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'AMERICA FOR AMERICANS." We hold that all men arc Atiirrcima who Swrar AUrj: '"'' to the t'nitid Stjtr without uu-nUl tv-ex vatioij.
Nl'MNKK 2(1. I
Volume VI II.
Rev. Dr. McAlister of Pitts
burgh, a Methodist, Ex
presses Our Idea.
A Careful Heading or Daniel and Revela
tlna Should Convince All Proles
tanU liod In Working I day
to Destroj Romanism.
Rev. Dr. McAllister, D. D , pastor of
the Eighth street Reformed Presby
teriao church, delivered a timely ser
mon May 1, taking as a theme, "Prob
able Duration, Complications and Out
come with the War with Spain." The
text chosen was I Chronicles, v.:22,
"There fell down many slain because
the war was of God." The doctor said
In part: "The present war with Spain
like Israel's war with the Hagarltef , is
of God. It will work out the divine
purpose in Its duration, complications
and issues. What will this be? Pres
ent facts, historical antecedents and
prophecy if correctly apprehended will
help to a probably correct answer.
"As to the duration of the war. It
may reasonably be expected to be long
protracted. A naval war cannot be
forced like a war on land to a great de
cisive battle. The field of conflict ia
not confined in territorial limits. It is
the boundless ocean. Spain's policy is
already seen to be, what naval warfare
permits, to stand cff, delay and pro
long. She will continue to avoid the
most critical engagements. By keep
ing away from vessels and fletts too
powerful for her, preying upon weaker
and isolated ships and privateering to
which she may yet resort, a conflict
which many have hoped to Bee ended
in a few weeks or months may run on
with intensifying bitterness and hor
rors for years.
"With a government saved by a for
eign war from revolution at home and
encouraged by the sympathy and se
cret aid of neighboring nations, Spain
may drag along her war with us until
it will become necessary to devise some
other way than by scattering and in
definitely continued sea fights to bring
the conflict toan end. The destruction
cl our commerce and the inevitable
cost of a navy, ever increasing jet pow
erless to bring on a decisive battle will
compel us to adopt a different plan of
operations. But the complications
which 'such a plan will surely occasion
will make our government hesitate to
tdopt it. After two years or more of
delay we may be constrained to force
the issue and then the most serious
complication will begin.
"The occupation of Cuba is a minor
matter. Spain may not exert herself to
resist that step. But if she can she
will drive us to a war policy which
would draw into active alliance with
herself other nations of Europe. This
will be the certain result if ourgov'
ernment is compelled to Invade Spain
in cder to end the war with her. That
means of ending the war will first of all
extend it. The Roman Catholic na
tlons of Central and Southern Europe
will in that event join our enemies
Great Britain will stand by America
Other nations will be sucked into the
awful vortex and compelled to take
sides. The opposing principles of two
great systems of religion cannot fail to
come into conflict. Prophecy points
with its sure word to such a complica
tion in which the system of Romanism
will go down in bloody strife unpar
alleled in the history of the world
(See Revelations xlv.:10 19 20; xvil.:16
xix.:I7-2l.) It will be allied with other
enemies of enlightenment and liberty
in secret machinations and traitorous
uprising as well as in open warfare
Whichever side Germany may take
her Internal divisions will prove worse
than the bombs of an internal foe.
is to be feared that in such a struggle
all the potters of despotism, including
Turkey and Russia, will join with
Romanism against Protestant liberty
He Foments Trouble Behind the Mask of "Spanish
Spies" and "Spanish Sympathizers."
Fort Mead, S. D., May 12th. Troop B of the Eighth Cavalry. left today for Fort
Washakie, Wyo Troop K has received orders to proceed to Tongue River Agency,
Washington, D. C, May 12th The Secret Service men have found 250 pounds
of dynamite secreted
Thank Dewey
Hong Kong, May 10.---A fresh example of (Roman CatholicJ Spanish treachery
seems to have come to
of the Cavite hospital, in a procession, bearing crosses, etc., petitioned Rear Admiral
Dewey not to masacre the sick and wounded, which, naturally, he did not do. The
Spaniards, it is said, thereupon thanked the Americans for their humanity and re
paid them by informing them of a narrow channel which, they said,
the broad channel, they
part of the Americans,
CASE, and the mines
and tree government. A powerful ally
of Great Britain and America in the
dietant east would be the young emp're
of Japan, with her dawning Christian
civilization, her military genius and
her naval resources. It would be diffi
cult to conceive of any complication
that would more clearly correspond to
the great battle of Armageddon which
Scripture vividly portrays.
"This struggle is to introduce the
universal reign of Christ as King of
kings. It is lo be, according to the
figurative meaning of the name 'Arma
geddon,' as on a mountain height, with
innumerable masses of troops and de
cisive in its results. The kings and na
tions of the earth are gathered to the
conflict of Romanism, Mohammedanism
and atheism, represented by the three
unclean spirits like frogs out of the
beast, the false prophet and the dragon
and all combined, against Christ the
rider on the white horse of the pure
and conquering Gospel of the Word of
God, Who in righteousness doth judge
and make war, and before whom all
allied enemies are cast alive into the
destruction symbolized by a lake of fire
(See Rev. xvl.:13-lfi; xix.:ll-20.) It is
not probable that other nations of the
western continent can remain neutral
in such a struggle. Conflicting relig
ious elements are ready In Mexico,
Central and South America for volcanic
eruptions. The world could hardly by
any possibility of complications he
in the outskirts of Washington. The belief is that THERE
for Humanity and then
Him Up by Lying to Him.
light. It is said here
explained, was mined. AN INVESTIGATION upon the
were blown up by the
brought nearer to such a final struggle
of despotism and freedom, truth and
error, the open Word of God and its
enemies, than it manifestly is by the
rapidly developing complications of
this struggle with Spain.
"First of all, Spain is doomed to des
truction. Prophecy tells us that of the
19 parts into which the Roman empire
was to be divided part would be iron
and partclay. (See Daniel ii.:33 41 42.)
Spain, one of those parts, is pre-eminently
the clay. She is every way
brittle and ready to be ground to pieces.
Prophecy aUo tells us that in the very
hour of the triumph of the truths wit
nessed for by the faithful followers of
the King of kings, the tenth part of
mystical city of Babylon will fall in the
moral and political earthquake just
preceding the proclamation by great
voices from heaven that the kingdoms
of this world have become the king
doms of our Lord and of His Christ.
(Rev. xi.:13-15.) No one of the parts
of the old Roman empire will so prob
ably fulfill this prediction as Spain. A
careful calculation of prophetical num
ber with the three times or years and
a bal! of Daniel and John, (Dan. vii.:25;
xli.:7, and Rev. xil. 14) the 42 months
of John (Rev. xl.:2; xiii.:5)the 12)10 days
each day for a year of John (Rev. xi.:
3: xii.:f), and the outpouring of the
fifth vial on the throne of Romanism
(Rev. xvl. :10 11) and the taking away
of the temporal dominion (Dan. vil.:2))
that the presidents and Sisters of Charity
sailors of the American fleet.
all ending in 1870, and Daniel's 1,2!H)
prophetical days ending in 1!KX), which
period was to coincide with the triumph
of the principles testified to by Christ's
witness lead9 to the conclusion that this
is 'the same hour1 of Rev. xi :13,
marked by the great earthquake and
the fall of the tenth part of the mysti
cal city of Babylon or papal Rome.
"Another Bible view of this crisis is
the coming out from the papal tystem
in the breaking up of the mystical
Babylon of a large part of its hereto
fore deluded members. (See Rev. xvi.
ID; xviii. :4) In such a war as this
with Spain this kind of a breaking up
is inevitable. Men must choose be
tween loyalty to Spain and the religion
of that nation and its head and loyalty
to our own country . Let us credit Leo
and his representatives at Washington
with a sincere desire for peace as a po
tent motive to their zeal for peace.
But beyond that was their clear-sighted
vision of the necessary consequences of
this war in relation to Romanism. A
! multitude of the members of that sys
i tem will prove loyal to our country,
and that will throw their influence
agalrsteverything that supports Spain.
j Others, and particularly the great
! mass of high ecclesiastics, will more or
j less secretly, but most heartily espouse
' the cause of our enemy. In this con
! flict there can be among American clt
1 i.ens no neutrality. He that Is not for
our country is against her. A crisis
Seek to Blow
was not mined, while
and division la sure to come in our own
land before the wider complications
arise, and then the lines of separation
will be still more sharply drawn.
"But out of all these upheavels and
overturnlngs of thrones and despotisms
will come the blessed time when the
King of kings will be universally ac
knowlc-dged and His law obeyed, and
He shall reign as the Prince of Peace
Our chastisement as a nation will lead
us to true repentance and reformation
and our victory will be the triumph of
righteousness and freedom. Pittsburg
Papal Attempt at Mediation.
The Pope seems to be spending most
of his time in endeavoring to induce
European powers to intervene, or med
late, or do something else to put a stop
to the war between the United States
and Spain. He Is eager to end blood
shed. The thought of the Spanish
sail ors killed at Manila, with the prob-
! ability that others will meet the same
fate, fills him with horror and causes
him to send innumerable telegrams to
governments whose sympathies are
believed to be on the side of Spain.
Since the Pope Is so eager to prevent
the shedding of blood he should have
intervened when blood was being shed
more freely than it is now, and when
religion and humanity called on him
to Interpose between murderers and
their victims. The Pope did not at
tempt to intervene during the long
Cuban war of twenty years ago. Ha
did not use tha power bla position gives
him to stop Moodibod during th war
which has bcio going on In Cuba for
the lant thru years.
The borror o' Weylerlsm drew from
him no remonstrances. Spanish Cath
olics drove Into the cities and towns at
the point of the bayonet the Cuban
Catholics who were living out In the
country peacefully cultivating their
farms. Those Cuban Catholics, cooped
up In prison pens, unfed and unshel
tered, died off like sheep. Two hun
dred thousand women, children, and
old men were starved to death by core-
llglonlkts. These thing were not
done In a corner, but in the sight of
the world. Yet the Pope did nothing.
The Cardinals did not urge him to do
anything. "The curse of Rome" was
not launched at the Spanish Catholic
butchers who were desolating Catholic
Nearly four centuries ago a noble
hearted Catholic priest do voted himself
to the cause of the Indian who were
being exterminated by Spanish cruelty.
He apeald to the spiritual and tem
poral powers for relief for the poor
savages, and won eternal honor there
by, but no dl nltary of the church has
endeavored to Intervene In behalf of
the white Christiana of Cuba.
So long as one sot of Catholic were
slaying another set the Pope had a
right as the head of theCathollc church
to intervene It was his duty to do so,
and ho failed to do his duty. With
the war between the United States and
Spain he has nothing to do. That is
not a religious war. No religious ques
tion Is Involved. The United States Is
not carrying on hostilities against
Spain because It Is a Catholic nation,
but because In defiance of the Monroe
doctrine It Is denying the Cubans the
liberty to which they are entitled, be
cause the Maine was destroyed treach
erously) by Spanish officials, and be
cause humanity demands that an end
be put to Spanish atrocities in Cuba.
The war is a political and not a re
ligious war. The Pope Is purely a
spiritual potentate. He baa ceased to
be a temporal ruler. Therefore he
ought not to attempt to thrust himself
Into questions which do not concern
him especially after having left un
done the things he ought to have done
during the three years' Cuban war.
The war will end when Spain sues
for peaco. Therefore, if the Pope has
any influence with the rulers of that
Catholic nation he should advise them,
or order them, to plead for peace and
thus put a stop to that bloodshed which
causes him so much grief. He should
advise the Spanish government to ask
for leave to ship home at once the
troops now in Cuba and abandon all
pretense of ownership of the island.
That is the limit of permissible media
tion on his part. Chicago Tribune.
Spain to Confiscate Church Property.
A dispatch from London to The Trib
une of Chicago, dated May 7th, con
tained the following: A private letter
rec3lved by the Spanish wife of a
Prussian General from her uncle, who
is a high Spanish official, describes the
condition that the government is
in and says that it has de
cided, after long opposition on the part
of the Queen Regent, to declare all
church property in Spain national
property, including the golden treas
ures in many famous shrines and ca
thedrals. This action, the letter adds,
has been taken in order to raise war
funds. The wrltter estimates that the
sum thus realized will amount to a
millard of pesetas about two hundred
million dollars.)
Religious Sects in Hawaii.
In Hawaii it is stated there are 23,
2T3 Protestants, 26,803 Catholics, 4,88
Mormons (polygamy is forbidden), 44,
806 ol Eastern creeds, and 20,192 who
declined to state their faith or pos
sessed none.
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