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A Lurid Scene at Sunset After the
Great Manila Victory.
With a Knar lb Arsenal Pie I p. Shoot
I llaam loo feet lata
tho Air
two WeleoaM Is Cua.ul W ill la
Cavil Lata Mall Ad vires.
Aoonr-R, Itritish Columbia. June
la Mail adrlitu brought from Honjr
Kong by the steamer Kuiprewi
Japan contain further details of th
oattie in .iihuwu. one report, cxmi
Bientinif on Dowry's well-timed ar
rival, eays:
Th great vlrtory of the fulled State Asiatic
sqvaaron It. or eoure, due In neaure
to the splendid ttiHrktnamtilp of the Awrrlrun
runner, but mitre particularly to the tart aud
strategy of Commodore Dewey, In command of
IM nret,
At nalf-paat i when the white flag was
kolsted on Cavlte, the lighter draught veel
and pinnace of the Annrl.-un fleet and a large
amber of tug tMwta and launches ruptured
tta bay tratiitd Into favlte harbor and the
wounded men who were left behind In i.hlis
and other who weru picked up out of the
water, were conveyed to the hospital at Cuvlte
do also to Manila.
The day of the Hunt w a perfectly beatitl
iui aunuay, in meal 1st of May. The skv ws
Oiaar, tha nun was pouring down lu scorching
rays, and the bay was like a large blue lagoon.
At the gun went down In the west it showed up
tha poor battered hulls and withered funnel
tno mast of panlth ship. Far away on Ita
oor shore the ll de Mindao, destroyed by the
vBBcora. aeut up a huge column of smoke,
broken from time to time by myriad of sparks
end long tontrue of flame, a bulkhead after
nuikheud eollupaed aud the fire spread from
tern to stern. At Cavlte the wooden hull of
tn (.aslllla burnt and (mouldered long Into
night, (ending up Into the midnight air
lurid glare.
The gradual destruction of the arsenal wa a
long drawn out aerie of pyrotechnic.. About
to'olouk a tremendou explosion occurred, the
tame (hooting up Into the air about 1U feet
tad for many aeconda after a loud thunderoua
roar traveled acres the nay. It was a One
spectacle, terrible In iu exemplification ot the
isaatrou effect of mtMlcrn warfare. Th
Main disaster had been terribly avenued.
Admiral Moutejo was In the arsenal when tha
mbnrdmeut of Cavlte occurred. With the
runaluder of hi officer and men the admiral
who had been slightly wounded in the left thigh
ey an iron splinter, escaped by the road to Ma
nila. A lurvey of the remnants of the Spanish
neet alter their surrender revealed a aightof
oeaowuon. Thre large cruiser, eight gun
boats and two toroedo boat had hettn auikb
la th smoking hulks of the remainder of the
Set floating everything waa the tfmitet con
tusion. Dead bodies and wounded men were
also strewn about the deck and bodies were
otung in the water. A large number of Amer
Jean suHtalned slight Injuries from splinters,
but nothing of a serious cvnseuuence.
Th naval arsenal at Cavlte, contrary to pre-
lou reports, is well equipped with the latest
vypeaor munition of war and the store are
Mil Oiled with coal. The mining of the chan
Ml( In Manila harbor was considered by officer
regular furre. One of the channels wax 8v
bum wide and too deep for any mines or tor
pedoea to be laid.
When Consul Williams landed In Cavlte be
Bad a most enthuxlmtlc reception. The place
was crowded with Ktllpinoa, who made the wel-
ta ring with their criea of -Viva Los Amer
leamfia " a h mn.i ktu . i. . . ,
mis j wirvuNU vwu loug
Hues of people. Men, women and children
Struggled to shake him by the hand and the
British consul. Mr. Rswson Walker, who was
who mm, said be had never before witnessed
wen aiepiay of friendship.
The captain of the British ship Esmeralda,
When tn Hong Kong on May 1, ridiculed the
Me that he piluted the American fleet Into
Manna bay. "A a matter of fact," he said.
"tns Americans needed no one to show them
tM way Into the bay; it was ail plain sailing
lor went.
No Information can be obtained with refer
nee to the re-establishment of communication
between Hong Kong and Manila. The cable is.
i course, a neutral enterprise, and, therefore,
oompany owning It cannot repair It for the
exclusive use of one of the combatants only.
Admiral Dewey decline to sanction lu use by
tos Spanish government, and thus a deadlock
""'"F mo injury to ousines caused by the
wanting state 01 wings is, of course, a mere in
MMt of war, of which there la nothing
aid, but there is another aspect of the Inter
ruption of telegraphic communication which 1
worth mention, and that is the danger to ship
ping eauaed by the oesation of storm warning
UV Manila.
BngUsh Capitalists Want the l'hlllppln
Taken From Spain.
Losdon, June 10. Delegations of
ixmdon men representing some of the
most important interests in the Philip
pines nave called upon embassador
Hay to urge him to make representa
tions to his government of their desire
that the United States retain perma
nent possession of the Philippines.
They are agreed with the belief that,
with the guarantee of a suitable gov
ernment, the Philippines would become
ncner ana more desirable possession
than Cuba.
: :. v
Too Golf Champion Safely Out.
i Hatasa, June 10. The British
cruiser Talbot Bailed from Havana
Tuesday. On board were Phil Robin
ton and H. J. Whignam, the English
newspaper correspondents, who were
arrested some time ago at Matanras.
The Talbot also carried Edwards and
Pinkney, who were expelled from the
island on suspicion of being spies,
Charles Todd and a number of other
Would Try the Tewwvio.
" WASHiNOToif, June 10. The advo
tates of the dynamite gun as a weapon
a . : ,l. a t
nsiisivBiv urgius; tue aumoniies
here to bring the dynamite cruiser
Vesuvius into more active service, bo
that she may demonstrate her ability
against the fortifications at Santiago
And other points of attack. .
Balglaaa Want a New Kind of Match.
Washihotos, June 10. Minister
tichterveld, the Belgian minister, has
Informed the Btate department that his
government has offered a reward of
1,000 for tha invention of a match
taste without phosphorus.
Preparing to Leave Canada.
Mohtkkal, June 10. Although Car
ranza and Dubosc, the Spanish diplo
matic agents, pretend not to believe
that they are to be unit-red out of the
country, it is known that they are
tusking preparations to leave.
lliasnarrh' Organ Tells of the t uadlltoa of
It Trmsi-tl hal th Armada Will Iks,
kw ioRK, June 10. A I'adii di
patch to the Hamburger Nat-hrichtrn
etthanwlliir lliamarck's organ, bays:
"Spain 'military prfparednesa' is
in a deplorable Mate. The army
entirely unprepared U take the held,
hven to-day, in the in Wist of war, the
garriNons f the great cities of Madrid
and Jiitrvelona, for inatance, are loaf
ing. They do nothing to complete
Utelr eniiiency iu the field. 1 have
Jieen here a month, and have yet to
see a regiment or a battalion operat
ing In the open.
"My Inhprction of the fortresses
yielded no more encouraging informs
turn. Cailiz, Santa Barbara and Bar
celona, with its great fort, Monjuich
are defended for the most part by an
liquated guns.
" give an American fleet attacking
latlis aliout three hours to silence all
the guns on the north front. After
that the Yankees will blow up the tor
pedo leds which are supKised to muke
the harbor impregnable aud then they
can ao wnat lliey please.
"As the army, so is the navy. There
is lots of talk of the reserve fleet, sta
tinned here. It is said to-day that the
armiulit will be sent to the Philippines
tomorrow, then that she will go to
Cuba. That this fleet will be no match
for Dewey's is generally agreed upon.
If it goes to Cuba or Porto Kieo it will
seek a harbor that is certain. Why
the reserve fleet should cross the ocean
in order to crawl into shelter is puz-
tling to non-military men, and every
body fears that it will le smashed like
that of Manila if it does."
Kingston Has Herelved an Odd Addition
to It ropulatlun.
Kingston, Jamaica, June 10. The
royal mall steamer sailing for London
this week will carry fl'00,000 in Span
isu gold, jiroad Alphonso pieces are
more in circulation in this island than
English sovereigns. IVobably a mil
lion dollars In coin has been brought
to Jamaica from Cuba by refugees dur
ing the last six weeks. Three or four
thousand of these refugees fill the ho
tels, lodgings and otherwise vacant
houses in the coast towns.
The refugees instead of being lean
and illfavored, as one might suppose,
from the famine aud reconcentrado
stories, are remarkably prosperous
looking. 1 he ladies are dressed in
New York and Parish fashions of two
years ago. Some are attended by
servants. Among the baggage are
extraordinary boxes and chests that
look antique enough to have been made
in Spain in a former century. One
emigrant entered a hotel behind six
strong men, each of whom carried a
leather bag filled with gold. He was
a noted usurer in Havana.
All the refugees - have plenty of
money now, but they look forward
with dread. They cannot realize on
their property. Owing to the unsettled
state 01 Cuba, the banks will advance
nothing. It is impossible to communi
cate with the island except by cable at
from twenty-five to seventy-five cents
a word. They do not know what has
become of their homes and estates.
Most of them sympathize with the
insurgents. A few bitterly denounce
Japan Has Made IU First Arrest of Con
traband of War at Yokohama,
Vancouver, B. C, June 10. Accord
ing to mail advices just received here
by steamer from the Orient, twenty
one cases of gun powder for the gun
boat Petrel have been detained at Yo
kohama as contraband of war.
The Pacific Mail Steamship com
pany's steamer Aztec entered Yokoha
ma under the Hawaiian flag May 11
with the ammunition. Official applica
tion for landing it was made bv the
United States authorities to the cus
tom officers. After a conference be
tween the customs officials and
the Yokohama naval stations the
goods were ordered to be
sent, to the Nakamwura trun
powder magazine under care of the
police. It is the usual custom of war
ships of Great Britain and America to
land their ammunition at Yokohama
and receive it whenever called for.
The Aztec pursued the usual course
and had no intention of evading the
law. it is said that this is the first ar
rest of contraband of war at Yoko
hama. -
- -. . 1 -
Government Resorts to Extreme Heat-
ares to lit Out Manila Expedition.
San Fbahcisco, June 10. It has
been learned that the steamers Sena
tor, City of Puebla and Queen, owned
by the Pacific Coast Steamship com
pany, were not chartered, but im
pressed into the service of the govern
ment as transports.
Colonel Fa niton at Lawrence, Kan.
Lawrkncb, Kan., June 10. Colonel
Fred Funston of the Twentieth Kansas
volunteers arrived in Lawrence this
morning on his way from Tampa, Fla.,
to join his regiment at San Francisco.
They Hava Bad Eyes and Bad Long.
Sah FBAXCiseo, June 10. Nearly 75
per cent of the applicants for enlist
ment in the United States regular
army are rejected in the recruiting of
fices In this city. The principal causes
of rejection are impaired vision and
defective chest expansion.
Two Spanish Uanboota Captured.
Key West, Fla., June 10. The light
house tender Suwanee has captured
two small Spanish gunboats carrying
only one gun each.
Spanish Warships Reported to Have
Forced an Entrance.
N Offlrlal Report Mas Yet Heen Brought
la by tha Hloraadlug Ships, bat the
Humor I Said to Ha Credited by Key
West Naval OHrmtf High Kank.
Kat Wwt, Fla., June 10. persistent
rumors, credited by some naval oflicers
of high rank, are in circulation here to
thw effect that three Spanish warshipi
hae forced their way into the harbor
of Havana. One dispatch savs that
Spanish battle ship and two cruisers
have entered the harbor.
There is one rumor here, which finds
credit among many naval officers, that
within the last twenty-four hours some
formidable Spanish warships have en
tered the harbor of Havana. More
than two weeks ago it was stated that
Moro castle light had again been put
in operation, and it was thought to in
du-ate that the Spaniards in Havana
had information leading them to ex
pet-t some friendly visitors.
itiere is much speculation as to
whether the ships supposed to have
entered Havana harbor are a part of
Cervera's fleet which did not enter
Santiago or some of the ships from
Jo onicial report has vet been
brought in by any of our blockading
ships, and there is much anxiety in
A government tug from Cardenas
joined the American fleet off Havana
yesterday, bringing messages from
Commodore Watson from an auxiliary
gunboat. This was to the effect that
on Tuesday night the gunboat sighted
lour vessels, thought to be a battle
ship, two cruisers and a torpedo boat,
between Saltclay and Padre del Cruz
lhe gunboat followed them and
when within speaking distance, hoisted
the fleet fl(f. The strangers answered
with three masthead lights, which
were not the required signal, snd im
mediately thereafter they put out all
their lights. The gunloat cruised
after the strangers for two or three
miles, once approaching within 2,000
yards, but evidently abandoned the
chase and reported to the nearest ship
or the United States fleet.
Advices were then sent to Commodere
Watson by the government tug and he
dispatched a boat to Key West
lhe commander of the gunboat
which followed the four vessels says he
is satisfied they were Spanish warships
either trying to iret into Havana or
lying in wait for transports. The af:
fair, however, is involved in doubt.
The British cruiser Talbot left Ifo
vana Tuesday and she may have been
one of the vessels sighted by the gun
Japan, Russia and France Make Mew
Urab In the East.
Vakcouver, B. C, June 10. Oriental
advices are to the effect that China and
Japan are having trouble again. Com'
plications have occurred in China one
after another and now the Japanese
consulate at Shashi has been burned
down. On receipt of the news of the
riot the minister of the navy issued in
structions to the commanders of the
cruiser Takao at Shanghai, and the
gunboat Maya at Saseho to immedl
ately proceed to the scene of the dis'
turbence for the protection of the
Japanese residents. The British ship
Esk has been ordered to the scene of
the outrage. ,
France has demanded from China an
Indemnity of 18,000 taels, the erection
i church as a memorial and the ex
tension of the railway from Nanning,
in Kwangsi province, to the coast of
Kwang Tung, as a compensation for
the murder of a French priest.
It is officially reported that Russia
has secretly demanded a lease of not
only Kinchou, a few miles from Port
Arthur, but also of Fuschcoua Sul
Preftural, a city further north than
the former city. These, with the pos
sessions also of Kaipeng, at the head
of the Liao Tung peninsula, will give
the Russians entire control of the
Miscreants at Clark's Point Fort Render
Six Cannon Temporarily Cseleaa.
' New Bedford, Mass., June 10. The
garrison in the fort at Clark's Foint
has discovered that the six 10-inch
guns at the fort have been spiked by
somebody and rendered useless.
'A few days ago the guns were in
spected, but the spikes had been driven
in with such skill that they were not
noticed at the time. Orders have been
issued to keep strangers away from
the fort. -
. Rldgely Gets a Renomlnntson.
Chkrbttalk, Kan., June 10. E. R.
Ridgely was unanimously renominated
for congressman from the Third dis
trict by the Populist congressional
convention yesterday.'
Montejo's Ship to Bo Rained.
Sax Francisco, June .Private ad
rices from Washington say that the
United States government will raise
the Spanish vessels sunk in Manila
harbor by Admiral Dewey's gunners,
and that three San Francisoo firms, T.
P. Whitelaw & Son, A. Woodside &
Co., and the Pacific Mail Steamship
compan y, will be called on for bids for
undertaking the work.
Ho Invented the Winchester Rifle.
NkW Haven. Conn., June 10. Ben
jamin Taylor Henry, inventor of the
famous Winchester rifle, died at his
home in this city yesterday, aged 70.
Tbe Review of NasupuNi's Fleet for the
ItenrUt of a Lonely Spaulah OMcer.
Pukt AxnNl, Jam:ti.-4t, June 10.
Admiral Sampson's moving panorama
of the American fleet that is Bottling
up Cervera's fleet in Santiago harbor
with only one Spanish officer as an
audience, was a wonderfully clever
aud impressive bit of diplomacy.
This lonely witness was Cervera's
chief of staff, and he ostensibly visited
Admiral Sampson on thi flagship to
convey the message from Cervera that
the heroes of the Merrimac were safe,
and the oflicers of the American fleet
say that if he had any other object in
view, for instance, the ascertaining of
the strength of the opposing force, the
Spanish visitor was amply rewarded
for his pains.
Alone on the flagship, surrounded
by enemies, as he stood on the deck he
saw one of the grandest arrays of bat
tleships pass in review that has ever
been assembled for offensive purposes.
And yet this display was made in
such a quiet way that the visitor could
not suspect that it was for his benefit.
It was done in such a quiet way, too.
as if entirely accidental, which must
have made the exposition all the more
striking. I
While Admiral Sampson was recciv-
ing the message of Admiral Cervera'
and transmitting to him an equally j
courteous reply, a signal was given for
all the ships to concentrate near the '
flagship. The order was' promptly I
obeyed, and when Captain Ovieda was'
ready to leave the flagship, he saw file I
before him in splendid procession the
greatest fleet of war vessels the Carib
bean sea ever held. From the deck of
the New York he saw the Brooklvn
lexus, Iowa, Oregon, New Orleans,
JWarblehead and Massachusetts, in
seemingly never ending procession
file silently by, their grim guns backed
by their crews, equally silent and
grim. It was as impressive and strik
ing a thing as was ever done, and what
emotion, besides admiration, it awak
ened in the breast of the Spanish ofli
cer can only be imagined.
inere was a peculiar incident at
tending the visit of Captain Ovledo to
the flagship. At the moment he set
foot on deck, there was on board a del
egation of Cubuns arranging for co
operation with the American fleet,
Their presence had to be kept secret
from the Spaniards, and they were
hidden away until the visiting enemy
Doartied their own boat under the pro
tection of a flag of truce and put back
for Santiago.
Tho Revenue War Bill Reported to tho
Washington, June 10. The confer
ees on the war bill submitted their re
port to the House this afternoon. The
report follows:
The House accepts these Senate amend
menu: Allowing- a rebate of 7V4 ner cent unon
menaieoi stamps lor fermented liuuors. n
stead of per cent, as provided bv the Hnne?
impoKiiiK special taxes, etc., with an amendment
striKimr out insurance agents, also makinsr tax
on theaters apply to cities exceeding 2MU0 popu
lation only; the amendment striking out the
Mouse provision imposing a special tax on re
tail tobacco dealers; the provisions relating to
mump taxes on me insurance policies, but re
duced to 8 cents for each $100 of insurance, to
oe paid only once, at the inception of the poll.
cy, ano a corresponding reduction on weekly
payment Insurance.
The House accepts the proprietary medicine
auu penumery amendments of the Senate with
a reuuction of the tax of about one-third. The
senate amendmont providing that stamps may
be affixed on medicinal articles in stock, when
such articles are sold by the retail order .Senate
amendments imposing an excise tax of w
of 1 per cent on corporations refining sugar or
petroleum, measured by their gross receipts
exceeding to.ouo; and also the Senate amend
ment imposing a stump tax of 1 cent upon the
sale of each sleeping and parlor car ticket sold
by the company issning the same; and alto the
Senate legacy and Inheritance tax.
The House recedes from its tonnage tax pro
vision, and accept tho Senate amendment, im
posing a duty of ten cents per pound on im
ported tea, with an amendment providing that
the duty shall take effect upon the passage of
the act by the Senate amendment relating to
mixed Hour, with a substitute embodying the
bill upon the same subject a reported by the
committee on ways and means.
The Senate recede from its coinage of the
silver seign'irage amendment and a substitute
Is agreed to, simply authorizing and direotlng
the coinage of not less than ll.WO.000 silver
dollar per month from the silver bullion held
in the treasury, such silver dollar to be ap
plied a provided by tbe aet of July 14, lsvo.
Tbe senate aocept these House provisions:
Placing the Increased tax on lermented liquors
stored In warehouses; the certificate of in
debtedness of loan provision of the House
with a reduction ot the amount of bonds author
ized to i4t,UC0,UUI.
The House accepts the Senate scales on cigars
and cigarettes; and the Senate accepts the
House proposition Imposing an additional tax
on stocks on hand, but reducing the tax on such
stocks one-half and excepting from its opera
tions stocks not exceeding 1.000 pounds of to
bacco and 20,000 cigar and cigarettes.
The House accepts the Senate amendment
Imposing a stamp tax on all speculative sale
on stock and produce exchanges.
The Senate accepts the House exemption of
receipts from stamp taxes.
The Senate recedes from Its amendment im
posing stamp tax on article sold under a trade
mark or any name or designation not open to
general use.
Mr. Dingley, Immediately after the confer
ence, made up the report at i o'clock and an
nounced the bill would be brought up for con
sideration at onoe and that the House would
probably dispose of it before adjournment to
day. Cowherd Renominated.
Lexisoton, Mo., June 10. W. S.
Cowherd was renominated for Congress
by acclamation by the Fifth district
Democratic congressional convention
yesterday afternoon.
Ohio Brewer In st Combine.
Cleveland, Ohio, June 10. Deeds of
transfer have been filed with the
county recorder here conveying nine
orewery plants of this city to the
Cleveland and Sandusky Brewing com
pany, the recently formed brewery
Give McCormick m Kenomi nation.
Smith Custer, Kan., June 10. The
opnlist Congressional convention for
the Sixth Kaunas district held here
yesterday renominated Congressman
N. U. McCormick.
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UNCLE TOM'S CABIN 1 or. Mfe Anoag the
Lowly. v UAUIUET UKKi HEH 8TUWE. No other
I American novm ever acnieveu sticb popularity, and
If alihouirh It was written over forty rears ago the rtoing
I generation Is now muling 'Uncle Tutu's Cabin " with
1 thA KM I mm bwn ntnnw..iitthuK th-(. .m .l f . k. .
. --j--j ...v.. m. a,n., wiDnj UU
grandmothers experienced, for It Is a book that will
never grow old, ana otner generations will Javgh
over Topxy and cry over Eva and Vncla Tom. It la
printed In clear, readable type, on good paper, com
plete, nnrhanicd aud unabridged, and contains
inriy i large pages.
vueen rn Ats. tiv illmv lFKsrjrr.
A lau iff Lr and JdwiihiM am I .....J i v... .
Uljtr auMliw'a wnrlii Ir. la . BUH JVT
uct7u mmij in wiriifMir. (UN,!,., h-t ...
,. 1 . l .. ... , . . . . wv
HliaTlird. and dMll.. With tha aW.k.Ju.,.l ..I . -
young Knffl.siiman on a voyage to the troulcs.
Attorney, Merchants National Bunk Bldf
SHERIFF'S SALE. By virtue of an
order of aale Issued out of the district
court for Douglas county, Nebraska and
to me directed. I will, on the 14th day cf
June, A. D. 1898. at ten o'clock a. at. of said
day, at tbe EAST front door of the county
court house. In the city of Omaha. Douglas
county. Nebraska, sell at public auction to
tbe highest bidder for cash, the property de
scribed in said order of sale as follow, to
wit: Lot four (4), block three hundred and sli
teeniHltlMn the original plat, of the city of
Omaha, as surveyed, platted and recorded
and all being situated In Douglas county,
tate of Nebraska.
Paid property to be old to satisfy Harry J., J
Twlntlng. DlatntifT herein, the sum nf
six and 78-100 f3o.,8) collars Judgment with
interest thereon at the rate of ten (101 per
cent per annum from September 27. 1W, to
gether with an attorney's fee of five and
87-100 I5 8") dollars wbicn said amounts are
a first Hen upon said above described proD
erty. "
To satisfy the further sum of sixteen
and 60-100 (116 601 dollar cosu herein, to-
? ether with accruing costs, according to a
udgment rendered by the district court of
said Douglas county, state nf Nebraska at
Its September term A. D., 18tr7. In a certain
action then and tbere pending, wherein
Harry J. Twlnting g plaintiff and The Amer
ican National Bank of Omaha. Nebraska, a
corporation organized under the law of the
United State. Samuel S. Curt and Kate
Bird Curtis are defendants.
Omaha. Nebraska. MavlAtta. m.
john w. Mcdonald,
Sheriff of Dougla County, Nebraska,
w. A, Saunders,' attorney. ,
Twlntlng vs. Am. Nat. Bank et. al.
Doc. 61 . No. 239. Ex. 1. P. 842. 6-13-5
Attorney, 60ti New York Life Building.
order of sale Issued out of the district
court for Douglas county, Nebraska, and to
me directed, I will, on tbe 14th day of June,
A. D. 18D8. at 10 o'clock A. at. of said day,
at the EAST front door of the county court
house. In tbe city of Omaha, Douglas coun'y,
Nebraska, sell at public auction to the high
est bidder for cash, the property described la
aid order of aale as follow, to-wlt:
Lot number two 2 in Block number three
(3) tn the First Addition to tbe city of South
Omaha, a surveyed, platted and recorded,
all In Douglas County State of Nebraska.
Bald property to be old to satisfy Nellie
Burgstrom plaintiff herein, the sum of
twelve hundred and tbl'ty-three and 5-100
(ll.2S3.05) do lars Judgment.
To satisfy the further sum of twelve
and 48-100 dollar 1112 48) mat. herein, to
gether with accruing coats, according to a
judgment rendered by the district court of
aid Douglas county, at its September term.
A. D. 1887, In a certain action then and there
wherein Nellie Burirstrntn la nlala.
t (I and
Harry Johnson, a minor, ls.defend-
Omaha, Nebraska, Mavlfttb, 1898.
John w. Mcdonald.
Sheriff of Dnuirlas C, mtw Nnhrua
I. R. Andrews, atfr lufntttt
Burgstrom vs. Joh
Doc. (XI; No. 12 5-13-5
In tha District Court nf Dnufflaa inunii
William 8. Sanderson, plaintiff vs. Mattle-
ounuerson, oereoaanc.
To Mattie Sanderson, non-reddent defend
Yon are hereby notified that on th
aay 01 may, ikun, William S. Sanderson.
tiff herein, tiled a petition in the District
Court of Douglas County, Neb., the object
and prayer of which are to obtain a divorce
from you on tbe ground that at the time of
the marriage between the plaintiff and your
self you. were physically Incompetent to per
form the sexual dut esof a wife to a husband
by reason of physical deformity, and for such
other relief as may be lust and tyuitable.
You are required to answer said petition
on or before the 27th day of June. 18d5.
5-20-4 By Edson Rich, bis attorney.
J. T. PATCH, Attorney,
Street, Omaha,
1623 Farnam
In the matter of the estate of Edward J.
Donecken, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the creditors
of said deceased will meet the adminis
trator of said estate, before me, county
judge of Douglas county, Nebraska, at
the county court room, In said county, on
the 12th day of July, 1898, on tho 12th day
of September, and on the 12th day of No
vember, i8Mt, at o ciock a. m. eacn aay,
for the purpoeo of presenting their claims
for examination, adjustment and allow
ance, six months are allowed for the cred
itors to present their claims and one year
for the administrator to settle said estate,
from the 4th day of May, 1898.
lit vim r . BAAIEK,
County Judge.
for Indian terri tort,
Ticket ffite. 1. 8. fenrr IStk a4 lama Bit
S 0 1 DAT TO rV-tNI5
U MURAT HaiimO'I MfaT WA 00K.
(j Our Ikmoiry in W r.AII about irmiw, Btvim,
..t ristfonts. Main Ditttr. Cab. Our War
with and rlitoaa Ht.b rorwura Nttfotit.1
Ntr)f AUpsutM. wriUwi ineotb Mun lhwm-
Ur. MmMi-Mit wlortHl tllniirtion. Atfonti V
mavstinff fin io tw per amr. poiperitnri moinmrf , ,
Mart iitwral trm unntMd, 3Udt.y' ortMjit,'
prity low, ffwiMhi pil. U tad Mine outfit trm.
Kfi4 t tfnnf nimM tn tntr outiur.
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