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AMERICA FOR AMERICANS. "We hold that all men arc Amcrciann who Swear Allcfciam-f to the I'nittd State without a imnul reservation.
NUMltEll 21.
Volume VI II.
W 4
Repeated Here? A Reader
of The American Wants
to Know Whether
iiirls are Imprisoned in Roman Catholic
Institutions, In This Count), Against
Tbeir Will and Contrary to Law.
Is this a Case of Kidnapping!
Omaha, Neb., June 8 -Editor ( The
American: I have just been informed
hat the young girl who has been em
ployed at the home of Mr. D. N. Brown
chief clerk in the paymaster's depart
ment of the U. S. army, who live&
in the neighborhood of Twenty-eighth
and Jackson, has been placed in a Ro
man Catholic institution in this county
against her will. I understand the girl
ie one of three sisters, orphans, and
was well satisfied with her home and
objected to going into Rome's prison,
but accompanied the nuns after they
talked to her a long time. I think this
case ought to be thoroughly investi
gated and if it is J fact that the girl
was depi ived of her liberty contrary to
law, those Romish institutions should
be driven out of the community. I re
member reading in your paper of the
trial of that St. Paul Hou?e of the Good
Shepherd and now wonder if this com
munity is later on to be shocked by the
recital of the inhuman, the immoral
and the unchristian conduct of Roman
Catholic nuns. Is it not time that the
people of this city Inquired as to how
many girls are confined in Romish in
stitutions against their will? I am in
favor of inspecting all those places, and
liberating all girls who are kept pris
oners and made to slave day and night
for an alien church, and a debauched
priesthood. M. S.
1 p..- i m
Priest at Colon Proves to Be Hard Man
to Eject.
The following item was clipped from
a local daily paper:
Colon, Neb., June 6. (Special.)
Bishcp Bonacum of Lincoln, with two
priests, a private detective and a wo
man to keep house arrived here at 2:55
p. m., Saturday, to take possession of
the parsonage. Rev. Turjohn was out
of town at the time, no one being at
home but his housekeeper. After try
ing all the doors and finding them
locked the bishop broke a pane of
glass, loosened the catch in the window
and crawled in, badly frightening the
housekeeper. With the assistance of
the two priests he at once commenced
to carry Rev. Turjohn'e personal effects
out to the stable. The woman they
brought with them returned to Lincoln
on the first train, refusing to have any'
thing to do with them. About 0:30
the bishop and bis two priests came
down town for supper. Turjohn'e
housekeeper refusing to ccok for them
when Turjohn executed a flank move
ment tl at would have been a credit to
He had returned to town about 5:30
and knowing they would have to come
down town for supper, he waited at a
friend's house while a few friends
watched for the bishop and his priests
All three came down together, leaving
the private detective to watch the
house, with instructions to shoot any
one attempting to enter the premises.
This the detective refused to do, want
ing higher and better authority than
that given by the bishop. As soon as
the bishop and his two associa tes en
tered the boarding house, Rev. Tur
john was Informed and with a few
friends went up and took posses sion of
the house, the detective offering no
resistance, and proceeded to bring his
goods back into the house and put the
bishop's satchel in the stable. Then
the bishop showed up, but too late, 'as
the doors and windows were barri
About this time it commenced to
rain, torrents of water falling for two
or three hours, the bishop and his two
priests standing on the porch and get-
ting what comfort they could out of
the situation. About 11 p. m. they
came down town and spent the rest of
the night in the depot.
The entire community is with Rev.
Turjohn and admire his pluck and the
staBd he has taken. There is a good
chance for the matter to get into the
civil courts and interesting develop
ments are being watched, for.
What a blessing it would be to the
Roman Catholic church if it would
throw off the yoke of the papacy and
the bishop and adopt congregational
form of church government J. B.
Fishy Doings on Board the Flagship of
the Pacific Squadron.
A friend in Victoria, B. C, sends us
the following account of one move made
by ex-Priest Ruthven in his fight with
As our readers are aware the rendez
vous of the British Navy in Pacific
waters is at E-.quinaltsome three miles
from Victoria, the capital of British
Columbia. Owing to the many acces
sions lately made to the Pacific squad
ron there have been, for the past six
months, an average of six warships ly
ing at anchor. During December last,
on the arrival of the "Leander" and
other cruisers, with their attendant
torpedo-boat destroyers from England
no fewer than ten vessels, with aggre
gate crews ef nearly 3,000 men were
gathered at Equinalt. The good citi
zens of Victoria paid many a visit to
and had much to say in praise of her
majesty's ships. One of them said lit
tle but proceeded to "saw wood" on a
pretty extensive scale. Father Joseph
Nicolaye has tho supervision in matters
spiritual of the Romanists in Victoria,
and his eagle eye, peering through the
three long miles of land and sea which
separated him from Esquinalt, saw a
chance to rake in the "nimble dime"
for "holy mother church." The pay
master on board the Flagship is a pa
pist of the deepest dye, a pervert I ke
the late but not lamented Chief Justice
Davie. To him the good priest un
folded his little plan. A simple plan
It was. Nothing more nor less than to
deduct sums of money varying in
amount according to their rating, from
the monthly pay of the men on board.
The crew of the Flagship, the "lmper
lense," numbers 600 men, f whom
about 15 per cent are papists. These
made 90 steady, if not voluntary, sub
scribers to the funds of the "thru
church." A simple plan, a lovely
'V- j fit ' " !!tj$k 'r; ; : y v-' V iSSk 7?-- -. -J
scheme, one which was working beau
tifully and spreading to the other ships
in harbor, until, unfortunately for the
pious fraud, it reached the ears of ex
Priest Ruthven, who has been carrying
on anti-Romish crusade in Victoria for
the past year. Ruthven is a man of
deeds as well as words, so he immedi
ately laid the ax to the root of the mat
ter by sending to the captain of the
Flagship a letter, of which the follow
ing is an exact copy:
Victoria, B. C, Jan. 10th, 1S9H.
Capt. C. H. Adair, H. M. S. Imperiense,
Esquinalt, B C, Dear Sir:-The minds
of the public have, for the past few
weiks, been deeply exercised over a
persistent and widely spread rumor
pointing to a grave irregularity on
board your ship; and one which would
incur the gravest censure if brought
under the notice of the Admiralty. It
is asserted that your paymaster, Mr.
Moore, deducted certain sums of money
from the pay of the Roman Catholics
serving on board the Imperiense, such
deductions being made in the interests
of the Roman Catholic church and its
local representative priest, and without
consulting the desires or inclinations of
the above mentioned men of your ship,
some of whom knew tothing of sucb a
hitherto unheard of scheme until they
counted their money and discovered a
shortage. On returning to the pay
clerk the shortage was explained as
being under orders from the paymaster
and for the benefit of the Romau Cath
olic church. If this rumor is unfounded
I shall be glad to contradict It from my
platform. If justified by facts I would
beg the favor of a communication stat
ing whether the rules cf the service
permit such practical blackmail.
I am, Yours truly,
, V. M. Ruthven.
The receipt of this letter caused no
small stir on board the Flagship and
Mr. Moore was invited to make an ex
planation. But Rome is wily and some
thing must be done to avoid a court
martial, so a document was hastily pre
pared, stating that the undersigned had
freely and willingly donated all sums
of money deducted from their pay to
the use and benefit of the Roman Cath
olic church. Urged by their fear of
the priest and their awe of a superior
officer the men signed and Mr. Moore,
after swallowing his captain's repri
mand, breathed more easily; ytt his
troubles were only commencing, for
Ruthven wrote a full account of tie
whole transaction to the Secretary of
the Admiralty at Whitehall, London.
ill .j
The Lflicial Inquiry is now on foot, not
only with Mr. Moore's action, but also
into the custom of allowing "sisters"
into the naval hospital to levy contri
butions from sick and dying seamen.
Thj- citizens o! Victoria are looking
anxiously for the outcome and Mr.
Moore is exnectlng a "hot time."
J. M. McD.
Roman Catholic Europe Sounded.
London, Dec. VI The Dally News'
Rome correspondent says that Spain
has asked the pope to sound tho Euro
pean nations as to whether they could
support Spain in a war with the United
Since which tbe pope has announced
his sympathies as being entirely with
Spain and has placed his blessing upon
Spanish arms.
Can any thinking American who is
conversant with papal history fail to
eee the trend of thought actuating the
hidden design for theoverthrow of this
nation? Leading Americans cannot
fail to comprehend the machinations
and intrigues of Rome and the magni
tude of consequences involved.
Every nation raising an opposing voice
against American occupation of the
Philippines are Roman Catholic coun
tries or under papal domination, which
alone should convince Americans that
there is a peril soon to be faced.
Spain was once tbe banker of the
world, whose merchant ship9 were seen
upon the high sea in almost countless
numbers. She once possessed that por
tion of the United States west of the
Mississippi river including Florida and
a part of Mississippi and Alabama, to
gether with Mexico, Central America
and all South America (except Brazil)
with tributary islands, including Cuba
and Peurto Rico, while today her only
possessions on the western continent
are the two last named. How long?
Spain through her religious training
has become ignorant and is blinded by
superstition so completely that reason
has become dethroned.
Can it be wondered at that such a na
tion, whose religion (?) teaches them to
"extirpate all heretics (Protestants)
from the face of the earth," would in
sult America by firing upon our Hag,
destroying our man of war, entailing a
heavy loss of life, besides imprisoning
our citizens and, clubbing them to
death while incarcerated in her dun
geons, and all this in time cf peace?
No civilized power free, from papal
tyrannyhas signified displeasure toward
the United States for reeentlrg Span
Uh insults und atrocities; yet the pope
was asked to st und the Roman Cath
olic world in case of war between the
United States and Spain.
Every Spanish spy captured since
war was declared has been a Roman
Every Spanish sympathizer within
the country can be traced to the Church
of Rome.
Catholic prelates have enjoined good
Catholics in case of war with Spain not
to forget their mother country, while
Catholic leaders assert that "It will be
bard to get a Catholic to fire on the
Never before in the history of the
American people has so grave a ques
tion come up for sober consideration.
There are disciplined spya throughout
our land, guided and directed by a
J power dictated to Vy a foreign ruler,
whose followers are filling the chap
laincies of the army and navy, afford
ing opportunity fur the transmission of
plans and specifications, through which
even the commanding general can eas
ily be outwitted.
These are some of the facts which are
being seriously considered by thinking,
patriotic Americans.
While the government continues to
fill the chaplaincies of the army and
navy with friends of an enemy who
have decried our free institutions,
driven from the schools of the land the
guide to morality (the Holy Bible), dc
nounced Protectant mothers as prosti
tute?, etc., so long may thinking Amer
icans wonder with profound amaze
ment. May God give us light and
reason to be hopeful of a brighter day.
Liberty of Speech Spreading.
Victoria, B. C, June 1. Editor The
American: Today saw what we be
lieve to be the final triumph of liberty
in Victoria. Rome's persecution of ex
Priest Ruthven, as you may be aware,
culminated some three months ago in
an arbitrary commitment for perjury
by the late Chief Justice Davie. The
committing judge, a pervert to popery
and brother-in-law of the notorious
Priest Yorke, denied ball to Mr. Ruth
ven until forced to grant It by the ac
tion of the legislature. The whole
question of the malicious prosecatioa
of a British subject and the perversion
of justice by a British judge was forced
upon Parliament by two of its most
prominent members. The resultant in
quiry was undoubtedly the immediate
cause of the death of the chief justice:
but though dead his order of commit
ment against Mr. Ruthven stood upon
the court records. At the Asalzea
hich oponed here yesterday, Mr.
Justice McColl presiding, it was pre
sented to the Grand Jury. Before re
tiring for consideration of tho case the
jury was warned by the justice against
entertaining any charge of a frivolous
or malicious nature. The Grand Jury,
composed of some of the mo6t influen
tial men In Victoria, unanimously
agreed that there were no grounds for
the charge of perjury and declared "no
bill." Thus, for the fifth time within
twelve months has Ruthven defeated
Rome in the law courts of Victoria and
gained a victory for the right of free
speech which is not likely again to be
challenged by the agents of Rome In
British Columbia. Victoria.
What Lafayette Favored.
Lafayette approved of the expulsion
of the Jesuits from France. He came
to this country a few months after
their expulsion. While here he invar
iably attended worship at Protestant
churches. We are told by his biogra
pher that he refused an invitation from
Bishop Fcnwlck to attend Roman Cath
olic services "at which refusal the
bishop was much hurt." To Mr. Chas.
Palmer, Richmond, Va , Lafayette
said; "It is my opinion that if the lib
erties of this country the United
States of America are destroyed, it
will bo by the subtlety of the Roman
Catholic Jesuit priest, for they art the
most crafty, dangerous enemies to civil
and religious liberty. They have in
stigated most of the wars in Europe."
Romanism From a Methodist Palnit.
What is the matter with Gunnison?
The Catholic Standard says: "Father
McNamara, missionary of Mississippi,
preached Catholic doctrine from the
pulpit of the Methodist church at Gun
nison, Miss., recently, whence many a
time and oft denunciations had been
hurled by the disciples of John Wesley
against Catholic teaching and prac
tice." The disciples of so good a Mason
as Brother John Wesley in Mississippi
must have back-slidden to have per
mitted Roman Catholic doctrine to be
preached in the name of Wesley. If
this thing is permitted to grow Roman
Catholics will soon be claiming Wesley
as a pervert to the papacy. Tyler.
No man is living up to his political
duties who falls to oppose the enemies
of national peace, purity and prosperity.