t
its will start tor Alaska in tie
next three months. The wisest
will take the BURLINGTON
ROUTE via Billing:. That Is
the shortest and quickest line.
Folder about Klondike at
th-vct nccirp J 1801 '"" 'I
J. B. REYNOLDS, Pas'r AaeaV
It runs on Van Buren St
d i rectly in front of the i
. "', . ', n-.iiii. mid blessed hacra-
ous Host ot nunc" ,i,
conrated hand, in the presence of
and aefendarepu......... - - -
rne names and connected with
the Irish brotnerii"u ....... - .
itled to know such secrets; that I will
tuiea iu . ,h constitution
and' laws 5f Vh-eame. that I will pre-"r-e
the funds of this order for the
sere . ,., ,1,,, , ninne as sne"i-
ZTfn the conelltutloni that I will deem
n mv special duty ami mission 10 pro
it m J,inints of the un.on
mote ana loeij. "", .-,,. .11
brotnen. oe. ...... ..
Trleh I taKe mis unnn'i'."' -
mental re-rvation. hoiihng the
so help me
trie pet---i. .-.-
C"iU eath the candidate is abjured te
Printed In the ' Chicago Inter Ocean nd
lTorn to be correct at the Cronta
f chP'Jwe i iu"
Rock Island &
In PMcsffn CSA. be thA
.. . t.i I wtrn in line
the city; or, for a 6 re cent fare. cl' ? S
lmmeuiaieiy w wj .--o
down town dls-rlct. mm-
All Klevatea irim win miJV -"-
Island" Million. Tralmevery inlnot.
Tree ticuiues can oiuy
. .. n a.amn fnp naitus
11 you wuisenu mi.. rTzrzTzz
we will msll you atonre new bird eef
,f thlcagoiust issued in eolW
shows you jusi j"- ""S'ruiri Ji.r
Chicago nd the new loop and Khjvev.4 Bye.
tern. 1 h: map you should hsve wbethet jam
live out of the city nd enect to com W
or whether you live In Chicago and you o
. .iAiiiiit niaulnff Crin.
your Trienui tuuwiuiow " --w
12-17- f Vtt'St
om 1 nine and au
SrftfUl. liUUiU POINTS
Ticket Oftifr. S.E. Cornfr fflli ni Firm Hi
Ikitt Otlict. 1. 1. Corner UU u4 rViaa a