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Tkm -hip f th Illnc.aJtn- float
Baler lata aa taa.mal With
tha (panliH (laaboaia fha
Mlnslu WiHt4 by a
hall Ilia taaHnit
Maia Ilia Attar.
Kit Wmt, I'la., May 1.1 Ther.
u o rnirairement off t aniens ye
ten ay at I o'clock In the f ternooo,
Th- United Mate, giinlxmt Wllinli.g
o, Commander C. C TouM, the tor
pedo boat Wluatuw and the auxiliary
gunboat Hudson wore ciiif aeil. One
officer and four mm wero killed iwid
M'eral were wouiideil.
When the United States pun boat
Hudson came up to the government
dockets o'clock tliia morninif Ave
dead into were lyiiiff on her deck.
They were the bodies of Kohln V.
Bag-ley and four member of the crew
of the Winslow. 't he boiliea were cov
ered by the atara aud stripe.
la the rahln of the Hudson i
Lieutenant John II Hernardou of the
WIdhIow, who Is slightly Injured in
the left leg. Several other of the
Wlnlow' crew who are klightly
wounded alao came with the Hudson.
The name of the dead are: Kit
alga Worth Hurley, .lohu Varvorls,
oiler; Joslnli Tuunelt, cabin cook; J.
V. Meek, fireman, and J. Duoiel, lire
The ngageiuent took place Inside
the harbor of Cardenas. The gun
boat Wilmington, the torpedo boat
Wlnslow and the gunboat Hudson
were the only vessel engaged. They
entered the harbor for the purpoie of
attack i it; mniii Spanish gun boat
which were known to be there. These
latter, however, were not discovered
by the American force until the Span
lard opened fire. The Innd batteries
ot Cardenas supported the tire of the
Spanish gunboats
The battle, while it lasted, was ter
rifle. The Wilmington aud the Hud
eon were ahead unci opened fire upon
the Spanish boats, which were lying
at the docks. The tiring began at a
range of 3, ioo yards.
A few minutes later the Wlnslow
came up aud also opened lire. In aa
Instant the entire attention of the
Npaniith gunboats and laud batteries
was directed upon her.
From all sides shot and shell poured
In on the little torpedo boat. The
Wilmington and the Hudson still kept
up their fire, but they could not turn
aide the terrible storm of tire and
death pouring iu upon the torpedo
The crew of the Winslow, however,
ever faltered for a second. At 2:4.1 a
olid shot crashed into the hull of the
Wlnslow aud knocked out her boiler.
In an Instant she began to roll and
drift helplessly. Then there was a
moment of awful suspense. A fierce
cheer of triumph went up from the
Spaniard on the gunboats and in the
batteries and again a storm of fire
waa opened upon the helpless boat.
The gunboat Hudson, which waa
lying near by, started to t he assistance
f the Wlnslow. She ran alongside
the torpedo boat aud tried to throw a
line to the imperiled crew. Up to this
time with the exception of one shot,
which disabled the boiler of the Win
blow, the firing of the Spanish gun
boats had been wild, but as they saw
the Winslow rolling in the water they
sighted closer and the shells begun to
explode all about her.
It was difticult for the Hudson to
get near enough to throw a Hue to
the Winslow' crew, so terrible waa
the fire all about her.
Finally, after about twenty min
utes, the Hudson approached near
enough to throw a line.
Ensign Bagiey and six men were
standing in a group on the deck of the
"Heave her, heave her!" shouted
Bagley, as he looked toward the com
mander of the Hudson and called 'for
a line.
"Don't miss it," shouted an officer
from the Hudson, and with a smile
Bagley called back. "Let her come.
It'a gettin? too hot here for comfort"
The line was thrown and about the
came instant a shell burst in the very
midst of the group of men on board
the Window.
Bagley was instantly killed and a
few others dropped about him. Half
a dozen more fell groaning upon the
blood-stained deck. One of the dead
men pitched headlong over the side
of the boat, but his feet caught in the
Iron rail and he was hauled back.
Bagley lay stretched upon the deck,
with bis face completely torn away
and the upper part of his body shat
It was a terrible moment The tor
pedo boat, disabled and helpless,
rolled and swayed under the fury of
the fire from the Spanish gunboats.
When the shell burst in the group
on board the Winslow, another wild
shout of triumph went up from the
t-puii bout aud batteries and again
a heavy Ire u opened oo the tor
pedo boat
Finally, the Hudson succeeded In
getting a line on board the Wioslow
and a lowing lu-r out of the deadly
range when the line parted, and airaln
With boats were at the mercy of the
Spanish tire. ' .
rii i.iit roit an iurn.
The engagement commenced at S u
p. iu. and lasted for about an hour.
The wounded are:
R K. Cos, gunner' mala: D. Me
Keon, quartermaster; J Patterson,
fireman; F. Gray and Lieutenant J. 1 1.
Bernard oo.
All are slightly wounded eieept
Patterson, whose condition is serious.
Ensign Bagley was appointed from
North Carolina on September ?, Isltl,
and had l-eeu out of the naval acad
emy only one year.
At 3 .'.0 p. in. the Hudson managed
to get another Hue on the deck of the
Winslow, but there were only three
men left at that time to make it fast
The Hue was finally secured and tho
Winslow was towed up to Pedras
Island, where she was anchored with
her dead aud wounded on her deck.
Then some men from the Hudson
went on board the Winslow and took
the most seriously wounded men off.
Three who were taken on board the
gunboat Machias died shortly after
want At U:15 o'clock last night the Hud
son, with the dead bodies and some of
the wounded, started for Key West,
arriving here al B o'clock this morn
Lieutenant Bernardou of the Wins
low was wounded In the left leg, but
not seriously. Lying In the cabin of
the Hudson he told the story of the
fight He uld:
"We went into the harbor under
orders. The torpedo boat Winslow
wa the worst Injured. She had five
of her men killed and I don't know
how many injured.
"The Wlnslow wa ordered by tho
commander of the Wilmington to go
In to th hsrbor of Cardenas and at
tack the Spanish gunboats, We
steamed In with full head and were
fired on as soon as we came In range.
The Spanish gunboats were tied up
at the docks and had a fair range on
us, The batteries on shore also opened
on us, and 1 think we received most
of the fire. I don't know whether
snv one was hurt on tho Wilmington
or on tlte Hudson, but I think not
"I have no fault to find with the
Winslow's crew. They acted nobly
all the way through. The men who
were killed fell at the same time. We
were standing In a group, and the aim
of the Spanish was perfect A shell
burst in our very faces"
The success of the American ships
In every action thus far has been so
overwhelming that it is hard to realize
that death has at last come to some of
our ineu.
Ensign Bagley was about 26 years
old, and while the fleet was stationed
here he was one of the most popular
men in the service. The news of his
death came as a terrible shock to all
who knew him. It has always been
a foregone conclusion that the
torpedo men were among the first to
fall, as their work is most dangerous,
but In spite of this, when the fleet was
stationed here and changes in assign
ments were frequently made, all the
young men of the service were eager
for torpedo boat duty.
Th Hudson shows the effects of the
fight Her smokestack is punctured
with bullet holes and her cabin and
deck are smashed and splintered.
Wlthnnl Waiting far Trial tha Discharged
Sailor Tosh UH LI fa la HI Call.
Washimutox, May 13. George
Downing, the Spanish spy arrested
here several days ago, committed sui
cide this morning by hsnging himself
at the barraeks where he was con fined.
Downing was discharged from tha
Brooklyn several month ago and at
the time swore that he would make It
hot for the navy. It was recently dis
covered that he was furnishing In
formation about the navy to the Span
ish attaches in Canada
Letter written by Downing were
intercepted, giving statistics of the
Washington navy yard and promising
further information about the new
Holland submarine boat
Little's Saoeettor Chosen,
TorERA., Kan., May 13 James Lew
is, editor of the Kansas Graphic will
succeed Ed Little as private secretary
to Governor Leedy. Little resigned
to attend to his military duties.
Disappointed Urlda.
Chh.I.!cothe, Ma, May 11. Mrs. J.
& Lane, formerly Edna Whitney, who
became widely known as the "Queen
of Labor" by reason ot her carnival
experience, ia again a shader In a oigar
factory. She Is now at Gallatin. The
Queen married J. B. Lane, a druggist
of Stuttgart, Ark., about three months
ago aud returned here three weeks
ago. They could not agree. In view
of Mrs. Lane's recent notoriety, her
latest experience has caused quite a
sensation here.
Tha frisky Tansararle Sgalo.
Biiehos Avbks, May 13. The Span
ish gunboat Temerarlo returned to
th river Plata, entered the Parana
river and is now (teaming up that
river. It passed to-day off San Nico
las in north of Buenos Ayre province,
It i seeking a port to repair damages
caused by th last storm. It will
probably not stop until it shall reach
Pa raguay.
Hogs Are Cp Ceata.
KaHSAO ClTV, Mo., May 13. -Top
hog sold for St. SO and tbe bu lk at
14.10 to f 4 .1". to-day. Ob th top sale
th advance wa Sti cent and on the
bulk of tale U0 to 24 cents.
rkoaa la Maaaa4k Cava.
Our Kiiide aek us to keep silent;
then, lifting the heavy, broad paddle
1th hli b he has been propelling our
boat, be strut- with all hi strength
the flat aide on the surface of the mat
er. Instantly th uLterranean thunders
of this under-world are let loo. Fiotn
all direction come rolling waves ot
sound, multiplied a thousandfold, re
ceding, and again returning -it- in
creasing volume, lii.nerlug for niauy
seconds, and finally dying a-y in
sweet, far-away nielidies. Then, when
the last faint sound have reased. he
agitates the ater with his paddle,
and ask us to listen. The receding
wave, reaching ravltlles In the sides
of the overhanging arches, break the
(illness with sweet bell-ltke sound.
Home notes, striking the key-note of
the rock, multiply the musical melody;
some notes are soft and low; other
are loud, almost with an alarm-bell
clangor. This music, such as ranuot be
heard e. sew here on earth, gradually
dies away In receding echoes, coming
over the waters from far-away hidden
chambers. Tbe echo Is not such as
we bear above ground or in buildings,
but a aucceaslon of receding waves of
sound, lasting for about thirty seconds,
and adding an Indescribable melody to
all sounds, whether from shouting or
from Instrumental or vocal music
"The Mammoth Cave of Kentucky,"
by John It. Proctor, In tbe Century.
Artificial Ruble.
In a recent lecture Prof. A. P. Brown
ot Philadelphia described the methods
now practiced for making artificial
gems. Although minute diamonds can
be made, with the aid of the electric
furnace, none large enough to be em
ployed In Jewelry have yet been pro
duced. But rubies of large size, and as
One in color and avpearance as the
best natural gems, have been made.
Tbe ruby Is composed of oxide of alum
inium. A certain method of detecting
artificial rubles is by examination with
b microscope. The natural gem is al
ways filled with minute cracks. Invis
ible to tbe naked eye, but perfectly dis
cernible with a high magnifying pow
er. The artificial ruby has no cracks,
but, on the other band, is filled with
minute bubbles, or gas-holes. This
test, according to Professor Brown, is
the only one by which the best artificial
rubies can be distinguished from tbe
same gems as nature makes them.
Youth's Companion.
.4 , ?
Church Hurled In tha Hand.
Engineering Magazine: There are
several instances where lighthouses
have been increased in height because
of the sand which has engulfed thera.
In one place on the New Jersey coast
I once stumbled upon the corner of an
old rail fence which had been buried
and exposed again on the ocean side.
It marked the site of an old field. On
the North Carolina dunes, chimneys
projecting above the sand belong to
the houses of an eld fishing village. In
France and other parts of Europe vil
lages have been burled. At Soulac in
Gascony a cross was discovered pro
jecting above the sand. Further in
vestigation showed that it was attach
ed to a steeple, and later a well-preserved
church of the thirteenth cen
tury was excavated. The church is
now in use.
Telephone Rates In Swltserland.
The Swiss government has put into
force a new telephone tariff. The for
mer charges for the use of a telephone
were 80 francs (.$16) per year. The
new rate is only 40 francs ($8) per
year. This gives the subscriber con
nection within tbe town where he
lives. As In the t'nited States, an ex
tra charge is made for connection with
points outside the limits of the city or
township where the subscriber resides.
But these charges are also vastly low
er than here. The switching charges,
with a three-minute time limit, are as
follows: Six cents for up to thirty-one
miles, 10 cents up to sixty-two miles,
and 15 cents for greater distances.
The World' Alphabet.
The Abyssinian alphabet consists of
208 characters, each of which is writ
ten distinctly and separately. The
Sandwich islands alphabet has but
12 letters; the Burmese, 19; Italian,
20; Bengalese, 21; Hebrew, Syrian,
Chaldee anmrltan, 22 each;
Greek. 24; Latin, 25; German, Dutch
and English, 26 each; Spanish and
Slavonic, 27 each; Arabian, 28; Per
sian and Coptic. 32; Georgian, 35; Ar
menian, 38; Russian, 41; Old Muscov
ite, 43; Sanscrit and other Oriental
alphabets have SO each; Ethiopian and
Tartarian each have 202.
Skates of Olaas.
Through persistent experimenting a
process has been discovered by which
glass can be hardened to the consist
ency of steel, and its first practical ap
plication is being given to the manu
facture of skates. The product has so
many advantages that it is certain of
being a successful competitor of steel
skates, it having already withstood
satisfactorily all the tests to which It
has been submitted. It is of lower
cost, much moi durable, lighter and
Barr4 Bloomer Barred.
"Our society," said tht young woman
who belongs, "has decided that bloom
ers shall be barred." "How vulgar!"
said tbe girl who doe not belong.
"They ought never to be In other than
solid colors." Indianapolis Journal.
Caught liar Kteady.
A uuu .-uaryiauu wiuuw set a near
trap In front of her smokehouse door,
and her first catch was tbe man who
luuriuif uer.
bllilr ' l iin lut. 1
Tbe amouut of exerts? n cbldhuo-l
and youth tbould be tarefully reguUt-
ed as in many instances aaibiiii-is
children will far exceed their strcng.
In tbe trnrt to avoid lieing outdone t y '
older and more robust companion. Iu
Infancy the almost iuceasant move
nieuts of a baby's limbs show how Im
perative is the instinct of nature
muscular exercise. Hence it is im
portant not to restrict too much tii
freedom of infants, and tare should be
taken to prevent their clothing being
too to allow ample freedom io'
the limbs. Even the cry of a Jtiuiu
child is ofteu umIuI 4s a im-n. of ex
ercising the muscles of the chest, ind
In moderation must not be discourage I.
The best muscular exercise for young
thildren. says a well known writer, is
ths movement to which they are led by
their natural playfulness. They, if
left to themselves, w ill run, tumble .mil
wrestle with each other like sportive
kittens. Each limb and every musrie
ot their bodies will by turns rise and
fall, swell, contract and perform all
the actios of which they are capable.
They are haroly at rest a m.uieut,.-r.d
each movemcut they nuke is of lu
freest and most eraieful kind. Noth
ing can oe more favoraMe for the first
development of the muscular system,
and. In fact, for vigorous growth and
sound health, than the motions of a
child In the free Indulgence of Its play
ful moods. During childhood and youth
efforts should be made to exercise ev
ery Important muscle of the body,
each In its turn, so as to secure for
all a complete and symmetrical devel
opment and consequently robust
Kdurate Railroad Men.
The Vienna training school for rail
road employes, now in its sixtieth
year, does not, like the Duda-Pestli in
stitute, prepare men for appointments,
but is designed to Increase the special
knowledge of railroad employes and
fit them for promotion. Tbe lower
yearly course embraces bookkeeping,
trafiic geography, railroad technology;
description of goods transported, etc.,
the higher comprising custom-house
regulations, railroad law, politic!
economy, traffic statistics and electro
technology. The students are divided
Into regular and extraordinary rlubws,
and the small expenses ot the school
are defrayed by the railway companies,
which give preference when making
promotions to students whose exami
nations are most creditable.
Net KiiKlaiiil a Early Currency.
The earliest money, or substitute for
money, used in the colonics except,
perhaps, small quantities that were
brought from England waa the In
dian money,, known as "wampum," or
"wanipumpeag," for brevity called
"peag." This "peag" waa for a long
time used as money both among the
Indians and the settlers; though it
would appear that the Massachusetts j
colonists had some other kiud of mon
ey in use, as In 1C35 the court ordered
that "brass farthings shall be discon
tinued and musket balls shall pass for
farthings." Exchange.
Freddie', father had Just been strug
gling with an old fashioned bureau and,
retiring disheartened from an unsuc
cessful effort to open one of its com
partments, he moved to the window
and looking out upon the lowering sky
he exclaimed: "It's mighty strange
that the weather bureau can't give us
a change of weather." "Maybe," shy
ly interposed Freddie, "they can't open
'.he bureau drawers." Boston Courier.
This Is
It will
Your Appetite,
Purify and
Vitalize Your Blood. Overcome That
Tired Feeling. Get a bottle of
Hood's Sarsaparilla and begin to
take it TODAY, and realize the great
good it is sure to do you.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Is America's Greatest Medicine. All druggists.
Attorney, 60S Mew York Life Bundle.
order of sale Issued out of the distract
court for Douglas county. Nebraska, and
me directed, I wlll.son the 14th day ot June,
A. D. m. at 10 o'clock A. u. of said day.
at the EAST front door ot the county eoar
house, In the city ot Omaha, Douglas oouaiy.
Nebraska, sell at public auction to the high
est bidder for cash, tbe property described la
said order of sale as follows, to-wlt:
Lot number two (2) la Block number thpe
(3) In the first Addition to the city of South
Omaha, aa surveyed, platted and recorded,
all In Douglas County State of Nebraska.
Said property to be sold to satisfy Nellie
Burgstrom plaintiff herein, the sum f
twelve hundred and thirty-three and i-tN
tfl.2j3.05) do tars Judgment.
To satisfy the further sum of twelve
and 4S-100 dollars (912 48) cost herein, to
gether wltb accruing costs, according to a
judgment rendered by tbe district court el
said Douglas county, at Its September term,
A. D. 18ST7, In a certain action then and tbere
pending, wherein Nellie Burgstrom Is plaln
t ff and Harry Johnson, a minor, ls.defead
ant. Umaha, Nebraska. Mnvl:ltb. lws.
Sheriff of Douglas t'liurnv. NubranKa.
I K. Andrews, attorney for plainlllT.
Burgstrum vs. Johnson.
Doc. 60: No. 5-13-s
Holding on to pagan superstltloa
givci Rome a mortfago on your faith.
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OH F.K1 FK'S SAI.E.-By virtue of an order
of sale Issued out of toe district court
for Douglas county. Nebraska, and to me di
rected. 1 1 on the aist dav of May. A.
P. l. !t ten o'riock a. m. of said day. at
the KAST front door of the county court
house, tp tbe -tty of Omaha. Douglas foon'y
Nebraska, sell at publ'c auction to the high
est bidder fur cash the uroperty described
In said order t sale as follows to-wlt:
Lot thirty liKliln Heed's Second Addition to
the city of Omaha. a surveyed, platted and
reco-ded. all in Douglas county, stale of Ne
braska. Said property to be sold to satisfy Walter
k. Keeler. plaintiff herein, the sum of four
hundred and one and :)tl-lu0 IWU.;kii dollars
Judgment, with .lntr"st thereon at the 'ate
of ten (101 rer cent per annum from Keb'u
ary Tth, lM'H. tocether with an attorneys fee
of fortyand 13 1( 0 i40.Ji dollars
To satisfy the further sum of sixty two
and Sti-lOU dollarstliii.Stlicosts herein. together
with aiurrulnit costs accordinn to a Judgment
rendered by the district court of said Done
las county at it February term. A. D. 1HH8,
lnacertain action then and there pendlnn.
wherein Walter K Keeler Is plaintiff and
Arthur.!. Wyrnan. Kleanor Phelps Sedleyand
Mr. Sedle her husband first and real
name unktown are defendants.
Omaha Nebraska. Anril 2th.
John w. Mcdonald,
Sherlft" of Dointla" County, Nebraska
W. A. SAL'NDKUS Attorney.
Keeler vs Wyman et al. 4-"9 S
Doc. 81. No. 4H. Ex. Doc Z. Page
Attorney, Merchants National Bank Bid?
UHRRIFK'S SALE. By virtue of an
U order of sale issued out of the district
court for Douglas county. Nebraska and
to me directed. I will, on the Uth day cf
June, A. D. WW), at ten o'clock a. m. of said
day. at the EAST front door of the county
court house. In the city of Omaha, Douglas
county. Nebraska, sell at public auction to
the highest bidder for cash, the property de
scribed Id said order of sale as follows, to
wlt: Lot four (4i. block three hundred and six
teen (:ilo) in tbe original plat of the city of
Omaha, as surveyed, platted and recorded
and all oelng situated In Douglas county,
state of Nebraska.
fald property to be sold to satisfy Harry J.
Twinting. plaintiff herein, the sum of Fifty
six and 78-ltlO iloO.Tgi dollars Judgment with
Interest thereon at the rate of ten (lOiper
cent per annum from September 27. 1N97, to
gether with an attorney's fee of five and
67-100 (i 7) dollars which said amounts are
a Hrst Hen upon said above described prop
erty. To satisfy the further sum of sixteen
and 60-100 ilH0l dollars costs herein, to-
f ether wltb accruing costs, according to a
udgment rendered by the district court of
said Douglas county, state of Nebraska at
Its September term A. D., 1897. In a certain
action then and there pending, wherein
Harry J. Twintlng Is plaintiff and The Amer
lean National Bank of Omaha Nebraska, a
corporation organized under the laws of the
J nlted States. Samuel S. Curtis and K'tte
Bird Curtis are defendant.
Omaha, Nobraska. May lllih. lH!l
u. ,. ., Jhm w. McDonald,
. N'rllTof Douglas County. Nebraska.
W. A, Haunuers. attorney.
TwIltMBK vs Am. Nat Bank et al.
Doc. til . So. . Kx. I, P. I4J. VI 1-5
Storks Ever Written.
are yours at 10 cents per copy. 3
for 25 cents. The whole five books
cents, postpaid. rIbty would be a
at live Ur a dollar.
TOM'S CABIN l or. l.itV Among the
UAtiUiEt Hk.tA Hf.H Muiri.. No olhrr
f jf alilMMLvh U r writtrn ovr firty yjtr otto th rWmir
f Jf F"rMiufi l mow n-iMliittf 'l u l lorn iiii" wilh
smiih ku h MitMit iliHl tftKiHifat hen aud
Kiiiiottter expt-rirmTtl, for il i m immtk I hat will
l 11
lit-ver irrnw old, um othr Kt-nentiKHiH will 1mku
ivr Topty h'mI l y over Era ttiid I m-le Thh. It is
printed in cleitr, rt-ttJ.utile typi on km. imper, rum
ptete, tiiii-liMiitfetJ mid UUatbrtriift-il, Mlttl couUUU
Hearty u laive Nt.ea.
A i f Lf uml Ait'tnt ittr tm Ltntt n4 .
''UiM-rri Mb" In Without tlHiut the bet of tht mu-
author ft work. It In mm trtrtllnr. realiMtlr and
fH-inaliitr a the works of Jul- Verne or H. Klrier
Hjtif:rl. and uVmU with tht) wonderful adventure
voiiiiur Kii-Mi-hmtti on a vovuife to the trouha.
the thty of l.otituuii C'ritmie have u h m ran ire
advcnturcM Iteen recorded, vet sail within tha
it finds expression in song, gratifying the performer
and delighting the hearer. Nothing so serves to calm
the wearied soul after a storm-tossed day as the
sweet melodies that recall memories of childhood
and those long gone to rest. Recognizing the need
of a varied list of songs, in neat and convenient
would anneal to all hearts and tastes,
The Favorite Collection of Songs has been pre
pared expressly to fill this want, and contains
words and music of 70 of the choicest produc
tions of gifted and famous composers. Picture
to yourself an evening at home with the follow
ing list of beautiful songs before you: j
ry anil John, or the Lovers' Quarrel,
(Imi aM SlnU
Many Years Ago Sir Arthur SuUiran
Mother Watch, the Little Feet J. IV. Turtttr
Saury I,ee .trjiSrn AtUtma
Oh! You I'retty Blue Kyed Wit,-h.... W. V. Tailtir
Old Harden liate (Thel IV. f, Wtlhitau, Jr.
Old CoMaice Cluck (The) Jut. L. MflU.f
Old n (late (The) II. Kullman
r lay uiateM , , , .bamnnd ttn-ina a
I 'oily .JttmrK L. Mttllim
Kuth and 1.
M. II'. ull
SoinelHKly. . . .....
Slralitfei'B Yet
SH-uk to Me ,
S)M-ak lielitly
That is Ijove
The Sweetest Tune
Think of Me Nevermore
The Hoy I live
Two hy Two
The DcurOld Souk. of Home...
The Passing Hell.....
...O. A. Mt Fit nan
Uixtfri u Mark
....Fubio t Viiiifdiita
....'. T. ll'ri()lit
..fix JWftVlemioM
tVuttz AH
;. i.itilrs
,iol. Smith Hiifiult
......Ai,lol fVrri
Franz Abt
The Country Cousin. Comic
.Vinrrtit iAiris
There's a Silver Lining to Every Cloud,
Tell Me Truly A. .V. U'ufcrSrM
Whell Sort Kves Smile Jiw. h. Htfrktl
Why Tarries Mv Uive? T. WrliK
When Twilight Uathei- In J. i. MoH
Will Vour Heart esion(l to Mine?... A. 1). IHrirur
When 1 View the Mother Holding Anon
Watchman, what of theMgntr in. uoutwa
Wst! Wst! Wst! Loo Nlllr
Won't You Tell Me Why Kobln! ilurtM
Whisper in the Twilight , Anthony Kith,
on fine cream tinted paper wltb sewed binding.
New York I.if.- ltuilcllnir.
To Kllen Sarah Helttier, mm-reslilent de-fi-nilant
You are hereby notified that on tile ."ith
day of November, 1x07, Frank Thompson,
HXecutor, and Jon It. Uane, aihninlslrator,
with the will annexed of James Thompson
as plaintiffs filed u petition In the district
court for PoukIuh county, Nebraska, anil
that you, Impleaded with others, are par
ties defendant. The object anil prayer of
said petition Is to foreclose a eertain'mort
KHKe executed by Louis Heltner and Klleti
Sarah Helmer on the th day of Deceim
ber, 1S!, upon the iroierty situate in
Dnutilas county, Nebraska, describwl as
follows: lits fourtisn (14). fifteen (l.ri), sixteen
Otil and twenty-two (tl). in blHk three Cl),
Wise ami I'armelee's addition to the clty
of Drnaha. to secure tht payment of a
promissory note for the sum of $1.8im, with
lo per cent interest thereon from date
You ,ir also notified that on the 5th ilav
of November. 1OT, the defendant T,"p,
Farmer's Loan anil Trust company, filett
its cross-petition in this case for the pur
pose of foreclosing one certain tax certifi
cate dated November 13, 1WI. issued to J
y. Toy and hy him assigned to the Farmeis
1oan and Trust Company, and also mm
certain tax certilicate, dated November
111. lti. Isjth of sfiiil certificates coverinn
lot 22 in block 3 of Wise & Par
maloe's addition to the city of
Omaha, DoukIhs countv, Nebraska
That there Is due the said 1'armer's
loan and Trust company the sum of
J43.50 with interest from November 5, 1W
at the rate of ten per cent per annum ' And"
this) cross-iK'Utioner prays for a decreet
finding- that it has a first lien upon said
real estate., the same to be sold to satisfy
tho amount due with interest, attorney's
fees and costs.
You are required to answer said petition
and rross-petition on or before the 13th
day of June. IK.
FRANK THOMPSON, executor, and Joe
R. Lane, administrator, with the will an
nexed of James Thompson, plaintiffs
Omaha, Neb., May 6, 18K.
Ky W. T. Nelson, his attorney.
.rSL.'p.s?,1.eia1' vs' Hdmer el a.
By W. A. Saunders, his attorney
Docket :', No. 11)1. 5..4
J. T. PATCIf. Attorney, 8 Farnam
Strejet, Omaha.
In the matt?r of the estate of Edward J..
Ponocken, deceased.
Notice is hereby Riven that the creditors
of suhl deceased will meet the adminis
trator of said estate, before me, county
Juden of iKuiKlas county, Nebraska, at
the county court room. In said county on
the 12th day of July. 1X!IK. on the V2lh day
of September, and on the (lav of '
vember, 1S!(, at o'clock a, m. ein h day
fur the piirM of pres..utln: their clalins
fur examination, ndJiiHtmeiit ami allow
mice. Six months lire allowed for the ciwl
liors lo pies,nt their claims and one vi ar
fur the administrator lo Nctt ', )p
from the 4th day of May. IM '
luvi.Nu f iuxti:h
t'ouniy Judue.