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Bsatl.eehlpi Mroeatjra aad MimtliiMlH
Maee a Harrow ri mm t'al
l.slea II rorl 1ro HooJ
eeateasn.p alaaa al ,
lnem rrnm a lliere--ble
Foht Momiok, Va , April 'tlr'or
thirty-sl hour, the llyimr squadron
aa brrn H.iahlii to communicate1 with
bora, th tm ni, ii n il still prevails,
aaakioif ' U mis if o tu ue t lie 'team
UubpIi or rutlrrs. A Ui hroutfhl the
iuail til in morning
The atom. tliHt struck the eoast
Tucailnr niifht rutuc up Hampton like a furv it whistle.l at the
rata of ninety mil& an hour through
lha jrreat superstructure of the ll(f
hhip, anil whlpptil up tha
aa o that Win white foam broke in
naasea or,r llir ilt'ek of tho Massa
chusetts and Texas .Tha houvy draft
of tha liltf war vrasels iu;tile it inipov
aible for them to gvt into iniooth
water and lliry hail to stand the briiDt
of tho storm Towurd inoi nintf it in
creased in violence and as tho tUIn
turnuJ flood tho look out on the for
ward urldjj of the Jtrooklyn an
Bouneeulthat tho ship it driiffjrinff
her anchor. The ofliror of the dock
eiuiultaneoiisly reported that the
Urooklyn was (retting in dangeroua.
proximity to the battle chip Massa
ehuacll. Captaiu Cook and Executive
Oflirer Mason went to tha brldga lm
mediately and ordered the second an
chor down.
At this time tha wind was blowing
o fiercely that meu could hardly keep
their foot on deck. The second anchor
ran out about twenty fathoms of
chain and stuck and the biff ship
stopped and for a short time breasted
bravely the wind and tide. Hut in a
few Iniiiutcs she boijan to go back
lowly and it was evident that there
was no hold for the anchors. The sig
nal was immediately given to prepare
V pet under way and in the meantime
it was hoped that ho anchors would
catch and hold. Faster and faster she
went back, her big broadsides awing
tag towards the dangerous ram upon
the prow of the Massachusetts. , The
latter was signaled to pay out her ea
bia and to draw away and she did so.
la the' meautime. on the Brooklyn,
the men in charge of the forward
compartments went to their stations,
closing the water tight compartments
and preparing without any outward
ign of excitement lor the expected
col lis ion.
The 1 Massachusetts cleared away
ber big booms and prepared for the
collision, not daring to ship the an
chor for fear of running herself upon
the sand bar in close proximity or
drifting into the Texan. Faster and
taster went the lirooklyn towards the
battle ship and the men at the sta
tions on both vessels stood unflinch
ingly, ready to perform the special
duty assigned them in case of collision.
.There was no confusion. On the
bridge, with cool heads, sharp eyea
and active bra'ns were Captain Cook
nd hiji executive officers, while on
the after bridge, not interfering with
the management of the oflicers of the
chip, stood Schley and his flag lieu
I tenant. Sears, watching with interest,
bat with as little excitement as they
Would a practice cruise, the big
ships coming together. A con-
flic I of orders would have meant
(reat disaster but there was none.
An order from the captain, and one
f the b g anchors comes rattling up
siii tho ship drifts on a little faster
toward its evident fate Then, in
obedience to the helm, the stern, now
almost scraping the Massachusetts'
bow, swings out, and tha head, partly
controlled by the anchor, swings in
as If to take the blow.
I It la within a few yards of the huge
battleship, and all are awaiting the
crash. Captain Cook looks over the
port side of the bridge and then says
sharply: "Full speed astern.''
There is a clang of be Us, a shiver as
the big engines turn, and. then the
cruiser slides rapidly clear of the
Massachusetts with barely a hand to
'Cleverly done," says Commodore
Schley, as he goes down to breakfast
Clever seamanship, perfect discipline
and cool headed judgment has averted
a disaster.
The storm continued without abate
ment all day, and the patrol boats
that keen the harbor closed had a
rough niglit's work This morning
there was little abatement of the gale.
To Destror Paetdo Corameree
MiDKin. April 3. There is a re
port in circulation here that some of
the Spaniel cruisers now gathered
about Manila will be used later to
scour the Taci Be and destroy Amer
ican commerce in those waters.
f he War IersMaie aM RaaM Tree,
eaall MeMIUea t.aawrh.
Washhiuton, April St. Representa
tive Itroderlck to-day called on Secre
tary Alger and maee inquiry concern
ing the report that the War depart
ment had decided to change the rcn
deitous of the Kansas troops from
Fort leaven worth to Top-ka. The
secretary stated that the d-partuieot
bad no intention of changing its orlg
laal plans and that Topeka would not
be selected.
i. R. Morton also called on Secre
tary Alger and discussed with tiiiu
the diflluulty over the mustering In of
the Kansas troop The secretary in
formed him that be had made a for
mal request that the National guard
be reeogn..ed and that the depart
ment was doing everything it could
do to straighten out the tangle, tiov
ernor l-eedy had not U-nn heard from
up to o'clock If he declines to ac
cede to the department s demands
further pressure will be brought to
bear upon him.
rim I'ortuguese tiiinrsniMl Has t liweil
lb tablee train I'ape tarda Islands.
I, ism., April ''J . The ullicial ti-rt-tte
today announces Hint the I'ortu-
iru. se govern im-nt has, so far as the
public, is concerned, slopped the dis
patch of telegraphic information re
garding the movements of warships
oa the seaboard, or in the harbors of
",' i-oNtxiN, April ','9. A -st'ii'sation has
been caused btr the. action of the
Portuguese government in stopping
the transmission of telegraphic infor
mation regarding the movements of
war shins In Portuguese forts, as it
reveals the hitherto scarcely concealed
fact that 1'ortuffal Is doing everything
possible to aid, Spain.' . ,
The decision of the Portuguese gov'
eminent is undoubtedly brought to
bear upon her by Spain, and the sole
object of the order, it is believed, is
to prevent news of the departure of
the Spanish fleet from being cabled
from St Vincente, Cape Verde
Missouri llai No ronils In slant I
Equip tho Mete Mllllle,
Kansas Citv, Mo., April Stl ' From
all over Missouri, from civilian, mili
tiamen and recruit alike, goes up a
cry of protest at the dilatory tactics of
the state authorities in not moving to
the front, or at least to a concentra
tion camp, the quota of troops called
from Missouri by the War department
The fact Is, Missouri's troops have not
been called , out because there is
neither money nor equipment to do it
When last in session the legislature
placed only ill), 000 aside, for the sup
port of the militia for two years. The
governor has refused to Call a apodal
sessiou of the legislature to appro
priate more funds, and there is not a
cent available to pay the railroad fare
of the Missouri troops to a rendezvous.
Con It lent lei Order Appear first In tha
Ciiattanoog A, Tenn., April SI).
There is considerable talk here among
the ofliccra in the military camp about
some of the wht new published in the
East. It is well known here that
Ma jor General llrooke received orders
from Washington marked confidential
which are read in the newspapers
twenty-four hours before they reached
him. The publication of the move'
inents of Lieutenant Rowan, who was
sent to (iaium, is deplored, as it is be
lieved it is liable to cost that daring
officer his life by informing Blanco of
Kowan's whereabouts and mission,
and it would not be surprising, in
view of the unscrupulous publication
of army secrets, if the government
went to greater, extremes in its cen
sorship of the press than ever before.
THE $50,000,000.
Horo Castle Fired oa Ihe New York With
the I oal Retail.
KkV Wkbt, Fia.. April 2. Yester
day morning, while the flatf ship New
York was about six miles from lla
vaua, four shots were fired at her
from Moro Castle The Hag ship did
not reply, but sU-iun.-tl out of range.
None of the shots fell near the vessel.
a-i! tin' lir ng was another proof of
l M I m:rksiiiAiisiiif of the Spanish
, i ... .
" Oh! !o not be friJ, my dear boy!" ritl
DaKobert, ah reviving Iioje. "All nonesi men
will be on your side!"
" Well d ne, brother!" said Agricola.
"M. Notary," said llodin, in bis little sharp
voice, "please to explain to Abbe oabriel, that lie
may perjure himself as much as he thinks fit,
but that the civil code is much less easy to vio
late than a mere promise, which is only
sacred ! "
' Speak, sir," said Gabriel.
" Please to inform Abbe (labriel, resumed liod
in, "that a deed of gift, like that made in favor
of Father d'Aigrigny, can only be camelled f-r
one of three reasons is it not so? "
" Yes sir, for three reasons," said the notary.
"The first is in case of the birth of a child."
said Rodin, "and I should blush to mention Mich
a contingency to the Abbe Gabriel. The second
is the ingratitude of the doner and the Abbe
Gabriel may be certain of our deep and lasting
cratitude The last case is the non-fulfilment of
the wishes of Ihe donor, with regard to the em
ployment of his gifts. Now, although the Abbe
Gabriel may have s ddenly conceived a very bad
opinion of us, he will at least give-us some time
to show that his gifts have been disposed of ac
cording to his wishes, and applied to the Greater
Glory of the Lord."
' Now, M. Notary," added Father . d'Aigrigny,
" it is for you to decide and say, if Abbe Gabriel
can revoke the donation he has made."
' Just as the notary was going to answer, Bath
shelm re-entered the room', followed by two more
personages, who appeared in the red room at a
little distance from each other.
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Painful Ulcers
Troubled with Them for tho
Past Ten Years
Purifying the Blood with Hood's
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theChioBgo, lvoclt Island & Pacific U y
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reach any port of the city, or for a Ave
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ary of the large stores in the down
town district. A train will nop at the
Rock Island Station eery minute.
These facilities can only be offered by
jhe "Great ilock Island Route."
Nf Oepsrtmeut Mas Not Bpaat
Hair of It Allot ment.
W A shi no To x, April 2j The several
allotments made by the President
to-day out of the $:,0,Ooo,00 national
defense appropriation now aggregates
Si 1,2-22,116, as follows:
War, $ld,.Ms,i'i2?; navy, Si.O'.ssy;
treasury, S.'i.lkKl. Of these the navy
department has disbursed $11,145,000
and the war departnieut S'-NH.i.OOO,
The American Hera garante W Selnd
In the rhltlpplnit After ulortlo.
IiOXDON, April OU. Lloyd's advices
from Manila say the American bark
Saranac, owned by William Simpson,
Jr.. of New York, which was captured
at Hoilo, I'hilippine islands, by the
Spanish gunboat Kl ( a no, was seized
after she had unloaded her cargo of
coal at that port, which was her des
tination. r A PRIZE RELEASED.
Treasure Department Deviilea the Set-
rlne t omee Coder the - Lr Kele.
Washinotox, April '.'V. Tha -treasury
dcpaitment has ordered the re
lease of the Spanish vessel Satnrina,
rets?ntlv seized in ltiloxi, Miss., har
bor. I'nder th. President's proclama
tion such vessels are allowed thirty
days in which to leave port, hence the
order of release.
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KititMONo, Vb., April 23. tieueral
Fitzhugh Lee believes that the Span
ish army in Cuba will in time be forced
to evacuate or suniniler. without the
necessity of sending United States
troops to the island. They cannot, he
contends, obtain supplies or reinforce
ments with the present blockade at
Havana and at all of the other ports
of I s'u
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Papal pills are sugar coated.
Credulity is the basis of Rome's re
Get a papist to thinking and the
priest will curse you.
The priest's blindest eye is on the
rIiIa where the most money comes
A Bible is the most hurtful book a
nnnlst can read if we Judge from
Rome's past acts.
No man can walk with civilizatiou
and stay in the woods of papal super
Rome wears a religious cloak, yet
has a cold heart.
A confessional box is the tomb ot
Wearlng'a cross does not cure cross
Hatred is nursed by papal prejudice.
The brighter history shines the dark
er Rome's record.
It Is hard to convince a papist who
lets the priest do his thinking.
To know that popery is a curse
makes a man want to rid the earth of
it. ii
Keeping knowledge in the hands ot
the priest starves the minds of the
You can never tell what a papist will
do out of a church by his looks of de
votion within.
Rome has trouble with the man who
does his own thinking.
Popery throws the most mud at the
whitest garments.
The priest does an evil day's work
when he gets a child to go to the paro
chial school.
Every dollar in Rome's possession
is stamped with fraud.
No man's influence is so small but
what he could make it tell against
When Rome gives money she always
puts a chain of power on it
Truth is always ready to go to war;
error will run at the first opportunity.
Every fact is an antidote for some
foolish fancy.
Fighting truth is an old trick of
popery; and It has become an adept
at it.
When a man sees tbe truth be be
holds tbe deformities of error.
Ik. tlH II A 11 tit r-1 fen. linn " " w --
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When Joy Fills the Heart
finds expression in song, gratifying the performer
id delighting the hearer. Nothing so serves to calm
the wearied soul after a storm-tossed day as the
sweet melodies that recall memories of childhood
and those long gone to rest. Recognizing the need
a varied list oi songs, in neat and convenient
form, that would appeal to all hearts aim lusies,
The Favorite Collection of Songs has been pre
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A, .
1 ',r 1 of
A Year Ann H". S. rfro
All Anionic the Summer Koses I . ("i
As I'd Nothing KJse To Do J". 1- "'"'
Across the Sea Vinjiniu (iiibnrl
Hrlnii Hack Thy Sunshine Murit I'tamiwtlr
Klue Kyes J,inu HiMtty
fomrail. M-" M.''"l"i""
Come to the Sunset Tree Mr. Ilenum
Dream Kas H'.Jf. Hiifrnw
DouicUm! Tender and True. Lotto Jt'kn Scull
DreamlnB of Home .XL. ffiiffon
"Kown Helow the Waving Lindens " .. K. L. t.Htu
Faded leaves f""' .''.
Forget Me Not H i.lm (..
"Five (('Clock in the Mornliuj"....,.......' I"'-"'''1
(llrl I Met on the Farm (The) ",'
Oolden Vears Are Fleetlnif Li
(hsslnlirht '(.lftmitn".M.irtli.i
Hour of Kest (The) Ji,ih L-
Happy Little Country fllrls hltoibrfa i'lulp
How Will He Ever Caleb Toem J Conilis Tiuiirri
He Is An Englishman Sir jlrflmr NuMieriti
1 Whistle and Wall fur Katie icluul A.Jin
I H,.,.lv Ifc.n't Think I Shall Marry Amm
Just Touch the HarpHeiitly ''" lUttniphi
.Jlmmllon AitU
..Jiliao h. M'llltiy
Kalr littlllt
....1mI Imflmn
....Mitluui .Willi
.lennv In the Orchard
Jack's Fai-ewell
Kate, l'oor Kale, Comic
Katey's letu r
Little Annie K.siney
I.lttle Fisher-Maiden (Thel.
... u...u .... Vi,im Uloat. Murti
Christmas Carol
Little Buttercup's Song .Sir ,4rt)inr .sHj;-in
Ixive s s..rt (IrcetlnK ''
Love That Slumbers MiWm II tlltwjt
Mary anil John, or the Lovers' Jiirrel,
()iM SUiU
Many Yenrs Abo Sir Arthur SMivan
Mother Watch the Little Feet J". IV. Turnrr
Nancy Us- Sir phm A tiamt
Oh! You I'retiy Bine Kyed Witch.... If. K Titular
Old Uarden (late (Thel V. F. WtMman, Jr.
Old Cottauet lo k (The) Jim. L. MoUo
Old Barn Uate (The) . HuUnula
lnyimtUjS ntimwia rtmitan
Hutu and I
Soiuelssly ...
Strangers Yet . .
Speak to Me
That Is Love.....
The Sweetest Tune
Think of Me Nevermore
The Boy 1 Love
Two by Two
The UisirOlit Soiittsof Home.
The 1'asslnK Hell
The Country Cousin. Comli
,Jame L. MoUoy
M. IV. Hall
.M. A. JMcPurnm
, t'luribfl
...MtxtjTtn Mark
. ..fn'io CimfMim
...II'. T. WritjhtoH
.i'elix Mclilntium
rYmiB Aht
. Linle
,S(. Smith llumrll
.....A'iihirta Fcrri
Ji'niiu Aht
V'Oicml Davis
There's a Silver LimuK to tvery Cloua,
Tell Mb Truly 'A. M. WakrHtl4
Whi n Soft Kves Smile Jim. h. Iltfchrl
Why Tarries My live'f T. Ill
When Twlllnht (lathers In J. U. MnUv
Will Your Heart Ki'Kud toMlne?... A. D. lhivivitr
When I View the Mother Holding... Anon
Watchman, What of the Niithtf cd. thmiutd
Wst! Wst! Wst! Loo S)inrp
Won't You Tell Me Why Koblli! (larilxt
Whisper In the Twilight Anton Huh
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