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Every , Person Implicated In
the Diabolical Plot a Ro
man Catholic.
Standpoint Occupied by Ex-Priest
Chiniquy, V. ha was the Pres
ident's Close Friend.
Father Chloiquy, the apostate Cath
olic priest, who has been lecturing in
Baltimore, in conversation mith a
Morning Herald reporter, made a
number ot statements regarding the
assassination of President Lincoln,
which are not to be found in the his
tories of the period, and accounts for
that lamentable tragedy:
"I am a French Canadian by birth,"
aid ho to the reporter, "and was born
in Kamovaska, Canada, in 1S09. Both
of my parents were Catholics, and I
was, ot course, brought up in that
faith. From a very early age I was
satined for the priesthood, and my
education was conducted with that said
always in view. Having been ordain
ed, I arose very rapidly in the esti
mation of my religious superiors as
wall as in popular favor, and was soon
looked upon aa one ot the most prom
ising members of the Canadian priest
hood. My work in the cause of tem
perance brought me into special prom
inence, and I became widely known
all over Canada, and. Indeed, in the
Catholic church everywhere.
"In 1851 Catholic bishops and clergy
from all over North America met in
aecret conclave at Buffalo, N. Y., and
there the question was discussed, and
It waa decided to seize the cities of
North America for the Catholic
church. The plan adopted was to
bring Catholic emigrants from Europe
In sufficient numbers to gain control
of the city governments by popular
Tote. The attempt was carried out to
some extent, and was successful at
least in New York. It was particu
larly the desire of the church to get
possession of the school fund in the
various cities in order to use it for
the benefit of Catholicism. The well
remembered struggle for the expulsion
of the Bible from the public schools
hi Cincinnati in 1S70 was the out
growth of the action of the conclave
in 185L
"At this same conclave I was assign
ed to go to Illinois with a band of
French Canadian Catholics and to
found a colony or coionies. Colonists
also came from France, and early in
1852 I founded my colony at St Anne,
Kankakee county. 111. A chapel or
church was built, and we had a con
gregation of about 500 souls.
"In 1858, after several years of
atudy and many trials. I determined
to leave the Church of Rome, whose
doctrines I no longer believed. It was
on Saturday evening that I reached
my final determination, and the next
morning I went into the pulpit and
told my congregation of the step I
was about to take, and my reasons.
After talking to them for two hours
I put the matter to a vote, and all but
fifteen of my 300 parishioners ex
pressed their intention of following
me. Tnis action, when it became
known, created no little excitement all
over the country. About a year later
we Joined the Chicago Presbytery, and
afterward the Canadian Presbytery
to which we still belong.
"Previous to this Abraham Lincoln
had defended roe when I was prose
cuted by the church, and when, some
time after our withdrawal from the
rhurch our colony was theatened with
destruction from famine, he came for
ward and for our benefit delivered a
lecture, in which he denounced the or
der of the Jesuits with the greatest
boldness. This made our former
friendship all the stronger.
"In 18C2 a Canadian Jesuit priest
was converted through my leaching,
and from him I first learned of a plot
of that order to assasinate Mr. Lin
coln. He told me that the plot was
first laid in 1 861. 1 went at once to
Washington, and in a conference with
Mr. Lincoln warned him of what I had
learned. He told me that he was al
ready informed of the matter by Mr.
Samuel F. B. Morse, the telegraph in
ventor, who had heard It by chance
whi'e in Rome. Mr. Morse was not a
"About a year afterward I convert
ed another Jesuit priest, who had ab
solutely no knowledge of any other
convert, and by him I was told the
same story. I again went to Wash
ington and warned the president.
After the assassination, while I was In
San Francisco, another Jesuit .priest
gave me, for a third time. tdent'cfO'v
the same account of the plot In the
order against the president. While 1
was seeking Information In regard to
the crime I met the Rev. F. A. Con
well, of Chicago, who related the fol
lowing: "Ninety miles northwest of St. Pajil,
Minn., is the little village of St.
Joseph, settled by Roman Catliolirs,
and with a college for the education
of priests. On the 14th of April. 1865.
at 6 o'clock in the afternoon, two men
drove up to the village hotel; one was
the Rev. F. A. Conwell, chaplain of
the first Minnesota regiment and the
other was Horace P. Bennett, of St
Cloud about ten miles eastward.
While Mr. Bennett was attending to
the horse In the barn the landlord, J.
H. Linneman ,who has charge of the
friary, and was purveyor for the
priests, told Chaplain Conwell that
President Lincoln and Secretary Sew
ard were assassinated. And when
Mr. Bennett returned from the barn to
the tavern the landlord reiterated the
tatement to both his guests.
"This was not later than 6:30 p. m.,
and the assassination of Lincoln did
ot occur till about 10 p. m. Allov
ing for the diffcreme In time between
St Joseph and Wa ::ingto tiie news
reached St. oseph at hast two hours
before It orcarr 'd.
"Ths two mer. makn affidavit of ths
fmot, sworn to Septer, tier 0, and Oto
bor 18. 1883. Landlord Linneman,
porvsyor for the prlesis, refuse to
swear, but makes a written drlara
tion. October 20. JSS3, du'y algnrd.
saying that he told Conwell and Mr.
liennrit that 'he hnd hMU this rumor
in his store from ptn-ple who came in
and out; but he raunol remember
from whom.' That lap) of memory
probably saved the landlord s lite. The
priests of St Joseph me.e cognisant
of the plot to kuaslnata Lincoln
and Seward.
"Without a single exception the con
spirators were Roman Catholics. It
is true that Atxeroth, Payne and Har
old asked for Protestant ministers
when they wr to be hung, but they
had been considered Catholics till
then. John Wilkes Booth waa a
proselyte to Cinuoiicism. and so were
Atterotb, Payne and Harold. But
had their fa.n-. confewtom appeared
with them on the scaffold that would
have opened the eyea of the Amerhau
people to clearly see that the assassin
ation of Lincoln and Seward were
planned and executed by J suit p tests.
The murderers were instructed 10 con
ceal their religion. Such Is the doc
trine of the Catholic church. St
Liguori says:
" 'It is often more to the glory of
God and the good of our neighbor to
conceal our religious faith. a when
we live among heretics we can more
easily do them good In that way; or
if by declaring our religion, we cause
some disturbance or deaths, or even
wratn of the tyrant.' Liguori
Theologla, II. 3.)
"Dr, Mudd, at whose place Booth
stopped in his fTght. was a Catholic
and so was Garrett, In whose barn
Booth was killed.
"After the murder Father C'.ilnlquy
went to Washington In disguise. He
found that the Influence of Roma at
the capital was almost supreme. The
only statesman who dared to face the
nefarious Influence of Rome was Gen.
Baker. But several other statesmen
confessed that without doubt the Jes
uits were at the bottom of the plot;
and sometime this would appear so
clearly in evidence before the mili
tary tribunal that it was feared it
could not be kept from the public. Mrs
Surratt was a Catholic, and her house
was the common rendezvous of the
"Booth, the assassin himself, was
confirmed in this very city of Balti
more. He was but the tool of the
Jesuits. He was taught by thein that
the pope had called Jeff Davis his
dear son, and had taken the southern
confederacy under his protection- He
was taught that Lincoln was an apos
tate, that he had been baptized In the
Catholic religion, had rebelled against
it and broken his oath of allegiance to
the pope. He was taught that it was
his religious duty to slay this Infa
mous enemy of his church.
"Compare other murders known to
have been plotted and executed by
Jesuits with this one and you will
find that they resemble each other as
one drop of water resembles another.
Compare the last hours of the Jesuit,
Ravaillac, the assassin of Henry IV.,
who absolutely refused to repent,
though suffering the most horrible
tortures on the rack, with Booth, who,
with an unset broken leg. the bone al
most puncturing the flesh, writes In
his daily memorandum: 'I can never
repent, though we hated to kill. Our
country owed all its troubles to him
(Lincoln), and God simply made me
the instrument of his punishment.'
"I found that the influence of Rome
was almost supreme in Washington.
Several of the government men with
whom I conversed told me that they
had not the least doubt that the Jesu
its were at the bottom of the crime.
They were afraid to let the crime
come out lest the priests should be
Implicated, and in the event of their
execution they knew that riots, blood.
Are and devastations must follow, and
these the country, in its then divided
state could not sustain."
Evading Real Issues.
The weakness of the case of those
who are vigorously opposing the Im
migration restriction bill Is shown
by their persistent refusal to meet
fairly and squarely the real and es
sential issue involved In the proposal
of an educational test for new arrivals
The protest of the German societies
of Chicago and of the league recently
organized In New York, as well as
the arguments advanced in congress
by such men as Senator Caffrey. deal
with but one aspect of the problem.
They harp upon the obvious and ad
mitted fact that illiteracy is not al
ways and necessarily a sign of vi
ciousness and Incapacity, and indulge
in Irrelevant emotional appeals to
principles which no friend of the edu
cational test dreams of surrendering.
That immigration has done much
for the development of the country is
not questioned by sny sane man.
That it can and will do still more is
equally beyond dispute. That an edu
cational test if applied a hundred or
even fifty years ago. would have
barred out thousands of worthy, use
ful and desirable citizens, to the great
detriment of the country, is also
readily and cheerfully conceded. Why,
then, urge considerations that have
absolutely no bearing upon the ques
tion we are called upon to settle here
and now?
What is this essential question?
Simply this, whether or not the coun
try needs a rest from the work of ab
sorption and assimilation imposed by
a practically unrestricted immigra
tion. Today we only exclude paupers,
criminals diseased persons and con
tract laborers. If we need no further
restriction in the interest of the
American standard of wages and liv
ing, the educational test Is indeed un
necessary and improper; but those
who admit that present restrictive
measures are inadequate are bound to
supply a better and fairer test than
that of ability to read and write, a
test so parfect as to exclude all un
worthy applicants and admit all
worthy ones. The champions of the
immigration bill recognize that here
and there injustice would result, but
they most emphatically deny that any
great number of desirable immigrants
would be shut out or that the law
would stop immigration. Are not the
labor organizations better authorities
on the need of further restriction than
the societies now fighting the Lodge
bill? Chicago E-.ening Post.
Ye., we have plen'y of this issue.
We ctn fill your orrVr. Ten for JO
cents; f fty for $1.25; UiO for $2.00: 600
I for 7.60; 1,000 for $10.00.
a. r. a. rBiNoiri.ES.
The following arc the declaration of
pmulplra adopted by the National Couu
til of the A. T. A. mt Ixtm Molnra.
"loyally la true Amrrtraniam, which
tnui neither hlrth. place, race, creed,
nor party, la the Ural requirement tor
wiemUrrahlp In lb American i'rulavtlva
"The American Protective Ai'tat on
la not a political party, ami does not con
trol the political arttltationa of lta niem
bera; but It teat ties them to be lnt-na.y
at'tia in the rtiacharse of their political
duilra In or out of party Hues. Iwturt
It believea that ail problems confronting
our people will be bound solid by a con
scientious dtat'haife of the duties of citi
Eenahlp by every individual.
"While tolerant of ail creeds. It holla
that subjection ant support to any politi
cal power not controlled by Am rlcan cit
izens, and which claims equal If not
greater sovereignty than the no eminent
of the I'nited states, la Irr.fom lUMe
with American rlliieiiKlnp. It la. there
fore oppoaetl to the holding of offices in
state or national government by any
subject or supporter of auch ecclesiastical
pow er.
"We uphold the conatitution of the
I'nited Slates of America and no portion
of It more than lta guarantee of relig.ous
liberty, but w hold thia rel.gioua liberty
to be guaranteed to the Individual, and
not to mean that under lta protection any
un-American ecclesiastical power can
claim any ahaoluta control over the edu
cation of children, growing up under the
aliira and atripea.
conalder the non-sectarian free
public school the bulwark of American
institutions, the beat place for the edu
cation of American children. To keep
them auch. we protest against the em
ployment of subjects, of any nin-American
ecclesiastical power aa officers or
teachers of our public schools.
"We condemn the aupport out of tha
public treasury by direct appropriation
or by contract of any sectarian school,
reformatory or other Inatitution not own
ed and controlled by public authority.
"Believing that exemption from taaa
tlon Is equivalent to a grant of public
funda, we demand that no real or person
al property be exempt. from taxation, lha
title to which la not vestej in tha national
or alata governmenta, or In any of their
"We protest agalnat tha enlistment in
the I'nited Htatea army, navy, or the
militia of any alate. of any person not an
actual citisen of the I'nited Htatea.
"We) demand for the protection of our
cltisen laboiera the prohibition of tha Im
portation of pauper labor, and the re
striction of all Immigration to persona
who cannot show their ability and honest
intention to become self-supporting Amer.
lean cltisena.
"W'e demand the change of the natural
thorlxlng the naturalisation of minors,
without a previous declaration of Inten
tion, and by providing that no alien shall
be naturalised or permitted to vote In
any atate in the union who cannot speak
tha language of the land, and who can
not prove seven years' consecutive resi
dence In this country from the date of
hla declaration of Intention.
"We protest against the gross negli
gence and laxity with which the Judici
ary of our land administer the present
naturalisation laws, and against the
practice of naturalising aliens at the ex
pense cf committees or candidates as
the most proline source of the present
prostitution of American citizenship to
the basest usee.
"W'e demand that hospitals, asylums,
reformatories, or other institutions In
which people are under restraint, be at
all ttmsa subject to public Inspection,
whether they are maintained by the pub
lic or by private corporations or Individ
uals. "W'e demand that all national or state
legislation affecting financial, commer
cial or Industrial Interettts be general in
character and in no instance In favor of
any one section of the country, or any
one class of the people."
1. Tha constitutions of princes are not
superior, but subordinate to ecclesiasti
cal constitutions.
2. The laws of the emperor cannot dis
solve the ecclesiastical or cannon laws.
3. It is not lawful for an emperor to
exact anything opposed to the apostolic
rules. . , t-
4. It la not lawful for kings to usurp
the things that belong to priests.
b. No custom of anyone can thwart the
statutes of the popes.
6. Let no resistance be offered to the
apostolic (cannon) precepts, but let them
be saliitiferlounly fullllled.
7. The yoke imposed by the holy see Is
to be borne, though It appear intolerable
and Insupportable.
8. The I'ontlit can neither be loosed nor
bound by the secular power.
9. That the rontlff was called God by
the pious Prince Constantino, and that
as God he cannot be judged as man.
10. That aa God he Is far above the
reach of nil human law and Judgment.
11. That all laws contrary to the can
ons and decrees of the Roman prelates
are of no force.
12. That all of the ordinances of the
Pope nre unhesitatingly to be obeyed.
IX. W'e otiKht not even to speik to one
whom the Pope has ex-communicated.
14. Priests are fathers and masters,
even of princes.
Jf. The civil law Is derived from man,
but the ecclesiastical or canon law Is de
rived directly from God. by which the
Pontiff can, in connection with his pre
lates, make constitutions for the whole
Christian world, in matters spiritual, con
cerning the salvation of souls, and the
right government of the church; and If
necessary juclKe and dispose of all the
temporal goods of all Christians.
16. A heretic, holding or teaching false
doctrine concerning the sacraments, is
excommunicated and degraded, and hand
ed over to the seculiar court.
17. Secular princes unwilling to swear
to defend the church against heretics
are excommunicated, and they are luid
tinder an Interdict.
18. The goods of herties are to be con
fiscated and applied to the church.
!. Advocates or notaries, favoring
heretics, or their defenders, or pleading
for them In law suits, or writing docu
ments for them, are infamous and sus
pended from office.
2ft. The secular toners, wt.ether perma
nent or temporary, are bound to swear
that they will exterminate, according to
their power, all heretics condemned by
the church; and a temporal lor I not purg
ing his land of heretics, is excommuni
cated. 21. Those signed with the cross for the
extermination of heretics, reiolce In the
privilege granted to the crusaders for the
help of the hely land.
22. They are absolved from all obliga
tions who are In anywise bound to here
tics. 23 Whoever dies In battle against the
unbelieving, merits the kingdom of heav
en. 21. We do not esteem those homicides
to whom It may have happened In their
zeal for their mother rhurch against the
excommunicated, to kill some of them.
23. The Catholic princes are bound,
both by civil and common law, not to
receive or tolerate heretics, and much
more are not to permit their rites, or
other exercise of their relig on, or rather,
their false sect, but are most solemnly
bound everywhere, to repel and expel
them. , , ,
26. The following temporal punish
ments are to be enforced on heretics: 1st
Infamv, and the consequent disqualifi
cations for all civil acts. 2nd Intestabili
ty, as well active as passive (that is.
thev can neither make nor will Inherit
what is left to them by others!. 3rd Loss
of parental power over children. 4th
Loss of dowry, and other privileges
granted to women. 5th Confiscation of
all goods. 6th That vassals and slaves
and others are from all. even sworn
obligations due to their lord, or another.
7th Capital corporal punishment, es
pecially death, and perpetual imprison
ment. 27. The canon law forbids all tolera
tion. 28. That metropolitans and bishops ar
to ex-communicate him who grants lib
erty of conscience.
29. No oath Is to be kept toward here
tic princes, lords or others.
50. Heretics are to be deprived of all
civil and paternal rights.
51. The Pope can absolve from all
82. Every bishop Is ordinary Judge In a
cause of heresy. The reason Is because
the bishops can ex-ofTlcio, and ought to
extirpate heretics, and Inflict upon them
the due punishments, and to this are
bound on pain of deposition. Besides ara
I the Inquisitors especially deputed by the
apoatnlle see. Kvrry Marion In hla dlnreae
Is thought to be, and In reality la.
natural inquisitor, iliterally born inquis
itor!, att aa to have the same poser with
thtme already mentioned in a cause t(
13. In every promiaaory oath, although
ahaolulely taken, there are certain
dltiona tacitly under alood. amongst which
are: lai !f I ran; Ind To aave the right
and authority of a superior; Srd When
the oath suppose the honor of the apos
tolic see to be Illicit.
W. 1 hat the council of Trent, tthe last
and great authority of Home), decrees
and romiiiaiida that the sacred canons
and all general councils, aliui the other
apostolic enactment a Issued In favor of
ecclesiastical peraona of ecclesiastical
lllwrty. and agalnat its violators, all of
which by this present decree It reuvwa,
and must be exactly observed by aM.
. . now In the presence of Al
mighty God, the blessed Virgin Mary, the
bleaaed Michael the Archangel, the bias
ed Nt. John the liaptlat. the holy Apost
les HI. Peter and 1. Paul and the balnt
and Hacred Host of heaven, and to you.
my ghostly father, tha superior general
of the society of Jesus, founded by 8aint
Ignatus lxyola In the pontitlcatlon of
Paul the Third, and continued to the
present, do, by the womb of the vtrain,
the matrix of God and the rod of Jeaua
Christ declare and swear that hla holi
ness, the pope, la Christ's vlce-gerent,
and Is the true and only head of the
Catholic or unlveraul rhurch throughout
the entth; and that by tlttue of tha ka a
of binding and loosing given to hia holi
ness by my Havlour, Jesus Christ, he
hath power to depose heretical kings,
princes, states, commonwealths anif gov
ernments, all being Illegal without hla
sacred confirmation, and they may I
safely destroyed. Therefore, to the ut
most of my power. I will defend this
doctrine and his hollneaa' right and cus
tom agalnat all usurpers of the heretical
or Protestant authority whatsoever, es
pecially the Lutheran church of Ger
many, Holland. Denmark. 8weden and
Norway, and the now pretended authori
ties and ch arches of England and Scot
land, and branches of the same now es
tablished In Ireland, and on the conti
nent of America, and elsewhere, and all
adherents In regard that they be usurped
and heretical, opposing the aacred church
of Home.
"I do now denounce and disown any al
legiance as due to any heretical king,
prince or atate named Protestant or Lib
erals or obedience to any of their laws,
magistrates or officers.
"1 do further declare that the doctrine
of the churchea of Kngland and Scotland,
of the Culvlnlsts, Iiu?uenots and others
of the name of Protestant or Liberals to
be damnable, and they themselves to be
damned who will not forsake the same.
"I do further declare that I will help,
assist and advise all or any of hla holi
ness' agents. In any place wherever I
shall be, in Switzerland. Germany, Hol
land, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Eng
land, Iceland or America, or In any other
kingdom or teiritory, 1 shall come to, and
do my utmost to extirpate the heretical
Protestant or Liberal doctrines, and to
destroy all their pautended powets, legal
or otherwise,
"I do further promise and dec'are that,
notwithstanding I am dispensed with to
assume any religion heretical for the
propagation of the mother church's in
terest, to keep secret and private all
her agents' councils from time to time,
as they entrust me, and not to divulge,
directly or Indirectly, by word, writing
or circumstances whatever, but to exe
cute all that shall be proposed, given In
charge, or discovered unto me. by you
or my ghostly father, or any of his sac
red convent.
"I do further promise and declare that
I will have no opinion or will of my own
or any mental reservation whatsoever,
even as a corpse or cadaver (perlnde ac
cadaver), but will unhesitatingly obey
each and every command that I may re
ceive from my superiors In the militia of
the pope and of Jesus Christ.
"That 1 will go to any part of the
world whithersoever I may be sent, to
the frown reglona of the nor'h. the burn
ing sands of the desert of Africa, or the
plngles of India, to the centers of civili
sation of Europe, or to the wild haunts
of the barbarous savages ' of America,
without murmuring or repining and will
be submissive in all things whatsoever,
communicated to me.
"I do furthermore promise and declare
that I will, when opportunity presents,
make and wage relentless war, secretely
or openly, against all heretics, Protest
ants and Liberals aa I am dire" ted to do,
to extirpate them from the face of the
whole earth, and thnt I will r neith
er age. sex or condition, and that I will
hang, burn, waste, boll, flay, st. angle and
burn alive these Infamous heretics; rip
up the stomach and wombs of their wo
men and crush their Infants' heads
against the walls In order to annihilate
their execrable race. That when the
same cannot be done openly. I will se
cretly use the poisonous cup. the strang
ulating cord, the stol of the po nard. or
the leaden bullet, regardless of the lank,
dignity or authority of the person or per
sons, whatever may be their condit on in
life, either public or private, as I at any
time may be directed so to do by any
agent of the pope or superior of the
brotherhood of the holy father, of the
society of Jesus.
In confirmation of which I hereby deli
cate my life, my soul and all corporal
powers, and with this dagger which I
now receive, I will subscribe my name,
written in my blood. In testimony there
of; and should I prove false or weaken In
mv determination, may my brethern and
fellow soldiers of the militia of the pope
cut off my hands and my feet, and my
throat from ear to ear. my belly opene I
and sulphur burned therein, with all thi
punishment that can be inflicted upon
me on earth and my soul be tortuie l by
demons In an eternal hell forever.
All of which I do swear
bv the hlessel trinity, and blessel sacra
ment which I am now to receive, to per
form, and on my part to keep Inviolably;
and do call all the heavenly and glorious
host of heaven to witness the?e. my real
Intentions, to keep this my oath.
In testimony hereof I take this most
holy and blessed sacrament of the eu
cha'rist, and witness the sama further,
with my name written with the point of
this dagpeer, dipped In my own blood, and
seal in the face of this holy convent.
(He receives the wafer from the super
ior and writs his name with the point of
his diiKgcr. dipped In his own blood, tak
en from over the heart.
I, . , cardinal of the Holy Ro
man church, do promise and swear that,
from this time to the end of my life I
will be faithful and obedient unto St.
Peter, the holy apostolic Roman church,
and our most holy lord, the pope of
Rome, and his successors, canonically
and lawfully elected; that I will give no
advice, consent or assistance ainst the
pontltical majesty and person; that I will
never knowingly and advisedly, to their
Injury or disgrace, make public the coun
cils entrusted to me by themselves, or bv
messengers or letters: also that T will
give them any assistance In retaining,
defending nnd recovering the Roman
papacv and the regalia of Peter, with all
mv might and endeavor, so far as the
rights and privileges of my order will
allow It. and will defend them against all
their honor and state, and I will direct
and defend, with due form and honor, the
legates and nunclous of the apostolic
see in the territories, churches, monas
teries and other benefices committed to
my keeping; and I will cordially co-operate
with them and treat them with
honor In their coming, abiding and re
turning, and that I will resist unto blood
all persons whatsoever who shall attempt
anything against them. That I will by
every way and by every means strive to
preserve, augment and advance the
rights, honors, privileges, the authority
of the Holv Roman bishop, our lord the
pope and "his before mentioned succes
sors and that, at whatever time anything
shall be decided to their prejudice, which
Is out of my power to hinder, as soon as
1 shall know that any steps or measures
have been taken In the matter. 1 will
make It known to the same, our lord
or his successors, or some other person
by whose means It may he brought to
their knowledge. That I will keep and
carry out and cause others to keep and
carrv out the rules of the holy father,
the decrees, ordinances, dispensations,
reservations, provisions, apostolic man
dates and constitutions of the Holy
Father Pextus. of h ippy memory, aa to
flatting tba thresholds of the apostes at
certain prescribed tlnwa. according te
lha tenor of that which 1 hava Juat read
through. That I will aek out and up
Pae, prosecute anil fight leinni conatu
raciiturum e Impugnatuiunil against
heretlca or achlsmalica who oppoa eur
lord. Ihe poe or Home, and bis before
mentioned euccemnra. anil this 1 Will do
with every possible effort."
iHignaiure) then sent to the pee.
. elect of tha .
- diocese, from henceforward will
he ralthful and obedient to Hi. Peter tha
Apostle and to the Jluly Hainan church,
and to mir lord, the holy pope uf Home,
and to hla aitccesaurs. canonical! enter
ing. I will neither advice, consent nor dj
ai thing that they may lose Ills or mem
Imt or that their persons may be seised,
or hands in anywise laid upon them, or
any Injuries oflrred to them, under any
pretence whataoever. The counsel with
which they shall intrust me by ttiem
clcs. their mesKeiigcia or let lei a. l will
not knowingly reveal te any, te their
prejudice. 1 will help them to defend and
keep the Roman papacy and the royalties
of St. Peter agalnat ail men. The le
gate of Ihe apoatollc see. going and com
ing. 1 will honorably treat and help in
hla necessities 'I he rlghta, huneia privi
leges and authority of the Holy Roman
church of our lord, the pope, and his
aforesaid successors, 1 will endeavor te
preserve, defend, Increase and advance.
I will not be In any counsel, action er
treaty, in which shall be plotted against
our said lord and Roman rhurch. any
thing to the hurt or prejudice of their
peraona, rights, honor, atate or power,
and. If I shall know aay such thing te
be treated or agitated kjr.-any -whatsoever,'
I will hinder ft to my utmost, and
aa soon aa I ran, I will signify it to our
lord. The ordinance and niandatea of the
pope, 1 will observe with all my might
and cause to be observed by others.
"Heretics, schismatics and relwls to our
aald lord or hla aucceasors, I will te say
utmost persecute and oppose.
"Heretics, schismatlcoa at lebelle eld
em Domino nostro vel aucceasorlbus pre
dlctia pro posse persequar et oppugnabo."
"1 will come to a council when 1 am
called, 1 will visit tha threshold ot the
"I awear by almighty God. by all la
heaven and earth, by the holy prayer
book of my holy church, by the tileased
Virgin Mary mother of God, by ber sor
row and grief at the cross, by her tears
and wallinga, by the holy apoaties Bt.
Peter and Paul, by the glorioua apostle
of Ireland-Bt. Patrick by the bless
and holy church of all ages, by the holy
national martyra, to tight upon the Irish
soli, to fight for the Independence ef Ire
landto light until 1 die, wading In the
red gore of the Susaenach ( Protectant)
for the glorioua cause of nationality; to
fight until not a single vestige, track or
footstep, Is left to tell that the holy soil
of Ireland waa ever trodden by the Sass
enach tyrants and murderers; and. more
over, when the Protestant rohhera and
brutes In Ireland shall be murdered and
driven into the sea ilka the awlue our
Lord Jesus Christ caused to he drowned,
then we shall embark fur, and take Eng
land, and root out every vestige of the
accursed blood of the heretic adulterer,
Henry VIII., and possess ourselves of the
beasts who have so long kept our Island
of saints Obi Ireland In the chains of
bondage, driven ua from her shores, ex
iles Into foreign lands. I will wade In the
blood of Orangemen and heretics (Pro
testants) who do not Join us and become
Scotland too, having given aid and suc
cor to the beast, we thull live in h t gore.
We shall not give up until we have re
stored our holy faith all over the Ilr.t ah
To all of this I sincerely and conaclen
tously swear with my eves blinded, not
knowing who to me administers HiIh oath,
apoatlea every three years and give an
account of our lord of all my pastoral
office and of the things belonging to my
diocese, to the discipline of my cleigy
and people. I will In like manner humbly
receive and diligently execute the apost
olic commands. If I am detained by a
lawful Impediment. I will perfoi m the
aforesaid by a member of my ihapier or
a priest of my dlocexe, fully Instrui ted In
ad thihgs above mentioned. The posses
sions belonging to my table. I will neither
sell nor otherwise alienate without con
sulting the hiinmn pound, bo oeip me
God and these holy gospels of God."
Sent to the Romish Manager.
now In the presence of
Almighty God, the blessed Vngln Mary,
the blessed Michael the Archangel, the
blessed St. John the iiapttst. ill- Holy
Anostles St. Peter and St. Paul and the
Saints and the Hiicred Hosts ol It -uven,
and to you, my lord, 1 do declare from
my heart, without mental reservation
that the pope Is Christ's vlcat -general
and is the true and only head of Ihe uni
versal church throughout the eartii, and
that, by virtue of tne keys of binding
and loosing given to hi.-( ho iness by Jesus
Christ he has power to depos Ce-etical
kings, prim es, states, common wi a thsand
governments, all being Iliegai wit n Hit nit
sacred confirmation, and that they may
safely be destroyed, i'heretore. to the
utmost of my power. I will defend thin
doctrine and his holiness' r.ghts c.s
toms against all usurpers of the Pn t-i-ant
uuthority whatsoever, especially
against Ihe now pretended author. ty an 1
church in England and all adherents, in
regard that they be usurpaland heretlcala,
opposing the sacred mot tier uf th; ihurch
of Home.
"I do denounce and disown nv allegi
ance as due to any Protestant king,
prince or state or obedience to any of
their inferior officers. I do further de
clare the doctrine of the church ol Eng
land, of the Calvanists. Huguenots and
other Protestants, to be damnable and
those to be damned who will not for
sake the same.
i rlo further declare that I will hlp.
assist and advise all or any of his holi
ness' agents in any place wherever I
shall be, and to do my utmost to extir
pate the Protestant doctrine and 10 des
troy all their pretended power, regal or
otherwise. 1 do further promise and de
clare that, notwithstanding I may he per
mitted by dispensation to assume any
heretical religion (Protestant denomina
tional for the propagation of the mother
church's Interest, to keep secret and pri
vate all her agents' counsels as they en
trust me. and not to divulge, directly or
Indirectlv, by owrd, writing or circum
stances 'whatsoever, but to execute all
which shall be proposed, given In charge
or discovered unto me by you, my most
reverend lord and bishop.
"All of which I. . do swear by
the blessed Trinity nnd blessed Sacra
ment which 1 am about to receive, to
perform on my part to keep inviolably,
and do call on all the It-aven y ai d Glori
ous Host of Heaven to witness my real
Intentions to keep this my 'th.
"In testimony whereof 1 take this most
holy and blessed Sacrament of the Euch
arist and witness the same further with
my consecrated hand, in the presence of
my holy bishop and all the priests who
assist him in my ordination to the priest
The folllowing Is the oath taken by the
members of that famous Romish Catho
lic society:
"I (name In full) do solemnly swear In
the presence of Almiglitv God. that 1 will
labor while life is left in me to establish
and defend a republican form of govern
ment In Ireland; that 1 will keen secret
the names and everything connected with
the Irish brotherhood from all not en
titled to know such secrets; that 1 will
obey and comply with the constitution
and laws of the same, that 1 will pre
serve the funds of this order for the
cause of Irish revolution alone, as speci
fied In the constitution: that I will deem
It my special duty and mission t pro
mote and foster sentiments of the union.
hrotnenv ioe. iin.i"ii;iinj . tnuou in
Irish. I take this oblignt;on without any
' mental reservation, holding the same for
; ever binding upon me. anu that any v! -lation
thereof, or desertion cf ny ditty to
the brotherhood is infamous, a id r er.ts
the severest punishment. :o hel' me
i Tills oath the can ;idate is ab'ured if
( . .... . .i.- V.....l t ,,a ll' It r
Keep in me II..,...., . ....
printed In the Chlcag. Liter in -id
wax sworn to be eotr. ct at ".lie Cr "llil
trial It was reported by sab' patter ;;o
vember 17. 1S?4. Pries" and oNhnps act
aa chapl'a for t lis holy t?) order.
, U . 11 ' - - - ,
3HII United.
i'AH13. Jan. St. During tha Hi
In the Chatntw uf Iepmiea today
the estimate of the department fjf
public worship M. Herard denouMaft
th dangers of clericalism."
Tha premier, M. Mellne. deeUiejft
there waa no ground for such far
Continuing, ha denied the (OfarBaMMI
waa composed of clericals, or that ft
waa under pontlflrlal direction, addtssS
that tha ao-called clerical peril m
oniy put forward to divert attenDe
from tha socialist and revolution
Ri-Mlnlster Coblet then moved Ust
separation of tha church and tUttv
wiUrh waa uefeated hy aU9 to 193 ot4
Several memhera denounced tha ifttejN
ferenre of Chief Itabhl Zaddorkanaa lav
l..e ttaierbazy affair, w hereupon A
Mallard replied that If tba chief raM
had nrteit Improperly he conld b 4
prlve.l of hla salary.
M. da Mahy railed attention to its
propaganda of English and OenMsa
paatora In various parts of Frane. s)s
nounclng them amid applauia )
"spies" and as being a veritable peril
to tha existence of the fatherland."
Th estimates were then adopted.
M. Dutrlex moved the r1ennnctst)j
of th cou.-oniat (or understanding fc
tween th French government and iae
Vatican). The motion waa flnfuassl
by a Tote of S16 to 171.
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