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A Lara: Nsaaber Arls TuU
Wr TkM aed f (pa
11 Mbilni Was ! Cut lb
t ! 1h tpaaUh rise
Mill Hedging !
-WulU Mitkl'Ml j
NiPRin, Mr 20. A Havana die
patch says Hantlajjo de Culm wst bom
barded, but Utile damage u dun.
Chicago, May lft A dispatch to the
Chicago Newa frtun Washington says:
Although nouiiup ofllcial l g-lyeo oat
at the nary department, the opinion la
eaatiously expressed that the reported
lion bard me nt o( Santiago de Cuba la
probably true.
A large number of American ts
aela are there and one of the special
missions to which they have been as
signed la the cutting of the cable from
that port
The outlook for a naval battle with
in twenty-four hours Is considered
New Yohk, Mar 19. A dispatch to
the New York Times from Washing
ton says: Admiral Sampson Is now,
It la said, In a position to be regularly
and frequently Informed of the ap
proach of the enemy, and the Spanish
admiral is now or will be cut off and
unable io turn In any direction with
"We are bound to come np with
him," said a prominent naval ofllcer,
"unless he decides to ran for our coast
But that will only defer the inevita
ble meeting for a few daya. The
longer he runs and dodges, the shorter
becomes Lis supply of fuel Once that
U exhausted, he has no plaoe to which
ka can resort for supplies except Ban
Juan or Havana.
"lie way select either port he pre
fers If it be 1'orto Rico, Sampson
, would return and resume the bom
bardment 1 do not, however, believe
Admiral Cervera will permit hia fleet
to be bottled up In a harbor and
belled where it cannot maneuver.
That would condemn htm for -uosea-lanlike
conduct and for criminal
waste of the powder cf his fleet"
sTrssnlsr LaarUa States tke Canadian
Oassraassat's rosltlon.
Ottawa, May SO. Mr. Charlton, a
Member from Ontario, called the gov
ernment's attention to the presence In
Canada of Senor J'olo y Uernabe, late
Spanish minister at Washington, who
aeemed to be actively engaged In at
tending to an office of war. A few
days ago one Downing was arrested
a a spy In Washington and committed
ttlolde, and it is feared that the pres
ence of Spanish officials here might
lead to complications as being consid
ered a breach of neutrality.
Premier Laurisr replied that 'the
government had no knowledge that
Bernabe had done anything to war
rant interference by the government;
at any rate, the attention of the gov
ernment had not been called to the
Batter. The British empire had al
ways been the asylum for refugees
voder any circumstances. So Ion as
the Spanish ambassador did not abuse
Canada's hospitality the government
Aid not conceive that it was in any
bound to take notice of hia preaenoe
JSevea Kill aad oy Injarwc la Ogl
Coast? by tke Wis
Bockfokd, I1L, May SO. Eleven
people are known to be dead and forty
tally Injured as the result of a tor
nado that swept over Ogle county last
night The storm came from the
southwest and was from 3 K to 400
feet wide. It leveled everything In
its path.dsmollshing hundreds of farm
bouses and bsrna and killing much
live stock.
The storm waa severest at SUUman
Valley, where it wrecked fifteen
buildings, two churches, and a depot
Great damage waa also done at Ade
line, many buildings being razed. The
railroads report many washouts. Tel
egraph and telephone wires were bad
ly effected.
Oar rowing Japanese Trad.
WAaniaeTON, May 50. The com
merce of the United States with Japan
baa grown more in the last year than
that of any other nation. The annual
returns of the foreign trade of the
mpire of Japan Just received by the
bureau of statistics shows that the
Imports into Japan from the United
Btatca increased from tS,18S,?&) In
1896 to $13,519,818 in 18K7, while her
xporta to the United States increased
from $15,706,170 in 18S6 to f26,Jlb,20S
In 1897.
iBipeetor aehaaek Dead.
Chicago, May 80. Inspector Mich
Mi John Schaack, who was the best
known member of the Chicago police
force, with which he had been con
nected thirty years, died last night of
diabetes and inflammatory rheuma
tism. His estate is valued at $350,0 JO.
A Brlttsk KoldUr Shot by Spaniard.
Gibraltar, May 20. A number of
British soldiers while out boating yes
terday, attempted to land ou Spanish
territory, whereupon a sentry tired
cpou thcui and wounded one man.
lb rhlllppln Ma Bona a
Mmbii iMja.
ViSiorrtK. II C, May '.'0. It ap
pears from information brought by
the steamship Kinprvts of India that
the Spanish did a little bombardon.'
on their own account tu the I'hilip
pinrs about a fortnight before Admiral
lrwey silenced their fleet About the
middle of April, ssys a Manila report,
Spauiah wanhip went duwu to Cebu,
where they bombarded the city. The
troops met no oppoaitto i on tsnimg.
the rel-els having tied before a shot
was fired, taking with them, it is said.
$.'00,000 in eskb. About thirty na
tives were killed in the bombardment,
but no Kuropean casualties are re
ported. The fore gners in busiuess In
(bu, hoisted their national flag over
their premises and thewi were re
spected by the hpsnUh admiral
tebu, which ranks third io the cities
of the Philippines, was wrecked by
the bombardment
A niasscre of rebels by the Spanish
also preceded Admiral Iewey's volley.
An account from Manila ssys: "The
other day a panic was occasioned In
the city by the report thst the suburb
of Tonde had risen. All the doors
and windows were closed and the civil
guard paraded the streets. The real
cause of the panic was afterwards dis
covered to be a surprise by the civil
guard of a meeting of Insurrection
ists in a house In Calle de I a mil a. The
civil guard opened fire upon the
rebels and at the same time burst open
t! doors of the house. The rebels
offered stout renistence with the long
knives and axes, but the volleys soou
settled matters, eleven natives being
killed. Kight of the guard were
wounded and later two died. Subse
quently sixty or seventy persons were
captured and shot without loss of
time. ' It Is estimated 200 rebels es
caped Into the country. Two compa
nies of the Third native regiment
were also sent In pursuit. Risings In
Bolinao, Zambsles, have been sub
dued, Spanish troops having killed
thousands of Indlaus and hundreds of
women and children."
eeead Baglmanl of Velentners Off tot
I hlokanaaog.
Camp St&tuinb, Jefferson Barracks,
Mo., May 20. The Second regiment,
MUsouri volunteers, broke camp yes
terday afternoon and marched across
the reservation here to the depot,
where they took three specials that
will convey the first Missouri infan
try soldiers to the point of mobiliza
tion at Chlckamauga. Two weeks of
camp life with no equipment furn
ished by the government has made the
boys' hardy but not a little ragged.
Each company had three days' travel
rations, hardtack and corned beef, is
sued to them, besides tea days' field
rationa The First regiment will
leave to-day, while the Third still has
no orders.
H Adjournment Will Be Considered
Colli After Ike Naval Battle.
Wasuinotok, May 20. The opinion
of the leaders in Congress is that un
til they know the result of the naval
battle, which is to take place when
ever Sampson and Schley catch the
Spanish fleet final adjournment will
not be considered.
Traasportntloa for Ike Twentv-ieeond
Kansas Has Booa Forwarded.
Topkka, Kan., May 2a Colonel
Lindsay of the Twenty-second Kansas
has been notified from Washington
that transportation to take his com'
mand to Falls Church, Va, has been
forwarded to him.
A Trivial Aealdaal 1 antes tke -n
to Pat Bath to Start Itlantl. -
Sak Frascisco, May U0. On ac
count of a trivial accident to her con
densers, the Charleston put back to
Mare Island to-day for repairs. She
will not get to sea for two days.
Barred From ntlatoorL
Jefferson Citt, Mo, May 2a State
Superintendent of Insurance Orear to
day refused to license the Woodmen
of the World of Omaha, Neb., to do a
fraternal and beneficiary insurance
business in Missouri for 1893. The
refusal was made on the ground that
the constitution and by-laws of the
company do not give it a representa
tive form of government as required
by section 1 of the fraternal insurance
Tornado at Paabody, Kaa.
Wichita. Kan., May 2u At 6:20
last night a storm approaching a tor
nado in violence struck the west side
of Peabody and destroyed many small
residences and outbuildings. No loss
of life is reported.
Ulod by Persons Unknown.
Topeka, Kan., May 20. The cor
oner's jury in the J. & Collins murder
case returned a verdict 'to the effect
that Collins was murdered by. un
known parties.
Cklaf Harrlgaa Bealces.
St. Louis, Ma, May 10. After
forty years of service on the St Louis
police department, the last ten being
at its head, Chief Laurence Harrigan
to-day resigned his position because
of ill health.
Wriggling Wormt Here Again.
Emporia, Kan., May 20. Within the
past two days, what is supposed to be
the web 'worm, which did so much
damage last spring, has made lis ap
pearance, and in some instances has
stripped entire orchards of every leaf
and bud.
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Attorney. Merchant National Bank Bid.
SHUtlKK B Hals.-By virtue of an order
of tale Issued out of the district couM
fur Douglas county, Nebraska, and to me
dirt"-led I will, on the -1st day of June.
A. It. IHW at 10' o'clock a. H. of said day.
at the K.AtT front door of county-court
bouh. In tlit city of Omaha. Douglas county,
Nebraska, tell at public auction to the high
eat I Idder for cash, the property described In
aald order of tale aa follow, to-wlt:
Lot three ,3i n block four (41 In Foster's
Addition t l the city of Omaha, aa surveyed,
plaited and recorded, all la Douglas county,
state of Nabraaka.
Said property to be sold to satisfy James
W. livoraky. plaintiff herein, the sum of One
hundred and Slity. eight and (Moo dollars
ifltlK.Uii) Judgment, with Interest thereon at
rale of ten Jul percent per annum from Feb
ruary 1st. 1897, tot ether with an attorney's
fee In the sum of Sixteen and SO loll (118.801
dollars, which an ounts are a second valid
and existing lien upon raid property (tuhie-t
only io the linn of the Kuriutrt Loan it Trust
Company with Interest).
To tatttfy the Farmers T.oan A Trust Com-
8 any. defendantahereln, the turn of one bun
red and aeventy-nipe if I7 K dolltr Judit
ment. with lnte.reat thereon at the rate of
ten 1 101 per annum 'roin Haute . berTTtb IHU7.
toetner with an attorneys fee of seventeen
and Ml UK) if 17 tail dollar which aald amount
are a third valid and exlatlng lien upon said
above described property.
To atlafy the turn of alxty-four and m too dollar coat herein, together with
accruing costs according to a Judgment
rendered by the dlatrlct court of said Doug
la county, at It September term. A. D IKH7.
in a certain action then and there pendlns.
wherein James W. Dvorsky Is plaintiff, and
Uliarle T. Uorman. Mrs. Oorhaui. hit
wife. Hrat and real name unknown. The
Farmer Loan & Trust Company, a corpora
tion onanlr.ed and exlutlnn under tbe laws
of theHta'eof Iowa, defendant.
Omaha, Nebraska. May Mth, lmw.
joh w. Mcdonald.
Sheriff of Douglas County, Nebraska.
W. A. Hwunden. attorney.
Dvoriky . Gorman, et al.
Doc. 01 ; No. lOi. 5-20-5
tn the District Court of Douglas county.
William 9. Punterson, plaintiff vs Mattle
Fanderf-n. defendant.
To Mattle Hunderson, non-resident defend
ant :
You are hereby notified that on te 9th
da v of Miiy. lKliH. William S. Handerson. nlaln
ttfT herein. Hied a petition In the District
Court of Dourlas County. Neb., the object
and prayer of which are to otitain a divorce
from you on the ground that at the time of
the marr age between tbe platmltTand your
self you were physically Incompetent to per
form the sexual dut'eof a w'fe to a husband
by reason of physical deformity, and for such
o'her relief may be luat and niultable.
You are required to answer said netttlon
on or before the 27th (lav of June, mm.
5-20-4 By Edson Klch, bis atfa rney.
ANT In I t District Court of Douglas
County Nebraska.
Huale J. Mclntvre. plaintiff, vs. Thomas B
Mclntyre. defendan.
ToTboroa K. Mclntyre You will take
notice that on the luth day of May. 18W. I
caused a petition to be Hied la this court
aralnst you. praying for a divorce from you
on tbe grounds of detert'on and wantonly
an cruelly neglecting and tefuslng to fur
nish ire with reasonable maintenance, you
being of sufficient ablll'y i to do.and that
unlets you answer aald petition on or be
ta's tbe 27th day of 'une, im. vou will
tie In default, nd the alienations or salA pe
tition will be taken as true, and judgment
entered according to tbe prayer of said peti
tion. Omaha, Neb., May 20 b. lHSH.
Attorney, (OttNew York Life Building.
order of tale issued out of the district,
court, for Doudat county. Nebraska, and t
me directed. I will, on tbe 14th day of June,
A. D. at 10 O'clock A. at. of aald day
at tbe EAST front door of the county cowrt
house. In the city of Omaha. Douglas count
Nehraka. sell at public auction to the bias
es! bidder for cash, the property described hi
said order of tale as follows, to-wlt:
Lot number two (Si In Block number three
(3) In the First Addition to tbe city of South
Omaha as surveyed, plstted and recorded,
all In Douglas County State of Nebraska.
Said property to be sold to satisfy Nellie
Burgstrom plaintiff h'reln. tbe sum of
twelve hundrfd and thl't j-three and s-PM
($1.23305) do lart judgment.
To atlsfy the further sum of twelve
and 48-100 dollars ($12 48) cost herein, to
gether with accruing costs, according to a
judgment rendered by the district court of
said Douglas county, at Its September term.
A. D. 18D7. In a certain action then and there
pendlne. wherein Nellie Burgs' rom 1 platw
t ff and Harry Johnson, a minor. Is defend
ant. Omaha, Nebraska. Mav nth.
john w. Mcdonald.
Sheriff of Douglas County. NebrasKa.
I. R. Andrews, attorney tor plaintiff
Burgstrom vs. Johnson.
Doc. 00: No. 125. 5-13-1
Attorney, Merchants National Bank.
QHERIFF'S SALE By virtue of an
alia. order of sale Issued out of the
district court for Douglas county, Nebras
ka, and to me directed. I will on the 14th
day of June, A. D. 1S9S. at ten o'clock a.
m. of said day. at the EAST front door of
the county court house. In the city of
Omaha, Douglas county, Nebraska, sell at
public auction to the highest bidder for
cash the property described In said order
of sale a follows, to-wlt:
Lot forty-three (43) In Windsor Place
Extension, an addition to the cltv of
Omaha, aa surveyed, platted and recorded1,
all In Douglas county, state of Nebraska.
Said property to be sold to satisfy Harry
J. Twlntlng. plaintiff herein, the sum of
forty-nine and 89-109 (149.89) dollars Judg
ment, with Interest thereon at the rate of
ten (10) per cent, per annum from Febru
ary, 1st. 1897.
To satisfy the further sum of fifty and
63-100 dollars (150.(3) cost herein, together
with accruing costs according to a Judg
ment rendered by the district court of said
Douglas countv at Its February term. A.
D. 1S97., In a certain action then and there
pending, wherein Harry J. Twinilng la
plaintiff and John Batimer, Josephine
Baumer, his wife, and Christopher dhind
ler are defendants.
Omaha, Nebraska. May 13, 18"t.
john w. Mcdonald.
Sheriff of Douglas County, Neb.
W. A. SACNDERS. Attorney.
Twintlng vs. Haumer. et al. 613-5
Doc. 5J. No. 24. Kx. Doe. Z. Paga
To Tore 4'oiKttpatlon Kerever.
Take C.iM-aifit Cumlv CuliiaitiC, lou orSta
II C CC tali to cure, druijgihU refund money
liaiit NaU'.ini Dank HMir
loHKIIIrm i4AIK-ly virtu.- .f n I'lu
1 1 1, s oil-r of ml- fnol ou; f lh-
trt. t rourl f..r tnugl miniy. NVI.ra-k.
nt to in.- Hrrl. 1 out. nn lb.- let it !
uf June. A. I !. A l. Is-", ft le O'lte k
a. m. of ai.l 'lay. at the K.T froii- .liH.r
.f th.. -ouiitv -oiiit houiM- to the 'l:y of
iiiiiaSa, l..oijlas i-oumy. at jioblir at'
thiti, i tbe lnhei li. liter fur rauli, Ihe
.nii-riv i. llie.l In aalil ofler uf le
as fitlluM . Ii-Ut :
All of lm -ven 7l, len llot, tti:rte.-n
1131. iweniy-llve (i'.i an.l th rty ;'l In fiin
nliiKham at ir-nnn A kliimn to the itv
of iimalia. as tirveye.l. ilalte. ami reii'M
eil. ll III ISlllKldS i-ounly, stale of ,
tirwskit. S.H'I prnfierijr to I wil l to tdiisfy Harry
J TwIntfriK. herein, the sums
I. .!,. t .- it:
on bit seven 171. almve ileorlle.l. re
siiir. of U JI. uiifi ihi-r with an ailurney'
fee of U .US.
i in lot ten l. aliove ,). . riln-1. the
turn of UTi 31, together with an attorney'x
f... of tl M.
On hit twelve (IL'I. slKive ilewrllieil. the
siuii of y'&. teiher with an attorney's
fee of Ciei
On lot thirteen (1.1). alwve dearriliefl. ti e
sum of t "I. toKeiher with an attorney'
fie of C..'i7.
On lot twenty-live C!T.). alnive d -rlie.,
the sum of 117 X.', imcHhrr with an attor
ney' fee of $1.73; and
on ht thirty in. above .lewrle,l. tbe
sum of t.ii 4b, uigether wltn an allorney's
fee of li.4:
All of which sums, by the judgment of
Ihe ilutrh t court, l-r lnlereet (except'nir
Ihe attorneys' fe. s at Ihe rate of ten ll'O
per cent from May Snl. 1W7. an I are a llrst
lien uiion aalil aliove ilesi-rllieil prooerly.
To satisfy John A. tr-ighton. ilefemlunt
herein, the mm of three hundred and
taenty-nine and Ki-im dollars itliKCii.
tiiilKment against Iiennls CoiinlliKham ami
Jerry Ityan, with Interest thereon at rsle
of seven (7i per cent ner annum from I e
remlier ISth. IkW; wblrh amounts are ! see
oml Hen uiion lots seven (7. ten (11. twelve
1131. thirteen (13) and twenty-five CTii,
alwive ilewrllied.
To satisfy K. R. Parmelee (lun Companv.
ili-femliiui heriln. the sum of thre. hiimlreil
anil sixteen ami 4.Vlui .loll.irs (t:ilii.4.M. In. Iron-nt
against Jerry Kyun. with interest
thereon at rale of seven (7) per cent per
annum from May 1.1th. Kfd: which amount
Is a third lien iiMin lot twenty. five (ill.
above describe. 1.
Also to satisfy Daniel Condon the sum of
eleven thousand seven humlred and ten
si.d M-lo dollar (H1.7WMI. judgment
RKalnst lh'nnis CiinnlnKham ami Jerry
Hviin.wllh Interest thereon at rate of seven
(7 per cent per annum from Kelirtiarv
3rd. lsMt;; which amount Is a fourth lb n
upon said described property.
To satisfy tbe further sum of two hun
dred and twenty-eight and U-lu) dollars
l$i24l, coet herein, together with ac
ciulng costs, accorillug to a judgment ren.
tiered by the district court of said Hondas
county, at Its May term. A. I). 17. In a
certain action then and there pendlnsf.
wherein Harrv J. Twlntlna Is nlalntlff. and
Dennis runnlOKham, Mary rtinnlngham,
his wife, William Menlev, Mrs.
Mealey, his wife, first and real name un
known. Jerry Ryan and Mrs. Kyan.
his wife, first and real name unknown,
Jame J. SiH-llinnn. Nlrs. Hpellmnn,
his wife, first and real name unknown, Ju
lia Goetsohula, The roiinty of Doniflas,
Daniel Comlon, John A. Oreighton. Mer
obanls National Hank. John P. Mfen,
John Ocossinun, Cllohe Ioan & Trust Com
Itny. Henry I hman. Thomas Murray,
Charles Klopn. F. S. Parmelee Otin Com
pany. Parlln Orendorff & Martin Companv.
McCord, Hrady Company, The Western
Newspaper Vnlon, Horen T. Peterson and
Anna Cunningham are defendants.
Omaha, Nebraska, May 13th,
john w. Mcdonald.
Sheriff of Douglas County, Nebraska.
W. A. Saunders, attorney.
Twlntlnir vs. Cunnlnghnm ct al.
loc. .17; No. S.
Ex. -Doc. Z; Page 135. r.713-3
Attorney, Merchant National Bank.
SHERIFF'S SALK. By virtue of an
alia order of ale tamied out of the
district court of Douirlas county, Nebras
ka, and to me directed. 1 will, on the
14th dny of June, A. 1). IK!, at ten o'clock
a. m. of said flay, at the KAST front door
of the county court house, in the. city of
Omaha. DookIhr county, Nebraska, sell at
public auction to the hlxhesl bidder for
cash the property described In ("aid order
of mile a follows, to-wlt:
Lots four (4) and five (5) In blo"K one
hundred and alxty-four (IM) of the Origin
al Plat of the city of Omaha, as surveyed,
plaited and recorded, all situated in Uoug
las county, atate of Nebraska.
Said property to lie sold to satisfy Wal
ter K. Keeler, plaintiff herein, the sums as
follows, to-wlt:
tin lot 4 In block 164. above described, the
sum of ll.fW.OO. together with an attor
ney' fea of S1KS.70.
On lot S In block 164, above described, the (
sunt oi ni;i.., lueincr who tin atiuiii--j a
fee of Ufi4.
Which said amounts according to the
Judgment of the district aourt bear Inter
est at the rate of ten per cent per annum
from September 28th. 1896, and are first
lien upon said property.
To satisfy the further sum of three hun
dred and sixty-two and 82-100 ($3t2.Wl dol
lar cost herein, together with accruing
cost according to a Judgment rendered by
the district court of ald Douglas e0unty,
at It September term, A. P. 1896. In a
certain action then and there pending,
wherein Walter E. Keeler i plaintiff und
Phoebe Rebecca Elisabeth Elwlne Linton
and Adolphus Frederick Linton, her hus
band. John Morris, William Morris and
Frank frlsp, co-partner doing business
as Ashurst, Morris, Crisp A- Company,
John Whlttaker Cooper and William lfauc
Shard are defendants.
john w. Mcdonald.
Sheriff of Douglas County, Neb.
W. A. SAUNDERS. Attorney.
Keeler vs. Linton, et al.
Doc. S&: No. 179.
Ex. -Doc. I; Page 96. 5-13-5.
Attorney, Merchants National Bank.
C HERIFF'S SALE By virtue of an order
J of sale Issued out of the district court
for Douglii1 county. Nebraska, and to me
directed, I will, on the141h day of June, A.
D. 189K. at ten o'clock a. m. of said day. at
the east front door of the county court
house. In the city of Omaha, Douglas coun
ty. Nebraska, sell at public auction to the
highest bidder for cash, the property de
scribed In said order of sale, as follows,
Ixt seven (7). in block one hundred and
ninety-seven (197). and also lot eight. In
block one hundred and ninety-seven. (197).
in original plat of the city of Omaha, as
surveyed, platted and recorded, all in
Dougla-s county, state of Nebraska.
Said property to be sold to satisfy Walter
E. Keeler, plaintiff herein, the sum of three
hundred and ninety-three and as-lon
(KS3.26) dollar Judgment, with Interest
thereon at. the rate of ten 00) per cent per
annum from September 2th. 1896; and also
an attorney's fee of $39.32. which amount
are a first valid and existing lien upon lot
7. In block 197. above described.
To satisfy Walter E. eKeler. plaintiff
herein, the sum of four hundred and thirty
eight and 48-100 43H.48) dollars judgment,
with Interest at rate of ten (10) per cent
per annum from September 28. 1X96: togeth
er with an attorney's fee of $43.84. which
amount are a first valid and existing lien
upon said lot 8, block 197, above described.
To satisfy the sum of one hundred and
fourteen and 84-100 ($114.84) dollar costs
herein, together with accruing costs, ac
cording to a Judgment rendered by the dis
trict court of said Douglas county, at its
September term, A. D. 1896. In a Certain
action and there pending, wherein W'alter
E. Keeler Is plaintiff, and Phoebe Reliecca
Elisabeth Elwina Linton, Adolphus Freder
ick Linton, her husband. John Morris,
William Morris and Frank Crisp, copart
ners, doing business as Ashurst, Morris,
Crisp A Company, John Whlttaker Coop
er. William Isaac Shard, and John Morris
are defendants.
Omaha. Nebraska. May 13th. 1S98.
john w. Mcdonald.
Sheriff of Douglas County, Nebraska.
W. A. Saunders. Attorney.
Keeler vs. Linton et al.
Docket 55. No. 178. 5-13-5
We have plenty of the issue of Jan
nary 28, containing the exposure of
Rome's plot to take this country by tbe
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pottavre namui, P. O. or Express money order, or bank orft. Adure-e,
1615 Howard Street, OMAHA, NEB.
Attorney, Mere hams National Bank.
SHKK1FF S SALE.-By virtue of an order
of sale issued out of tne district court
for Douglas county. Nebraska, and to me di
rected. 1 win on the 81st day of May. A.
I), in, at ten o'clock . at. of said day. at
the EAST front door of tbe county court
house, le the-uyof Oinaba. Douglas roun'y.
NebrasVa, sell at publ'r auction to the blith
est bidder for cash the property described
Id said order "f sale ss follows to-wlt:
Lot thirty (3(1) In Reed's Second Addition to
the dry of Omaha, a sureeyed, platted and
reco-ded. all In Douglas county, state of Ne
braska. bald property to be sold to satisfy Walter
E. Ketler. plaintiff herein, the gum of four
hundred and one and 30-100 H01.;W) dollars
Judgment, with 'Interest thereon at the rate
of ten (101 rer cent, per annum from Keb'ii
ary 7th, 1C98. together with an attorneys fee
of fortyand 13 110 H0 13) dollars.
To satisfy the further sum of sixty-two
and 86-100 dollars (toi.Stb costs herein. together
with accruing costs according to a Judgment
rendered by tbe district court of said Doug
las county at It February term. A. D. 1898.
In a certain action then and there pending,
wbereln Walter E. Keeler Is Plaintiff and
Arthur J. Wyman. Eleanor Phelps 8edley and
Mr. fedle her husband first and real
name unknown, are def-ndants.
Omaha Nebraska. April Z9tb. im.
john w. Mcdonald,
Sheriff of Douglas County, Nebraska.
W. A. SAUNDEK3 Attorney.
Keeler vs. Wyman et al. 5
Doc. 61. No. 48. Ex. Doc Z. Page
Attorney, Merchants National Bunk Bid
HKRIFF'8 SALE. By virtue of an
O order of sale Issued out of tbe district
court for Douglas county, Nebraska and
to me directed. I will, on the 14th day cf
June, A. D. 1898. at ten o'clock A. at. of said
day. at the EAST front door of the county
court house. In the city of Omaha. Douglas
county. Nebraska, sell at public auction to
the highest bidder for cash, tbe property de
scribed Id said order of sale as follows, to
wlt: Lot four (4), block three hundred and six
teen (.116) Id the original plat of the city of
Omaha, as surveyed, platted and recorded
and all nelng situated In Douglas county,
State of Nebraska.
Paid property to be sold to satisfy Barry J.
Twlntlng. plaintiff herein, the sum of Fifty
six and 78-100 i$36.78l collars Judgment with
Interest thereon at the rate of ten (10) per
cent per annum from September 27. 1897, to
gether with aa attorney's fee of five and
67-100 ($5 67) dollars which said amounts are
a first lien upon said above described prop
erty. To satisfy the further sum of sixteen
and 60-100 (116 60) dollars costs herein, to-
f ether with accruing costs, according to a
udgment rendered by the district court of
said Douglas county, state of Nebraska at
Its September term A. U 1897. In a certain
action then and there pending, wherein
Harry J. Twlntlng 1s plaintiff and The Amer
ican National Bank of Omaha. Nebraska, a
corporation organized under tbe laws of lbs
Vnlted iut, Samuel 8. Curt s and Kite
Bird Curtis are defendants.
Omaha, Nebraska. Miiy Ulth.
john w. Mcdonald,
. Sheriff of Douglas County, h'euratxa.
W. A, Saunders, attorney,
Twlntlng vs. Am. Nut. Hunk
Doc. til . No Ex. 1, i'. 4 5-13-6
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Many Tears Ago Sir Arthur Sullivan
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Nancy Lee Stfphtn A&amm
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inn uanien uate ( l liel w.l. wtuman, Jr.
oiu uottaire l im it (The)..,
Old Harn Uate (The)
Ja. L. MolUin
...H. Ballman
Playmate Edmund Fiiriwim
Polly ...JanuvL. AfoUey
Kuth and I M.W. Bait
Niiniebndy i ,.0. A. McFarran
Stranger Yet Claribrl
Sailing Oodrry Jf.irlt
Speak to Me FnbU t'ompana
Speak Gently W. T. WnoKton
That Is Ixive iVIix MrUlrnnon
The Sweetest Tune ...Frmnt Abt
Think of Me Nevermore (J. Liniry
The Boy I Love ftL Smith HuntU
Two by Two Xichola Ferri
The Dear (lid Songs of Home Fran Abt
The Passing Bell Claribti
The Country Cousin. Comic Vincent Vavi
There's a Silver Lining to Every Cloud,
Tell Me Truly A. X. Wnktjltl
When Soft Eyes Smile Jut. L. ttotckti
Why Tarries My live? T. I'lta.
When Twilight Gathers In J. A. MoUoy
Will Your Heart Kesponito Mine?.. .A. D. Duvivitr
When I View the Mother Holding Anon
Watchman, What of the Night? I'h. Oouncsl
Wst! Wst! Wst! Look Sharp
Won't You Tell Me Why Kobin! (laribtl
Whisper In the Twilight Anthony A'wS
on fine cream tinted paper with sewed binding,
New York Life Building.
To Ellen Sarah Helmcr, non-resident de
fendant: You are herehy notified that on the 5th
day of November, 1S7. Krank Thompson,
executor, and Joe R. Lane, administrator,
with the will annexed of James Thompson
as plaintiffs tiled a petition in the district
court for Douglas county, Nebraska, and
that you, Impleaded with others, are par
ties defendant. The object and prayer of
said petition Is to foreclose a certain mort
gage executed by Louis Helmer and Ellen
Sarah Helmer on the 29th clay of Decem
ber, ISS.'S, upon the property situnte In
Douglas county, Nebraska, described as
follows: ,
Ixits fourteen (14), fifteen (l"i), sixteen,
1K and twenty-two (22), In block three (:i).
Wise and Parmelee's addition to the city
of Omaha, to secure the payment of a
promissory note for the sum of with
10 per cent interest thereon from date.
You are also notified that on the 5th day
of November. IK!?, the defendant. Thei
Farmer's Loan and Trust companv, flll
its cross-petition In this case for the pur
pose of foreclosing one certain tax certifi
cate dated November 12. 1894, Issued to J.
F. Toy and by him assign d to the Farmers
Loan and Trust Companv, and also one
certain tax certificate, dated November
10, 18D0, both of said certificates covering
lot 22 in block 3 of Wise & Par
malee's addition to the city of
Omaha, Douglas county, Nebraska.
That there is due the said Farmer'
Loan and Trust company the sum of
H3.n0 with Interest from November 0, 1897,
at the rate of ten per cent per annum. And
this cross-petitioner prays for a decree
finding that it has a first lien upon said
rel estate, the same to be sold to satisfy
the amount due with Interest, attorney's
fee and costs.
You are required lo answer said petition
and cross-petition on or before the 13th
day of June. 1898.
FRANK THOMPSON, executor, and Joe
R. Lane, administrator, with the will an
nexed of James Thompson, plaintiffs.
Omaha, Neb., May 6, 1898.
By W. T. Nelson, his attorney.
Thompson et al. vs. Helmer et al.
By W. A. Saunders, bis attornev
Docket 62. No. 191. " '5.6-4
J. T. PATCH. Attorney, 1623 Farnam,
Street, Omaha.
In the matter of the estate of Edward J.
Donecken, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the creditors
of said deceased will meet the adminis
trator of said estate, before me, county
judge of Douglas county, Nebraska, at
the county court room. In satd countv, on
the 12th day of July, 1898, on the 12th day
of September, and on the 12th dav of No
vember, 189, at 9 o'clock a. m. each day.
for the purpose of presenting their claims
for examination, adjustment and allow
ance. Six months are allowed for the cred
itors to present their claim and one veur
for the administrator to settle said estate
from the 4th dav of Mnv, 1898 "
' County Judge.