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Bv mull, r Annum, 00
lnnl. in Advautw.
K-mil y V 0 or Kim. M..n.y Or,lr, or
1NO IV liitliwr. lOXtt Howard Hiiwt,
Omaha Neb.
JOHN C. THOMPSON, - - - KJltur.
W. C", RKL.LKY, - iuinM Manager
Let us do your j b work. Our tele
phone number I I'll. Call us up.
Now, Micky, cro yuurerlf and say
your beads. The bishop ha ald you
might bo loysl.
Why U it vnt all the fellows who
are arretted as Spanish spies have
I toman I rich names?
We have received timely communi
cation from our (food friend I'lngrce
which we shall try to print next week.
Up to the hour of going to press the
name of the men arrested for treason
wero Walsh, Uarrlgan, downing and
Hanan. D.m't lose tight of thin fact.
Will Frank K. Mooree offer himself
up to the warden of the Nebraska state
penitentiary after the supreme court
aftirma the decision of Hoferee Clement?
MlssLlelen Miller Gould In every inch
a patriot. She can't go to war herself,
so she sends the government a substl
Hi to in tbeshapcof a check for $100,000.
If the SpanUh organ in this city was
not in contempt of the supreme court
last week when it charged the decision
of Referee Clement an a bargain and a
deal, then there Is no such thing as
The other day the pope sent his bleat
ing to the Queen Regent and the king
of Spain but not to the army. The
king and queen can now expect disaster
to overtake them, an it 4s a notorious
fact that the blessing of the pope has
always proved a cursa.
The Madrid Kl Nacional of May 1
confidently predicted that "the miser
able Yankees will content themselves
with a small detmnetratlon off the
Phlllplne Islands, but will not dare to
strike." We should like to see a copy
of El Nacional of May 2. It would
probably show that there was at least
one SpanUh editor who in the short
space of twenty-four hours had learned
something of Yankee valor, daring and
The Roman Catbolloa are the only
people in the country who have to wait
for instructions from other men before
they dare even pray for the auocess of
the country in which they have their
domicile, when It is at war with a
country whose religion la Roman Cath
olic. They would pray for the success
of their country's foes if their priests
Instructed them to. They are only
loyal to the temporal power when the
interests of the spiritual power are not
Infringed upon.
The Roman Catholic bishops and
archbishops of the United States have
directed that prayers be offered up
every Sunday in all the Catholic
churches ef the country for the success
of the American arms, until the war
shall have terminated. This action
seems strange and inconsistent when
we reflect that the majority of the
American people are in open and
shameless rebellion against the Roman
pontiff, the reoognlzed bead of an in
stitutlon whose laws are above and su
perior to the laws ef the state.
A correspondent, after calling at ten
tion to the destruction of the Presby
terian depository and the David C. Cook
Company by fire, ask?, "is there some
person or organization opposed
Christian and Protestant publicatlo
and is trying to fight Christian and
Protestant work by firing their publl
cation house?" Then he says, "If this
is the case, all publishing houses
this character should know whom they
employ, and should have their build
ings guarded by persons whom they
can trust. Besides this a thorough
i ef
fort should be made to find the ti
The city election in St. Paul, Minn.,
occurred last week and resulted in i
complete rout of the Roman church
Col. A. R. Kiefer was elected May
The awful exposure of the House of
Good Shepherd proved too much for
the Irish, and demonstrates that the
American people can be depended upon
to punish ItoniacUm whenever they
become convinced that it has gone be
yond iu sphere and Is the terrible, In
human, unchristian anj un-American
thing the A. I. A. has charged It with
being. Our readers should understand
that Humanism in St Paul, the home
of that greatly advertised alleged pa
triot and christian, John Ireland, Is no
worse than Humanism elsewhere in the
country. If you would tear the mark
from It in yourcommunlty at that cour
ageous young woman, Sellne Clewelt,
did right under John Ireland's hyo
critical eyes they would expose the
same hideous, murderously inclined
Father Thomas F.wlng Sherman, the
jusult priest, has been made chaplain
of the Fourth regiment of Missouri mi
litia, which will he mustered Into ser
vice aa the Fourth regiment of Missouri.
We would lw glad to have the Wash
ington administration explain how
Sherman, who has solemn')' sworn to
do, according to the measure of his
Wllity and opitortunlty, the things en
joined in the Jesuit's oath, can be a
true and loyal American citizen. lias
the President of the United States ever
read the horrible oath to which all Jes
uit priests must swear? If so, what
must be the state of mind of a chief ex
ecutive who can deliberately bestow a
chaplaincy on one of these traitor
scoundrels? What oaths would a man
have to subscribe to In order to consti
tute him a practical traitor to the
United States government and nation?
We ate glad to see the Rock Island
railroad enter the list with a fast train
between Chicago, Omaha and Denver.
It has always been a favorite route of
travelers to and from those points, and
this new departure will assure the
Rock Island a largely Increased pass
et ger business. No doubt this improve'
ment is due directly to the efforts of
the very capable and accommodating
general passenger and ticket agent,
Mr. John Sebastian, who Is one of the
best Informed railroad men in the coun
try as to the needs and requirements
of the people of this great Trans-Miss
lssippl section. Under his wise and
able direction the passenger business
of the Chicago, Rock Island A Pacific
railway has assumed Immense propor
tions which will only be atlll further
Increased by the great reduction of
time to all the principle points between
Chicago and Denver.
Joha Ireland claims to havo been ac
cepted on "a formal letter" from the
"papal secretary of state," as the rep
resentatlve of the pope in the contro
versy which preceded the war with
Spain. If this is so our government
made a grave error. We want no am
bassador from the pope. Italy has
stable government and its representa
tives alone should speak for Italy. If
Ireland spoke simply for a religious
sect then, In justice to other religious
sects having members throughout the
world then those other sects should
have been allowed an accredited
representative; otherwise John Ireland
should be kicked out of Washington
and told to stay out or his ecclesiastl
cal carcas would decorate a lamp post.
There should be less Romanism mixed
with affairs of state in this country.
There are well-informed men who
believe the present war Is due to Jesu
itical intrigues which had as their pur
pose the annexation of Cuba, Porto
Rico, the Philippines and other Ro
man Catholic strongholds, to the end
that they might later be admitted as
states and each furnish two Roman
Catholic United States Senators and
an equal number of Congressmen. But
their scheme got a black eye when the
declaration of war was passed, for it
expressly stated that this was not a war
of conquest. The jesults will argue
that this only applies to Cuba. Our
officials should be on their guard. We
have enough territory, and what is
taken should be returned after a heavy
war indemnity has been exacted, or
should be sold to England at a fair
figure as a slight token of our esteem.
The damnably black-hearted, treach
erous, and murderous Roman Catholic
sisters of charity waited on Admiral
Dewey and told him that tht re were
two channels, one narrow and free of
mines and the other wide and filled
with mines. They said they gave him
this information because he had told
them he did not intend to kill the
wounded Spaniards. The rert further
states that when Dewey examined the
channels he found the nuns had lied.
The mine were all in the narrow
channel. The men could not whip him
so they sint the jesulu' wives to him
1th lies on their lip and murder In
their bearu, and then they failed. No
Romanist is a true friend of the United
States now that it is at war with a Ro
man Catholic country.
Congress has extended a special vote
of thanks toCommodore George Dewey
and promptly parsed a bill making it
possible for the president to appoint
him to be a rear admiral, In recogni
tion of bis brilliant achievement In des
troy leg the Spanish fleet in the Bay of
Manila. Dewey will rank as one of the
greatest naval heroes of all hlstorv.
lie has proved himself worthy of the
confidence reposed la him. And when
the feet of the great commander again
touch bis native shore he will be ac
corded a reception the like of which
has never been witnessed in the history
of the nation.
it must please the common herd who
have fought the party battles for years
to see Russell Harrison, James G.
Blaine Jr., Richard Thompson Jr.,
Joseph Benson Foraker Jr., John A.
Logan Jr., Daniel Van Vornls, William
B. Allison Jr., Frederick M. Alger,
Curtis Guild Jr., and other juniors se
curing fat army berths while they go
as privates or stay at home and vole
the juniors' fathers into public offt:e
Oh, nepotism.
During the last thirty days evidences
have multiplied which go to show that
patriotism in this country is not wholly
confined to those in humble circum
stances. Governor Powers of Maine
has offered to become responsible for
all theextraordiuary expenses incurred
by the state in the mobilization of the
militia for the war with Spain, thereby
saving the expense of an extra session
of the legislature. The governor will
henceforth rank as one of the great
Our citizens are proud of their sol
dier boys and appreclatj the honor
that has been conferred upon them by
the promotion of Captain Mulford to
the position of Major, of Lee Forby to
be First Lieutenant and adjutant; C.
M. Richards to be First Lieutenant
and J. M. Tompsett to be Second Lieu
The Spaniards have a proverb the
translation of which reads, "Strike
while the Iron is hot." The alacrity
with which our naval commanders are
practicing that which those words
teach would Indicate that they have
not studied Spanish in vain.
Would it be beyond the jurisdiction
of the supreme court to impose a sen
tence on Frank E. Moores at the time
it affirms the decision of Referee Cle
ment and decides he is a defaulter?
Iteally Whipped the liouian Chun h.
A dispatch from Madrid dated May
6th, says: America's successful inva
slon of the Philippine islands has
caused most alarm among the church
and monastic orders of Spain. Monks
and Jesuits have been virtually for cen
turies more the rulers of these distant
possessions of Spain than the lay au
thorltles. The latter were practically
visitors who never clashed with the
clerical interest without being immed
iately thrown overboard by the Imper
ial government and colonial officers
Indeed, clerical Influences were so pow
erful in the Archipellgoes as to consti
tute a Catholic theocracy at the close
of the nineteenth century similar to
what had prevailed In the sixteenth
and eighteenth centuries. It may
hardly seem credible that the priests
and monks as late as five years ago
prevented the establishment of a Brit
ish Bible society depot and agent at
Manila. All Americans can recollect
how they Induced the Spanish author!
ties to treat both American Protestant
missionaries and poor Protestant na
lives in Peon ape island and the rest of
the Carolinas group. Captain Card
asico of the flagship Maria Christina
who was killed at Manila, was the very
man who put down the rising of Prot
estant natives in Peonape against the
friars. The powerful religious orders
of the Franciscans, Dominicans, Aug
ustines, Carmelites and Jesuits have
since the days of the original discover
ies and conquest, gradually taken pos
session of these arcblpeligoes and ex-
erclse authority a parish rectors pus
serting vast landed property, collect
ing rents and contributions from
the natives so severely that they have
made themselves very unpopular. In
fact the principal grievance of the na
tives, particularly the better class, In
the last Insurrection was against the
friars and Jesuits, whoes expulsion or
limitation of power their chiefs en-
d a von d to demand from Spain when
Aguinaldo and others submitted lately.
As all these orders derive enormous
Incomes from these archipelagoes, they
are frightfully alarmed and will move
every Kslble influence in the Euro
pean court governments, above all in
Catholic countries, to secure for Spain
possession of the Philippine islands
when the time comes to make peace.
Already they have applied to the Vati
can and offered the Spanish cabinet all
their power and wealth for this war.
A I'resiiiiipliou Individual.
The Pope of Rome professes to be
the mouth-piece of God and at such
occupies the position of mediator be
tween the Deity and man. This pre-
sumptious Individual has the supreme
gall to promise to the Qieen Regent of
Spain the Divine pull in the present
tilt between Spain and the United
States. After Uncle Sam is done with
Cuban matters it will be well to a
ship or two over to Italy to call this
nervy dago off the perch. A few cen
turies ago a predecessor of the present
Pope Issued aa edict against a comet
and the lmpolency of that office on
that occasion should have caused its
present incumbent to be a little more
cautious about how he prognosticated
If it is aimed to maintain the veracity
of the co-called earthly representative
of the Deity. We can lick Spain with
forty mascots 1 ik a the dago Pope pik
ing for her. Eistern Utah Advocate.
Margurd L. Shepherd Lectures in Min
During the week Margaret L. Shep
herd ex-nun, has been lecturing to large
audiences at Century Hall.
Her lectures prove an eye-opener to
people. She had the pleasure of meet
ing some of the ex inmates of the
House of the Good Shepherd in St.
Paul, who were witnesses in the recent
suit against that institution. Mrs
Shepherd called upon some of them tj
address the meeting, which was done,
creating considerable interest. St.
Paul Breeze.
One That We Overlooked.
New Orleans, April 28. The govern
ment engineer officer at Port Eades
has arrested a man believed to be a
Spanish spy.
He gave his name as John Walsh,
and his home New Orleans. Several
undeveloped Alms and maps descrip
tive of the river and government works
at Port Eades were found on him.
The man has been held pending the
action of the army authorities.
I'ubllc Notice.
The Northwestern Line Daylight
Special now leaves the U. P. Depot at
6:40 a. M , arrives at Chicago 8:45 same
evening. No change in the other
trains. Overland .Limited 4:45 p. M.,
and the Omaha Chicago Special at
6:45 a. M., arrives at Chicago 7:45 and
9:30 respectively, next morning. The
most advanced Vestibuled Sleepers,
Diners and Free Parlor Chair cars of
course-What else would the "NORTH
WESTERN " have? 1401-Farnam st
Pope Leo XIII. Uses Snuff.
Pope Leo XIII uses snuff, and it is
made expressly for him by a firm in
Baltimore. It is sent to Rome in one-
pound and five-pound jars.
Everybody Bays bo.
Cascarets Candv Cathartic, the most won
derful medical discovery of the ape, pleas
ant and refreshing to the taste, act gently
and positively on kidneys, liver and bowels,
cleansing the entire svstem. dispel colas.
cure headache, fever, habitual constipation
ana Dlliousness. Please buv and try a dox
of G. C. C. to-day; 1U, 25, 50 cents. Bold and
guaranteed to cure by au druggists.
Leyden'a "Secret Instruction' of the
Jesuits," for 30c, and his "Secret Con
feeslon to a Priest," for 30c, both
paper covered books, are the cheapest
books on the market today. Send ns
60c and have them sent to your ad
dress. American Pub. Co., Omaha,
For fifty cents we will send you t
copy of the Atlas of the World, con
tainlng the latest and most accurate
maps of Cuba and the Klondike coun
try. besides a great deal of useful and
valuable Information. American Pub
Co., Omaha.
F.ilm ti' Your ltowrla M IIli ( .Korrla, CiUbiirMc. cire constipation former.
w;, -w. iiov: ; -iwnii refund mousy
I Maintaining a Strict Itlockade
Adla Another ! hip to In Mat of
Ueetroyed VhiiIi- Hut little
Chanc la Hltaatlua fcloce
III rir.t Report to
Washington, May 11 This dispatch
came to Secretary Long late this
Bono Komi. May 13. Secretary of
the Navy: There is little change in
the situation since my last telegram.
I am transferring to transports steel
breeeh-oadiug rilles from sunken
men-of-war. Also stores from arsenal
in my possession. I am maintaining
strict blockade. Add Argos to list of
it 's'r'iv -.I vessels. El Correo probably
Hono Kono, May 11 The British
second class gun vessel Linnet has ar.
rived here with neivs from the Philip
pine islands. She left Manila Monday
and reports that the insurgents are
uncontrollable. The whole country,
it appears, is in a state of anarchy and
Hear Admiral Dewey is powerless to
cstoro order.
The oflicers of the Linnet add that
even if the Spanish rule shall ba abol-
shed it will require a lare force.
with special training, to restore order
n the interior. In the meantime the
Spaniards in Manila refuse to submit
and Admiral Dewey is unwilling to
bombard the town. He hopes to starve
the place intosnbmissioii, but the Span
iards are confident of being able to
hold out They allege that they have
ample supplies for 2.".,(i()0 regular
troops and thousands of volunteers
beyond the range of the I'nited States
war ships, and they are defying the
Americans, in hope of European inter
Two German warships, one French
warship and a war ship of Japan are
now at Manila. A Russian vessel is
expected here shortly. A strong anti-
British fading exists among the pop
Blockading Boata Approach Spanish Ap
parently for the Sport of It.
New Yokk, May I t. A Key West
dispatch to the New York Herald
says: The game of drawing the fire
of Havana forts is still kept up with
great spirit It was originally played
by the smaller cruisers and gun and
torpedo boats, but now even the gov
ernment tugs attached to the block
ading squadron take a hand.
The Tecumseh, for no apparent rea
son except the fun of the thing, went
in well within range of Santa Clara
battery Wednesday and cams near
being blown out of the water. A
twelve-inch shell burst within twenty
yards of the vesset and another passed
close overhead, fortunately without
doing damage. It is said that the
commodore in command of the block
ade issued peremptory orders that no
vessel is to approach within range of
the guns at Havana without special
Havana Report an American Repnlse
I'oniilbly Cardeimi l Meant.
London, May 13. A dispatch from
Havana says: Four American vessels
opened fire on Cien'uegos Wednesday
and attempted to land men and arms
in barges. The Spanish troops, as
sisted by the fort, drove off the in
vaders. The Americans' guns de
stroyed the cable station.
A second attempt to land was also
frustrated. The fighting continued
for eight hours, and it is reported that
the Americans lost heavily.
Altogether fourteen Spaniards were
Washington, May 13. The navy
department has received no word of
an engagement yesterday at Cien
fuegos as reported from Havana. It
la believed at the department that the
Havana reports refer to the Cardenas
Itnllded HU Own Coffin.
Ami KNF., Kan., May 13. J. 15. Fecht,
a pioneer of Woodbine, this county,
died Monday ami was buried yester
day in the coffin he had made for his
own use over twenty years ago. lie
was a cabinet maker by trade and
made with much care a coftin for him
self when he first came to Kansas,
keeping it in his house more than
twenty years and directing that he
should bj buried therein. lie did not
live to see his wishes carried out
Spain to Admit Cotton Free.
London, May 1'x The Madrid cor
respondent of the London Times
says: At the beginning of to-day's
sitting the chamber passed bills
for the temporary abolition of
the import duty on raw cot ton and the
abolition of differential duties on for
eign ships trading between Spain and
her colonies. The abolition of import
doty will help the lataloniun manu
facturers aid the abulition of the dif
ferentials will tend to encourage
blockade running.
If ill
Farmer l.iaid'l Head t rahd With
Teat Mul-Hll Wife Arretted.
Milan. Ma, May 11. News of a
startling murder, twenty miles south
east of this city, was received here
to-day. The victim was F. D. Lums
den. a farmer, a-red about ' years,
and the weapon of death was
a sixteen-pound cast iron post
niauL His wife, who is about
30 years of age, was the first to
give the alarm, and her story is
that about midnight she discovered
eight men in the house; that she was
sleeping iu the back part of the bed;
that they shoved her against the wall
and dealt the old man the death blow
without awakening hi in. The mur
dered man had not an enemy in the
entire neichborhooiL This fact, to
gether with the fact that neighbors
this morning made a diligent search
for footprints about the promises and
could find none, made since the rains
yesterday, makes the suspicion against
her. A warrant has been issued for
the arrest of the wife.
Una l.lkely to He Concluded With Santa
Ooiningo America Favored.
Santo Domingo, May 'i. Negotia
tions for the conclusion of a political
and commercial treaty have been con
ducted by the minister of the United
States for some months, and now give
fair promise of complete success so far
as the desires of the American govern
ment are concerned.
The terms of the proposed treaty
are immensely more favorable to
America than those of the treaty of
lSt',4 between the United States and
Hayti. The significance of this state
ment may be partly judged when it is
remembered that the llaytien treaty
gives to America, as against any ene
my in time of war, privileges of the
utmost importance.
There are other political features of
the proposed treaty equally striking
which it would be indiscreet to di
vulge now. The commercial clauses
establish reciprocity as to custom du
ties and regulations between the
United States and Santo Domingo.
Iloute Favor Flection of Senators by
Direct Suffrage.
Washington, May 13. After refus
ing, by a vote of is to U0, to consider
the Senate bill restricting immigra
tion, the House took up and devoted
the session to the House resolution to
submit to the states a proposition to
amend the constitution so as to pro
vide for the election of senators by a
direct vote. The amendment as pro
posed in the resolution, as reported
to the House, left it iu the discretion,
of the states to elect their senators by
direct vote or through their legisla
tures, but an amendment by Mr.
Underwood of Alabama, making se
lection by popular vote mandatory,
was adopted aud the resolution waa
then passed.
Volunteers From Kantaa and Other
States Ordered to 'Frlico.
Washington, May 13. The war de
partment to-day made public, a correct
ed list of the volunteers who have
been ordered to San Francisco. They
include the following:
Wyoming, one battalion of infantry;
Colorado, one regiment of infantry;
Kansas, one regiment of infantry;
Utah, two batteries of light artillery,
and one troop of cavalry; North Da
kota, two battalions of infantry; Ida
ho, two battalions of infantry.
Minister of Marine Sara the Flotilla la
Not at Ca llx.
London. May 13. The Madrid cor
respondent of the Daily Mail says:
"Admiral Uermcjo, minister of ma
rine, denies that the Cape Verde
squadron has returned to Cadiz. He
ailirms that "Meet is at the present
moment where it ought to be. accord
ing to the instructions given it"
Railway Arbitration Hill.
Washington, May 13. For more
than three hours the Senate discussed
what is known as the railway arbi
tration bill a measure designed te
adjust by means of voluntary arbitra
tion differences that may arise be
tween railroad officials and their em
ployes. The bill was still under con
sideration when the Senate adjourned
To Gnard the Coast.
Washihoton, May- 13. Brigadier
General John L Rodgers, senior offi
cer of the artillery branch of the
army, to-day was appointed chief of
artillery of the army, and placed in
charge of the heavy artillery of all
the coast defenses.
By a Tunnel Explosion.
Clrvelano, Ohio, May 13. Ten
men were injured by an explosion of
gas yesterday in the new waterworks
tunnel under the lake. Three of the
men are dead.
Rooeevett's Kongo Klder Leave.
South Mi: Ai.f.stkh, I. T. , May 13
Company A, Indian territory cavalry,
100 strong, left for Galveston yester
day to join the rough riders under
Colonel Wood and Teddy llooscvelt
Ml Oonld Not Ititl.ini; a Itpgimrnt.
Nkw York. May 13. Miss Helen
Gould positively denies that a regi
ment is being raised under her patron
age to go to Culm. The publication
of a notice to this efl'ect has caused
Miss Gould to be deluged with letters
from men anxious to enlist in the reg
iment Too (lnm for Sorlal Attention
MontiieAI, May 13. Senor Polo
and his party have declined all social
attentions owinjj to the news from
Manila. It is probable that the party
will sail for home on Saturday,