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uirinal arts a.l oa the east of the
j But two more thought will be treat
ed at thl time, although the tubject i
only touched.
We have 1' arced what the women
wu lur, -u iiuc uruu is iuu
what the seven heals represented.
t Mow let u On J out what the angel told
' John was the meaning of the tea horn.
Reaj the twelfth verse of the teven-
j teenm coapier 01 ueveiauona. - Ana
tne ten born which thou sawest are ten
kings which have received no king
doms at jet; but receive power as kings
one I our with the beast." If kingt are
to arise then kingdoms must be era
ated and at the ten hornt come up out
of the head of the beast it it but fair to
believe that the ten kingdoma must be
made up out of the possessions ruled
over by the dragon which gives the
beast "hie power, an J his throne and
great authority." We have already
eeen that the pagan or un-chrlstlan em
pire of Rome is represented by the red
dragon, which had ten horns, the
same number as the beast.
Let us go to history and learn the
ate of 1 3e Roman Empire. Machlavel
aays it was divided into ten kingdoms
the Hubs, Ostrogoths, Visigoths,
Franks, Vandais, Suevl, Burgundtans,
Ilerulj, Anglo-Saxons and Lombards.
f seems from Rjv. Barnum's history ot
"Romanism As It Is," that the last of
these powers were overthrown in 553,
although D'Aubigne says Theociosius
II and Valentinian III proclaimed the
Roman Bishop "rector of the whole
huroh," and that Justinian published
a similar decree. Justinian's decree
urn dated In R33 and TTri&h Smith's
''Thoughts on the Book of Daniel and
Revelations," says the Justinian de
cree or edict did not go into effect un
til 53S from which time the claim to
headship by the Roman Catholic
church dates.
The other thought is this: John
says he saw the name of blasphemy on
the beast's head, not on those ten horns
that came up out of the dragon's head
but on the head o( the bea it. A trav
ler who visited not only Rome, but
the Vatican and the pope (and by the
war we are told he was a Baptist) is
quoted in "Marvel of the Nations" as
aylng that he read this inscription on
the tiara which the pope wears: "Vi
carius Filii Del." The author of "Mar
vel of tie Nations," Mr. Smith, has
added the numerals together and gets
this result:
V equals 5
I " 1
C " 100
A no value 0
R no value 0
1 equals 1
U same value as V (see Web. Die). 5
S no value 0
Fno value 0
I equals ' 1
L " 50
I " 1
I " 1
D " 500
E no value 0
I equals 1
John says, in the eighteenth verse ef
the thirteenth chanter of Revelations:
"Here is wisdom. Let him that hath
understanding count the number of the
beast: for it is the number of a man;
and his number is six hundred three
score and six."
The inscription on the pope's crown
and that on the head of the beast which
John saw come up out of the sea are
both 666, plainly showing that the pope
of Rome is the Man of Sin.
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Prebable Results tf the War Bemtn-
No one can tell positively what will
be the result of the war with Spain,
and yet there are ttroog lndicationi
from variout tourcewhich enable one
to j idge quite correctly as to its prob
able reulia on Romanism. As the
war progresses the providence of God
seems to be pointing in the direction of
disaster to Romanism as a political
power in thw country; also in the
Spanish colo 1 now engaged In war,
and perhaps in Spain itself. It it poe
tlble that the pal power, so clearly
referred t j in ice Scriptures, is to come
to an and through thit war, and it Is
probable that the patience of God It al
most exhausted as he bat beheld the
bloody papal power exercised with ter
rible cruelty In the different nations
throughout the centuries, torturing to
death In various ways EIGHTY-SIX
name and in the interest of "the holy
catholic church." And as God in the
days of old scourged and punished na
tions for their national sins by nations,
so now In this war with Spain, though
it was not designed nor was it any part
of the program of our government in
going to war, yet God is providentially
overruling it to the onfuslon and dis
may of the pope, the papal hierarchy
of this country and of Romanism
throughout the world.
The present position of the papal
leaders give evidence of already suffer
ing fearful apprehensions of coming
disaster to Romanism. The pope it
now suffering intensely from forebod
ings of ill if not utter ruin to "the holy
church" and to his beloved Spain and
wishes that he had died before the war
commenced. The papal hierarchy of
this country is lying down just now;
has nothing to say to the public only to
apparently counsel loyalty t the gov
ernment, while at the same time it is
well known that the entire Romish
priesthood of this country is for Spain
and it freely talks it when communicat
ing with catholics, and it trembles
most fearfully in view of the probable
loss of Influence and powjr la the poll
tics of the nation.
In the winding up of this war all the
Spanish colonies now engaged in war
will probably be forever lost to Spain;
both civil and religious freedom will
be secured; the papal power of this
country will lose its grip upon political
parties, and it is believed that Wash
ington, D. C., the Congress, our great
cities and influential dallies will be
emancipated very largely if not entirely
from papal dictation in politics and our
nation really become "the land of the
free and the home of the brave."
The American Protective Assocla
tion and its kindred orders will take on
new life and strength under the lead
ership of H. F. Bowers of Clinton, la.,
the founder of the order; and it is be
lieved that he will reorganize the order
on the most efficient plan possible, ac
companied with far less mistakes and
treachery in its working features than
formerly, and that all its members will
be true to its principles, loyal to the
order and active in their political work;
that they will succeed in electing next
fall a far greater number of officials
who will see the designs of providence
in putting it In their power to turn
down political papists, and electing to
office true patriotic Americans. The
time is now very favorable in which to
secure A. P. A. voters from the fact
that Romanism and its designs in poli
tics are now better known than ever;
that true patriotism has come to the
front, and those papists high in au
thority who a short time ago so freely
and earnestly offered their advice and
dictation in matters of state have now
apparently retired from public view.
Therefore let all American patriots be
ready to work and vote in harmony
with the present indications that God
in His providence intends through the
influence of this war with Spain to
break the political power of Rome in
this country and possibly in all lands.
But after all 1 am aware that it is
quite possible that the foregoing views
respecting the result of the war on
Romanism may not become matter of
history, either because the writer has
not rightly interpreted the Indications
of Divine providence in this war with
Spain, or because the President and
those associated with him in the gov
ernment of the nation fall to seethe
finger of God In His providence point
ing in that direction; that they do not
grasp the situation and consequently 1
a-e cot equal to their remarkable op
portunity which, if this should prove
true would be regarded, at I see it, as a
great calamity to our land and the
world. But I do have the utmost con
fidence in God as manifested in His
providence and trust that our govern
ment in Its prescribed conditions of
peace with Spain will act In accordance
therewith. J. G. P.
The God of Battle.
Captain Philip of the Texas, after
the Santiago engagement, called hi
men to the quarterdeck and there
thanked God for an almost bloodiest
victory. The air had jutt ceased to vl
brate to the thunder of gun, the pall
of war bung over the scene, when thlt
brave commander turn mooed hit crew,
"I want to make public acknowledg
ment," he said to them, "that I believe
In God the Father Almighty. I want
all of you, offioert and men, to lift your
hats and from your heartt offer tllent
thankt to the' Almighty."
It would be a steely nature to which
tuch a spectacle would not appeal, a
ttrangely constituted human being
whom it would not thrill to his depths.
It is the history of war between peo
ples a degree above savagery that the
soldiers go forth confident that they
are right, and that above them there is
the shielding arm cf the God of Battles.
If it were not so, they would not have
the courage which impels them will
ingly to rush to death.
The Napoleonic dictum that God is
on the side of the strongest battalions
has been confirmed by nJhtary history,
and was not idly spoken by the world's
greatest general. Yet when success
crowns an army by land or sea, gives it
victory and does not exact the cost of
valiant lives, the instinctive faith cry
talizes into a fervent belief. Captain
Philip did himself honor when he de
clared his principles, and people of ev
ery shade of opinion will respect the
manly and outspoken declaration.
San Francisco Call.
Alex. Osborne, the patrol driver who
was injured Sunday by being thrown
from his seat during a run away, is re
ported to be recovering.
Officer Jas. Kirk's little four year old
boy secured possession of his papa's re
volver one day last week and shut him
self through the left leg. His wound
was healing nicely the last time we
heard from him.
Mrs. Lena Zimmerman and daughter
are in Chicago visiting Mr. and Mrs.
Webster, formerly of this city.
Mr. Edward Resewaler, editor of the
Omaha Bee, came out of the nallway
leading to some flats above the The
American office last Saturday, and
appeared to be afraid some one would
see him. We cannot account for this
except on the theory that he was afraid
people might think he had been visit
ing some good looking girl who has no
visible means of support. Were you
Elder Warren will preach Saturday
morning at 11 o'clock at the Adventist
church 2oth street near Indiana. Bible
students are invited.
York on Yellow Journalism.
We take the following account of a
harangue delivered in St. Mary's Ro
man Catholic cathedral by the notori
ous Priest Yorke from the San Francis
co Call:
"Spain," he said, "was not a catholic
country, although it was a country
where the catholic religion was almost
exclusively professed." He instanced
the difference and pointed out that for
the past 1U0 years Spain had been run
on principles entirely inimical to the
catholic churcn. He blamed the intro
duction of Freemasonry into the coun
try as the cause for this change, as it
was well known that that organization
was hostile to the church.
Protestant ministers had been preach
ing that tne war with Spain was a su
preme struggle between Protestantism
and Catholicism, which was an infamous
lie. One-third of the soldiers that nad
offered tteir services .to .fight the bat
tles of thsir country were Catholics,
and therefore he repeated that it was
an infamous lie to assert that this was
a Protestant war.
They might expect that treatment
from Protestant preacher but they
had a right to expect different treat
ment front the newspsper. In last
Sunday's yellow supplement of one of
the morning paper, the San Francisco
Examiner, the catholic church was
symbolized a the devil with the utual
hornt and hoof.
Raiting hi voice the reverend father
taid: "You are not bound at catholic
men and women to take that piper into
your hornet and have your children
scandalized by such picture and tuch
infamout lie propagated about your
Continuing he taid: "An evening
paper, the Bulletin, also contained an
article written by Henry C. Lee, as
serting that the catholic church was
the cause of the decadence of Spain and
no reasoa was given for the assertion
except the ipse dixit of an ignoramut."
He praised the work of the catholic
women who had ministered to the mor
al and material welfare of the soldiers
at Camp Merritt. At first they were
refuted permission to carry on their
noble work and It required a strong
remonstrance to the proper authorities
before catholic soldiers were permitted
to worship God according to the dic
tates of their own conscience. In this
connection he took occasion to protest
aga'nst the appointment of Protestant
minister to all the regiments. But he
supposad it was the first chance they
had getting a salary from Uncle Sim
and they were eager to grasp it.
The one great lesson to be drawn
from the war was that it was not a
Protestant war and if catholics would
bury their personal jealousies and
stand united na Protestant preacher
and no newspaper would dare to claim
that it was a Protestant war or that
this was a Protestant country.
Revised Terms of Torsi's Surrender.
New York, July 16 A special dls
pat:h from Santiago, published here
this afternoon, gives the following as
the terms of surrender of the Spanish
forces under Gen. Toral:
Spanish are to surrender their arms.
The 20,000 refugees at Caney and
Siboney are to be turned back into the
An American infantry patrol is to be
posted on the roads surrounding the
Our hospital corps is to give atten
tion to any possible sick and wounded
among the Spanish solaiers in San
tiago. All the Spanish troops in the prov
ince, except Gen. Luque's 10,000 at
Holquln, are to come to the city and
The guns and defenses of the city are
to be turned over to the Americans in
good condition.
The Americans are to have full use
of the Juragua railway, which belongs
to the Spanish government.
All Spaniards are to be conveyed
home by American transport with the
least possible delay, and they are per
mitted to take portable church proper
ty with them.
This last concession is interesting,
because at the first threat by the
Americans to bombard the city the
archbishop, priests and nuns came out
and demanded a safe convoy. They
were told to go back and point out to
tne Spaniards the foolishness of furth
er resistance.
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Missions Are Attacked.
Shanghai, July 11. A dispatch from
Cbung-Khlng, dated July 8, says the
Protestant and catholic missions at
Shuin-Ching-Fu have been attacked by
rioters, and that Yuen-Chong and the
adjacent cities are much disturbed.
A French priest has been captured by
brigands and a ransom of 10,000 taels is
demanded for his release.
Every dollar la Rome's possession
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