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price fivk cents.
Number 28.
"AMERICA FOR AMERICANS. We hold that all men are A Mercians who Swear Allegiance to the lnitetl Slate without a mental reservation.
Volume VIII.
Mary Newman Confined in
New Orleans House of
the Good Shepherd
The Day She Was to Have Married A lip-jut
Brown and August Has ('one
Into Court and Procured a
A W rit for Her.
We take the following article from
the New Orleans Dally Item of Friday,
July 1:
A romance that will have an airing
before the courts was brought to public
notice this afternoon by the filing of a
'writ of habeas corpus before Judge J.
C. Moise of the Criminal District court
by Judge L. P. Paquet, attorney for a
prospective groom named August
Brown. Brown was employed at the
Charity Hospital as fireman, and Miss
Mary Newmann was engaged in the
same institution in domestic work.
The two were thrown into each other's
company frequently and formed a warm
attachment for each other. They
agreed to get married today and were
to leave for the home of the prospective
groom In Philadelphia when the mar
riage knot was tied, but the fates de
creed it otherwise.
The writ of habeas corpus applied
for today, which was made returnable
this afternoon at 4 o'clock, reads as fol
lows: To the Honorable Criminal District
court in and for the Parish of Orleans
The petition of the State of Louisiana
on relation of August Browu, of this
parish, respectfully represents:
That his affianced wife and betrothed
Miss Mary Augusta 'Cecilia Newaann,
or Neumann, aged 22 years, is n6w Il
legally detained and deprived of her
liberty in theiHouse of the Good Shep
herd In this city, and by the sister or
mother superior in charge of said in
ttitution, without any warrant, legal
right or color of commitment from any
court or common authority of this par
ieb or state.
That your petitioner and said Miss
Augusta Cecilia Newmann, or Neu
mann, were to be married today (July
1, 1898); that they were both working
lng in the Charity Hospital of this city,
your petitlonerer as fireman and the
latter as domestic; that they agreed to
quit their places of employment on
June 30, 1898; that in accordance there'
with, the said agreement, your peti
tioner quit his place of employment on
June 30, 1898, and when his affianced
wife attempted to quit her employment
whose names are unknown, WITHOUT
Charity Hospital, AND, on June 30,
about 3 o'clock p. m., AGAINTS HER
HERD, where she is now DETAINED
Relator avers that Miss Newmann is
22 years of age and not a minor or inter
diet and prays that the writ be made
absolute and Mies Newmann released
Are lou Aware!
Let every American read Seline
Clewett's rehearsal of her suffering,
misery and ill-treatment while incar
cerated within that walledin prison
pen of the Roman Catholic church in
St. Paul, Minn., which stands today in
the light of human intelligence as a
mockery upon civilized Christianity.
American mothers! why not look to
the welfare of your daughters? Are
you not aware that more than eleven
thousand women and girls are shut in
from God's glorious sunlight to spend
their days in menial drudgery or bo'
come the meant of appeasing the lust
Hill ! fts v4 m mmmmmm
mm Hf fwai
mm.mmwm&m ;
mm? urn vm&i wa -
ful passions of a debauched and licen
tious priesthood.
Mothers, do not allow this Roman
octopus to so entwine its deadly coils
about your daughters that they are
drawn into darkness to be deprived of
light, liberty and intellectual freedom.
Why not demand for them their con
stitutional libertj? Ask that every
female captive incarcerated in these
walled-in prison pens of ignorance and
blind superstition be returned to light,
liberty and intelligence. Why not
attempt, through your Christian En
deavor societies, to break the shackles
of spiritual slavery which has teen
rivited on the fair daughters by a de
ceitful and arrogaLt priesthood.
Mother?, would it not be wise to keep
within reach such books as will show
Rome in all its past blackness? Surely
history has already recorded enough
of Rome's dreadful work to forever
stamp the youthful mind with an ab
horrence of everything Romish. Fear
not the perusal of Convent Life Un
veiled, written by Edith O'Gorman,
The Black Nunnery (the writer has
stood within its crumbling walls, and
relatives have left behind them sad
tales of woe), Father Chinlquy's "Fifty
Years In the Church of Rome," and
other books offered for sale by The
American. Education of the youth
along this line will do more to keep
them out of Romish bondage than pa
rental instruction. Let each child read
Rome's vile and bloody history and you
need not fear, they will not desire to
follow after the beast.
Mothers, any action taken by you for
the protection of your daughters against
the deceltfulness of Rome will meet
with the hearty approval of every true
American, who will stand by you as
they now stand by the heritage handed
down to them by our noble ancestors.
Use your christian influence in behalf
of Seline Clewett who, for the fourth
time, has brought Rome before the bar
of justice, seeking damBges for ill-treat
ment and for robbing her of her const!
tutional liberty. Ask that she give
her experience while incarcerated in
that Romi.-h prison pen to the public,
that your own daughteri may read and
Is it not tad to contemplate that in
this land of freedom, where the law
'attftV! . rt
provides prisons for transgressors o
the law, the Roman church seeks to
over-ride the guarantees of" the consti
tution by providing prisons for such as
may be found guilty, in her judgment.
Who knows the depth of misery and
anguish suffered by the girls whom
Rome haa Imprisoned? Atsomefuture
day our own children, or you or I may
learn its depth.
Throw open the doors of those Infern
al dens of iniquity; let God's sunlight
permeate and purify every cell where
moldering decay sends forth its foul
stench under the name of the "holy
church." American.
Stand by Your (inns.
Now is the time for patriots to work
Oar brave soldiers in front are break
ing the despotic papal power that has
enslaved and slaughtered Cubans and
cursed every other people where It has
predominated. Let it not be forgotten
that this inf jrnal pagan josult political
power is in our midst plotting the des
truction of our free American Institu
tions. Let it be known that the pre
tended loyalty of Romanists in this
war with Spain is but the kiss of a
Judas to betray, and that John Ireland
(the pope's second fiddle) and Tom
Sherman the Jesuit may not be trusted
where the interests of their church are
involved, unless they are better than
their creed and their moral theology
require. Equivocation, mental reser
vation and perjury are now taught in
approved Roman Catholic theology in
our midst, and I hereby defiantly chal
lenge John Ireland of Minnesota to dis
prove the fact. Now let us have no
dodging the issue. Silence is assent,
to him discussion is ruin. He may at
tempt to wheedle pseudo Protestants
by pretended loyalty to our free Amer
ican institutlors, but he cannot refute
approved Roman theology and facts in
Keep the camp fires burning bright
ly. Let every loyal citizen take and
circulate at least one patriotic paper.
Let no one excuse himself since the
price of a Ave cent cigar per week will
pay for it and the cost of three cigars
per day will pay for more than 20 pa
pers for one year. Turn on the search
lights of the presF, pulpit and forum.
Demand that the Hibernian Itifki and
vnir :' f- -
other Roman Catholic military organ
izations in our midst be disarmed,
otherwise that true patriots be per
mitted to arm fcr mutual defence, of
person, property, sta'.e and nation.
These secret Roman Catholic mili
tary organizations under control of the
Roman clergy are a menace to all loyal
citizens. All Roman coBfeselonals
should be suppressed with brothels and
places of '.restitution, and all prison
pens for American daughters such as
convents or so-called Houses of the
Good Shepherd subjected to rigid In
spection or suppressed as in violation of
statute provision.
Now, John Ireland, speak or ever af
terward hold your peace.
Rev. J. G. White,
Stanford, 111.
Where Are They.
It ia very Important to know, as a na
tion, who are the enemies of the nation.
I was talking with a man yesterday,
and I have no reaton whatever to doubt
his word on any subject; and he said
that the Roman Catholic priest in the
town a few miles distant, told him that
the Instructions from the leaders of the
Roman Catholic church favor Spain,
but to have the outside world have the
impression that they were for the
United States. My informant said he
was intimate with the priest and also
very intimate with the priest and also
very Intimate with some families who
were members of his church. If the
Roman Catholics are secret enemies
and spies, the sooner the government
knows it the better. If Ireland Is a
leader of spies in this country, he
should not be permitted to be trotting
around loose about the White House.
If Martinelli is a spy fcr the Spanish
government, through the pope, he
should be given his passports and it
should be determined who among the
Roman Catholics think more of the
pope and Spain than they do of the
United States. There are many who
are ready to turn their hacks upon the
old pope and let him severely a'one
with his peculiar notions about relig
ion, God and man. HAY A.
Ask the newsdealers in you town for
this paper. Have your friends also en
quire. Help tpread the truth.
A Toast at a Havana Ban
quet by One of Francis
Joseph's Officers
Caused a Writer In the Chicago Tribune
to go Hark a Third of a Century
and Study History.
About the time war with Spain was
declared a cable message was received
In this country announcing that at a
banquet given by Gen. Bianco in the
city of Havana, Capf. Kelwig, of the
Austrian navy, pledged Spain the sup
port of Austria. The Chicago Tribune,
in commenting on the speech, had this
to say:
At a banquet given by Capt. Gen.
Blanco at Havana to the officers of the
Austrian cruiser Donau, and the offi-!
cers of the Vizcaya and the Oquendo,
Bianco proposed a toast to the Emperor
Franz Josef.
Then, says the cablegram, occurred
the startling event of the evening.
Captain Kelwig of the Donau arose and
"I propose the health and long life
of her Majesty, the Queen Regent of
Spain, and of her august son, Alfonso
XIII., King of Spain. Austria can
never forget Maximilian and his fate.
As heretofore, Austria stands beside
The toast was received with intense
enthusiasm by the Spaniards, and the
incident has since acquired a moment
ous importance as intimating that Aus
tria would be an ally of Spain If war
should occur between Spain and this
The Austrian cruiser has now ar
rived at New York, and its acting com
mander, Lieut. Ludwig Ritter von
Hohrel, of the Donau, enters a positive
denial that he made such a speech at
the Havana banquet. As the lieuten
ant was an uuknown quantity at the
banquet, and it was Capt. Kelwig who
was reported to have made the speech,
there scemt to us no doubt that the in
cident was truthfully reported In the
cablegram referred to.
It must be borne in mind that the
Queen Regent of Spain Is an Austrian
and that Austria has always attributed
Maximilian's fate to this country's re
fusal to intervene to cave the Austrian
Archduke's life. Pro-Spanish senti
ment In Austria and a hatred toward
our country are therefore national
characteristic and Austrian diploma
cy is sure to Intervene in the councils
of Europe In favor of Spain.
Over thirty years have gone by since
the day Maximilian met his fate on
Mexican soil, and the recalling of the
story of the past proves that the United
States government and the American
people were neither heartless nor
vengeful in spirit, and that the estab
libhmentof an empire in Mexico was a
threat, not alone against a republican
form of government but against the
Monroe doctrine.
Long before the civil war broke out
In America Napoleon III., the ambi
tious ruler of France, had laid his plans
to establish an empire founded oa Eu
ropean methods in Mexico, and only
waited for an opportunity which would
give him an apparently justifiable ex
cuse for intermeddling in Mexican af
fairs. The opportunity soon arrived. Mex
ico had always been a country of per
petual revolutions. Santa Anna had
been unseated by Juarez, the country
was heavily in debt, principally to
France, Spain, and England. For
years no Interest had been paid on
either government or private bonds and
foreign bondholders complained bitter
ly to their governments and in the gen
eral confusion existing in the country
all manner of wrongs called loudly for
Napoleon at once grasped the situa
tion. Claiming that Mexico under
Juarez had now an established govern
ment, the Emperor proposed to Eng
land and Spain that a fleet represent
ing the three countries should be sent
to the coat of Mexico and an allied
force landed, and that a demand should
be made on Mexico for their common
On the face of it, this was a harmless
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